Leaked: OS for Bold 9000 and Curve 8900

By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2009 01:22 pm EDT

** Update - D'oh! Max users reach on the rapidshare downloads. Hang on tight... OK, done. Both links updated to megaupload. Read through the comments or chek the CrackBerry OS forums for download mirrors. **

The guys over at BerryReview got a hot tip and landed OS for both the Bold 9000 and Curve 8900. If you've been hanging on to a buggy 5.0 build, now is your chance to upgrade. No word of any major finding or fixes for these, so be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you find out.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for Bold 9000 and Curve 8900


This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

This limit is reached.

To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector's Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.

Not enough slots. Hopefully we'll get another link soon. Slower Friday at the office, now I have something to do!

excited, i need the 8900 link please, and specify which one are u posting cuz i made the mistake of downloading from the the site post it, its for the 9000 :( no 8900? yet

is it safe to upgrade from the OS4.6.231 to the new beta or should i upgrade from 5.238 to 5.314? i have had always wondered if upgrading from older versions to the newest will bring problems... please anyone with advice reply thx

can somebody install it already and leave a good review if its working good and also if the apps work with it for example beejive !

Still waiting for the OS for the 8900!!! ANYONE UPLOAD???? We know at least 10 people downloaded it!

the forums, someone already uograding, and heard(read) that hes uploading when hes done, please once your done upload so others can download, we need to share as well for many others, thanks CB Users & Abusers

the forums, someone already uograding, and heard(read) that hes uploading when hes done, please once your done upload so others can download, we need to share as well for many others, thanks CB Users & Abusers

I have completed the install on 2 bolds already.

Everything has gone smooth so far. things seem to be working. Im just hoping this fixes my GPS battery leak....


I've never used a leaked OS. Anyone who upgraded on an 8900... is it worth the trouble of doing the upgrade?

I was just in the forums yesterday wondering where was the OS love for the 8900! The Leak Gods Have Answered our prayers!

HI-5 for the Leak Gods!

loaded this up about an hour ago. working perfectly so far, some minor tweaks in how things look, pic folder has slightly bigger thumbnails etc. the homescreen icons are a little dimmer when im not on the row.
one MAJOR difference for me so far, and this may be useful for all you people who have to push your work emails via the desktop redirector - previously my work emails would only get puched into my "messages" folder, and i'd have a separate folder for my gmail account etc. id have to go into "messages" to pickup my work emails, which was a pain in the butt cos my gmails would be duplicated here too by default. however in this build, i have a SEPARATE mailbox for the mail directed from desktop redirector. this is priceless for me, at least until RIM give us a solution for not setting up with microsoft exchange ISA servers...
il post more differences as I come across them

I installed this on my curve 8900 and it went perfectly! it didn't even take that long either. (which was kind of a surprise to me)

right off the bat changed that i saw was the dock has changed to look like the one on the bold 9700's OS. which is nice. facebook works, UberTwitter works. Runs smooth as ever. The last leak OS for the curve 8900 made my AT&T and EDGE fonts at the top gtt smaller when the phone was unlocked, and then when i locked it, they got to their normal size.. not sure if this happened to anyone else or not. But that IS fixed in this version. So far everything works like it's supposed to. Also in the last version, did anyone else's font at the top change to some weird, girly, white, bold, font changed sometimes? that was annoying for me. but as i said, everything works as normal now. :)

supports gmail plagin now, also a new menu "main message list settings' polished interface and faster boot up....

Can someone help me? I installed os 5.0 on my bold and the browser icon is there and when I click on it media net comes out.. how can I get my browser back without downgrading? please pm me


New Features:

Themes: You can set theme options for the preset themes. For instance, you can set a theme to be "Zen" or "Today" you can choose the background for that theme and change the destination folder for all your downloads to go to.

Mobile Backup: You can add your contacts that are in your SIM CARD to your BlackBerry.

Setup Wizard: The setup wizard icon has changed and now has a BlackBerry icon to it.

