Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

Tour 9630 OS
By Adam Zeis on 4 Jan 2010 05:26 pm EST

The time has finally come - Tour users have endured endless OS leaks with no love of their own, but BBleaks has just posted OS for the Tour 9630 which is a decent step up from the last leaked OS. No reports on whats good, bad or indifferent, so if you feel like giving it a go be sure to drop a comment and let us know how it is. Keep in mind (as usual) this is not an official OS, so install at your own risk.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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    Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630


    Kevin, keep the Tour update on your first page as long as you can since Tour review was most commented and viewed in 2009 please!

    if this is redundant I'm sorry but it's important because there are a TON of tour users now-

    the update was fast as hell! -all I did was
    1. uninstalled on xp-
    2. restarted
    3. installed
    4. removed vendor file on xp: c:\program files\common files \research in motion\apploader\vendor.xml
    5. don't have vista don't know where to delete it at-
    6. plugged phone in opened desktop manager 5.1
    it automatically located update, and backed up and updated phone
    it kept my own personal theme without going default which rules ! That's a first totally!

    the Font is even more high res woah- 480x360 screen is badass

    so far- it kept all my 5.0 themes (that I made with themebuilder 5.0 which is a plus! and sprint tv, nav, and surepress had more features to include)
    the device initialization was FAST not 10 minutes or more like with curve 4.5 or previous update on Tour- more like 4-6 minutes (and I have a slow ass E-machine lol-
    in fact I listened to 7 Lords of acid songs and it was finished)the restore for blackberry groups is what takes forever- maybe 27 bbm contacts has something to do with that=- the restore took longer than the update in fact before restore finished i had blinking light from bbm messages from groups and contacts- got newest messenger of course)
    it's already better- FACT
    I have transitions on my themes and this os is WAY faster no lag on transitions

    Do the upgrade! I promise you'll like the Speed alone
    I miss the smooth scrolling had for appworld and facebok cuz with 4.7.1 facebook & appworld scrolls smoothly

    substantial browser improvement - it flies now- way way better than before-

    los 5 percent battery since last night at 2am so battery stack is pretty good too

    the list for themes is a huge list with clear big pictures of each theme

    this is a lot different than .230
    and it restored EVERYTHING too-
    so far everything good good good!

    with .230 it forgot when rebooting home only, my ubertwitter sound profile setting etc.. this one doesn't

    they fixed a lot of things-

    changing themes took 3 seconds. flat out! no joke WOAH!! holy shit!

    had to send service books for data so if you don't know how to log into your bis account and send service books, your bbm will work but not web or appworld

    I click the link to download an it didnt download anything is there somehing wrong with the link or does it not work for MAC

    Your title says but the first link says I presume it's 419 (since the last one I saw was .230).

    When I click the link for the OS Forum it opens the discussion for Tour 9630 leak?

    Same thing keeps happening to me, did a battery pull and everything. The loading bar on the device just gets stuck around 70%. Any Advice?

    Awesome it has a program called MessageSchedule lets you schedule sms and email at any set time awesome.

    just downloaded to my desktop an it says its v5.0.1 but when it pulls up to update it says version 4.7 what is wrong with it how do i get 5.0 to download to my phone

    you gotta go to program files/common files/research in motion/apploader/ delete vendor.xml

    then just doubleclick on apploader and it will force it to update your phone

    make sure to check all the options you want installed

    I don't know if this will work for you or not, it did for me. I followed the instructions above save deleting the "vendor" file, couldn't find it either. went forth with the install and blam flawless victory!!

    Good luck hope it helps.

    I did all that and deleted the vendor file and still no dice. When I open app loader it only shows my apps. Any suggestions?

    Ok, I might be weird, but I just upgraded from 4.7 and I was really excited to see the 3G symbol in the top right hand corner of my screen. I upgraded and it still says 1XEV. Anyone tell me why??

    I think its determined by the carrier on what shows up. I'm on Telus in Canada and my Tour has always said 1XEV. I could be horribly wrong too :)

    On the .230 build the 3G logo appeared and it just made me happy. Now with this build, the STUPID 1XEV logo is back. I don't get it.

    I don't like the semi-transparent bars for the icons on the main screen.

    To each their own I guess. :/

    I beleive that its the carriers choice, i think CDMA phones show XEV for EVDO and GSM carriers display 3G. Correct me if i'm wrong people. Hope this helps :]

    You are right etheridgej....

    For CDMA users the 1XEV (notice the uppercase) means 3G coverage. the 1xev (lowercase) means no 3G coverage...

    3G logo shows on my Verizon Storm 2. :p

    No matter how much we spread the knowledge, most people don't understand "1XEV", but they DO understand "3G".

    Honestly, do you hear Verizons own commercials touting...."more 1XEV coverage in more places, Verizon Wireless". No, you don't. It's confusing.

    Just sayin......

    I agree with BeeRad....after upgrading the OS from .230, I miss the 3G logo. I don't like the 1XEV logo.

    Hopefully, a newer version will be leaked soon, and fix this cosmetic problem.

    There are links on how to load os. Youll find them at the bottom of the blog about the leak. This will explain in detail what you need to do.

