Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000

Bold 9000 OS
By Adam Zeis on 11 Nov 2009 02:09 pm EST

Ronen at BerryReview got a hold of this one early this morning, and has posted OS for the Bold 9000. This is a big jump from the last Bold leak, so if you're still rocking a 9000 (maybe even in white?) then you might want to check this one out. As always, use caution when installing a leaked OS. Be sure to report your findings in the comments.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000


I upgraded from .238 and my Bold was "nuked"-perpetual restart loop. Just be wary of the new leaked .348, as many have been experiencing similar issues.

Since there are too many people trying to get this.. Can someone who managed to download, please re-host this file? PLEASE! :D

Man Rapidshare wants a premium membership!!! :( Any good-hearted fella to upload it somewhere else?? :)

you are right, i am sure that it will be posted, you know how it is though got to have the latest and greatest build.

wheres the tour update everybody is getting there updates us tour users are being left in the dark. check blackberryos also for updates. there having same prob with this leak so bring on the tour 5.0

I installed it and firts I thaought it was fine, since yesterday evening about 23.00hours belgian time.
My bold rebooted about 15 times already without even touching it.

There are still some major issues i think i'm gonna downgrade again. !

I am downloading it - it took me about 4 tries but I will tell you the download is very slow, but that's to be expected.

On a side note, I was using .297 (AT&T version 2nd release) and when I plugged into DM, I was notified of an update. I am now using - anyone else?

Yes, the leak gods have answered :D Downloading now from the megaupload one.. thanks for the link! :D Installing in 2 mins - took 2 mins to download also

downloaded rapidly (from megaupload). upgrading from .238 and a bit nervous. would love to hear from all the addicts/geniuses first if worth it.

on .238 i never had it crash and for the first week on this .314 it never once rebooted on me then all the sudden it reboots anywhere from 1 to 5 times aday. i am so excited to try this OS out. its downloading right now at 110k from my blackberry. btw thanks crackberry for the free copy of tetherberry. i love tetherberry and already bout it for my wifes phone.

hope it works great

Downloaded the os file right away and upgraded from .314, i seem to be stuck in a booting up then crash and reboot loop... :(

lots of people in the forums saying they can't even get it to boot, and is rebooting repeatedly before ever getting to the homescreen, i'm still gonna try it, but at this point theres over a dozen people claiming this...gotta wonder if the leaks we get now are just jokes and someone is laughing at us, a reboot pre-home screen is obviously unsolvable..

had unlimited repeats of booting from upgrading OS..
i was able to wipe the device during booting..
and working on it again..

As mentioned by a few others...I've installed it and seem to be stuck in a reboot loop. The progress bar moves along to right under the "e" in BlackBerry, then it shuts down and reboots, twice. the repeats. On first load, after a clean install with BBSAK and using the loader.exe file it came all the way up to the OS setup on devise, then rebooted. Now stuck in this loop. It's reboooted (pun intended) 11 times now, and counting. Only loaded the OS core files...

will also post this in the forum.

I can confirm the constant rebooting... it's annoying. Seeing as how this is my first ever time upgrading to a leaked OS, it doesn't instill confidence to want to try it again. lol

Getting tons of reboots before the OS even loads. Going back to 314 till tomorrow i'll play with this some more.

This was my first time to upgrade from 4.6 to 5.0 and its stuck in the constant reboot. I don't want to go back down to 4.6 but i can seem to find the .314 version of 5.0 that everyone else had. Can someone post a current link please?


no reboots, hangs or hiccups otherwise for me.
.314 was a nightmare for me, but this one seems a lot more stable.

i did a fresh install after wiping the devices with BBSAK and only restored my contacts, bbm contacts and messages

wow. was about to load b/c i figured this os had to be a win. then read this and it seems more like russian roulette.

First of all:
Install using wipe (I wiped mine with bbsak 1.7)

Clean install are mostly better;)

Speed: The speed is okay, its not as fast a 314 but its equal to 238 and a bit faster then 190
As long as we don't see the anoying loading clock its all good!

