Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700
By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2010 07:11 am EST

What a great start to the day. We've known for some time this OS was floating around out there, even heard that this one had hit "Gold Candidate" for release to carriers. Now, thanks to a CrackBerry forums member who wished to remain anonymous you can now check out the release yourself. As always, be sure to back up your data before you load this one onto your device gold candidate or not, things could go awry.  Standard disclaimer can be found below.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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    Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700


    I'll be interested to see what are the improvements in the newer upgrade. I don't have the time to install it myself but will follow the discussion in this thread.

    Just curious, do you get some sort of prize by submitting your post first? I see people sort of "competing" to be first in-posting but bring NOTHING to the table with their "first post" post. Silly... #justsaying - sorry had to comment on that alone!

    Yes, sometimes human beings like to be silly and have fun. Sorry to burst your Orwellian bubble.

    I'm so happy with the .536 leak. Not sure if I'll do this upgrade. But ofc if there's something great about this one, I might be tempted:)

    Please let us know how it works for you, I downloaded last week the O.S 536 and its great with my battery, it last almost 3 days!

    After getting my 9700 with the stock AT&T OS and going to .536 last week, I have to say that was an amazing upgrade. Not sure this will be worth it since the jump is so small unless someone can advise of new features.


    Can somebody please check, if IM+ works fine with this leaked os?
    The leaked os before, .535, have had some trouble with the start screen, the icons wasnt displayed right.


    I'm installing it as we speak, hope it resolves 3G/BIS issues that allot of bold 9700 all over the world are having.

    I want to put it on , however I'm not a huge fan of pictures being pixelated unless you zoom on them , also kills my battery : /

    Well...I'll go to the forums and read up on this one first. Not that I haven't already downloaded it, mind you...

    I am just curious to see if this leak also has that weird lock button (put the phone in stand by mode) function that the last leak had.. Someone ought to mention it.

    hah, even those that have 5.0 want more 5.0. You should feel lucky, 8350i is still on 4.6 and is only a little over a year old phone.

    I've DL'd and installed. All seems well. I won't go into the,.."it seems faster, etc, etc". I'll just say that it works after the update,...and of course I have the updates released in .442.

    BB,...9700,...the best!


    PS: I'm on T-MO

    You can view thumbnails of 16 photos at a time,...that is, 4 rows of photos across and 4 columns.

    I did not see a setting to change this.



    I'm curious to find out what the battery life is with this OS, the previous one leaked this week was a battery hog. As were a few before that. I obted to stick with .442...

    after you've installed and gave it a "whirl" - please let us know if it is worth the upgrade. Thanks...

    i cant wait until this finishes downloading (@202kb/s)im over here in my computer room, downloading this and jl-commanded the hell out of my phone right before class..... class is at 11:00 lets hope i get there in time :D

    Downloaded and installed this morning...just bought my 9700 a week ago after getting fed up with trackball issues on my 9000. I"m on a BES, and I upgraded to 536 and now this one, and I have to say my limited experience at the moment is this:

    - Browser is noticeably faster than even 536 OS
    - Pictures load much quicker
    - In fact everything so far seems to load much quicker.

    Yes, have downloaded, installed and...

    - I seem to be an inch taller now
    - my car seems to get an extra 10 mpg

    etc... etc.

    Seriously, calm down on the reporting right after you download something. Unless it's a major, obvious change (like a bug fix) chances are it's something that you're WANTING to see, i.e. speed of browser/picture clarity, etc.

    Give it a few HOURS, then report back some real info. Otherwise you're not really helping. If ALL of these updates were so much "faster" as indicated when they drop, it would be instantaneous by now. lol

    I had issues with contacts duplicating, sometimes triple times and names and numbers getting switched around with the old os. Is anyone noticing contact issues with this leak?


    That is the permanent dedicated function for all the new devices now.

    Nice to see the Bold 9700 getting a lot of love . When is the Storm 2 9550 gonna get some of that love since it seems that Verizon is not doing there Job. Why is BB letting the phone company determine if you get an OS update or not?