DM: When connected to DM the icon to the right now has a BlackBerry logo.

Overall this is by far the quickest (really FAST) leaked 5.0 OS to date there is for the 8900. There is no lag in between folders and as soon as I click its there without hesitance.

I simply love .314

EDIT: The boot up is incredibly fast and it freed up a lot of memory even after restoring everything I had.

How long as Support Embedded Media been under Browser Configuration?

Or is that new in this build :s pretty sure i've never seen it before, could it be what I think it is?

Ok so as well as the improved mailbox for desktop redirector..

Media player issue fixed - sound no longer dies when skipping songs

"Files" icon appears in applications, seems like as easier way to explore memory.

Improved home screen preferences when you hit BB button, then options..

"Error reading initialization setup file " Can someone help a brother out ... didn't have this problem with .238

Installed the OS fine, took some time to initialize the device to load the backed up date so I pressed Alt, Shift, Del to restart, then it went fine. Once the phone was on it said it needed to be restarted. So O pressed ok. It acted crazy on the restart. The light came on but the phone did not start which scared the crap out of me. So I did a battery pull and it started.

I got to update finished, looks better than the last beta i was running, but i cant find my visual voicemail icon?? anyone else lost this?

seems like it is taking an extremely long time to boot... should i try to reinstall the os again or is this just the
"beauty of beta"?? lol

When desktop manager loads up it says the newest update found is 4.6.282 .... the exe file just loads up desktop manager for me wtf

just finished installing it. I was updating from .238 and I like the look of .314 a lot.
- The OS also seems much snappier and responsive than .238.
- Didn't have the browser problem that .238 had
- Still can't get BBM 5.0 or quickpull to work

and that's just my initial impressions after about 30 minutes of usage

Anyone else only getting about 33mb after this install?

Always had close to 45 and did not even install all apps back!

When desktop manager loads up it says the newest update found is
By: danageplan | Date: Fri, 10/23/2009 - 17:24 | edit reply
When desktop manager loads up it says the newest update found is 4.6.282 .... the exe file just loads up desktop manager for me wtf

I downloaded one from MegaUpload (314Curvy.exe, 154,482,062 bytes) and one from MediaFire (8900M_PBr5.0.0_rel489_PL5.2.0.20_A5.0.0.314.exe, 154,487,528 bytes).

For those of you who installed without any problem, what's your file size?

And, how do I get the AXL file(s) from the 4.6?


Go to c/ drive , program files , common files , research in motion , delete vendor file , scroll up and hit Loader to install this.

Worked for me!

So has anyone upgraded the 8900? Any feedback on how everything is working? Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Mess etc?

So HERES THE deal guys I updated my blackberry bold like 2hours ago and so far so good as far, as I can tell my emails are working and texts are also and Beejive is working perfect
It did freeze on me, while I was in the middle of texting it stood in the clock mode for way to long so I decided so to pulled out the batt and turn it on again.
even my BBM5.0 IS WORKING FINE i did had to restored all my contacts from the bbm buut it was easy !!!

my ubertwitter is working ,GOOGLE MAPS also i havent downloaded myspace and facebook but i will lt ya know

I don't understand why my BBM is not working? It's not even showing up anywhere. It shows that it's installed, but I can't find it! I've battery pulled, uninstalled and reinstalled it! And I got nothing. I'm gonna keep playing with it, but i'm almost outta ideas. A little help anyone?


I had the same problem with Opera mini. I did this:

1. Uninstall the Opera
2. TURN OFF the device
3. Than pull battery out and in
4. Install the Opera

And now is working fine. Maybe it help with BBM

same issue here. i just downloaded bbm from appworld. had backed up my contacts, so everything went smooth.

When installing be very patient. Sometimes it looks like device freezes, but it´s working. First boot was about 10 minutes to complete...

The second boot was about 90 seconds...