GUi: It has the same flashy gui as 314 (so the improved graphics i like it)

TCP WAP: I had alot af trouble with wap disabled on 314 i was not able to run programs over BIS , i needed to
run them over wap2 (aka tcp) that fixed now


Applist that work:
Appstore 1.04.225
BBsalert 1.1.12
bestflash 4.5
Bolt 1.50
ControlBBanel 1.00.8
Documents to Go 1.007.051
Google Maps 3.0.2
Google mobile app 3.4.14
iccool 1.0
Mango-4_6 1.6
PDFtoGO 1.003.001
processviewer 1.03
Protranslater 1.0
qsms 0.1
SmartBcalender 1.01.4
speedtest 0.1.86
Telmpap Navigator 4.57.10
Vison for youtube 1.0.28
Berry Weather 1.5.47
Woomby 2.0
Zonasnap 1.1.08
QUicklaunch (latest works)

Gmail -- Works again: Finally (did not work for me before) (security error)
Viigo 3.1.489 - Scrolling works
Facebook Works
Hyves Works (dutch hi5/myspace/facebook clone)

Stormy - V2 theme -> works
Sms chat: Included
Sms indicator icon is now Yellow instead of blue (i guess they changed color because what i had is that i sometimes thought it was a bbping
even though the icons are a bit different it still could be confusing so the yellow color is a +

When deleting a chat <-- It does remove the full message now (with the nr ) so not only the content within a sms chat
Bug fixed;)

Browser: seems to work fast - Tabbed browsing not included

Music player: works fast, loads my song fast
plays normal
interface: same

Video player: loads a bit slower then normal, tested it with the latest indiana jones movie (optimised for blackberry)
but it said something about SUBS (in dutch: bijschriften) i think they added subtitle support
Does not work THOUgh!!!

Anyways scrolling within the movie without getting crashing the BB works good!

Videocamera: works good
Fotocamera: works good

Errors: Radio uptime, while typing this message got disconnected once (3G lost, gprs only available.)
should go back in a sec i guess

I don't know if it was the timing or the app: But when i used quicklaunch, it worked perfect only after i saved the pic my blackberry rebooted

I have a weird music icon: its the default icon (of a window) that apps get when they have no icon,
I just hid the icon, and moved the one from the Media folder to my home folder


First boot after installation: 3:44 minutes
Second++ boot 45 sec

PS: running for 1 hour now: 1 reboot after using zonasnap (i retried it but i did not reboot) so this could have been a co-incidence.
íf so, then it was a random reboot. I hope this will not happen to often)
But still running smoothly...

Looks like a near final (but still i loved the 314 speed)

(Running on a Unlocked T-mobile bold 9000 ) Unlocked with MFI multiloader (used developers VSM)
v. platform (

By nillo: BBTIPS.nl

I hope this helps u peeps out there

Testing new OS leaks is good but man, everytime I try to install it, it tells me theres no room on my device. Why would I get that message if it's replacing the current OS? I've followed the CB tutorial to the T... :(


If ur dare to take the risk.
u can also use MFI multiloader (this is a unlock tool)
disconnect ur blackberry from usb,
download it (MFI), disconnect from the internet. start it. switch auto-start off [] ). And choose full erase

Many people have said OMG nooooo don't use the full erase it will end ur live, well it won't i did it many many times before. I LIVE BY TRY BEFORE U DIE :D anyways.
after completion just type: START on your blackberry

unplug your bb

Now u will get a 50x error , now
go to your program files/common files/research in motion/apploader folder, delete vendor.xml
( u have to have pre-installed a OS to install in this case on your computer because u gonna load it now)

dan run the apploader: And again plug in your blackberry.
now it will say your pin or unknown

just press next...
And select te options to install and install en voila.

its done. If this fails just redo the apploader procedure. Not the mfi procedure.

If that all fail just read the How to fix a nuked bb topic posted below every new leak.


Hope this helped!

stuck in the boot loop! made it to the home screen once, but then it crashed. oh well, just wait for the next release. guess thats what i get for jumping the gun. lol

its official, if you're at&t this will not work, service books issue, not even worth trying for now if you're on att

hi all no probs with this .348 leak for me. i am using a bold. couldnt say the same about .314 tho lol. been nearly 4 hours no reboots :)

installed and working fine right now. No relapse in the rebooting screen. Backup successful and all. seems fine.

4.6 - 5.0

downloaded and installed first time from OZ on Optus network. Back up and restore fine. Off to play wish me luck :)

tried it, loved everything BUT the stupid threaded sms feature. I have also noticed that contacts listed with SMS and added in bbm, the chat appears in BBM. Went through all menu options, unfortunately i wasnt able to find how to have this removed. but until i do, back to 4.6 until i know how to work things around this.

Mirror RS (Link expire at 17-May-2010) :

For those that are running this...any problems with apps like Quickpull or BeeJive? Tempted to try but the developers of both apps are not providing updates until 5.0 is official...

