Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700!

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Mar 2010 07:25 pm EDT

When it rains, it pours. Just to get your week off to a fun start and as a little thank you for voting for the Bold 9700 today in the Smartphone March Madness battles (if you haven't voted for the Bold 9700 to beat the Pre yet, VOTE HERE), Bold 9700 owners can grab OS I haven't had a chance to install it yet, so not sure what's improved... if you give it a go be sure to report back in the comments. 

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700!


I just contemplated installing this leak and a minute later I got super model's number. Snappiest OS yet! Great work, RIM!

Running the official .545 now, for those installing it now definitely let everyone know what this updates all about!

Leave out the retarded sarcastic comments this time. People just wanna know whats new, not waste time reading failed attempts at being funny.

i deffinetly gonna try, cuz i downloaded .566 yesterday and ithas some bugs, while playing music, the fast forward doesnt work correctly and the shorcut key also has a bug, that it goes 2 fast from side to side

yeah i need to see some feedback for this one first... that .566 OS was some crap sh*t. i had to go all the way back to .545 also.

Everyone just stop complaining and waiting and just download it and install, and try the Leaked OS out. Damn! Yall waiting for other people to test it. I mean come on'.
Anyways, I downloaded it and im about to install it so await for changelog if any but stop commenting if your gonna wait or complain. (Jeez, kill that vibe)

Well just finished installing the 571 hybrid because of the app switcher bug in 566. So, I'm downloading now even though that was 2 days ago I installed the hybrid.

Oh yeah i totally forgot about that.... Shazam wouldnt work on .566 that had me very dissapointed with the .566 leak

i've been waiting for o.s. 5.0 and they keep re-releasing for phones that already have it......

screw blackberry im done with it hello android.

So... because you have an out-dated model that doesn't have OS 5.0 yet, and you're too dumb to realize that, you think switching to Android will suddenly solve everything?

Good luck! LOL

ahhhhh no asshole and i call you that because of your prick answer you low life, text cajones jag-off, its because mine is slated for the os 5.0 along time ago and hasnt been rolled out.
and this isnt the only reason its time to swith is because blackberry is slacking in the new deveolpment area, i'd love to see a blackberry slider or magnum. but if they cant even roll out the promised os 5.0 in a timely manner i can hold faith to new better models.
so hello sprint evo 4g

I'm assuming that your son's phone is an 8330m, b/c the 8330 is up to But the whole 83xx series is older technology. Anyhow I would not be happy with a curve if it had OS 5.0. Fact of the matter is, there are much newer and better powerful BlackBerry devices out. I'm sure the newer BB's will see more updates for a longer time, but that is because there is a huge difference between the 83xx and the 9xxx.

i still have 8310 and that is pretty much same.

speed is like same, still snappy like my 9700

same email functionality.

8310 is much tough and robust than soft pu**y 9700.
it was dropped many times, and it has lot of scratches, but still going on...
i can't possibly imagine about 9700.

tell me,
why device with 32 or 64 mb ram is equivalently snappier as 256 mb rom ?

that's a little too intense. what phone do you have? i have a DROID, which i love, and I'm also getting the Bold 9700 from T-Mobile tomorrow because I was, err, still am a BlackBerry addict. I'm not even going to deny it.

But, BlackBerry does need to get their act together in terms web browser, UI enhancements and much better memory management.

I use multiple phones through out the year and BlackBerry is still one of my favorites. Just because your particular model is not getting the 5.0 update, no need to get upset. You can always get the newer hardware.

Technology changes constantly and sometimes companies just have to make the tough decision to drop support for older models and move forward with providing better devices and software for consumers. You should really think about that before go so bent out of shape over an OS upgrade for your BlackBerry.

no im suppose to get the os 5.0 update i have the 8350i, my son had the 8330, which also was suppose to get the os 5.0, but he asked me to get him an HTC hero, which is pretty damn cool, im headed towards the EVO 4g, has better more intense hardware and the android 2.1 is suppose to be amazing.I am a loyalist to brands, that stand by their customers even if theyre not the greatest, but this laziness and untimely manner of rolling out updates, is ridiculous.