    They have not fixed the 3G/BIS issue (supposing it is a software issue). Each time I hang up a call I find my phone y GSM, then it goes to GPRS, then to EDGE and finally to 3G again. It is frustrating. Also from time to time the same thing happens without doing a call. I have now put the phone in 2G mode (EDGE only) because it is really unstable in 3G. It is neither a network or signal strength issue, since my nokia never looses 3G and regarding de signal strength when this issue happens the bar are almost full on my bb bold 9700.

    same here with me...
    first it goes to GSM --> edge --> ( loooooooong delay ) EDGE.

    called my vodafone guy and he reverted me with temp network issue...
    but that's not true...
    it happens even when i switch on my 9700....

    goes to GSM --> edge --> ( loooooooong delay ) EDGE.

    Mine has been doing the same thing. It's very frustrating since my primary reason for buying a 3G Blackberry was to be able to use data while I'm in a call (most frequently for Google Maps). When it drops to EDGE, GPRS, or GSM while I'm in a call, that possibility goes out the window.

    3G speed isn't much faster on the Berry at all for me on T-Mobile in Salt Lake City. This is due to RIM's proxy servers architecture, and partly due to actual 3G speeds in the 300-400 Kbps range in this market. (I recently clocked 2.8 Mbps in Miami, but still had the "no 3G in call" problem there.)

    The network bug and slow 3G in this area are really putting a damper on my 3G love. I should have save the money and stuck with the 8900.

    and the 1st thing i notice is it loads MUCH quicker! I have A LOT of apps and themes on my bb and load time was usually forever (about 3 minutes)! this loaded in under a minute!

    Just installed and EVERYTHING seems much worse now... Here are my findings:


    Oh, the phone... Everything seems to be working but I'm not going to report back on that for a few days because NOBODY can tell in 30 seconds what the pros and cons are of a new OS.

    come on i would like to see something for the storm 9530 come on there a lot out there that still has the old storm! give it some more life please

    do you guys know how much I love this forums?? oh man, since I bought my first blackberry several years ago,, I can not change to other brands hehe.. Actually I like the support on all these forums.


    So I just upgraded on Monday and today I will do the same hehe..


    You guys gonna get another Mirror up? Can someone who already downloaded please upload somewhere for the rest of us slow people?


    The last two leaks have killed App world when it comes to looking at the reviews I get:

    There was a problem reading data from the server and BlackBerry App World must exit. Error type: 100002

    Any ideas?

    Can someone post a new link or mirror, or someone who already downloaded, can you please upload and share with us...thanks...

    any one see the difference between .442 and .545

    I am pretty much happy with .442 which is official through certain carriers. was wondering whether it is worth a try to put in .545, particularly I really like previous lock/standby keys. looks like this has been changed in the recent releases.

    Does anybody knows if app world is having issues. Last night I was able to read reviews. Today I getting an error message.

    Have anyone read about issues with UMA in .536 ?

    I had the same 10002 error when reading reviews in App World with OS .536. I updated earlier today to .545 and installed the App World update released yesterday and everything works fine now.

    The OS version is different from the Platform version.

    For instance: this OS ( is part of Platform

    **in an attempt to stop some people from mistakenly getting too excited that they see a 5.1 OS out there**

    ok sorry for this noob question, but after you download the file, how do u upload it onto your phone...?

    I did't have issues with .536 in regards to UMA.

    I read issues with 3G, but I did not have issues with 3G.

    I'm with Tmo.


    the bb messenger work on my tmo bold 9700 with this OS?...it keeps saying "uncaught exception: application net_rim_bb_qm_peer(247) is not responding: process terminated. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!

    The you load the new OS on your phone and then it started doing this? If you loaded the new OS, Did you delete the Vendor.xml file from the pc before doing it??

    After I loaded the new OS it started. I didnt delete any vendor file because its a leak. How do you delete a vendor file on a leaked OS?

    This is what you should do everytime you load a NEW OS on your phone. Make sure you always have a backup first also. Dont just go ahead and load the new OS right of the bat. At least this is what I always do.
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Vendor.XML
    Remember that these Leaks and OS are not straight from the Vendor. So you want to delete the Vendor.XML file so that you dont get any Errors. I hope this helps, Let me know how it goes.

    Just installed .545 and I am getting an error message when trying to view reviews in app world. Also, the lock key seems to work the same as OS .536 (no lock screen). I haven't played around with it enough to notice any other differences yet.

    Just installed .545 after using .536 for a few days. I like that Lock button thing, way better than having a lock and standby button apart. With 536, I encountered a few problems including BeWeather Free not updating (they say it's an app issue, not an OS one, right?) and the App World crashing... now they both work fine with that OS.