Hi, after install first startup took about 8 minutes. It seemd to be in a loop after 60%, but I just waited, and it started up nice. Now a reboot takes about 45 sec.
No problems until now, only cannot instal Viigo (news), and cannot make a connection to the server in AppWorld...
I'm using a original simlockfree BB, and wiped it with BBSAK.

make sure you dont install with a media card inserted.. that usually causes the frequent restarts :s dont know why

Dit a wipe with BBSAK 1.7 before updating....after that restored only contacts, sms, messages etc. and it's working fine! Had 2-3 reboots right after installation (not on the boot screen, but in the OS), but it works A LOT better then .314

I got it to work on my Bold with no problem. Installed it and no loop reboot at all. However, for some reason, AppWorld doesn't seem to work correctly. Otherwise, it is great with some new interfaces facelift.

No reboots what so ever, working on it for 2 hrs now.
.314 was rebooting and was a nightmare as well.
hope this v works fine.
my media card was in when installing, nothing happened, no reboots at all.
installing bbm, facebook and gmail now ...

Am loving it!!! seems it doesnt work or has got the loop boot with ATT networks. Im from ASIA and im using a unlocked ROGERS set. It works flawlessly without a single reboot

I have it running voor over 17 hrs now, and it is still working stabel. No reboots, no memory lags or other big isseus.
Only AppWorld has some connecting problems, and Viigo will not work at all..
Batterij seems okee so far.


I have at&t it loaded with no issue for me i upgraded from 314. i did not have my sim card in when i did the upgrade works great fo me an i have AT&T!!!!!!!!!!

* Fast like *.314 or almost :)
* "strange" MUSIC icon in Downloads Folder
* No Polish language :(
* Changed (shaded, 3d effect) Play/Pause/Stop buttons in mediamanager
* 2 reboots after 18 hours, probably after ZonaSnap installation like said one other user here on CB. Why? Beacuse everything was OK, but when i installed ZonaSnap, my device reboots couple minutes after that.

I did a complete wipe of my BB bold and did a fresh install. This to date is the most stable 5.0 os I have ever installed. No reboot problem or any other problem. I had a browser problem with .314 and the os before that. With this current OS my browser works perfectly along with my other apps. The only app. Left for me to test is quickpull (I never got quickpull to work with .314). Other than this I say givee it a go, but remember to do a complete wipe first.

Am I missing something.... or do other people have a problem typing numbers with this release?? Have to press alt, release it, and then type a number. So no way to type 2 numbers fast after each other, press alt, release, number, etc.

To all the successful folks boasting that this worked, mind giving some details such as a) are you on AT&T, b) did you remove the SIM or Media Card before the install, etc? Love to use this and do have .314 on my phone now... just want to be sure I'm not going to brick the phone as many have said AT&T is (unsurprisingly) a particular issue.


I had a great paperweight on my desk for a while during the time it took to restore my phone after this install Bricked it!

dang it. the first install gave me restart loops, and then reload software 507. was on the phone with att/blackberry for 2hrs to fix that issue. installed back and second attempt to install and it again gave me restart loop. i even deleted the vendor.xml this time.

Hmmm...I've tried to UPGRADE from to .348, but it does not want to let me.

I deleted the vendor.xml of course, and did everything else the same way. I see a a significantly higher number of people doing wipes before installing .348 in this blog, so have any of you experienced anything similar?

How much of an improvement over .314 is it really? I DO want to upgrade NOW! I'm just wondering. ;)

Anyone get it to work with this build? I tried... berry just freezes. Uninstalled Viigo, will re-install and try again. If offical 5.0 is so close why is the app support so far behind?

Otherwise this is my first attempt beyond 4.6... and so far so good, other than the pain of downloading all the social apps why doesn't it just auto install them from the back-up?

Well its been a day and no probs. No reboots (other than for app installs). Didn't wipe unit before just deleted vendor.xml and ran loader.exe. Upgraded from .238

Sensobi - after reinstall
msn messenger
BB Messenger
empower central
Google maps

I went from .238 to this and have had no issues at all. I'm using an unlocked Rogers bold on the Fido network. No reboot and everything seems to be working fine. Did it as a normal OS install removing the vendor.xml file. So far so good

Hi guys, by now just about everyone with an att bold is probably having the same problem that I am having.... rebooting..... I took someones advise and tried it without the sim card in the phone and it worked until I put the sim card back in and it starting rebooting over again. I have given up. I had to downgrade to 5.0.238. I dont like .314 my battery died to fast.

