Leaked: OS For BlackBerry Storm 9530

Storm OS
By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2009 12:19 pm EDT

Update: Once you install the OS onto your PC, go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall RIM Internal Apps 5.0. If you leave this installed on your PC, when you update your device Qunicy will get loaded up too (RIM's beta tracking program). Also, if the download link goes down, just be sure to surf through the forums to find a mirror. *

The Storm forums are blowing up on this one. It looks like a Chinese site has posted OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. This is a recent development so we don't have many details, but if you're willing to give it a shot, let us know the results. Keep in mind that because OS 5.0 is not official yet, a lot of your existing apps may not work on 5.0 even with a successful operating system upgrade. Visit the the Storm OS forums for more info. If you are asked for a password when extracting the file, use "raysource".

*OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS For BlackBerry Storm 9530


Well...everyone got what they wanted but, I have a feeling a lot of people will be disappointed. This isn't like upgrading from Windows 3.1 to Windows XP It's more like Windows 95 to Windows 98.

It's taken RIM this long and they still don't have a decent OS for the Storm.

I have had no prob what so ever with my storm!!!!
I have had it for over 6 months no trades, no issues.
I have upgraded the two official updates, i love my storm!! it sounds like i am the only one who has had good luck.

No, mine runs "good enough" for me too. I virtually have no problems but, I believe the OS could have been a lot better. Maybe it's actually a hardware thing, in the end. (lack of a quality processor or adequate memory)

I have had no problems with mine either. The only reason i had to replace mine was because my screen kept sticking cause i dropped it alot. People just like to complain, when they really should READ THE DAMN MANUAL!! A blackberry is not a regular phone, its just like a computer. I absolutely love my storm!!

most People just like to complain they want everything faster and now!! Just enjoy your phone and quit messing with it.

You're thinking of Desktop Manager, that doesn't have anything to do with the OS. Device OS don't auto update :)

Downloading nowww!

My storms been acting weird lately anyways so screw it if its a virus! Lets get it!!

cool progress bar, but stuck right now at about 20%. i guess the first boot will take a while. better than the white screen.

It all downloaded and installed fine for me. I did lose my BBM and BB broswer though, I'm looking for those now, but other than that is seems quite nice.

You lost your browser? Just resend your service books through email setup>hit bb menu button and youll see it.

u lost ur bbm cause now u have the new 5.0 bbm as for the browser, changing back to ur default theme and looking again

5.0 OS + 5.0 BBM = 5 point awesomeness =D

i really like the new loading screen. instead of staring at a white screen with the hour glass, you get the nice sleek blackberry logo and sweet status bar!

the bug report option seems pretty bad ass. i think that feature will be the biggest headache for the person who made it, but it'll really help as far as further updates.

the little zoom out/in when exiting that set up wizard is nice. a little pointless but still cool.

the only thing that annoyed me is that i had to re-do the settings for my pattern lock =T ahh well. all in all a plus

Will this run on my iPhone 3GS? Of course not because then it would turn it into the crap that a Storm is.

Hope you can figure out the whole copy an paste thing. And glad you got video now that must be way cool. Wow I wish my phone could do that. Oh wait...sorry, I was multitasking ....I'm back now. Oh and go to your own forum.

Hang on lemme chat on AIM while browsing the web and listen to music.

Oh wait you actually have to HACK your phone to do it? Who would have thought! :)

Wow haters as always.. let me see... imma jump on the net, check some things, send some pics some vids, listen to music at the same time and use my apps. ohh wow that was super fast and the net speeds WOW!!! let me check this iphone... *garbage* takes 4 BB's to use up the same bandwith of one SuckPhone. dont forget also att took town towers so all 3g iphones are running on a 31% 3g coverage

Almost done on my 9530 as well... Will update once it is completed.

Side note... anyone planning on moving to the 9550 when it comes out? Didn't look as impressive as I would have hoped.


im gunna give this a day or two, then see how it is. :P im very eager to try it out though!

