Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

Tour OS
By Adam Zeis on 26 Feb 2010 08:28 am EST

BBLeaks is at it again and has given some Friday joy to the BlackBerry world with a leaked OS for the Tour 9630. This is a pretty big leap from the last Tour OS we saw, but still not that "official version" everyone is looking for. Hit the links below to download, and be sure to drop a comment and let us know your findings.

Please Note: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials and learn the ins and outs of beta releases. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while making a leap forward in another. If you're on the fence, you're best off waiting until the findings threads fills up with some data. Fingers are crossed that this is a good one!

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630


I will download later today! Please post any info on this leak. I wonder if this fixes the browser lag from the previous leak...

If someone who uses Slingplayer mobile tries this would you please pm me to let me know if it works or not? Thanks!!

Will try this tonight...the last release from Sprint (the official) is crap...i keep getting a spinning thing while my phone thinks about the "H" i just entered...thanks for the heads up crackberry!

But I'll probably wait until driphter has a hybrid based on it. Also, phinx my browser and bbm r wor fine right now as I'm using the browser as I type this.

Because this OS still has the new LOCK button config, and NO STANDBY. Hope Driphter releases a hybrid that keeps the original LOCK/STANDBY config. This is the only reason that I am not even interested in trying this OS

I'm gonna wait on the official this time. I've tried every leak that was out for the tour, and there was always issues. Not that I'm complaining, but ill be a bit more patient with big red till the official version is dropped.

Since we have only been waiting for centuries....official please come out SOON!..can't wait until the threaded SMS.

whats to risk as long as your phone is backed up on you computer you can't lose data or permanently brick your phone. I can't imagine life with a BB and NOT having threaded SMS anymore.. you don't know what you're missing.

I downloaded the official 5.0 for Sprint Tour users and it works pretty well, but I'm anxious to see what changes have been made in this OS. I'll be anxiously waiting for everybody's comments

Holy crap!! Where the heck is Leaked for 9700?!?!? I saw in the last two weeks for all the leaks but nothing for 9700. We still stuck @ 442 (official)!!!!!!!!!!

You got an official...VZW has yet to release an official. You are not getting screwed. Look at it this way, what you got works well, let these others beta the leaks and then you will get a great official update soon.


Does not fix Blackberry Registration on Sprint.....snappier...things respond quicker....internet loads faster for me than Official Sprint Release......

Raiderfan, what do you mean "fix Blackberry registration"?

Do you mean every time you boot up your device, not from standby, you'd get blackberry registration email? well, that's perfectly normal and was intended by Sprint to let you know that your blackberry is SUCCESSFULLY connected to BB server,,,

Do u know what I would do? Ignore it.

I will ignore it.....thanks......this OS is the best yet....I have four bars in my office where most of the time i roam...Facebook app loads clean and fast....this must be the OS that Verizon will make official....its that good so far

Im coming from .419 and im on Verizon. I didnt receive any "registration email" on reboots (didnt before either). Apps im using that work fine so far are: BeWeather, TweetGenius, Quickpull, and BerryBuzz. They are all working fine so far. Internet seems faster and snappier, could just be cause i just wiped it. Overall so far this seems to be great. My biggest concern is the battery life. I had HORRIBLE battery life with .419.

only sprint users would get that registration message on a reboot.
you should all really check out the hybrid builds by www.driphter.com. no i am not affiliated with him. they are the best working operating systems for the BB Tour. The battery life is amazing on his hybrids and so is the OS & browser speeds.

ok berry heads...i downloaded the offical os last week from sprint 5.0 484 since i have sprint.... whats the real difference between the last os 484 from sprint and this new one 530..anyone really knows the truth..or is this verizon version.????

2 Random reboots while trying to configure BerryBuzz. I am going to try a 3rd time. If it reboots again. Im going to have to re-install

I dl'ed it just in case I hear good reviews for it. If its good I'll install it, if not then it gets deleted.

If you go in to the files folder of this OS you can clearly see that it is for Verizon as it has VZ Navigator folder and Verizon Push to Talk folder. For some reason I can't get it to load on to my Sprint Phone, but after finding this information, and reading what some users are finding, I am going to stick with the Sprint Official. Good luck and best wishes to those who do try and load this. If you are on another carrier, I suggest deleting not only the vendor file, but also VZ Navigator and Verizon PTT, and any other Verizon related apps.