    I looked there, and I have updated my OS before. For some reason, it will not let me do it. What other files to I have to delete from my computer other than any other OS?

    wow...finally.?????? one question is this a solid leak..the preveious one had a radio connection problem.... a lil scared to ummmmmmm brick my berry..lol

    GOTTA love the Call using Google Voice feature awesome. Mike 18012 radio so far seems solid, will test it out later on tonight got a conference call gotta use my cell oops.

    How long after a leaked version like this does the official follow? I don't keep up on other phones leaks but was just wondering

    Downloaded to computer but I'm gonna wait to get feedback from my fellow crack addicts to see if it's a solid build. People...how does it seem so far???? I tried .230 last week and it was pretty descent but I had issues with the camera, sms, mms and voicemail entry.

    I just installed and upgraded to .419. it seems to be a pretty solid leak. i do miss the 3g icon from .230 but oh well

    Getting email, sms, etc... everything seems quite snappy actually. I'll have to give it more time to form a real opinion. Unlike .303 radio working well so far. Even QL is working properly which wasn't for me with .230. So far so good. Hope this this turns out to be a keeper :)

    How bout memory leaking??? I was reading in the thread under the OS Beta section that some people are having some pretty descent memory leaks...any word on that????

    My device keeps locking up and becomes unrespnsive. I also had double icons for all the media apps. Anyone else have that. I upgraded from 4.7.

    Love the built in app updater, well it takes a while to load but when it does works great! I been playing with it for a hour now and no problems here, 9630 tour with Sprint, Enjoy! just don't panic when it takes a long time on the second update reboot

    Is there something I am missing here? I got the same issue as neil here, the apploader and desktop software isnt recoginizing the os, after i deleted the vendor file, no dice....anyone know how to fix this?

    This is what i did. Uninstalled whatever blackberry software i had on my computer. Restarted windows, Installed the leak onto my computer; Now, disconnect from the internet (very important if you wanna use DM) and you should be set, run Desktop Manager and it should tell you you have an update for your phone.

    Everything's running really smoothly, and the app updater was a pleasant addition. I was prompted to update whatever apps needed to be updated (App World, AIM, PayPal etc) and it was done within minutes. There's nothing wrong with trackball movement, and the OS is refined. I haven't suffered anything in terms of data usage nor speed of my EVDO connection. I've used 5.0 on the 9700, so I knew what to expect, but its still going to take some time getting used to. I had to install BBM via App World though because it didn't install by itself once I finished updating my OS.

    Every now and then, the screen will black out (not like when the backlight times out) but the buttons will remain lit. I just had to press a key and wait a second or two for things to go back to normal. Aside from that one bug, this leak is pretty awesome. Oh and threaded SMS. Yeah. Awesome.

    For some reason, I'm just not liking this leak. I hate how it says "callback number: xxx-xxx-xxxx" all the time in the SMS app for threads with other Verizon users. Also get weird noise/pixelated image when scrolling through options in the SMS app.

    Not a big deal, but all my apps got rearranged into different folder after the backup and restore. Strange.

    Might go back to .230...

    My themes stayed in place since they were all compatible with the 5.0 OS. As for my apps, the App Updater automatically displayed after the OS finished installing onto my phone, so I was able to update them within in a few minutes.

    Here is suttin interesting I found out, I was swearing like an asshole on my laptop that ran WINDOWS 7, figured fuck it try VISTA, and boom works, so if your at a dead end switch to a vista or xp computer and see if that works

    Don't know if the version of Windows matters all that much. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, and everything installed without a hitch. Least you got it though

    Had to resort using my PC desktop in my room to download this rather than using my Macbook Pro that I use for school.

    Downloaded everything on the PC and the update worked just fine.

    Everything seems to be working much faster. I too sorta don't like the callback number in the space with Verizon users but I can definitely live with that.

    Everything seems to be working fine, thus far.

    Guys-The last 5.0+ leak for the Tour really blew (IMHO) so much so that I went back to Rim's most recent (4.7 right?). I had all sorts of issues but mainly with slowdowns and it just didn't work right. IF we're still getting some positive reviews in a couple of days I'll give it a try so keep those reviews coming in!

    Well I been using it since the first hour it has leaked, my conference call was good, radio seems solid. No PRL freezing like I have with .230. Google maps works great. Blackberry messenger is working perfectly. Google voice is built into the menu button when seselecting a name from your contacts. I did have double entires for call "xxxxx" when selecting their call back number from a sms, but I think that has to deal with google voice.

    It's almost done downloading I will post my feedback in a few! So far all the comments on here have not been bad ones! I gave in because by the time an official verision comes out it will be 2011and I can't wait that long lol

    Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 17-Oct-2010) :

    Working good for the most part. But for some reason I can't delete one of my remaining text messages. The odd thing is that its one text message with multiple group conversations.. Any Idea how to delete??

    Leaked Version of BB Tour OS 5.0 is actually really good! I was skeptical about giving into a leaked version but so far I LOVE it!

    I finally got this to work last night. I don't know if it is because I have Sprint, but it would not work unless I,

    1. Installed to the computer.
    2. Left the vendor file.
    3. Allowed DM to open right when download was finished.
    4. The only thing I had to do after was update AIM and App World, and reinstall BBM. For some reason it erased my BBM.

