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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

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Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 And Curve 8900

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 And Curve 8900
By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2010 08:14 pm EDT
Now, we know the BlackBerry news has been rather slow these days. But we always try to bring you all the best of what we can on the BlackBerry front. Today however, this is the best we could come up with in order to keep you all happy. You all don't mind some OS leakage do ya's? Naww, you guys don't mind. Standard disclaimer applies, back up your data before loading folks. Enjoy!

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *



    the bold 9000 gets so much love glad i have one


    haha.. so am i. im so glad it is on HotFile (download almost complete) -- Rapidshare makes me so upset somethimes lol


    WTF?!?!? Someone post up a Storm leak already... you know you have it. :p The "holdout game" is getting old. lol


    I put this OS on my 8900 and It's so far the best one I've found. The last one drained my battery and had a bad memory leak. This one seemed to fix that problem. Also, the "lock" button on top of the phone does work. It's not stadby but a true lock. I have T-Mobile but I still put these leaks on here with no problem. And the best program I've used to update my blackberry is Blackberry Swiss Army Knife. You can back up your apps and then wipe your system clean to get a fresh install. Hope this helps everyone.


    so, now that every device EXCEPT the 8350i has been updated to 5.0 when are you going to find a leak for it ???



    I almost over this page :|


    i just upgraded to 509! takes me forever to get things perfect again!!




    is the memory leak improve ? anyone ?


    509 came out pretty quick i must say


    Downloading now... Hope it works this time!! :)


    the link for download the OS for 8900 doesn't work


    Dling now, will post findings up in a little bit


    I'm DLing the 8900 build and the file says it's build .554


    Anyone know if there is any changes from this to .509?


    Both files say so probably just a typo I'm sure Bla1ze will fix it soon


    Fixed. Not that anyone would be disappointed with getting a higher version, lol.


    download completed - loading now


    where the hell is the new OS for Verizon users for storm 2. forget this delete the vendor file crap....and all the other BS...lets get this going're killin me....


    I hope this helps guys!



    I just finished loading the OS :D its just restoring everything! i will let you know if there are any major changes.


    I hope there's a fix for the grainy pics in this one. .348 has this really bad.


    Anyone know of any changes from .509?


    Is the completely and utterly idiotic no-keypad-lock-without-password "feature" still there? I am considering stomping on my Bold and selling as scrap.


    downloaded but haven't installed yet. Anything diff from 509? I will install in about 30 mins and check back in if no one has any info on this leak..




    THANKS! :)


    pretty quick


    No rapidshare? anyone? downloading with hotfile only about 11kb/s ..... helppp



    i can't tell the difference. looks pretty much the same


    the only difference besides speed is the default clock for the alarm now has a transparent hand thats all


    i have never seen an operating system download as slowly as this one! it had better be worth it lol, not very impressed with seemed a bit buggy to me! does anyone have any feedback about this build?


    it was posted exactly a month ago. please check the browser. i hope its leak. im crossing fingers. please. i sold my 8900 so no way for me to check :( anyone please


    Went from 61MB after a reboot to 79MB. New options in video - display closed captioning, appearance, font scale. Camera is faster. Some of my games are gone (sudoku, poker) New status open in phone menu,select a contact and there is now an activity log


    Thanks for the change logs! Super!


    is there no Vendor file to delete with this leak?


    it's there. Reboot your cmpt.


    odd..... rebooted my cmpt, still nothing there. (in Program Files (x86) > Common Files > Research in Motion > AppLoader) There was a Device.XML file ... don't remember seeing that before. Anyway, loaded the OS, seems to work just fine.


    be sure to delete the last OS you installed on your comp through my comp->add/remove programs


    I put this OS on my 8900 and It's so far the best one I've found. The last one drained my battery and had a bad memory leak. This one seemed to fix that problem. Also, the "lock" button on top of the phone does work. It's not stadby but a true lock. I have T-Mobile but I still put these leaks on here with no problem. And the best program I've used to update my blackberry is Blackberry Swiss Army Knife. You can back up your apps and then wipe your system clean to get a fresh install. Hope this helps everyone.