Just installed it and its rebooting the bootup screen alone is worth it...finally no more gay hour glass or turning clock shit

Memory is much better managed the only drawback is that the apps world,aim, and some of the other apps give errors as there prolly not compatible with the 5.0 yet, also had to install the new 5.0 os version of the bbm 5.0, overall definatly worth it as it runs very smooth

I can't wait to get home!! Crackberry is so bad for work. Yesterday I was scanning barcodes like crazy at work with my new BBM 5.0, now this? This is all I'm going to be thinking about...

massive improvement. rotation is instant, browser is incredibly faster in loading and easier to move around a page. zoom in/out page transitions between applications is more iphone like and more consistent than on 4.7.xxx. and over 35MB free after a battery pull is good for my device. can't play any videos though, get an error.

The Good...

Awesome new start up screen, a lot faster, navigation graphics when you switch screens (very nice), auto bug report (QUINCY), a file navigation icon (no more going through media player) and better access to you mass storage device, smooth and slick screen navigation, battery and memory information (SWEET!!!), many advance options cleaned up (including an avatar for your apps now) and cleaned up many modules.

The Bad...

Many third party apps don't work, many apps by default switched to compatibility mode (had to manually change them back... no big deal) and just as slow start up (but at least you get a pretty screen and no more hour glass)

The Ugly...

Browser and BBM have vanisied... kind of a big deal!!! Looking for them now but I think I will have to download BBM 5.0 for BBM 5.XX firmware and need to figure out a browser solution.... suggestions???

if you havent figured out for the browser thing ..
just resend your service books.. you should check the forum all the info you need is always there ! ;)

Niceeeeee! I was hoping only yesterday for a new OS with a better radio for my unlocked storm and here it is now!

Installed it and it works great, Its running through the Enterprise Activation right now... Seems to run smooth so far!!!

Lost a few Icon's though...

Yahoo Messenger, Blackberry Messenger... Facebook... still trying to figure out what else i lost :(

Hum... strange... new icons appeared... Battery Log and Quincy???? whatever that is... They showed up in my Downloads folder and were installed..

Application Loader is blank, no apps in list gives me an error when i try to update the list.. Error 404

Update... I tried installing the missing applications from DM and bang.. EVERY Instant Messing application DISSAPPEARED!!!


Installed.. My BB Manager still sez it has tasks to complete... APP World error, Browser is intact, Google Voice works, Google Sync works, Bolt works, Poynt works.. I'll report any other findings after Enterprise Activation.

I have been LQQKn' everywhere and can't seem to find how to get Google Voice, can someone possibly "invite" me to Google Voice PLEASE? Anyone, ANYONE?

Saved it, then tried to open it on my laptop but it says...

Windows Cannot Open This File:

File: 9530AIILang_A5.0.0.140.rar

To open this file...you know the rest. What do I dooo

It is a .rar file not a standard zip file, you need to download a program like 7zip or winRAR to extract the file. Password is listed in the post.

I lost my BBM and Browser... facebook is gone as well, but I can live without that. NEED BROWSER BACK ASAP!!!! HELP!!! :'(

3rd attempt to try and get my BB Messenger back on the phone... Blackberry app center not working either... I think this leak is way too early to be used at all!!

Other than App World not working and having to manually restore my data. It's looking pretty good.

There are several service book entries missing for the browser and a few of the other data applications. I went to the host routing table to resend the service books after wiping the handheld and this failed to send the browser entries back to the device. Anyone else have any ideas?

I upgraded from the most recent 9530 Verizon OS release, but decided after automatic email feedback via the BugReport/Quincy software, I'm rolling back to OS 4.7:

Below is the log I kept on the process:

1) Un-RARed the file.

2) Installed the BlackBerry 9530 OS 5.x software within.

3) Loaded up BlackBerry Desktop manager v.5, connected my Storm via USB, and backed-up my files. (I used a Windows XP Pro OS computer, by the way.)

4) Selected installation for the new, leaked OS 5.x.

5) Removed the Chinese language, which has been automatically checked, amongst the list of apps. (I also took the time to clean up my system and remove the unused apps that I loaded but never used)

6) Began the update process, which took between 5-10 minutes.