Will let you guys now my findings.

There's almost no risk in upgrading a bb to a leaked OS. If you brick, you reinstall, its not a big deal. I guess it's for some and not for others. Anyways, give me a couple hours to get this thing on my phone.

doing the same thing, and it's really annoying. Otherwise, the phone seems to be running really well with the upgrade.

I'm trying to upgrade from .419 (and that upgrade worked flawlessly). I downloaded the file, installed it, deleted the vendor file, fired up DM. When I plug in my phone and go to application loader, I can check the box to select this OS to install, but once I click on "next," the next screen tells me there is nothing to update/upgrade. What am I missing? Thanks (I'm on Verizon if that matters)

Disconnect your computer from the internet, uninstall the new O.S and reinstall, delete the vendor.xml file, plug your blackberry in and it should work.

Up and running now, everything is much improved....more snappier, Reboot time is much better now....i used to have to wait literally 6-7 min for a reboot.

Still get the registration message but thats not a big issue
Google Voice, Ubertwitter, Beejive, Facebook and Capture it...Memory at a stable 121MB so far.

Much improved !

Hopefully one of these builds Verizon will approve so we can all have an official 5.0 build but knowing Verizon they will find some tiny thing wrong that has no bearing and not approve it while all the other carriers move on.

My phone is stuck in the reboot process at the blackberry loading screen. Roughly 65% of the way through, hasn't moved for about 10 minutes. Used BBSAK to wipe device at start, so this is fresh. Will try again in a few minutes.

Same thing happened to me, phone stops loading on the boot screen at about 2/3rds of the way. I just downgraded and then upgraded again to make it work.

yah i was just about to say to wait longer. it takes while to get over that hump with OS 5.0.0.X, right when the marker gets to the 'E' under blackberry.

I have the official OS from Sprint. Whenever my phone's back light fades out, I get this black screen for five seconds or so. Has this been fixed with this leak?

Any one who has installed this new leak how does it compare to the official sprint release from last week? Does this version bring back the old style standby?

that's kinda the main reason to upgrade to 5.0. Besides *slightly* faster browser response, 5.0 is very similar to 4.7. If you are against threaded SMS, just don't upgrade! The battery life is better on 4.7 anyhow.

hi guys, i have also confirmed this with adam zeis.. i have this installed on my tour since 5 minutes after it was leaked.. you DO NOT NEED TO DELETE THE VENDOR.XML file.. it installs without deleting this, and i dont see anything wrong with it.. if you need any further information on this or anything you can always pm, email or tweet me.. @berrygirl782..


my tour works perfect with this update until i put it into my holster and it reboots the phone every time downgrading

Downloading it now and will install shortly. I'm with Verizon and have tried just about every leaked and official release of 5.0. There's never been a problem between 5.0 and Verizon.

I have only had it running for about and hour, no random reboots yet.

-I installed/set up everything i was running on .419 before and its all running fine.

-The mute/lock functions are still the same as the Sprint release.

-For the Hidden Today function, the text is larger when highlighted and it also displays a Today for text messages.

-So far the OS is snappier than it was for me on .419 but the browser still seems about the same

- the "grainy" pics from .419 seem to be improved for me as well

edit, having the random reboot problem with berrybuzz

Ive done so many leaks and NOTHING updates. i updated my old tour but lost it and when i received my new one it wont update. im really frustrated and i tryed this new leak and NOTHING happens again! HELP ME! ive deleted the vendor, and even disconnected from the internet. im running 4.7 on my VZ tour. HELP PLEASE!

You have to uninstall the O.S from your computer, and then try to reinstall it all while the internet is turned off, then delete the Vendor.xml file THEN plug your BB in. I just recieved a replacement Tour two days ago and I put on my phone.

downloaded and installed exe file. connected phone and DM loaded new OS (VZW) automatticaly. just did a battery pull, so will see how if I have any reboot issues, all seems well so far, just have to reorganize all the icons and such, PITA.

