Leaked: OS for the Bold 9000 & for the Curve 8900

Bold 9000 Leak
By Adam Zeis on 29 Jan 2010 09:21 am EST

Surprisingly as of late we've actually seen more official OS releases than leaks, but today we have an OS leak for both the Bold 9000 and Curve 8900. BerryMe has posted OS for the Bold 9000 as well as for the Curve 8900. If you're having a slow Friday, give these a go and let us know what you find out. No word of the good or bad, so drop a comment if you install on or the other. As these aren't official OS', use caution when upgrading your device. Hit the links below to download.

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Leaked: OS for the Bold 9000 & for the Curve 8900


Can someone please post the 8900 leak somewhere else except rapidshare. BTW anything new in the upgrade?

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/cwAclR @ RS

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Mirror: bit.ly/cTYLfF @ RS

i would love to put this on my bold, but i hate doing the browser fix and such, its a pita. if anyone can give details on this, please do.

theres a way to switch the browser from the media net or hot spot browser to the normal native browser?

I just updated today. I didn't have to do a thing to "fix" the browser. When everything came back on the Browser was there and ready to work unlike previous 5.0 leaks. I didn't have to jump through hoops updating from "official" AT&T OS.

Where is a better leak than 419 or official OS 5 for the Blackberry Tour 9630 cause the 419 has a lot of bugs. Number 1 it drains my battery quick and number 2 im getting poorer reception. My phone goes into roaming more often.

What bugs are you talking about? I think a lot of Tour users are running their device on 419 and are not experiencing bugs..

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/dcwFcD @ RS
BlackBerry Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/aELyIq @ MU
Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/dcwFcD @ Rapid Share
Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/aELyIq @ Mega Upload

8900 Mirror: bit.ly/aYSwru @ Mega Upload

not too much to report so far. been running .461 on my 8900 now for about an hour and the only thing i can spot is a changed icon for one of my mailboxes!
still wont fade the homescreen icon bar when i scroll off it, like it did back in .348 (from memory).
*sigh*..was hoping for something snazzy to justify re-registering all my apps but, alas, it wasnt to be.

People keep talking about the browser. I have a BOLD 9000 with OS .411 installed. I did the browser fix, but have not had to anything else to it since and I've rebooted and done a battery pull many times and the Internet browser, medianet browser and the Hotspot browser are always there when I reboot. Nor do I have to resend the service books in relation to the old media problem. It, too, works after rebooting and or battery pull. I must be one of the lucky ones, huh?

how do you do the browser fix? Just request new service books? Thats been the only reason I havent downloaded the leaked os 5.... if theres a "browser fix" I can do I'm def upgrading to 5.0!

Threaded SMS looks OK, but I'm only getting GSM instead of EDGE and with no data connection. Sending SMS's says "Short message transfer rejected"

Need help please...

EDGE and SMS is now working, don't know if it was a carrier problem.

I can confirm now that this update fixes the threaded sms problem that was grouping all sms under the first sender

Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/dcwFcD @ Rapid Share
Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/aELyIq @ Mega Upload

8900 Mirror: bit.ly/aYSwru @ Mega Upload

*464 for Bold works pretty well. Is faster and they are fixed inactive buttons when launching camera and taking picture. Also, there is fixed "hidden" folder Sample Pictures but only when you have PL language, i.e ME :)

For every version that comes out I read of new problems. I am still running as the last version deployed by at&t. As of late, I have had some issues with needing to do a battery pull. Once I do that, my bold 9000 runs slow for about a day. If this seems stable, I may have to go out on a limb and try the upgrade. Any great new features anyone is seeing?

I recommend that you, at least, step up to version for the Bold 9000. It works flawlessly for me. I'll install .464 later tonight or tomorrow sometime and compare the two, but I'm quite satisfied with .411. To be honest, I thought .411 would eventually be the official OS version. Anyway, drop the 4.6 or 4.7 and step up to OS 5. It's worth it.

Thanks for the info. Are you on at&t? I will give it a few days to see what this version brings to see if I will go to the new or to .411.

Doesn't .411 for the Bold have that incredibly irritating SMS Threading bug/issue where it groups all SMS's under the very first message?

On my Bold, the sms messages are grouped per conversation only. Sms messages from several people are not all grouped in the same thread.

Yes, I'm on the AT&T network. As for the new leaked update, I'll install it later after I get home from work.

Runs very fast and smoothly. I've gained about 15MB over .411.

