Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630
By Bla1ze on 12 Dec 2009 02:11 pm EST

Well, it's been a while since the BlackBerry Tour 9630 had a leak so here it is. This has been floating around for a while now and let me just say when other devices are well into the .4xx it's probably best you skip over this one. It took this long to show up for a reason, the reports are the radio is bad in this one meaning you likely will have connection problems if loaded. Either way, I'm sure some of you will still check it out, worst case just downgrade again. Don't forget to back up your device.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630


There you go . . . LOL Yay Tour People !

Now will everyone stop asking for leaks.. face it .. old phone means you don't get new Software … hahaha

Grow a brain fool. It's about time we get a OS leak and when we do, its radio is bad?? Seems we get shafted once again.

They JUST changed it! Those tricky b@st@rds! It said there was a "Tour 9630" leak in the banner, but the link below for the download said to click to download the "BlackBerry Bold 9630" leak. It was a little odd since I didn't know (at first) which device the leak was for.

I wouldn't have been surprised if the Bold got another leak...

the tour has had 5.0 versions for longer than the 9700 has exsisted. 230 was a pretty solid build, tour owners just want something newer.

I imagine this will only be the start of alot of whinging about the OS...

Hey, at least they'll have something new to complain about... :)

Why so much bashing on the Tour Os's. I dont understand. We havent had alot of leaks, wouldnt you do a little complaining yourself? The Bold 9700 is a good phone, but so is the Tour. Like ive said, unfortunately, 5.0 os wont come out till the Tour 2 comes out, just like they did for the Storm>

I have read all over the web sites that this a bad bad os. I wouldn't install it. This should have not be leaked out. Personally I can wait for official os from RIM. Good luck for those that can't wait.

dont install this leak Tour owners... the radio is the main fuction of the phone, without it, we have ourselves a nice paperweight

I'm reading the thread on this leak and I understand.

This sucks. I was fine with my version of .230 on my Tour, but now, in the light of a new leak, I want something different! FML.

So this would be good for Sprint Tour owners then? :)
I loved that commercial!

I dunno why someone would risk their job leaking a bad OS.

why they releasing these shitty os leaks give us the official for gods sake . the tour is now officially a has been . i ended up getting htc hero better os good phone. giving bb to my girl lol. there is no excuse for blackberry to wait till the new tour comes out well i moved on gave up my bb adios bb

It doesn't shock me that after MONTHS of waiting for something to come out of the OS leaks for the Tour that we would get something that is a piece of sh*t! As my signature says...we Tour owners have become RIM's redheaded stepchildren. Anyone got a link to the .230 leak?

i wouldn't count on a official version when tour2 comes out. curve2 is out now and curve1 is still waiting for an official version.

besides. tour1 hasn't been out that long. 5-6 months. it gonna be long time before tour2 rolls out.

somewhere on the net i found information about 6 phones i think it was that rimm will be releasing next year. so, for all we know. us older phones might not get any love at all. unless someone has inside information for us older phones. i've kinda given up hope. curve is basically a relic now. almost 2 years. only one leak. tour isn't getting any love either. 6 months. only phones getting any love are the new models released after the tour.

5 has been out for what? 3 months now. rim just now released a blackberry appworld that works on curve1. while all the newer models had it all along.

Well, I'll say it right now, if they do screw us tour owners over on this, the tour will be the last bb I own. There are too many other options out now to get shit on by RIM.

Really trying to keep the faith, honestly though, if two of my good friends would not have made the BB move, I would prob been on to a different phone by now.

Will stick it out, cause I do enjoy many BB features. As mentioned got a decent amount of my friends on BBM

Honetly i think im in the same boat as you...BB is just too far behind competition..ive had a BB for years now and if they dont step up ill have to swicth to another smartphone because this is ridiculous.

