Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550

Storm2 9550
By Adam Zeis on 15 Feb 2010 05:07 pm EST

Ask and ye shall receive. Earlier today we landed a link for OS for the Storm2 9520, and BBLeaks has again made many Storm2 owners happy, dropping OS for the Storm2 9550. Hit the link below for download, and be sure to leave a comment with your findings. As always, use caution when installing a leaked OS on your device.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Reader comments

Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550


And the 8350i users are still waiting for their first leaked release ... get on it Kevin and find us a leak !!!

been on d phone wid this new OS for 30mins.....NO DROPPED CALLS!!!!!! on Verizon OS, 1 minute and boom, call is dropped. Nice build!

Please let us know what changes you've noticed...

I am currently running O/S for my 9550 and I noticed the following improvements/fixes:

1. Homescreen updates as it should ( homescreen did not update)
2. Combined messages folder for all messages and text messages (this was available for 9530 Storm users running
3. Portrait keyboard has better layout and is spaced better
4. Show Key Indicator option in "Screen/Keyboard"


No battery drain compared to .320. However, my battery was draining quickly because ubertwitter, unread, beweather (gps location) and others were frequently updating. switched to 2 hour update intervals and my battery lasts for 24 hours

No battery drain compared to .320. However, my battery was draining quickly because ubertwitter, unread, beweather (gps location) and others were frequently updating. switched to 2 hour update intervals and my battery lasts for 24 hours

Any reports on the battery life for .451?

.428 for the 9550 drained the battery dry within 6-7 hours, although it was nicer and faster build than the official .320 build i had to revert back to .320 because of the battery drain.

So Good; just upgraded from .428 and it seems to be running smooth. The install was easy (one of the fastest). I'll post more as I get in to it.

I am currently running hybrid from bbhybrids.net, should I stay with this or go down to the .451?

Thank for the input!

In addition to items above, I also have:

1. Dedicated inbox for just my BES email, different than the Messages inbox.
2. Much better battery life than stock Verizon OS.
3. Faster overall response by phone.
4. This one is strange, but the screen feels easier to press with .428. Especially with a full battery charge.

All my apps work correctly, with two exceptions:
1. The speed dial doesn't always work. Exiting from the phone screen and trying it again usually cures that.
2. My mobile banking app can't resolve the certificates on the leaked OS and won't work. Worked fine on the Verizon OS even after I unlocked from Vz. Waiting for one of these new loads to be accepted by Vz so I can use this app again.

I too am hopeful to hear of first impressions on .451. I just downloaded and will try to load it tonight.

Hmmm...would we be able to roll back from a hybrid? I'm currently running seanren's v5 .464.

Does anyone have any feedback how it compares to the hybrids?

Can anyone else post a mirror to the one above...

im sick of .428, 3 hours today and my battery was completely drained, hopefully battery life is improved on .451

Is the upgrade really worth it from .428? I am not suffering any battery drain problems on my Telus BB Storm 2. Just want to know if anything else has changed to make me want to upgrade? Thanks!

... pertaining to the latest update? From what it sounds like, it's the equivalent of .419 on the 9530..

I'm really only interested if the update is a legitimate one. One that has the new Torch browser, or a better UI.

Yes it's true is already out for storm 2 9550 users. Even though it shows 9530 it's for 9550 as well. Also there is a that's out right now. I'm using it now and it works flawless so far. Just search under crackberries search for .464, or .484 and you'll find it. Piece I'm out. ;)

Downloaded and installed it didn't see any difference no additional feature was hoping keyboard letters popped up when pressed (like iPhone) but no luck. Reinstalled

yes u can get pop up keys!!! So many people were talking about how to do it!!! And there is diff.!!!

Install went like a charm, if you follow instructions on CB.

Running through some testing now. Browser is faster, especially zooming on loaded pages. All apps (except mobile banking due to certificate issue on leaked OS) are operating.

