Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630
By Bla1ze on 23 Mar 2010 01:36 pm EDT

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630


I love upgrading to a new OS. But having to have to reload all the settings for programs such as berryweather, rdm+, viigo, etc etc etc is such a pain!

Is there some sort of easy solution to this?

If you're already on a 5.0 OS, just do a standard upgrade once you install the new OS to your PC. I haven't had to do a manual BBSAK wipe-type upgrade since the initial load from a 4.x OS. Desktop Manager will backup and restore all apps and settings for you as part of it (includes BES activations, if present.)

i typically do a wipe and reinstall whenever i go from one 5.0 leak or hybrid to another. guess it just "feels like" it's a cleaner install. but i too can't stand resetting everything every time. ubertwitter is the worst! although i am happy that a lot more of the apps i'm using now have backup features.

..for something official, though those are far and few in between. Curious to see what others who'll try this leak will experience.

hope that this fixes the "push r to reply" issue but i doubt it will.. that appears like it will just be a "feature" now...

If you think i would even try out this leak you're insane. So far, every single leak I've tried had serious flaws with it like battery drains superfast, ringtones cause playing media to restart or just stop completely, complete restart due to being near a magnet (holster) - just tarded stuff- So far I'm on the Sprint official for my Sprint tour and it definitely has been the best- so unless someone comes out and after a day of testing says it's the bomb - NO THX -

anyway good luck & report back if it's even as good as the 484 thx lol

sorry to rant

I'm on sprint also and like you didn't want to stray away from the official OS. I downloaded .548 last week and it definitely blows the official release out of the water. To big reasons: super long battery life and wayyy faster internet!! GO for it!

After installing .419 I thought my battery was draining faster. It turns on that the battery meter was just showing fully charged quicker, so when I unplugged it from the charger, it would seem to die faster than the previous OS.

I tried keeping my Tour plugged in for another 45-60 minutes after the charging was showing as "complete" and noticed a big difference. Therefore, OS .419 wasn't draining my battery faster, I was simply not keeping it plugged in as long as I used to. The battery charge level seems to be reporting incorrectly.

Greetings everyone.

Will this work for beyond160 maybe anyone know? Anyone have any insight on this. This app is really needed for Verizon and Sprint customers. Thanks again.

I receieved this email from the Beyond160 Support team.
Unfortunately, there's a bug in OS 5 that prevents Beyond160 from working.
The bug has been submitted and confirmed by RIM, but I don't know their ETA
for releasing the fix. They say they already have a target release, so I'm
hoping it is soon.

David <><

No idea about beyond160, but there's hardly a need for those types of apps with threaded texting. it's just as easy to just hit enter when you run out of characters and continue your text.

What if you want to send a text out to more than 10 people, maybe a "mass" text as ppl like to call it. Beyond160 was amazing for that, you could send to an infitine number of ppl if you wanted. You can make a contact group but that just takes extra time and you might not want to send all those ppl the text message. I want beyond160 really badly.

ahh true story sir...those apps do make mass texting better/easier. I can't say i'm much of a mass texter, but I can definitely see where the advantage lies.

The verizon wireless release of the OS 5.0 for the tour will be It's probably not going to be this one.

I sure hope not. OS .548 still has the browser click bug (and related app switcher bug). I'm hoping that this version fixes those issues. Other than that issue (which is a really BIG issue), .548 has worked very well for me.

my browser is missing from my 9630 new is that u are refering to. can see it when trying app switch but cant move home.

I am pretty sure it will be, trust me on it, I suggest everyone waits till 3/30/2010. It will be release on that date for sure, Just wait 6 more days my friends :)

If the browser click problem exists on .548 then they will probably update to another build.

This leak contains a new version of BBM as well. no more .57 its .65. Just thought I would let everyone know.

AM I the online one who has no idea what browser bug people are talking about with .548. I loaded it and haven't had a single concern with the browser or anything else. All setting for all my apps were there and didn't have to reload anything. Will read the reviews on this one before loading it. May just wait for Verizon official.

I didn't get .548 loaded on my phone yet (and now there's another leak out!), but from reading the posts, I *believe* that the browser bug is that when you click a link in the BB browser, it doesn't register, and you have to click it again.

I could be wrong... someone with .548 feel free to correct me.

