Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

Tour 9630 OS
By Adam Zeis on 12 Mar 2010 09:22 am EST
A crazy week on the leaked OS front. We had two leaks for the Bold 9700, and now another new Tour 9630 OS. The guys at BBLeaks found OS, and hopefully it works out better than .530 seemed to. Nothing on what is new in this version, so be sure to drop a comment and let us know what you find out. Hit the link below to download. Remember to use caution when installing a leaked OS!

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630


Doesnt respond to clicks much of the time. Damn And I was hoping this was a good one. How do they keep fucking shit up instead of making it better?

yup, very annoying....how can they make the browser that bad and so slow. plus, i've noticed my battery is running hot even after several battery pulls.

For sure noticed this. I thought it was my trackball on .530.....needs some refining but they are close!

but i found that if you zoom in, it will work much better. not sure why that would help, but it does. my browser is now MUCH faster, so i don't mind the click thing so much :)

I agree, although I am downloading this-just in case it seems to be really good, awesome, kick ass, etc.

Not me. I will stick to the stock 4.7 OS until officially released and any possible bugs/kinks are worked out. 4.7 works fine for me right now.

Um even the official release when it finally comes will have bugs they all do. If you want to wait that's your business but you're missing out ;-)

I'll wait til I hear some positive feedback about this one before I go through the hassle of installing it. .530 was just a pain in the ass.

so i guess i'll give it a go. was going to go back to .484 which was running great before i screwed it up with .530. so we'll see.

Our radio file is ancient now. When you have to hybrid 4 different OS's just to be able to make one, then it's time for an updated .sfi.

and my broswer is gone and telling me i dont have data services...nevermind after a battery pull im up and runing

Sister just switched from her Storm 9530 to a Motorola Droid yesterday. I've been tempted to make the same switch but I love my Tour 9630. BUT, with all the recent BlackBerry outages and Verizon's lack a support for the Tour as far as releasing a 5.0 update, I'll wait until Verizon receives their version of the Bold (hopefully it's the same Bold as T-Mobile has) or until the Nexus One comes out on Verizon.

I love my Tour because I do A LOT of business work on it. No other smartphone can touch BlackBerry's in terms of email and keyboards. We'll see RIM, we'll see...

On a BES and NO reoboots when holstered and so fat V/PTT is indeed loaded... will check back after reboot.

I"ll give it a shot, and see how it goes...hopefully it works better than the last leak I had. My phone had to reset like 7 times in an 8 hour period.

.530 Rebooted as soon as it came in contact with the holster magnet. No matter which way I turn it *zzzzt RESET*

So back to .419 I went. Gonna give this a shot once I see some good news. That whole endeavor was a pain in the left cheek!

I installed this and left in the PTT (just to check) and so far NO reboots such as was the case with .530. I am going upstairs to get a signal to test out browser and applications. Will report back....

I have .530 installed on my Tour now and have NO problems...what kind of problems are you guys experiencing? I will probably upgrade just because it's available but if I were still on 4.7 I would DEFINITELY upgrade. 5.0 is a way better OS

Is this the prelude to a verizon release? More than likely it's another ATT or sprint thing. I think the whole WiFi incompatibility is what's keeping verizon all choked up. :(

If you people actually read the articles here, you would know, that Verizon has not released 5.0 yet because of the new Tour/bold problems. They were set to release the Wifi version end of Feb, but the 5.0 had Wifi issues among others. So, as typical with verizon, they release 5.0 with the release of the new device. The new device release has been pushed back till the end of April. Seriously, if you want 5.0, download and install .419. I have been using it since it's release and the only problem I experience is Facebook app locks up. Other than that it is great. Your other option is to stop whining about it. Verizon WILL not release it before the new device comes out, and until ALL bugs are worked out. It's that simple. You have plenty of threads and opinions to read on .419 and if you want it that bad, install it. Other carriers liked it enough so install it. I'm hoping to hear good news on this version, otherwise, I won't bother as .419 has worked very well for me. Sprint released their official version (not .419) and people were not as happy with that as they were with .419 so what does that tell you?

a few days before the 9650 is released of course. If you want it install .419, it's a solid build and I have been running it since it first leaked (before other carriers released en mass). If you wait for Verizon to release updates then you never get them.

