Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Sep 2009 03:23 am EDT
Leaked: Firmware for BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900

Seriously Bold and Curve 8900 owners... you didn't think we'd leave you hanging too long did you? If you listened to CrackBerry Podcast 042 you'll know I've fallen in love with my BlackBerry Bold all over again so seeing version firmware leak brings some serious joy to my CrackBerry heart. As with all of our leaky leaks - install with caution and be sure to jump into our Beta OS forums for findings and help.

*OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900!


Been waitin' for this for a while now. You shoulda seen me, I've been checking the Crackberry site like every hour waiting for a leaked 8900 OS!

Downloading right now.
I hope threaded SMS is still available, and BBM 5.0finally work on this.

*Drama queen on*

This is killing me!
It seems like EVERY OTHER DEVICE has had a 5.0 release except mine.... ARGH!!!!
C'mon RIM, throw me a bone!

*drama queen off*

It's great to see all these 5.0 leaks getting out!
I just can't wait to see it in person on my Curve or my wife's Pearl Flip!

I LOVE you crackberry! I to, have been checking every 30 min for this post! Now to install! Yay!!

A) Guys, Twitter is a wonderful thing. Was hanging out, minding my own business, playing a little COD 4, my phone beeped. and behold. 17 people had Re-Tweeted Kevins post.

B) Kevin, you dirty Canadian bastard.... I'm supposed to be going to bed... But NOOOOO, Now I have an OS to install. But in all seriousness.... Thanks, We appreciate it.

with this version??? i've tried it on the last 2 5.0 leaked versions and it didnt work. also curious to know if the web browser works... THANKS IN ADVANCE.

I have bold, will someone let me know if everything is working fine. i just finished downloading this.


Hi guys can anyone let us know if this all works ok on the Blackberry 8900 and also does facebook and appworld work as well as BB 5.0.

Many Thanks

thinking that someone at RIM could not hold it anymore lol and just let rip lol all these updates . serious i have not seen this many updates

At first I was a little apprehensive about getting the leaked version, but I must say I'm impressed. My storm is so much faster, and I love the new add-ons. Including the 3G icon instead of the 1XEV. Overall I love it, and cant wait til the next update comes in. Remember Iphone's are for kids, and Blackberry's are for adults lol.

if still unofficial then im not really sure, im trying to find as much info as i can on this update, so please ppl whats all u thinking? about this upgrade?

Hi all, if this was leaked -> when exactly can we expect the full official release? Would that be soon?

Can someone tell me if charging via charging pod still gives error or does it work now?

And also is the time entry (in alarm) still the same as on

Normally, I removed VVM from these builds... But I noticed it appears to be pretty much ready. If you click thru the links (On Tmo At Least) It brings to a page to Register for VVM Service. However when I try it errors. I think all its waiting for is for Tmo to "Flip The Switch" Hopefully when then officially drop 5.0

I'm sure some of you downloaded it, please let us know what you think! I really want to download, would just like some feedback first!

My only question, is the web browser working, or do you have use the funk hack method to get it working? I will be downloading it as soon as I get home in 12hrs

Is it just me or did anyone else also see a lot faster boot time on this version. The install is still going on and the device is restoring. Btw, its a 8900. The messenger did come up saying it an upgrade from the 4.7 I had on the .190

I'm so curious to see the differences between this new leak & the .190 (which I downgraded from).... Maybe this will be the leak to get me back on OS 5.0 ??? Hmmm

Before bed last night was trying to find the most current leak for 5.0, woke up this morning with it under my pillow!

Restoring got stuck on Options. Had to do a Battery pull when it went to Permissions for Telmaps. Seems to work fine now. Off to Conference. Am sure

P.S Its got the 5.0 Messenger.


Have a great day.

Its is on this Install. And it works.

Only Update I see. Getting late to will let others post the rest while I play with it in the Conf. Room. :D


Is it working? Can i download it? Someone said they saw it in Twitter. Can I get the website so i can add it to my twitter.


I know that you are supposed to delete the vender file and all of that, but everytime i try to install it says something like, ;this is not compatable with your device and can not be loaded!!!! I have a curve 8900 from t-mobile. is anyone else having this problem? please help, im getting very frustrated!

hello can anyone who has instlled 5.0 please let me know if MSN FACEBOOK works perfectly fine on this?

I'm sure I read somewhere that the newly updated FB app and other messenger app's were working on previous os 5.0 builds. Can't remember where I read that (someone want to confirm that??)

