Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Leaked OS
By Adam Zeis on 5 Mar 2010 10:27 am EST
Crazy day so far. We had planned to run our final birthday contests like mad and we have a bunch of news rolling in on top of it all. Hot from the forums we have a leaked OS for the Bold 9700. We've heard some good things about this one, so if you want to brighten up your Friday a bit you may want to give this one a go. As usual, use caution when installing a leaked OS. Hit up the link below to download, or jump into the forums for more discussion.

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


almost the same as the other os'
i just got it two hours ago
battery only lost 5% battery in the last two ours which is a positive for me
the stand by button doesn't work so i'm using the keyboard lock button on the opposite side of the stand by button and it works differently now. the keyboard lock button is like the new stand by mode i guess idk, but it works the same as it now
other then that i haven't found anything different about this os
my previous os .442 lagged a bit and use to freeze at times but since i updated to this os, it hasent dont that

Still waiting for T-Mobile to offer me something officially newer than I'm getting tired of having to live with "initial release" quirks that are no doubt long fixed by now. (of course I could just run a non-approved build, but I'd rather not with this device.)

install .423 it is an official release just not from t-mobile. i installed the day it was released and had no problems at all

EXCELLENT....TESTING it out now...already downloaded and installed, so far so good too early to tell.

something i noticed When u lock it it doesnt have the lock icon on the bottom right and it unlocks very quickly almost instantly

People notice all these "new features" as soon as a new OS leaks or is released. Some are legit - most seem to be exaggerated. "The pictures seem crisper..." or "The phone seems actually lighter in your hand now..." or "My girlfriend's voice sounds sexier on this build..." - gimme a break. lol

"The phone seems actually lighter in your hand now..." or "My girlfriend's voice sounds sexier on this build..." - gimme a break. lol"
I just spewed coffee all over my laptop and 9700....I hope the new OS makes my phone coffee proof.
Way too funny. Thanks.

On some builds - it was clearly easy to notice fuzzy thumbnails, or poor sound quality from the speakers. I had a S1 and now an S2. And I remember the super loud, super fuzzy speaker build. And I remember when they removed part of the color palette on the ap screen. And I remembered when they f-ed up the camera zoom, and I remember (b/c its still the case on our OS) that thumnails and album art have reduced quality in an effort to get them to load faster. BTW all of these things were SO CLEARLY VISIBLE only the uninterested and ignorant did not seem them on first glance. Hope I didn't offend anyone. If I did - LOOK SQUIRREL!

Any way funny about the phone feels lighter though.

Keypad Lock on the opposite side of the stand by button is the standby thingy now i guess
it gets the job done as like the stand by button does so im using that one for now

First of all I am on BES, so I don't know if this works with everyone. The one thing I noticed is when I recieve an email, with customized stationary, it now shows on my berry, unlike before I recieved the email with a white background. Again I could have not noticed it before.

OK disregard that, apparently it did that before!

Any out there have had difficulties installing a leaked OS through Windows 7? I had no problem using Windows Vista, but now my Windows 7 keeps saying "Some resources are missing" . . .

I really want to install this one on my new T-Mo 9700!!

Just installed... Does anyones standby button work? I've only seen a few users mentioning this problem.

On that note, mine doesn't work either.

Installed AOK. Usual having to enter all of your password sand resync Google everything.

I love they disabled that dreadful standby button that I pressed every time I touched the unit. The lock key just shuts the screen off and locks the phone (no lock symbol anymore). I have no problem with this.

I hate the fact that your Blackberry "MyWorld" resets every time you update firmware. I haven't noticed anything new yet.

finished install on my t-mo 9700, everything is working good haven't really noticed anything different will report if any probs

I have no problems with the upgrade so far. With the previous upgrade, however, I lost usage of the Bing app. But, other than that, no issues to report.