Anyone have ANY idea when Verizon will "let" us have 5.0? Has anyone used a leaked version successfully on the Verizon network?

version .419 works fine with Verizon. MUCH better than 4.7 and I've had no bugs except an ocasional lock up on the Facebook app. I just exit out, and restart the Facebook app and it is fine. Other than that, .419 is smoother and faster than 4.7 and threaded SMS is the best.

I'm on .419. I download this new version. Just waiting on ya'll to tell me any bugs or glitches you see so far before I install.

I have v5.0.0.484 (Platform on my Sprint Tour 9630 and while INITIALLY it was performing well, it does appear to be bugging out. This was an OFFICIAL release from Sprint and not a leak, which doesn't make me feel all that confident in any of the recently RIM OS releases. Additionally, the OS upgrade to .484 was only available once I connected to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. I think RIM needs to stop tinkering around with minor OS updates and just release the new Tour with its trackpad, wifi and pre 6.0 OS. This all just feels like they're trying to save face now knowing full well that they rushed the current Tour to market and have had a number of problematic OS releases.

RIM does not release OS's to us the carriers do. RIM sends them to the carriers who test and if they think they are good enough (rare) they release them. If not they move on to the next one RIM sends them.

If you're skittish about leaks, just use another carrier's release and call it good. I recommend .419 since pretty much every carrier on the planet but Verizon and Sprint have released this one and the Sprint release, while newer, is crap.

Did a full load to include the PTT (though I can't see the icon for it yet) NO reboots - all apps work including VZ Nav. Memory usage shot through the roof - this seems to be the prcursor to VZW 6 as the apploader is definitly showing VZ-PTT. Will use BBSAK to look deeper into the cod's and report back but finallyit seems that this is version above .419/.484 that I am very happy with. Sorry, don't use the BerryBuzz so cant test that out.

Not sure if I will install or not, I'm more excited about a new killer hybrid that will come out of this!!! Leaked OS's are nothing without a good hybrid attached to it.

1. Installation was quick/smooth as hell.
2. Reboots take longer than on .419
3. No reboots on holstering...YET
4. Haven't tested the bluetooth auto-connectivity to see if that issue on .530 is resolved.
5. My theme remained about 99% intact, which got me really fucking excited. The biggest PIA about installing a new OS is rearranging the icons and whatnot. Only had to move around a couple of them.
6. Phone definitely seems snappier (doesn't everyone say this with a new OS?). this time it's TRUE. lol
7. With a today theme, SMS messages appear (don't on .419, do on .530)
8. So far, so good...haven't experienced any problems yet (also haven't used the phone all that much yet). If I find anything, I'll be sure to post.

/crosses fingers AND knocks on wood

I've got Verizon and was running the .419 for about 2 months, but I was having trouble running my slingbox app with it, it would constantly disconnect when I would try to change channels. So I went back to 4.7 and everything is good again. I can't go with out my slingbox especially with March Madness coming up....
If anyone got their .419 version running well with their slingbox I would like to findout how they did it...

quick pull is still asking for confirmation before scheduled resets... didn't with .419, did with .530... I hope they (quickpull) update that issue soon.

With 530 there is a second confirmation box that pops up asing if youre sure you want to reboot or something to that effect. I'm sure 548 has it as well. The other 5.0 leaks didnt have the extra confirmation box, so quick pull worked fine. Meterberry reset wont work with it either. :(

That happens even if the authority is set to ALL for everything? If so, not good. Kind of defeats the purpose of scheduling a reboot while I'm asleep. :-)

Believe it or not there is a "ctrl+alt+delete" for the BB. Hold down "alt+shift (the one on right side of the space key)+del," to reboot your device. It certainly saves on memory on your device one less application to have installed.

This is super handy to know (just tested and it works), can't believe no one's ever posted this Control-Alt-Delete before (that I've seen). Thanks!

So I downloaded .548 and I goto install it on my phone and my girlfriend took my damn cord this morning. WTF. Damnit.

BlackBerry and Tour news...

"The first is that one of our connects has informed us that the mythical OS 5.0 upgrade for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 will be released within the next “2-3 weeks.” It will also contain a Push-To-Talk feature that will run over Verizon’s data network for a $5/month fee. This ties in nicely to our second bit of info… We’ve heard that the BlackBerry Bold 9650, or BlackBerry Tour2 9650, or BlackBerry Whatever 9650x will launch unfortunately around May. It will also include PTT".