7) OS 5.0 installed and the device initialized for another 5-10 minutes.

8) Device data was restored after the device initialized. Took a few minutes.

9) BlackBerry Desktop Manager informed me the operation was complete.

10) Upon completion, everything seemed to be intact, minus my Facebook App that I have on the home screen. Also, the wallpaper had defaulted back to the Verizon wallpaper.

11) Was notified that I needed to restart my phone. (I skipped that notice for the time being.)

12) Received BlackBerry registration email a couple of minutes after the update completion. The internet browser icon appeared a minute or two afterwards.

13) Had trouble getting QuickPull to shut down the phone. Received the following error when trying to grand application permissions to “QuickPullLib”: “An error occurred preventing QuickPullLib from starting”. I pulled the battery to force restart.

14) Upon restart I was prompted to grant permissions to a variety of loaded apps.

Post Reboot / Installation

For the most part v 5.x looks the same, but I did notice some new changes:

- Boot-up screen is black with Blackberry Logo/Icon in the middle of the screen with a status bar on the bottom, showing the progress. Much nicer than the blank white screen on the previous OS.

- When applications/folders are accessed it program “zooms” into view.

- When pressing the BlackBerry button, “BugReport” the first option. (Guess that comes with it being a leaked Beta)

- Noticed that my device automatically sent an email to sqaquincy@rim.net with the subject “Device Status Information – reset…”. The body of the email contained A LOT of information about my phone including Total Incoming/Outgoing Calls, Emails, SMS, MMS, PINs, etc. (Probably used for bug fixing purposes.)

- 3 additional programs were in my Downloads folder “Battery Log”, “Quincy”, and “Files”.

- Quincy is the program that I believe sent the device information upon reboot, as it shows a single log for with the time of the generated email in the above comment.

- Clicking on “Files” gave me two options: “All Documents” and “My Files”. Clicking on All Documents gave me a list of some log files from an app I cleared off, Qik as well as a PDF file that I had saved awhile ago. Not exactly sure how a document is linked to the All Documents option. Clicking on My Files give me access to the files in “Media Card”, “Device Memory” and “System”.

- The list of applications, from the applications menu is a lot cleaner, and shows the program’s icon next to it.

- I could not remove apps Quincy and BugReport, but I did deny their access permissions. (It prompted me to reboot after denying Quincy).

- BugReport is also an option in the Options menu. I unchecked the boxes next to “Active” and “Save Report in Sent Items Folder”.

- Just noticed that second email report failed to send off just a few minutes ago. Maybe prompted by me denying the Quincy app its permission? (to sqaquincy@rim.net, subject: “Device Status Information – logworthy…”)

- Attempted to reboot via QuickPull and I’m still getting the same error mentioned above.

- Rebooted without issue. Noticed another email to sqaquincy@rim.net was attempted to be send “Device Status Information – Reset”. It also failed, I’m guessing because I deny its permissions earlier.

Final Verdict: I’m rolling back to the latest official Verizon build, OS 4.x. For a few graphical enhancements, it’s not worth having my activity logged during this beta. I can certainly wait until the day (if ever) an official version 5 is released.

I'm sure a lot of you will have fun with it, and figure out workaround to the Quincy and BugReport software, but I can't help but feel a little nervous about my device automatically sending off logs to the mothership. Hope some of you found this to be very helpful. All in all, the installation process was rather painless.

Please DO NOT email or message me with questions, as I don't expect to check for messages on a regular basis. I just simply wanted to document the process.

It probably depends on who your provider is whether or not they have the service books for this OS. You might be out of luck depending on who you have.

The service book entries are dependent on data rate plans. If you pay for web access then you shall receive web access. If you pay for email access only then that what you will receive In my case, I have unlimited web access so I receive both. I should therefore have access to the browser function and I don't. No changes were made with my carrier. My data rate plan is still the same. I am going back to

I went back to OS 4.7. Too many things aren't working. BlackBerry App World, BB Messenger (4.7 or 5.0), Facebook, QuickLaunch, Verizon's App Center, Visual Voice Mail, Google Talk; a few others too.

