Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and Curve 8900

By Adam Zeis on 26 Feb 2010 02:04 pm EST
Some more Friday OS leaks getting some love. BerryReview has posted OS for both the Bold 9000 and Curve 8900. These round out some good leaks for the day (and add to the birthday celebration fun!) so get to downloading. No word on the good, bad or ugly with these guys so be sure to drop a comment and let us know what you find out.  If you download and have a mirror site please post in the comments!

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and Curve 8900


im downloading now, but the rapidshare link got HAMMMERED, so according to this, i have about 50minutes left for download. will keep u posted

it used to be fast and easy, for the last about 5 months, i havent been able to get a slot :(, thanks to those who are mirroring to megaupload, seems to be the new way to go! :)

I don't think anyone has it downloaded yet, little own installed, just came up half an hour ago, and rapidshare is not working at all, hold off for a megaupload link!

i wish some kind of "release notes" would be let go with the release, but then again it is a "leak" lol.. i think we are all waiting to download it first to find out though

I've always wondered how sites get their hands on these "leaks", and how quickly they jump around the net! It usually comes down to the fact that noone cares about release notes as were all excited for the latest leak, the way of this generation lol...

I've heard speculation that its RIM that releases the leaks. They want people like us to test out the OS and leave comments. BUT they don't want to be directly associated with the leaked software because if it damages our handsets they don't want to be held responsible. Its like getting FREE feedback. Honestly it makes sense.

As soon as someone gets up a mirror that I can download from I will put up another mirror (after I download them that is)

Anyone get it downloaded yet & installed, I know it was just leaked but figured I would ask. For anyone who has gotten it working, does the lock button work yet? If not I'm probably just keeping .411

Ppl it is NOT a Lock Issue. Turn on Password Protection and your keylock button works. The button is now setup as a Password Protector for device instead of just regular keylock. It is not a issue RIM forgot to address and also for all those who post about their carrier releasing Official OS pls stop. If the OS is Official>Download>Delete Vendor File and Install...Simple. I live in Jamaica on the Digicel Carrier and i called to ask when we getting a OS for our bb and the rep had no idea what i was talking about. She didn't even know that your BB uses a OS. So many thanks to Crackberry for everything. With that said mirror please?!


It is an issue with the lock I shouldn't have to enter a damn password on my phone if I don't want to. Why was it changed and who can create a patch to put it back to the old style?

Can some one post a megaupload for the 8900 please we use a proxy and says my ip has downloaded all it can.

Thanks to everyone who is reposting the mirror links, it really helps people get ahold of the release so we can find out more about it quicker!

the lock button which is "a" is now back. however it's completely different process. once you press the lock button the screen automatically goes black and then once you press any key to unlock you are then asked to press the mute button to unlock. so its no longer the lock button then the answer button to unlock. its now the lock button and the mute button at the top of your phone to unlock. pretty interesting but will take a while to get used to.

On my 8900, you press the Lock button (or *) and the phone locks. To unlock, you press the Lock button again. The mute button doesn't do anything on my phone... other than mute when on a phone call.

got rapid share to work... but its gonna take an hour do download (WTF!!?)

will upload a mirror link after download

smooth sailing, downlaoded in 9minutes!!! :)
tho ill wait for others to try before I load it...
glad to hear the 'a' lock is back... but i know ill have to get used to the whole mute button instead of the answer/talk button.

no need man
that link has mirrors of its own
multiupload mirrors links to 6 other sites.
so when u click that multiupload link ull see 6 other sites that that file is uploaded on

its like a mass uploading system

Browsing seems faster, less waiting for pages to load.
Startup was much quicker for me, less hanging on application download and install. 3rd party themes seem to look cleaner on this build, fonts dont get cut off on times, and boxes dont have text too big for them. Thats all I have for now. Waiting to see about battery life!

Will post anything else I find!