I am running .419 and it works fine for me, but I'm going to load this on my brother's VZW tour. He is still running the stock 4.7. Since this leak seems to have push to talk files in it, will I still have to delete the vender file before installing? or will it work without deleting it?

So I downloaded the software to my desktop. Than ran the software to install it but once i go through my desktop manager its not downloading to my phone. Am I doing something wrong? thanksss

Disconnect your computer from the Internet if you are using Desktop Manager. It should work for you then. You could also try using AppLoader. That's what I used last time I installed a leaked version.

3G is gone for good with updates to older devices. My 9550 has it as the 8530, but you will have to wait for the 9650 hardware to get it. I think it's their way of differentiating between older devices that have been upgraded and newer ones, as stupid as that sounds :-/

So far (noise of knocking on wood and beating my head against a wall)This build is SOLID. Boot time for me is under 2 min. All apps work fine even Quickpull - came back on line faster and when entered my pwd, noticed a screen that said "Restart Complete - changes have been sucessfuly applied" with an "ok" or details" button. The Details didn't give any additional info however..... I do not have the problem of numerous clicks ithin browser. The one thing that is really bothering me is the PTT. looking in the applications listing, within the Core Apps Verizon PTT is listed and will allow me to edit permission. BUT I CAN'T FIND THE ICON!! Will keep searching...

Resent Service Books (I'm on BES 5) and still nothing. i may do a complete reload, but so far this has been an amazingly solid build.

I am very happy with this build. I have been running hybrids for a while not and this build seems even faster. No problems as of yet. Been running it as of 10am this morning. It does not have the 3G icon, but other than that I would recommend it.

this version fixed the blue-tooth issue (not automatically connecting) from version .530. all in all seems to be working well so far. though i am still experiencing a lag when i launch the calendar in agenda view though.

So far this build is great. I didn't install the .530 leak because of the reboot issues. I'm loving this one though. Native browser is definitely much faster. I tested some sites out just before installing this build, and then after installing, and the speed improvement was certainly noticeable. And, as has been said, everything just seems a bit more snappy and responsive. So far, so good.

P.S. My previous OS was

I would definitely like to try this, but something on my comp took me forever to get .419 working, is it worth the trouble? The only trouble i really get with .419 is that the Poker game slows down the whole phone, and sometimes if i get a new text message, it wont let me look at it unless I do a battery pull or delete some of the older messages in the same thread.

Gave me a random reboot after sending my first email (on BES) and takes forever to boot! I've installed many OSes and this is just aweful. Take my advice: go with .419 if you want something stable and official or driphter's Dv6.4 hybrid.

I have been loading leaks for longer than I can tell you and this one is extremely Solid!! I went with .530 (for about 4 hrs) and the reboots killed me so i downgraded. I have been running this since very early Friday am and so far it is great. boot time for me is less than 2 min (I am on Bes 5) and the only issues I have seen - from a Security perspective - is the ability to map a Network Shared Drive which is a big no-no for us here. I can hide the Icon, but am working with other Beta Testers to find out if this can be disabled at the BES level.

everything works fine so far to me- i can send email just fine, all my apps and themes work im just testing battery life now by charging it to 100 percent and seeing how long it takes to go srsly low

Installed fine - and was much better as far as needing to move things around afterwards - hardly any to touch. Seems snappier but I haven't used too much yet.

Finally, I can use one of the 6 cases I have without it rebooting every time. Had it for a few hours so far and seems like its good as gold to me.

I will never include my BlackBerry Messenger Groups in the backup/restore process of an OS upgrade ever ever again. It is taking FOREVER. And I only have ONE group with almost zero activity. Blah. I will come back later to report on how the rest is going if this ever finishes restoring.


It was amazing not having to rearrange my icons all over again. LOVED IT! Hitting the top lock key does lock it for me, for the person who mentioned it's not working for them....not an issue here. I haven't seen a major jump in memory like some others have mentioned, unfortunately. The reboot time hasn't gotten any better for me, still between 4 and 5 minutes. Holstering it does NOT power cycle the phone anymore, for me, which it was doing with .530. Overall, nothing has gotten worse, definitely a couple of improvements. I'd say it's worth taking the leap.

After installing, everything seems to be fine. Can't really tell if there's a difference yet. (upgrading from OS .530) One problem I have though is that the lock button on the top of my phone won't work when I press it and I think it has something to do with this OS. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem or know how to fix it? Thanks!