It was funny in that my FB icon was there but it would not work. I updated it and it went automatically to the new version for OS 5.0. Once I went through the sign-in process it works perfectly. Same with MSN... no issues. I have my msn email account pushed to the 8900 and it is working great. Viigo and Pandora are working as well.. once I went in a changed the Permissions.

It took about 30 minutes for this beta to settle in.. but it is working very well. Battery life is good so far.. memory is a little lower than the last 4.6 beta... I am hanging in at around 114 MB. Dont know if that is good or not, but I am not concerned about it.

@Vdiddy: Make sure you downloaded the rite file, in this threat there are both 8900 and 9000... maybe thats your issue!

@rahul79: BBM 5 DOES NOT WORK

Now, is there any chance for curve and pearl GSM devices to get the upgrade!?

Ive installed it and it works GREAT!!! the browser works all my apps work i got a new bbm.. i did lose BB APP WORLD :( , but i love how you can skip youre pictures in the new media player!! everything is slick even text messaging.. I LOVE MY BB

Hi there, excuse my ignorance but do i have to visit the URL via my handset or do i download it to my Desktop? Thank you!

like the idiot i am, after i did the installation i tried to d/l BBM 5.0 and now i have no messenger at all.. HELP!!! :(

Some poster said it had the new BBM 5... Just istalled and theres no BBM 5 but BBM 4.7...

it doesnt come with BBM 5.0 which is why i tried to install it. i read somewhere if i want to restore my BBM then i have to connect it to my desktop manager but i dont go home for about 7 more hours :(

Anyone tried it on Bold yet? i have it downloaded since last night. Just dint install it yet? any reviews?


Tried the bold and so far I love it, but they are correct. It does NOT come with bbm 5.0 I had BBM 5.0 before and lost it when I upgraded. beyond that still discovering new items. :)

I am not really big on 5.0 BBm. but just threaded sms. Also i am only using messaging package, so apps and all i am not really concerned at this point. Any improvement in battery life?

Anyone install through the apploader and it get stuck for a long period of time at the "waiting for device initialization"? It says it could take up to 30 minutes but it seems to be longer. Anyone have this? Any suggestions?

I dont know what i would do with out you guys.I have never been outdated on anything since joining.Thanks guys yall take our blackberry's to another level

BBM 5.0 will not work on any OS 5.0 leak...period!!! Don't try to get or you will loose your BBM and contacts, trust me, I've done it. RIM is not going to make BBM 5.0 and Leaked OS 5.0 perfectly compatible, it's pointless. That's like allowing the allowing the Skyline GTR into the US to drive and equipping it NOS...lol, but either it won't work...see my blog

I am very skeptical about downloading any leaked OS plus from the other comments I have read, it doesnt have BBM 5. I think I will stick with what I have until the official drops. Works perfect. The only differences I can tell is the browser is much better...it eats through pics and java a lot better. Also the radio signal seems to be a wee bit better but not 100% sure. No issues whatsoever. I guess Viigo needs to update they're app. If you click on an article, you can't scroll down....same issue in the Time magazine app.

OK up and running on my Bold but no BBM at all... I had BBM5 but nothing now on here... Anyone have a fix?

Just installed. BBM is 4.7. All apps that I currently use work great...just faster.

- The picture scrolling is smooth and quick.

- Seems like the speaker is significantly louder.

- Threaded SMS is great.

- Music folder does not show up in Media folder.

- "Flag for follow up" option in messages/email folders.

- If using Gmail there's a "Filter" option so you can filter emails according to your folders setup in Gmail. This is pretty sweet.

In my excitement to update to 5.0 I forgot to delete vendor.xml file but everything works great still.

Im using the leak on my 8900. When I go to the browser it says The protocol specified is not supported by the handheld. Please check a different url. Anyone know what thats about. Pin me: 20F85351, I have to head out to a meeting.

edit: seems I had to re-enter my home page. It seems to be working pretty well.

I know this better be worth it...last week I had to reload .190 onto my device and last night I put it in my mothers...you mean to tell that this leak is just waiting for me to indulge...I will download this leak as soon as i get home and put up a post on my blog...please, follow the link http://lifeofblackberry.blogspot.com


Could someone who installed the OS on 8900 tell me please the languages that comes with the OS?
I wonder if this is a leaked production or beta version.


I just got done doing the install. I did however get a error message. Should be attached. It said

Warnings were encountered during the loading process:
The following database(s) could not be fully restored to your device:
"Enchanged Gmail plug-in" 0 of 1 entries restored
The backup dat file has been saved to c:\users blah blah blah\loaderbackup-(2009-09-29).ipd

...those errors aren't harmful and you don't need thatunless you use gmail...but the official release will correct that...depending on what you do to get the leak on your device, causes certain errors like that one.