    HAVE FUN!!!



    Is the completely and utterly idiotic no-keypad-lock-without-password "feature" still there? I am considering stomping on my Bold and selling as scrap.


    of course it's there... and it will continue to be there... you can refer to BB's official report as it explains their reasons behind that move...

    MUTE performs da same action... or if u prefer u can buy one of those apps that brings that feature back to life...

    b4 u stomp ur Bold send it to me...


    hey dude, I'm not sure if this helps you, but i was a REALLY big fan of the "lock" icon on the phone, and when it vanished i was upset too, but I've learned to cope with it by holding down the "*" (star) key. It locks the phone and its pretty convenient.


    I'm with you. The lack of a lock has frusterated me to no end as well!!!


    I really don't understand why my 8900 has a lock key on the top if the mute button does the same thing (according to RIM, right?). I got used to that feature and they took it away. Also, I don't understand why there are so many builds to the 5.0 and t-mobile is still officially waaaaaaay behind. I'm seriously considering moving on to an android phone because of the number of times BB seams to get things wrong on their OS updates.


    t-mobile is no longer supporting the 8900 =[ i was sad when i found out about this


    Had the OS for about an hour now. Not as buggy as .509 when running shangmail. I can update Beweather through TCP/IP now, but no webkit browser leak in this build T_T. Lock is still the standby + lock.


    is it just me...or do you guys find the browser seems a lot faster using bb 9000 and it just seems much quicker now...


    Being able to put the phone in standby is better at conserving battery life, correct? So what's the alternate way?


    Who doesn't love a new OS leak! Haha! Unfortunately my internet is out for a week, so I won't be able to download it just yet, but I'll be able to closely monitor people's reactions towards it.
    Also maybe by the time I get my internet back I'll be officially released, I'm always sketched out by leaked OS's


    This is a pretty standard Leaked OS no major changes since the last one. One thing I have noticed is my screen seems to be sharper with bolder colors and crisp edges to the graphics I am running on my theme. Other than what has been already mentioned that is the only difference I notice right away


    can you put the phone on standby mode? that's the only reason I'm still on .461, the last one (I think .509) had keyboard lock only.


    .509 Was also with standby, only difference is that screen blacks out instantly, really cool. I image that This build does The same.

    To those of You that want the lock feature, it is still there You just need to have a password set to use it.


    Are the .509 bluetooth issues present in this version?


    Ok, since I really hate these putfile/hotfile/etc links and the long wait time I am going to help everyone out and post them on my server space. BTW no waiting, no overloads, no problems. I pay for my hosting so click a link if ya think it was worth it and buy ya something, LOL.


    Mirror RS :


    Downloaded and installed. Superb!!! Previously I used .509 and after boot up my memory just left around 8MB. This morning alone I pull my battery around 4 times. After I upgraded to .554, after boot up memory left 23MB and it has been 4-5 hours still fluctuating between 18-22MB... I think this version is cool!!!


    how come there's no forum thread about it?



    Hi I have an AT&T Bold 9000 do I have to delete any files in order to load this leaked version thanks.


    Installed - it seems to run OK. The major change I notice is that BBM has now become a core application that cannot be removed on the handheld or using BB Desktop (it may be removable using BBSAK but I haven't tried and there must be a risk of a knock-on effect on other parts of the OS). If like me you don't use it this is a pain because it's just sitting there eating up 3MB of my app memory to no purpose.


    delay on connecting to Wifi, and takes longer that normal to scroll thro pictures

    mr. go_iLL

    Installed and been running it for a few hours. No complaints. Wifi connects almost instantaneously, all apps wwork, picture scrolling is the same. Much faster browser, but maybe due to thinking it does. Question I did not install BB maps due to using google maps. Anyone else? Wifi Speed is very fast.... That's it for now