The dealbreaker was that I lost ALL my third-party apps. I had probably 25, all of them running smoothly like I needed to. I considered my Storm to be "perfect". No crashes, no lag, instant apps when I needed them that did things only iPhones dreamed of. Now I have to start all over again. Thank goodness I didn't lose my data (AppLoader makes a backup always).

But I'm still upset about my apps.

However, I did learn that when OS 5.0 comes out in Q4 2009, it's going to be awesome. The speed of everything is really really good, very smooth. I will wait for the Verizon final version.

Happy testing everyone.

I am going back to my older version. This build is in no way ready for actuall use. I liked where the os was going but i will not be using it. I bricked my phone then lost all my apps , the msg alert light would not go off.

Just a head ache all around. Thanks for trying though.

no facebook or appworld. everything else was really good and smooth but i use those two a lot. i will wait to go back to OS 5.0

I can honestly say I'd rather use the CrackBerry App Store over BlackBerry App World ANYDAY, so the fact that that is the sole application not functioning it's absolutely NO BIG LOSS!

All my other 3rd party downloads are working much more quickly which is including; CallBlocker, SimpleWeather, SmrtGuard, QuickLaunch and WhoWasThat among others.

I had problems running some of these apps in the leaked .151 release. I followed the suggestion of removing "Research In Motion Internal Apps 5.0" before I rebooted my Dell XPS and ran Desktop Manager.

Everything else is pretty much as others have reported, my Storm is running faster and more efficiently since installing this version.

*** 24 Hour Update ***

Although installed and functioning properly, StormSlider and MeterBerry DO have bugs and BB File Scout does not work at all.

After repeated attempts to troubleshoot and isolate the problems I found the issues oocur after the screen is automatically dimmed and/or after StormSlider is activated. This depends on which app is scheduled to take place first based upon the user' personal preferences.

As for MeterBerry is seems there is a compatibility issue with BlackBerry's own "battery log". And lastly, an error message is received when attempting to use BB File Scout since the addition of the BlackBerry' "Files" Manager.

Deleting these apps do solve all these issues but of course you lose the use of the 3rd party app. Knowing this is a leaked BETA version it would be safe to say these issues should/will be resolved upon the "official" release of 5.0.

To .151 there are too many bugs with this. No BB Messenger; Cannot save calendar items, unable to delete multiple items at once; no facebook, media is the same, some applications will not work...

I've been running OS 5 for about two hours.

Cool Graphics at Boot Screen
Browser is FAST

Quickpull Broke
BB AppWorld Broke
BB Messenger Broke

Other apps - calendar, third party, etc seem to work fine. I unistalled the RIM internal apps prior to loading the OS.

Hey guys,
I just installed this update and so far the improvements look good. It looks like the OS is faster (noticeable when you scroll), the MP3 player is louder, and the loading screen is different.

However the device has reset on me twice with in the hour, I was listening to the music player. The screen locked and then I tried to unlock it, I got a quick reset screen, it flashed to quick to see any errors. I think that may be due to the storm slider app that I have installed, but I’ll probably test that again.

I think this update is better then the last 5 I installed.

can someone confirm that the leaked BBM 5.0 works with this leaked OS? i do not want to upgrade and not have bbm.

volume up and down buttons not working for me with this upgrade.. other than that, everything else is fantastic.

Everything is great so far with the upgrade with the exception of Beejive. Does work at all. I get the "Uncaught exception: java.land.noclassdeffounderror"

Anyone else having this issue?

The OS was exciting, however after having it running for a 30min period, it went through several sudden resets. After playing around with it noticed that it was constantly sending messages to an @rim address with bug reporting that i had not authorized. The camera had rapid focus but was taking pics of black screens and once i closed the application it would not reopen. Also it seemed that the working clock came up quite often when switching between applications. There were some glitching errors between menus selections. There were some deff improvements and the new sleek look was impressive, but of course it still needs work. I rolled back. What i don't understand though from reading posts and my own experience with my storm. I don't understand how everyone that has the same device has so many random issues with their device. I myself have not had issues except for the fact that i noticed when i tried an os upgrade, every time i wiped and installed, the phone ran differently. Some processes were faster some slower and vice versa. Weird.