1. Bluetooth is working
2. System is really fast
3. Browser is much quicker (I used to use fw)
4. Messenger has to be reinstalled and works
5. Bad translation to my language (Czech) for some features
6. Multitasking is extremly fast
7. WIFI works great
8. Facebook has to be reinstalled and works
9. ICQ works
10. Google maps works :-)

I think this is the best leak ever..

Newest update loaded without errors. Except for a reboot about 10 minutes after the reload. Media player interupts when new alerts come thru BBM. This has not changed from the last build.Brick brecker has a flaw when using media player, new game must be in process when playing music in shuffle mode. BBM works bettr in chat, with using the letter r for repling. Working faster also. No other programs have issues as of yet. Dont know what AT&T will be coming out with a new build. But when the leaks show up they give us the lastest and greatest. Carry on...

the negative i see, is the visula voicemail was taken away with this version....anyone else have this happen or know how to get it back?

Everything works. All applications work. The only problem I have encountered was when I was trying to go into AppWorld a box came up saying "DNS Error" I rebooted and it was fine after that.

Overall this is the best leaked 5.0 release.

is there any way to get the CV (at&t tv on demand feature) back if I load an unofficial OS? want to try this but dependent on the CV.. any ideas

Browser definatly faster.
Themes section is friggin awsome...and they load in a flash.
threaded sms but not on initial message screen only when returning message or reading. which i personaly love that way.
application list is awsome...shows the actual icon next to app. with search bar..
WAP browser problem though..wont let me go to home page. It says (error 500: internal server error)
will keep you guys posted though

I installed the new OS on my 8900 and my GF installed it on her 9000 without any issues at all!

Seems to be running great so far and no problems with my apps/themes!

Working great on my Bold so far. I upgraded from .238 and DM actually recognized it when I opened it and I loaded a Beta OS for the first time through DM (I usually use loader.exe). All my settings were saved through DM and I did not have to do the broswer fix like I did when I went from to

Loading is much quicker after battery pulls. Available memory actually jumped from 39mb to 45mb after this upgrade. Theme/home screen options is really cool! I'm glad RIM finally gave us the option!

Media is pretty awesome too. Pictures load suuuuuper quick!! The photo scroll lag issue with .238 has been fixed and you can scroll without any lag!

This seems the most stable 5.0 platform so far...could this be the final release?? I'd say give it the green light RIM!!!

I install the 8900 on my desktop but my desktop manger doesnt read it or it just doesnt come up when i connect my bb to my computer or search it with Update Applicator. What gives? Am I doing something wrong?

I install the 8900 on my desktop but my desktop manger doesnt read it or it just doesnt come up when i connect my bb to my computer or search it with Update Applicator. What gives? Am I doing something wrong?

After resetting my Bold to its factory default using BBSAK, i installed v5.0.0.314 and I love it. It's fast, stable, clean and all my apps work like they did prior to me installing OS v5.0.0.238 where certain apps worked, but not perfectly. With this latest OS version, all is well and Viigo even scrolls correctly. I highly recommend this newest version to any BOLD users.

Oh yeah, I've read where users were unable to get there Weatherbug weather info to display on the home screen. I was able to it to work using OS v5.0.0.238 and it still displays correctly with this new OS version. NOTE: it didn't display upon installation until maybe 10 minutes after installation and it hasn't failed to display since.My only gripe is with the blackberry calendar. some of my OLD appointments are showing up with daily re-occurrences even though the appointment setting state otherwise.

i know someone else asked but how do i get Japanese to work with this... i really want to update my firmware from the old one the local provider gives!!
please help all i want is Japanese input...
hope someone can help!!

I was using .238 before I did this upgrade and my browser was not working (except for wifi). I had to be using bolt....But I just upgraded to .314 and everything seems to be working perfectly except for my browser. Does anyone have a solution to my problem...........

For some reason when I tried to load Viigo, it just hangs on a black screen. The rest of the phone still works and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but with no success. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm out of ideas!

my ringtones/alerts are different than what i've selected. for instance, for sms and mms i have notifier_sonar but when i receive a sms or mms it sounds something else. is anyone else having this problem?

