Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630
By Bla1ze on 24 Mar 2010 03:11 am EDT
Just in case you weren't feeling the .571 leak previously posted here is a newer version for all you BlackBerry Tour 9630 owners to check out. Again, not positive on how close this one is to the upcoming Verizon release but it's here now and given the last one had BBM .65 in it, pretty sure Verizon wouldn't release that. Might as well give it a run through and see how it works. You guys know the drill, back up your data just in case. Oh ya, forgot to mention BBM .66 is included here.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630


I just updated to .571... I'm feeling lucky and downloading .591 right now... Hope the browser click bug isn't there...

another leak again? i just downloaded the .571 2hours ago, good thing i didn't update yet...hope they will release the official OS soon..Pls be Sprint!

I sure as damn well hope blackberry app world works in this version.. time to update.. a third time in one day.. bloody friggin hell.

As soon as I'm going to switch devices, the Tour gets some love. Glad to see that there were two leaks in one day though, that's just crazy!

While I certainly hope that I'm wrong, I wouldn't hold your breath for that little 3g log to show its face again. I think they are reserving that for all the newer devices, not necessarily the newer OS's for the old ones.

Even though EVDO is its true name, more people know and understand the "3g" label a heck of a lot more. I wish they would understand that.

/of rant.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didnt they bring the 3G logo to the Storm 1 when they released the official 5.0? It was out before the tour so you would think they would update the tour to have the 3G logo as well.

Oh I know that EVDO and 3G are the same thing...I just prefer the 3G logo. LOL! Plus I think it's easier to tell if you're connect to BIS with that logo b/c the lil Blackberry symbol beside the 3G will be gone...with the 1XEV, it's either big letters or small.

Back when I installed the leaked 419 (right before MTS released it) I installed the 3G logo cod. The other day I upgraded to 571, and now this one, the 3G logo is still there.

The 3G symbol is gon for older model devices with builds and higher. This was done deliberate to differentiate the next gen devices from older devices upgraded (lame I know). Tour and Storm both lost the icon. Storm2 and Curve2 have it.

I could care less about the 3G versus 1XEV as long as the phone works the way I need it to. I don't think those working on the leaks create a new one just for one little insignificant icon.

Man listen. With all the stuff coming down the pike really soon for sure, why waste your time with this stuff? I run leaked OS's just like the next guy but I really don't see the point in flashing new stuff if the official OS is literally days away from dropping. I will just keep plugging along and wait for the official OS with PTT, Skype on Thursday, and Bolt browser 2.0 fairly soon as well.


I might even switch back to my Storm 2 for a little while. Let everything with the Tour settle down. Hmmmm.......

You must be fairly new to VZW BB's. We waited 6 moths for the official release on the first Storm which was always according to VZW days or weeks away from dropping. We We're still waiting fort the official Tour 5.0 OS which was originally slated for October, then they end of the year, now next week for PTT. Don't hold your breath lol Storm didn't get our upgrade till over a month after the AppWorld release that it was supposed to pave the way for.

Evaluate the leaks and releases; then install the ones you want, but it really does not matter if it is official or not. They all come from RIM and are all (with a couple exceptions) pretty stable (though they do have bugs, obviously)

Installed .591. Everything went good tried the browser and went to crackberry forums and still having problems with the multiple clicks on link every once in a while. Maybe another leak soon for that fix..

I have US Cellular. the newest official os we have is 4.7.54? 4.7 corrupted on me twice now so i decided to give this a try.

So far has run flawless for me. if it starts acting up i might change to this. so far i have no desire.

It is not a beginners task, installing these. you need to use "shrink an os" i think that's the name, to get rid of stuff you dont want and the vendor file.

I would just delete the vendor.xml file from the file folder. I wouldn't mess with shrinkos. I have a lot of programs on my phone and still have over 100,000,000 free space.

downloading now. expect results in an hour on the following issues and whether they are fixed:
1. browser click
2. pop-over themes (specifically glossblack2.0 and sms's showing up on homescreen
3. radio status (571 was much worse than 548)

Radio: better
Theme:same issue
Browser click issue: still exists
Side note: browser is faster than 571
Install was faster and takes up 4 mb less than 571
OS settled stupid fast
Result: solid release, much better than 571, but still not perfect

The SMS "bug", where the SMS show like hidden today on the homescreen that people keep talking about, is not a bug. It's a feature of the newer operating systems.

well it happened with a release way back when (must been the first 5.0 release) and since then has been gone until the releases the last 2 days. I just assumed it was a bug. it *used* to only do it for new items, but now shows old ones.

installed. Installation and reboot took considerably longer than with yesterday's update, but who cares. Theme/icons remained unchanged (yay!) My radio was off upon initial boot-up, but upon turning it on, my signal immediately went to 5 bars (with yesterday's update it was at like 3...which was a decrease from .548), so it appears the radio is much better in this build. My BBM version still says 5.0.0 (as it did with yesterday's update)...strange. Browser bug is not fixed. Everything else appears solid so far.