    Now that everything is said and done, I have found no flaws, the speed is AMAZING, the radio signal is better, and the track ball honestly feels a lot smoother.

    everything is much better, couldn't get sprint nav running trying everything, still get the gps is set top off even though its on and then a few other apps weren't working but that's a given

    Thank you so very much. I am so glad to have this working again. Ive been running this OS for a week and was lost without SN. I didn't realize just how much I use it. I was seriously considering rolling back to the official version until I read this post. Thank you thank you thank you!

    This is the best BB community out there.

    After always seeing new os leaks for everything else, a new tour os finally is thrown out to us! Will update after work. Hope its fixed some of the small glitches that was in .230

    sorry for my brief post earlier, i'm at work.

    one complaint from my users about os was the battery drain compared to the official 4.7 os. on the official 4.7 os users told me they could run for 2 days of moderate to heavy use without recharging. today one of them told me their os was only lasting 8 to 10 hours before it landed in the yellow... i guess it could have lasted a few more hours beyond that.

    does improve the battery drain? is it similar to 4.7 and/or is it better than


    Install went as smooth as possible, escpecially since I've never installed a "leaked" version before. So far, so good. Just gotta redo apps and were good. I used BBSAK to do the install...EASY. Haven't gone thru the changes, but basics so far are cool.

    The App Updater is AWSOME!


    This was my first time trying a leaked OS - sick of waiting for the official version! Everything works great & overall the phone is much faster. Only thing that disappeared was BBM, but that was an easy fix.

    this was my first OS install/upgrade, and it went as smooth as possible. Everything seemed to be working fine, until I launched my Opera browser (v 4.2) and couldn't click on any of my bookmarks - as if the clicking function of the trackball no longer worked. The BB browser and Bolt worked fine. Did a battery pull, still not working. Weird. Anyways, everything else appears to be working just fine and this upgrade seems awesome so far. Phone is much snappier.

    been seeing a lot of OS leaks and finally decided to make the plunge since this one has awesome reviews. the phone is faster. fixed the sprint gps error by updating to v2.8. the phone boots much faster now. having lots of fun.

    Has to be close to the real deal, day 2 runnin it on verizon bbtour and it EFFIN ROCKS, i have yet to find a bug, load time is great. been waitin for a long time for offical and said hell with it, LEAKED!!

    Has to be close to the real deal, day 2 runnin it on verizon bbtour and it EFFIN ROCKS, i have yet to find a bug, load time is great. been waitin for a long time for offical and said hell with it, LEAKED!! EDIT>>> Havin problem getting my notifications for my myspace app like mail and such

    I'm sure this has been answered somewhere, but I was just wondering if upgrading to this version (from would nullify the phone unlock that Verizon walked me through 2 months ago.

    once you unlock your blackberry its unlocked forever. blackberrys arent like iphone that can lose jailbreak/unlock if updating with latest OS. blackberry rocks!

    once you unlock your blackberry its unlocked forever. blackberrys arent like iphone that can lose jailbreak/unlock if updating with latest OS. blackberry rocks!

    Still giving the OS it's proper shakedown, but it was nice to see the HOMESCREEN WALLPAPER FEATURE of BW2 FINALLY working! Of course, this was never a dealmaker/breaker for me, but just an FYI since it's been a thorn in many users' sides.

    Make sure to load the OS5 "flavor" of this (vs. the 4.2.x they tell you to install in previous beta OS5s)...

    Had problems with Desktop Software letting me install. I was able to run the application loader wizard from the Apploader folder and then install that way.

    I am waiting as install finalizes so I can start using.

    well i did do that and when it boots back up everything i have downloaded (ie bbm) is gone and i have to download everything again. might just try to reinstall the software.

    Uninstalled previous versions from PC. Installed this file, deleted vendor.xml

    DM won't allow install of this newer version. Says device does not require update.

    Upgraded from everything still works. I did get an uncaught expection rim_phone something if i remember correctly. But the phone piece still works even with the error.

    Just finished updating to .419 from a 4.7 OS. All went as planned, small hang up on device initialization which made things a little tense, but then everything loaded up and ta-da.
    Overall speed seems to be the most noticeable improvement, no real issues (touch wood) to speak of. Any downloaded programs were put in the "downloads" folder by the new OS, so all I had to do was move them back to the home folder where they were originally. BBM said it was going to downgrade, but seems to be as it was before. Phone/radio is fine, maps/GPS is good, don't know if there was a resolution change on the display, but it seems to be a wee bit clearer. Maybe I just cleaned the screen... ;-)

    I had the small hang up on device initialization, too. It just stopped in this one spot for what seemed like an eternity (was more like 6 minutes), but I waited it out. For some reason, the phone rebooted, and DM continued to read "Wait for device initialization," but the second reboot didn't hang up where the first one did. I can't believe how fast the phone starts up now. It's like night and day.