Loaded it up and it seems to be a good build. Navigation is faster with no lag. The browser, both native and Bolt load pages really quickly, a lot faster than .442. Stand by and lock are now both combined into just using the lock button but the screen just goes black. Over all I'm very happy so far.

i try to load app world and get the following message---blackberry app world is having trouble connecting to the blackberry app world server. verify your network connections and try again. also iheart radio had trouble starting and slacker and the bowser couldnt load a page for me. need help fixing his problem with this new os. everything loaded just fine so i dont know where i went wrong cuz ive done this like a million times so if anyone has the answer please let me know

On tmo here and I like that only one top button locks/standby now. But no longer have the option for unlock by *phone,but that's fine by me. There is no myfaves in this build but mobile backup is. Witch is good for me. I still have myfaves but never change them, but it never worked for me and always removed it anyway. When I removed them beforew it removed the backup to. Its seems quicker too, but then again its a new install.

seems to be running very smoothly no lag on any menus browser is the same. I could be crazy but the speaker sounds better I think they reworked the eq, lightspeed sms notification doesnt sound distorted when the bb is on hard surface now,

Lock button locks the phone and puts it into standby, but doesnt password lock the phone, so if you use encryption and like to tap the lock button to lock up your device securely you will need to use the password lock icon for that function, so i moved my password lock to the homescreen, in the future i'd like to see a tap to lock hold to password lock funtion on the lock button, similar to the mute/standby method in previous versions.

when you press the lock button your screen will turn off instantly and enter standby mode, great feature to improve the batt life even more.

Applications are running normally

everything else seems the same,

Ok sooo installed last nitee and heres some things I figured out (at least for me)...Running OS on TMO BB BOLD 9700...

1) Yes the Lock Key in the upper left is now a "Lock/Standby" Hybrid. So some ppl know if you enable your password lock function the phone will indeed lock after the alotted time you give it. I.E. if you set your time out for your password lock to 1min. after that time it WILL lock your phone while in standby. And yes there is no "Lock" icon unless it locks on its own after the timeout. I have mine set to 1min. which is the lowest given built-in.

2) If anyone has seen an issue connecting to their "Email Setup" client for any reason I found that if you drop your network connection to 2G/EDGE/ETC. and connect it'll work. Then, put it back to 3G/ETC. and you should be good it worked for me.

3) Not sure if anyone has had this issue but for the last 3 OS upgrades I've done with "Mobile Backup" installed and linked to a Gmail account. I've noticed that prolly 95% of the time the contacts sync kinda whacky either with duplicate contacts and/or merging a few of them. The only thing I've done is backing them up on my computer/storing on SIM card really so its become a ritual in re-doing my contacts over and over again whenever I upgrade my OS. I've become a pro at this by now lol. If anyone has a better alternative please let me know. Also, I can't backup the file in "Advanced Backup/Restore" on DM, it says "Cannot Backup/Restore on items linked to Mobile Sync" ETC.

4) Regarding contacts again. If you notice a few contact photos dissapear from time to time etc. either from a facebook app photo or BBM or personal pic, and/or information like their email/IM screen name/ETC disappearing in you contacts profile...it happens. Just redo the info and it'll sooner or later stay put lol. If anyone knows a good way around this and/or has happened let me know.

5) It would seem this build ommits the "Audio Postcard" APP. No biggy to me and not sure if this is on all peoples phone. I'd guess it is since the client is RIM OS related and not carrier provided I believe.

Other than the posted issues/bugs/views posted above I see nothing else wrong. The OS seems quite good. A little speed up in load time for browsers and pics still load fast like in .442 OS. And the OS seems to fix a little visual display problem that I seen occur with Facebook and Myspace APPS. When logging in it wouldn't display Login box correctly but now does, guess the little things count lol. No complaints either way.

im loving it so far. i think the lock/sleep button is better for battery life anyways. it's much quicker.

no problems so far. i think this one is a winner.

Loving the battery life compared to others so far especially the .442 version. I've been running Facebook, Myspace, Twitter (BB Beta), AIM, and been Texting, BBMing, and phone talk, etc. for about 9hrs. and just lost 1/2 a bar LoL.