Thanks rupture, looks like I had to completely get rid of it then redownload Viigo. Working great now.

Got it and installed it!! So far so good except for BBM which I had my doubts for already :) Didn't play with the device very much yet but not bad so far :)

Mirror RS : Link expired at 17-Mar-2010 :
9000 : rapidshare.com/files/297156806/9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel489_PL5.2.0.19_A5.0.0.314.exe
8900 : rapidshare.com/files/297189288/8900M_PBr5.0.0_rel489_PL5.2.0.20_A5.0.0.314.exe

i read all over CB forums and there are 3 ppl that have this problem, we cant send text messages, we all receive it we all send emails and receive emails but we cant send sms messages, please anyone?
there is one from 9000 and me and the other user from 8900 please help me!!!!!
please sugar pop on top!

plz help me so far i cant update to any 5.0.xxx
\idk y but i need help i really want to try it out
mainly for the 8900

follow the instructions underneath the download link on the main page. it pretty simple though... if you really need help you can hit my on ymsg devhacker

Any confirmation on the visual voicemail not being there on this build? I know about youmail i don't like it so please don't suggest that. I just want to know about the visual voicemail that was in build .238

just upgraded the 8900, everything worked fine... except the browser, couldn't get the 'Internet Browser' config... only Hotspot and MEdia net browsers. After some tweaking with BBSAK 1.5 everything is fine.

Even got the visual voicemail to work on the 8900 (ATT)! Awesome!

All other apps work fine: Pandora, IM+, Beejive, Facebook, Myspace, BBM 5.0 (had to reinstall and restore contacts via email - couldn't believe that actually worked or that I'd ever use it), Gmaps, Gvoice, Weatherbug, worldmate, teatherberry, everything else worked fine.

OS is a faster. toggling from apps, to files and so on is faster.

However, I don't like the BBM/SMS integration and there's no option to separate the two. SMS' sent to BBM contacts have two seperate conversation threads now in the BBM app. It annoys me.

I dont like the 2 line view in the phone app either, no option to view as single line there (YET).

Voicemails now receive a notification in the main message list and, obviously, in the visual voicemail app too, so both would have to be opened to reset the new message indicator. Like the older builds, preVVM, there was an option to NOT show voicemail notifications in the message list; not the case here, not yet anyways.

Overall, good solid build. Visual voicemail is cool and threaded sms is cool too.

I just upgraded my ATT 8900 from Everything seems to work except I lost the "Internet Browser" in the browser configuration. Its installed, but only hotspot browser and media net show. How do you get Internet Browser back with BBSAK?

Did you have to do anything special to get to this to work? On the 9000 build there is not option for Visual VM on install.

Also, in the 238 previous build how do you disable the voicemail notification in the message list? This drives me nuts!

yah baby i love this build. finally a 5.0 update that works. no bugs as of yet and yes after a night of rest my internet browser is working and wap as well . woohoo

I'm really, really liking this build. Faster, stable memory, fixed some of my bluetooth problems, and more...

What's with the Media Player? There is a separate icon for Music instead of a selection from the Media Player. Seems inconvenient.

Does anyone have an issue with Google Maps? It loads to 2/3 and says something like "Network is not available, some Blackberry devices must be reconfigured again" and exits. Google maps version 3.2.0.

No, I did not and I tried realllly hard, because I love Google Maps. I found only one thing - google is working on it...

am getting error message like 'network unavailable' or 'check network settings' ..i did try to uninstall -> pull battery -> install with google maps and other apps.. but still having issue :( does anyone know the solution ?

Any one with Bold having low memory problem?
I only have about 6 apps running and with battery pull memory starts up around 33.

I installed last night over .238. Ever since I got into the 5's I have a lot of trouble with new loads. I get hung up everytime it tries to reconnect the device reboots.