The Lock button at the top of the device doesn't work. Also, I can't seem to find the Lock icon on the screen. Holding down A does not lock the phone either; it puts the phone into Standby Mode. So it seems like the keypad can't be locked.

Weird! Mine is working fine- I did have some issues originally loading the network- but once that finally connected everything seems to be running very smoothly!!

Maybe try to back up your device again, and reload the os. When ever I do my updates I always turn off all my connections- in fear that I may get an email, sms, or something else that will cause the phone to go nuts!

Hope that helps!!

Running smooth and fast on my 9000 so far. Visual Voicemail IS included. Not sure what the browser fix is but I didn't need to do anything there. Pressing and holding the * used to lock the phone. Now it puts it into standby.

Holding down A also puts the 8900 into standby as well yet if you go into the Speed Dial Numbers list, it shows A as "Lock Keypad."

the link keeps saying error. Someone put up the Megaupload link for the 8900.. Come on Guys look out for us 8900 users..

I have .411 on my phone and didn't have any problems until lately the phone started getting slow and annoying.

I was going to format my phone tonight but this leaked update came right on time.

Please let me know if any one is having any weird issues on Bold 9000. Will post my review up later on tonight.


I completely know what your saying! I got .411 way back in december, and everything was working perfectly- and I was loving all the new little features!

It was about a week or two ago and noticed really weird things happening like my battery suddenly dying- or my bold just turning off! It was getting annoying- and I was seriously considering switching bak to 4.6. Buttt! So far so good!! No glitches with this one! I did have a little problem backing up my phone via apploader- so I just did it in desktop manager! Did the restore from there as well!! Now I have 33+ mb free for applications- freeing about 15mb worth!! :D thanks RIM!

With Rogers too and having the "Lock Device" glitch. Holding down "A" puts the phone in Standby mode. :(

Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/dcwFcD @ Rapid Share
Bold 9000 Mirror: bit.ly/aELyIq @ Mega Upload

8900 Mirror: bit.ly/aYSwru @ Mega Upload

as said before keyboard lock doesn't work anymore and the lock icon is gone as well on bold 9000, really annoying !!!

I had a 9700 but it was to small for me so I switched back to my 9000 cause it was bigger plus it looks a lot better but I hated that my 9000 had the old OS system so I updated it to the OS and I fell in love with my new 9000. It was basically the same phone as the 9700 just didnt have the track pad now theres another update leaked YES!!!!!!! Soon as I get home im installing it to see what it has to offer

After you've deleted the vendor.xml file, disconnect your Internet connection and lauch Desktop Manager with the Internet disconnected.

4.5 works... when I first tried to update my phone it took forever because it would'nt show up so I had to keep playing with it.... make sure u delete the vender file and keep messing around with it youll get it eventually trust me cause i had the same problem it took me bout 5 hours to figure it out daaaaaam

are you kidding me?? no lock?

this is very iterating how the lock button on my curve doesnt lock or do anything anymore....is someone can find another way around this plz say so

As of right now I'm using the standby mode by pressing and holding the * button. Kind of sucks having a phone with a dedicated button that doesn't do anything. I'm probably going to downgrade the os tonight. I NEED to have that feature.

After installing this, I can't lock my phone using the key lock button on the top of the phone. Anyone having the same problem?

For the lock to work, you need to set a password for lock. After that only the top left dedicated lock would work. 'A' is officially the new shortcut for standby.

feel free to download it from my site, there are no wait times, if there are main problems with battery also feel free to let me know anyone who got other roms that are good contact me i dont mind hosting the file thanks.


is it just me or when ur on the phone with someone the display is different. i dont think i ever saw the bottom with the time and eveyrthing there. no?

so far no problems...my apps all work and my themes do as well . my keylock button is working and i do not know how to fix it for you other guys sorry

this version fixing video recording at Normal Mode (error when recording, when its playing getting error not supported video), at least mine was fixed. thanks for this leak.

This upgrade works great on my Bold so far. The threaded SMS issues seems to have been fixed. it seems to be faster and all the little annoying bugs seem to have been fixed...For those having problems maybe try a battery pull? All I can say is so far so good

I was on 4.6, and then I upgraded to 5.0.411! And it was ok, love the new features but its going HAYWIRE!! I get text with the wrong persons name, it slows up a lot, I have to do a battery pull all the time!!, Some time people call me and there's no name on the screen! (for my contacts) its crraazy!! I never had these problems from 4.6, and it wassnt a leak! Can sumbody help me plz, did I upgrade wrong? nobody seems to be having these problems! HELP!! Thanks in advance!

