Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Tour 9630

By Adam Zeis on 8 Sep 2009 09:00 am EDT

It looks like OS for the Tour 9630 has popped up on the web today. This OS isn't a huge step forward for Tour owners, but at least its something new. No word if this is actually an improvement over the stock OS, but drop a comment and let us know your findings.

*OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *


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Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Tour 9630


Well this commenter obviously knows nothing about software development, but the reason for another 4.7 release would be to fix bugs.

I just find it strange with 5.0 loaming they would leak/ make officials....just a lot of work for customer support....

Maybe they dropped the OS update (or WILL be dropping it, if this is a leaked pre-release) to fix the trackball.

I hear a lot of theories about the Tour trackball. My personal opinion is that it's a software issue. You'll notice that when you use the browser on the Tour the trackball works 100% fine. It's everywhere else in the OS that the trackball doesn't work right. So my take on it is that it's a software issue. If it were a hardware issue it would be a problem in the browser just as much as in the OS, but it works fine in the browser.
So maybe this is a software update to fix it. If so, it's about freakin time!

Go get a new phone... i took a few tries but once i finally got my tour with trackball issues in front of a rep they got me a new one immediately. The new one works beautifully,like my olf curve. Keep waiting for the OS they lied to you about that would fix it if you want, but think about it. I had two tours side by side both running the same OS one was smooth as could be and the other barely moved. How would an update of the OS fix that? Dont buy the BS about the OS.

It's totally possible that some Tours can exhibit the problem, while others don't, and still be a software issue. Depends on what you're doing with it, what you load on it, etc.
I just think that if it were strictly a hardware issue, the trackball would be just as screwy in the browser as it is in the UI.
I don't know FOR SURE it's a software issue. Just a theory based on what I've seen. I think if it were a hardware issue, the same roller that fails to register right-horizontal scrolling would also fail to register left-horizontal scrolling. But whatever. Maybe it's hardware, I don't know. Sounds like my theory has more logic behind it than yours does though.

...and I suspect I had the same issue as most others. The ball would simply stop rolling under my thumb.

I am going to update with this version to see if it helps with the audio issues.

Took mine today for an unrelated issue and the rep gave me a new one and said the new phones dont have the trackball issue, plus no jiggly battery door YAY im in LOVE with the tour again

Last Sunday, RIM issued an email to VZW as they cleared inventory and replaced it with new Tours. The new devices have a green sticker on the side of the box. The old devices were built in China, the replacements in Mexico. Inventory has been completely replaced, and VZW is replacing the devices as a whole. You can either call in for the swap (indicate you're still having issues with the trackball), or go to your local store, although they may not want to swap their good inventory and chance potential new sales. The new devices also fix the loose battery door.

I hope it fixes the font on HTML emails then I'll be happy. The trackball issue is hardware not software, so this wouldn't fix it. Verizon send me a new Tour and my trackball works better then perfect now.

I agree with your statement. I purchased my tour on the day of the launch and had a huge issue with the trackball. I took it back to Verizon and the new one they sent me is improved tenfold. Just take it back to Verizon, you'll be happy you did.

I had the same trackball issues and Verizon sent me a new one. The new one works perfectly and the battery door is like a safe how tight it fits.

if the tracball problem was a software issue, then all tours would have the same problem, because all tours have the same software- just like all tours have voicenotes because it's in the software, they'd all have the tracball problem because it would be in the software-

no the problem is hardware and I've felt one with the problem and one without and they feel different when compared

As for this software- has anybody installed it? I'm also waiting for feedback...

I have so many apps & themes that if it's not a major upgrade I don't wanna have to reinstall everything all over again- which is actually awesome because this is the first blackberry that is completely rock solid for me- I'm not searching for an improvement, it alrady doesn't lag, doesn't freeze, doesn't reboot on me, it's really a badass phone!

I have installed this, haven't noticed a whole lot different. Facebook notifications seem to work a lot better, every app i have deleted popped back up under downloads with no icons saying they are archived, tried to restore one and the phone froze, not sure how to remove those. Also there is a new program called Quincy under downloads. Under the menu there is an option for Bug Report which I have not used, so far that's about all I see going on.

if your a vzw tour user you dont have to worry about them releasing this OS as an official. Espicially since vzw always seemeds to be the last carrier to approve an new OS on their berries and with 5.0 right around the corner their next official will be a 5.0 OS.

When was your phone built? I purchased the phone on August 14 and as of yesterday I started having a trackball issue and my phone was built on July 25, and was made in Mexico. When selecting the icons on the screen it moves fine going vertically (up & down) but takes about three to five flicks when I need to move it horizontally (left & right). I'm about to call Verizon and have them send me another Tour.

Bleh, no OS update will fix this phone. Come on RIM, issue a recall on the Tour trackball, it is a peice of crap!

I hate this phone so much, I want my 8830 back.

Tour isn't a piece of crap! Its 2 or 3x faster then your oh so beloved 8830 I love my Tour and yes RIM should recall all Tours and replace them with the tracker pads! Maybe RIM needs a kick in the ass for this.

This update is very fast, not just with the startup but with the execution of programs.

Call quality has improved slightly from it's already spectacular quality and the trackball is perfect, it's like it knows what I'm going to!

Radio connects to network faster and the battery is solid.

Just going to call Verizon and cancel the pushed crap.

All in all, it's a great update, and there have been no cons as of yet and it's been running smooth for hours!

I can hide them, but when I start up my phone after updating they re-push the content, so I'd rather be off of the list than just tolerate and block them each time.

But when I had my storm I always got this pushed content when they started doing it and never called, just hid them.

Better late than never I guess.