@ivantc09 have you tried deleting your previous versions of desktop manager and just have the one you wanna upgrade to?

From what I have read, someone said you dont but I do. Either way give it a try by DL as "run as administer" through app loader and it should work.

Not a good build, will be downgrading. Able to setup BerryBuzz no problem but had a random reboot while replying to a BBM.

I have been running the 484 version for a little while and the only problem I have is that that amazon app will not install... it says not supported. oh well. Downloading now and will install this weekend. Already made a backup of all my 3rd party apps....

Delete your desktop manager then download the leak you would like to upgrade to then plug your phone in and upgrade. That has worked for me, I hope it helps you. @ivantc09.

Thank you very much, it worked! thats the only thing i never did was delete the old software its updating now. thank you

I went from .419 to .530 and everything is soo much faster. I read a lot about how people didn't like the change of the standby button however, the new standby is very fast and its not a big deal if u cant put it in standby with both buttons. It was stupid to have both standby and keylock in the first place. Anyway, everything is better and i recommend this update to all Tour users. I have Verizon and both the .419 and .530 have worked fine so theres nothign to worry about just remember to delete the vendor.xml

Very True about the Standby/Lock buttons. Having two was redundant, and the lock button used to not even turn off the screen in your pocket because the trackball would keep moving.

I've been running this leak for a few hours now and so far I haven't seen any big issues. The one thing I've noticed is that Bluetooth devices don't auto-connect anymore when they're within range or turned on. I've tried deleting and re-connecting the speaker in my car and my headset but I have to manually go into the Bluetooth settings and click connect.

Anyone else experiencing this or have a solution? PS, I made sure to check the box that says "Don't ask me again."

I noticed this too. I will be going back to .419 on Monday (left my damn USB cord at the office). The holster issue and this bluetooth issue are big enough annoyances, which sucks, because the OS seems to be working really well otherwise.

For me and Bluetooth. Syncs up when the tooth is turned on. Just like all others have. Works perfect.

Are you people removing the old software from the PC before installing this new. Also are you wiping the device prior to installing new OS?

These are key things, you can get artifacts left behind from the old OS and that will cause some bugs.

Everything on this build is better for me.

Memory actually gained .3MB since my fourth batt pull. Been almost 24 hours and stable.

I use BBM a lot and no issues there for me.

I have not installed BerryBuzz to see whats up. I kinda got away from that app for now. Wondering if that is not my leaky app. First time I ran with out it and no leaks. HMMMM Could just be this new OS works for my device.

I am seeing the random reboots if you are texting or BBM'ing
I am going back to, I have not had one issue with that build.

* Not random ... very consistent. I can't get through 5 text messages without a reboot. Do not use this build !!


I'm having the same issues as previous users who are getting reboots when holstered. (Just did it now to confirm!)


Going back to the previous leak (which gave me no such issues).

Attempt only if you have plenty of time (to bounce back if you need to).

Yes, that version sucks .... I don't even use a holster, but just during texts and BBM's it will reboot consistently.

just uninstalling it now... was a shame because it was much faster and no lagging... but rebooting every few mins on its own wasn't a cool new feature! can't win them all tho

Radio swap fixes the holster reboot issue so it seems but it causes the SD card to become invalid and you can NOT view the media on the memory card. One problem after another it seems.

i'm downgrading now. worst upgrade ever. actually, first time i'm having to downgrade from a leaked OS. unpredictable random reboots that appear to have no rhyme or reason regardless of what app you're in. very predictable reboots after everytime it's holstered.

Everything in the forums says that this is a no go...BAD BUILD! The reboot issue is a major bug and when someone comes up with a fix, there is another problem that follows right up. Seems to have something to do with PTT files on the build, which is making me wonder why this build was ever leaked since the 9630 doesn't support PTT. All indications are to STAY AWAY FROM THIS OS!!

Back just to say do not install this. ( )

I have for download if anyone wants it, and doesn't have it. It works flawlessly, been using it for months.

I am Tour 9630, and on Verizon.

I was also having issues with a few themes other than stock VZW. FlyOut and another would look fine. When I launched the browser it would not load and cause an error. Switch the theme back to a stock one and the browser loaded quick and no issues. Tried batt pulls and still got the same results. Tried the 484 radio and still got the same error on any other theme than stock.