RIM has released the 5.0 OS to the carriers but it's up to the carriers to release the software to their customers.

will it support my direct connect, some reason i just cant seem to get rid of it, wasnt to worried about 3g, since im always using wifi, but i know its time to drop it

wow dude. sprints 4g network (aka wimax) yes it is faster but 3g allows upto 8.6MB a second our carriers limit us way lower then that. so why go with a completely new technology just to get what we pretty much have already?
and yes the blackberry dose slack in some places but the droid dose not use push email. or a great messaging service or even decent speakers. (the wife has one) and what about the battery life?
besides why do you care about 4g anyways you said so yourself that you use wifi most of the time anyways.

and yes they do have OS 5.0 for both yours and your sons blackberry. there is a reason why blackberry is the most used smart phone out there.

so before you jump on here complaining that rim sucks because your to dumb to read the forums then have people like me with no life "trying" to put you in your place just think about what your saying and just LEARN TO READ!


Will install this leak when I get home from work.
I installed .566 a few days ago and removed it an hour later. Looking forward to this build I would like to know if this works with Shazam also being a paid app on my device .566 app would quit out when clicking setup. I hope this is better than last leak and .545 which has been super.

Installing right now. Heard some good stuff saying that this should be a fast OS.

in the smartphone world----- FAST = GOOD!

Nothing really seems any different too me, coming from .545
Might be a bit faster but personally I thought .545 was pretty fast too. We'll see how battery life is I guess. Other then that nothing I've noticed so far. Browsing the internet seems faster but that could just be due to me having a good signal where I am right now.

Seems that the OS is running faster and smoother. The facebook app also seems a lot less buggy (notifications are actually working!)

Overall this OS is by far the best Bold 9700 OS to date

installing now. will report back with feedback :)
.566 had a few bugs i've noticed. when i did a battery pull it would load all of my old text messages. also, the media scroll was a big issue with me as well. hope all is fixed in this leak!

Wish I could join in on the love of this OS. Every time I try to download it blinks, and shows the file is completely download at 4kb. I am not sure if there is another link for this but I could use someones assistance!

I was one of those guys that never did the .545, and so never realized how fast my AT&T BB 9700 could be. I was on .405, and then saw this post and went straight to .586. WOW, everything is snappier and the touchpad seems so much more accurate. Just wanted to leave a comment in case there were other biz-type users like me that were afraid to take the plunge. Def worth it, don't wait for AT&T, etc to upgrade your device.

so far i've noticed the media "bug" is fixed! also, when doing a battery pull old messages do not come back to life; which is also a plus. so far two fixes that were annoying when on .566 .. can't really tell battery just yet. browser also hasn't changed. anyone else have any feedback they'd like to share?

SMS bug is fixed - I can press "T" and "B" in the conversation and it won't lag :D
Browser opens quick and loads quick
No error or issues loading apps
Volume control fixed (you can change up or down without any delay)
Don't know if this was an issue before but turning on and off wifi works well or that could just be the placebo effect O_o
Will comment on battery life, to early to tell just did a fresh wipe and reinstalled it :D

My yahoo mail account doesn't get the Y! icon anymore.... Just stays as the regular mail icon.... :(

Just update your service books for yahoo.

Home> Settings> Manage Internet Email> click on yahoo account> Send Service Books. You should receive an email and your Icon should be restored.

loading loading loading till the BlackbErry "e" it loaded like lightning i couldnt beleive it but now its slowed down. posting as it loads :-)

in the previous os i couldnt fast forward the video i had to increase the trackpad speed to fast forward. os has loaded yaaaayyy

Only upgraded from my 9000 4 days ago and already loading my second upgrade.....cant really comment though because I'm still in the honeymoon stage with my 9700....she's beautiful

my fav os ver was .545, I upgraded to .566 last week but i wasn't happy (no way to fast forward while playing any media, Battery life was bad...etc) and i decided do downgrade to .545 again. Later, this version was leaked and I installed .586. Now you can fast forward while you are playing the media. Let's see the memory and the battery performances.

god damn..
i am scared to upgrade from
it give almost 3 days of battery on my normal usage.

i am horrified with battery guzzling stories of betas...

Can someone tell me, in this build if you lock the device using the button on the top does it hibernate and if so when waking the device using the same button does the device wake with the screen locked?

Godd question.
I was confused for a while if it was a coverage issue or an OS problem.
DO you suffer from NOT having 3G or BlackBerry service most of the day? especially when you are at home?!

Tried to go back to 442, and was bumped back down to my original 330. Have had nothing but lousy luck downloading new OSs. Tried 442 and 455, and the downloads kept timing out. This one is busy installing as I type...