I didn't like .411, and .461 clears up memory but found it sluggish compared to .348. Besides Nimbuzz works in .348 :)

I guess I'm downgrading to .348 again ...

Hmmmmm....what to do??? I've had 348 on my 8900 since it leaked, and it's been great for the most part. I download 411 when it leaked, and then again when it was official, but still never installed it since I read just as many "issue" posts as praise -- and 348 has really been pretty solid.

So I've been waiting for the "next" one, and here comes 461...so I just downloaded it, but have yet to install. Now I'm not sure -- this thread seems to have as many unhappy folks in it as happy ones.

What to do???

From what I am seeing so far this is a great build. And for those who don't have the lock feature anymore... don't know what to tell you. Everything on my 8900 seems to be working very well!

Great build!

a little bit more to see if this is really better than the .411. I always lock my phone, and if the lock isnt working, doesnt make sense i get it.

I was running the leaked version of .411 and my memory kept dropping. Then the other day i installed the official vodafone .411 and the free memory increased by around 8mb and doesn't drop. Think i'll stick with this for now, best os5 so far i've found.

it seems to be a little faster with bettery battery life. call quality is a little better. fixed the camera icons but took away holding the * for device lock, gonna keep it for a little and see how it works out.

For all you who have the 8900 and did this upgrade, the lock feature is not gone. You simply just use the lock button on the top of your phone. Yes, u cannot hit the star/a key anymore. This is no biggy, and so far this is a killer build- quite a bit snappier than previous 5.0 leaks.

We know that the lock button is there but pressing it doesn't do anything. Someone mentioned earlier that with this build, you must have a password for the lock button to work but some of us don't want to use a password. Maybe you have a password set up and that's why it's working for you?

just installed this build and can report very smooth running and a few tweaks to it, no bugs to report and all applicatios running fine and was very fast to reboot,a lot quicker that! orange uk user! enjoy

I switched to single profile scanning and am now able to connect. Interesting... Probably better that way anyway. At least I can connect.

i just put.464 on my 8900 and mind u this is my first 5.0 install , im a tmobile cust... and am tired of waiting for the official release .....NE WAY ..I am an INfamous butt dialer and the fact that i have to have a password on to use screen lock is killing me.... anybody know any apps that can jsut ket me lock the phone quickly .....

If my Bold Is originally from rogers but is unlocked and i update it what will happen to the rogers browser and will it still be unlocked?

Unlocking is removing the carrier lock from the device so you can use other SIM cards then the one the device is locked to.

Unbranding is removing all the carrier specific software put on like the browser home pages by the carrier.

Blackberry firmware (Operating System) does not remove or install either the carrier lock or carrier software. So if you have unlocked or unbranded, installing a firmware will not effect them.

Downloaded the 5.0 to my Bold 9000 under ATT, works very good, much faster. No bugs at all, only thing I had to do was setup my messenger again because I was running 4.6 OS. Thanks Leakers!!!

so i have the 9000 on AT&T & I updated to the 5.0 software from bell, but now I have a problem: my browser doesnt come up like it used to, now all i can use is either MediaNet or Hotspot browser, but no regular browser. Does anybody know of this problem? or do you think if i spend another hour(s) updating to this leaked version my browser problem would get fixed?

I was able to lock my screen after I went to Options, passwords and enabled it. Then I went and set my left conven key to lock. Now I can lock the phone.

After wiping my device, I installed OS .464 onto my BOLD 9000. Like others have stated, there is no need to do a browser fix because, unlike previous OS leaks, the browser is included. Visual voicemail is also installed. All of my apps work flawlessly and like others have stated, the version frees up more memory. As for the dedicated lock key (asterick/ A key), it does indeed put the device in standby mode even though the key assignment list indicates that the A key locks the device. The weird thing is this: My brother, who lives in SC, installed the update and the K key is his dedicated lock key. He told me that it was that way prior to the update and was the lock key on previous Blackberry device that he's owned. Go figure! I don't know whether or not he installed the .464 over .411 or if he, like many of us, wiped his device prior to installation. Anyway, as a workaround, I simply moved the Lock icon to my homescreen and click on it to lock my device. Anyway, other than the lock issue, this is a solid OS.

ever since i downloaded this update on to my phone i cannot lock my keyboard...i tried holding down the "A" button, but nothing works..and no i am not talking about standby mode...im talking about just the keyboard lock....SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME

There appears to be a misconception in regard to the keypad lock with OS version .464. Locking the keypad "IS" still available, however, at the moment you CANNOT lock the keypad by pressing the A key for a few seconds like before. In order to lock the keypad, you will have to click on the LOCK icon. To make it easier, move the lock icon to the first position on your home screen. Click on the icon and the keypad will lock. Doing this should not be an inconvenience.

