Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 And BlackBerry Curve 8900

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 And BlackBerry Curve 8900
By Bla1ze on 8 Dec 2009 09:30 pm EST

Wow, so much for laying down and having a nap. Here I thought I could nod off for a bit and when I do the whole internet explodes with OS leaks. Got a BlackBerry Bold 9000 or a BlackBerry Curve 8900? If so your OS drought is over. OS has now shown up online for everyone.Grab em, enjoy and be sure to report your findings in the forums.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 And BlackBerry Curve 8900


strangely i just refreshed the home page...with some far off hope that a new beta os would show up and BOOM...there it was.

Finally...gonna install 1st thing in the morning when I get near a PC cuz I got a Mac...RIM really need to sort out us Mac users.

I knew eventually the other newer BlackBerry's would get a new Beta OS and here it is!! I'm currently downloading both OS's for the 8900 and 9000 and will re-upload and post new links if needed. I'm also working on putting these leaked OS's in [.torrent]'s because they tend to be more reliable in my experiences and the download speed are MUCH faster (depending on the amount of people seeding the torrents anyway)

I'm an AT&T user and got an 8900 running OS (soon to be .411!!) Not sure what your Berry of choice is whether it's Bold 9000 or Curve 8900 but check these forum links out....

There are users who have already upgraded on AT&T...seems good so far!

Curve 8900:

Bold 9000:

i installed it. ran awesome for 3 days, then went whacko! I had to downgrade after 2 days of freezing, n's and m's typing on their own and total chaos to my system and business. i will wait for the official release! it was sweet tho when it was running.

New OS is awesome. I love the new BBM. Lots of new features. I haven't had any crashes and it's been over a week. Very stable and works with all my apps. Only thing I've noticed is that the battery life seems shorter. 12 hours with minimal use and it's dead. I mean minimal 1 maybe 2 phone calls a txt here and there and maybe check the scores on the internet. I even turned wi-fi off. I did see something from BB today. They say I need to upgrade BBM to which has better battery life. The problem is I already upgraded to that 5 days ago. Everytime I go to use BBM is says "Upgrade". So I did just to get rid of the message and of course that killed my battery. We'll see if that makes any difference.

Installed and running. Haven't noticed anything ground-breaking in it, but it does run fast and the overall boot time seems to have improved. Only had one random reboot and that was during the initial reboot after the OS finished installing. Been running for about an hour now.

does app world, google talk, facebook and other application run fine ? please let me know, much appreciated. thanks!

i installed the old v5.0 and it was looping on boot up. i wonder if this version will do the same thing

Na-na-naaaaiiiiiiiicccceeee! :D

Downloaded, installing now. Everyone new to this: Remember to DELETE the vendor.xml file! Program Files(x86) folder for 64-bit systems!

Let's see if there's the new BB Messener as well! :)

From what I can see so far this is a very very nice built. working well and it seems to have fixed an issue I was having with the Application button on my 8900. Looking good Blackberry!

ok, ok guy. i just upgraded the att bold 9000 from v4.6 to v5.0.0.411 with no boot screen loop. thank god. it boots very quick now.

Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 18-Aug-2010):
9000 : h**p://rapidshare.com/files/318295802/9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel661_PL5.2.0.33_A5.0.0.411.exe

8900 : h**p://rapidshare.com/files/318322265/8900M_PBr5.0.0_rel661_PL5.2.0.31_A5.0.0.411.exe

almost immediately i noticed a "faster" re-boot of the phone. we all know there are no fast blackberry boot ups.. but this was fast for what it was.

no browser/media problems either. keep you posted.

ATT Bold 9000

Looks like a good build, very responsive.. no lag like i had with previous 5.0 builds. The real test will be to see how the battery life is although it's looking good at the moment.

No love for 9550. Still we wait. T-mobile leaks like a civ and VZW is tighter than (fill in the blank).

I've just installed this puppy on my 9000 an reboot was lightning fast, didn't send me into that damn mobius coil reboot loop 5.0 did. Very happy so far, will have to post again,interested to see how this will affect battery life. For the moment, I am very happy with this.


Downloaded and installed to my PC and I get a error stating "The application "BlackBerry 5.0.0 Core Applications" cannot be loaded because some required files are not available." WTF???

