Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8330!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Sep 2009 05:15 pm EDT
Leaked: BlackBerry Curve 8330 OS

Wow. Now this is pretty huge. We've been wondering what the cut off was for OS 5.0... in other words, which existing BlackBerry Smartphone models would see the upgrade. First we had heard that devices with less than 128 megs of flash memory wouldn't get 5.0. Then we heard the real cut off was OS 4.6: Devices running 4.6 or higher would get 5.0, while those with less than 5.0 wouldn't get it. Whichever reason, it meant bad news for BlackBerry Curve 83xx series owners (exception - 8350i??). But look what leaked today - OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8330. If you have one and want to be a risktaker, give it a go and let us know how it works! We're still not certain this will get rolled out officially by carriers, but at least it exists! 

*OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8330!!


Just wondering why there was never a post like this for the .230 leak for the BlackBerry Storm 9530? Was it because of the way it was leaked as a collection of files that someone had to gather together and create an installer app for?

So who's going to dive right in and give this new OS a shot? I don't think I'm courageous enough to try it but I'm eager to hear from those who do. This is hopefully an optimistic sign of things to come for us Curve owners!

Please let me know what your results are.. I'm anxiously awaiting an OS upgrade to 4.6+ so I can start utilizing the "hidden" today themes...

Thanks & Good Luck!!!

I wouldn't recommend it as the 8300/8310/8320 are GSM phones, whereas the 8330 is a CDMA phone, meaning chances are it's firmware will not support GSM devices.

I'm loading this on my mom's curve now... She never has a choice, I just tell here I'm going to update it and take it from her...

Rim should not have made any OS 5.0 builds for the 83xx series. If that have made builds just for the CDMA Curves, there will be an outcry around the world.

95% of RIMs devices are GSM. Why alienate the %80+ of the world that is GSM. The vast majority of 83xx Curves are GSM.

I assume it will run verrrrry slow on a 312mhz Curve processor. In the end< RIM is hurting itself if it does officially release any 5.0 for any Curve. It has wasted resources that could have been put to better use elsewhere, rather than tart up a two year old phone.

Just maybe this version is optimized to handle the 83xx's hardware. We're about to see. I'm a huge hybrid builder and user and the higher OS files have only made the devices zestier.

so are you saying that 95% is GSM or 80%+? you confusing me because frankly i believe you are confused :) I highly doubt that either number is correct tho... I think you extremely underestimate the number of VZW CDMA Blackberrys out there.

I said that of all the berries RIM makes, 95 out of every 100 are GSM phones. World wide, about 15-20% of carriers are CDMA.

Im taking worldwide not just North America.

Im just guestemating the numbers from what I have read so they are rough.

Couple of things.

#1 I was fairly sure we'd be seeing this soon, because it is the same amount of memory on the 8330 as the Pearl Flip, and the Pearl flip IS getting the OS 5 upgrade, as we already know.

#2 To everyone who is commenting about the 8310 and 8320, this will not work on them. They only have 64 megs of Memory, where the 8330 has 96 megs, which is the cutoff

#3 To the "know it all" who works for RIM that I had the argument elsewhere this weekend, about this OS not even existing for the 8330, nor would it ever exist, cuz RIM wouldn't waste there time on a non GSM device...looks like you need to pay more attention at work skippy, you got owned by info that came from Crackberry.com, and you WORK FOR THE EFFIN COMPANY!

And finally, to all the other 8330 Curve fans out there! ENJOY! I can't install it till I get home, but I'm sure you guys will beat me too it, so let us know how it goes!

I'm sad, I get to see the CDMA version of the curve and even the pearl flip get a leaked 5.0 OS. I hope it's coming soon!

I am currently on the skytrain and have been dreaming about the day that a 5.0 OS comes to my 8330. I almost yelled out loud in a packed skytrain car. Woooooo!!!

it has been recoonecting to device for about 30 min ..... and the bar is only 1/8th of the way. Hope this works or my GF is going to kill me for killing her Curve lol

I think you need to wipe your device first, thats what I just did and its loading. Of course back up all your stuff first.

trying to download now got through the whole download and now cant find it on blackberry desktop when i try to download.am i mising something here need help , plase

go to c: programfiles
Common files, Research in motion, apploader and delete the vendor file then double click the loader

I'm going to download it after October 1st if this turns out to be a safe download because that's when I'm getting my new Tour! I'm giving my 8330 to my sister.

If the 8330 curve gets the new OS then there will be a lot of curve users keeping their devices instead of buying new ones. If I has a curve, I wouldn't be so anxious to upgrade to a new device. And new comers for blackberry would most likely skip the new more expensive devices and get the much cheaper curve. This would be great for consumers, but not so great for RIM from a business standpoint.