Anyone else having problems opening text messages after the install? Looks like SMS conversations are in the BBM interface now, but a click of the trackball will not open an SMS as it usually does.

tried to download via link on crackberry and megaupload.com says it has removed the link?? any info would be appreciated thanks

So, I just downloaded to my computer now can anyone give me some pointers for computer illiterate people. How and the hell do I download to my BB. Can desktop manager be used. I thought it could but I do not see it anywhere. I downloaded to my computer in downloads. I see it but I cant get it on my phone!! Please help!!

once youve downloaded it, unzip and install onto your computer, then the desktop manager should recognize it as an update. You may have to disable the computers connection to the internet. And do not turn on mass storage mode on the crackberry.

it always helps to disconnect from the internet, then start desktop manager. or you can use AppLoader

Still cant seem to get it to work. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I can go in to App loader and see the download but cant seem to figure out what is going on. Any ideas out here. Thanks in advance!!!

So far I'm liking this release better than .419. So far the phone seems to operate faster, facebook is not locking up anymore. It just has a "feel" to it, like I just brought it home from the VZW store. Can't explain it, but that's the best I can describe it.

Two drawbacks so far (if you view it that way) First - The standby/mute button is simply a mute button now as was reported here on CB.com just recently. Apparently this is the norm now for all BB operating systems.
Second - The reboot time on this is REDICULOUS. One of the things I really liked about .419 is that its reboot time was very quick. The stock 4.7 was very slow to reboot. Since it is apparent that this build was made for Verizon, maybe that has something to do with it? Just a curious guess.

Other than that, the OS is working great so far, and I was big fan of .419.

i amm having a reall big issue downloading this onto my phone. can someone please tell me easiest wayy step by step intrustions on downloading this onto my phone. thnks

download to desktop
once you see the icon you either have to unzip to desktop or if its already unziped and on desktop double click the icon and install onto comp follow the directions that come up. when you are done with that open desktop manager. update app and you will see it there. thats what i do every time and its not hard. good luck send me a message if you need more help my 30b3c697 is my pin

Running on Sprint device - so far so good. definitely a lot quicker with normal processes than .419 (didn't try .530 due to all the negative feedback.)
Memory usage seems to be slightly higher, which sucks. Browser is significantly faster, although there do seem to be problems with clicking on items, as mentioned before in this forum. that's not a deal breaker for me, but it is definitely annoying. hopefully with an official release these minor bugs will be fixed.
ALL IN ALL .548 running great and i love the quickness of everything. Pros out-weigh the Cons by far!!

**Make sure you delete the vendor.xml file if your carrier isn't VZW!

found that if you zoom in there are no problems with clicking. not sure why zooming would help, but it does!

Can someone make a copy available for me to download? The link is dead :( I have been waiting for this leak for what seems like forever. Thanks Friends!


To access the push to talk feature you have to be subscribed to the $$5 feature. You also have to download the PTT app as well. Goto the browser, goto the verizon "home page", click "get apps", and ptt will be there. You can also sign up for the $5 feature from there as well. Hope this helps. The os is running great, smoother, faster, more free memory as well.

Boot time took 6-7 mins. Don't know what the "nornmal" boot up time is or should be. Seems to be what looks like the offical OS. Also when doing a battery pull, does anyone else get an hourglass that spins before the blackberry load up meter shows?

definitely got the hourglass when i did a battery pull. not sure if that's just part of .548 or it was taking the phone a second to work something out?
either way device rebooted fine and is working great now *knocking on wood*!

I must say that is seems rather sound for me so far. I happen to like the .530 too. I did get two resets in the entire time running it. Which was from leak to yesterday.

So far this one seems nice. I like to get a week in with the software to be sure its sound.

Pull those batteries twice daily for a few days after install. Then base your opinion.

As mentioned, good signal and it fast all around. (so far)

it's a scam. they are decreasing the amount of time and brains spent on the trackball all because of the trackpad. i don't see where the competition is here, the pad is just a flattened ball. they should not feel the need to MAKE us buy a trackpad, when the ball does the same exact thing. it's unfair to 9630 users to have to suffer from these "non-clicking" updates while dreaming false hopes of buying a trackpad 9___. I do hope they improve the 5.0 for 9630, because I bought the Storm when it first came out and that was a mistake. I will wait on the trackpad'd New Phone from Blackberry.

actually the trackpad has no moving parts, it's a sensor.

