Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700
By Bla1ze on 23 Mar 2010 02:28 pm EDT

Someone must have fired the plumber at RIM cause this is just getting kinda crazy now. Here is something for all you BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners. OS just dropped. Overall the response for this one is that it has been solid so far. So give it a shot and see how ya feel about it. And yet again, make sure you back up your data before you load this one.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700


I waited a week this time to see what the fall out was and so I just completed .545 10 minutes ago... and there it is..another upgrade. oy vey

now I will have to reinstall all my apps and reg code
twice in 15 days!
This is getting crazy but I love it
I hope this one is good
Thank you

I won't upgrade again until they fix the 3G issues especially wireless location on T-Mobile, which just doesn't work.

yeah .545 is working very well. I'm skeptical to load this new one on....I think i'll wait for a bit as .545 has been great so far!

I'm with you. I have no issues with .545 so unless there is something major in this one i don't see the point.

I have no problems with .545 so unless there is something decent in this one i don't see the point. anyone notice anything different?? New features?

My music doesnt playback all the time with .545. Sometimes it just stops when i change the volume or wont go on to the next song. Anyone else? Is it fixed

downloading now ... i'll be upgrading right away ... and i had some housework to get done, oh well. change of plans. i've had no problems with .545 but whack the heck, ya know!
this combined with the bolt 2.0 beta coming out today, gonna be a long night of testing ...

GRRR...How can I update my phone when I have a MAC? I can't find an OTA link! PLEASE PM ME IF YOU KNOW HOW.

go to goodwill and buy a pc if you are too cheap to buy a current one. as long as it has usb and a windows os it should allow you to load it. that or go pick up a 200.00 netbook

I use Windows 7 installed in Boot Camp to do my Blackberry upgrades. VMWare/Parallels used to work with my 9000 and 9700 but I cannot get it to go past the "Connecting to boot ROM" any longer. You can connect/disconnect all you like.

Install vmware fusion 3 on your Mac and Windows 7 then you'll be able to upgrade it on your computer. Message me if you have any questions.

as long as you got a 9700 and a pc windows you can do it jus make sure to remove the vendor file

I took a very good look at this OS, nothing different of notice... i know its not going to stop most of us from DL, but its really nothing special.

Crackberry, U leaking out more OS's for 9700 than R. Kelly on teenages ____.. (U know it) Thanks tho!

Well I can already see that won't work for me. I guess I'll wait to another official OS. Especially since I don't like .545

Do you have to go into the program files and delete the loader thing or whatever it was for the .545 release?


Malfunction during the writing in Arabic....

I think it will be resolved in the official release

Anybody else missing the browser icons when using the search in the internet browser? Other than that no issues so far! *knocks on wood*

Quick observations eversince i am using all the Offical and Leaked OS from you- You know that you leak intentionally.. dont you? well leave that for a moment.

Here are some strong recommendations from a Blackberry Addict-

- Auto time zone doesnt work since your release of .535. I have travel to 3 different timezones every month and its a pain to do it manually. Eearlier it used to that automatically by using network time. by now it doesnt . this is a bug for sure. please before you give us OS 6.0 lol

- If folks out there are taking regular backup before installing these leaks or official you must have realized that the BB DM takes ages to back up the Blackberry Group backups!! dont be surprised its true. Try it if you doubt

- The batter life prior to this leak was horrible. It used to drain like in 45 mins if i am using decently... i dont know hows that taken care of in this leak.

- Booting time sucks ever since OS 5.0 was released. When everyone got the new bar loading screen. It is supposed to to do something .. right? what? Load Fast like ZIPPPPPP... have a look at the htc and ANdroid folks doing in their labs.. Frankly speaking Blackberry has to seriously look into this issue because we understand that there are 3rd party app garbage plus themes and other things ppl keep loading but there has to be a mechanism that they dont interefere with the initial booting process and they can load once booting is complete in sequence so that there are no lags even once the phone is running.... Think out of the box..folks you guys are genius ...

- I have said earlier and repating.. Please open the macros for BB users to create custom commands for apps and settings. like auto profile changer, auto Bluetooth or wifi toggle etc. your OS is so powerful that it can give lot of opportunities to the users to do creative things... think about your market share.... dont you want to increase it before Android takes it over.

- Imporove the native icons of the emails, apps, browser... its so dull and boring ... dont just leave everything for the theme makers to do that job. And please if you cant put some decent themes. please dont put stock themes which are 100 yrs old. its better to remove it if you nothing new or exicting is there.

- Autoback up of apps serial or activation codes. If just do a search on CB or other forums you will find dozens of people complaining about they have to put the serial or activation again and again everytime they do an upgrade or reinstall of their os. Pls make the BB to remember the activation codes and serial put that in the .ipd file when ppl are taking backup. so you justify the word backup... because then its actually backing up everything..