Runs smoothly, quick start up, absolutely HORRENDOUS on the Battery I went from 95 percent to 45 percent in under an hour. Ugh, I cannot believe how bad this phone is on memory.

it doesnt work ive tried downloading it and i know how i have a windows PC and i tried and it just doesnt even come up with an option to install a new OS just the same old ones like 4.7 n shit how do i fix this?

I actually was just in the process of downgrading from .348 (which I would have to reinstall every week or so due to errors) to .314, but now I'm downloading this. Hopefully I won't get any (phone, messaging, etc) errors with this OS.


Just upgrade my curve 8900. Until now it works fine but I found out that most of my text messages (from different people)are composed to one entire chat under the name of one certain contact. How is that possible and is there an option to fix it? I hate to delete all my messages :-S

It's called threaded sms ... when you text one of your contacts it puts it in a conversation style something like bbm or yahoo messenger , a lot better than the other way it was IMO

I know, but the problem was that the threaded sms contained a bunch of messages from different contacts instead of just one. But I already solved it!

I read this post on another site. I haven't tried it yet because I'm at work and I am having the same issue.

"***UPDATE: Finally solved this issue by replacing the net_rim_bb_sms_compose.cod of .411 with that of .314. I used to BBSAK for this.. "

I have been trying to download it on my pc and can't it takes me back to "megaupload" screen over and over, any help would be appreciated,,, thanks

You have to wait for the count down timer to expire and it will show you the regular button. Unless you are a premium member.

everything run smooth except for my premium themes, and other app just work fine, great os 5.0 for bold compare to the .348 always restart the device

Upgraded from severely crappy Solid performance, no reboots, unlike before 10 or 15 reboots a day, yikes!!! Clears a lot of memory, from normal 9 or 8 MB to 26 - 27 MB. Snappier in all, browser, bbmessenger, msn messenger, email input etc. Better battery performance, better GPS performance! Only thing I find is too easy to go down from 3G to EDGE or edge, apparently the build is sensitive to interference.... In summary this is a keeper...

Downloaded this last night, solid so far. The browser, OS and IM all are much faster than previous versions. No reboots so far, this one is a keeper. Running on at&t no problems with calls or emails.

Solid build..very stable, every works, every thing is fantastic

I never tried/had a 5.0 beta, but I'm glad this is my first because it's really stable and i'm happy with that

If you want my word

if you are thinking about getting this ( and you are a bold user, not sure about curve) then I say what are you waiting for?

if you are constantly having the megaupload timer screen refreshing itself and getting no-where, i would guess that you have 'skipscreen' or similar browser tool running> disable it for this site and it should work fine.

has any1 downloaded the new os yet? i just did i got a little problem with the restore but everything loaded just fine.

Has anyone else lost their ATT visual voicemail app on this build? I cannot find it anywhere. Could I have possibly screwed up the vendor xml delete?

VVM was indeed missing after installation. Simply install the main VVM modules from a previous OS installation located at PROGRAM FILES-COMMON FILES-RESEARCH IN MOTION-SHARED-LOADER FILES. Choose a previous install then click on the JAVA folder and locate net_rim_bb_vvm.com, net_rim_bb_vvm_alu_http_lib.cod, net_rim_bb_vvm_resource.cod, net_rim_bb_vvm_resource_114.cod and net_rim_bb_vvm_settings_lib.cod. Use BBSAK 1.6 to load them onto your device. Afterwards, I can't remember if the device reboots or not. Anyway, either way, you'll see your VVM icon. Click on it. It will ask you to call your voicemail. Done!

...where I deem life to be unfair, I didn't notice this last night and now I'm at work and I can't control my OS leak addiction so in about 10 min. I'm going to give in to it, while at work, and get this leak. Not fair...!

This is a solid build on the Tmo network. I have not had an issue with anything as of yet. And all my apps are working great.

1st Time installer of a Beta release. I have the 9000, what I notice is a considerable difference in reboot time and plenty more options in the options menu. Only problem so far is, i have "viigo" on my BB, but i can't view it or enter it. It appears on my home menu screen but when i click, it doesn't respond, and when it does after maybe 20secs+, it displays a black screen which I can remove by pressing the back key. No big deal though, hopefully it can be fixed, but its nothing serious. I checked the application setting and fixed it to "allow" on each option still no go. Any input?