Anyone know if the issue with "thumbnail" photos has been corrected? The last few OS leaks I had attempted to use forced every single received picture text to shrink in size, cutting it down by around 75%, anyone know if this is resolved?

I finally wiped my phone before installing the OS that leaked yesterday because I couldnt deal with the grainy/blurry pics in my "pictures" folder...after the wipe + OS installation..i noticed that the pics were @ 100% resolution and clear...now i check back this morning..GRAINY AGAIN...ARRRGGHHH!!

anybody else experiencing this or is it just me?

anybody know any solutions?

i'm gonna wipe it again today and install this .591 leak and maybe something will happen lol

im installing now start up seems to be alot faster, checking the updated files it says BBM is updated to 5.0.066

Go into BBM --->scroll all the way to the top ->>> hit the menu(bb) button --> then hit Options--> hit the menu(BB) button ---> click "About blackberry Messenger" to see what version your running

I just installed 571 yesterday and now 591 is out... go figure. Wonder if it will make build 600 before next week with the Verizon official release. Downloading 591 now. I also had to do multiple clicks in the browser in 571, but other than that no issues in a 24 period.

Maybe this afternoon, I backup my data, backup my 3rd party apps and wipe with JL_cmdr. This is the best method that I have found. looking forward to the new OS.

I'm still on .419... would you recommend the upgrade??? My battery life is pretty pathetic right now..

haha, you mean within the next ten minutes... at the rate this is going we'll have another leak by noon.

Took the dive, the only negative is the reboot time, it's about 4 minutes. No grainy pictures, crazy fast browser, no changes that I see on the BBM.

my reboot time is over 5min with the latest sprint OS. this may be a result of me having 15gb on my 16gb micro sd card. faster reboot time would be great but i am happy with my tour now.

4:10 on this release from entry of battery until able to function. prolly another 20 for it to 'settle down'.
meh. never ever been impressed with boot times, but then again, that's a java based app for ya in my experience.

I'm updating mine now... i will upload it to my website to share the bandwidth if it tests ok on my phone first.

ok, So I installed .591 late last night.. aside from the bug listed before... the strangest thing is happening... if I miss or ignore a call, a rap song starts playing "freak come out at night" by Too Short?.. WTF? is anyone else having this issue?
edit: Just noticed its doing the same thing after all my alerts... Hitting END does not stop it

Just upgraded from the Sprint official 484 release. So far, nothing really seems different. Web is a bit faster and reboot is taking longer but so far, nothing else.

For those who have upgraded to Sprint 484 version, I am wondering if you have the same issue I have since I went up from 419. My txt messaging is messed up. I have even wiped the phone and reinstalled. My text messages get cut off, funky strings of characters added to the text, and even some cross texting! So I send a person to one person and part of their original text gets dropped into mine...or worse, some of a text to someone else gets dropped into the new text I am sending. It does not show up that way on my phone in the thread, but it shows up that way on the receivers phone. Sometimes if I send a 150 Character txt, sometimes the first 80 or so characters show up...then the rest gets cut off and just crazy stuff gets plugged in like %^#* (#&*$& GH&*#J Ej3g(88 gets plugged in. Weird! I am thinking I have to go back down to 419 or try one of these leaks.

i downloaded the new version and updated, so far so good, no problems whatsoever, the bbm was supposed to be a new version but version 5.0 seems to have installed, dont know why.

Has anyone else seen this and why isnt there a resolve for it yet? i've tried EVERYTHING and to no avail, after 100 bbm contacts i cannot update my status anymore. GRRRRR

browser seems super fast now. was using .484 before. browser click bug seems to be there, but if i scroll around a bit and reclick it works. i also noticed i got my green focus box back in the camera when taking pics. the sprint OS wouldn't do that on my verizon tour. PTT is in my apps folder, not that i'll ever use it. overall i'm liking this one a lot!

I just installed, but this leak has disabled the use of the "$/Speaker Phone" button. I wouldn't really care, but the "$" is needed for my password. Is there anyway to change my password in bb desktop manager???

Update - I am a tard....I forgot that there's a "sym" button which contains the "$" symbol.

Been running .591 for a few hours now with a few observations.
No PTT on my update either. No problems with the speakerphone button. Was running .484 and this build seems solid. Web browser is faster although the boot time is just awful. About 6-7 minutes.
Messenger is but it seems the same. Loading it went flawlessly and the only issue was the loss of my BB Appworld. It said it was there but it was nowhere to be found so I just downloaded it and all was fine. So far, so good.