And o you don't have to upgrade if you don't want to. bur RIM is transitioning all new devices to from trackball to track pad just as they did from scroll wheel to trackball. Plenty of people felt the same way at the time but got used to it. It's just the evolution of the technology.

I'm having the zoom and clicking issues on the browser as well as blackberry maps not laoding properly. It will get hung up and never completely load the map. Very annoying.

I'd like to know this as well. I haven't had any trouble with .484, even though it's the only instance of 5.0 I've used on my Tour.

I need a little help here. This is the 2nd time I've tried to load a new OS and both times it downloads fine, goes into BB install wizzard or shield, I restart PC, disconect any computer modems - but nothing out of the ordinary happens when connecting to Desktop Manager. It says there are no new updates. I must not have the secret decoder ring?? Thank you in advanced for any help.

Try loading the OS through the App Loader instead of the Desktop Manager. You'll find App Loader under Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe . That's usually what I use when loading a new OS onto my BB.

I went thru that motion but nothing different. ther is 2 "Documents" in the apploader file from today; Vendor.xml with 507 KB, and Device.xml with 22 KB. Do I simply drop these into the "Loader.exe" and try again? I just want to be sure here. Thanks again.

My Tour is running v Am I like totally missing something here. I do the wireless update and it always says there are no new updates! Any help would be good right about now cause it is obvious that I'm confused! Thanks

This is a leaked version of the OS, it's not official and even if it was you wouldn't be able to do it over the air because it's a full upgrade not just a patch.

Unless your willing to hack your phone your out of luck until Verizon releases the official build, but there's no tentative release date slated for that. For all we know it could be in 6 weeks or 6 months.

It's really easy to load one of these leaked OS's, and they're all really good from my experience.

Only with 4.7 can I get mobole banking to work the 5.0 from sprint will no let it work the error message says no certificate issued from source. PLEASE HELP

I have no problems (yet...) after updating to this OS version, only thing I noticed so far is that beep sound whenever any key is being pressed is no longer there. I actually really miss it because that's the only notification there is when any button is being pressed, without it - there is no way in telling what is being pressed/selected. Playing with the "key tone" feature on and off doesn't do anything (if that is in fact where you're suppose to change it).
Anyone else?

I upgraded. Only thing I noticed is I can't get my speaker phone come on. The text is a little bigger. No major issues AS OF YET !!

Now instead of pushing ALT and the Speaker phone key. You just press speaker phone..... Also:

-Radio on this one is a bit better.
-Internet a bit faster.
-It copied a Few Contacts Twice.
-Mail is alot faster when it gets pushed out.

well, i gave .548 a quick try...i am falling back to .419...things i saw:
* very slow restart....like other op's, it takes about 6 or 7 minutes
* i am using an iberry theme, & sporadically some of the icons would be ghosted, where the space they occupy would be invisible, until you hover over it & then it would display. I had to default the theme for this to correct itself. could be a problem with the theme.
* the autolock program did not work...same as in .484
* trackball feedback was sporadic...it wasn't as smooth as normal

I didn't give .548 much time, so these things may just be flukes, but I am falling back to .419. imo, it is much more responsive & so much faster on startup

This is a SOLID ass build!!! Browser is LIGHTNING fast, reboot time clocked @ 1 MIN 45 SECONDS, ALL my apps are running seamlessly!!! I really think whoever wants a good 5.0 OS thats good download it!!! from .484 to .548!!!!

So I finally got the OS up and running after having to search and dig for my mini USB cord. This build has proved to be the best one out yet so far. I came from the .419 build and compared to that, this build is heaven.

The reboot time is down, so it takes a little over 1 minute to reboot on my phone. Also the battery life has dramatically improved, it seems double.

I have over 15 applications installed on my phone and they all work seemlessly. I am impressed with this version and my thoughts are, "Its a keeper."


Doesnt seem like you can change the tones/alerts for BBM, text and etc. Anyone else notice this problem? Other than that, Im enjoying the build!!

Very pleased w/ the Battery Life. No lag when the screen comes on like there was w/ the latest leak & the official Sprint version.

It seems to be running fast with good battery life.

I did notice the link issue on the browser but it's not all the time or enough to make me revert backwards.

I just wish Opera would fix the issues with Mini 4.2 running on OS 5

i tried .548 but had to go back to .419 cauue my i heart radio would not play. anyone else have this problem besides me? i didn't wipe .419 off before i installed so not sure if that was it.