The upgrade is minutes away from complete. I only need to reload my apps, half of which probably wont work. But damn I'm excited anyway. Will be in touch. Twitter @naj42181

Rebooting and I have a black screen with blackberry written and a progress bar thats moving very very very slowly lol

I guess it kinda makes up for the fact the 8330 is number 4 on the list for most radiation exposure, eh, eh, eh? Who's with me? :P

Wow, this is interesting! The setup wizard is all new but completely unnecessary as all of my contacts, service books and applications reinstalled perfectly. I've also noticed a Windows Vista like prompt everytime SocialScope tried to connect to the cloud but that was easily fixed by editing the application permissions. BTW the menu for applications has moved to the main options page from the advanced options page and seems much more intuitive and in depth at the same time. Am now redownloading the leaked BBM 5.0 because the packaged BBM was an upgrade but not what we've come to know and love. Twitter @naj42181

I immediately went to themes to look for an upgraded RIM theme and found only my uninteresting usual suspects plus the themes I've installed. I switched back to the default VZW theme to get a feel for what this really is supposed to look like. At once I noticed that some simple GUI tweeks need to be fixed. Annoying stuff like the reaction a button makes when you click on it is not clean or fluid.

Field reports from the CB forums is that this software only works with the 8330e. Those of us with the 8330m will have to wait a bit longer for our goodies.

I will try to tweet my findings as they happen in real time. I am suppose to be doing the dishes and vacuuming so expect more and more to come a little later.

Twitter @naj42181

On the one hand, I'm so glad that there's a CHANCE I might see OS5 on my 8310!!!
On the other hand, I'm so annoyed that the CDMA versions keep dropping first!
First it's the 8230 instead of my wife's 8220. Now it's the 8330 instead of my 8310.

ARGH!!! I'm in agony over here!

I dont know what I am doing wrong. I d/l the OS and ran the program. Nothing happened except it restarted my PC. Now what? I started the desktop manager. Nothing. What do I do? I want to test this!

My computer didn't recognize the update either, so I upgraded my desktop manager from 4.5 to 5.0 and it worked!

I am dying to know if anyone tried this leak on a 8310. Please post some comments. The curve is a great tool and this would bring them truly back to life. I am just not sure if the memory would support that.

wheres the suretype thought this has suretype on this os.in certain programs its alittle sluggish hour glass keeps going round and round. can someone check and see i saw it on the download but dont see it working.

I am dying to know if anyone tried this leak on a 8310. Please post some comments. The curve is a great tool and this would bring them truly back to life. I am just not sure if the memory would support that.

OMG... Why cant I get it to load?! I let it open desktop manager 5.0 but it still is not working. WHAT DO I DO? It checks for updates, but does not recognize one. :( How do I make it work?! Plz help.

Mine didn't auto detect 5.0 in Desktop Manager, I went to Program Files>>Common Files>>Research In Motion>>Apploader and after deleting the Vendor.XML file double-clicked the Loader.. Not finished yet, but am "connecting to device, this may take up to 30 minutes". The black screen on my berry with the progress bat at the bottom is pretty sexy tho :)

so I did this and it installed fine.. but when it restarted it has a bar and it loads SOO slow on my 8330... In fact, it's been loading for the past 10 minutes and still hasn't budged. Don't rejoice too much!

I tried it last night with a couple of observations/problems.

1) I love the clean look of the blackberry bootup it took awhile but it finally did boot up,

2)No browser, at least not for me, seemed to be a service book issue, it was listed in applications and as a running application but if you went to a page it said something along the lines of contact your provider, blah blah; it was late, I was tired!

3)No ubertwitter, ubertwitter only supports upto 4.7 (unless I'm mistaken, which I have been known for before) and that is a deal breaker, I got to have my tweets :)

4) I was able to load opera mini 4.2 with DM but I got the same service issue.

I may try it again this weekend when I have more time to tinker, It does have some promise. It defiantly has some Great back end features, like how you can sort the applications by 3rd party and such.

If I can figure out the browser issue and get ubertwitter running I will defiantly be running this OS!

I'm right there with you on the Browser. I've got 5.0 loaded but the browser is nowhere to be found. I'm also getting some weird artifacts on my Today screen


What's the biggest diff's between 4.x and 5? I'm dying to try this just because of the "hidden" today themes...


And I can't figure out how to make it go away. I have pushed every button and nothing happens to the clock. I have had to do a battery pull 3 time this morning already because it renders my phone unusable

I am rolling back to the previous version. Threaded SMS and the updated BBM are cool, but there are too many glitches. Trackball works erratically. There is text on top of text in my precision theme. Also the signal type is 3g instead of 1XEV

I have an 8330 with Verizon. My phone displays the connection as 3G as well. Will that be a problem. Phone works fine, browser works (slow but works). My main issue is with the blackberry maps and GPS. Application fails and I need to reboot the device.