Ok. Some of the other comments made me a little hazy but I just said THE HELL WITH IT! an went ahead an updated. So far so good. Everything works great except App world and Quick Pull not working. I don't use Blackberry Messenger at all so not having it isn't a big deal. This is probably the best Firmware i've used so far an so glad I updated. The new transitions make it a lot cooler. There are some things I left out... but you'll jus have to update to see for yourself.

I had this OS on my phone for 2 hours and I had so many problems that I uninstalled it, it took me 4 hours to fully recover. That being said it looks like rim is finnaly going in the right direction with this OS it is definatly user friendly and i am excited to see the first 5.0 release for any carrier for the 9530

I've been running the app for a couple hours now and the OS has been perfect. Looks like the only thing I can't use is Facebook. I didn't have a problem with the browser like others had stated. I forgot to remove Quincy from the initial install, but it looks like it lets me disable it from the device. We'll let it run for a week and make a decision.

Downloaded it, installed it, and......................................................................
it's not too bad. It's slow starting up, and I had some issues with Pandora not working at first, but after a quickpull all is well. The camera snaps quite a bit faster. Don't be scared. Do it and see what you think. As far as apps go, I have youtube, pandora, quickpull, stormslider, slacker, vlingo, and I'm using the Ivista 2 theme. On the home screen the media center icon won't pull up ions?
my media... any suggest

Allright bit of a problem here. At the point where I want to install the new firmware it tells me I need an active blueberry service plan. So I cannot continue with installing the new software.. anyone an idea??

It tells me I don't have the right to install this upgrade because i do not have an active service plan. Thats right but any way to install it anyway.

I have downloaded the new 5.0 s/w. I love it! It is fast and has some new features that I really really like. However like it says in the review some apps will not work with it like Facebook and blackberry app world. I use facebook almost as much as I use regular email so to not have it is a major bummer. I guess I'll sleep on it and in the morning if I'm still questioning if I should keep it then I'll go back to the .148 Blackberry will eventually release the 5.0 so I have something to look forward to if I decide to go back and with as much of a stir here lately I would assume that it will be sooner rather than later.

I installed the 5.0 os but too many bugs. Downgraded to 4.7 but now my browser is gone. I am ignorant in most things technological. Can anyone help explain what I can do (in simple terms) to get it back? Thanks in advance.

There was just a few to many bugs that made it unusable but it's still very impressive and I'm looking forward to what RIM has coming next.

I think, right or wrong (...and I may be pointing out the obvious), RIM leaks these things for adventurous "beta-testers." Don't get me wrong I've used about 3 leaks and enjoy the intrigue. This one definitely seems to have RIM imprint all over it, with the automatic bug reporting. I will likely wait to install and I'm still excited about all the good news, but I believe they're getting good(automatic)feedback.... I hope no one bricks their machine in the process.

I just wish we could get the storm 2 size application memory (that Kevin's video pointed) out on our current storms....overall gettin' happier with it everyday, though

I downloaded 5.0 and about twenty minutes after it was up and running, I was ready to get rid of it. Nothing but bugs... From quickpull not working properly, to BB Appworld not activating, to Browser issues, I had nothing but problems. I just got so frustrated that I am currently downgrading. So, patiently I wait until the next release comes out. *sigh*

I don't understand why quickpull is necessary (on qwerty keyboard blackberrys) all you have to do is hold down the left alt, right cap button, and then right del key and it will reboot automatically - no need for any program to do that-

you are still yet to own a Storm...you can't do "left alt, right cap button, and then right del key" combination thing with storm...

Ever since downloading 5.0 for my storm every picture i take displays correctly for half a second and then scrambles. i can't save or view the photo taken. anyone else having this problem? any fixes out there?

Just finished upgrading.... Like everyone else... I am missing Facebook, BBM 5.0, and a couple other minors. I am trying an OTA of BBM 5.0 now... Will keep you updated...

