Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Apr 2009 10:15 am EDT
OS for the Storm 9500

CrackBerry member the.abyzz dropped off a present in the forums this morning in the form of a link to an unofficial copy of OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 (not 9530). The word in the forums is that RIM's internal development has now stopped on 4.7 and it's all 5.0 work from here on out, so this is likely one of the last 4.7 builds we'll see pop up for the Storm. You can click on over to the forum thread for the dowload links and more information. Now if only somebody would post a link for the 9530 version... the CrackBerry Stormies will thank you! 

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. * 

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500!


i need a lot of help, how the hell do i put the leaked os on my phone when i have a mac, im just downloading a bunch shit i dont need, pocket berry wont even fucking work. its really making me angry. any help?

That kinda weird, BGR spoke of this being pushed out by Verizon via Wireless Update to the Storm. lol, I have a Bold now, I don't live my life waiting on updates, oh yeah!

I'm glad I jumped ship on the POS Storm along time ago! Us Bold owners don't have these lame OS waiting game problems!
Gotta love AT&T :)

I seem to recall there being some big issue with the last official Bold OS that was released. I don't have one so I can't say too much about it. I will say though getting a new OS to play with every week to two weeks isn't all that bad. I enjoy seeing the changes from one to the next.

AT&T i think not had cingular for years they were great as soon as it went to AT&T i was getting 5-6 droped calls a day they sent me several new phones still the same problem. Verizion is the way to go. And if you have a bold why are you in a forum for the storm?

Ok let me correct your statement here because you are wrong in two ways.

1) Verizon is best for YOU and may not be for some.
2) This is not a Storm forum, This is a blog on the front page of Crackberry.com, not a post in the Storm forums.

I'm a Bold owner and I love my Bold. That being said, I think the Bold owners should keep the Storm hate off the responses. We don't like it when the Storm guys invade the leaked Bold OS posts about how they never get updates, so why do the same to them telling them how crappy thier phones are.

I know we are going to see a number of VZW guys complaining that this isn't for them, but I'm sure you will see your leak by the weekend. That is the typical trend for these to see the 9500 then the 9530 a few days later.

Well its just before 11 am and we have this leak, do you think it's still possible for another leak to surface....or even more wishful thinking....do you think its possible that VZW could release that official all the threads were talking about the past 24 hrs??

I can just see it now, there are going to be about 10 new threads with a tittle like: Will it be official today?, What are the chances?, Is it still possible Verizon will out with this?, Today the day? lol

Didn't the same website report that .113 would be Verizon's official release in April?? Face it... these sites don't know any more than you or me.

A nation divided against itself shall not stand.
Whether your bold, or storm we are all one nation, and when one hurts we all hurt.

We are not one nation. Don't try to drag us down with you. The rest of Crackberry is trying damned hard to distance ourselves from that piece of crap that pretends to be a BB. And even worse then the phone, distance ourselves from the rapid fanboy-ism.

Wow I see some people get soo touchy when it comes to talk about the Storm...lol. Not to poke fun, but anyone who purchased a Storm knows what they were getting into. Verizon is notorious for taking long to release updates. Look how long it took for 4.5 to be released for the 8830WE.

Suck it up, or Visit you nearest AT&T or Tmobile store. they are always an option.

Um no...sorry. Everyone who purchased a Storm WAS NOT aware of how long they take to release OS updates. Most Storm owners are first time Blackberry users who had no idea a phone would recieve an update. Very false statement...and to hell with AT&T and Tmobile. They both suck. I'll wait for an update til the end of oblivion before I switch to either. lol.

Everytime I see that image on the Crackberry blog my heart DROPS. Then I read the headline and its back to reality. This is so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame...

I purchase the Storm because I thought and think that its a cool Phone, I have switched from the .132 back to the .75 several times because of various issues, I switched this last time because I actually think I am going to ask for a new Phone, I can wait for the OS, its just when you hear this stuff in the Forum (and I like Crackberry) I get all geeked and happy only to find out its not official or its not for the 9530, I think we should just wait and I am sure Verizon will put out a workable OS soon. Just my 2 cents.

Several online news sources reporting an official Verizon update coming Friday. Fudzilla, InformationWeek and Phones Review to name a few. Gawd I hope it true...

As consumers we have a right to complain about a product, but it insane to keep complaining about something and not do anything about it. If you have the storm and hate it, then get rid of it. Same goes for any other blackberry products. If you are willing to stick it out and wait for an official or unofficial update, then do so and be happy. If you have a blackberry then you are a blackberry user no matter which model. You people complain like a bunch of little girls. Grow up and be happy to be in the loop about your product and spread the word about cool forums like Crackberry.com to other users.

Be happy to be in the loop??? lol. Wow. I'm not one of the complainers (.75 has worked just fine for me, although I look forward to the OS update) but for ppl who's Storms DON'T work correctly...they pay over $200 for a device that doesn't work and they should be "happy to be in the loop?????" lol. WOW.

And "do something about it??" Maybe they would have gotten rid of it a long time ago if they weren't hangin on to the glimmer of hope that the new OS would be released soon and fix all of their issues, so that they can keep this device that they really wanna love. You blame them for that??? You shouldn't. Blame your "cool forums." (No pun intended Crackberry, lol)

Some ppl fail miserably at being the voice of reason.