This is fantastic news! I would have been really ticked off if the Curve 8330, Verizon's only nontouch BlackBerry, wasn't included in the update.

Um, are you forgetting the 8830, and 9630? Those are "nontouch" Blackberry's also. More if you want to go back to the 7130e and 8703e, among others.

It's working fine for me, some interesting new twists - threaded SMS, file manager, clock, etc. Give it a shot!

I hope the 5.0 goes well.... so far I am reluctant to upgrade my 8330. We'll see. The media stuff looks cool.... and bedside mode is really cool.

I'm trying to load on my 8330 (vzw) I won't pick up the new software. Does the phone have to be active? This is my spare in case my Tour takes a dump.

So far most everything has been smooth on my Sprint 8330. I love the threaded chat and the spell check as you go. Even if the OS is a hair glitchy at times those two features make it worth the small inconvenience.

I finished my rollback, hope this leak works better for everyone else. The SMS looked cool and BMM was ok, wasn't anything ground shaking except new emoticons. :-)

I put it on last nite, have no probs since, few new features. The clock is new and the SMS are a little different. I'm running a 8330 W/ Verizon

I use my BB as an MP3 player every day. After upgrading to 5.0, I can't find the media players anywhere. Any ideas?

Installed last night on my 8330 (Sprint).

Running pretty smooth. I still need to change my settings and need to restore my messages backed up. But very smooth so far.

This morning I had BBM on my phone. Granted it was not BBM5 but it was messenger. HOW DO I GET IT BACK?!?!? PLEASE HELP!!! PM me if you have any ideas

@8330 Addiction
First hold down the menu key to launch the application switcher. If you don't see it under there then see below. If it is under there then check all the folders for the icon.

My BBM was missing as well. Here's how I fixed it:
Go to option -> applications -> add-on "it's under the drop down menu at the top"
You should see BlackBerry Messenger or something like that if you download the leaked version prior to upgrading your OS.
Delete any versions of BBM under the add-on section.
Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\ and run Loader.exe. "Make sure the vender.xml file isn't in the AppLoader directory."
Once it finds your device you should see a list of your installed application. BBM probably isn't checked, so check it and click next. It won't go through the whole upgrade process again. It will just install BBM and reboot your BB.
Good Luck!

Once again, make sure and check all the folders for the FB icon. If you can't find it go to www.blackberry.com/facebook and download the new FB version This version works with OS 5.0. After you download it check all your folders again.

Just installed it on a curve 8330 with Verizon, Works well except I cant log into App world and I lost my icon for Facebook. I like the new email layout. Overall very happy with the upgrade. Its been several hours and it still working!

If anyone has a workaround to get facebook back I would appreciate some help.

Install went without a hitch, did the upgrade just like i'd do any upgrade after removing the vendor.xml file. I didn't have to do a wipe or whatever it is that has been discussed above, and the entire process ran in under an hour.

I have the 8330 on verizon and will likely stay with 5.0. Threaded sms is cool but visually unpleasing (fugly), needs some ui work for sure.

surprisingly most all of my apps work, including:
gmail app
opera mini
opera mini beta 5 (slow, but working)
ea's tetris (sucks, do not buy)
and many many (too many?) more!

Actually i'm have trouble figuring out which of my apps if any have stopped working.

Bedside clock mode looks great, at work now but when I get home i'll tear into all the new features and post my experiences here.


Yep, it took 1+ hrs to get it all done.

I downloaded the current OS I was on
I deleted BBM 5.0
I cleared all my SMS chats
I rebooted my BB
I did TWO (2) full-complete backups
I ran AppLoader with 5.0 OS
Rebooted BB after install complete. Then did a battery pull to be sure...

Only issues I had were:
* had to delete & reinstall BBWeather (upgraded to v.91)
* had to delete & reinstall FaceBook app
* had to install AppWorld (didn't get pulled over from bkup)
* had to redo my Profiles (UGH!)
* think I need to delete and reinstall QuickPull. It's being fussy

So far, seems to be running all right.

*** never mind... i just found the answer after scrolling down...
does the bbm 5.0 work with the new os?

y it keeps telling me to update 4.5 on the desktoo manager i downloaded the 5.0 n the software for device i dont get it plz help

There seems to be some good feedback from my VZW Fam about how 5.0 works on our Curve, but i'm just reluctant. Honestly I'm looking to mscooley to say something about her experience. I trust your word chica! I was also given a nudge forward by my VZW guy, who said it should be safe to upgrade. That's two yeses, so I'm really considering the move. Any other VZW Fam w/8330s feedback is much appreciated as well.

so far so good, no major issues, love the threaded sms. only issues i have is no more BBM 5.0 until offical release and alarm clock seems not to be working at all, i can't set the alarm. the first hour my BB ran a lil slower than normal but thats to be expected, i'm into hour two and its back up to speed. Broswer is a lil buggy/slow as well

I am not impressed by the 8330m. First I have to send my 8330 in under a warranty replacement due to a physical speaker phone/external speaker failure.

