Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700
By Bla1ze on 1 Dec 2009 08:25 am EST

Been waiting for a newer OS for your BlackBerry Bold 9700? While I am currently happy with my OS BlackBerry Bold 9700 users will be happy to know OS has leaked onto the interwebs. Remember, all disclaimers are in order here.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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we storm 1 owners have been left in the past and forgotten :~(


Where are all the leaks for the Tour??


Ditto! Been a long time since a 5.0 leak for the Tour and the last one was crap.


Enough about the damn Tour! Go in the Tour forums and ask about it there. Lets leave this comments thread for information about the 9700.


@weedr. Who needs a tour ? That´s crappy CDMA ;-)

It´s coming, trust me


love the 9700 even more thanx crackberry


I will make you a good deal. Its obvious no official 5.0 is EVER coming for it.


There seems to be more 9700 leaks more than any other BlackBerry. :D Love it! Hopefully this one brings a few new things to the table.


I hope this one is better than the Official .351. The OS is golden; but when it comes to processing the data, it blows. I hope this one has a faster data processing rate.


Well for you guys, i figured that RS link will die in a bit so i downloaded it and uploaded it to MegaUpload (super faster upload from work :) )



Thanks the original link was slower than dirt


What's with the biweekly 9700 leaks? Have any new features been introduced?


I just finished installing it and will report back with OS stats.


Here's hoping this is a good sign that a new Storm 1 leak is around the corner.


Damn, another leaked for the 9700???!!! Where's a leaked for the 9550???


can we start a thread on this and have people post there findings on the new os


OS 5.0 for the 9000 as well please!


Don't worry, wi will get *.390 soon for ours "B1" ;)


I have a T-Mobile 9700:

1.I just installed and its up and running. The Myfaves screen is back! :) (but it wont show the icons on the home screen, it just shows the MyFaves button and not the actual contacts)
2.Mobile Backup is also back! :)
3.Audio Postcard is also back! :)
4.You can now edit your MyFaves icons from within the options menu, you can change from "Circle" view to "List" view.
5.I'm not getting EDGE or 3G haha just edge. I will reboot and hopefully that works.
6.Messages and SMS/MSS have their own separate folders.

If I find anything else I will let ya know.


Ok so after a battery pull:

1.MyFaves contacts now show up on home screen.
2. I am getting EDGE now lol
3.Bootup time is the same
4.Themes editing is not the default boring looking one its back to the cool 5.0 one.


So...it's an ATT build since you aren't getting 3G...with the T-Mobile layout...sweet :D


One more thing!!

When you click on a MyFaves contact there will be a ring of options around that contact with the following!

1.Send IM
2.Send EMail
3.Send Message
5.Activity Log
6.Send Wave hello. WTF is that!!!
7.Send Audio Post Card

I'll post up a screen shot of this!


i am assuming send wave would have something to do with the google wave application. i have not seen any mobile apps around that yet, in fact the whole thing is still invite only. anyone want an invite let me know, i have 6 left


Don't mind an invite.


So does this mean no more 3G? just Edge? please let me know gonna install now, pending your answer.


Always Operating System Onyx 9700 is updated!!!!!WHICH FOR THE BOLD 9000???????????????????
Don't stepchild the bold 9000!!!!!!!!


If someone can post the link that be great.

This is the link to it, I just took a screen shot.



Any Bold 9700 on ATT testers for this file yet?
Would like to know the hickups before jumping into something new here.
P.S.: I'm getting too old to try out betas that might go bad on me...lol


There is 3G and EDGE, i just needed to do a battery pull.

The "Send Wave" option lets you select what type of Wave. You can send Hug,Kiss, or just wave, you can even send a custom wave.


There "Wave" thing is also up on the T-Mobile site! Go to your MyFaves section on the site and you can send Waves,Hugs,Kisses from there! Awesome! haha!


Downloaded it (Rogers user on a BES Account).

No issues noted thus far. Not sure what the "SMS txt" issue was in the first place so can't comment on if it's fixed. Also just picked up my 9700 yesterday ...


i was hoping RIM was anticipating google wave, wishful thinking i guess


For any numbers in a xxx-xxx-xxxx or (xxx) xxx-xxxx format, the number gets displayed in the SMS window, instead of the Contact name.You had to change it to a xxxxxxxxx format in order to see the name. Is this fixed?
Also, how is the battery life? .351 is horrible compared to .321



Thats still an issue.


If Battery is still an issue, this build is no good
P.S.: with the exception of having OS 5 with a good battery life on .297, the old Bold 9000 outperforms in battery life, boot time, screen res, audio quality, screen size and keyboard.