This OS was so bad it made OS look good. I eneded up biting it downgraded to Much better battery, no random reboots, and still fast as anything.

all you have to do, for those who have the restart loop, is take out your sim card then install and when everything is fine...out the sim card in ^^]

No reboots in 15 milliseconds after installing! I'm impressed. I'll post back up in about 3 minutes and let everyone know how stable it is.

sigh. laugh.

yea...im a bit stubborn n learn the hard way and did this update and have att and i got the reboots, took a few hrs to get my phone back on track, att users DONT DO IT!!!!!!! coulda spent my night doin other things but had to spend it fixin my BB.

hi all,

installed about 6 hours ago, so far no reboot. german t-mobile device,unlocked, used with telecom italy. i coming from .328 (i always install with a wipe..ecc).

sorry beeing a little off-topic, some thoughts about.328: was quite good on my bold, had just a few reboots. from what i can tell, it looked to me that the reboots started when i begun to install messengers (googletalk, msn, instango), so i thought, the newtwork part (different api's on 5.x ?) are causing the reboots. the sd-card trick didn't change anything for me on .328

.348: snappy, browser getting faster and faster, i like the UI improvements (also seen on .328)
just a few apps installed so far:
bbm 5

p.s. i can't get the "random songs" to start..

pps. since .328 the battery lasts about 2 days (per day: 10-30 min internet, 150 mails, 10-20 songs, 30 min phone)

SOB! Anyone have this out there that they are willing to share? It is no longer available on the web...

Just installed it and it's pretty sweet so far. Hopefully it stays that way!!!

The browser seems way fater.

hi all,

errata corrige: in my last post i wrote about the .328 firmware, which is wrong. i obviously ment .314

with this leak i had a 14 hours without reboot, with everything working as it should. then the reboots started, i had 10 of them i 1 hour (not doing anything with the phone). for now reverting back to .314


I can't believe so many people are going through great lengths to download a program that can brick your phone.


it did a reboot a few times. first time i used a leaked os but it was really pretty. i hope they release the official os really soon or a leak that has minimal if no reboots. going back to for now. using a rogers 9000 unlocked. seems to work the best with the leaks as i see so far on the net. and guys please put the kind of bb ur using in your posts so we can see what kinds have the most problems than others

I upgraded my Bold 9000 on O2 UK to So far it works beautifully. I'm astounded by the increase in UI responsiveness and the little visual design details - a definite improvement over 4.6!

couldnt help it. upgraded to the os and it is working fune. my rogers bold seems to be handling it very well. apps using are fb 1.7, bb app world, big tin can buzz me bbm 5, windows messenger and yahoo messenger. usung the default theme zen style.

Hey all,
Attempting a download on my bold with rogers.
My Bold came from the UK unlocked from T-Mobile, not sure if that would ever make a difference.
Anywho, will post some feedback! Crossing fingers!

So far this is even better then my .238!
I had little glitches that would come up everytime I turned my phone on with the .238 and so far none at all with this upgrade. Only been playing for a short while but so far I'm really liking this!

Upgraded from a stable 4.6 -

Dataflow will stop at random times during web browsing or Enterprise Activation and the Bold reboots.

Tried to wipe and reflash this OS again, this time with memory card and SIM card removed and launching loader.exe /NOJVM from command line.

This did not fix it, it still loses dataflow and reboots all the time so I am going back to 4.6 stable.

I recommend you don't install this leak. It "broke" my phone i was online a while till I fixed this. A newbie wouldn't have been able to so use caution. I recommend you wait. If someone knows of a better leak let me know please. and thanks

I am new to crackberry and any help would be greatly appreciated i just downloaded 5.0 .348 and i dont know how to get it onto my blackberry, if anyone can be so kind enough and walk me through step by step, installing it onto my phone it would be appreciated thanks in advance, presley...

It has been working perfectly fine since 3 weeks for me. I am using etisalat in the UAE. I had rebooting problem the minute i installed this version but then i switched to 3G. It has rebooted only once since then! It is very fast OS. A couple of glitches as mentioned by others such as "strange" music icon, low volume.Viigo works perfectly fine.Good battery life though I am using 3G.all in all I am very much satisfied with this build.

was with the .348 for a lil on my rogers unlocked 9000 but too many reboots. so far .238 is the most stable. its not as fast but i have had 0 problems. all my apps work fine. no memory leak or lag. i think now that the apps are being updated thats fixing alot