To my horrified surprise, I get the 8330m, which has a couple of issues that I don't like.

1. Google maps still does not work with the GPS. Really?! I used that more than the phone feature. Anyone able to fix this?

2. The radio signal reception is extremely volatile. Sometimes I end up on roaming in areas I know have full 1XEV coverage. I have to toggle the radio off and on and sometimes even have to resort to a battery pull to get it back.

3. The screen colors are washed out. Oranges are yellow, etc.

4. Now I can't even get an OS update. I don't need 5.0. I do need them to address the software related issues already.

The 8330m truly is the red-headed stepchild of the Blackberry family.

I have the same device & so far ( thank God ), I have not had any of the issues that you have mentioned. It has been an awesome little device for me. No washed out colors & everything works Great!

Loaded on VZW 8330 dont know how long it took because I left it installing and came back after almost 2 hrs. Did have overlay on TXT on TODAY theme window with the welcome emails. Tried going on Browser but wouldnt connect, so I did a battery pull and now working fine. shows 3G on screen. some apps weren't reinstalled, but no big deal. Love the threaded SMS. Still playing with it, but looks like it works good!!

Installed 5.0 onto my VZW 8330 last night without a hitch. I liked the new Blackberry logo progress bar on the screen during boot-up.

Started alphabetically rearranging icons (note: 4.5 lets you rearrange icons back to factory default via the menu if you wish) and noticed that Profiles is now named Sounds, and there's no keyboard shortcut? WTF?

The Sounds (formerly Profiles) settings have been overhauled with a new look and feel. Not sure I like it or not, but I did notice right away that it took FOREVER to scroll through the ring tones. This alone was a factor in my decision to roll-back to OS version 4.5 this morning.

Also, Alarm Clock is now simply "Clock" and has some very cool new features that are found in the Options. Included is "bedside" mode, a countdown timer, a stopwatch, and some very slick screen clocks (black background, four different clock choices: analog, sans serif style digital, 70's era flip card digital, and 60's era digital). I liked them all. Definitely a nice improvement.

I noticed that the home screen status bar displayed 3G instead of 1XEV. Hmmmm???

There are several different features that others have already mentioned, but in the end, I found the ring tone scroll-rate to be miserably slow, so I uninstalled 5.0, then reinstalled 4.5 through Desktop Manager. That went smoothly and I'm back in business with 4.5.

I'll await the official release of 5.0 after Verizon and RIM complete their troubleshooting process. (HEY ENGINEERING TEAM: Put a keyboard shortcut on "Sounds"! )

This worked flawlessly for me when I used App Loader instead of Desktop Manager v. 5.0 to upgrade.

Noted improvements:

1. Web browser is outstanding (the smoothness of scrolling and zooming is much improved) and most pages load in desktop style with a zoom pointer. CSS support seems improved as well, especially for divs and tables.

2. Threaded SMS is such a huge, and much appreciated, improvement over 4.5.

3. The device is noticeably snappier overall.

4. 1XEV has been replaced by a 3G icon.

5. Videos, Ringtones, Music, and Voice Notes have been separated into their own icons on the home screen.

ok. i use my alarm all the time. Now after installing 5.0 it doesn't work. i can't see the time to set it. Also, BBM 5 doesn't work i had to go back to 4.7. Blackberry App world will not find network. i like the looks do.

ok, so last night, while battling my insomnia, i discovered the leaked for 8330s and i installed it... well, let's just say that it was slower than molasses in January! So, i used JL_Cmder to wipe my berry and reinstalled my old OS, no joy! then i dug and dug through the forums and found a hybrid OS 4.5/4.6/5.0 and some handy tools for shrinking an OS, neat stuff too, anyhoo, when i tried this hybrid i don't really know if i installed it correctly or not but i had a few probs similar to what i encountered when i went back to *.169, like, missing browser, couldn't send email even though my account was set up, couldn't get service books to work, blah blah blah... well, i took my little pea-brain and tried something else, idk if this is a good idea for anyone else to try BUT, i used lyricidal's--the author of the hybrid os--instructions, sorry don't recall the link *bad forum manners* and tweaked them just a bit... instead of applying the tweaks to the original os (4.5) to get the hybrid, i performed the same steps on the 5.0 os and extracted his java files into the appropriate place in the new os, shrunk it, reinstalled it et voila!! it runs much faster now... instead of the browser being slower than dial-up internet (seriously, if anyone can remember those headaches) it is considerably quicker now! i won't lie and tell you that it is lightning quick but pages do load a lot faster.