Ever sense downloading 5.0, the application Center does not upload. I keep getting an error message(an error occured while updating the application list.error 404)but software is great


Can't deal with all this so early in the AM... BBM won't install and there's a few other things I don't feel like dealing with right now... sooo... Peace out OS 5

(I bought one off a guy who got it as an upgrade and hated it)

I updated it to 5.0 today and had the camera issue (all pix scrambled), no BBM, lots of uncaught exceptions, etc.

Tabbed browsing was kind of neat, but I'm not sure how useful it would actually be.

The loading screen is awesome, and is really the only thing I wish I didn't have to give up.

The OS is working fine.

-Faster than 4.7
-Load up screen is a lot better than the crappy hour glass
-BBM is fine and is working well on the 5.0 - The ability to save your contact list and restore is the best thing since sliced bread(if you're having problems, it may be because you downloaded the BBM5.0 for the 4.7 software. Delete it and go get the one for 5.0 software at stormota.com).
-I think they finally got the camera right
-Most Third-party apps work.

-Facebook gone(may be a pro, my productivity is about to go up!)
-I'm having a hard time setting my alarm - the only thing that i'm able to edit is the minutes and whether I want it to be on or not.
-I tried to enter my password for my e-mails and I keep getting an error. I will try to do it on the BB website after I post this.
-Even though there is a file manager that comes with the OS, I still have to keep BBFileScout to continue to hide files and videos(which I don't mind, BBFileScout is great.)

All in all, I could do without the zoom in/out, but its an alright feature. I like the speed of the OS though and if I can get my e-mail going, it's a keeper!

Try it out at your own risk.

E-mail is fine. I just signed in from the BIS website and re-entered the passwords for my accounts.

One other Con though:
-The transitioning of screens could be more clean when you slide your finger.

this OS is BS!. i follwed all the steps and nothing rings except when my storm gets a phone call and whenever i see an envelope on my top corner i cant find the text.it says no messages.all i do is text so this is a huge NO NO for me.and it keeps freezing on the verifying secuirity screen.i cant believe i gotta spend all day downgrading.never again

not good lost most of important apps. no msn. yahoo or google messengers. window change is annoying

Tried it, liked some of what I saw. But missing too many functions (BBM, Browsing, etc), so downgraded for now.

i bought the storm nov 21st and i must say rim completely failed on this phone. i ended up getting a tour because of 3 replacements in 90 days. i love the tour because it does not crap out like the storm. it never experiences delays, which was something i constantly faced with the storm. i'm just glad to be rid of the storm!

Completely took out and d/led BBM 5.0 for OS 5.0 (multi) from www.stormota.com works like a charm. Still no Facebook, Myspace, quickpull, appworld, etc.
Still working on AIM, Google talk,pretty much everything else I would use.

All in all I think this OS is great in showing us whats to come. Def not something I'd keep on my phone just because of the little stuff that I'm sure will get polished up when rim is ready to release it. I only had it for maybe a day, everything went smooth from the install all the way to the downgrade. Some of the little stuff such as random reboots, some 3rd party apps not working, the alarm clock issue, etc. Other than that this OS is very snappy, transitions are on point, nice addition having the short cut keys on the clock/signal meter.

This has security holes for malware writers written all over it, lol. I think I'll pass until its official.

was excited to see this leak posted (since i had trouble installing the latest hybrid). Got my phone back up and running and loved how quickly the phone responds now! It's really fast! The only apps I lost were BBM and FB, but had BBM 5.0 DLd already, copied and pasted new files into java folder, reinstalled and all is well. The barcode is tight! Still cannot DL FB -grrr...("Devise does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support FB" - WTF?!) but I'm sure that will be fixed soon. No doubt perhaps my real and only disappointment is that quickpull Pro is BUGGY, had to delete it so I wouldn't be tempted. Oh, there is one other thing I wanted to note, you can't escape out of anything, you have to BB MENU>CLOSE or you can't return (i.e., updating contact, saved, escaped out, and got error that said "previous session still active". Have to do a battery pull and phone resets fine. Anyone have any ideas? (i filed bugreport) Still, glad this has been leaked for beta-testing. Don't know if this is bad or good thing for you (good for me) when powering off and on again, the phone starts up right away, no more long wait for restart.