    one good thing is when you go to view your photos, it's fast with pulling up the thumbnails now - no more waiting lamely - but you no longer can control their size or amt of thumbnails per row-

    it remembers the notifications for installed apps now unlike 230

    it remembers your roaming home only instead of resetting to automatic after every powercycle

    reboots in about 2min 45 seconds

    app world forgot all my installed shit but idc

    themes really do swich FAST now which is a great improvement and when you uninstall something it doesn't lock up for 60 seconds anymore it's just like 10 seconds

    and the problem of transferring files to usb making the "device not ready" happen with mass storage- as well as media sync transferring music is fixed!!! - I searched high and low to find the cause from my usb on my computer to forums etc- and it was the .230 software that was causing it-

    So far solid build- I bet it's gonna be official for some carrier (sprint in 2028)

    FYI....the battery holds better charge now. im amazed! and phone doesnt get too hot anymore...and reception seems way better now. recently i was having issues with this...not anymore.

    this is my first post i hope someone can help me. ive downloaded multiple versions of leaked tour software and have yet to be able to get one to load into my blackberry. when i go to update it in the application loader it doesnt show it. i downloaded the leak last night and went through the setup i just can't get it to load up. please someone help me.

    i am verizon. i just recently read that i had to delete the vendor.xml file. i did it 5 minutes ago and tried again. if finally showed up as and update but when i hit next at the update screen it goes to another one for me to pick which apps i want to keep but there is no next or upgrade button. if i hit finish it goes to the main menu and nothing happens. i did notice ther is an * beside the file on the upgrade page and at the bottom it says can only be downloaded by a blackberry service subscriber.wtf. please please help. and yes i'm using the latest DM.

    If you are loading using DM, make sure to disable internet connection. Deleting the vendor.xml makes the new OS show up but DM checks online as well. I had to do this to get the .230 leak installed. I used BBSAK for the .419 build. Hope this helps.

    I installed without any issues from OS 4.7. The strange thing is that every time I connect to DM, it asks me if I want to 'upgrade' to 4.7..........

    Has anyone else had this quirk?

    Been running it since yesterday. I noticed today that even though the home screen shows 1XEV (in caps) when I go to Service Status it shows BIS "not connected" and BES "not connected" even though I am receiving the email. I did notice some after restart that some earlier emails were not pushed and showed up after the restart. Does anyone have this problem?

    I have gone through 3 Tours because I drop almost every call when I am in my home, and my wife's 8330 rarely drops calls in the house. Finally after doing all of Verizon's "troublshooting" techniques and running .230 and a hybrid PRL for my area, They suggested in sending me a new 9550 which arrives tomorrow. since the .419 no dropped calls! I have not seen the google voice option incorperated in the menue when i am in contacts. I thought that I read that was a new feature???? also the OS made duplicate media files. Can someone get back to me about the Google Voice option please?

    That is weird, I have had that option even in 4.7 OS. Are you using latest version of google voice. When I click blackberry key on a contact the top of the list are option for sms using google voice and call using google voice and I also get show on google maps. This is true for both stock 4.7 (vzw) and this leak.

    Just installed it on both my phone and my wifes. So far we are both loving it. Seems a little quicker but still testing..:) One complaint I have is the 3G icon with .230 is now back to 1XEV. Blah! Oh well if that's all I have to complain about we are doing good!!

    Installed and booted up with all the correct information within 30 minutes. No big snags anywhere!! :)

    This is my first post and first blackberry os install, it went smooth, the instructions are idiot proof. I am a fan of the threaded sms being someone who came from the moto q. It is faster restarting and seems faster all around. Only glitch I can find is a pixilated line at the top of the sms I dont know if everyone is having that problem or not but not that big of deal. I did have to re install blackberry messenger but everything else got transfered over. Also note to everyone you can bring just your bbm contacts and backed up information over via advanced recovery on desktop manager. That info would have saved me about 10 min of headache from fear of loosing my bbm contacts. Good Luck and might as well just install this leak because this is the same version the carriers are testing and will release in like 5 months, being a US CELLULAR customer I know they will be last to bring an official.

    i figured it out and got it installed. i love it.. especially the way text messages are. i had to reinstall bbm but other than that no issues really.
    im very happy with it works and looks great.

    My first leaked OS for the Tour. I have been reluctant to install a leak because my early (Day 2) Tour ran pretty fine on 4.7. But all of the positive reviews and minimal issues convinced me to give this one a try.
    Install went well. Removed (re-named) the Vendor.xml file and the DM found the new OS no problem. ALso went into the options before starting the install and checked BBM, which was unchecked and slated for removal, and that remained on the device.
    All BBM and address book contacts are there, calendar is there as are all of my programs except they're not all where I left them but I can fix that. Looks good so far.
    No major errors to report at this point.
    Reboot time is way long again. At 12 minutes and counting doing a battery pull. 14 minutes total. Maybe that will settle down. Hope so. Any Feedback?
    OK, need some help. Just did a Battery Pull after installing my Media card, and it came back up just like it did after the OS finished installing. I had been through all of that once already. Wierd. Like the settings didn''t take. Any ideas?

    I have gone back to I must be the exception to the rule, but I had nothing but trouble with this one. Not sure how I could have messed it up but the upgrade did not take. After every reboot, it was as if I had rebooted for the first time. Gotta go through setup and everything's changed. Was getting errors on the phone and pointer. Berry would lock up when trying to open an app. I can't live with that, I need this thing for work. And I still lost half a day getting it back to because it was moving so slow. Looks like I'm waiting for the real deal. I might try it again later when I have more time to mess with it. Right now I have work to do! Glad it's working for you all! Peace!