That's basically it. Sometimes it takes multiple clicks for it to finally register. This can be extremely annoying. The related issue is that the application icon highlighting within the open application switcher (pushing and holding the BB button) goes crazy while in the browser. If you open the application switcher and move the trackball, the highlighting is "spastic", like it's on steroids. As far as I know, this only happens when you're using the browser. These are two very big bugs in .548 that I hope has been addressed. AFAIK they were introduced in .530.

switcher bug appears to be fixed, but I'm still experiencing the browser bug (maybe less frequently than with .548, but it's still there).

.548 was the first version I didn't have to reload a thing other than setting beryweather up again. As far as the browser, I didn't have any problems (admittedly I use BOLT primarily).

installed. Everything looks pretty good, except it appears that the browser bug (if I understand correctly, is when you click on a link and nothing happens?) is not fixed. Then again, ever since Opera Mini 5 official came out, that's the only browser I've used. I think it's fantastic. The install went smoothly and really quickly. I don't see a new version of BBM like one commenter said. My theme/icons remained pretty much intact upon reload - just had to move around a few icons. Reboot time is sorta slow, like it was with .548. These [seemingly] weekly OS updates are getting exhausting!

How do you download it for your phone? I downloaded it onto my computer and it gave me these weird symbols and I can't download it on the phone

I'm still running a leaked Is this worth the update, from any people that have gone from .419 to a later leak?

I was still running .419 up to last night and decided I'd try driphter's dv8.1 hybrid. It's based on .419 and a lot of people have had a good experience with it that I read. I haven't used it enough to tell you my opinion, but you might wanna just check that out instead.

I don't even have a Tour and get excited with the leak process!

I miss it since I have an EOL device (S1)

I'm up and running on it. it's solid so far. browser click issue still exists.. grrrr

lot faster than (IMHO) the 548 leak where the browser click came into play (minor annoyance). still has solid radio, though doesn't seem to be quite as strong as 548's which was uber powerfull (I used to get zero reception at my desk @ work until .484 and a hybrid on top of that started to give me 2 bars, then 548 gave me 3, now this one is jumping between 2 and 3 but mostly 2. still doesn't seem to be dropping as much. again though, only been on it 45min . i'll update more in an hour. berrybuzz works fine for those who always ask.

//edit 1.5 hours in: radio definately not as strong as 548 :( hybrid please?. took a while for the OS to settle down and now it's cruising fast. No 3g icon. was debating throwing the hybrid .cod file on it to change that. I'm on verizon. 2nd battery pull was slow. nothing beats 484 for startup time.3rd would probably be better though as I haven't done any app installs since the 2nd.

Vandeleigh: If you are happy with the .419 (a solid) release, I'd stay there until the verizon official should come out next week ahead of the PTT release on march 30.

Seems the browser still has the bug. Sometimes I click a link and it the cursor disappears. I can either move the trackball or click again and it appears. Then click the link again and works. Annoying.

I do have BBM with this release. Unknown to me what is new/improved since I do not use BBM that often.

For those of you that appear tired of the leaked releases, the simple solution is to quit paying attention to them.

I'll give this one a shot. I have .548 now, and have the two mentioned problems of the task switcher spazzing and the Browser non-response to clicking. The other thing that I have noticed and haven't seen reference to is the response time of reading the media card when browsing files or viewing pictures. My 8330m blows through pictures and files, but starting with the "official" Sprint 5.whatever release it started reading the card super slow (that's after a few wipes/reformats) of the card and phone. It also seems to have a difficult time re-pairing the Plantronics Pro (again, no problem with the old m) but it isn't a big deal. Other than that, .548 seems pretty stable - holds a signal better, switches back to 1XEV, etc.

If they managed to not break much in this release and fix > 0 of the other few problems then it's worth it.

PC users always get the latest... I'll stick with mt Sprint official unless this fixes the bug of when you have too many messages in a SMS thread and that thread freezes... Which I highly doubt.. I have not done a single bat pull since I installed the Sprint official 5.0 and is stable to me...

device speed is FAST. no lag like i was getting with 548 in Facebook app. radio is still not as good as 548 though, but at least it works at my desk still. seems less 'solid' as in it goes from 3 to 1 bar and mostly stays around 2 when on 548 it was 2-3 at all times and not a lot of jumping between. browser is fast too. definitely better than the 548 released IMHO which should be expected.

Just finished installing. Install was painless, will report back after using for a bit. No 3g symbol. I don't use the BB browser, so any link issues shouldn't be a big deal. Opera mini 5 has been wonderful.

first report:

browser issue present. It also removes the open with opera option when you click on a link in email that 4.7 had. Lock button now puts device to sleep. Also removed the green AOL icon that was with 4.7.