The loader keeps telling me there's no new OS for my device. Am I stuck back on 330 forever? Deleting the vendor file was the first thing I did...

If you navigate to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader directory you will find some love by running the loader.exe. It will then give you the upgrade option.

I've not been able to get my Bold 9700 to auto detect the new OS even after deleting the vendor.xml from day one. Minor glitch but still love my Bold 9700!!

Hope this helps.

I run the loader, and it gives me the option to delete apps, then immediately tells me the operation was successful, without actually loading the new OS. It's annoying. I'm going to try reinstalling the OS again. I'll let you know how it goes...

This time it actually went through the whole process of loading the software. I take a look at Options>About, and lo and behold, I'm still running This is getting old.

I went to C:>Program Files (x86)>Common Files>Research In Motion>Shared>Loader Files, and deleted everything in the folder. Then I redownloaded the .exe file to install the new OS. This time, the Install Shield Wizard offered to open up the Desktop Manager. When I opened it, I was told tehre was an update available. Followed the prompts for the update, and I'm now happily running 586!

just playing with the newly installed 586 while there was an new icon shows up, stating "google enterprise sync" or something. It was taking forever, so I canceled it. Then it just disappeared. Not sure it's the new BIS 3.0 or the new OS.


Running on Rogers BIS here.

Nice release:
- media scroll is now OK
- there is no SMS preview on home screen :(
- battery life overall extended
- most precise track pad of any releases to now
- low bootup speed :(
- multitasking bug when page loading in bb browser seems like gone for ever
- no old SMS bug :)
- no endless notification icons of unreaded messages/PIN msgs

So... My 2 cents :)

Bb browser is faster than ever before.. But.. YouTube quality is lower than before this release and A/V synch is terrible :/
Loading of Youtube videos is just fine

Downloaded and installed last night. All applications I had installed with .330 installed and (so far) are running. Overall speed as increased noticeably. Browser is loading much quicker. The only thing I've really noticed is the option to press *+Call to unlock seems to be missing. (Un)Locking of the phone seems to be completely handled through the lock button on the top.
Still no GPS, though this may be something with T-Mo, not sure really. Facebook notifications are showing again. Visual Voicemail is working for the first time in months. 3G in my entire normal everyday traveling/working area, though I noticed this before the upgrade to .586.
No lag in changing the volume with the buttons on the side.
Media (pictures/videos/music) all load faster.
Haven't determined if the switch to Wifi at home is easier now.

You're right, there is no more unlocking option with * and call key. You must press upside lock button to lock / unlock. OR you can press and hold a * button to lock device.

I'm on the Vodafone Croatia and I have GPS/bb maps/google maps full support and working.

my friend i think that the reason your having gps problems is cuz u have the 3g on....try taking it off, using edge....i think it should work like that....thats what always have happened with me in all the os and it always work using EDGE instead of 3g.......i think thats a tmobile issue

Great operating system .... And waiting for the official

resolve many of the issues

plus speed ....


I'm sticking with 545, these betas are way too beta for me. I personally prefer reliability over the latest and greatest as long as I'm not missing out on something new. Do keep us posted ye brave pioneers!

I've noticed the major speed improvements everyone is talking about, but for some reason the Facebook app cannot connect since I updated. Anyone have any ideas why this may be happening? Tried reinstalling it already... every other app works perfect...

I haven't had any issues with the Facebook; nor have I had any issues with the new LinkedIN app (just an fyi). Wish I could help. Maybe try a battery pull?

I'm going to give it a try :) This is my first time upgrading with a leaked version on my 2 months old 9700 which I love lol


Noticed that there are double events in my calendar so far :/

Also no owner info on the screen when locked...

hey im just loading up the os and all through the app loader and its beeen running great untill it started on restore device data. its been stuck on black berry groups for the past half hour now and the display on my phone isnt showing any signs of activity just the blackberry icon and the computer icon. is it safe to unplug and just do a restore later ? seeing as how its the last on the agenda.

i install this OS. my 9700 was on original version. i forget which one, i guess it was the .330. after installing from DM, it goes all the way to restore data. so far all goods. just when the DM said process done, and i take the phone off and enter my security code for my phone sim card, the phone restart, then after then it always restart. at first when the bar on the start screen reach 90%.. but after keep on restarting, now only reach 20% and already restart...

i want to go back.. please help... :( :(

Everything seems to work perfectly for me. No issues thus far but I did make sure I got a copy of the OS that was previously running. Don't think I'll go back though, this version works great for me!

