Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Sep 2009 06:55 pm EDT
- for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

Another week, another leaked operating system for one BlackBerry device or another. This time it's OS for the BlackBerry Tour! These newer OS 5.0 builds are getting pretty sweet, so hopefully one of these days soon RIM will just release it for reals. Read the disclaimer and check the forums for feedback. Enjoy!

*OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour!


I just got the Tour with Verizon today. I have had the Bold with AT&T since it came out. This OS is not very good. The phone is extremely slow and takes a while to open up. It has the stock 4.7.140 version.

phone is slow to boot.. but thats about it.. even with the stock software. blackberry phones dont get powered on/off often so that shouldnt be an issue.

Does the Facebook app not work on the previous leak because it's OS 5.0 or is there a chance the app would work with this new leak?

crackberry never disappoints, another wonderful piece of news before bed, to bad i upgraded to bbm 5 earlier today...link is down any mirrors??? edit again...nvm my dumb mistake

do you have the mac desktop manager leak? i got a mac a couple of months ago and just backed up on the pocket mac. I guess I will wait for the official release on 9/25.

just downloaded it boots up faster and has threaded sms but aol wont work on it says do not have enough memory or something like that. other than that seems to be ok have not checked battery yet on it but will check tommorrow. hope they can fix the aol thing . i can get online but that for some reason wont work.pass this on to rim if kevin knows of this issue let rim know and if there is a fix for it

Heyyyy, is it just me or is Crackberry looking a little cosmetically tweaked? If my mind isnt playing tricks on me...I LIKE IT!

Kevin, input?

Applications app can be filtered by "Third Party", "Add-on", and "Core"
Threaded SMS
New Explorer utility called Files
Changed icon to 3G instead of EVDO plus the BB flag for bb services, i assume
Can change the screen layout using home screen preferences

It's leaked. I'll wait for the OFFICIAL upgrade because the last time I tried a leaked version of anything it messed up and didn't work right. I'd rather wait than be aggravated with glitches. COME ON RIM WITH THE OFFICIAL 5.0 OS!!!!

Nope, No Facebook, and i noticed a few times it screwed up my home screen and messed up all the icons i had set up the way i wanted them, other than that for the little while i have it on my tour i havent noticed anything that i benefited from the upgrade.

The new OS is awesome! Not much of a change visually but the speed is improved plus SMS is threaded. Facebook DOES NOT WORK. Be forewarned. Just use the mobile site until the actual release. Otherwise no issues, the install is amazingly simple and auto-piloted. Be prepared to restart your system after installation.

UPDATE! 24 hours later released the new updated Facebook that works on this leaked OS! http://crackberry.com/facebook-version-1-6-0-22-launches-bringing-os-5-0...

PS After 24 hours of use I can say I greatly prefer this leak to anything 4.7 provided. Oddly enough it has less glitches and with Facebook now supported I have no reason to revert back.

Hey was wondering if you saved the file & would be able to send it?? the leaked links online have either expired or are not downloading correctly. If you have it please let me know or could you send it to yngpapii916@gmail.com (subject: Tour OS) Thanks!

If you dont mind, would you be able to share this? aparantly the site will not let me get this. let me know i greatly appreciate that!

doesnt work for me. luckily i have beejive, which gave me problems with the new beta at first. but i uninstalled 1.96 and installed 1.1.1 for beejive did a battery pull and it works fine. i am also running socialscope well. great boot up time....just wish i cud get bbm 5 on here...oh well i cant have it all right!

Installed it & it runs great. All my apps work with the exception of the RIM apps (app world, Facebook, IM). TeleNav works too.

Themes work, but some look slightly different. The "M" at the end of AM or PM is cut off on the full app screen on my favorite free theme, "PW1 Shao-Soft.com"

edit: QuickPull doesn't work

is it strange that this is the same call out for the latest storm leak? i know there may be a difference in platform but still.....don't think i've seen this before.

Nope. I have my bb to automatically get images for my email. Doesn't work. I have to manually select it to work. Is this the problem you were having?