I am sure the great hybrid builders will use some of the files for new versions but I would recommend everyone to wait.

Yeah, I saw that but wondering why it's there. I believe it is something that has to be activated on Verizon's (or Sprint's) side, correct? Doesn't seem to do anything that I can tell...

So far, no problems. Deleted vendor and used DM. No problem. Upgraded from .419 and the browser and all apps seem to work a bit quicker. this OS loads faster after a reboot also. Haven't had any random restarts.
Only thing I saw was that sometimes in the browser the cursor would disappear when first pushed then would work on the second trackball push. Did a batt pull and that solved that issue.
I am on VZW btw.

this leak is not worth the download because the network bar keeps dropping to zero bar and when you go on the browser it loses the service and then it comes back up. also the reboot when you do a battery pull or soft reset is very slow very slow. the sprint 484. reboots faster than this 530. dont download it. plus there is nothing new with the software.

i too have never had to downgrade. no random reboots for me like the others but once i put into holster after reading others comments then the reboot started. sooo angry, i was so excited for the leak and now have to go back. hopefully we get a new leak in the next week or 2 or the official release by verizon soon. Stay away

I commented earlier on how much i was liking this build until i activated bebuzz moments later and it started the reboot frenzy. I went back turned it off and it works like a charm. I'm not saying this will fix everyones problems, but give it a try if u wanna stick with .530. I personally will be because i have the best battery life and the fastest web browsing ive ever had with the tour. ive had it for over 4 months now previously on the Verizon official, to the .419, and now to the .530

Are you people removing the old software from the PC before installing this new. Also are you wiping the device prior to installing new OS?

These are key things, you can get artifacts left behind from the old OS and that will cause some bugs.

Everything on this build is better for me.

Memory actually gained .3MB since my fourth batt pull. Been almost 24 hours and stable.

I use BBM a lot and no issues there for me.

I have not installed BerryBuzz to see whats up. I kinda got away from that app for now. Wondering if that is not my leaky app. First time I ran with out it and no leaks. HMMMM Could just be this new OS works for my device.

Well I think I fixed my reboot issue I was having while the bb is holstered. After doing some reading. And some trial and error I noticed it didn't reboot at all after a fresh install. Then after installing several apps..I holstered my berry and bam reboot. So after reading this thread an earlier poster said bebuzz was causing his problems. Now I don't have bebuzz installed but I do have berryweather both produced by the same company so I figured I'd start there. I uninstalled berryweather.. holstered my berry and no reboot. I really like berryweather so I may just live with it since I don't really holster to often and that seems to be the only time it does it for me. Hope this helps

I dont have any apps installed and I still get the holster reboot...these Tour OS's have got to be the worst of all blackberry leaked/official releases. The Tour is 2nd in command behind the Bold and they just cant get it right. I need the 9650 bad!!

I have none of these issues you all have.

I did remove telenav crap from the OS prior to installing it. Oh and the PTT files too.

Please be sure you remove the old OS from your PC before installing this one. Do a restart after removing. Load the new on PC, restart again.

Use BBSAK and wipe the device(BACK IT UP FIRST) then once you got a clear berry with the 502 screen, you are ready to load this onto the device.

As mentioned in the Java IIRC folder there is telenav(sprint stuff) and PTT push to talk stuff. Get those deleted and load.

I prefer use Shrink n OS vefore installing. I am at 120.5MB free and got all my apps working. I did remove VAD this go round. I never use it.

You are on your own doing this. I take no responsibility for what you do.

However this has been the most memory stable OS I have run since v.11 hybrid of .230

I upgraded from .419 to .530 and haven't had any problems. The OS feels solid, putting it on my charging dock didn't force it to reboot like the guys with holster's talked about. Even better this build fixed a bug that wasn't allowing .avi video files to play on my device. Overall I'm a very happy camper with this leak.

Can anyone send me the link, pm me the link o downlod 419 from my phone to install. I installed 530 nd it reboots everytime i unholster. sucks.