Installed and seems to be running fine so far.
here is another link to share the bandwidth with.


So, I have seen that a lot of people wipe their device after they back up their data before they upgrade to the new OS, I was just wondering how that impacts the device. Do the apps get saved in the backup file, or is that all lost as well?

I have VZ PTT listed in core applications however I can't find a file anywhere.

When locking the keypad the screen goes black in the same way that standby does/did. My mute button is no longer putting my Tour in standby.

Otherwise no issues, yet.


yeah, they no longer have the mute button working for that purpose, unfortunately...

a change i wasn't excited about :(

and only way to initiate password prompt is to lock the phone from the icon in the menu, it doesn't prompt for password when you hit the lock key anymore.

3rd time booting... time on third time was 5m:30s from bootup to end of security check. Got stuck around 75%, as usual. I'll give it a few more days to settle in. Browser seems okay, though it was faster when I was using Driphter's hybrid. Radio seems great, though. I am getting 5 bars where I usually get 3 or 4.

What does the error "Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable." mean?

I've got the best service I've had on any carrier, but Verizon never releases an OS, it's so annoying. These two OS's will help make up for some of the slack, and I hope the rumor os Verizon releasing an OS is true, that'd be awesome.

1. Backup 3rd party apps
2. Use Desktop Manager to backup your data
3. Use JL_CMDR to wipe your device (scroll down to the lower section if running 64bit os)
4. Remove another other BB OS updates in your Add/Remove Programs
5. Install the downloaded file.
6. Use the loader.exe to install the OS onto your Blackberry
7. Restore 3rd party apps
8. Restore your data (this should restore you last theme - did for me)
You will have to go thru some of the apps and re-register them. Hope this helps...

Anyone else having issues with the mute key not putting device in standby and lock key not locking keyboard but putting in standby?

Anyone else having issues with the mute key not putting device in standby and lock key not locking keyboard but putting in standby?

This is a feature that comes with all the new 5.0 OS's. I prefer the new way but if it is that much of a problem, you can downgrade.

On Verizon Wireless, just installed .591 from .584 on my 9630..don't see or had any problems so far. I'm liking the new Beta version.

running smooth. haven't gotten any stupid freezes like with .530 but it has only been a few hours.

using the lock key for standby will take a little getting used to but no biggie.

The delay after exiting from Bedside Mode is gone. That's great. :)

Desktop Manager recognizes that i have .591 installed but when i choose it from the list it tells me that no upgrade is necessary?? i'm stuck on 4.7!

I download it from the site then what??? how do i up load it to my tour????

and is verizon going to release a new OS soon ????

Ever since I downloaded the new OS, everytime I try to use Pandora on my stereo bluetooth, it doesnt send it to my headset but no sound comes out of phone either! I have the Samsung WEP870 and STILL nothing! Can anyone help?

i am new to post on CB. been reading the forums quite a bit tho. at any rate, .591 has been pretty slick so far for me. update is now old hat (delete old os from programs, install newly downloaded leak/official, delete vendor.xml from apploader folder, run apploader while disconnected to internet. it does make me reinstall appworld, only as annoying as tracking down my liscence keys. i only notice the browser click issue since ive read about it here, lol. i know im silly to use memorybooster and meterberry, but it is fun to look at the numbers. i do seem to have a leak somewhere, always have, but it has not become an issue as of yet. i wonder tho if i should do a full wipe someday to recover whatever i have clogged up in my memory. at any rate, sorry to ramble, excited to be able to post and such. about time. lastly, props to Foppa_21, his themes rule!

Is the link only not working for me? Keep getting this message "This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader."

Finally, i have been waiting for this update for months! Just go figure it has to be when i am on the verge of switching to the Storm2, unless of course the Tour2 comes out in a timely fashion

I don't care if the official Verizon update is coming, with my luck it'll be a lower number release anyway.

So I downloaded the leaked OS from the hotfile link above on March 24th, and got a nasty virus called Virut.N on my work PC. Took 'em a while to clean it and got my butt chewed. Should have known better than to download from hotfiles, megauploads, or anywhere like that.

On a positive note, when I did the update at home from the official verizon site via desktop manager app loader, it worked fine and seems to be stable and fast. The link-click issue remains but all else seems fine.

So when I end a call (regardless if someone calls me or I call them) my phone plays the song "Sweet Home Alabama" for about 10 seconds. Is anyone else having this problem?

I'm having the same issue... A little more random, if I open the Camera and close it it will play, it plays after the standard SMS alert also. I called Verizon Business the Tech said wipe it. Nice recommendation genius -- No curiosity...