    I know that the mute key no longer puts the phone on standby intentionally, but is there another quick way to do it on the newer updates? I always use the mute for standby on my phone, and I can't see installing this update without an alternative option.

    I`m not very simmiliar with this OS etc.
    If I look at my phone information it shows
    Do I need this???

    ive noticed that if you have a large convo with someone on sms text and you try to scroll all the way to the top of the convo by hittin the "t" button, the whole convo goes blank and when you exit out of it and try going back in, it doesnt let you...you'll have to either reset your phone or keep clicking it till it goes back in.....try this on a large convo you had with someone and youll see wt im talking about

    By downloading this software what is going to be different then the stock software that came with my Blackberry Bold 9700 for AT&T? Someone please help me

    Who determines this leak is a Gold Standard over the one leaked a few days ago. I wonder if there are big differences between the 2 leaked OS? Just curious, I haven't upgraded yrt but I'll be on one of them tonight!!!

    I downloaded and installed this morning. Worked fine for a bit. Tried to launch the browser from the quick launch bar and got an uncaught error exception that I could not get to go away without a battery pull. Down grading now!

    I had the same issue... maybe it's their way to do things now so we don't have these apps pre-installed. Install them using the Application Center or App World.

    Noticed that installed OS with size of 169mb. .536 was 127mb. Does anyone know why size of OS is largest of all to date?

    I dropped .545 on my 9700 this morning about 10:30am. I'm on BES and I'm the IT dude in my office so I'm constantly getting work emails on my phone all day. So far .545 seems to be working well.

    My only problem was with a few themes that I created myself but that is not a real concern of mine.

    On UMA, websites DO load much faster than the previous leak. 3G speeds aren't bad either.

    To sum it up.......so far so good!!!

    Using this leak for 6hrs and heavy usage , like it so far and btw , speakerphone glitch is fixed in this leak.

    I have been having problems with my 9700, it would keep dropping the 3G data connection. My telecoms provider took it in to have a look at it and they have installed App Version (922) Platform They described it as a patch to fix a few 3G issues and to give me a desktop icon for mail...... apparently being rolled out by providers with effect form Thursday

    UR Telecoms Provider? Please 'PM' me if you would like. Would greatly appreciate it.



    What do you mean your Telecoms Provider installed it, Who's that? When you say your 3g was dropping, you mean like when you were on the phone talking or surfing the phone would go to 2g, Edge?? Is your phone constantly on 3g now? How can we get that Patch?? I have t-mobile.

    I loaded the new OS this morning. It has been running very well all day. It has been a very heavy use day, so it is hard to judge battery life. I did notice that Facebbok App is running much faster than the last couple of OS leaks. All other apps appear to working fine. 3G seems to be working better, but it has always been good in Tampa.

    I download the new version and went in delete vendor.xml but for some reason we i use loader it still can't find the newer version. Can someone help?

    I have installed the *.545 OS over the *536 OS on my 9700 on ATT. The upgrade ran flawlessly. No problem connecting to my BES or to my BIS accounts. IM+ kept crashing under *536. It runs flawlessly under *545. Same for the Blackberry App Store, Docs to Go (version 2.x) and various Google apps (map, search), BEWeather, QuickLaunch.

    Because I can run IM+ (paid version, not free) under this release, I am inclined to call this release more stable than *536. Your mileage may vary. But I am happy with this version. Keyboard lock changes are not drawback in my opinion.

    Can any one tell me if it is really worth the bother to download the new OS (.545) vs the original OS that came with the 9700? I usually wait for my provider to come out with one before I go thru with the download. I have zerro problems with my phone, it's fast as hell and have loads of apps on it. I would hate to throw a wrench into a great running phone. Thanks

    I wish Rogers would upgrade from v5.0.0.351. I feel so far out of the loop and I can't upgrade to a beta o/s. Its a work thing. :(

    this update is a drastic improvement from the os that came with the phone. The 9700 is actually my gf's phone. i have the 9550 storm. this update reminds so much of the storms os as far as the functionality. the only thinf that i dont like about this and OS .536 is that if you happen to lock your screen with ur contacts being the last screen shown, it will show up when u click a button on th ephone. On my 9550 and on the tmobile os, it'll show ur homecreen only. Whats up with that??? also, before you could consolidate all your messages into the Messages folder without having to use the SMS/MMS folder. Why cant we choose where we want our messages going anymore? anyone have the same issues?