Same there here.. Visual Voice mail is gone, everything else seems to work great. I did notice my internet browser is also gone, and MDS services is gone but I can still connection to the internet.

I'm using ATT, and went into my ATT and deleted visual voice mail and added the service back in, but it still didn't appear on my phone. Any suggestions?


I have a 8900 on ATT and VVM is still on my phone. I do not have it setup up on my phone but it does pop up when you hit switch application. It also looks like they moved it to core applications.

VVM did not show up after installation. I simply installed the main VVM modules from a previous OS version (.238, I think) and voila!

Check the message I just posted below, if you go to the mentioned youtube page, you'll find avideo on how to delete the vendor file

Okay listen up people... I'd been having problems with my 8900 the past two days... I was using .348 and then tried to go back to .314 and then this morning (Dubai time) this leak appeared so I went for it in bravery and with the true sense of abandon with which I embark on all beta releases...

So I installed it, did the necessary battery pulls, hooked back onto my BES and did even more battery pulls, received 1 text message and everything seemed fine... at least I thought so...

A bit later I got a second text [SMS] message but the content did not make sense as it seemed only relevant to another person in my contacts!

Now, a few hours and many test text messages and battery pulls later, I can absolutely confirm that OS confuses SMS senders. I had one sms in my SMS/MMS inbox and all SMS that came in after that appeared to be from the same person although they weren't!! In other words, I get the OS 5.x threaded SMS but showing ALL incoming messages as being from the same person (the first one that sent me SMS after I installed the OS)...

The only work-around I've found so far is to delete messages when you receive and read them so you know who the following ones are really from- which is a bit ridiculous...

Haven't had this problem on my 8900 with the OS, but one person earlier in the comments said they had, and they figured out how to fix it. They didn't say how, so try asking in the forums for the solution.

So this just happened to me as well. Recvd a message, content i know is from a female, but listed under mr brothers name. Anyone knows how to fix this.?

I lost all my contacts in BBM. obviously being the smart guy that I am I didnt' back it up. Is there any way of getting them back with readding everyone? Please help!

Are you saying that you have NO backup at all or that you do not do a backup w/Desktop Manager at all? If so, change your habits. If you have backed up your device using Desktop Manager at least once after having installed BB MEssenger 5, then do an individual restore of the BB messenger option.

I did do a backup before i DL the OS. after i did the upgrade all my BBM contacts where gone. I tried to restore option in the Desktop mgr and still no contacts...am I doing something wrong or am I S.O.L with my bbm contacts?

Since I don't know exactly what steps you tooks, I'm going to ask if you chose the Advance feature of the DM and attempted to an individual restore or did you do a complete restore. Your backed up contacts, calendar entries, service books , etcetera should all restore to your device once you click on to have them restored Are the contacts the ONLY items that did not restore?

So I can't for the life of me get Blackberry desktop manager to realize I have this 5.0 installed... this is retarded. The vendor file is non existent also.... Guess I'm stuck with 4.6 until AT&T gets their head out of their ass

I installed the .411 OS and all is well thus far. The system is speedy, fast bootup & reboot, very responsive and ALL of my previously installed apps work flawlessly. I upgraded from .314. As always, I wiped my device before installing the OS. Less hassles that way, in my opinion. Anyway, my working apps are as follows:
UberTwitter 0.932
Stitcher 1.2.11
ScoreMobile 1.2
Pandora 1.1.2
NBA Game Time Lite 1.0
Google Maps w/Latitudes 3.2.1
Gmail App 2.0.7
Docs to Go 2.0
Beyond411 4.21.0
Viigo News 3.1.490
BB Messenger
Google Talk 2.5.30
Yahoo Messenger 2.5.30

Oh, and no reboots.

Is there any other program for installing an OS on a blackberry bold? It's quite obvious that Desktop Manager 5.0.1 will not see it installed on my computer no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall it....

Have you installed the leaked OS first? If so, I suggest you wipe the device with BBSAK 1.6 and wait for the 507 error. Afterwards, fire up Desktop Manager, connect your device and then click on the update option that'll appear. Desktop Manager will take over after that. You will have the ability to set other options, i.e., installing & removing apps, etcetera. Thats it.

