Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Apr 2009 12:45 am EDT
OS for the Storm 9530

Not a bad turnaround time... Less than 24 hours after OS dropped in the forums for the BlackBerry Storm 9500, it has now surfaced for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. Be sure to read the disclaimer below... then let the fun and games begin!  

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. * 

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


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i just installed 132 and am loving it so far. i shall do the usual and wait for the pros and cons before installing this one.

I've been checking all day for this to post. I love how the CrackBerry Nation is very timely with the leaked OS's. Thanks!

Was just reading the forums for the hybrid version so I could put it on my 9530, come back to the main page and BAM here the leaked version for the 9530, and on the heels of 132. Let the downloading begin. Already a late night and it's gonna get later. Post results as soon as I have them.

BGR is reporting that this is the next official Verizon release, according to their "ninja". Hope it is! This wait is getting balls!

finally figured out why OS .122 and .132 wasn't loading and now .141 @ 1AM?! this better be worth only getting 3 hrs of sleep for....

Wheres the Official? Verizon !!!!! you got alot of explaining to do...im here thinking an Official still running on .75..imma be patient maybe this weekend an official will be out...

Don't even wait trust me, I've waited also until I saw the .132 update and then couldn't resist that I'm so far behind and still using the .75, and when I did upgrade I regret not doing it earlier, it's definitely worth it in my opinion. I wasn't disappointed at all.

I don't know, I really want to download the new update but I'm loving this .132, but I'll wait and hear some comments on this update.

I'm so close to snapping and downloading a leaked OS. But i herd that this is gonna be the official vzw upgrade so i think I'll give it another week.

i just now finished installing .132 after spending all day on it since i was having trouble then this pops up!!! wowo im downloading right now and i be installing fresh in the morning ! hope to see some responses from peeps to see whats new!!!

And I am Sooooooooooooooooo sick of people asking for an official update. It does not matter if the update is from RIM or Verizon, its all good.

Yea, go take a look at the "Findings" thread for this leaked OS (and read all the issues ppl are having with it!) and stop flaming ppl for being skeptical of downloading leaks. Word of advice...its not always "all good."

If ppl wanna wait and complain, they have that right, just like you have the right to hop on every leak that comes out...NEITHER side has much patience if you wanna be completely honest.

No, it absolutely DOES matter if it's official or leaked. For one thing, though I admit your mileage may vary, you may not be able to have your Storm serviced if you are running anything but the official firmware. Technically, you are either breaching or outright voiding your warranty when you install a leaked OS. So, no, it definitely does matter for the reason I explained and dozens more and people are right to complain about an ongoing five-month gap in official OSes.

I replace my BlackBerry every 6 months or so anyway, so I don't care about the warranty. I'm very hard on devices...definitely an abuser! If something happens which will require me to take the phone in for service, I'll downgrade the OS to the official version before calling or appearing in the store. These unofficial versions are leaked for a reason. Both RIM and Verizon need real life feedback & use cases. We're basically acting as beta testers for them. If that's not your thing, and I'm fine if it's not, then steer clear of the leaked OS posts and let the rest of us guinea pigs do our jobs! :-)

so far so good...camera is much better, texting seems easier, and it seems to be holding my current theme a lot better than .114.

you ppl that are still waiting for an "official" update! quit being weenies! just do it...its not that difficult..its alot better than complaing.

and how many ppl are going to post comments say theyr GOING to do it and get back with the results!?...just do it and post the results...

im downloading now. whats the worst that could happen?? a warranty void? hahaha

i would update but im a mac user. still running .75 and i have no hope in verizon releasing this build or any other any time soon. I gave up on them a long time ago. on another note, a guy at the bar yesterday told me that I can be a millionaire by age 26 if I can stay sober long enough...I ordered another drink...

i had 113 and liked it had some bugs but pretty solid for me.
then i tried 132 and i thought my internet slowed and where app froze upon loading and would not go back to portrait mode for a while so far this is the best but lets give it a day and see if i still feel the same.

dude i have a mac as well but i have use a program called VMware Fusion and it lets me run a "virtual machine" of windows on my mac...its sooo worth it.you get the best of both worlds. you should definitely look into.

youre running .75!! im sure youre irritated with the phone.

Do you guys think that Verizon has been holding out on the official release because they're trying to release the next update as version 5.0?!?

so tell me why in the middle of the update it stops and says "fatal error occured.please try again"!?

wtf!? ive never had this problem before!!!