    I updated my Tour last night with this new OS and I must say that its great. All my apps work great even my navigation. The phone seems to operate faster. For the 1st time doing a download I forgot to delete the vendor file and I installed the OS; however, my phone still works great; therefore, I'm leaving it in.

    I installed this update last night after being disappointed with .230. This one works absolutely GREAT!

    The only thing not working correctly is setting the bedside mode. Yes, the bedside mode itself works fine... What does NOT work however is restricting the bedside mode to certain hours (ex: 11pm-7am). When set in this manner and you plug the device in, you still get the clock showing up on the screen even during the restricted hours. This is annoying since I frequently plug my phone in while in the car and I'm now seeing the clock and have to exit out of it instead of the regular screen.

    Other than that, this appears to be a very solid build and wouldn't be surprised if it went official.

    I had a TON of problems this morning trying to get this new leak installed. I was previously running .230, and followed all the steps as before. Uninstalled the .230 software, then installed the new .419, then opened up Desktop Manager, and connected the phone. It said no software update was needed. Also tried app loader, no luck. This was running on Windows 7 Ultimate.

    So, I tried this from the same computer, but booted to Windows Vista Ultimate, which I didn't have desktop manager on. So I downloaded that, downloaded the .419 leak, then it worked fine!

    I wonder what the deal was? Other users seem to be having difficulty in the program recognizing the new .419 install.

    Ive been waiting for an official 5.0 for the sprint tour for so long. If you have been holding out THIS IS IT! Everything was flawless, fast, and perfect. Just download the file, delete the vendor file, and install! went right from the to the I had to boot windows on my mac that was the only inconvenience. Everything is so much faster and smoother now. There is no need to wait for the final, this has got to be the final!

    ok i have no idea how to install this. i tried app loader and manager neither do anything. also what is a "mirror" download? because thats the only one thats works?

    Went from The OS update was smooth and under 30 minutes to install. The Blackberry Browser is super fast now. I thought it was just RIM's server making the browser so slow. So many new features and the device reboots quickly with a status on the booting the whole time forget waiting for the little blue bar to appear on the bottom of the screen. Seems like all my apps are working fine not that I had many trying to keep it light. Any thanks to whoever was responsible for leaking this OS. Oh and Sprint hurry up with an official!

    Hi, all,

    Just to let you all know I upgraded to this OS a couple of days ago and thought I would leave my impressions. Installation went smooth. I had to reinstall a couple of apps; BB App World, BB Messenger, & Facebook. No probs there. I have noticed only one glitch and that is when coming out of Bedside Mode from my charging pod, the screen goes black for a few seconds. But everything pops back on without a problem. Threaded messaging is there, of course. The media folder is gone and you have folders for ringtones, videos, and music. No big thing, just created a main folder and moved them all to that. A few other enhancements that others have already mentioned are there. One thing I really like is that I can now create Themes for 5.0 OS for my Tour. I never could get the base .230 OS to run very well without crashing my Tour. This one seems to be very stable. If you are a Tour owner and still thinking about loading this OS, go ahead and give it a try. You will like it. Anyways, those are my thoughts.


    I just upgraded from to this, and I will say I am almost completely pleased. Given the beta nature of this OS, the couple of minor bugs that I experience are not really a problem at all.

    For the most part, I've experienced changes identical to everyone who's posted so far: having to re-install BBM, Facebook, BB App World; having awesome threaded text messaging (which I really enjoy because it feels so simple, like BBM); the loss of my media folder only to gain individual icons that could just be placed in a generic folder that I named "Media"; the ability to now make my phone vibrate and ring at the same time, due to the new "Sounds and Ring Tones" section in Options; the ability to flag messages for follow-up and create an alert for such; and the clock display is much larger and almost brighter.

    There have been some noticeable drawbacks, however, that could just be attributed to the amount of or type of apps that I've installed. For instance, my Call Blocker Professional doesn't appear to be working, as of now, but I'm working on getting that corrected. Also, I'm unable to login to the crackberry app store...I can see all my apps, I'm just unable to login and update them from this app. I've updated some of them from the BB browser, which seems to work fine for now. Also, I believe my Tour updates its profile or re-provisions itself on the network (Sprint) each time I reboot, which isn't really a problem, just different.

    The bugs which I have seen the most, however, are the inability of a few text messages that I have to stay Marked Open after I do a reboot. The same 10 or so messages always appear as new after a reboot, although this is easily remedied through "Mark Prior Opened." The final bug that I feel is worth mentioning is the pop-up menu/scrolling/static irregularity. When pushing the menu button for the standard option pop-up, as I scroll, some of the menu items get a static-like, fuzzy appearance. This goes away and then back and forth, but it's nothing I can't deal with.

    I'll be sure to post anymore as I use this, but overall, love it so far ;)

    I'm on Sprint. If I deleted the vendor file it wouldn't load.

    The threaded sms in BBM is nice.

    Much much faster booting and bringing up the camera.

    Had a few times where the screen goes black for a few seconds but it does come back.

    One time I plugged it into my PC for charging and had to reboot.