I installed the leaked OS after uninstalling all previous OS from my PC. Restarted my PC because it wouldn't register that 5.0 had been installed, it still says the only update available is 4.6. So I uninstalled everything blackberry on my computer and have reinstalled it all back. Still BDM won't show the update software being 5.0, it says its 4.6. I wiped my device with BBSAK which is why this is pissing me off so much because I have a wiped phone, my desktop manager seems to think 4.6 is still on my PC, so when I gave up and decided to just put 4.6 back on it, BDM can't actually find 4.6 it just thinks its there? I have installed plenty of other OS's using the method you described and every time DM (dekstop manager) picked up the new OS right away and proceeded as normal. Now it refuses to pick up this 5.0?

Sorry for the belated response. I was taking care of family stuff. Anyway, if you don't mind me asking, what DM version are you using? Are you running Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac or what? Also, what did your device show the OS as being after installation? I know you said that DM showed it as 4.6.

I ended up just using BBSAK 1.7 and it found installed on my Windows Vista PC. For some reason BDM kept only seeing installed on my computer and wouldn't pick up the 5.0 update. BBSAK got it first time around and it works flawlessly now. My phone has never been this fast or stable since I've owned it.

I'm glad you were able to solve the issue and you're right about the speed. In my opinion, it might be the fasted to date. Even the browser (internet browser) is faster. I did the browser fix because I couldn't stand the mediaNet browser. Anyway, like you, I'm very satisfied with this latest OS leak. Take care.

Downloaded and installed last night.. around 6 PM (EST) and it has worked great on my T-Mobile 8900. I don't have a lot of Apps.. but I do have Viigo, Facebook, Pandora, SmartBCalendar, Ka-Glom and a number of premium themes. All are woking great... absolutely no issues. Same with Visual Voice Mail.

The biggest change is the speed with which everything works. It is super fast. I have 98 pictures on my card and they load and open faster then ever before. All-in-all, from my perspective, this is the best OS yet!

I'm with AT&T and had no problem with the upgrade from I disconnected the internet before beginning the process. After the upgrade it had a list of all the programs that needed to be upgraded and after i gave the go-ahead it upgraded every one.

this is my first ever go at a beta OS and I'm glad i tried it out. everything seems to be running great including my apps. battery life seems much better and the overall running quickness. thx for the leak

using BB Bold 9000 on Rogers

i downloaded the software from the link...followed the steps and installed it and everything...but when i open up desktop manager (5.0 btw)..the device software for 5.0 does not show up in updates..only..4.6 system software :S:S
HELP PLZZZZ..anyone!!!

this is the exact problem I have been having... I downloaded the new BBSAK 1.7 and it let me do it in about 10 minutes. I'm lovin' 5.0 so far.... So far being the key word here... still trying to install all my apps and contacts =(

Thanks to everyone that has been sharing this file as well as their comments. I'm currently with Rogers and have recently installed this upgrade from OS There were other upgrades (leaked version) after the .314 but many had problems with rebooting sequences.
I installed this OS this morning and it has been working great. I don't recall any reboots that happened but will update you if anything changes. So far everything works great! I haven't really determined anything different right now from .314 but will report anything that I notice.

Loving this build so far, very compatible and extremely fast. Booted in around thirty seconds before i installed any apps. Great new tweaks to the theme and overall gui

Not a bad load. (have att bold)

my Internet brower wont work getting "connection refused" even over wifi. my camera is all psychadelic on the screen! When I switch to the video camera the screen is fine.

best build i ever have installed sind OS 5.0! all applications are working, memory is compared to .314 5mb bigger, battery doesnt drain so fast (what i can say until now). iam using the german language file and there are no problems, it boots very fast an over all it seems very fast. nearly to an official version! only thing are the 3 icons in the camara-view, that do not work.

I also have the problem of those icons in the camera view that don't work. All the rest (even the Internet Browser) is OK. The only problem that I would like to solve is the loss of that functionality that turned the screen light off when you put the phone inside the leather bag (or case) and light on when you slide it off. That is not working in my Bold anymore with Does anybody knows if there is a way to fix this?

ive updated my bold a few times before to the 5.0 leaks but this time its not as easy. i deleted the vendor file and when i get the screen to choose to upgrade or downgrade the 5.0 option says "only active blackberry service subscribers are entitled to install this blackberry device software upgrade" anyone ahve any answers?