After getting this on my bold kept showing a JVM error screen. first time i've seen it. i could click thru but it kept coming back, when I got up this was on the screen.

Any one else seeing this? Any ideas what is causing it or how to correct. I'd like to upgrade.


I've found a few tweaks (unless I missed them on upgrading from .238).

From your menu screen to Options, the theme layout and customization has been tidied up, and gives you more options for choice of folder for your downloads, also the "today" (zen, etc) screen now incooperates (unless it did before?) your calandar and appointments (again, if it did before I apologize, I never used today theme).

Um, I had MAJOR issues with ringtones and alerts and continous playback on the media player through headphones, (in last two beta leaks also)I don't know if this issue was resolved, if it Is i'll post so (unless someone else can)
Those were major issues on my part, as I love music and to be notified IF i've been called or not :)

I've actually found my memory is a little worse off than .238, it's very jumpy and I use Aerize Optimizer quite frequently.

The native Browser is buggy and not going to it's proper home destination (which is no big deal, I use O M 5 Beta).

In regards to the clock, i've found that switching between times, am/pm, etc is now blue(?) and changes in slower increments, and is less jumpy.. so i'm not always accidentally switching between 4-5pm over and over, Lol.

Running the trackball through icons is VERY smooth and very accurate, good speed (but some odd clock interruptions)

Load up time is about the same,.. I always occup myself on re-boot or battery pull, as it takes ages...regardless of watching the load bar.

I may be wrong, but I think the SMS icon has changed a tiny bit on outward appearance....

The Camera and Video app I(I think??) has some changes to options, ..unless it always offered Septia/black and white options for Camera, and resolution changes as such.

I always hope for some better integration for the Memo-Pad and calculator.. I just think it sorta old, but it works so i'm not swayed by them ( I use slick tasks as a replacement for the BB Task one)

Again, i'm not really sufficient in technology or blackberries, so if i'm wrong or something go easy on me, and just correct me nicely okay? Lol :)

Any other changes I didn't find just post,.. I love to know of more.

to: sesme - if i were u i would try and install from scratch. i've been rockin the 5.0 stuff since .90 and, other then build "bugs", never had install issues after the fact ............................to; the viigo issue - i had the same issue when i tried to install it from appworld. it just sat there after i clicked on the V launcher. i basically removed it then reinstalled from viigo.com site and stayed away from appworld on this one. Note: i had no other issues with appworld, just viigo................ i actually went back to 238 for the time being. on the way to vegas and didnt want to go there with a OS i'm not comfortable with.......i mean, imagine being in vegas and all of a sudden "beta bugs" start acting up on my phone..... no thanks!! when i get back i'll take the time to break my phone down to scratch and rebuild it back up, i mena, that is what us crackberry abusers love to do right!!! hahah , have fun with this fellow CB'ers .....

I was able to get everything working on Tmobile.

BBM 5.0 said it was archived but it worked normally.
App World Works
YouMail Works
AIM works.
Google Maps Works
UMA calling seems to connect *much* better to my router. I was previously only connecting about 20% of the time (I would have to turn wifi off and on up to 5 times to connect. Works better now.)'

The Good News for Tmobile users! Contact Syncing with the Tmobile server now seems to work. I confirmed by checking the Tmobile webpage and it seems like my contacts are all there.

The Bad News is that I still can't get VVM to work. Has anyone got it to on Tmobile?


Upgraded my TMo 8900 from V4.6.1.310 to this new version. Upgrade went fine then the phone asked me to reboot. I acknowledged. Restarted OK and gave me the customary new user setup. I exited and within about 5 seconds got a white screen of death with "App Error 523". Phone restarting now. Yippee, so much fun! Ideas?

i've been installing my os for 3 hours now. should i continue to wait or click cancel and retry it? the "connecting to device" bar is still in the same spot as 2 hours ago. i know the how to says to read a book but i didnt think it would take 3-5 hours.