Using upgrade method, and mixing the previous CJK (by copying the rest of the files available on previous official EastAsian in Java folder and include the CJK.alx), I have succesfully upgraded to with CJK support. The button for the keylock on upper left corner, as stated previously by others, is not functioning at all, as well as the A/* key will invoke Standby instead. The rest is still functioning as usual. I didn't notice much of a different between this version and the previous one. Memory is gained a bit more, however this might be just the result of upgrading (in which along with the process there should be some cleaning been done). If you use the keylock function alot, you might just wanna wait for another leak or just stay with

Guys don't panic the OS is great just u need to anable the password for you devise and voala your lock button will work like a magic...and even u will have the option to make your left side key to lock it too if you like...so stop with the negativity ...it is a good OS.

I did that, but i don't like how I need to put in the password just to unlock it. I agree it is a good OS though, my bb is running a lot smoother and faster.

There appears to be a misconception in regard to the keypad lock with OS version .464. Locking the keypad "IS" still available, however, at the moment you CANNOT lock the keypad by pressing the A key for a few seconds like before. In order to lock the keypad, you will have to click on the LOCK icon. To make it easier, move the lock icon to the first position on your home screen. Click on the icon and the keypad will lock. Doing this should not be an inconvenience. Also, as another poster stated, you can also assign one of your convenience keys to lock the device. To reiterate...LOCKING THE DEVICE IS STILL AN AVAILABLE OPTION!

Yes locking the device is still available.... if you set a password. In .411 you did not have to set a password. However, with .461 you do have to enable a password. In fact you have to enable a password to even get the keyboard lock icon to show. Once you have enabled a password, the Lock keyboard icon will appear and you can again use the left shoulder key to lock your phone.

kind of annoying that a password is required to lock your phone. Much preferred just being able to click a button to lock and unlock.

other than that, this build is much better then .411 ....

This is the 1st time that I didn't have to reset my profiles after upgrading...Oh what a relief!!!!

And UMA seems stable

1. Definitely a more stable version than 411. The offical 411 version was good for a few days until my unit started encountering reset. The culprit is the lack of free space due to memory leak. The rest was so often that I downgrade to version 4.x.x.307.

2. Those requiring Chinese character input/display, this version does not provide (and so does any other unofficial leak version of non Asian version).

3. I notice a slight lag between video and the voice during the sample playback of Delta's MTV or the Speed Racer clip provided. Anyone having the same problem.

4. Memory leak has definitely been taken cared here. After 2 days of usage, constant check at the memory status display very few memory or non memory leak so far for me.

5. I will still go back to version 4 because of (2) and (3) above until an official Asian mobile operator version came out for this.

Installed over build .411 (multiple memory leaks...).

Build 464 ................

- Keyboard/Screen lock works
- No memory leak issues
- Camera Icons fixed
Running for 24 hours now... still monitoring... So far no issues

What a fab leak, cheers, shame about the not being able to lock it . . . wouldnt mind but its taken my lock symbol from the menu too :S any ideas?

1darrick, the keylock icon is missing until you enable password - if you disable password again the icon disappears.

Again, if you set to "auto keylock when holstering" it does not work unless you have password enabled.

(at least this is the case for me, UK Vodafone 9000 Bold)

Keypad Lock
By: 1darrick | Date: Sun, 01/31/2010 - 11:57
There appears to be a misconception in regard to the keypad lock with OS version .464. Locking the keypad "IS" still available, however, at the moment you CANNOT lock the keypad by pressing the A key for a few seconds like before. In order to lock the keypad, you will have to click on the LOCK icon. To make it easier, move the lock icon to the first position on your home screen. Click on the icon and the keypad will lock. Doing this should not be an inconvenience. Also, as another poster stated, you can also assign one of your convenience keys to lock the device. To reiterate...LOCKING THE DEVICE IS STILL AN AVAILABLE OPTION!

Upon clicking the Bold 9000 link I am brought to the RapidShare website where it states "ERROR: The uploader has removed this file from the server."