Still cannot find a 4.7 download that will work on this release... if anyone has gotten bbm4.7 to work please post and give instructions or link... THANKS

I did not have 4.7 before this update. It updated it when i loaded this new OS. Check the folder where you can check/uncheck programs before install. Maybe it was left unchecked.

i just installed the new soft wear on my laptop but when i go to desk top manager i didn't found it appear there
any one can help??

Ok I know it is a leaked OS and your mileage may vary... I installed on my Bold had to do a battery pull and all seemed well. When I went to the Browser I noticed all I had was MediaNet Browser and HotSpot Browser...what gives?

I installed the new os on my 8900 and facebook seems to have fallen off. everything else seems to work, bbm5 isn't compatible but the leak comes with 4.7, threaded sms seems to be working ok so far, a little glitchy but i'm sure it'll be fine.

...either go to the wap bookmark for the blackberry sight>then social networking>choose facebook>download or go to the app world and get it agian...I have the previous OS 5.0 leak so i have facebook and it works, it is the pre-release for leaked users. All it is ir re-downloading, nothing more, nothing less.

i'm getting:
net.rim.device.api.system.ControlledAccess Exception

who can tell me what is the problem?

i enable everything by my apps but still get the error message. battery pull doesn't work also! :(

as usual


yet again wont load, or download, or keep anything to do with blackberry despite what forums say

its just the same system, a loading bar, photos u can flick from side to side and thats it

whats the point if it struggles with 3rd party apps?

im just going to wait for the bloody tour....tired of this nonsense while they upgrade the systems on newer models

boo to blackberry

Shrink-A-OS missed a new language for DTG and a battery pull was required during device initialization. Other than that, the upgrade from Beta1V3 (lyricidal) went flawlessly. The following list of apps work without issue (thus far) on my device (YMMV):

BerryBuzz 2.1.31
Garmin Mobile 5.0.2
Google Maps 3.0.2
Google Sync 0.5.15
IdeaMatrix 2008.09.59.45
KeePass 1.2.1275
MSDict Oxford Spa-Eng
QuickLaunch 2.12.3
RepliGo Reader
RepliGo Professional
SmartAlerts 1.0.4
ToDoMatrix 2009.01.05.45
Yelp 1.0.1

I have tried all but one of the recent 5.0.0 releases and hated every one of them - had them removed within an hour of download each and every time.

This one looks like a much better build. I guess it's a combination of better OS and apps made to work with it but everything seems to work including Facebook (I did have to reinstall both it and App World) and the browser.

I really like the threaded SMS. Also so far it has not eaten the battery in an hour as the first 5.0 release did. There are a few subtle changes as well, all of which I can live with, so of which I like such as the separate icons now for video, pictures and music.

Installation went fine. However I now only have 2 browser options...Media Net and Hotspot. My web browsing is actually now worse than before the upgrade.

I am working with an unlocked Tmo 8900 on the AT&T network. After this upgrade the browser didn't work. I went in and modified the APN back to AT&T, did a battery pull, and tried again. I still get the message "Unable to connect to the internet, please try again later". I also notice that when the phone started up that I have what looks like an SMS with an error code in it:

The SMS number is: 11216116111
The message: 122 Error Invalid Number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valide show code. Activate :Dt=6

Does anyone know if they are related? Any suggestions on what to try next?

I checked my available browsers, and indeed I only have MediaNet and Hotspot. I have tried both settings, and have tried them with and without wifi connected. Still no luck. Also, I wiped the device clean and installed 5.0 from scratch, and ended up with the same results.
Any help or advise is appreciated.

I believe these are the only two options with this leaked release, I only have these two as well on my 8900 on AT&T. Both options work and I am using Hotspot as my default.

I have been hearing (and making) a huge amount of dissatisfaction with the BeeJive crew in their support forums. What version of BeeJive are you using and on the 8900 or 900??

i been trying all day to update to the 5.0 os, everytime i try to upgrade, all im seeing is 4.6. i have deleted al the back up files and everything. i have 5.0 dm and im still only seeing 4.6 updrades when i try to install. can someone help?

K so i had to re add bbm manually after the download and all my contacts are gone someone help how do i get them back?