    This was my first upgrade to a leaked o/s and i'm happy.

    How do you get your phone to stop registering with the network every battery pull?

    Also, my SMS delete with every battery pull.

    Any help would be great.

    Hello all,
    While initially happy when making the jump from .61 all the way up to 5.0, I have noticed a few querks with the leaked OS.
    One prior post has mentioned similar findings.
    I have been using the leaked OS for roughly one day.
    The problems so far
    Error message after doing a batter pull (no big deal) I have done five battery pulls and gotten the message each time
    Battery Life. I used to have a better battery life on .61
    When checking connection status, BIS is connected, BES is not connected, this despite multiple battery pulls
    Routinely missing emails (big issue). I have resent service books and registered and re-registered the handheld numerous times. This does not seems to be resolving the issue. It seems like some e-mails are coming through, others are not, and its random which email boxes get populated. I have my BB checking 4 email accounts. This was never an issue on .61.
    Other than that, its working much faster, less hang time, reboots are quicker, and the interface is smoother.
    Wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and how they might have resolved it.


    P.S. I am on my verizon if that helps

    upgraded from 4.7 and had some lag issues in the beginning, but after i did a battery pull, everything seems to working fine. I love Threaded SMS...feels like all my contacts are bbm contacts now, lol...i feel like christmas all over again, lol

    READ THIS if you are still reluctant to give this leak a shot.

    I’ve never ever installed anything but a stock OS on my Tour. I never thought it was worth it at all; what with all the bugs and stuff that you have to find a way around. My philosophy was that my phone needs to work for me, not the other way around.

    I was excited having read all the positive reviews about this leak. So excited that I went ahead and took the leap. I am very satisfied. It seems to make everything work smoother and it seems a bit faster. Faster is good. I agree that there is in fact a “snap” to the responsiveness of applications now. Everything I needed to work still works.

    Yes, folks, facebook is still there and, yes, SMS is now threaded. Though I never understood the big deal about threaded SMS and I still don’t. If anything, it’s a negative in the sense that, those who have threaded SMS think that it’s ok to text you line by line instead of utilizing all the characters they’re allotted. In any case, yeah all my apps work. Some need to be upgraded though. It’s worth the time to upgrade because some apps seem to have a neater interface.

    I followed the “How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM Blackberry Operating System (OS)” on Blackberry 101 as closely as possible and it was a piece of cake. Admittedly I was on pins and needles, but only because I had never done it before except for a lousy 4.7 upgrade one time.
    There IS one thing weird I’ve found so far. My multimedia application is gone. Instead there are separate icons for music, pictures, videos, ringtones. There also seemed to be two of each of those icons for some reason. This was a bit annoying. However you can just as easily make a new folder that you can title “multimedia” and put those icons in there. Hide the icons you don’t need. No big deal.

    One other thing is that sometimes, the menu background (the page you get to when you hit the blackberry button from the home screen) turns white for whatever reason. Two things to fix it is to do a battery pull or change your theme and then change it back. It resets the background.

    Other than those two things, there hasn’t been anything majorly wrong with this OS so far. I’ve had it for close to 24 hours.

    All in all I would recommend it for those who are reluctant. Just make sure to back up what you have now so you can go back to it if you don’t like for some reason.

    No tabbed browsing in this version. Perhaps in the official version when it comes out, but don't count on it. I have not seen it in any of the official 5.0 OS's for other Blackberry devices.


    hello fellow berry heads..like many of us who wanted to update our bb os..i was scared to deatth...well i did it and it wrk flawlessly...no issues wht so ever on the sprint version...

    the only issue is that my desktop manger did not load it..i had to go thru the commonfiles apploader to install it.....just make sure you put a check mark next to bbm box when installing it or it will delete it...

    i caught that in time...so far so good..only been 6 hrs..we will see...

    some changes in some of the icons..no big dea...

    it has threaded sms..sweet!!!!! unknow about the battery life

    i upgraded from 4.7 andI was able to keep my bbm... by clicking on Advanced Options in DM prior to the install and checking the box to keep my bbm, dont have FB but it might work for that too. Install was quick and easy, pretty painless. It's running smooth with the exception of my Contact Alerts. They aren't working properly for SMS/MMS. I have it so my fiance/friends/etc has a different SMS sound but it plays the default. Anyone else have this problem or has fixed this problem? Please let me know, any help would be great!!!! OVERALL I'm HAPPY!!

    does anyone have a mirror that works? i want this os have restored official and already deleted my .230 please help. thank you

    How is the radio compared to .230 guys? Ive heard its fast, but haven't really read anything on radio stability.. thats my only real complain with .230.. so lets hear it fellas!


    The radio is very stable compared to the .230 release. I have had no fluccuations in signal. I have been seeing the same results for most all others who have installed this leak.


    I was excited to get version 5 and and when Verizon did not release prior to thanksgiving like I was told by a Verizon tech, I decided to poke around and found 230 as the latest build. LOVED IT! I still keep checking about once a week for Official release to Verizon. I tried 2 other Builds between the 230 release (273 and 303 I think) and both were complete CRAP! Both I wiped my BB Tour with JL Commander adn dropped backto 230.