Post: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS (Leaked Version) [RS Mirror] http://bit.ly/5UDM7L


Please a leak for the Tour or even, dare I say, an official 5.0 update?!


amirnabilkamelsaad: Battery isn't an issue at all. Overall this is the best OS for the 9700.


Thanks to SHoTTa35 for the fast link! Downloading now, I will post in the forums after reload. I love the smell of New OS in the morning! BTW ATT 9700 here and this thing is ROCKS!


I might have to give this Beta a shot. Not worried about the my fave five dealieo. With EM+ unlimited EVERYTHING I get my fave USA and PR.


@SHoTTa35 thanks for the new link!


I did a battery pull and it took at least 10 min to boot up is the only known issue right now, and the names still dont display in the sms folder.


wsutter: It takes about 1 minute for mine to boot up everytime I do a battery pull.


I think it depends on the amount of data on your phone. When i first bought it, it loaded very quickly. after i put everything on, including my 500 memos and all my apps, a few more mins were tacked on. still faster then wut i was used to


First time I have experienced this. I keep all my phone numbers as 11 digits (no dashes), in my contact log. Noticed that the delivery report is working again in this build for SMS messages. Boot time for me after a battery pull is about 3 minutes. MyFaves is back, and now I keep getting messages from TMO saying that the icon is invalid (still trying to figure this one out).


Bold not getting any love???


As someone else mentioned, SMS still shows up as a phone number instead of the contact name (just tried it).

Man this thing is lightening fast compared to my old 8310.


Some of the 8900 and Tour themes I have installed will sketch and smear colors when I scroll in the menus. I am just sticking with the standard themes. Other than that, it's awesome!


This is a Bold 9700 blog, can you install 8900 and Tour themes on the 9700 and have it to work without any problems?
P.S.: I never use themes since they are usually messy with the colors and scroll.


Can anyone confirm this has support for the T-Mobile 3G bands (1, 4 and 6)?

To verify on your phone, go to Options / About / 3G Bands. It will either list 3 or 4 bands, depending on the network it supports.

Although the 3G icon may appear on the screen, it does *not* mean you will be able to send/receive at 3G speeds. That determination is entirely based upon the supported 3G bands.

Without the T-Mo 3G band support, its like driving a Corvette with 4 spare tires- its still a 'Vette, but doesn't handle any better than a AMC Pacer.


Can anyone confirm this has support for the T-Mobile 3G bands (1, 4 and 6)?

To verify on your phone, go to Options / About / 3G Bands. It will either list 3 or 4 bands, depending on the network it supports.

Although the 3G icon may appear on the screen, it does *not* mean you will be able to send/receive at 3G speeds. That determination is entirely based upon the supported 3G bands.

Without the T-Mo 3G band support, its like driving a Corvette with 4 spare tires- its still a 'Vette, but doesn't handle any better than a AMC Pacer.


My TMobile says 1,4,8 for the list of 3G bands. Tmobile uses 1,4,8, not 1, 4, and 6.

The latest leak works great for my tmobile.


Mine also says bands 1,4,8 for this build. Seems pretty stable, but some tweaks are still needed for SMS contact info.


Sike! lol dling it now will let u guys know what happens


I have 330 on my phone right now and it works great. Speedy and battery life is REALLY REALLY good. I can get about 16 hours no joke. I used the heck out of my Blackberry from 7am to 3am and it never ran out on me.

SO SO scared to do this leak... I loved the leaks for my 8900.


Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 18-July-2010):


Anyone find a fix for the SMS not showing the Contact's Name??? It only shows the contact's phone number.

I've tried everything I could to have the SMS display the contact's name and not the phone number, but no luck.

Just wondering if this is a bug in the build and can't be fixed until an update leaks out.

I'm running the on AT&T bold 9700.


Just installed the OS and now my contact names dont show up on SMS.....bought my 9700 unlocked and was using it on O2 with the OS provided.....i didnt have problems with the SMS displaying phone numbers instead of contacts but now i do and i cant downgrade because i dont have the OS on file.


Go to the blackberry site and download the latest official os for any carrier. Install the OS on your computer, then go under program files>Common Files>Reasearch In Motion>App Loader. Once there locate the "vendor xml" file and delete it. Once that is done, click on the app loader icon in the same folder with your blackberry connected to the computer. It should pick up your blackberry and once it has ran through verifying your software, the next screen should ask you if you want to downgrade. I hope that this helps. :)