-Improved battery life.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

- Now its time that you introduce some new ringtones for your BB.

for the moment thats it. You can start ripping me off with you comments. I am ready.....

Sweet mother mary of moses.... Holly molly... This build takes 10 minutes to boot up compared to last leak. Did 3 batt pulls to no avail. Don't upgrade, wait for another leak.

Horrible OS.............worst OS that I have put on the phone and I have had them all........thank goodness it is only a leak and not an official. Had issues with SMS and connecting to wifi

Hello Folks,

Same here... This release is highly unstable. I dont think so its a good idea to use this one. Stick to the previous build. My one took 30 mins to boot... ooops... yes that was real bad. did battery pull twice no go... the issue is still there booting time sucks... i have nt started to use the os fully as i just updated bbm 65... but its not that crisp as the earlier build for sure.... as ppl are suggesting .. refrain from using this OS. I am downgrading to now i have forgotten the counting also as they are releasing the builds. whatever the previous latest OS i will be using....

Waiting for the stable build...

After 5 batt pulls it looks like boot up time has gone down. One oddity I noticed - owner information got wiped during this installation. Never seen that b4.

this one is better then 545 for me
Browser was slow but now it is pretty fast;still a lagness on request.
all is wiorking fine

The new OS seems to have a better battery life than .442, messages that display on the home screen, and a glitch in the app switcher hotkey. Other than that, I haven't noticed much of a difference.

So far it's been a fantastic experience. Minor scare on reboot (507 error appeared) but before I could fully panic it went away and finished.

Been extremely stable, and very fast! Glorious!

i have downloaded and intalled the o/s and i have deleted the vendor file..... but, when then trying to update using the 'loader' it shows as nothing to update.

i have tried on every o/s update and still am not able to get it to work? HELP!

finished installing very easy install all apps work fine checked everything it all works good i'l see how battery life is with this os the last 2 the battery life was less than before. time will tell. will report any probs that arise if any

This the third time I'm updating the OS and each time it messes up my contacts. Some of them are duplicated or mashed up with another contacts information. I have to go thru the list and delete and edit a bunch. Is there a reason and if so is there a way to fix it?

Just installed and it was as painless as the last leak. Native and 3rd party apps are working fine so far. It seems that now SMS messages are appearing on my home screen the same way they do in themes with a hidden today function. It never did that before. Seems like a lot of people have had issues with their install but I've had none so far. Browser seems just as fast, maybe faster. Bolt looks great and BES immediately synched.

anyone else have this problem? the apploader didn't give me the options to add these programs, so I tried manually installing the .alx files and it tells me that the programs are not compatable with my device

The font for incoming calls on the screen is way bigger than before. But for some reason I'm not getting caller id pics when someone calls

I had the same prob with the last 2 update, each time it messes up my contacts. Some of them are duplicated or mashed up with another contacts information. I have to go thru the list and delete and edit a bunch. Is there a reason and if so is there a way to fix it?

Can anyone tell me if this release has the same problem as 536 and 545 where incoming calls only show the number, not the corresponding name from your address book? This really killed 536 and 545 for me (along with the "no lock button") I'm back at Telus official 442 :(

ive had no problems at all with this leak, my battery life seems to much better, i usually charge it once every second day, and its been running for 2 days and ive only lost 1 and a half bars. overall this leak is very stable :)

I can't seem to fast forward like I used to in this OS. When I fast forward it will only go per second instead of skip as far as I can. So now if I want to listen to the middle of a song I have to swipe my finger across the pad forever to get there is anyone else having this same problem check it out and get back to me. It does the same with videos too. Also if there's a fix for this please let me know Thanks

Where is the option to explore straight from the media menu?? Also how come I can't shuffle or repeat my music or video files please help

Exactly with mikehogains, I can't seem to fast forward as I used to.. very annoying.. I just don't understand how can these bugs be there, it worked fine in previous version and it's just ruined in the newer version.

Beside that it's working fine so far.. haven't found any other annoying bugs yet.


Easy upgrade, seeming improvement in overall speed, everything smooth as gravy except for "Contacts" which are mangled, which fouls up programs that access contacts, and I'm also getting that annoying "media in use" when its not error message. Advance to the rear, downgrade time.

This has been an awesome OS and it's an Official update. Been running for a month or so and it's been excellent and very reliable. Battery life is excellent and I just can't find any jaw-dropping reasons to change right now. I actually don't care for the new lock/no lockscreen setup on the new OS'. Some may and that's great too. But really, when it comes down to it.....how much does the whole
BB experience change from a minor leak anyhow? Going from 4.5os to 5.0....SURE, that was a big deal! All this...not affecting my BB use at all. That's my 2 cents worth :)

Hey guys quick question if I load up one of the OS leaks will I have to reactivate my BES account? Our outsourced BB helpdesk takes FOREVER to reset enterprise activation.