8900 rebooted and has not white screened again in the last 2 hours (with lots of use). Facebook and Messenger 5 had to be reinstalled. Viigo won't work. Tried to uninstall and reinstall. Tried 3 times including doing battery pulls. Nada. It hangs the phone when I click the Viigo icon. Have to exit using END key. So, bye bye to Viigo for now. Seems a bit snappier. Still hourglasses (clocks) a bit more than I feel is acceptable. Boot time is less, but still slower than a Windows PC.

I installed this morning and have yet to find anything that seems buggy. Overall it is much faster than the 4.6 version I was running previously. The bootup is much slower though and sometime hangs and requires a battery pull.

Below are my overall findings so far.

AOL IM - Works
GTalk - Works
Windows IM - Works
Yahoo IM - Works
Facebook V1.7 - Works
ScoreMobile - Works
Mini Opera 5 - Works (Had to uninstall and reinstall to get this working)
Pandora - Works
BBM 5 - Works (Had to reinstall though and the contacts backup is finally working for me)

Only thing that is annoying is there is no longer a media icon. It is now 3 different icons for Music (which was there before), Pics and Videos. While this may be good for some, I liked having one central place to go for all of this.

Visual Voicemail is there but is not supported by TMobile at this point. Looks liek they may suppor tin the future but currently they only support for Google Phones.

There is now a file browser similar to explorer for windows that will let you look through your fiels on both the device memory and the media card which I find a plus with this version.

Finally, the default browser (which I think sucks anyway) does not seem to show some of the pages correctly. If the page has some links to other pages, they may not display as links and only as text.

the link for the 9000 is dead. can someone give me an updated link? this only hotspot browser is killing me :(:(:(

thanks for hosting the os on a stable direct download site. I'm just having trouble downloading from free file hosting site such as megaupload or rapidshare. cheers for you! :D

Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.
Reasons for this may include:
- Invalid link
- The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of service.

what is the latest official release for the bold? i cant get the service books or shud i say i dont kno how for my carrier and this hotspot browser is annoying me...please help :(

Soooo tired. 3 times installed this OS on my bold..

1st : Directly replace my .238.

2nd : Wipe - Backup application - Backup Data & Option - Install 314 & Restore Application - Restore Data & Option.

3rd : Wipe - Backup Data & Option - Install 314 - Restore DATA ONLY without option & application.

But still, the reboot problem still there.. Downgrading to .238

buggy as sh*t for me. hate it! constant reboots after 2 wipes and reinstalls and many battery pulls. network keeps dropping in and out. certain applications lock up. also my battery drains mega fast on 2G only. never did this on .238

now wiping and going back to .238 (and staying there for the forseeable)

in fairness this is the first os update that i have done that has been so poor. all other upgrades up till now have been solid.

Wow, it's so strange the differences in experiences that people are having with this update. I was rocking V 238, which I really liked, but it had a few quicks (Media player, Viigo) that prompted me to upgrade. And I'm happy to announce all the bugs that I had have been fixed! I can now skip songs and the music still plays in the headset and Viigo displays the newsfeeds without clicking Page View. So, I love this update.

For this to be my first leaked OS install... I must say I am having a great experience with this OS. No major problems on my 8900 at all. I am going to rock this until the official update comes out for my carrier! the only thing I am having issues with is Visible Vote, and Viigo.

I need to do a browser fix but I am on a different network than ATT. Can anyone tell me if the ATT service books will work for other networks?

thanks in advance..........This is the only problem I am having with this OS......apart from this everything else is excellent......

Installed the os and everything was great, pictures finally loaded faster, interface was nice and smooth, all my apps worked...happy happy happy...THEN...

My bold started rebooting...and rebooting..and rebooting...and rebooting :(

downgrading now :(

Has anyone else noticed, and maybe thought they were delusional (lol), but when they turn the screen back on SOMETIMES it felt like it would hang on a black screen sometimes (I Have a TMO 8900)... and then it would finally show everything? it wsa almost like a delay to come out of standby... cause lights would turn on but just no image...