    Now, 419 is on my BBTour. The First thing I did was to complete a back up. Then used JL Commander to WIPE the tour, then did the upgrade of the OS.

    I too had the pixels (rainbow stripes of pixels) when scrolling thru the menu (like to Delete an email). I then dropped my iBerry theme and went to the built-in Zen and have not had the problem. my guess is that there is a programming issue with the themes that others are using.

    I too miss the 3G logo found in build 230 (now have 1XEV instead)

    Over all the OS 5 changes are a huge step forward for blackberry and I recommend taking the time to do it. One problem I still have is the boot time. 4 - 7 minutes is far too long. a Friend has the Motorola Droid and when he pulls the battery - 30 seconds to operational. oh well.

    So far i have only seen one problem and it was with facebook. I loaded facebook and as my page was refreshing the screen kept flickering. It happened twice so far but other than that this is a pretty good leak. <-- Edit* I noticed when i plug in my usb it does not charge the phone. The phone registers on the computer but it does not charge.

    sprint tour went from the 4.7 to this latest build flawlessly.

    issue #1
    once, in the past 2 days, while in the charging dock, the screen went completely white. Frozen white. the only thing I could do was a battery pull.

    issue # 2
    Every time when I do a battery pull and it boots back up, I get a confirmation sms saying my blackberry has been registered to the network.

    issue #3
    Every time when I do a battery pull and it boots back up, in my bbm, it says 2 new status updates, which are not new, they contacts changed the statuses a few days ago.

    also not an issue, but when it boots up it doesn't automatically load all the icons the right way, it takes about 5 seconds and they all go back to normal.


    Everything is working fine for me... i love it... but let me ask... how do i combine my messages with my mms/sms? i cant seem to find the option :/

    Guys.. I'm unable to download the leak, HELP!!!!!

    The first link, the one that says "Download OS" is no longer good.
    The second link, the one that says "Mirror Download of OS.." is not good either.

    Please HELP!!!!

    I've had .419 installed for 3 days now with no big problems, until today. I was looking through my Contacts, and many of them had been duplicated, some as many as 30 times. I think the problem is with Google Sync. I turned off Sync from syncing the contacts and deleted my contacts and restored a copy I keep. Thank God for backups. I am fairly certain it was Google Sync, but will keep you updated. Anyone else with Google Sync had this problem? I have to say, I do enjoy this version. The radio signal is very stable.



    i have been looking everywhere for the 9700 theme for the tour. i hate the theme preinstalled on 4.7 OS tours. does anyone know if this theme will come with OS 5.0? you know...its like the same as the verizon default but it highlights icons with a light blue glow. its tight. can anyone tell me?


    Go to Blackberry.com and click on Developers at the top. Download and install the Blackberry Theme Builder 5.0. You will be able to make a theme like you want using the latest icons. If you have never used it, it takes a little bit of playing around with to tweek the theme like you want, so download one of the simulators to test it. I've make a lot of themes for my Tour.


    downloaded the os , tried it throguh desktop manager. and local disk through app loader .. even deleted my 4.7's & nothing :( . Desktop manager didn't read anything & the App Loader told me i had nothing to update yet the 5.0 is in there ! .. UGH .. I need advice & HELP !
    please .. & thank youu (=

    Hey question guys uhm i downloaded the last OS leak for the tour ... and when i tried to charge my phone it wouldnt work i had to use the computer USB .... and the radio connection was wack ....

    now before i download this i just wanna know for all the people who have it .... are u guys experiencing problems with this new os leak

    Have a Tour from Verizon and it worked great. Everything is running perfect and fast. Even is working great with Custom IBerry Blocks for V5.0. The SMS and MMS are the best part about the update I think! Thanks

    I've successfully downloaded the new software onto my mac but i'm confused on what to do from there. Meaning how to remove my old software and put the 5.0 on my bb for a MAC.


    I ve been reading all these threads and i seem to be either missing something or just stupid. Ive downloaded the mirror file. deleted old OS. Deleted vendor file. And when I go to app loader it only shows my apps. i tried Dl again again but it just doenst show the 5.0 upgrade. I am using vista and i am using a verizon tour. PLEASE HELP!

    Been running it for about 3 days now on my Sprint tour. No problems w/install, did not have to delete the vendor file. It does take a bit longer on the second reboot, don't panic. I was very hesitant about installing a leaked version but pleasently surprised. Seems very stable, no major issues so far except for Sprint TV not working well. This must be very close to the final version before the official release. Did not find the application updater though. My phone prompted me to reinstall BB messenger and Facebook w/out any problems. Battery life may be a tiny bit less then last official release of 4.7 but it check your vibrate settings, and make sure you have your network settings on 1Xev not global. Browser is about 20% faster in my opinion. There are a lots of small changes, such as a close up / normal setting on the camera. More detailed memory info when you review options in the media folder Etc. I am happy so far. Can't wait for the official release!

    I tried this version for several days and had two main problems that have caused me to go back to the official 4.7.
    1) Battery life is terrible - I even used one of those super capacity batteries, but it still would not last a full day, and I am not a heavy user.
    2) When it shuts down (which it does often when the battery drains or I need to change batteries) all settings for all my software are lost as well as all my emails since I first installed the OS.