Works great so far on my bold and the wifey's white bold. Was having wifi issues with the previous build, this one seems to correct them... so far

for instances like these of Server Overloading, I am glad I purchased a Premium RapidShare account...Though I cant remember how long its good for, or how much I pad, either one or 3 months, lmao, but its great for matters like these.

Downloaded this leak this evening after seeing the leak appear via @crackberry on twitter whilst at work

It downloaded very quickly using the megaupload link found on here,and was nice and smooth loading onto my device aswell

You do need to use your password for the keyboard lock to appear,but thats a good thing as we ALL should be doing that anyway just incase we lose out device or worse it gets stolen

So far ive had no problems on my Bold 9000,and id def recommend it to those who havent tried it as yet



I am sorry I am new to all this. Do I need to delete thw vendor file to install this leaked 5.0 I am with AT&T

What are the consequences of not deleting the vendor file? I haven't had any trouble with this leak yet, and I am coming from 4.6

Maybe people will finally set a password already. Anyone who doesn't think they should enter a password have no idea how easy fraud and identity theft are when it comes to smart phones. If someone finds your phone they can have a reminder for your CrackBerry account sent to them. Now, since you're the kind of person who thinks passwords are annoying, the thief probably knows the password you use for at least a couple other sites, maybe your email, etc. With all the info about you on your phone, I bet I could get even more from the website of your provider.

Anyone with even brief access to your phone will have access to receipts you've gotten for apps you've bought, and can reset account passwords even if they ARE different from your forum password(s). A smart thief could log in to MobiHand and move your software licenses to new devices. They can access personal info for all of your friends, they might find bank records, etc. In my opinion, if you don't lock your phone, you shouldn't have access to the Address Book or "check this box to remember me on this device" features. It's not fair to the circle of people who can be affected by your laziness. Anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating or over-reacting has never worked in IT security. People find phones all the time. Look how many suspicious threads we see in the forums by people asking how to get around the password. For every one of those who really is a thief, I bet there are 1000 who never bother to post because they know how to search and read.

And if you think they only want the phone and not your data, why do they post at all? Why not just put in the wrong password 10 times and wipe the device? The funny thing is, a simple 4 or 6-character password in a pattern I can type quickly is now probably easier to type than the * key and mute button, so all your password gripes are for nothing. But if someone tries to guess my password, my personal info is safely destroyed. If someone doesn't know how to get to yours, they get an on-screen roadmap and unlimited tries. Way to think that through.

Sorry for the rant, but seriously, think about what you're complaining about when you don't want to enter a password.

My point exactly. I don't know why ppl complain about not putting on a password. If you have a BB and use it for it's true purpose a lot of info on it about you so why not password protect? My phone has a of info about me(personal) and the company i work with as i'm the Senior Editor. Go RIM for setting keylock to password. Now to find someone with a Pc to upgrade(Straight Mac user) oh and release the browser webkit already.


I don't keep much, if any sensitive information on my phone. I don't care about a password lock. If I was that concerned, I would turn encryption on - having a 4 digit numerical keypad password isn't really an effective security measure.

I just want to be able to lock and unlock the keypad quickly. The standby (/mute) button on the Bold is extremely finicky compared to the curve, to the point where I have to dig my nail into it 3 or 4 times before it turns on. This isn't really a good alternative to the old keypad lock, and entering a 4 digit number every time I pull the phone out of my pocket is a bit annoying.

Individual users have varying needs/preferences. The old keypad lock was convenient and quick; map the left side button and you can lock and unlock the keypad quickly before throwing it into your pocket.

Installed and it works fine on my Bold 9000 (Im on att and upgraded from .411).

But, i went to go text someone and couldn't find their address book entry. I use the built in google contact sync (in email settings) so I then logged into google on my computer and it wasn't there either. After looking through my address book, i noticed that info from some peoples contacts were merged into other peoples contacts. and people were listed multiple times, all with different and incorrect info. LUCKILY i had done a full export of my contacts from google's website 5 days ago as a backup. I turned off wireless sync, then I deleted all contacts from google and my phone, then restored the backup file to my google account. then turned wireless sync back on. It took a battery pull and several minutes for the contacts to pull back to the phone, but I dodged a bullet, i have 246 contacts...