I'm unable to play songs/videos on this build. Pictures adn web videos are fine, though.

Anyone have any idea as to why/how this happened?

I downloaded and installed the update, but when i tried to update the phone my BDM says

"only active blackbery service subscirbers are entiled to install this blackberry device software upgrade"

already deleted the vendor file....please help

Delete vendor.xml and instead of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, use the app loader:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\loader.exe

Thanks to this site all 4 of my Bold's are now running! It was weird because every install went different and only one had no problems. I got 507 errors on my other 3 and thought they were all new paper weights, but all were updating from the same Thanks to BBSAK 1.7 I was able to get every phone back to exactly what it was before, but better. This is the first 5.0 I've had the guts to tackle and it was nothing like the old days of monster packing my motorolas with new OS's. After about 30 minutes this is the fastest and most efficient OS I've used on a Bold yet. Didn't lose anything I can think of.... Love it! Been camping on the site for the past weeks waiting for a bold leak that was stable! Thank you Jesus for crackberry.com =)

I just downloaded and installed OS on my Blackberry Bold 9000, so far its been running for about 2 hours, this is a great os, not many changes from except the reboot time is mucchh faster than before, i dont receive any error messages such as " get an uncaught exception" at the start up and I have not experienced any random reboots like in .348 (although it has only been running for 2hrs), there are no complications with the threaded SMS, the browser is fast, the music and video playback is working properly, there are no issues in deleting any content from songs or videos (as in .348 some users may try to delete a song/ file and it still remains), there have been no rapid declines or drops in battery life, the battery charges properly (I had a previous problem with the battery charging when running .348). All my apps are still in place and working just fine, my themes are working properly as well. The camera works perfectly fine no problems. I will check over the next few days to see any changes but so far this is definitely a great OS, closest thing to an official OS that I have seen, truly worth it. Hope this is enough info lol

I installed .411 on my Bold 9000 early this morning and it's working fantastically so far. The installation didn't have any significant problems, although the device initialization phase took *much* longer than when I've done 4.6.x updates.

All RIM-developed apps (App World, Facebook, all chat clients) were missing immediately after the upgrade, but installed OTA and through App World without issue. It could be in my head, but the native browser seems to be a bit snappier. All other apps, including Opera Mini 5b2 and Google Voice are working well.

Holding down the menu key to launch the application switcher is a *huge* add, since it frees up the left aux key for voice commands.

I have also noticed that the time it takes to generate thumbnails in the picture browser and to flick through fullscreen pictures has been *greatly* reduced. That lag had become a major annoyance for me with 4.6.x.

All in all, this has been really positive so far. I have not run into any of the camera bugs, picture quality issues or reset problems that I've read about. It feels like a polished, finished product, which I really hope means that RIM is close to an official rollout.

I installed (up from this morning, and had a few battles...1) DM did not recognize that 5.0 had been installed. After a wipe with JL_cmdr, and an uninstallation of all previous versions, DM STILL didn't recognize 5.0. AH HA! I remembered the fix that I read on another site a few months ago. When upgrading, disconnect your computer from the internet (turn off wireless, pull the ethernet cable out...). Worked like a charm. 2) Once installed, the "Internet browser" was missing...here is the fix for that http://forums.pinstack.com/f199/bb_os_5_0_browser_fix_for_at_and_t-106291/ 3) No VVM. That was the annoying one. I followed the FAQ's on that one...but failed to realize that the version of BBSAK that I have only installed one COD file at a time. After being anal, and installing/checking one at a time, it was fixed.
As the subject says, 12 hours later, it's still a solid, lightning fast OS. My only beef so far is battery life. At the twelve and a half hour mark, my battery was fully drained. I've seen this before after an OS install...the day after is always better.

All I can say is that the Theme Issue with the earlier two versione the .314 and .348 is gone. Now, the theme wallpaper is not gone and I dont have to go thru the cumbersome task of changing the theme and than getting back to the theme I had initially.

Overall, a great release. No memory leaks, great battery life with Viigo, Where, Google Maps, Google Voice, Google Talk runnings, only maybe 10% taken from the whole day, which also includes several emails and text messages and chats and searches.

I think, by FAR, this is the closest to the 5.0 release on the 8900, HANDS DOWN.