(Don't forget that alot of your app developers are going to have to upgrade! so be patient!)

I've had my Storm since Jan and have really liked it, saw friends return theirs out of frustration. I had to get a replacement for wet phone. As long as you do the upkeep on the phone (updates w/ OS and updated software/app and necessary clean-up), I don't see what the real problem is. I agree w/ the post to the effect that this isn't just a phone, its a computer - Quoted For Truth!

Being that this is my first ever post on Crackberry.com, it's only fitting that I tried this new software. I followed the instructions and I ended up getting a fatal error in the app loader. When my phone restarted i got a JVM Error 543. The instructions to fix that was to Delete Fixups, Delete Persistant Store, and the restart. These were all options on the phone. After that finished I received a load software message on the phone and I attempted again with the same results. On the third attempt I decided not to remove the RIM Internal Tools 5.0 file from my computer and this time it worked. The app loader completed and phone rebooted. Took about ten minutes for reboot and then it went to the traditional setup screen. I went into the applications screen on the phone and there I couldnt delete the Quincy file so I denied all its permisions and it stopped sending messages to RIM. Already receiving emails, messages, and calls without *228. When you open applications they sort of come at you in a 3D mode where its small at first and then expands to fill the whole screen. Apps load very fast and application list is in Options not advance options anymore. In Browser options there is now a Gear Settings Option there that I haven't played with yet. Browsing seems faster for me. I don't remember if this was available before, but now there is Browser Tab option and you can have different pages on different tabs. In the Browser config you can set it up tp close tabs on exit. Some new icons in Media and I don't remember this from before either but the Camcorder lets you zoom in a little. Well so far so good. Good speed, no freezing, all apps working fine. I will continue playing and post any new findings. Wish me luck.

Wow,,, just re-booted after install and Woe,, now that's a blackberry operating system. Love the way it loads in the screens and responds. Great work.

Hey When You Installed It Did It Say Anything About a Blackberry Service Subscription? If it did what do you do from there? Plz Help A B-Brother.

for Storm 9500 owners..I even tried copying all java files to my existing 151 install but no luck at...It says, Blackberry 5.0.0 Core Applications cannot be loaded because some required files are not available...
waiting for hybrids to come out for this...

I had previously posted a good review,, I take it back as I re-installed my old version. The new OS loses the browser icon and does allow the service books to be sent to the device.
This is abig deal ,,actually hte deal breaker for me,, there needs to be a few more tweaks prior to using this as my OS
Nice try though and they are getting there.

i just downgraded from this because my messenger wouldnt work and the app world neither. idk what it was but its all good really i just have to wait until they actually get an ota for the storm again since RIM shut all the others down!
lol (bad run of luck)

I downloaded os5.0.0.140 installed it to my computer but when I go to update software on desktop manager I only have 68 75 148 but not this is not the first time I've done this and I'm getting really frustrated please someone help me is it because its a rar file? If so how do I fix it I also have 5.0 desktop manager if that matters

When I select It Go's Through A Loading Screen And Then It Says That I Need To Have A Blackberry Service Subscription. Help Please.

do not download this up date for OS 5.0 for 9530. The virus will block any updates from go.mobihand.com (crackberry apps)..

download and install the 5.0 OS on your computer then open your PC's Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > RIMInternalTools- and delete Quincy and Bug report then just update via desktop manager or apploader I used apploader it was easier for me.

This Os is buggy with Telus 9530 storms, browser disappeared, phone reboot when answering phone calls, phone reboots sometimes when going to system...

On other storms i tested it example a verizone one, no problems, navigation is smoother, nice transition effect, free memory high. Just some application that does not work but this is not a great issue as updated versions will be released as soon as the OS will be released officially.

Ok, so i LOVE the response time and screen swipes. Definately faster. However, absolutely buggy.

Cannot set alarm clock time.

GPS not as reliable and chunky.

Cannot set certain program permissions. Some won't save, or just can't modify.

Reboot periodically, sometime while on a call using BT.
This seemed to be cause by QuickPull, and since i couldn't change the settings, i just removed it.