I had a problem with left to right, but up and down and diagonal were great. After the update left and right work just as good as my Curve.

I went from a Curve, to a Storm, and now a Tour. All of them have worked great. The Curve was the easiest to use and the most stable one of all, the Storm was fun, but when my needs changed to business I got the Tour and it's not only light, fast, and stable, the OS and feel of it are very nice.

But, like I said, after this leaked update all is well. Although I do seem to be only one of two or three to have the OS solve my problem, most of the time it's the hardware and I was in a Verizon store when someone else changed theirs out. They just go and get a new one from the back and it's all good, no need to go through Asurion (the insurance people)

Hope this helps, and good luck. This OS however is very fast and stable. I love the 256mb RAM, which should have been standard on my Storm.

I will welcome the new OS upgrade regardless of the fact that it's not the highly-coveted "5.0" that everyone is SOOO eager to see. The funny part is that no one knows for sure that 5.0 will be the next official upgrade. First it was "Ohhh the Tour is gonna drop with 5.0 OS installed", which didn't happen. Then it was "Ohhh the first OFFICIAL OS upgrade is going to be 5.0", which is not happening. Now everyones assuming "Ohhh, just wait and the next one will be 5.0". LOL Yeah right. Good luck with that. I'm just gonna take what I can get and expect nothing more. Maybe before next year 5.0 will be a reality. It's going to be helarious to see reactions if 4.8 or 4.9 is the next official OS. Being that it's already September, I'm not gonna hold my breath. I have a feeling 5.0 isn't going to live up to the hype anyway.

...reception (EVDO, 1X swapping), call quality (muffled sound to callers), slow boot, and the bluetooth issues (GPS doesn't come through the headset when on). The trackball issue is a hardware problem that VZW is swapping out. Make sure you get a replacement that has a green sticker on the side of the box. Inventory has been completely replaced and RIM has acknowledged the issue (I'm trying to get the email they had sent...maybe Kevin can get it from one of his ninja's at VZW). Great phone, just need to address those areas.

Hey urbanricer11 i spoke to a co worker of mine who is really familiar with leaked OS and new program called quincy with the bug report isnt actually a program that is bb internet tools which you were supposed to remove prior installing the OS. Quincy is the name of the bb developer in charge of reported bugs on beta an OS. So he works for blackberry and since you are using a leaked OS they now know and if they choose to they can kill your pin and then your screwed so i would reload back on and then remove blackberry internet tools from programs and then reload.

I'm pretty sure that RIM isn't going to all of a sudden decide to start blacklisting people by the hundred thousand. Just my .02, but I'm guessing your friend is maybe not quite as in the know as he thinks he is.

My trackball seems to be functioning acceptably at this point and I have had my Tour for about a month. Got the phone via the Verizon internet. The box says made in Canada. Would this have a bearing on the aforementioned problems with the trackball that many folks are having?

I have a SPRINT 9630. I tried to "upgrade" to the and it bricks my phone. The same thing happened when I tried to upgrade to the 5.0. My friend is pretty good with BB's so he tried to help but he couldn't get it either. CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP!!!

I have the trackball issue and I took it to a local shop that changed my horizontal speed to 90 instead of the 80 I had it with. I thought it fixed it, but it didn't. People always have a hard time hearing me unless I put it on speaker phone. Also, it takes 7-10 minutes after a battery pull or after using quick pull lite to turn back on. Is anyone else having these problems?

can we get some feed back about the OS it self and not the trackball , the issue that people are having with the trackball is NOT a OS issue. i work for a telecommunication company and we received memo from RIM indicating that they are aware of the trackball issue and that client are to return there device and get a new one. im on my 4 tour and it works perfect so just GO exchange it if your having a issue do wait for a OS update is will do nothin . now has anyone tried the new OS is it faster , smoother, less wait time after a battery pull ??

i have the 9630 for sprint, don't download ,i had trackball problems changed my trackball speed to 90,90 break it in it will work better push da trackball all the way down an mess with it a lil it will break loose an it will be better functioned had my phone since july 23rd an it hit the stores aug 2nd any question hit me


I downloaded this update. Everything seemed fine until I wanted to view my videos. The phone would freeze, then reboot. I tried 3 different times and it happened each time. Time to downgrade....

anybody having any issues downloading the file? I tried 3 times this morning and about 15 seconds into the installation of the file it would give me an error saying corrupt file. Is the download really worth it? I have read some mixed reviews. thanks

So after umteen sound quality issues, I am now on my fourth Tour. The new one showed up yesterday, the first shipped to me that isn't 'brand new', instead in the warranty replacement packaging. This time, however, the infamous green sticker...

Actually, the new Tours are made in Canada now, whereas the previous were from Mexico. Apparently they can't mold plastic to save their lives down there, because my new one has the first TIGHT battery door I've ever experienced on a Tour, AND the audio is spot-on.

Just an FYI, life gets better with "the green dot".

I installed the new OS last week and I have two changes on my phone.

1. The weatherbug app works funny at times and does not always run properly.

2. My phone sends automatically sends an email to sqaquincy@rim.net every couple of days. This email contains detailed device status information. I am not very happy about this and want to figure out how to stop this.

If I cant stop the automatic emails I am probably going to downgrade the OS. I dont notice any changes in the way my phone operates.

from what i've seen, there are no major differences, but i think my berry is now running a little quicker and i think the speaker is much louder. the speed increase is most noticeable while scrolling through photos. haven't come across any bugs yet.

my update went very smoothly. make sure you remove the blackberry internal apps before updating your berry. to remove it on xp, go to start> control panel> add/remove programs> remove "blackBerry internal apps for rim"

if i find any bugs/issues, i'll be sure to report them.