Unless something spectacular happens in the next year, my Tour will be the last Blackberry I own. Sure they have great features, but the competition is catching up quickly, and some have even made strides ahead of RIM. If RIM would just take notes from MAC and come out with a great phone and work on tweaking it instead of releasing a new model every 3 months, I would probably keep buying from them. Since that isn't gonna happen, I think ill take my chances with an iPhone next year, with or without Verizon.

Watch what you wish for! RIM may end-up "going iPhone" on us (scratchy beauty and gimpy functionality-- remember, push email was a bit of an afterthought for those guys). Not meaning to iPhone bash, but there's a reason I went w/BB. (And no. The STORM was inherently a BB and NOT an iPhone. Was never quite sure how to categorize it, honestly.)

That said, not a big RIM-naysayer for not releasing new OSs EXCEPT that 5.x was clearly ready for later phones (w/o any more "power" than the Tour that would prohibit it from running) and that the FUNCTIONALITY of that OS (4.7 > 5.x) is vastly improved. Those, to me, are reasons to be irritated at RIM trying to noodle us to replace our phones "just to get the new OS". Bad medicine.

I went w/BB b/c neither the WinMo nor the iPhone would handle the key functionality I sought: email and "just working" (and be able to take a drop or three). Android may be a contender at some point, but something about Google being legally allowed to keep and scrape data forever leaves that big stick up the backside feeling...

Time will tell!

Can definitely understand the frustrations of lack-of-Tour-OS5-going-official folks, though. (I'm using .230, btw. Finally married well to the BBM x.54 leaked yesterday so I'm pretty content.)

G'luck to others who wade these waters!

well, the tour owners should be happy. i was looking at another sight. it has forums AND a download link for different model os's. but guess what! notta for curve 1. no forums, no download links. ABSOLUTELY NOTTA. and to think i have 15 months left on my 2 years. and the phone is still being sold.

Has anyone seen the changelog for this over .230?
I too have been pretty content with .230 and I don't want any radio problems.
Has anyone confirmed how this new leak works and if it even worth the upgrade?


Why should us Tour owners be happy when we wait FOREVER for a leak and when we do get a leak it is a piece of shit that will basically make your Tour worthless? I will keep saying it...RIM doesnt care about us Tour owners. Its like they couldnt wait to move on after its release. Face it folks...us Tour owners will not get a leak worth trying until Tour 2 is released probably and it still may not happen even then. No way in hell am I downloading this new leak. I will keep rocking .230 and keep sticking straight pins into my RIM voodoo doll.

I would never install a non-official OS. But I just want to say why the hell is RIM/Verizon so damn slow with upgrading their software? Isn't it their job to release phones that work well? What the hell are they doing up there in Canada, sitting on their as*es? Do your frickin' jobs already.

Life at RIM:
"Okay, the Tour's hardware is ready"
"Well, the software isn't working that well yet..."
"Who cares, we're shipping it... add it to the never-ending list of things to eventually fix that we'll never get to because we're too busy designing the newest devices that have the same problems..."

I've used every leak thus far and this one is the best. You no longer have to go to your messages folder to start a message (email sms or mms) since it would just get stuck if you did it from your contacts book, also the media player seems to be smooth at last. I keep hearing the radio is bad but mine has actually improved since I loaded it this morning and the browser is much more responsive. So far a fairly solid build. I'll keep poking deeper though to find anything that stands out.

So far so good! I have only had it lock up on me twice, but then again, I have only just got it on here. I have cked everything out that I have, all Apps work.

Radio simply sucks! everything else is very smooth, all apps work fine too. Upon restart radio seems awesome and everything works great but its only a matter of minutes before it starts acting up. Random restarts, sim card errors and loss of signal.

Im sorry I don't understand, wtf is the Raido Proplems, are you listening to a raido on the thing or is it just a speratic thing for some Tours to take the Leaked OS and some NOT to take it! They are all the same device RIGHT, then WTF do some work and others don't? Someone help me with this. I have it downloaded, I have NO problems with it at all. Everything I have on mine WORKS, like Slacker, Northstar, Point, even my theams. The issue with the SIM card and the no signal, I had just pulled them and reinserted them and then restarted. After I had a restart, I had done a Battery Pull. Now everything is all good.Just like all other times I have done an OS install, except for the SIM and memory card reinsurtion, this wasn't to bad of an install. Good luck to all!