I'm excited for the release of 5.0 but there's too many bugs present in this beta. Threaded SMS is nice but my phone locked up like four times and I had to do a battery pull. You also can't use popular programs like AIM, Facebook, BBM 5.0. Another problem occured when I tried to text one of my contacts. It wouldn't allow me to text her so I had to delete her entry and retry it. It worked after the fourth try. So yeah I'd wait for the official release. I'm reverting back to 4.7.

Has anyone had this issue? I only see 1X on homescreen only nothing more. However I am getting data at same speeds as before. Anyone else?

I downloaded this O.S and its seems pretty good to me. A few new things here and there. Im going to keep it until i have a legit reason not to. Oh by the way, there r a few ways to get ur instant messaging to work for this. i have yahoo and aim up and running. Aswell as facebook, myspace, and twitter thru snaptu

I am quiet impressed with this build. There are several new bells and whistles to play with. Tour seems to be running much smoother. One question though what is up with the 3G logo on the signal indicator. Verizon 3G?

OS 5 works well. The only thing I noticed is that Sprint Navigation doesn't work on a Sprint Tour. For some unknown reason, It reads to turn on GPS. Gps is turned on. After many battery pulls and adjustments (including but not limited to deleting the vendor.xml filr) unfortunately, it appears that I'm going back to the 4.7 OS due to the fact i'm always using the Sprint Navigation.

Just Installed on my tour and it works great! Install went smoothly went from (I believe). And wow there is a difference! It is much faster and more responsive. The only thing thats missing is the tabbed browsing. I heard there was supposed to be tabbed browsing in 5.0 but I have yet to see it in these two versions. Any ideas? Or did I just misread?

The installation took longer than any other BB OS update I have ever done (about 5) The user interface is much better and faster, very responsive. It seems that the colors are more contrasted, but I think that's more from the bubbled look that's similar to the iPhone.

BlackBerry messenger does not work on these. But since the 5.0 leaks have been more common, and many of the core aps not working, BB has responded with a new Facebook (1.6.22) and Instant messenger features. Hopefully, a new leak for BBM 5.0 will roll out soon enough.

Many new features include but are not limited to:

threaded SMS
one button access to music
GUI (graphic user interface) is very responsive, sharp and detailed
device seems to manage memory better

Anyone having problems when syncing with the calender with this release? It seems that when syncing, the data in the device stays but all the date in Outlook is gone. Any advice?

So, reluctantly, I tried this unofficial release out. Pro's and Cons as follows:

-Threaded text
-The whole look of the background, etc. (Real chic looking)
-Facebook works
-You get a few more preloaded backgrounds
-When you load the phone up it has the blackberry logo with a status bar of the boot
-No more boxes around the icons

-No BBM. I sent myself (to my e-mail), a link for BBM 5.0 and I downloaded it twice (it said it downloaded successfully), and then I just couldn't find it anywhere...
-Slow, until I re-booted.
-Trackball was mute (even though my settings were on click). I know it's a stupid con, but I like the sound of the trackball when I roll it around.
-Quickpull doesn't work

Honesty, if BBM worked on this leak, I would have kept it. Unfortunely, I admit that I am addicted to BBM and I have a friend in Spain who uses BBM to communicate with me because it's free for her.

I can't wait until the official version of 5.0 finally gets released, OR the release of the official BBM that works on 5.0.

I hope my post was helpful to all.

hi guys, my friend and i have been trying to install os 5.0 for 7 hours onto my phone, and we cant figure it out. i have downloaded the software, installed it on my pc, deleted the vendor files.. ive even gone as far as deleting bbm 5.0 from my phone, and it still wont install.. i know my post about says that i installed it (dont ask why i downgraded) anyways, please email me some insight.. im at a loss, and dying for os 5.0.....

ok, so i know that this is gonna sound like a dumb question, but here it goes. i have desktop manager for mac, and i dled the os file and it will not let me update my os from the one i have now to can anyone help me and let me know how exactly i'd update my os with desktop manager for mac? thank you so much!!!!