    Speakerphone still is messed up. Please Fix RIM

    You need to keep pressing the dang button to get it to work and the icon says it's on when it's not. It's goofy.

    I'm updating my phone now and it stopped in the middle (the computer screen nor phone is moving). Should I unplug it? What is the best thing to do in this situation?

    I will be downgrading tonight.

    I've noticed that reviews now work on app world, but I cannot deal with my inability to access the net while on the phone. Additionally, it uses about 7 mb more of my memory than 536

    Installed this morning. I am having issues with IM+ and java.lang errors. Nothing else at this point.

    I've never updated my OS before, will this wipe out everything on my phone? Or is it a drop in upgrade?

    This supports AT&T 3G bands right?

    This (and every) 9700 OS will work for all 3G bands, not just 1,2,5,6. I have T-Mobile, and they use bands 1,4,8, and I'm running this OS right now.

    I've installed couple of hours back. It's working flawless. I can see web is a bit faster than .442. Mute button doesn't work as a standby anymore. lock key works as lock but the difference is screen will be dim immediately. After installing my gmail, yahoo, aim clients are gone. I can't talk about battery right now. WiFi works great, switch b/w UMA to 3G and viceversa ... is really fast compared to .442 I used to see UMA<->uma<->edge<->EDGE<->3G before. now I am not seeing EDGE at all. It just goes quickly back to 3G.

    Overall... I feel it's a good version.

    I guess I'll download the new OS overnight on my super fast 56k connection and install it in the morning :D

    I just installed the .536 before I saw this post too. Haha, that's my luck.

    The ones i had in my inbox before the OS upgrade were gone and new ones are not coming in! My friends say they've been sending me MMS but none of them are showing up in my inbox.

    I loaded .545 onto my 9700 this morning and here are some of my findings thus far:

    -Boot time has drastically been cut down from the previous leak (.536)
    -Battery seems to be holding up much better as well, under heavy usage.
    -The browser has also gained some speed, even from .536
    -I don't know if anyone else had this problem with .536 but my bold had a much harder time picking up a signal with it compared to .422, I seen others mention having issues with 3G but my problem was wireless signal period, this has been fixed in .545.
    -GPS has also been improved IMO, granted its been gradually been improving with every new build but this is the first one that I could actually use on a regular.
    That's it for now, I would say this has been the best OS for my 9700 thus far leaked or official

    Bold 9700 OS Bug -- Edits to Default Application Permissions revert back to Custom/Custom/Allow (RIM defaults) upon device reboot.

    This is a serious and shitty issue. Can anyone else confirm about the application Custom/Custom/Allow reset from .545 mentioned above?


    I upgraded one hour ago and I did a *hard* reset ( pull the battery) and I checked those settings and I do have those.

    reading the custom, allow, etc.. what will be the negative impact? if you can edit them..


    Just udated to .545 from .321 and now all fonts are quite blurry. My 9700 with .321 had the beste font rendering I've ever seen but with .545 fonts realy look sh*t... Hopefully they will look as nice as with .321 again when downgrading.

    I wouldn't have switched from .536 but my SMS's stopped working properly. On the error log, letters at bottom are still cut off. I also lost 5 mb's of memory. That's unacceptable. I was at 69.9 and now I'm at 64.9. This was a larger file, and I DIDN'T install the languages. That is NOT the reason. This file is just bloated. Also, there is no FLASH on the browswer like someone reported prior. FLASH isn't working yet for mobile browswers, but they are working on it. THIS IS NOT THE OS that cures all, far from it. :(

    Please avoid this upgrade if you can. .536 was better, and that's not saying much. A leak is still a leak and I hear RIM is up to the 550's already on betas.

    Still having issues with the permissions. And the issue with the text entry fields being cut off is also happening to me as well... most definitely NOT a gold candidate. sorry RIM, but ya gotta work out the kinks... should have stuck to .536 now THAT was a great build

    how long does it usually take for an official OS to release after a leak is released? I'm new to blackberry so this is the first update i've seen...

    I downloaded the new OS and uploaded it onto my Bold 9700. All my apps worked well with it, however my theme got way jacked up. All of us Blackberry users have no sense of patience. I mean we all have a perfectly good working OS 5.0 on our devices, why doesn't that satisfy us?