This might have nothing to do with upgrading, and is possible anytime syncing is involved... Take 5 seconds and back up every once and a while, its worth it...


Mirror RS (Link will be expire at Mar-2011) :
9000 : h**p://rapidshare.com/files/356437156/9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel860_PL5.2.0.50_A5.0.0.509.exe
8900 : h**p://rapidshare.com/files/356445552/8900M_PBr5.0.0_rel860_PL5.2.0.47_A5.0.0.509.exe

I've been on this OS for the last 5 hours. The application memory is excellent. So far down from 31.5M to 29MB over 5 hours and I've many apps running (including msg, wlm, gg-map, FB etc).

One very notable difference is the calender weekly view. It looks absolutely gorgeous and fantastic! Really serves it's purpose well now!

Pressing * sends the device into standby mode immediately, which is different from .464. Of course, to unlock you'll have to press the MUTE button. In the past, the standby mode feature is available by pressing the MUTE button, or inserting the device into its holster. I guess this has to do with the power saving plans from RIM. Afterall, sending the phone into standby mode do save more power than just locking the keypad.

In a nutshell, in my opinion runs much much smoother than .411 and .464
incredibly quick and no visible glitches. locking feature slightly changed. can lock keypad with "a" or "mute" button. and to unlock you can only use "mute" button. pretty efficient.
side note if anyone is interested, this OS is so smooth brickbreaker runs seamlessly with absolutely no lag. just thought i'd throw that in.
my advise to those new to the "leak/upgrade" thing...this one is well worth it!

Mobile Banking App showing an ERROR after this update. I have deleted, redownloaded, battery pull and keep getting this Error Message. "Certificate not issued from expected source. The application is currently in offline mode." If I run across anything else I will post.

BING not working with this update either. It starts to set up and shuts down faster than you can say CrackBerry.

I had the same issue with my mobile banking after updating to 5.0.
The reason for me at least is because 5.0 wasn't an official release from my carrier T-Mobile, so I understand.

I found the install very quick and easy, with a couple of oddities that I hadn't seen before. A number of the options that are normally invoked by menu items within Settings now have their own icons as well as being within Settings still. Also - I found that that I now have a couple of duplicate icons -- well *almost* duplicates... I have two "Pictures" icons -- one is the old icon that looks a bit like a mountain peak, and the other is a blue rectangle, also with the name "Pictures" and it also brings you to the same applet. In all, I think there were 3 of these duplicate "blue" rectangle icons -- I simply hid them.

For the first time doing an OS upgrade, it seems that at least part of my folder definitions was remembered -- the arrangement of icons within a couple of my custom folders was remembered. A sign of good things to come...

Memory management seems to be VASTLY improved over 461. As nicely as 461 generally worked, if I played with the 8900 non-stop for hours, memory would be way down. With this release, I started out with about 107MB free (and I have a lot of apps and themes installed) -- about 9MB more than 461 used to give me. After playing with the 8900 nonstop for about 2 hours, I was at 98MB...but then when I checked again after another 2 hours of play, I was back up at 106MB. This is VERY promising.

So far, all the apps I've tried work very well, bluetooth works well, web browsing, camera -- all seems good so far, and very responsive. So far, so good...

Actually. this was the first thing I noticed when phone came back to life. It was a very sweet thing, indeed!

Ok, so all that's changed is the location of the standby button, and calling it a keyboard lock. I've added a password to mine (you've convinced me) but it's not requiring my password upon unlocking it. And now standby is not working.

Att Navigator wont load.. Stuck on Terms and Conditions. Says unable to connect to server. Odd. Browser is faster. Quickpull does not work.. wifi sees my network but hasnt connected yet.

What are the new features over i have been running this on my 8900 for 3 months now.. and its just works great...

Anyone upgraded to 509 yet...

What are the benefits.... .

Should i actually do it...

I have downloaded it but waiting for a feedback....