I guess thats the "worst that could happen" Mr. I Wish Everyone Would Stop Being Weenies. This leaked OS has given many ppl issues...so get off the backs of ppl who wanna wait for an official. APPARENTLY it's not a crazy idea! You should know.

Foot in the mouth...

This is probably the most snappiest version I've ever used. 113 was good, 122 was better, 131 was eh OK, but 141 definitely one of a kind.

Noticed my web browser loads pages much faster
Accessing multimedia and music is very snappy and plays immediately.
Quicker menus
Event typing I feel is less laggy

The lock issue doesn't bother me since I use PatternLock.

so the browser is soooo much faster...(oh yeah i fixed my phone)
but question.. im on 1XEV...and with Verizon being the "largest 3G network" has anyone ever had 3G on their storm or any vzw phone?? just curious...

cant really tell a major difference from .132 being that it was also pretty fast.
camera still seems to lag.

you think they'd make the keybaord a bit smarter and have some bigger buttons with all these leaks...


there is about a MILLION threads that you will NEVER see 3G on your phone when your on Verizon because 3G is the symbol on a GSM network and 1XEV on a CDMA network. they are both 3rd-generation (3G) technologies!

ok, evdo is 3g for verizon so if your phone says 1XEV (which it always should) then you are on a 3g network.

just updated. all is good so far seems smoother. im comming off the .132!
also my branding version is different from whats posted in the pic above. does this matter?

Branding Version:

my branding version is which is also different from the screenshot posted

i notice that this "issue" comes up alot and quite honestly i dont think it really matters but again thats me thinking...

You got to be kidding me what in the World is going on at Verizon/BlackBerry they can't get this show on the road. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Going back to bed

I did the .132 Update and my Seidio cradle stopped working. Anyone notice that on the this one or any older versions.

For your cradle to stop working would mean its damaged physically, or your phone is not able to charge through its micro-usb port. The phones OS version has no bearing on how its charged. Reinsert your battery and try putting it on the charger again. The phone only see that Seidio as just another

Hope everything works.
Thanks, have fun.

just update from .132...i didn't have any complaints with 132 but this one seems just as smooth and haven't noticed any problems at all. my facebook app had not been working on my last couple of upgrades but this one seems to be working just fine. camera is also working flawlessly and pretty fast. one drawback is that i did contract the swine flu from this latest build, it was worth it though! :)

Is anyone else noticing this? The reboot time is my biggest complaint about my phone and I'm at work, so I can't wait to get home to start this!

I went from .75 to .132 and was amazed at the improvement and mad I waited so long to try a leaked OS. I find the .141 is slower then the .132. When I switch to landscape/portrait there is a noticeable lag. Anyone else have that problem? Considering going back to the .132.

A battery pull should resolve this issue. I orginally noticed a lag with even the .132 and once I did that it fixed the problem. Hope this helps you as well!

A battery pull should resolve this issue. I orginally noticed a lag with even the .132 and once I did that it fixed the problem. Hope this helps you as well!

I am at work and well I am downloading it here. will keep you posted as to what I find. Thanks to crackberry and those who post informative comments.

After talking to Verizon on Tuesday and them saying that they are looking to release something official sometime this weekend, it's good to see .141

They also said that every time they delay, they add something else(not sure how true this is, but something to look forward to).

Just got the official Telus release on yesterday (I'm on Telus), and reviews seem to be mixed for this one early in the forum. Think I'm just going to stay official from now on since I've got a reliable one, unless some amazing new feature is added.


Upgraded to .141 and all of my apps work just as before. Going from landscape to portrait seems to lag a bit but I wonder if it might be theme orientated. Everything else seems to be a bit faster. :-) Lovin ya Crackberry!!

Oops, I forgot to mention that my app memory went from 28meg to 39meg, so this is a big win. I recommend to others for this alone.

I just grew som balls upgraded from .75 since it seems like Verizon will never support the Storm. I feel like I have a new phone! It is so much more responsive and faster. Even the web seems faster!

I am still running .75 in fear of screwing up my phone..umm would you say that your phone is safely running this new update? i really dont want to screw up my phone so any feedback could be really helpful..

Actually I had no problems with the install and update. It is well worth it even though it is not official. The only thing that I have had a glitch with is when you lock it, any of the front keys will unlock it, but this is no big deal. I would say go for it. I was just as hesitant but it will be worth it!