Does anyone know where to download the OS now?

I download it and installed it on my computer for my bold, but when i try to install the update it does not show. it shows the previous version 4.6 i already tried deleting the venter file and using the apoader ffrom their. nothing worked and my blackberry in unlocked what do i do. can u tell me the steps super easy and simply please asap. skoo is 2marrow

so i downloaded and saved to desktop, next i followed 101 instructions to delete the vendor file xml format. guess what i see only dll in my program files. any pointers please?

ammm install it again but click repair so in case it did not install all the files correctly. reopen the 5.0 os you download but click repair instead of remove

What is the difference between the 4.6 and 5.0 OS? Does it "hopefully" have a fix to let us install apps on the media card and not the device? If there is really no changes between the two OS's, then I'll wait until the official 5.0 comes out.

Loaded this on top of 348 on my 8900, been pounding on it all day and evening -- memory dramatically better than 348, and battery holding up incredibly well considering the non stop use all day and night.

Smooth, fast, no apparent bugs that I've seen, and all apps I've tried work beautifully with 461. Pretty much all the gps/lbs apps like Poynt, superpagesn yelp, dexknows, btsidekick, citysearch.

Also tried Opera Mini beta (love it), edocrab, filescout, google mobile app, google maps, blackberry maps, bbm, beejive, facebook, visual voicemail (t-mobile), google voice, t-mobile audio postcard, meterberry, berryweather, fios tv remote dvr, hippo mobile, mobihand and rim blackberry app stores, viigo and vlingo, maratick and dictionary.com... All work just fine.

Best OS I've seen to date from RIM.

i have noticed that the volume of all sounds (incoming call, new message, new tweets, etc.) is very low (almost unaudiable) in this leaked version, even though the volume is set to 10! :(
anyone else having this issue?!

Re: volume - I'm not having any issues - nice and loud here ( 8900 with 461).

Re: install: just loaded onto pc, removed vendor file, backed up apps with bbsak just in case, disconnected internet and let DM do its thing on top of OS 348 - no wipe in between. Results have been fine.

Also noticed: SMS delivery notification works again - yay! Had not worked in 348 (don't know about 411 since I never tried that version).

I've noticed that since upgrading to on the 8900 that WiFi does not reliably pick up.

For instance, my 8900 has my home WiFi (and password) and work WiFi programmed in. Prior to upgrading the OS, whenever I am at home I see the WiFi icon on the BB screen lit up (ie. connection made). Same thing at work. It never failed.

However, since the OS upgrade, the WiFi is intermittent. Often times, the WiFi icon on the 8900 screen is grayed out. I can't do anything to try to manually connect either.

Anyone else observe this?

The vendor.xml will be located in either of the 2 file locations, dependent on what Windows operating system you are using.

64 BIT WINDOWS: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

32 BIT WINDOWS: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

By: keefrto | Date: Sun, 01/31/2010 - 19:02 | reply
so i downloaded and saved to desktop, next i followed 101 instructions to delete the vendor file xml format. guess what i see only dll in my program files. any pointers please?

I installed .464 on my AT&T Bold 9000 yesterday over the last official OS without a wipe. I like it and everything seems to be working fine (I don't care about the lock key) except for Slacker--no album art, streaming is sketchy and won't cache. Anyone else having Slacker issues?

bikemd: "However, since the OS upgrade, the WiFi is intermittent. Often times, the WiFi icon on the 8900 screen is grayed out. I can't do anything to try to manually connect either.

Anyone else observe this?"

Same here, but another poster suggested checking the "Enable single profile scanning" button in WiFi setup.

Worked for me...

the build on this one is better than the .411. the memory drain is still there. i will say the bugs that were on .411 with the camera and media player are fixed as well as the battery drain. for the WIFI if you enable single profile and select the one you want....it does work. For the browser i use Opera Mini Beta as it is much better than the AT&T browser, no matter what build you are using. To me the stand by option on the keypad is better since i keep my phone in my front pocket, the screen does not light up as it used to when i was in keyboard lock. Other than that...good build so far.....just needs to fix the phantom memory drain issue.

hey the 5.0 for my bold 9000 dosent come out in BB desktop manager can somebody can tell me what i have to do to install it please

So besides the obvious that I cant lock my keyboard by pressing the button on the top left corner and having to use the * to put the phone in standby mode, I'm having the following problems with it and looks like I'm just going to downgrade to the original OS. I'll mis the 5.0 but too many bugs.