It just kept causing my phone to reboot over and over. Oh well guess I'll just wait for the official release to come out or a better leak. The threaded SMS was nice to see

Not sure what the big hype was about OS v5, so far not too many differences. Just few re-arranging of some menus and that's pretty much it. Some thoughts about it follows:

Seems to lag more then my previous OS v4.7.
Can't run the Sprint Nav or Google maps doesn't use the GPS.
When tried to downgrade to OS v4.7 it bricked my phone and only OS v5 would unbrick it.
Won't get notifications for received SMS.
BB App World keeps disappearing and have to reinstall after battery pull.

Overall probably would have stuck with v4.7, however since it won't let me downgrade without bricking (I tried 3 times), I just keep running OS v5. Hope they will get an update soon to fix some the issues.

I upgraded to a little over a week ago and so far I'm halfway happy with the results:

-Installing it was a breeze, though BBM 5.0 did not install with the new OS. I had to reinstall it and restore from a backup to recover my BBM contacts.

-Sprint Navigation will not work. However, you can download Telenav which is almost identical to Sprint NAV. If you were able to use Sprint NAV, Telenav should install and run without a problem.

-Threaded SMS is awesome, but when you view your SMS messages, the sender is displayed in Bold along with the number they used to send it. For example, it will show:
Laura (Mobile), which is sorta annoying.

-When you try and send an SMS text through the menu, it will create the conversation but will not bring you to the screen (instead it brings you to your "Messages" window, not the new SMS window).

-You can now add SMS contacts to your BBM friend list, and any SMS message recieved by them will appear in your BBM as opposed to to your SMS inbox. There is a bug however, that will display those messages as new (bolded) in your BBM, even though you've read the message.

-There are a few changes to the Clock: bigger time display and a new interface for changing the alarm time, which resembles the iPhone's method for setting time (slot machine style). I don't really like this feature because it won't let you input the desired alarm time with the keyboard.

-Everything seems to run faster and so far, I haven't had any unexpected reboots.

Overall, the new OS looks promising, however there are a few bugs they need to work out. I'm eagerly awaiting the official release, which various sources claim will be unleashed around November 1st.

Just loaded the OS about ten minutes ago. It's working great so far, although I haven't really done much yet. I have ran into one problem though... when I select the Media icon, instead of opening the normal GUI with music, ringtones, pictures, etc... it opens a regular menu as if you were opening the downloads folder. It has links to the respective applications (pictures, ring tones) but NOT MUSIC. I was able to access my music files via the new Files app, and the media player loaded from there. However this seems a bit complicated and annoying to do every time so I was hoping someone had a fix or workaround for it! PLEASE comment back on here or send me a message or something if you have any ideas. I'll post my comments about the OS once I have more time to use it. Thanks!

Yeah, I forgot to mention that in my post. The media icon now opens a folder titled "net_rim_bb_file_explorer.Media" with the Ring Tone, Voicenote, Video, and Picture icons inside it. The Music icon is missing, but I already had one on my home screen and just use that instead. Haven't found a workaround for this problem though.

Found a fix for the media icon problems. Options -> Theme -> Precision Zen. When set to Precision Sprint I experienced the media icon problems. After switching to Zen, they display and function correctly. The graphical menu that was on 4.7 is still not present -- I wonder if that was intentional or just because this is a leaked version. Switching to Zen looks the same but will reset the order of menu icons to default, so if you have them customized you will have to do it over.

Otherwise, I'd say leak is ok. It tends to lag here and there, which rarely happened on 4.7. Always lags after a reboot, in Facebook, and randomly elsewhere. BBM was deleted, as others have mentioned, and it was a pain to get it reinstalled. I tried downloading OTA via browser, but after installation there was no icons and it was not listed under Options -> Applications. I then decided to download from App World... but had to download App World first. After I did that, it took 2-3 installs and reboots to actually get BBM to appear. However I finally did and it functions normally.

Sprint Nav did not work, and TeleNav Navigator did not work either. The only app that has successfully utilized GPS is Blackberry Maps.