Love this OS.

Here are some cool features:
Loading media card takes less than a minute (full 8gb)
Music is a separate icon, not part of the media folder.
Call log is gorgeous.
Threaded SMS is gorgeous.

Mostly, it's just a bunch of great graphics and an incredibly fast OS.

No reboot problems or anything like that.

Booting up doesn't give you a loading icon. It's a sexy screen that says blackberry and a loading bar.

Sending / receiving texts works perfectly.

No random restarts.

All in all, best OS to date.

Installed os on my blackberry bold with no issues. All of my third party applications work, which are the following:
Gmail app
Facebook 1.7
Blackberry messenger
Google maps
Windows messenger
Quickpull lite
My bold performs faster and the new details of the os are awesome. Looking forward to the official release. This is a great build.

hi guys,
for some reason i can not install the os to my bberry. i saved it to me computer but when i run the desktop manager it doesnt want to load it. do any of you know why it wont let me install it?

i had the same problem too...

if you haven't gotten it installed as of yet, here's what i did:

click on the following:

programs files
common files
rsearch in motion
(delete vendorxml file)

follow the instructions from there and you will have it on your bb.

i always use apploader for my os updates.

hope this helps.

i get this message when i try to upgrade

*Only active Blackberry service subscribers are entitled to install this Blackberry Device Software upgrade.

Any solutions?

oh and i did delete the vendor.xml file

I got same message
*Only active Blackberry service subscribers are entitled to install this Blackberry Device Software upgrade.

from within the desktop manager.
Since its my 3rd install, I wiped and used the loader and not the DM, and it loaded right up.
Still trying to clean up a few kinks, so far worst upgrade ever, but now that I got everything almost working I kinda like it.

i downloaded and now i'm checking my apps.. slowly but surely. which ones i have to enter the codes, the im's, my other apps that i use on occasion. i esp love the sure type in sms. that is so cool. saves a lot of time when texting. haven't done an email yet to see if its there as well, but i'm certain it should be. if it starts to go haywire, i will just simply downgrade and await the real deal. but until then, i'm gonna see how this sets with me. i have the 8900 w/ tmo.

I am also having trouble with os 314 for bold. always restarting, blackout screen and the themes is also messed up. also i can't open JAD file with the built in file explorer. i`have install twice with bbsak. always the same problems. anyone can help

Guys I have an 8900 on orange UK, everything works perfectly but the battery life is shocking. Fully charged @ 6am this morning, by nine there was one bar left. made a couple of short phone calls and limited data usage!

Not good!


Cant find a link that works to download it ? if some one give it to me il put it on a stable link for them

After 100 restarts on my bold im still with 314 :) The browser is verry fast and pages load in a flash! Couple new things, cosmetic changes like shaded buttons. I cant figure out why it does so many reboots? Two of my friends have'nt even one and rest like me, couple per day. Not always at all. Today only two :D but yesterday 5 and two days ago 15 or more!

Hi guys I upgraded to and the visual voicemail is not working for me. I don't even have the icon anymore. When someone leaves me a message I get a weird att text have has my number in it and I have to call my voicemail to get the message. Any solutions.

Great build overall however I found 2 specific issues.

One is an extremely fast draining battery. As in from 80% to 0% in around 4hrs with average use by any standard.

The other is that upon re-booting the phone the icon's in the homescreen are back in their original positions & not as they were sorted before the re-boot & most of the settings such as to show the names in sms chat view were back to the default settings etc. Same goes for the wallpaper which turned back to the original. I tried wiping the device & installing the OS from scratch already... :/

Its a pity since ime lovin it apart from these 2 issues.

Installed .314 on my 8900 this morning. Almost immediately had to revert back to .238

It wouldn't lock onto the mobile signal for more than 2 secs before constently searching..finding..searching - you get the idea.

when I changed my wall paper the home screen, download screen, etc. obtained a white background around the black that has the icons - if that makes sense? It's annoying because I can't read the name of the icon, not to mention it doesn't look clean and professional. Additionally, no matter how many times I download 'succesfully' app world - it is nowhere to be found? Otherwise, some exciting new features on this build.