1. I had to do 3 battery pulls because when I would go to check my sms messages, the phone would freeze.

2. The screen goes to sleep mode and when I click to activate it again, its black and then works - annoying!

3. And it just randomly freezes for no reason, so I have to do a battery pull.

I have reinstalled the 5.0 and obviously didn't fix anything.

Anyone have any suggestions? i'm just really flustered at this point with it!

When I make outgoing calls, my phone number does not show up.

Should i try reinstalling for the 2nd time?? I have the 8900.


Other than the above problems, my wifi works flawlessly, bbm and sms do too other than my sms inbox freezing up the phone 3x in 1 day. All the applications works great too and yes it runs a lot faster and smoother.

Yes my unit does not lock the keypad anymore, but isn't the standby option better? Saves battery and the keypad is stil locked until u press the mute button? Correct me if I am wrong. for the Bold just sucks, can't lock the phone, video playback is out of sync. Some programs do not work. I will wait for the official release.

i downloaded it to my computer then open it and run it and it goes through the process but doesnt work what am i doin wrong? i deleted the vender xml thing or whatever it is ive done 5.0 before but its not working desktop manager wont even come up WTF!!!!! i need help im on a pc thanks

Everything works fine except the Wireless.

Yes, It will connect if you scan it each time but it doesn't connect automatically like before. hopefully they fix that.


my desk top manager says i need blackberry services what does that mean? help me i need this software

I have just upgraded mi blackberry bold, and surprisingly found my keyboard locked, even though this was apparently impossible, and then I remembered that I have Keyboard Locker app installed . This is the OTA link :D enjoy and I hope this free app helps you. http://www.beiks.com/download/ota/RIM/RIM-BEIKS-Locker.jad

EDIT: To configure it you must go into the Options Menu and a new option called Keyboard Locker would have appeard.

hmmm, i dont seem to be able to use desktopmanager to back up my device. is this cos of the upgrade?

I was hoping this would great upgrade but the battery life is terrible.. How do I downgrade to .411 cause that worked perfect for me.

i was running 411 for a while and had a bad time with memory leaks [i run no apps at all], battery leak, random resets and when da battery life reached 50% it went into a "shut down" looping frenzy... my guess is that da system could not project correct battery life % or da OS had some faults...

i saw da 464... and BAAAAMMMM... installed it right away...
- it solved da battery/memory leak
- no more random resets
- camera/video apps are working perfect
- battery life/consumption improved 100%
- no lock function; not a big deal MUTE works just fine + it saves power too :)

it seems that people are complaining waaaaaaayyy too much about 464... they either did not install correctly or have previously proceeded in da wrong fashion to update their OS...

curious as to what other features will improve with next upgrade...

464 kicks azzzz!!!!

I wiped my 9000 (Vodafone, Netherlands) nice 'n clean and installed .464.
Runs OK, but nothing all that new. Perhaps a little less memory leak and slightly better battery life.
But, today I noticed that my bluetooth headset does no longer autoconnect. Manual connect doesn't even always work, and today, in a loaner car, a Volvo S80 with built in BT, I couldn't connect at all.

Anyone else experience BT problems?

That's funny; 1 battery pull solved nothing, but a 2nd one did.

Upgraded my BOLD device 2 weeks ago and had no problems at all. Working with all my applications smoothly. I´m on a BES and working good with the Internet Browser which was an issue with older upgrades I tried.

I´m in Mexico under Telcel service.

Have a nice day!

Besides the obvious no Keylock, I would add, that at first the wifi had some trouble auto-connecting to the router if you were out of the range and then near again... but somehow it fixed itself a few days later... The Battery life is not as effective as the previous OS's and the memory leak is still in the picture... Also I've noticed certain lagging at some points of using the handheld, i.e. playing Pacman, Facebook, Twitter... it kinda freezes, but not for long... anyway, install at your own risk, if I were you, I'd stay with previous versions, or I'd wait for Official release.

battery jeez! all was going well now battery lasts one day only, no music, just couple of calls and txts and memory leak is oooooooohhhhhh dear. cmon rogers get ur finger out and give official one

had 461 for curve installed for about month now, no problems at all. Browser bit faster, battery slightly improved, runs smoother, memory happily staying at 32mb.

Will continue with this OS as T-mob UK are planning to discontinue 8900 (maybe something to do with them getting storm 2 and possible news of 8910 curve :)