No Issues yet with anything I use, everything that worked with .348 has worked so far. Also, am running the BBM .52 version, havent seen any changes but love th epart where it recovered all my contacts with the email address.

this one is really good so far. All of my apps run fine.

My apps are:
Windows Live Messenger
QuickPull Pro
Google Maps

just disappointed that there's no language pack to display and type chinese.

I have the 5.0.0314 for my 8900 i downloaded the new 411 os. deleted the vector file plugged in my berry and nothing. I went to app loader and sweet saw 411. clicked upgrade. device manager then stated that there is nothing to upgrade. I checked my os and still 314. any clues?

My pc automatically updated the 5.0 software and my device froze. I had to wipe my hand-held and uninstall and reinstall the software but it is working great again!

everything works great except I can not seem to get nimbuzz to connect keep says check internet connection any solutions. everything else works fine thanks cb

Best, build, ever! AT&T Bold, upgrade from .314 went smooth as silk -- VVM/browser/all apps working fine (although I somehow had the patience to wait for the permission prompts before diving in, dunno if that mattered). It was so uneventful that I couldn't help but proceed with a wipe and fresh install. A bit more work there... had to use BBSAK 1.7 to restore VVM and do browser fix.
No reboots, GPS fix seems almost instant, browser snappier and so on... BTW used BBSAK's javaloader for both upgrade and wipe/install.

I too have had the problem with SMS messages from others being under one persons name/chat.

How can this be sorted? Any help would be much appreciated?

I have a Bold 9000 on AT&T and I'm having trouble with photo/thumbnail display quality.

1) All thumbnails look jagged and somewhat "digitized" (i.e. blocky).
2) Any pictures taken before I loaded .411 on my device appear blocky when viewed and the overall quality appears low although these same images looked fine back on .238
3) Any pictures taken since .411 look great when they are viewed, even though as stated in 1) the thumbnails look rough.
4) When I set any picture as the main screen background, they look fine.

Second, when I go into the "Downloads" folder there is no BB App World, even though it was selected for installation and appears in BB App Center ... where did the icon go ??

I installed .411 yesterday (for 8900). First impressions are battery life is not as good as .348 but .411 is faster and uses less memory than .348.

The only major flaw I have found so far is that voice dialing from address book doesn't work. Even after I recalibrated for my voice, recognizing names from the address book doesn't work. Commands like "call (then list out number string)" "check status", etc. work. When I say "call (name from address book)" recognition doesn't work. I get a string of names that don't sound anything like the name I say or nothing is recognized and I am asked to "try again". Voice dialing worked like a charm in .348 and previous firmware versions.

My sms were not showing, I thought they have not been restored, I checked the folder and they were all there, but unable to load them. And when I open a new sms text message I can see history to previous messages from different contacts.
Guess same issue as mkattab in his 8900
Everything else is...perfect so far.

Installed with no problems...EXCEPT....some apps didnt work too well. Facebook is one of them and quickpull as well.

The facebook keeps giving some connection/server error and then still updates, so i really dont know whats going on, but i am trying to find the version instead of the

Overall, great build, runs smoothly and looks fantastic.

Installed over Works great so far. After installing contacts disappeared from Google Talk, but did show up later without any direct action.
Had random boot-ups with 348 only while charging. No random boot-up with 411 so far.
Small change from 314, when setting times you scroll down to increase the numbers and not up.
Buttons look better.
Boot up time decreased from 5 min with 348 to two min with 411.
Battery seems to get drained faster, not sure so far (had a lot of talk time today).
Scrolling in Viigo works fine since 348.
I believe an official 5.0.0 release shouldn't be far away.

Great build - not a single reboot for over 12 hours now or ever! Cannot comment really on the battery life - seems better than 348 though. Did have problems with threaded SMS - where all messages were getting threaded incorrectly under a single sender name - removed the latest COD file and replaced with the earlier COD file version using BBSAK and it is working fine now (procedure is available on CB forums) Cheers!

Great Build!!!! But my browser doesnt work! keeps saying "this is a wi-fi service. please ensure your device has an active wi-fi connection and try again" does anyone have a clue what is going on?

My quicktext isn't working right. I'll hit the "Q" letter and bring the list of people to text. When I select the corresponding key to text someone, then nothin. Now, if I hit the "Q" again, it brings up the message window for me to text that person.

