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Leaked: OS for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones

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Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

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OS autoloaders for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones

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BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for most BlackBerry 10 devices

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30

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Leaked OS for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones

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Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10 devices

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Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000

Bold 9000 OS
By Adam Zeis on 31 Mar 2010 08:00 pm EDT

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *



Downloading right now and thanks for the mirror since all other links to Rapid went to Error.


This is really wearing me out....

For once, can we NOT have some love? Lmao


i just put .554 on my phone yesterday! i cant keep up with all this


So don't do it..
Nobody force u to do that..
LOL.. :D


There u go there was a couple of ppl asking where was the 9000 love.....



I still like keeping the 9000 loaded with the latest leak even though it just sits on the night stand with no sim. But it stays connected through wifi ;) It will be happy again.


After I installed .554, Shazam crashed at startup and I was never able to get it working. It's running fine under .592.


Thanks for that, Shazam was the only app I had that wouldn't work under .554


wheres the difference? lawlz.


Does anyone have a faster mirror? I was at 50% after about 90 minutes of download and the "server reset". Have to start all over.


Sweeet! Thanks for this.... downloading now!! I was just saying earlier about having a new BOLD leak :)


AAARRRRGGG Leak for every model but the 9530!


You can go to and find a newer OS for the 9530


the progress bar when my device starts up after instalation hangs and just stays there. anyone else have this problem?


Want to know if its worth the update. Thanks for your replys.


Is it support standby mode?
I'm still using .464 since .509 and .554 not support it..
Thanks in advance for anyone who would like to respond my question.. :)


96%.... almost done!

Before loading..can anyone summerize the benifits/bugs???



OMG a kid in a candy store, I've upgraded like almost 3 times now and yet another upgrade. I'm guessing this is to take care of that annoying scroll bug in the app switcher, and the delete prior bug, from version .554. Thinking whether or not I should remove Willyboy's Hybrid to load this one up.... Praying for better battery life... Somebody report in bout that!!!


seriously guys please tell me this is a good leak and a stable one.


Does anyone in the know, know if the Bold 9000 will ever get a 5.0 OS release from Rogers? Would be nice to know if it was ever coming. Even if they have it and are testing it or something. Seems all other devices have gone to 5.0 except for Bold on Rogers.

Matt J

You know... based on all the reported bugs with "official" releases, I hope that Rogers is just testing and testing and testing to make sure the consumer gets the best possible release.

I would rather run (official) than have a bug-ridden 5.0. You have to remember, these are not new OS's that RIM keeps releasing, they are "bug fixes". It seems that there are "bug fixes" every few weeks. One day, there will be a FINAL release of OS 5.0, before everything focuses on 6.0...


upgrading to this OS is the biggest regret i've done today.
554 is so much better.


Lexion, it might be a little more helpful if you said something constructive. Why is this one worse? Works fine for me. What issues do you have?


I only get 12Mb of free memory on this OS and drop to 2Mb in 1 hour. With same applications on .554 I got 23Mb of free memory.
And after I installed this and downgrade to .554 again, now I only get 15Mb, I don't know how to get 23 Mb again like I used to.
The startup take twice long .554
All theme setting reset to default when u upgrade.
My most disappointment came from how small the free memory and how fast it drops. And now it still happenning although I've downgrade to .554


Wow..that's huge problem man..
Because I also read that the others have the same problem..
I think it'll be wise if I stick to .464 for now..
Thanks for ur info man..


That is odd, I have 21 free. Did you pull the battery a few times?


I did reboot several times, it's always on 12Mb max.
How much did u get on your recent OS?


Hey man see if ud get ur mem back to 23 on .554 after battery pull.
I'd think most of us here did not get such drastic drop.
I'm gonna try upgrade in a bit and post my result.
Anybody see the scroll bug fixed with .592?


Rogers will release 5.0 when 6.0 comes out :-D

and my memory went from 32mb down to 16mb...same apps and everything...yeeeesh!
I guess we should expect another round of leaks next week???


This release is the first one I really regret loading. It eats memory, messes up the data connections so that the browser and e-mail connections (at least to my BES) are unreliable and doesn't as far as I can see provide any obvious fixes. I'm going straight back to


We all need more memory! So frustrating.


From what i can see on mine, apart from it using maybe 2 or 3 meg more memory everything else is stable and i find the UI actually faster in menus and general transistions etc. Call quality is great, battery life as per usual is lame, i think BBM 5 is the biggest drain on battery though....


Still no official 5.0 from rogers...


and yet no official 5.0 from rogers... come on... how long do we have to wait?


Been a long time since i did this after I d/l the leak what am i supposed to do i did the wizard thing but then what????


O yea I d/l the bold 9000 leak just dont remember how to put it on my bold thanks in advance


Just install the exe it should ask u if u wanna launch the apploader.
Yeap. U wanna do that. Then off u go!