Here's the rub... some crackberry-genius type will probably come along and tell me that when i tweaked the os the way that i did, i actually changed some significant items, but i'm not so sure about that, nor am i really sure that i changed anything even though my about screenshot looks identical to the one above, so i'm confident that my core os is 5.0... to this point, i have tried every work around that i can think of to get BBM 5.0.8 to load on my berry, with the exception of an OTA since my reinstall. moreover, i did connect to desktop manager and try the apploader, which surprisingly did not show that BBM was even installed, and put it back on my berry, still no joy. aside from lacking BBM, i'm happy with 5.0 and will keep working in my spare time to find a solution to this problem. however, if there is someone out there with far too much spare time on their hands, like me, who has already found said solution, please let me know.


So I uploaded the OS last night onto my phone but it deleted my BBM. I got it back but it will only allow me to put 4.7 back on. I've spoken to a few other people as well and they seem to be experiencing the same thing. Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone else been able to put bbm 5.0 back on their device?

I cant get Blackberry App to work. Blackberry maps will not work with satellite. And the browser is not as quick and will lock up if trying to load crackberry page. My network displays 3g, not sure if that is a problem or not.

I do like SMS, Alarm, the picture viewer is smooth. Upgrade was easy.

If anyone has a fix for the few items that are not working please let me know!

I notice first off it doesn't work with the 8330m (multi-language) So I traded a co-worker for their 8330. I just updated my 8330. Now that it is updated I LOVE the look and feel. Just one main issue... No browser! It is registered, deleted service books and resent. Wiped multiple times. Now I am off to reload 5.0 and delete Vendor.xml first. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to post.

I am trying to install this update (I am currently using v - Verizon 8330) without much luck. I installed the new software and deleted vendor.xml then opened Desktop Manager to do the update. It sees the 5.0 version but when I tell it to update it says "No software update is required for your device".

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks

Actually in the Desktop Manager the is an asterisk stating that only active BB subscribers are entitled to this update. Very strange.

I just tried the new OS out on my girlfriends VZW 8330 with success. It had some pretty cool features but overall was not impressed. Internet was extremely slow compared to my EDGE 8320. At this time would not recommend the upgrade.

I'm gonna wait on the carrier to release upgrade.. too many iffy issues for me. I have the worst luck EVER, so if it can go wrong, it will....lol.

I have the 8330m as well. I have it with cellular south in mississippi. I hope it comes soon.. I've been faithfully watching the posts & waiting for that day as well as the day when I can try skyfire. Crossing my fingers

You couldn't pay me to install this after reading of all the headaches most everyone seems to be experiencing. If it can go wrong, with me - it will!

I'll just wait..

I loaded the leaked 5.0 code on my Sprint 8330. Downloaded the code. Did a routine backup via BB Desktop Manager. Launched the upgrade and waited. About 65% in my BB Desktop Mgr crashed on my laptop. Fearing I had just bricked by Berry I used BB Master Control to re-initiate the upgrade and completed successfully. I re-loaded my data from my backup and let it stew overnight. The next morning I had a working 8330 on 5.0 code! I've been running it for three days now. Here are my observations.

1) The improvements are awesome! So many improvements in one update it's unreal; threaded SMS, threaded messages, the clock app, more intuitive menuing, and more. Way too much to list here.

2) All of my non OEM themes were wiped out and not restored. I have not tried installing a 3rd party theme yet, so I'm not saying they won't work. Just an observation.

3) Some of the default Berry apps have been updated or migrated so they may not appear the same. Do some digging before you post complaints. e.g. I've read some complaints about the alarm clock is missing. Not true. It's just been integrated into the Clock app...along with a stopwatch and countdown timer. Very nice touches. Yes, they all work just fine for me.

4) You now have a separate app for (just) photos and (just) videos. Inside the photos app the top option is "All photos" and let me tell you - it will find ALL photos! :-/ If you have some pics that you'd rather not be seen by Jr when he plays with your phone then you better go into options and "Exclude" certain folders. :)

5) When I lock my keyboard I get the following error: "JVM Error 104" . I assume this is due to the crashed installation but not sure. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix?

Overall I'm very satisfied and cannot turn back to any of the 4.x codes now. Good luck to you.

for some reason my BBDM does not recognize the update even after i have run the OS update program. I have the same phone you do (same carrier too). did you have any issues with this? i'm trying to do this in an XP machine.

I aggree with czechm8 - 5.0 SUCCESS!!!