I 2nd that above statement. It has worked flawlessly since the install!!! T-mo 89 hundo

Hummm.... Could this be a hybrid of the 5.0 os t-mo is going to use on the 9700? (3G - wifi combo is a 1st for a bb product on pinky.)

Before it gets deleted... Here is the link for the BOLD O/S.

Enjoy while it lasts!



Tried for one day and went back to
Key findings are:
. Very quick build, both in terms of reboots and application runs
. All my 4.6 apps worked (incl. Gmail, Google Mobile App, Google Map, BBWeather, BerryWeather, iSkoot, yilibao, WikiMobile, Dictionary.com, File Manager Pro, Pocket 10C SE, MaxMem, MobileGlobe, Time Mobile, BusinessWeek Mobile, Thomson Reuters News Pro, Pocket Express, Snaptu)
. Autostandy kept asking for permission, and finally, a shame...
. REPEATED REBOOTS, even after deleting all BBThumbs.dat, running without a SD card etc. etc...

I'm on a Singaporean Bold, and China Mobile BES.

everything runs smooth, still goin through more stuff.
had to reinstall my bbm .. had everything backed up. thats cool. and all 3rd party apps and apps from which i was using before runs smooth and/or smoother. running off of 8900.. sorry to hear for u bold users.

only ONE complaint. im using bbm 5.0 and it still integrates SMS texts/chats into my bbm chats.. im diggin the threaded sms's but dont mix with my bbms smh.. ANYONE KNOWS OF A FIX??

in browser options under General Properties change default browser to hotspot browser. now you can change in browser configuration. change to hotspot browser. choose blackberry as browser identification. change start page to home page. put in whatever you'd like for the homepage url. save. done.

I've had os.314 for a few weeks now. Everything was working great and everything was running smooth. But I have a few questions about the browser. One I can not change my home page to something other than then Media NEt Home. Second, when I got to ESPN I can pull up the main page. But once I click on scores for certain sports i get a message that says "The cntent on the page you tried to access is not supported by your phone. But you are welcome to try the X-Portal instead." Then it gives me a link for "X-Portal" and "Or try the page anyway" If I try the "X-Portal" link it says Error 400: bad request. If I click they try it anyways link it shows some scores but everything is pushed to the left side of my screen, Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated

Ok so I had 4.6....250 on my 8900 and updated to this build and I absolutely love it. I had to redownload my apps but it was no big deal for me. All my apps works fine even my themes. I can't express how much I love it. I was reading through this blog and see where ppl were having probs. I have a Mac which I used to back my device, then I uprgaded using a friends pc and then restored using my mac. I am so happy.

i downloaded os .. works great i had some older programs/themse that work with it. (dont know if that can be problem but..)

cant see any of my contacts icons.. LIKE ALL OF EM.. cant see none of their icons on my bbm.

using bbm (OEM release) and os (obviously leak)

ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO KOMBAT THIS ISSUE. I'LL BE LOOKIN ALL DAT FOR ANSWERS LOL. if not then downgrading and redo'ng everything, so save me trouble if you can guys. LETS GO

I really want to upgrade but all the links don't work anymore. They all say that the files have been removed for copyright reasons. Where can I get .314? I'm stuck in .238 land which is missing a music player.

I thought it might be helpful to post the md5 of the release file just in case someone wanted to do something silly with the file.

b6543f0d4e2e624cf2a3af689ef1e698 9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel489_PL5.2.0.19_A5.0.0.314.exe

i just realized the silver ZEN theme has dissapeared right after i downloaded the OS from to .314 :( can anyone help me and tell me why did this happen?

my blackberry mssenger goes missing after i upgrade.
when i checked in the application list.It is there.Can anyone help me please.tried downloading again,download succesful but still could not find the bbm icon after download, please help.