So I noticed when i was looking for a file from word to go that this os has a media card icon and a device icon when you choose where you wanna search, thought that was pretty tight, os runs smooth...me likey, will report anything else i notice when i notice it.

so good! I've been running it for about 12 hours and it's been flawless. The new lock/standby feature is terrific. And, having upgraded from the crap .330 it came with (just upgraded from an 8900 last week), it's great to have sms back! I still can't figure out why T-Mobile would approve an OS that had such a blatant bug?!

everything has been running smoothly and I've been running for about 48 hrs now. FB, MSN, BBM, Poynt & Google Maps have all been great.

Been running it for a day here and the battery life is greatly improved. the lock button change doesn't seem to bug me that much as it still locks just the keyboard and my password timer will password lock the unit anyways (well after 15 minutes for me)

I used to just have the cell network on and would drain a lot of power just standing by but now i can have my wifi and cell network hooked in and uses a significantly less power.

the lock button and the browser feel faster (the lock button especially) and the phone call quality and pic browsing feel about the same to me (which was pretty fast i thought)

Can someone who installed the new OS please go to Options -> About and let us know what the 3G bands of this release are?

Thanks! :)

Although, from BGR:

"Enter the BlackBerry 9700. RIM has done something incredibly smart. They’ve been using identical hardware for every single BlackBerry 9700, regardless of the carrier it is intended for. Let’s revisit that… RIM has used the same exact hardware for AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, WIND, Rogers, TIM — whatever. How could this be, you’re asking? The chip RIM uses in these units supports practically every 3G band out there, and so do the antennas. What controls the hardware is the vendor/branding of the device. This enables RIM to produce one set of hardware, and brilliantly change the software to enable the 3G bands they desire. This keeps manufacturing costs lower as they only have to manufacture one single piece of the puzzle as opposed to two completely different ones, and this also will apply in theory to 3G devices going forward."


You use BBMaps? I can't stand that program. Have you tried Google Maps? It's worlds better. The first thing I do whenever I set up a Blackberry is delete BBMaps. The second is to install Google Maps.

I installed yesterday on my 9700 - then any apps that used the internet stopped working. calls and SMS still worked, as well as the blackberry browser (and opera mini 5 beta 2 to be fair). Did a chat with AT&T support and they ended up having to remove the Blackberry services from my account and re-add them, then everything started working.

I am not sure about taking the leaked upgrade or not, does anyone know if a legitimate upgrade is near since there is this leaked one, does a leaked one tell us anything? Also, is anyone else experiencing problems such as these; when I try to compose a SMS from the home screen by typing a contact's name it will not allow me to. When I compose an SMS from the already opened SMS messages it won't let me compose the message unless I send it to the person twice. Any thoughts? and would an OS upgrade correct this?

Upgraded yesterday. The only thing I have noticed aside from what's already been mentioned is that scrolling from day to day in the calendar is slower. I was running .421 previously and you could scroll pretty quickly with one swipe of the trackpad. Not a big deal but takes a little getting used to.

I forgot to mention that I upgraded and my phone is only showing 3 G bands = 1,4,8

is this correct?

ANybody having trouble with Tmobile 9700 on this?

Installed on desktop.

Deleted Vendor.xml file

attempting to upgrade, they new OS shows up but won't install. It just says "No upgrades are required".

You can't do it through desktop manager. You need to go straight to the app loader in your RIM file (same folder you deleted the vender.xml from).

I installed it on my TMO 9700 with Desktop Manager. Try disconnecting the computer from the internet before the install.

I installed via my DM with Tmobile successfully. Everything seems to be running smoothly so far, and the browser is quite a bit snappier. With .330, I got HORRENDOUS reception everywhere I went. Has anyone else experienced reception issues with the 9700, and would you say that this OS addresses any of them...? thanks.


Just to report that I have been using the 536 and I had not issues to report.

Beweather released the latest version.. just in case that you are not aware.. that latest ver is working like a champion.

Thanks team,, happy saturday from San Diego!