I'm wondering the same thing. I don't want to go to a leaked build if my official .411 is working fine. The only thing that is making me angry is the memory leaks.

Well finally got it loaded,everything seems to work fine, lock button on top of 8900 is now I would assume standby because when you push it the screen goes black and no keys work, only way to release it is to push the lock button again and the screen will resume. For those who use password lock you know have to set your password then use the lock icon for it to go into password lock. The mute button now only works when you are on a call. All my apps seem to be working fine with this new OS and I have a lot of them, just make sure that if you install this OS and use the backup issue make sure your apps are compatible for OS 5.0 first if not you are going to have some issues. Well time to play with it some more and see what else I come up with. Oh also forgot seems like there is more memory.

On a Bold 9000, coming from .411, this works like a charm.
Using for 2 hours without any problems. The missing camera buttons are now working.

been running it for 12hrs. now with nothing to complain about so far.. Hopefully all is well and works like it's supposed too.. Browser is much faster and memory is a little better but nothing super..

Been running the new leak for about an hour. So far so good. Seems to run smoother and the web page load seems to be quicker.

Just out of curiosity, when you hit the 'k' key to lock the keyboard, does it now also put it in standby mode or do you have to press the 'a' key still to do into standby?

So far, great leak!

Upgraded from .464 with no wipe. Download, install, and performance of OS all smooth as butter. Gained a bit more memory and seems to leak a little less and everything functional. I'm BES, and it even did enterprise activation automatically with no password. It also remembered far more of my settings than in past upgrades. No reason not to upgrade to this.

If the problem was that it wouldn't automatic connect to wifi, then yes, the problem is fixed with this upgrade.

Here's what's up... Start up is mad slow... but maybe because I didn't wipe... just installed over the .464 leak... Browser is indeed faster, memory leak is still present, (I use a Bold 9000), but maybe my third party theme is doing this... I wouldn't know, but I'm not changing it, cause this is the theme I like... Keylock is now stand-by, unless you add a password to your BlackBerry, that's the only way you can get the lock icon back on the phone... A few other new additions were made to the OS, they are minimal, but noticeable like: somehow the pics from BBM, are the display pic for that specific contact on your phone... nice though, never seen that before in other OS leaks... also, have a question... anyone knows how to add the email address to each person without going contact by contact and typing it, I mean straight from Windows Live MSN or something like that?? Thanks!

Has anyone noticed any difference in these two OS? I now have .509 but was very happy with .411.... please let me know

I noticed that every time I update my os since the first time the quality of the camera gets bad. Anyone that can help me. Please I need to resolve this problem.

I downloaded over .411 and this is the best OS in awhile. memory would drain to 25% by 4:00pm but now after a full days use it's at 80% and it's 7:00pm. it was draining to 10 MB by 4:00pm but now it's 24 MB at 7:00pm. working great for me. Ilove the speed of browser and no problems at this point.

This beta seems to have fixed the black screen after coming off the cradle charger on my 8900.

A++++ Would install again.

I installed the 8900 version, opened Desktop Manager and connected my 8900, but it does not detect the newer version.

I tried two different downloads, and nothing...

Anyone else having this same problem at all?

i'm updating from - so it's a big one for me! *fingers crossed*! And why do i suddenly get the urge to do this after midnight?

Here's what I've noticed:

1. Browser seems faster.
2. memory leak at a minimal (no major different between .411/.464 and .509)
3. Battery life seems a bit better (no major different between .411/.464 and .509)
4. '*' key fades screen to black instead (immediately put it into standby mode), so not a really keyboard lock.
5. "Verifying Security Software" takes a bit longer to get to 100% on startup
6. If the battery is down to 10%, the bb will automatically power down. Usually the battery indicator would turn red at 10%, and the network would disable itself at 5%. This was an issue with .411 which drove people nuts, but was fixed in .464. For whatever reason, it's back again.

Conclusion: Stable build so upgrade if you want, but I'm going back to official .464 because of point #6.