Anyone else have this issue?

Installed seamlessly and working fine since 3 days.
Bold is faster , battery life is better, all apps work.

Excellent build

Until now I'm very positive about this FW.

The delivery notice in texting section works fine again.
Good speed and no lags at all.

notice a lttle lag when coming out of stanby and today had reboot when i answered a call. it just kept loading and the call wouldnt end then it just rebooted. gonna do a clean install and see if that makes it any better

Just instaled on my curve 8900 works great only issue i ran into was no bb messenger icon so i started to download it from app world and it crashed during installgot blank screen going to hard boot it now

- Installed .411 on AT&T Bold 9000 without any problems.
- Running fine with no reboots for 3 days, nice and quick.
- Seeing same background image after manual reboot which is easily fixed by changing theme style from Today to Zen and back again.
- Only app issue is that Nimbuzz will not connect on this build.
- Seeing huge memory leak, 20mb file free down to 1mb in about 4 hrs, maybe an app but did not see in this in .238.

Despite the memory leak its a good build so will keep it for now.

does anyone know where i can download VVM?

also, i've noticed that with v5.0.0.411 with media card enabled (media card support and mass storage mode support enabled), it does not show removable drive when plugged in with USB. it only shows device memory.

Alright guys I don't want to sound like a newby, but I'm having an issue with loading up the OS 5.0 on my TMo 8900. Everything is already backed up. I ran the install wizard and when I connect my 8900 to my pc and select app loader it doesn't show me the upgraded 5.0 OS. What is it that I need to do to make it happen?

After a bit of research, I pulled the pin on loading this in my Rogers BB Bold. I was not or am not impressed with the Rogers OS due to dropped calls. I installed an AT&T OS and it worked great. Then I saw this! HELLO?? Where has this OS been? Granted it's the new OS for the Bold 9700 but damn it, bring it on baby!! I have never seen my BBB move so fast! Internet surfing is super fast now. I usually had to wait a few minutes to load a page with the Rogers OS.

So far, I'm very impressed. I have noticed however that the new OS may effect the battery life. But then again I have been playing with it for 4 hours. HA! I'll report back later with anything else needed to help you Rogers folks out.

I just switched from the 4.7 to 5.0 and it is running smooth changed systems with no problem.. Happy holidays

Hi all,

Just upgraded my 8900 to the 411 build. Everything seemed to go great, but I'm having a problem with Enterprise Activation. I contacted my BES admin prior to the upgrade and he set me up with an activation password good for 100 hours. It's attempting to activate and appears to have gotten part way (I received the temporary message in my Exchange inbox BES uses to deliver the settings needed - but didn't touch it) but after the screen said "Activating [email address]" for a few minutes I received an error on the handheld indicating that an error occurred and was unable to activate properly. It said "The BlackBerry Enterprise Server has not responded to your activation request. An error may have occurred." It gave an option to Continue Activation, which I tried. Again, I got the "Activating [email address]" screen for a few minutes then right after it said "Verifying encryption..." it returned with a screen that said "An error occurred. The email address or password may be incorrect. Please contact your System Administrator." Any ideas? I tried a hard reset followed by another attempt but got the same results.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I have just upgraded my 9000 Bold from to and everything seems to be OK, my device is AT&T Unlocked. No problem so far, faster boot and no wild reboot. WiFi, 3G and 2G network are running well. All application work nicely, OS 5.0 themes still work.

OS 5.0.411 fix the phone audio enhancer both handset and headset, internal file browser and reducing boot up time. Using latest FB client, BBM 0.54, Beejive RC 2 and latest BB App World.

Upgrading without changing anything, including the original 0.411 radio without any glitch. Hopefully it will also works in GPRS network.

Hello, I downloaded the OS 3 days ago and even though all apps (except Opera mini 5 beta 2) work fine, the battery life has been a dissapointment. After only 1 hour of the phone being unplugged from the charger, battery life goes to 90% without any phone use. There are no apps running on the backscreen and my theme is not animated. Problem with OM is that it says connection failed and I also get a black screen after I click on an item or link. I've decided to downgrade to, which was working great with awesome battery life and no issues which I could see. I'll wait for another OS down the line until then .348 it is.