    I also had these problems with the 230 version. I keep hoping they will be resolved, but until then, I go back to 4.7.

    Nice.. wiped my phone with bbsak and installed this new os it works so great and a lot faster than .57? or which ever one i was using. I've only had a few problems but fixed most of my programs by doing "allow all" and i had to reinstall bbm since it wouldn't let me update to the newer version

    I updated it yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!!! My Verizon Tour is very fast now, and the boot up time seems like on 2mins. Love it! The only problem I had is with the Google sync thing on my contacts. It made like 3 to 5 copies of all my contacts the had a email address listed in there, and some of my contacts it just deleted and moved stuff around like their last name to one contact,and their email address to another...they really need to fix that. Thank god I for a back up file or I would have been up the creek without a paddle..Another thing I like is that you have the option to turn off the auto focus on the camera, Very good option... Other than my contacts this is a very nice up grade.


    I had the same problem 2 days ago. I, too, had a backup copy that saved me with my contacts. I turned off syncing the contacts and have not had a problem so far. I'm hoping they will give a software fix for Sync. Otherwise, the only other problem was my phone rebooting by itself a few times. It only happened 3 different times. Trying to remember if it was before or after the Google Sync problem. Anyways, working ok now and I love the upgrade.


    It is super easy!1 Just used the the Mirror download of OS to my desktop, clicked save and when it was finished I connected my BB... the DM said I had a new 5.0 update ready... connected the device and the PC did the rest! Couldn't have been easier (the entire process does take about 15-20 minutes.

    It works great!

    Has anyone had a problem tryin to load it to a Teuls phone ... cuz it said my telus tour wasnt compatible ??

    Any Help

    After a week on OS 5.0, my results are positive.
    Boot time= About 6 mins, vs 15+ before
    Responsiveness of the Phone and OS = Great
    Radio Recieption for Cell = Fair, i have seen a little bit lower signal strength in certain areas than i had before under OS 4.7
    Browser = Factory browser a little slower to respond to a web page than before, but actual throughput is the same or a little better than before.
    Bolt Browser (1.62) Much faster than before, now As fast or Faster than factory browser
    Threaded SMS - ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enough said
    Email - Flagging messages or the ability to mark them as Unread for later review is very useful.

    This was my first install of a leak and I was so excited with all the good things I was hearing. The only thing I saw at first was the static thingy on the pop-up menus someone else mentioned. But the good outweighed the bad, or so I thought. Went to set my alarm, and it wouldn't recognize my clock!? And then it completely froze on the charging screen. Three battery pulls later I'm downgrading :( Guess I'll wait for the official.

    After a week of having it...My texts would get mixed into one person from my contact list when I was having various convos w/multiple people. My phone would reboot out of no where! The screen goes black! and to top it all off when those texts would go into one person when it was various I had a friend ask me something about work and I'm NOT supposed to leak any info and instead of the message going to my friend it got "redirected" to my supervisor!! I almost lost my job today!! I have the tour on verizon if that helps but I just went back to my old OS hassle free...stupid leaked OS almost got me fired!

    Just reading your post, sorry for your getting in trouble. As far as the reboots, though, I'll bet it was a 3rd party app interfering. I had problems with reboots, until I stopped using Google Sync. It was causing a few problems but since I stopped using it, I have not had any problems.


    I installed it once and Kept getting a Net_rim_bb_phone_app(44) error message. So I read on here and someone said he Wiped it with BBSAK and then reinstalled 5.0. So I factory wiped it and reinstalled 5.0 but now it's still giving me that error message. And Everytime I restart it gives me a message telling me that my phone is now registered to the system........ Anyone have any ideas on how to fix these two annoying problems ? Other than that, I love the new OS. Very fast start-ups, VASTLY improved the radio(Now I don't have to go to a window to talk) and much faster on pulling up the apps and such. Thanks ahead of time everyone !!

    My first attempt to upgrade to OS 5. Extremely hesitant but upgrade was smooth and flawless. The os is fast and all my contacts, and settings were automatically restored during the upgrade. Other programs like my facebook messenger and yahoo was also updated. I would recommend backing up before installing and possibly avoid using windows 7. The instructons for the update on this forum was as precise as it gets. Took 45 mins. Using 4 days now very Happy. Sprint Tour 9630. moved from ver 4.7 to v5.0.0.419. No bugs so far. Battery life extended.Phone recovered more free space.A must have for any tour user.You will not regret.

    I have Verizon also, NO you do NOT have to have an unlocked phone to do any Leaked or other OS installs.

    I noticed that since the upgrade the voice mail from bbm contacts always goes to bbm and sms & mms folder. Is that normal? I can't seem to find any options to change that. Any thoughts on that?
    Thank you

    I jus installed the OS leak and everything went great, except now the sms messages that i had from before the update are there combined with the wrong person, and i cant delete them! can anyone help with this or know whats causing it. Thanks!

    Last night was playing w/my crackberry, i deleted weather eye and installed weatherbug. I also installed a free Carbon fiber theme from the app world. Now for some reason my browser is like super charged. Never have I seen it this fast!! I am amazed! Could this them have some how speeded up the browswer because it is made for a newer version?? I changed the wall paper etc. If you have the leaked version try it and let me know your thoughts!