In the beginning, I found the transition from menu to menu was a little more sluggish than with .132...

Now, I think it's about the same.

Anyone else notice this?

The browser speed may be a bit quicker.

Well its been on my original first release storm for a few and it seems to respond quicker. apps open nicely. last 2 updates my calendar has not reloaded but i fix that with google sync. will let you know more as time goes by. just wondering if anyone else is also still using a original release storm.

I only use it as a back up but google has a free sync program that will sync your calendar and you contacts with your berry. It seems to do a good job of it.

I installed early this morning and after a few horus of usage the transtion from portrait to landscape has a noticeable lag but the browser seems to be soo much faster..im debating on going back to .132

also..is anyone having issues with their surepress screen...mine seems to stop functioning a few times a day and i have to do a battery pull..the physical buttons work fine but the screen has been giving me crap...am i the only one with this issue??

I upgraded from .75 to .141 today(the first time I tried a leaked version) and it all went smoothly except for the browser and app world. I have no browser icon anywhere and when I push the app world button, it says I should upgrade to a service plan including browsing... Oh and none of my bb messenger pins/regular contacts were synch'd, nor were my email settings.

So I tried to restore to the backup I made today and all my pins/contacts/emails were sync'd but I still dont have a browser or working app world. My system tells me I'm still running .141 and I'm not sure how to fix all this.

Please help someone.

I saw the same. give it a full reboot. pull the battery or use quick pull and it should put all that back. mine did. good luck.

If you're using BIS, logging in and resending service books always fixes the browser issue for me after updating to a new OS.

Also, I've only had .141 running a few hours, but I can't see any appreciale change from .132

usually if you do a battery pull then it should solve the problem if not then try this:

Options > Advance Options > Host Routing Table. Then BB button then Register now.

that should also fix the bb App World issue.

Im running .132. Works great!
I usually jump on every other leak or every 2nd leak. this way I see bigger differences. So I will probably hold out til the next one.
My guess is.. if .141 leaked, then VZW is most likely working on something higher(that's if they ever get off their asses)

Well I have tried to use this version but can't get it to load. I am using the official release from Telus .122.
I have download the .141 ran the install, deleted the xml, opened DM click and run application loader and tried both app loader and update software and nothing. No update is required for your device. Anyone ???
With the official release it went simple just a few days ago this one...nadda

So...after running this for a few hours. I have to say that I haven't seen a great deal of change with the browser

While I was taking a call and had a call come in, the numbers were stupid small(which was a surprise from the .75)

My apps are working fine, but I just tried to make a call without my headset after using it earlier and it says that I'm still on it! any ideas??

If I see anything else, I will let you all know(outside of the same locking problem for everybody :)

For some reason i can not get this OS to work for me. I have upgraded my OS version's before so i know what i am doing for the most part. However when i install the OS on my laptop and then open BB desk top manager and plug my phone in nothing will happen. The past times it would say that it found an update and ask if i would like to install. This time nothing. Does anyone possibly know what i could do to fix this problem?

I am having the same problem. the only exception is I have had this problem w/ every leaked os. I have never been able to upgrade a leaked version and believe me, I have gone step by step on the instructions. Did you get any feedback? Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks for your help...

I would really appreciate a little help, I have installed updates on my storm before but when I tried to download the newest os for the storm it does not find it, I have gone step by step using this 101 help but it can not find it, it comes up with the leaked .75 the verizon .75 and the .65 that came with the storm its not even showing all of the other leaked version for the storm please steer me in the right direction. Thanks.

That is the exact problem i am having. It is not registering that there is a new OS. Like you said .75 and .65 are the only ones showing up. I don't understand how everyone else was able to install it just fine.

From what I've read sounds like this update is a no go for me...i was not impressed with .132 and I'm too lazy to go back to .122 (best one) so i will wait for the next one...which i hope will improve the battery life that .132 fucked up!

I always go to add/remove programs and remove the OS im replacing then install the new OS. Back up my cell with DM then close DM and use the APP LOADER to install the new OS on my BB. Never had a issue doing that...

same shit happened to me when i was trying to load the 132 leak but all u got to do is delete everything from ur computer like go to control panel and add/remove programs. delete ur desk top manager and loader and all downloaded leaks then re download ur desk top manager 4.6! dont download 4.7!!!! then only download the 141 leak and redo it again! worked for me ! hope i helped! message me for more help

I have been running it since the afternoon and it seems good. There is a difference but if you are happy with 132 then I would stay there and see what comes next. If I come across any problems I will try to post them.