Basically right now all I got is a phone right now. My blackberry web browser does not work, my apps are not working even after I reinstalled them. Any internet related app isn't working. I'm at a loss here. I'm thinking about going back down to .190 since everything worked there. If any one has any troubleshooting tips I would be very greateful.

Hockey... if you did a backup before you updated, you should be able to do a restore and it will load your BBM contacts back on there.. if you have any questions, PM me...

no noticable changes at all except the fact that the loading process after a battery pull takes twice as long to load the phone up. running on a bold 9000 from att. the previous os was way better. scratch that the one with tabbed browsing is the best but you cant get it anymore. will someone release that one back. all the apps work just like there supposed too. didnt have to hack anything to make it work and no error messages tho.

So I'm upgrading to this OS and it shows in the app loader that its on wait for device initialization but its been on that for a while, I know it takes 30 mins but was it longer for anyone else? I'm getting kinda scared.

just a heads up, blackberryrocks has a working link for rapid share, dloading now, no disrespect to the crack, they just have a working link.

I screamed when I saw this update--okay, kind of yelped in excitement, ..scaring my dog on the floor, only to be muffled by the broken link with "terms of use" violated. Damn. Lol, any mirrors or other links would be appreciated! Thanks! :D

this question has popped up a few times in this blog, but no one has given an answer, i didnt have 5.0 bbm, i just had whatever came with the previous update, with this update, its gone, help.

Finally installed it,
had to download all the apps again but they all work.
MSn, yahoo, gtalk, appworld etc.

Threaded SMS works.
Boot time is little faster.
will provide review on battery life.

Anyone need link to OS For bold PM


I am on a BOLD 9000. I had BBM 5.0 previously in OS ''

I did not see any BBM Apps after the initial upgrade, below are steps of how to get BBM 4.7 working:

Remember: OS is built with BBM 4.7, if you had BBM 5.0 installed prior to this upgrade, it will not work with .238

1. Connect your BB to the PC and start the DM.

2. Go to Application Loader/ on Add / Remove Apps hit 'Start'(wait until Apps list loads)

3. You will see BBM 4.7 marked for REMOVE. UNCHECK IT (it will change to DOWNGRADE)

4. Scroll down the list and check BBM (it will change to REMOVE)

5. Hit 'Next' then 'Finnish'

NOTE: BBM 4.7 doesn't support contacts 'Back Up/Restore' so good luck in re-inviting.
If this method doesn't work for you, there is another tricky tweak of the COD files inside the Java folder within the OS and then reload it (please check older posts)

By upgrading to this OS, I've only lost my fancy BBM 5.0. In return I got back all IM & Social Network Apps for the first time since I started OS 5.0 marathon. So to me, is worthy.....

Good luck!

uh..i keep tryna download facebook and aim it says an error has occured?
any tips on how i can dload these?at least Facebook.

Working great! Very responsive all around. Now if only SmartAlerts kept its settings in between reboots...

i downloaded os 5 and did update software on desktop manager and it shows the os so i check it and click next but then is says software upgrade not required and then i cant do anything from there. any suggestions? vendor file is deleted which is why the os shows in the desktop manager in the firs place. thanx

i've installed the new os but the device seems to be stuck after rebooting (Blackberry) displayed on the screen for more than 20 mins now. Is anyone else having this problem?

I installed and everything is there and working except bbm.....I knew 5.0 bbm wasnt gonna work but I don't even have the 4.7 that supposedly comes with it like everyone else, no icon anywhere. help!!

I manually added it in my app loader but its the old ugly version so im downgrading/restore back to bbm 5 on 4.6 or whatever it was until rim "officially" gets its sh*t together!

I don't get why it says invalid link?! I've been waiting for the leaked OS for awhile now but unfortunately it's unavailable? Help pleaseeeeeeee! I'm using Curve 8900. It'd be soooo awesome to get a feedback asap. Thank youuuuuuu :)

ok, so i downgraded back to the last official os for my 8900...., which is what i had running before because i could'nt stand being without my beloved bbm 5, which was running great from day one and restored everything but no bbm 5. i've tried to re-download it from a couple links but i get an error message, zip file cannot be downloaded....i'm devastated! don't tell me i backed everything up for safe measure and now its gone anyway! anybody know of a working link or a fix? i'm desperate at this point, been working on it for HOURS!!!!

Did the install, and it hung on "Connecting to device" after everything was done. I had been up for almost 24 hours without sleep, so I left it alone and went to bed. Woke up, and it was still on "Connecting to device" so I unplugged and popped the battery. Turned it on and it worked. Loving threaded SMS.

some of my apps work but when i try to open some of the core apps i get an error message

ERROr starting net_rim_bb_file_explorer Module net_rim_bb_docview_ not found

tried re-installing nothing worked...