Ok so I have a Mac, and i have the desktop manager for mac. Im trying to download and install the 5.0 for my 9630 but when i download the file, its in .exe file format which is PC based and not recognizable on macs. Is there a way I can download and install the software on my mac, or convert the .exe file? I need help...thanks

Will someone please wake me up when a Tour leak worth trying is available...or God forbid an actual official OS 5 release? Thank you.

for official 5.0 OS people may just have to step on over to the world of GSM it looks like. All CDMA versions get are leaked operating systems. Either take it or leave it...at least thats the way things seem to be for CDMA. Take it or leave it.

I installed it yesterday night. Played with it about an hour or so. Will go back to stock.

- Had radio issues.
- Weatherbug is not working right.
- Vodafone update has issues.
- Had to reboot device twice (it hung).
- Socialscope was fine initially but having issues after second batt pull.

Overall, not ready for release. Oh well, that's beta for you. :)

But yes, install was very easy. I am glad I have a full backup.

For poolguy, the radio issues refer to the CELLULAR radio within the phone, and I seriously doubt you have no radio issues considering many many much more experienced users and modders have said to avoid this os, as released, like it was the plague for said radio issues.

Well w1z4rd, Im sorry it doesn't work for you. I have NO problem with this OS. It has work for me for over 24hr's, so like I said, I would like to know wtf does it work for some and NOT for others. These are just smaller computers mass produced like all other things out there, one phone should be equal to an other, Right! Now with the last OS the .273 I think, that realy sucked ass. Like many other people said in other post, don't release an OS unless it is a GOOD OS!

The only thing worse than waiting and watching all of the other devices get an updated leak for thier OS, (or in this case multiple leaks) is to finallly get an official update that is outdated and a leak that is unusable!!!! Please release a leak that can work and is similar to what every other device user gets to enjoy, or tell Verizon to get thier "head out of thier..." and RELEASE A BOLD!!!!! I would have switched carrier's along time ago but only verizon works where I live. DO IT!!!!!! NOW! IT's funny, I feel like the TOUR is taking me for a ride,... that sux!

I agree with you tenyrnote....we see the 9700 get 3 or 4 leaks in the past couple of weeks. Us Tour owners go forever without any and then we finally get one and if we download it our Tour is nothing more than a paperweight. I dont get it. I have almost given up.

I typically will do the leak thing and don't really worry too much about bricking my berry and that....until today!!! I guess there was mention of radio issues and I can second and third that. I'm down to 12% battery and go to plug in my car charger...no go, it won't connect. Get home and plug my wall charger...won't connect. Do a reboot...no difference. Holy sh*t what's going on??? Finally try the last resort and get the laptop booted up and open up DM and connect USB. YES...it connects...but wait. I go to downgrade back to 4.7 and everything was ok until it aborts with an error (can't detect device is connected). This is REALLY holy sh*t now. I reboot my laptop now and DM again and once again go through it and LUCKILY my phone is fine with 4.7 loaded back on. Soooooo...as you can see, AVOID this one for sure. :)

So many people are complaining about not getting leaks for the Tour, well 230 is working just about flawless for me and many others, so stop whining and use 230 for now!!

I find the stock OS to work fine for me. As much as I know how to do proper backups, I just don't know if I would ever want to try anything that is not an official/tested OS.

Anyways, I am guessing by the time Verizon releases the OS5 officially for the Tour, I'll be on my next BB device. :)

Okay so I've read tons of threads and entries about this leak of BB OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and have yet to find the download for it. I'm not completely new to the this whole process but I've scoured around for hours to find the download. The MegaUpload has been taken down for violating their "terms of service", so that's out of the question. If anybody out there could help out I'm sure there would be many of us that would like to have it. Thanks and Happy Holidays...