That is a good question. I have tried and used i think all of the updates i have seen come out. Some have been good and others not so good. Like with any update they are not official so it is hard to say if it will be good or not for you. I have seen it where it was a bad upgrade for me be good for someone else. I can tell you that 132 was stable for me but for some others it was not. not sure that will help you but it is my thought on what is stable and what is not. I am currently using this newest upgrade and it seems fine to me. hope that helps.

I hated .75 when I first bought the phone. I've done all of the upgrades, and the two that I liked the most were .113 and .132. It really depends on the way in which you use your CrackBerry. If you use it take lots of conference calls, which I do, then you probably won't like .122 very much. There were some quirks w/the keypad when using the phone. I did, however think it was the fastest version to date. .113 and .114 were very close, but I'll give it to .113. .132 is pretty good, but I don't find it as enjoyable as .113. Look for the one w/the fastest speeed and leas amount of bugs for the ways in which you use your device. Browser speed is very important to me as well. Not knowing what you do, I'd suggest .113 or .114.

i upgraded to .113 from .75 and then from .113 i went to .132 and im running .141 now..the process is pretty easy.

i personally would go to .132 and wait for the next leak.although .141 is great it seems to lag a bit compared to .132. i would go back to .132 but im just lazy lol

the safest way is to install and DONT disconnect in the process.thats about as safe as youre gonna get.

Works like a charm. For all those who are unfamiliar with how to do this here is what I did. I'm not saying it will be perfect for you, but it is what I did.

1.downloaded the leak and installed on the computer with the bb unplugged.
2.installed software
3.went to program files/commonfiles/apploader/ and erased the vendor file.
4. hooked blackberry up and double clicked on the loader exe from that program files location above.
5. found my bb in the dropdown clicked next and made sure that it backed up my stuff along with the install.
6. Let it do its thing for a while then whammo it was done.
7. let it restart then pull battery out and restart it.
8. go through setup and activate your wireless access etc.

I have to agree with the other posters that this leak is MUCH MUCH faster than previous versions. Web pages are loading way faster than they ever have, and not getting the spinning wheel so much.

i'd have to say, the new os is faster...especially the browser.

i was playing around and stumbled on the fact that my quicklaunch application was working when i switched over to this theme -- without absolutely any crazy flickering. if any of you have this theme, are you also able to get quicklaunch to work on it? i'd be curious. on other themes, it would not run on it.

it would be interesting to find out why it works in some themes and not others.

Quicklaunch is flickering on the theme that came with my storm. Is there a way to fix it? I tried re downloading, didn't work. I haven't tried it with any other theme.

This release finally fixes a bug that has prevented me from using the media player as my MP3 player since it first came out on the 88xx series. You can now fast forward through media that is longer than approx 27 minutes without the track restarting from the beginning! Further to that is the problem that when you receive an alert such as an email, phone call, etc. the track doesn't restart on you if it is beyond the 27 minute mark...finally!

Umm Ok, so last night everything was great with the new OS, and still is...BUT I don't have BBMaps, Memo, Tasks, office to go etc. I hooked up it to DM and it diddn't show up when I click on apploader. Any ideas?


Just got a call from "my" tech at Verizon because I call 2 times a week to gripe. He said, "You may want to do a wireless upgrade on May 17th. Hint hint.". He hasn't been wrong on anything thus far.

After using my headset that comes with the Storm on my phone for a call, it is constantly in headset mode(even when they aren't plugged in) so I'm unable to really make and receive calls without the headphones in now.

Any ideas???

what the F! when the hell is VZ going to oficially release a new OS!?? so damn annoying. I don't want to risk these stupid leaked OS's anymore!!!!!!!

I have had them same problem and believe me it is frustrating and alarming. But I found if you plug the head set back in and then out right away, fast. It seems to disengage.

I've only had .132 for a few days now, but I'm DYING to try another release! I think .113 was the most stable to date. v.132 was a bit of a step backwards in my opinion. Hopefully this will be a winner! Or...hopefully there will be even more leaks to try out!! I'll post my thoughts when the install completes.

I've been running .141 for 2 days now, and here's what I've noticed:

(1) The lock key issue that it seems multiple people have already noticed. Locking the device does not keep it from being unlocked by other keys if you mash them a couple of times, and most times you have to push even the lock key more than once to get it to unlock.