    Coming from .509 on the bb 9000 I found no noticable difference except the memory is waay better. Hovering around 19 - 22mb instead of 21mb then after about 2 hours 14-15mb. This is definatly better! I felt there was something about the .509 that wasn't quite right. Was better than previous versions although I couldnt wait for the next update to give me peace of mind, and this update has given it to me. Thank you CB for the heads-up. Love u guys


    I've been trying to put this leak on my phone. I downgraded to 4.6 then everything on my phone got deleted because of a fatal error. Whenever I install the download, delete vendor an open the loader, it keeps saying "blackberry desktop software does not have device software for the device that you have connected to the CPU" what should I do to get 5.0


    Hella fast Download. Big thanks


    Does Nimbuzz work with the new OS .509?


    I downloaded hella and when I install, delete vendor and open the loader, the only option to upload is blackberry messenger!


    I downloaded hella and when I install, delete vendor and open the loader, the only option to upload is blackberry messenger!


    Can someone post a RS mirror for the 8900 os. Hotfile is too insanely slow.


    nevermind, i am getting an OK speed from hotfile for now. Once it is done I will upload to RS for those of you who need it.


    I've had it installed for the day and it is better than 509 and 464. Battery life seems to be MUCH better. I haven't noticed the choppy audio in phone calls, but I haven't been on many calls. The one bug I've noticed is the switch application dialog box in the browser. The trackball is so sensitive, it is VERY difficult to select the app you want to switch to. I've been having to hold down ALT key and repeatedly press the Escape key to switch apps.

    mr. go_iLL

    Confirmed. Same bug here....


    None of my holster based settings were working in prior two 5.0 versions. This one solved it!!


    i've downloaded the os for curve 8900 but i can't seem to install it. what do i do? help!



    This update has been running very smooth for me on my Bold 9000 and I've been running it for a couple of hours now. But one bug I've noticed was when I do a battery pull I loose a full bar. I've had this bug in update .348 but except it was half a bar and has been fixed in .509 but yet haunts me once again with a full bar in this update. Idk if its jus me but its gets pretty irritating at times and when ur not at home and have to do a battery pull.


    And also I've noticed that the browser speed on wifi got a bit slower than the last update .509


    hey i was wondering if you could explain to me how i could download this update to my phone i also have a bold 9000


    367113059/9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel946_PL5.2.0.57_A5.0.0.554.exe save this to your desktop and install it. Uninstall any previous updates. After its done delete the vendor XML file then click on the Loader and the rest is a walk through.


    Enjoy everyone.

    My Opinion:
    This OS runs very well for the 8900. Real smooth, haven't come accross any bugs yet, it actually fixed a lot of problems I had with the older 5.0 OS. I run IM+, FB, Twitter, Beejive, it all runs normally. Definitely recommend this leak.


    Anyone notice any big changes with this leak?


    anyone know the downloading process for this ? if so please replay to this message. because i was having issues getting this new update on to my device for some reason it dosent work

    thanks :)


    This new OS is working good for me since I installed it yesterday. My memory is 111mb (usually I don't care about it but for those of you do). The only plm is when I woke up this morning, the blue led light kept flashing no matter what I did (I use berrybuzz, so the blue is for bbm). I had my friend send me a msg via bbm, and the light finally stopped. Interesting, hope it doesn't happen again tmr morning when my bb automatically turns on. So far, this OS is great for me. The previous OS had me frustrated with freezing of sms messaging.


    is there a way for this to be done on a mac? i downloaded the file and it doesnt seem to work for me.


    I installed the new OS for my phone...I haven't noticed much of a difference but I did notice that it didn't crash my phone which is all that matters. It seems to be running a little smoother though. Hopefully it will be made "official" soon!