    I would suggest just waiting until the official version comes out. "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

    Great build everything seems to be working fine,
    lock button locks and turns off screen but still doesn't password lock, mute key does not go into standby. Browser seems to be a bit snappier on wifi, (no 3g tests yet) calculator has a new layout, which actually happened on the last update. I'm on rogers and not having any sms issues like the tmobile folks are reporting, startup time has been decreased, (still flippin slow) Media player and picture viewer are working even quicker now, (track starts playing sooner, pictures swipe smoother and load the previews faster)

    basically in short a great release and unless you love using mute for standby (which is stupid because thats what the lock key is for) grab this up!

    Anyone having bbm issues with this build? Since I've upgraded from .442, profile pix do not show for contacts on bbm.

    My comment subject pretty much says it all. This is the only thing that didn't get filtered, happily dl'ing now!

    Have been running this leak for a day and I can't find anything wrong with it. Great update. Not like my Womans Motorola Cliq and the update she got recently. But thats a different story. The only thing I notice was that the trackpad sensitivity was a little bit stronger. I had this phone less than a month now and have upgraded from the original OS build that came out of the box to then to Did not feel a difference with I went from the default 70 vertical & horizontal to 80 when I got the phone and with the I had to bump it up to 90. All my apps run without a problem. The following apps is what i have:

    T-Mobile My Account
    Personal Assistant
    Google Maps
    Google Sync
    Radio Companion

    Some one pls with the .545 try the following (but back up your pics first!!)

    Take a few pics and then group them under a custom folder you create.

    After you are done, try changing the name of the folder.

    What happen to me is that the pics under the folder were lost as well as under the "All Pictures".

    However, when I searched for them with my exlorer app I still found them existing in my memory card.

    For some reason, however, they will no longer show in the media section.

    Nope, no good :(

    I rolled back to .344 just to see if it does the same thing and...it does 2.

    Can't figure this one out...any one who might be having the same problem?

    After installing this when I take my phone off the charger and press the left top key instead of the screen going black and locking the phone, the screen just dims and stays dimmed and the phone locks.
    If I do a battery pull it then works fine.
    Well nothings perfect I suppose.

    Ok I just noticed this. When I use app world and select an app then click to see the reviews I get an error not sure if this from the update or its a problem from app world. I already removed and re installed it and its the same.

    build seems to be a bit more responsive, no issues yet, went from .536, I like this one better, i'll report if I find anything else peeps...stay tuned

    spoke too soon, im experiencing many uncaught exception errors with bbm, this build doesnt seem to like it too much, went into bbm to retrieve a messege and got stalled for about a min then clicked end when tried to go back into bbm no contacts were there just my groups, did a powercycle just get the lag and same uncaught exception errors, downgrading now.

    This firmware is simply amazing! The browsing speed on 3G is the fastest I've seen so far. Also all applications are working fine.

    Get this firmware now people!

    This OS leak gets a big thumbs down; don't waste your time! Once I found out that I was unable to use my phone as a modem after completing the upgrade, I reinstalled Besides this problem, I have had a few errors appear when I would use App World.

    The leak is fast only when navigating through the OS itself. I highly doubt people's claims of seeing a change for the better when referring to their browsing experiences. There's no way an OS update can change the native browser's speed. I don't think RIM would waste their time on developing a new "faster browser" if the OS upgrades made their browsers faster.

    I got when I got the email to say it was available for my 9700 and its not right. I keep getting a blank screen saying "connecting to desktop" everytime i reboot it and sometimes when I take it out of its holster. It was fine befor I upgraded it

    i like the change rim has made with the lock keys but since upgrading to the official 545 every time i wake the phone by hitting the lock screen while locked the screen comes on but just stays black for 5 seconds or so and then finally comes on and sometimes it seems to get confused and flash on and then go back to lock. anyone else having this problem?

    i have some problems with reading Facebook messages and i have the inverse on loud icon, the internet speed is not miracular but the quality of youtube seems no bad! so i'm downloading the

    Hi Folks,
    I need some information about the best pre-paid service provider in Australia for BB9700.

    I work in Qatar and use Q-Tel as the service provide for my BB9700, when I go home to Perth W/Australia on field break which service provider offers the best packages for BB9700?