(2) The magnetic holster makes it do funny things. It's not always the same but it's never nothing. Taking the phone out of the holster the phone is usually on the full menu even if it wasn't when you put it in. Several times it was on the full menu with an option menu open. A couple times it had the menu up and the last icon touched was selected to move. Twice I pulled the phone out of the holster and it was in the phone app and had dialed the first contact in my contact list but not sent the call. Once, upon holstering, it actually sent this call (I noticed immediatly because I was wearing a headset).

(3) It's only locked up on me once so far: I had paused a video, pressed end to leave the app open and gone to the browser, and I turned the phone to go to portrait mode and received a message at the same time. Total lock-up. Had to pull the battery.

All things considered it's a world of difference from .75 and I'll gladly take the occasionally oddly open option menu and lock-key delay over the agonizing experience that is .75, especially for swarms of customers complaigning about their storms with no idea how to fix it, themselves.

browser issues.. facebook and other sites do not remember me, 404 errors all the time

when i LOCK it simply by pressing the BB key or the PREVIOUS button it unlocks, and takes pictures in my pocket..

probably gonna downgrade or cross my fingers we get a new one

So I did my first upgrade from .75 to .141, and it seemed to work fine. I backed up my info and restored it and all my contacts, calender, apps seemed to transfer back over which is great.

I lost my browser though. I'm a relative noob to this, so bare with me. It also said to resend the "service books" through the email settings. I figured that might fix things, who knows. When I get into email settings an error message stating "Your device had a problem connecting to the server". Any ideas how to fix these problems pleeeaaase???

go to options and then advanced options...go to host routing table and click blackberry and hit register and that should bring the browser back as a icon and work fine...this happened to me a while ago when i updated my phone and i called verizon and was told this is how to get browser back on the phone..thanks

Yes! The fastest way to fix the problem is to delete all the service book entries except for entries marked with the word provisioning.

You can find this field by going to options>advanced options>service book. Once you delete the entries, back up one screen to host routing table then hit the menu key and select register now. Now go back to service book after you register the device and the service book field will fill up with the entries that you just deleted. Also it will include any missing browser entries.

After you delete the service book entries, login to your BIS account to resend your email accounts to your device. Or you can call your carrier to have them do that for you. The browser is working fine for me now.

I finally got fed up of waiting and waiting for Verizon to get their act together and put out an update to the Storm. I have been using .75 since December. Ugh! What was I thinking? Why did I wait so long to try some of the leaked firmware updates?

All I can say is that it is a quantum leap forward for me. Sure, there are probably bugs but hey, I was using .75! I'm used to bugs and crashes and freeze ups and delays. Could anything be any worse? Just the few hours of using .141 has been worth it. Even if the phone bricked tonight, just those few moments alone with a phone that actually worked like it was supposed to would make it all worth it.

I took my time, backed up everything just in case, and downloaded the updated software. So far we're just humming along just short of smartphone paradise.

I downloaded this i absolutely love it...the only thing that i dont like about it is that when my phone is locked the buttons on the bottom of the phone unlock it

I finally upgraded from 75 to 141. While 75 was far from flawless, I'm just not sure 141 is worth the leap. Yes, a bit faster but I lose battery life 30% faster than I did on 75, I can't sync w/ my outlook calendar, which is a huge issue. So, all in all, I will probably go back to 75 and just wait on Verizon...and wait and wait and wait....

is anyone else having problems with their battery life now? i loved this version, not totally there yet but close, but my battery drains within like 3 hours to the point where the phone totally dies and shuts off. i fully charged the phone before i went to bed last nite and it turned off in the middle of the nite and my alarm didn't go off.. i would like to revert back to the last official verizon os.. lame i know.. comments??

I'm having the same problem. My battery is running down seriously fast to where I have to charge the phone 2-3 times a day. ANY FIXES?

so today it worked fine... apparently there is a thread on here somewhere that explains that the phone has to calibrate itself?? no clue, but today it was normal. hopefully it stays that way!

.141 is really good when its not freezing up. its faster than .132 WHEN ITS NOT FREEZIN UP. I have had it for 3 days now. I thought it would correct itself after some use but no luck. If they could get it to stop freezing it would be more awesome than .132 (freezing meaning- "thinking indicator" comes on and you have to wait for it to do what you want it to do.)

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