Remember this is a *leaked OS and not everything will work perferctly. Running sprint 8330 and everything works as expected. Fonts are a little off but that's more due to the themes not being for the OS version. SMS, clock, and all new options are sweet. I've seen slower browsers than this.

Only real problems I have had...
1. BB messenger missing- Reloaded it with desktop manger
2. Media player icon disappearing, I can still play tunes if I browse to the folder. I wiped device and reloading it again to make sure. Hopefully that brings it back and keeps it this time.

I am finding that I can not change, update my tasks or calendar events.

Any ideas?

Other than that it works great...now we need some themes updated!

Faster browser, Threded txts, and some other little addon's. But all that means nothing, What is important is my phone is way faster with the new update. Its like getting a brand new phone. No problems at all just in curve heaven.

I think I'm going to try it out. I have never downloaded a leaked OS before...I'm currently running and have BBDM 5.0. How do I go about doing it. I am currently downloading the OS to my PC.

When I click update I see the 5.0 as an option. Once I hit next I get a message saying no updates available. Is anyone else having this issue?

I'm not getting any updates either.. I wonder why??? Some people are saying it may be cause of the blackberry 8330m. The update is for the blackberry 8330 only.. GRRRR I wanted to update it!! I hope it comes out soon!

i installed the 5.0 OS on my 8330 and it works just fine!...the only bug that Ive seen so far is that with my curve the OS 5.0 doesn't catch any GPS signals whatsoever with blackberry maps... i don't really use blackberry maps that often so i don't really mind....i hope it becomes a official release soon. i really like the threaded text messages. =)

whats up everyone i've been using this os for 5 days now and it is working out pretty well im on my phone 24/7 no problems so far alot of updates that are pretty cool i hope they release the real version asap

i am mostly happy with this upgrade as there are lots of new features that make life with my cure that much better. i would like to see the browser tweaked a little as i feel it is too slow and awkward. getting the app world to work would be nice too because it notifies you of updates as they are available, and its a great place to browse free apps. The spell check as you go is awesome though. definitely a step in the right direction.

seems pretty good I don't know why people are saying maps and gps aren't working. They seem to be working fine for me.

WHat carrier are you on? I upgraded to 5.0 and I can't lock on to any GPS, and my bluetooth does not work properly. I can't get A2DP to play, but I can use my head set for phone only. Verizon says they are NOT supporting OS 5.0 for 8330, even though RIM has released the official version.

I am so tempted to d/l this leaked version but I'm also very scared to b/c my bb is my life...has anyone else tried it and gotten good results?? Or does anyone know when RIM is going to make the official release??...I mean why gives us bbdm v5.0 and not OS 5.0??

Seems to work fine but I find the hourglass coming up a lot more so I'm wondering if the 8330 is a bit underpowered to handle this new OS but I also think I probably need to reconfigure some things to save CPU power.

My network icon did switch from "1X" to "3G" which I thought was kind of amusing. :)

I did have to re-setup all my apps (login/setup).

Also, I had version 1.2 of Facebook installed originally, which the upgrade got rid of completely and made me download 1.7, which is actually a GREAT upgrade if you haven't done it yet.

I have Verizon so I have only cell tower gps capability. Blackberry Maps worked fine before the upgrade but now it does not work at all. I try to do a "find where I am" and it just sits there looking for satellites. At some point I even got to a black screen with a software error number on it and it rebooted the entire device! I tried removing Blackberry Maps from the device using the Desktop Manager and then tried reinstalling it via the web. No go. According to the website, Blackberry Maps is only supported on OSes v4.1 or v4.2.x which I found odd being that it worked perfectly fine on OS 4.7. So now the app isn't even installed at all. Google Maps works fine though so I guess I'll just stick with that.

The browser now has a magnifying glass to let you zoom in and out of web pages and text boxes work a bit differently now.

There also appears to be a clock screen saver of some sort.

The media interface is quite different.

I had an app called MiniMon which the new OS didn't like so I got rid of it.

MidpSSH also doesn't work. I haven't tried reinstalling it yet though or investigating as to why. I get "session error writer: invalid url parameter".

The O icon for Opera Mini is missing its top and bottom...(?)

I haven't tested everything but I'll post anything else I find that doesn't work. Otherwise, not too many issues so far. :)


My curve is defenitely faster!! Update went smoothly and took a little under an hour. Bedside clock mode is awesome for anyone with a charging stand. The keypad lights actually go out unlike Vorino clock with BB light. This is one reason I was going to upgrade but now I have this feature on my Curve! The bubble text messaging is very nice and I love this convenience. Media menu has changed and I like this new one better. It's more like the "switch application" menu but you can see through it. The GPS reciever is still a nightmare. Can't get it to work with anything free (Like google or BB maps) It's a solid upgrade and I feel like I have a new phone. Upgrade was from And finally....No more answering on speakerphone for a few seconds!!