By the way, keyboard letters pop up since .428. You need to go into Options-->Screen/Keyboard and Show Key Indicator to Always or Touch and Hold. Yes, just like the iPhone.

There's a forum for this leaked OS. I'll post more testing results there.

I've been using .428 since Christmas and it's much better than stock .320 from Vz. Espcially on battery life. Need a day or two to test out battery on .451.


Im about to upgrade from my verizon OS.
hope it works and hope that it helps with the dropped calls. this is my 3rd BB strom2 in 4 months. My touchscreen kept locking up and rendering my phone useless verizon has sent me free replacements though so cant be mad at them. Hope all goes well with this update.

Ok, I have seen several versions on how to upgrade and this is my first time at this. I am on verizon. Do I need to remove my vendor file and just follow the directions on the link above?


yeah do that...not that complicated! i've done it myself too and seems to be everything works fine.

is it just me?
installed the new os, delete the xml file, but the damn os just wont show up !?!?!?

i've tried using the desktop manager and the app loader.. same result.

please help.. :(

Had a similar issue. Installed the new OS and fired up DM and no update notification, deleted vendor.xml file as well. I ended up uninstalling DM and the OS and then Re-installing the OS by itself and loading up the OS with Apploader straight up, minus the vendor.xml and no DM installed at all. See if that works for you, it did for me.

you've got that Internet Explorer Virus that's going around... take a Firefox and don't call me in the morning

One noticeable difference is the "halo" around the keys while typing. Its really bright now and there's much.... More of it? Hard to describe really. Seems much faster but I did delete some programs during the install. If there's anything else I notice I'll pass it along.

First of all the battery life was great however the screen touch touch was very irradict and could not be adjusted. I went back to .428 I need the screen to work correctly :)

Not to complicate anything for anyone... but you guys talk about removing the xml file or it doesn't work. I just install it and run the BB Desktop Manger (not app loader) and it updated. I am certain it did update because i have the new features and i check the modules before wipe and load..

It's so strange that everyone has a diff result. Only notice is that the sound playback in media library is not that great. but it's minor. Otherwise, deff better than .320

Not sure what I'm doing wrong but its not coming up when I start DM. I've done OS leaks several times in the past and it just isn't working... Any ideas? DM can't find it and when I look for it manually its in "all fines" instead of "all loader files"??? I know I'm missing something. Running .428 now. Preciate suggestions.

I have the OS downloaded and installed. but when I pull up Desktop manager it wont recognize the new OS? Anyone know whats up with this?

i had to restart my computer before it recognized the new OS on my computer when i opened desktop manager hope this helps

You need to have the latest DM..i was having the same issue at my home computer...Came to work and had a new DM v5.0.1 ...it worked like a charm...Hope this helps..

Okay upgraded to this OS last night from .320 and wow its night and day different. No problems loading the OS onto my 9550 but did have to restart my computer before loading the app once it was installed on my computer before loading to my phone. only thing i noticed missing from my phone were the MMS messages in my inbox. but i did a back up before i did the new OS here are the things i noticed right away

1) new voice on voice command using bluetooth and the screen gives prompts for commands such as call... or dial... or check battery etc. the new voice is nice.
2) halo around keys when pressed is more like the iphone and ipod touch, also has a better feel and more spacing between keys, new characters when entering a phone number in address book are present in portrait mode like the parens ( ) nice touch i always had to tilt into landscape mode to get them to show up ..
3) keyboard feels a lot better when clicking and its hard to explain but it just works better.
4) swiping with fingers goes a lot smoother and faster, the phone responds a lot quicker to commands
5) photos taken with new OS have better clarity and flash control
totally loving this new OS

I used desktop manager 4.5 amd it worked perfect didnt have to get the 5.0 DM an did not have to remove the XLM file either pretty simple and easy .

I have the latest version of DM installed. I installed the Os and got this repair or remove thing. I removed. Re installed and restarted computer. Still won't recognize the ps when I plug my BlackBerry in. I have never had this problem before.