I am so lost!!!! I am running.419, I had no problems installing it. This newer version is driving my crazy, I can't update my blackberry. I deleted the vendor file within apploader, I ran apploader from the folder where i deleted the vendor file. i am try upgrading my os with and without being connected to the internet. i have no idea what to do please help!!!!!!!

I have this question before, WTF are there so many problems with everyone else's OS install, but NOT mine! I do have a problem with the Holster and rebooting, but thats it. I have the .530 OS running on mine ( Verizon by the way ). I have ZERO problems except for that. Ok here's what I don't get, is a Tour 9630 the same on any and all carriers, and if so than why SO MANY problems from device to device? I have had my Tour since it came out, I have only had problems twice, with KNOWN bad OS builds. This by far is the Best OS ( except for the Holster problem ) ever, its fast and responsive on all counts of the device.

i agree with you. i had it on my phone a whole and was so pleased with it i installed it on my wife's as well. she doesn't really care about this stuff and even she was happy with the change. i removed old os's from desktop, did back ups, wiped and installed. went smooth and easy, so i don't get either!

I swear, if people would READ the info they have been given before the change there OS's, this would NOT be a problem. Thank you Crackberry and all that have anything to do with the info you have and will provide!!

Really regret getting this, but deleted my .419. Can't find an active download for it now. Really bummed.

I uninstalled it and went to a hybrid. I had the best battery life ever, and a really fast native browser. Reboots took about a minute longer than I was used to. Holster reboots as above. What killed it for me was if I had an open sms convo in BBM it was very difficult to get into my messages folder, as it kept wanting to open my sms convo instead.
I do think that the mere existence of vzw PTT files is interesting, perhaps this is something they are wanting to add to the device.

i installed it right away and have been nothing but thrilled by this build. i'm not having the holstering or stand by issues. i haven't had any lags or reboots. i would call it crisp. both native browser and opera have been surprisingly quick(.484 was driving me bonkers with delay and lag). this for me has been rock solid and what i would consider the best release thus far; official, leaked or hybrid. they just need to throw in the new browser and life would be just grand!

Tried to download and megaupload.com has removed the link?? any info would be appreciated - thanks!

if Im playing a song, podcast, w/e -everytime I get a notification - it will make the track restart from the beginning- that sucks - going back to sprint official...

Switching between apps is much faster than previous versions, however boot time is slightly slower than version .484. I don't use a holster and never really use bluetooth, so no worries there.

So VZW is sending me out a refurb for the tour after installing this. My Keyboard and every button on the device went INSANE. Then it stopped working...This could be hardware failure but its a bit odd it was right after i installed this. Hopefully us VZW tour users can get some 5.0 love soon.

I've been running this leak since Friday when it was released. One thing I've noticed is that if you have music playing and you get a message alert in, instead of continuing playback from the position it paused it, it goes back to the beginning of the track. Anyone else notice that? Otherwise, the build seems pretty good. Does seem a little bit snappier and I've only experienced 1 random reboot.


I'm switching back, I can't handle all the reboots everytime I put it in the holster. I never had one problem with .419.

Same experience. Went from 419 to 484 to 530. Found a lot of bugs in 530 such as the keyboard backlighting flashing along with the service led. Understand It is a beta and has some work yet. The reboots on 484 are a deal breaker too if you use the holsters with the sleep magnet. Plus the 419 radio was the best and battery life was as good as the other two also. Went back to the Alltel .419 which was solid and it is and OFFICIAL OS. Will stay with that since it is a subsidiary of VZW anyway, until VZW comes out with something better down the road.

I had removed the old O.S. from my computer, rebooted, installed the new O.S., installed the O.S. on my Tour and have not had any issues.

Questions for the people who are having issues, did you wipe your BB before installing the new O.S.?

Where can one get this new .530 OS for the Tour. Megauploads have removed the file. Any info will be helpful, thank you.

I'm looking for the new leaked OS 5.0.0530 for the Tour. Megaupload has removed the file. Does anyone know where the file can be downloaded?

I went back to 484 and love the faster boot time, wont reboot from holster/magnet - and music doesn't restart when receiving ringtone notification - i think the battery is not as good on 484 as 530 but oh well i am charge compulsive anyway- lol