After I downloaded and everything was update on phone. Phone was running good for awhile than started to go into the update mode by itself and every since than been getting white screen. After restart I try to open an app it will freeze. This OS still needs work, But I did like the feel of it and the look. Curve needs new OS dont like the OS right now. Downgraded back down to

This OS update did something goofy to the Bluetooth interface. It adds an option for your phone to listen for devices trying to discover it. Unfortunately it rendered some of my Bluetooth pairings uselss. I test headsets alot and had 15 different paired devices. A handful of them cannot be accessed or even deleted now. This includes my vehicle's SYNC system unfortunately. ATtempting to re-pair these devices is not working. Anyone know of a way to reset the bluetooth radio or clear the pairing list without having to downgrade and re-upgrade would be helpful. If you load this OS update, delete your BT paired devices first. Who knew this would be a problem!?

I've tried several times and nothing seems to work. I've downloaded it twice and have Desktop Manager 5.0, but when it goes to update the device 5.0 isn't an option. Only three different versions of 4.5 are available. Any ideas???

I have the same issue. I have downloaded the OS a couple of times and installed desktop manager 5.0 and 4.7 (i already had the installer for 4.7 from before) they both are english/no-media manager installers.

I have downloaded 5.0 and have not had any major problems. The one thing that I don't like so far is the inability to either save SMS messages or forward them as e-mail to save them. If there is a way to do this, I've missed it.

Cant find media player....
when i navigate directly to mp3 file i can play it, but can't find a shortcut to the player itself

Everything works fine except I cannot get on apps world..it says: blackberry apps world is having trouble connecting to the blackberry app world server, verify network settings and try again....ive tried reloading it and nothing...ive got unlimited internet service and brower works fine...

After much research and investigation I have figured out why App World won't work under It is not a flaw in the OS or the App World App but the fact that RIM has not created a "Directory" or "FTP" location for App World to fetch apps from. Even though you install the same "App world" program on different Blackberries the application list for each device and each OS on that device will be different. Since the is a leaked OS it makes sense that "App world" would have trouble connecting to a resource that has not been created yet.

As more blackberries roll out, and more updates follow suit how much longer will we have to wait for an official update?

Should I update to 5.0 on my Blackberry 830 for Sprint or not?? I am leary as the posts in here are mixed at best.

I thought my BB was slow before now its super slow!!!!!its always refreshing and getting stuck like that. I am not lying when i tell you i have to take my battery out at least 3 times a day to reset the phone, also its always popping up a small widow that says i need to delete some programs because they are using too much memory? I never had any problems before i upgraded though?? on some themes there is no media manager instead it just throws ur pics and vids on ur desktop as icons witch is cool but u loose the ability to play music :-( the look is great i just think this OS is too advanced for the technology in the phone. one plus ill give it is when looking at ur pics it loads them faster. Upgrading was the Worst mistake ever!!!
consider this comparison . i feel this is the Windows Vista of OS's for the BB. I have a 8330 by the way.

Just wanted to state that I have no problems... Installed perfectly and works perfectly. About the progess bar startup getting stuck 1/4 way... mine did too but I just left it there and after a few minutes it just continued to load the OS. Install this; it works great... btw i'm on a VZW 8330.

Installed and LOVE IT!
No hangups, faster boot time, more
in depth options [easier ringtone,
alarm, and today background options],
faster browser speed...
the list goes on and on. I encourage
everyone to download and install! It's legit
and SO worth it.

Took about 2hrs to download and it works great...the only thing i hate is that your music is in a "files folder". and after i download it my blackberry appworld and messenger was gone...other than that it is great

Hey all, I loaded this OS and love it. A couple things that are bugging me.

(1) I can not load a theme. I have downloaded several themese but they don't show in theme section after installing.

(2) no icon notifications of new email. My SMS and email icons do not change when a new mail arrives. I get the notification at the top but I like the way 4.5 changed the actual mail icon.

Anyone having these same problems?

I just got the 8330 yesterday and downloaded the 5.0 onto it today and it runs smooth, I only had it for 1 day with 4.5, but this is a big improvement, fasater, and better setup, only issue is my Sprint Navigation doesn't work!

Tough going from an ATT Bold phone to a Curve.....

Has anyone tried to download a theme and it worked? I have downloaded a few and none seem to work.