    Been using it for the last 7 hours and so far.... the displayed fonts are larger (I'm talking about the ones you cannot change via-settings, the ppl who have themes that display fonts on the Homescreen should know what I mean), the wifi syncs without any issues and for some reason I would like to think is running faster... The phone doesn't freeze up that much, like it use to do with .509. Memory leak it's still present, battery life seems more efficient, no significant improvements that are visible up until now. If I find anything else, I will post it asap.


    the file for the curve version of the OS has been deleted.


    Hey, alexbass - I thought it was deleted, too, but you can find it here for 8900 Curve:


    Wow installed this and already noticed a improvement on speed, memory and also battery.

    Also the lock is back Woot which locks and puts phone in stand by loving it no more password required woot.


    And it works with no errors! I went from 4.6 to this one, so I'm getting used to the new version. So far, I like it.


    After the install BBM became core but also lagged like a S.O.B. I downloaded .57 from RIM, much better now. I'm the proud owner of a now Classic 8900(stomps foot)


    took awhile to download now the link is nolonger working. is there anywhere else i could get it?


    Does anybody else have problems with deleting SMS messages? After deleting the message and resetting the phone, the message is still there.


    id just like to point out how frustrated i am that t-mobile has YET to release ANY form of 5.0 OS for the 8900


    finally got this bulls**t working!! 2 vendor.xml files:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

    C:\Users\ryoro\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

    Once you delete both, run loader.exe and your good to go


    Love the new OS...however, every time I try to "delete prior" on SMS or emails, it will only delete one at a time! Previously, it would delete *ALL*. Now, in order to delete ALL, I have to select all messages, then delete. Kind of a pain, if you have alot and/or don't delete every day.

    Also, when selecting all of the SMS messages to delete, it locks up, with the "deleting" window still on the screen. If I restart, the "deleting" message is still there! I have to pull the battery in order for the delete pop up message goes away...and even then, ALL of the SMS are there again!! Even the ones that I individually deleted!!

    Another issue I'm having is that is the backscreen...not the main "Wall Paper" screen...but when I hit the BB button to find other apps. The picture behind the icons turns white and the icons disappear until I scroll over them. I have to keep resetting the Theme Defaults in order to get the regular theme backgrounds back.

    And...sigh...sorry - my LED light doesn't work the majority of the time. Yes, I have the SMS LED Alert and yes, I have the LED Notifications set to OFF (how it is supposed to be set). I've even tried turning the LED Notifications to ON, but this does not correct the issue.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know before I decide to revert back to the earlier OS! Thanx in advance for any help!!


    i experienced the exact same deleting issues. the battery pull multiple x's a day and reappearing messages were wearing me thin. i switched back to .509. problems solved


    I need to go back to .509...SMS deleting issues are too time consuming! However...I can't find a link for the .509!!

    Anyone, help??
    Thanx in advance.


    ummmm...yea, i'm go'n back to .509. this .554 has text msg deleting issues, and the battery life sux!! it was MUCH better on .509...even while using wifi


    ok...I finally decided to go to .509....but am having problems.

    I went from v4.6.0.304 to v5.0.0.554 without any install issues. Yes, I backed up my .304 and even backed up the .554 before trying to install .509.

    However, when I install the loader.exe, it just goes thru the motions and then asks if I want to open Desktop Manager. I say yes, then check the updates (no, they are not set to check updates automatically)..but the only ones that are available to load is the current v4.6.0.304 and older versions.

    I've even tried to get the .509 version (because from what I've read, there aren't the SMS issues in that, that are there in the .554 version). But it does the same thing!!



    I'm really not that "savvy" with Blackberry OS installations, so if you offer advice/help, please be as detailed as possible....Kind of like "installation for dummies"! hah



    I hope there will be east asian version.


    The past 2 leaks including this leak seemed to work great, until I make a call and the person on the other end sound like a robot. Curve 8900 On T-mobile and had to go back to older OS. Anyone here experience the same issue?