Ok, so i realize today that when trying to send an MMS, i would ge a red "X" immediately. I checked the service books and funny enough,"MMS Transport" was in the list, i registered the phone in the host routing table and even re-send service books and still cant send an MMS message.

If i cant figure this out, im going down back to

T-Mobile 8900

im having a hard time updating my 0s on my 8900, i have os5.0.0.154 currently and everytime i run the new os 5.0 it just says repair or remove, i tried repair and it wont do anything, any suggestions?

You gotta uninstall the old OS first in control panel > add/programs. Then after the old is uninstalled, you install the new one then continue.Hope this will help you.

the only positive ive gotten is a replacement device. i followed all directions. ran fine for 2 days, now waiting for my new replacement after downgrading. aye!

I no longer have "internet browser" as an option in Options>Adanced Settings>Browser. I have "hotspot browser", "blackberry browser", and "media net". Only media net will let me out to internet but only over cellular conection. I use to set the browser to "internet browser" and then could surf over wifi connection.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Ok, so I updated to this leaked version the other day, all is well, and it works fast and great, except my visual voice mail icon is gone! It is no where to be seen, it doesn't look like the application is on the phone at all anymore.

Whenever I get a voicemail it leaves an SMS message with some weird number and URL string.

Anyway to get Visual Voice Mail back?

Anyone else getting the clock and a long lag when you hit a key to turn the screen back on? I may have to downgrade.

8900 Upgrade is super solid. I just went from 4.6 to this version and it's much better. I can't believe how fast the browser is now compared to 4.6. Very happy with the upgrade so far and I've had it for four days.

i have noticed that sometimes the sim contacts have to be loaded manually. other than that it works perfectly

I have updated my software on my unlocked Orange UK Bold 9000 and I have the issue where the threaded sms messages all meld into one. I have 5 different people message me, yet all the messages somehow find themselves under one name!!
I have also noticed that if I an a new application that needs a reboot, this then causes the above problem to happen to the messages.
Are there any workarounds or solutions for this yet, as I may have to go back to the previous version where this didn't happen. Only problem is that caused my phone to reboot whilst I was charging it.

i installed the firmware like i can see in on my uninstall list on my computer but when it comes to updating it doesnt show can someone pls help!!

Hey guys... i installed this OS last night (of all nights!), and panicked a little bit because of the outage (nothing was working). This morning all seems to be ok, EXCEPT the following:

App World

I have an 8900 on Tmo, and all of my other apps work fine (yelp, google maps, ubertwitter, etc...)

I tried installing the App World COD's with BBSAK, but that didn't seem to do anything. I am still getting the message that I should get a plan that allows data usage or whatever it says...

Any advice?


was playing call of duty world at war then paused the game to read a text message. when i went back it froze then my phone rebooted

everything works great on the new OS except for my gmail emails. for some reason with the new OS the email icon and alert shows up when i get mail but then i click on the folder to retrieve the email theres nothing there but the phone keeps telling me there is. but when i go into the main mail list i can see the email. anyone else experience this issue?

never mind figured out that you have to delete the enhanced gmail plug-in... and had to do it with a utility call crackutil.

downloaded the Bold OS from a torrent site and installed. im upgrading from 4.6 and So far after a full day of use everything is working without a flaw. i've read a few problems about people having the sms threading problem, but i dont seem to have that, or i dont have it yet. i cant say anything about the battery life yet in general because ive been using pandora all day and that may have been why my battery was kind of low when i got home. I like that i can finally set a different text alert tone for every person in my list, and BBM 5.0 is working much better on OS 5. so overall i think this was a great update. it wasnt official but it was great

can someone explain to me how to download this file on my mac then download it on my blackberry? because im new to this and im dying to finally get this 5.0 os... ive downloaded the 5.0 os but when i open it, it doesnt open in installer. it might because im using a mac? can anyone help?

Although I am a little late on this. I have figured out how to upgrade my software but it had to be through a pc (not possible for macs yet). The 5.0 is working great and I haven't encountered a flaw yet. The browsers speed is much improved and things seem to be runiing smoothly. Still waiting for the official 5.0 to come out for AT&T though. Does anyone know when it will be out? This is rediculous since its been about 1/2 a year since the 9700 and still no update on a 5.0 for the 9000. Like always AT&T is slacking!