Went back to the the 320 from the 428 and now I'm at 451 so good stuff. Hopefully I'll see some good changes here shortly. Thanks for the recommendations.

I did the upgrade yesterday (.428 to .451) and I honestly don't notice any differences.

One thing I did notice is that all of my application registrations and preferences were zapped. I had to enter all of the settings again for BerryBuzz, Facebook, Quicklaunch, etc.

No other impact that I can see.

Wish there was a list of changes out there.

I love the speed on it! Also love the pop-up letters. So for those who still can't find it.

It is under options -> Screen/Keyboard -> Show Key Indicator. Then choose how you want it to display.

- When sending multimedia Send is now a menu that clicks out.
- Glowing blue is more intense.
- Facebook/Myspace work fine for me. Dun7ez check your version of facebook to make sure you have the newest.
- Noticed it shows 4 pictures per row in thumbnail view

If I notice anymore I will let you know. So far I also haven't had any issues with it. :)

I installed the .451 software and opened BB Manager then connected my phone and no new updates were found. I have used this process before without issue. I have also tried to manually go to application loader with the same result. I have also restarted my PC. I am using DM 5.01 Any ideas??

That's the same problem I am having. I have restarted my computer several times and nothing. Someone please help. I wound up taking off .428 off and going back to .320. Still nothing. But I must have deleted .428 off the computer. Now stuck with .320. Please help!

Since upgrading from .320 to .451 I have seen the larger halo for highlighted keys, improved spacing on the portrait view of the keyboard and others that people have noted. Here are some additional comments to highlight changes:

*Screen rotation is more consistent and faster.
*Have not been though all applications but some have required setting original passwords
*Battery life appears to be improved - will see if that continues
*Camera is much more responsive when you click to take a picture (mine always needed to be pressed very hard and had a long delay before taking the picture)
- Side comment for the camera - noticed that just holding the picture button will invoke an autofocus (dramatic difference on close-ups) prior to pressing the button
*video seem to start recording a little faster than before
*When trying to end a call the 'button' is now more responsive (again very hard to press the button, this was an intermittent problem)
*I would describe the screen typing as more lively, it requires less effort to type and the screen updates faster with both text and word guessing
*Suretype word choices appear more consistent with standard English rather than guessing at made up words.
*Stock Browser - seems improved from website access and navigation - still slow, using Mini Opera 5 Beta 2 which works really well

Overall, a nice update.

I installed the new version last night and everything is great except when I recieve a call in the holster it goes right to voice mail... I have check all my profiles and everything is the same. It only goes to voice mail in the holster out of the holster it rings like it always did... Any ideas..

Help, I installed and have had no problems except for the message: SIM card Error at the top of my home screen. When I go into options and AO, SIM card reads invalid. What do I do to fix this? Help!

Upgraded .451 from .320 and the performance has greatly improved.
-No problem with speed dial
-Faster reboot time
-No call drop (so far)

However I'm unable to play video in AVI format directly under .451. Same happen to .428 upgrade previously. I was able to play any movie in AVI format directly when I was on .320. Wondering any one here facing the same problem?

i don't know how the performance was with .428 but .451 is awesome. probably 10 mb more of free memory, battery life is good and the homescreen updates. i upgraded from the .320 OS which is a joke. i have had no glitches at all. my advice to you...........don't wait for verizon!!!

after using it for a couple days i decided to go back to .428
the touch screen isn't work fine, not very sensitive just like .428

This is a first I had issues downloading and installing new OS software. But in this case, I tried every suggestion noted in the forum. I had no luck. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

I have a unlocked 9550 running on AT&T ever thing works good
but no gps there is no working link for .451 or .428

On my previous device when I downloaded the leaked .451 my device memory went to 122 mb but when I downloaded the leaked .451 on a replacement storm 2 that I received today it does not show a memory increase, it shows 112 mb. What happended????

hey everyone....i just wanna know if this new os will screw up any apps and/or themes i have on my storm 2?....for instance will it screw up my ultimate lock app etc etc?