The Opera option being gone irks me.....the native browser just doesn't cut it in comparison.

Overall navigation is smooth, too early to report on battery life...

Has threaded text..Nice!

I was going to go back to 4.7, but the text might make me keep it for now. The broswer thing has me totally undecided though. It was very nice to choose Opera to open links.

as was with the 548 release if you have sms on one of your home row icons, it displays the previous 5 texts against the background when you go over the icon. annoying, but I can deal with it. issue didn't exist prior to 548.

IM DOWNLOADING IT RIGHT NOW!!! Thank goodness for Twitter!!! They always take down LEAKED OS' with in hours because of traffic!! On .548 I never had browser issues I have Opera Mini and Bolt 2.0 as well!!! So here we go!!!

there is a .cod 3G fix for some hybrids on bbhybrids.net. don't install this, it jacks it up. manually removing now... hope i don't have to reload, lol. apparently it was only meant for specific releases :-D. :shrug: i find it funny to jack up my bb doing crap like this. there's always a backup right?!

//edit: yup, had to run the installer on it again to replace some 'core' components haha

try adding the ribbon files from the newest curve 8530 official release. Its a .5xx build that has the 3g icon. Hopefully it would work.

I'll pass for now, I got my bb all jacked up right now and I'm trying to get everything reloaded on it before I leave work for the day. 3g icon is just an asthetics thing, i can deal for now if functionality is better!

Usually I wait for others to post before upgrading but I took the plunge I had .419 on my phone and one thing I immeidiately noticed in the build is that the delayed screen issue that plagued .419 is no more, true the BB browser still has that link issue, but I use Opera as my primary browser, so I didn't pay no mind. The first time the bootup sequence took forever to the point I thought my blackberry froze, the boot up bar would move ridiculously fast and at about the 60% mark stay still and take another 2-3 minutes to move. Since then ti has a normal boot up sequence, whic his still kinda slow but fast tehr 4.7 Everything loaded up perfectly fine, and in the same place/positions I had it before
I do have BBM on my phone now but I really do not see that much of a difference.

Also when you boot up/loading something it has a nicer hourglass in place of that spinning Clock

ALSO I think this might be Verizons official release because I have the Verizon PTT on my phone.

...Long story short...this is a good O.S

So I just downloaded this and installed it to my computer. How do I upgrade it on my phone. I went to desktop manager and it isn't there. Can someone help. Thanks.

I installed and see no problems at all so far. I am enjoying it on a Sprint Tour. I removed all the verizon associated files from the java folder before installing as well. PTT, and vznavigator and vcast music. No problems at all. Load up time a tad longer than the last last leak. But definitely solid. How do I know if I have the latest version of BBM though? Does anyone know?

For those who are looking for another source to download it i have just uploaded it to my website and feel free to download it.


Just got a new PC with Windows 7 and have not been able to install any leaked OS's. This has probably been reported before on a forum, but it will let you download and install to desktop but BlackBerry Desktop Manager doesn't find any of the leaked OS's-just the 4.7 verions.

I have been running Windows 7 and have had no issues installing any of the leaks for the tour. Make sure your desktop manager is up to date..extract open the file let it install and you should be good to go desktop manager should see it as a newer version and start the update process

I had recently ran .419 along with some other leak as it was. I had noticed on both that the size of picture messages received were about 75% smaller when viewed versus the standard 4.7 OS I was running, can anyone confirm if this has been adjusted or corrected with this update?

this still has the browser issue.

battery life seems the same.

Pandora is randomly pausing.

there seems to be a lag in shutting apps down as well

blackberry registration e-mail is back.

overall this isn't an os worth installing.

Try this: run app loader manually. Head to program files/common files/RIM/AppLoader and delete all the files in the AppLoader folder. Now DL the OS to your desktop and open the OS program. It will repopulate the AppLoader folder. Then delete the Vendor XML file (from the AppLoader folder) in usual fashion. Now plug in your Berry to your PC. Leave DM closed, don't bother to open it as it won't recognize the leaked OS. Next head back to the AppLoader folder and open the Loader Application there (the icon looks like a little phone). It will launch in to the OS loading sequence manually without having to use DM. I've done this with several leaks and it works like a champ with Windows 7.

just got the tour from Sprint tired of waiting for the bold/essex to come out.Did the Sprint upgrade so far it works good minus serious battery drain gonna wait a while to see how this new OS will be before upgrading