Good luck everyone.

To cut it short, the statements above no. 1 to 5 applied for Javelin as well. Not so sure for no.6.

The two buttons at the top of the phone changed function as well.

The left "Lock" key is now functioning as keypad lock (that's what it's written on the screen if you try to make a call while the phone is locked). Similar to that of .411, except the screen fades instantly after the button is pressed. It's almost like the standby and keylock functions combined together.

While the right "Mute" key now only functions during the phone call.

For CJK (chinese japanese korean) language support (including input methods), I patched the files from EastAsian version of .411. The upgrade method is to wipe the phone and then install the OS. It works properly.

I intend to use this OS for now.

Good luck everyone.

Don't see any big difference over .464. Will have to wait to see how the memory holds up. Wifi issues are corrected on this version! All is good so for..

All these comments are making me want to try again. I have a bold 9000 from Att. I'm all for trying out the latest OS, leak or not. BUT, the last leak 5.0.464 was just awful on my berry. Amongst lots of profile, media, bbm, app problems, the phone quality was terrible. I couldn't hear anyone, nor could they hear me. Some sort of crackling sound. So after about 12 hours of that mess. I downgraded back to my

Im extremely anxious to try this again. I just know I wont have time to screw with it tomorrow if something acts up.

Wow, I'm finding myself sounding like a mom with my unruly child. LOL. The difference is I can put him in time out.

And I agree with kellidocta, Why do I wait until the wee hours to think about this. Thank you, to all CB users who take the time to blog about this stuff. It saves us so much time. Love u guys and girls.

i just uploaded this OS. and i can visibly see a difference.
First and for most: my tracball was being dumb. i was able to click it, but it wouldn't respond. Like i wouldnt be able to click a link in the browser etc. I uploaded the OS and my trackball works again!

Second i read that the browser was faster. This is completely true. Its not just 1 second faster. Its seconds faster: its a noticeable difference for sure.

Everything seems fine here too, upgraded from the 464 release and all worked fine so far. Only thing I have noticed is that the whole keypad lights up when charging, I'm sure that the old version it was just the screen (clock) that was lit up.

Roll on the next version!

Okay I've upgraded my OS on my Bold probably 10 times and now I guess I've reached my level of incompetence. I have been on the 5.0 .464 OS and I downloaded the new 509 from the site, deleted vendor file, plugged in my Bold, started the update process and it says that the software currently on my Bold is newer than the software I am updating to. I go thru the process anyway and it finishes in about 3 secs. I check my OS number in Tools and it's 464.

Any suggestions?

I have been trying upgrade from 411 but I cannot find the app loder exe. I have deleted the Vendor file but all the files listed are DLL files.....someone help me please

I've been following all the Bold 9000 OS releases, this is by far the best and most polished release.

-minor UI improvements from .464
-MUCH improved browser rendering speeds
-improved memory management
-improved battery usage
-no more black screen after lifting from cradle
-lock without password

What are you waiting for?
Install it!

As an At&T user of a Bold 9000, I've been waiting to try 5.0 till I saw something stable. It is here. Upgrade was a breeze! This thing rock, fast browser & ui looks great. threaded sms that sends like bbm. No problems at all & it's been running since 6:00am, 8:00pm now. Love it love it LOVE IT!!!

411 was ok, 464 was not. Lock and wifi problems. 509 went smoothly fixing lock and wifi problems. Extra memory. A good update.

This is my first try at a non-official os. So I am upgrading from I believe 4.6. etc 043! Anyways had trouble installing it using the Desktop manager. Without deleting vendor.xml it asked me to update to 5.0 in the DM window, while with deleting it not allowing it to be updated in any way, showing 5.0 but not allowing to update.

So I got the OS installed using the loader in the (C:>Program Files>common files>research in motion>apploader> then launch the loader.exe) Remember to delete the vendor.xml
Go through the process and your golden.
Seems faster, more memory, like how the apps auto update to work with 5.0 and threaded texts is great!