I am waiting for the official release. I will not download something that is buggy. I prefer to be patient and just wait.
Verizon has their reasons for not releasing an OS that is not up to their standards. When all the bugs are out of it, they will release it. That is why they are such a good company. Verizon has high standards and to those who complain, then just take the chance on a bad leak or just stop whining.
I have The Tour and running on the 4.7 and there are no issues for me.

The browser has this issue when trying to click on a link it doesn't register when it moves just a teeny tiny little bit. You have to hold the curser very still when clicking and if it moves while doing so it will not open the link :(
Wish there was a fix for that..


This OS is awesome. Love that sms shows up on toay screen in my theme. Browser is way faster. The whole phone just works faster and smoother. I left all files in as I have verizon and no reboot issues. I def recommend this build

Even though it give you the option to change these alerts in the message menu, I have found that you are not able to customize this. I have tried reloading 548 several times and still can not change this. I have also tried with 419 and still the same problem. As of right now I have stuck with 419 because it seems to be more responsive and the battery life if significantly better than the 548. I would appreciate and ideas on what I can do to fix this problem, I miss being able to customize my alert tones.

I am able to change ring tones, MMS and BBM (though I have deleted BBM due to Security policy here) The one things (Security related) I HAVE found is that any email coming inbound to device that is PGP cannot be displayed, which is really odd since I can send/recieve using AES Encryption. On .419 and even .530 (for the 4 hrs I had it before I slammed my head against the wall due to the reboots) I had no issues with PGP mail - Also, still can't find the PTT Icon or options even though all the files are loaded. Overall, I LOVE this build.

Has anyone noticed that after a QuickPull, the screen comes up to the phone, then Browser? this after I enter my Password.... just noticed it.

1 Browser issue when clicking on a link
2 Battery life ok
3 Autolock don't work
4 No standby mode when press down mute key (Main reason I went back to 419)

installed on saturday without issue via win xp.

-primary problem with this leak is the browser issue when clicking on a link. Its not enough to put me back to 419 but is quite annoying.

-my batt life is definitely improved from the standpoint of data usage. I run google voice and ubertwitter (20 min interval) with moderate emailing and txting.

-It doesn't lockup/hourglass nearly as much (if ever) as 419 did which is great!
-browser is much faster, 50-60% I'd say.
-i use a holster so the standby button is a non-issue here.

-I noticed my calendar is EXTREMELY slow to load. I use google sync but have never had an issue with this at all with 4.7,, or This could eventually put me back to 419 unless VZW gets their act together...

Note- If you have Windows XP, loading this OS to your BB is quite easy (compared to the days of loading a 4.5 leak onto my Pearl...haha)

I have verizon. When i loaded .548 on my tour in the applications folder there was an icon for Social beat. Any body use it or know anything about it.

also i noticed the browser click issue but its not that big of a deal to me plus if you zoom it works better, im sure the official release will deal with that. Still a solid build i love it so far.

Worked for me no problems, all apps work. Only thing I don't like is Quick Pull always ask for me to allow permission and Sky-deck website comes up every time I do a reset, other than that it's a go for verizon people. Get it, Not sure that the Internet is that faster, but its a leak.

love the follow up email feature. it's like a task one would normally set in blackberry, but functions more like outlook would on pc.

Ok I downloaded the OS to my computer, unzipped it and installed it to the computer but the desktop manager doesn't recogonize it. I also tried going directly through app loader with out using the DM and still not recogonizing it.....any suggestions as to what else I can do. Do I have to completely wipe the blackberry clean before updating? Thanks in advance

I have been running it for over 24 hours and I have had no problems. I have about 80mb of memory and I love the new lock feature. Browser seems quicker and battery life feels stable. Reboot seems a bit long but I do it before bed maybe once so far... So far so good. Liking it better than the last best leak .419. Running on a BB Tour 9630 on US Cellular!

I waited too long to get the leak and now I can't download it. Does anyone know of a working link. I have never installed a leaked os before and thought this would be a wonderful place to start!

Can anyone tell me if the music issue is fixed? In the .530 leak, if you were playing music and received an alert, when the music resumed, it went back to the beginning of that track instead of resuming from where it paused. Is this fixed in .548? This is a deal breaker for me.


it will happen soon because of the PTT
I don't care about the PTT and my 4.7 is just fine till they release it. I won't download leaks and am patient for Verizon to release the good 5.0