I have finally been able to install this OS... couldn't install the previous 5.0 OS ..

Anyways... what I've noticed (like everyone elses comments)

1. Boots up faster
2. Browser runs SMOOTH (quick)
3. had to re-install MSN, and Facebook
4. All other programs runs great
5. At first my WIFI didn't seem to work, but rebooted it and it worked great
6. SMS works great. Instead of scrolling through the message inbox, it's all in one.. Threaded SMS is awsome. Only thing is BBM is back to 4.7 instead of the funky 5.0

thanks for all the comments.. with out you guys, i would be still using the Factory OS on my bold from Rogers.

Best regards


This 5.0 build is pretty hot, apps work but I also had to disconnect the phone from the usb due to it being hung up on "connecting to device 10 of 11", did a battery pull and my bold is now bolder. SMS awesome, just wondering did I lose my bb brower, as options it says Medianet & Hotspot browser, can anyone answer this one???

I am runing BB 8900 Curve. I´ve tried latest leak of OS 5 and it is much quicker than old, it has some cool features, but it´s beta so some of them not working. For example:

1. Bluetooth - cannot add or remove devices
2. Cannot send sms when number of contact is highlighted
3. Some text is not translated into my language (Czech)
4. Wifi connection is unstable

On the other hand the speed of the system is incredible. I have never seen that quick responses as it has with this OS. Threaded sms are also pretty nice.

If you running 4.6.1.xxx I would recommend to wait until new leak or official is available.

I know I'm new to os 5.0 but did any notice under calender> option there is a "Conference Call Option" hmmm sounds interesting and so far the only thing that doesn't work for me is the voice dialing

Every time I try the links...I get:

The download link has been manipulated and is therefore not valid.

Anyone else getting this? What do I have to do?

Looking forward to .238!!

Thanks in advance,

(Feel free to PM me link if ya have one for 8900)

Anyone please help... how come I can't get voice dialing to work?

Anyone having this issue with their BOLD?

Anyone know hwo to fix this?


I will make this very easy for everyone. if you wanna have the latest OS just to have it then install this build. BUT if your looking for your berry to work properly all around then DONT get this. you DONT get a blackberry browser, the themes are off, the media section is gone. media portions are independent now, and more....

it has great new additions, but your gonna have to pretty much put up with alot.

I DL all the leaks, and the BEST one thus far is .297

I just got my blackberry browser working for for the Bold, found the tip to fix it. I am back in business. @DiabloX28, there is a simple fix for this

Mirror RS :
Bold : rapidshare.com/files/287269355/9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel366_PL5.2.0.14_A5.0.0.238.exe
Javaline : rapidshare.com/files/287251832/8900M_PBr5.0.0_rel401_PL5.2.0.17_A5.0.0.238.exe

I am wondering if anyone can confirm this

I installed this Leaked version on Bold. I noticed in BBM
I can read msg and reply but the other person will not get "R" until i move my cursor using trackball in the conversation window

Is it a bug or new feature, where u can read the messages and other person doesn't know .


i'm just curious is anyone here having problems setting up their emails? i don't know if it's a temporary thing or what but at the moment i cannot received emails directly to my phone

Trackball becomes unresponsive sometimes, and freezes up every so often.. other than that its pretty good unofficial O.S. thinking of downgrading though.

Using a T-Mobile 8900

i found out the easiest way to use the browser without any type of hacking and it always works.... u only have to click the blackberry help! icon and thats it!! start browsing!! =D

Hi, I've downloaded and installed the OS onto my pc. But when I see it in apploader, it says "Only active Blackberry service subscribers are entitled to install this Blackberry device software upgrade. How do I get around this? Any help please.....


overall the os is very good but many apps do not support it

*new operating system booting screen
*camera is much faster with focus
*gallery (photos are easier to view and you can use the trackball to scroll through pictures)
*threaded sms (text messaging is like an opened messenger conversation)

my opinion is to wait for a upgraded release of the OS or until the apps have been upgraded to support the OS.
if you do not worry about apps as much then i would recommend you try this because i havn't recieved any error with the os itself. Runs smooth

*Rumours are OS 5 offical release is near

Hello kiddies,
Anyone else noticed that BT VAD via bt headset gives unknown error ? not good if you use handsfree. Have dropped back to os 4 as at least this does what it says on the tin when it comes to bt vad.