Some pics do not display thumbnails.

Some program permissions not saving from reboot to reboot. Always have to allow connections.

Would LOVE an official release wtih BBM and Facebook.

I need help install the os i tried using my desktop manager but after i select the it tells me no update is required. Also i tried using the application loader and the new wont appear there. Anybody know of another way to update my storm. Currently i have the leaked .151 installed.

i just talked to my cousin and he works for tech support for verizon and he has the official os 5.0 and he says that is the best update for the storm. the opening of the icons is different and no lag from landscape to portrait. its gona be a couple of days so verizon can relaese the official update

My Blackberry is toast after installing this update. The screen will not come on. I can turn it off and on and update/change the operating system but still, no screen. It could just be a coincidence...

I haven't read any of the other comments so I may only be confirming this, but GPS works with Google Maps with 5.0! I am with TELUS.

PS. You can set the alarm clock time by scrolling the minutes up/down. The hour field doesn't work.

I installed it in my Storm and followed the instructions, and I am beyond pleased with it. The effects are crazy. Thanks a lot. I love it.

Im sort of confused. I saw a release for OS and downloaded it. Works wonderful. Then noticed the release of 5.0. But the link i saw it in a few days ago said that .167 was the newer version. I assume both of these OS are leaked. Any insight if you have had any issues with the 5.0.

ive decided to take the chance of making my 9530 a brick and downloaded the OS
installed perfectly. the OS looks nice some shortcuts added to the home screen key shadowing and stuff, but mine kept rebooting when it felt like it. randomly.
in the end, i couldn't take it and downgraded back
a pain in the a$$

I need backward compatibility! Plus w/o camera and video causing the white screen of death, no thank you. I'm back to VZW.148.

i just installed this OS last night and so far it is working excellent! i like the boot up screen much better to look at than a plain white screen!! Bug report seems like a pretty cool idea but it probly will be worthless... i like the tabbed browsing and zooming between screens phone is definitely running much faster now and no freezes at all the only problem i have found so far was with the alarm in the clock app the hours and AM PM selections wont change so you have to set the alarm time using the minutes, which sucks ass, but im sure the official release will fix that... as for the comments saying that the official release will be in the next couple days that is incorrect, i work for verizon tech support and the official release wont be until november.

Im gonna go play with my phone now i will post any issues if i find any... so far i love it! great leak!!

1st the camera no longer works :(

2nd can't go on facebook or myspace :(

3rd went an downgraded back to 140 :(

This new leak is pretty good. One bad thing about it is that most of the apps wont work. For instantce, I love AIM and for me AIM does not want to download. Doesnt even show up on Application List, Shows up as an error.

Where are the install instructions? That link above just gives you the standard instructions but isn't there a file you have to remove first ??

I got wind of this last night while browsing Youtube before bed, decided to take the walk down the path because I really liked some of the new features I saw.

As I started the update I read about the regular horror stories of BBM and various other apps not working, this also seemed to be the way with my phone once it was updated. To solve the issues I hooked back up to the Desktop Manager and made a few changes. I deleted the BB Apps World that came with the 5.0 core files, then I deleted the previous versions of BBM, FB, Live messenger, Twitter, Quickpull...the list goes on.

I then downloaded the newest version of App World. Once that was installed I was able to reinstall all the applications that had either not worked or didnt have an icon.

So far I love the new OS and will be updating my roommates Storm tonite as well.

i'm seriously getting pissed offffff..

seriously .. none of anyones directions make any sense to me and i've tried like 8 times to download this operating system. don't understand why i can't figure this out can someone please help .. i really want to upgrade this dam phone

When first installed I had no icons come up for yahoo messenger and my applications list never d/l's. It kept freezing when bringing up WordToGo and had to battery pull often. After i was requested to upgrade, it seems as if everytrhing was working great. My previous OS 4.7 left my phone lagging between screen switching. I;m really impressed with how 5.0 is working, it's been quite a while since i did a battery pull.

upgraded in response to automatic option, works great, it's fast and much more responsive and easier to use, love it