Threaded SMS is BEAUTIFUL... but still a little buggy. Sometimes the red star will not appear for new messages. Seems to have gotten a little bit better as some time has passed. Also, the name of the sender remains bold even after message has been read. Although I'd say for a leaked OS with the first ever implementation of threaded SMS, it's not too bad.

Facebook works, although I dislike that the red star does not appear on Messages for notifications like it did in 4.7. It appears on the folder that Facebook is in (if it's not on home menu) and on the Facebook icon itself.

Overall the bugs aren't too huge unless you use Navigation frequently. The other little things seem worth it to me because I love the threaded SMS so much.

For those wondering when the official release will be, I believe I saw somewhere online that they are saying later in 2010. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later... I'm looking forward to an official, bug-free release of this OS!

I SO want to download this OS, but every link has been shut down. Does anyone have any other options? Can the file be e-mailed? Please!!!!

All of a sudden my SMS and BBM icons dissapeared. They are not hidden, and have set the SMS/Email to be Seperate. Tried sending service books, no help there. Tried to Update Profile from Mobile Network and it states: "The profile could not be updated. Try again later." Anybody else with this problem?

i tried to google this .230 version and downloaded it from megaupload but it didnt work does anyone have a link that still works?

i have tried every link i could find to download this new OS for the tour...nothing is working..can someone plz post a link that will work.. thanks

After all the problems I was having with .230, I downgraded to 4.7. After someone told me that SprintNAV now worked I decided to give it another try and I couldn't be happier. SprintNAV does indeed work and my BBM and SMS reappeared without issues. I recommend installing this beta version before the official release (whenever the heck that'll be).

The above poster's url for the torrent was cut off. Here is the full address (chopped into bits, just connect @ the "_" but do NOT include them in the URL)



I hope you all know how use the torrent system. Good luck, last time I checked (Monday, 11PM ET) there were 9 seeders and 2 peers (pretty good).

Just Installed the OS.. Is working fine BBM is up and running Looks very nice.. I am setting up the device now few apps where removed but easy to get them back.. Full Review in a bit..

The installer file exceeds 100 mb, so sending it via email is very hard. I posted a torrent link farther up in the thread. Use that, it works. If you don't know how to downloading using torrents, then look it up (it's the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to download). Best of luck ;-)

I tried the torrent posted above. The trackers look active but nothings coming over. Is this the most stable beta 5.0 version for the Tour that's been leaked?

I installed version this evening and have two questions:

1. I don't have the "3G" by my signal meter...I still have 1XEV, but it is in very small font when I have the phone set just the lower 6 icons showing. When I click the BB key, I get the 1XEV in the larger font. Any idea why I don't have the "3G"? I'm on Sprint and I've pulled the battery twice since the install.

2. The folder that used to say "Media" when you roll the trackball to it now says "net_rim_bb_file_explorer.Media" Any idea how to get the icon to just say "Media"

Other than these two things, the 5.0 seems to be great.

i'm attempting to download the 5.0 OS system and every time i click the link it says file has been deleted, if anyone has a solution please let me know!

Argggggg - it ruined everything - this is the second time my BB Storm has broken.
I recieved a notification on my over the weekend about a "mandatory" OS upgrade from 4. something to 5.0. So I went through the whole thing - it re-arranged everything - fine - I can live with that. But now - the whole thing just quit. There is a teeny tiny little message on the screen that says Technical Issue - Return to the place bought it. Of course I removed the battery - I waited - so on and so forth. : (

The first time this happened - on my first tour - the screen went blank with a teeny little square clocking in the middle. There was no solution. What was worse is that the people at the Verizon Store had never seen such a thing - and gave me a new BB. That was all well and good - until the told me that I just lost 6 years worth of phone numbers! I know, I know, I should have backed it up - but I don't use it for work - so I have no need to sync it with outlook.

So sad.......

: (

Is there anyway i can download this OS again? All the links that i have tried are all dead........... :( Right now im running (Platform and it doesnt allow me to send pictures MMs but i can receive them and erases all my SMS text when the phone restarts