After I download the software on to my computer I installed it and it shows up on my desktop manager but when I connect my 8330 it doesnt give me the option to upgrade my software to the 5.0, is there any other way of downloading this onto my 8330?

ive had the update for about a month and have had no problems before now, but recently the screen has just randomly began to turn completely white and there's nothing i can do but pull the battery, and even after pulling the battery it sometimes won't boot up correctly and will just go directly to the white screen. is anyone else having this problem?
this happens multiple times a day and it takes about five time of pulling the battery for it to turn on right

So, here I am, happily updating, when the plug comes loose from my Curve. Of course, the entire installation failed and my Curve is now dead. Based on some other advice around Crackberry, I manage to wipe it and install the backup file that was saved during the installation. (I lost all of my 3rd party apps, but I have all of my contacts, etc.) But now, every time I try to install, I get an error message. The first one is, "To enjoy the latest functionality from the selected Blackberry Device Software Upgrade, You'll need an active Blackberry service subscription. visit www.blackberry.com/sevice to learn more about blackberry services." Lo and behold, the vendor.xml file has somehow reappeared. So I delete it, try reinstalling 5.0 again, and then I get, "No software update is required for your device." 5.0 is listed in DM under the application loader - it just won't LOAD!

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the OS to my computer. I've made sure I've removed previous versions under "Add/Remove Programs." I've tried both DM and the loader.exe file.

I didn't have any of these issues earlier when I tried to upgrade to 5.0 before the plug came out - everything ran smoothly. I've been struggling with this for over 2 hours. Please, please, PLEASE help!

I finally took the plunge, with only a month left until I can pick up a Tour 9630. Diggin' the 3G signal , of course , as well as the threaded messaging. The only issue was with the media player. The volume button actually changed songs , instead of controlling the volume. Oh well , it s not the end of the world.

I am using Windows 7 Pro, BB desktop Manager 5.0 and the leaked OS provided in this post. I backed up my phone and then installed it. The installation took about 35 minutes and completed without a problem, no error messages... nothing. It even kept my current theme, although i had to reinstall it because it made my icons look bigger than usual at first. after I reinstalled it, everything was good.

I was running 5.0 on my previous device, got a replacement and decided to switch over everything onto my replacement device. However, the OS didn't carry over as it errored out in the process. So no biggie to me, I just redownloaded the OS, however, I do not see vendor.xml file in the folder, no apploader...also when I tried using USB, desktop manager doesn't show a PIN. Umm what am I missing? How do I fix it? I would so like to run on a 5.0 again...SOS, please?

Earlier this morning I clicked on the original link to download OS 5 and it takes me to megaupload. I clicked to download and my computer (desktop, I'm on my laptop now) was bombarded with viruses. I don't know how or why, I have an updated anti-virus service on my computer. I am in the process of removing them and trying to restore my system now. Anyway, just wanted to post this and let anyone else know. That file is infected with something. I am surprised this did not happen to anyone else??

So far so good, a few apps wont work but none that are really needed, uh, bbm is gone, havent tried reinstalling yet. will let everyone know after i do. also looove the new tweaks that are more productive like moving apps or emails to folder from the menu! new clock is nice. no issue with install either! great leak!

ok so i have found that upon exiting messages, the device will freeze randomly, also i cannot set the alarm on the device nor can i chage the time of the previous alarm so my device goes off at 730 am and there is nothing i can do to stop it unless someone can tell me how to disable the bb clock altogether......

I was kinda scared at first ... I'm still holding on to my curve until the 9650 comes out. I downloaded the new OS, it took a while, then I had to go back in and restore because it did wipe my phone clean. Everything seems to be in working order from what I can tell. I've been running 5.0 for almost 48 hours and I think I am going to keep it the way it is. I didn't have issues with alarm or icons looking any different. I haven't tried any different themes. I did notice it is working a little bit faster.

Just my two cents ...

anyone i need help i downladed the software device n the desktop managet but the only update they have ther eis the 4.5 how can i get it to the 5.0 oplz help

I am having the same problem. I downloaded it and when I went into the desktop manager it says no updates available.

So does this really work?
How do I get it into my bbcurve?
(i have v4.5.0.81 right now, can i still upgrade to this one?)
thanks super much! :)

so with this ruin my phone like can the data on it be given to people etc? because i had that happen with my pc already and i have 3 different anti virus programs....

as for the software i downloaded it and i dont have any problems but being a previous storm owner and knowing what the offishal software looks like there are differences so I need to know will this software fuck up my phone, i jsut want to know that my passwords and emails and what not will be safe?

I have installed this OS no problems. When hooked to USB it displays a clock (like docked mode of Moto Droid phone). The Options/Applications now has a picture beside the description. When selecting it puts an L in the selection button. There is also a FIND box inside the Option/Applications selection. These are the obvious changes I have found in OS5. Before my curve was running OS 4.5.

I'm late on this one, but I have a Curve 8330 with Telus Mobility & on the BlackBerry website it says that 8330 is supported, but when I try to check for updates whether wirelessly or hooked up to USB, it tells me there are none available.

Why is this?