After one day of usage, I've noticed an actual improvement in battery life. Since yesterday, I've dropped only one bar on the battery meter, this is with normal usage. This excites me...

Browser is slightly faster, not much of a noticeable difference so far.

Touchbad seems to be more responsive. I understand that you can only do so much with a touch pad, but the improvement is noticeable and very appreciated.

Media scroll is working much better. Seems this bug has been worked out.

Boot time after a battery pull is as slow as ever. Expect this to be fixed or at least improved with the official release.

I'll post any other changes or bugs as I come across them.

Until next time friends!

Slacker Radio won't advance to the next song with this release. I had to go back to .566. According to Slacker tech support, this is a bug in BB OS that shuts down something when screen is off. Only way to go to next song was to keep BB screen on all the time.

Been running it now for a couple day and so far its really good. Everything seems to run quicker. I have astrasync running all the time, and before i'd get the hourglass from time to time, now I never get that except when an email comes in and astrasync pops up. Hell even the browser is improved. Perhaps that might be from the BIS upgrade? But it loads pages much quicker now.

However I noticed I cant unzip files anymore directly on the phone. And radiostation-forme stopped working. I couldnt listen to any of my last.fm channels. It could playback for a second, and skip to the next track and continue doing that. Have to reinstall it when I get home and see if it works. Hopefully it does.

If I can get radiostation-forme working I'll be very happy with the os. I can live without unzipping.

Installed this OS yesterday and it seems solid so far. Don't notice any real difference except the bug in Application Switcher seems to have been corrected and is working for me.

Also with .566 my 9700 would randomly reboot. No random reboots with .586 so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

So far .586 is a solid build IMO.

I have been receiving my emails in the old fashioned text format with a lot of html address links. This is a huge, huge disappointment.

I installed 586 yesterday, everything seems good so far, however, I have just noticed my emails are just Text and not HTML anymore. Options for HTML are properly activated, but not working. I appreciate feedback.

I just installed the new system. Maybe I did something wrong but my operating system still says v5.0.0.545

had it runnin for a bout a day...seems a bit faster, call screen volume and speaker phone issue fixed,....everything seems ok BUT im still getting the sms text bug....when i hit the t to go to the top of the convo, it goes blank........so it looks like ill be downgrading back to the .442 which in my opinion is the best one so far....for me, that one has nooo issues

I have been receiving my emails in the old fashioned text format with a lot of html address links. This is a huge, huge disappointment. Email settings options are marked, but not working.

Has anyone notice, when you press end when viewing a browser after about 20mins or so when I open browser the last viewed page would be gone, and I would be back at the home page? before I could end browser and if I went back even an hour later I would still be at last viewed page? also I notice I can not put my phone on standby anymore... anyone else notice this? I can not configure auto lock option as it has a *lock* on the enable button in options?


I know this has been discussed, but maybe I am missing something here. I upgraded form .330 to .586 and the lock button (top of the phone) is no longer working as it used to. It is now key lock instead of standby. Not that big a deal for me, BUT...
If I use the lock button it will lock the key pad - so far so good. If I now put the phone in the holster and pull it back out, the key pad is now unlocked. I do not like this at all.
In the past (with .330) the phone went standby after pressing the lock button, I put it in the holster and pulled it back out, and voila, the phone was still in standby. Had to press the lock button again to get it out of standby. I LIKE IT!
Any idea why the keypad unlocks itself after holstering and un-holstering? What was the last OS where the lock button put the phone in standby (as it was in .330)? Any help/comments/suggestions are appreciated.

I'm also finding battery life has increased BIG TIME! I charged my BB yesterday at this time and it has still only dropped half of a bar. I'm certainly not moving back. Nice update!

How do i install and unoffical os? I've tried the crackberry way but it doesn't seem to work :( anyone willing to waste some time on helping me?

I just went to .586 yesterday. I noticed now I no longer have a icon for my aol.com account and it all just goes into "messages"

Anyone else have this happen. Is there a solution. Am I just not looking in the right place?

I just got a replacement 9700 in the mail today and the OS that it came with is (T-Mobile).. So I guess this is the one!!!!!!!!