U should also hv ur bb connected before running the exe.
At least that's how I did it.


From what I have read here everyone wants a "offical" release from rogers, and me too, but I had to call rogers one day to get my connection reset, and this was talking to the BB support guy, and I kinda asked him about it after a bunch of small talk, and he said that they are working on the other BB's first aka 9700 and those that have track pads, there seems to be nothing for the 9000 in the near future he said. :(


Just downloaded the latest version 5.0 software for my BB 9000. This version is quite nice. Here's what is different:

1. I noticed that when I sms to a friend, it organizes it like a bbm screen.
2. When you go into Options>Applications(example)- you will notice how each app has a detailed description when you click on it.
3. Under Sounds> Ring Tones/ Alerts- the format is a lot cleaner. Same for the clock.

4. When you reboot(taking battery out), instead of the annoying clock spinning, now they came up with a long bar showing you the re-loading progress. And it's a lot faster than the previous.

Now with latest software on my BB Bold 9000, the constant freezing stopped! Finally!!


This is fairly old news for most of us. These leaks have been constantly released for over half a year.


I definitely see more memory being freed.
21mb on official .519 > 27mb on .592 leak

Crazy scroll during switch app is now gone
And yeah the constant freezing has stopped.
Definitely recommended.


Gives you more memory,,,,,,Gives you less memory. WTF


Ok so its been close to 20 hours that I have installed this leaked version of the OS. I have to admit, it is far more better than 509 version. This OS does not freeze, browser is quite fast, no choppy calls, boots up really fast and memory seems to be fine with me, I have 38MB after battery pull. Oh and yes the app switch scroller bug has been fixed. I have also noticed few people were complaining about the audio lagging while playing a video in 509 version, but that is also fixed in this one. Over all amazing built. If anyone wants to upgrade from 4.6, please leave out all other 5.0 versions and go with this one. You will not regret it :)


This is a great leak but its killing my battery life and my call blocker doesn't work with this update


When I upgraded the .554 the "Delete Prior" option never worked on the SMS...and 9 out of 10 times, whatever SMS message(s) were deleted - would come back as soon as I restarted or did a battery pull.

Anyone know if this was fixed!? I ended up going back to .509


yup its fixed. Like i said earlier, its way better than any other OS versions. Trust me, try it out.


Coming from 4.6 to OS5 is a huge difference.

I've been constantly upgrading from .464 to .509 to .544 to the now .592 on my BB Bold9000 and have to admit this leak fixed alot of bugs, and is more stable.

I definatly feel the difference in the scrolling.. ALOT more smoother. Memory leaks and battery life are as usual..terrible..but tollerable. I'm very happy with this build and haven't found a bug yet after having it for almost 24hours now.

Install with confidence...and as someone mentioed before... it's a keeper (Till OS 6.0 comes out).

Bring on OS 6.0!!

bold lover

One small bug I've found, each time I restart (battery pull) the emails I have hidden, show up again but then disappear after a few seconds.

Memory is slightly better than .564 from restart @ 27.5 (8 Apps installed)

No Major bugs yet, browser app switching mouse speed is fixed.

Only been an hour, will let you guys know more as I use it.


One obvious bug that I found was after I typed names on home screen
to search for contact, it will automatically show the number when the contact is highlighted. That feature is gone now compared to .464

*UPDATE: sorry! It was because I accessed via contact and not typing names from home screen. My bad pls don't flame :)


tried this build for 36 hours, leaks memory like a sieve. went back to 554, which seems to be the most stable 5.x build to date.


Just short of 36 hours after D/L, found it's leaking memory like crazy..!!

.554 is definatly better at holding on to the memory, but the bugs on it are enough to keep me on this build till the next hopefully SOON update comes along..


I've had a curve 8900 and been doing these updates without issue.. just bought a bold 9000 today and it has 4.6. I tried to do this update, but it upgraded it to another 4.6 and will not upgrade to 5.0 Any idea's?



Does anyone know if there is threaded sms on this OS?


This one has the threaded sms as well.


This OS is slow down on Booting (it takes more than 4 min), also it is slow down with AppWorld (when I tried to install some applications it took long time).
I used .554 before but that one eats memory much, and the main bug of .554 is when you pull out battery you will loss some of battery power.
I will downgrade to .464 now, it is better in memory and battery.

Note: the best way to update or downgrade is using BBSAK, backup your data, backup your applications, whip your device then clean installation. this will give you clean OS and you can measure the differences.


SMS today preview will show all sms messages instead of only the new untouched message.


Had to downgrade, couldn't find my Blackberry App World although when I checked my applications it said it was there. Otherwise the upgrade was fun to use. The threaded sms was awesome. Does anyone know when Blackberry will be releasing an official version?


Yeah, I have same issue.
Anyone know the fix for appworld on this OS?


When loading, got an error after JVM restart "Reload Software 507".