I have 464 installed on my bold 9000 and am happy. Memory leak could still be better. I installed 509 on my wife's. Memory management seems to be better. Browser seems to be the same speed. However, on 509 it seems that the BB native voice command program does not work. When I select it, it opens for a split second and then closes. On 464 it works fine. Anyone else having issues with BB voice commands?

Just downloaded it a couple of minutes ago. Lock button works without having to set a password now, but when you use it you have no lock screen. It blacks out completely. Tried battery pull yet nothing. Not a big deal but I will continue to use and update with any other issues.

The mute button no longer puts it into standby, which is fine. But the password on lock functionality was removed. Instead, I have to use the keyboard timeout setting. What gives? That function was very useful. After trying *.411, *.461 and now *.509 for my 8900 I can see recurring trends where RIM takes away useful functions that people complain about. I might just go back to *.411 if that's the case. The auto WiFi worked and I could enable the password when I hit the lock button (because it MAKES SENSE?)

Other than that, a minor issue with BBM and SMS being used at the same time.

When I plug in my Bold 9000 to charge via USB plugged in to a PC and then remove it, the phone seems to be rendered inoperable for at least 10 seconds. After that time, the phone seems to function normally. Any others?

is there a step that I am missing. everytime I try to upload the new software to my computer, I keep getting a message that I do not have access to a particular key. did I mess something up?

8900. First leaked OS install ever.

- If you are the admin to a BBM group and need to do a restore, you are no longer admin of that group, and it appears no one is. I don't have the option to enter the admin password to regain admin privileges, unless I'm doing something wrong. The Admin option doesn't exist in the menu like the manual says it should.

- Lock button places in keyboard lock, not password lock. Device will auto-password lock after a few min.

- F key no longer works for profiles
- K key no longer works for password lock
- Quiet was renamed to Silent (so need to get used to new letter)
- Better sound profile mgmt vs 4.x. Set up Normal first, then the rest. I wish the Try It button lasted for more than one ring, until the trackball is moved.
- BUG: If you go to Edit Profiles, and you delete 1 or more profiles (try 2 or 3), then scroll up and down. List doesn't refresh properly, duplicate items appear/disappear. Need to exit Edit Profiles and re-enter for proper list refresh.

- New BBGlobal Sans font doesn't look as clean - uneven sometimes. I went back to BBAlpha Sans.
- Cool: can have very small fonts

- Minor: I use stripes view for BBM and SMS chats. SMS is missing a space after triangle for sent msgs, so it doesn't line up as nicely

- Cool: Pic resizing option prior to MMSing or emailing photo
- NOT Cool: Cannot change thumbnail image sizes when browsing photos

-BES activation took about 4 tries, but it finally went. Patience is key.

OVERALL - I'm very happy with the way my first leaked OS install went, from the installation process to the quality of the OS. I think I just got lucky.

just downloaded and installed the update, i like it but i hate the new lock key, i haven't had any issues so far but i have a password on my blackberry and on the old os i always pressed the lock key on top, but now i have to do some more steps which isnt cool rim, please change it back its getting annoying for me

1. Mute button works like a lock. -Perfect.
2. Automatic Wireless Network Connectivity Fixed. -Thank God.
3. Re-starts quick!

this file isn't available anymore.
have u another location fot the download?

edit: found it under the only link still working:

After using the device, for almost 3 weeks now, I can honestly say, battery drops in half a day, start-up takes forever, and memory leaks far worse than any other Beta OS! Maybe my 3rd party theme does it... but this can't be. This is not good!

I tried the new OS, and it broke my bluetooth connectivity to my Jawbone. It would connect,and then pop up a msg "connection failed" every so often, even after unpairing, and pairing again. I also noticed the top buttons functionaly changes too. I went ahead and reverted back to my previous OS (411) because I had no complaints. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but i just had to see for myself...

I tried everything as stated...installing the software/deleting vendor.xml/etc. DM says 'no updates available' been trying all day!

Don't know what's wrong with the software. I've tried a few different versions