It figures an adolescent mind like yours would be upset with someone trying to ad some light to a situation for those that feel like they are stuck. Stick with you .75 and be happy newbe.

First: It's "your" not "you" and "newbie" not "newbe"

Second: Your statement did the exact opposite of making "light" of the situation. "Be happy to be in the loop"???? Seriously? lol.

Third: "Adolescent mind?" Um, sorry but naw man. 23 year old Student Affairs professional here dude.

And Finally: "Newbie??" Check your sources, or furthermore, don't make assumptions. Definitely not a Newbie. I've owned my Storm since January GENIUS. And I've been a smart phone user for much longer. I'm the guy teaching my friends and everybody else around me how to use freakin thing. And if you wanna be technical...according to Crackberry I'm an "Abuser." lol.

Come on man...

Uh, I purchased a Storm in 12/08 because the "Sr. Level Verizon Service Executive" at our local P.O.S. store assured me..no make that PROMISED me... the "OS Update will be out in a week or two".


Here we are 4-5 MONTHS later and no update. I'm guessing the one guy who supposedly worked for Blackberry and said Verizon was dropping the Storm is right on the money. I bet we NEVER see the update, and they drop the phone altogether then the next gen comes out. And to get it all you have to do is sign a new 2-yr agreement (which will no-doubt be loaded with unpleasant surprises you don't find until the first or second bill comes) and cough up $250 or whatever.

That's how they operate. Verizon sucks the big fat weenie, simple as that. But up here in the hinderlands we don't have any choice - ATT has no coverage so the Bold and the iPhone are not options - we're stuck with either the Storm or a bunch of real crap model BBs.

Moo is ready, and alerts to be sent soon

BlackBerry Storm owners on Verizon will be pleased to hear that the much needed OS update has finally made it through acceptance testing, and according to our sources it should be available to owners shortly.

From what we have been able to gather from our sources the new version of the BlackBerry OS for the Verizon Storm will be version and customers should expect an alert in the next several days letting them know that the update is available. Currently, we don’t yet know what fixes and updates will be included in the new version, but we expect to hear more from our sources soon.

Verizon Storm owners have been waiting quite some time for this OS Update, while Storm owners on other carriers have already received at least one update and in some cases more than one already. We are already hearing that the RIM elves are already working on a version update. While the version number could change before release, it is likely that Verizon Storm owners could see another update become available before the end of the summer.


I've had the Storm since 11/08 and I've been doing some of the leaked OS updates along the way. A co-worker and neighbor have the Storm with the official .75 OS. We all were BB nubs, except I had the Palm Treo 700p and they had dumb phones. We all seem to be able to use our phones just fine as phones, for email and the Internet. Why do people keep hating on the Storm? Is not a POS and it works. It may not be as fast as some of the smart phones out there, but it does the basics just fine. As for the "real" BB's as some put it, I wouldn't trade my Storm for two of them. I've adapted to the virtual keyboards, that's right keyboards, not keyboard. I can type as fast, if not faster than 90% of the "real" BB users out there. I've tried the "real" BB's several times and i think the keyboard sucks. The Treo 700p keyboard was much better.

So...quit hating on the Storm. If it's not your cup of tea just move along and find the phone that works for you.

Otherwise, all us Storm users will welcome the next new OS that improves our usability and gives us more functionality. While the rest of you non-Storm users can play with your phones or "real" BB's and act all superior. Go ahead and call my Storm names. I can take it, because I use it for hours everyday, have 4000 plus minutes of usage every month, and that proves it works for me.

Storm haters GO AWAY!!!

I have both the Bold and the Storm. One through an employer and the other through my business. I have been fortunate to not have any serious issues with the storm. Made it through the OS updates without problems and the phone works fine. The Bold has also performed fine. I like them both. Having had bb's for many years, I enjoy seeing RIM push forward to bring new products to the market. The options of multiple products and multiple carriers is a good thing. Keep up the good work RIM. Sometimes things go perfect, sometimes they don't.

Try and deliver what you do based on the expectations you have for others.

Enjoy the phone you have and the prospects of the next one you'll get. If you don't like the one you have, figure out a way to get the one you want.

I believe a formal apology and compensation is due from Verizon. Apple was able to do it for the iPhone, and I am sure Verizon can do it for the Storm.

The storm works. The phone and email have always worked. It may not be as fast as you want, but it works.

The problem with the iPhone was that it did not work... phone calls and 3G connections could not be made reliably.

So why would they refund you? That's just dumb (or greedy, cant figure out which)

I am doubting if Verizon will get anything with the Storm right. Since its release, they have done nothing the way they should have. I hope they prove me wrong.

"The storm works. The phone and email have always worked. It may not be as fast as you want, but it works.

The problem with the iPhone was that it did not work... phone calls and 3G connections could not be made reliably.

So why would they refund you? That's just dumb (or greedy, cant figure out which)"

Just working isn't good enough...thats like making excuses for the yugo by saying that it runs...who cares, it's still a piece of junk. Face it, Verizon/RIM screwed up and the competition has caught up...The novelty of the RIM's email just isn't cutting it these days, especially when the iphones email isn't too shabby and supports any plain 'ole exchange server.

Saying the storm at least works and the iphone didn't is retarded. If the iphone was as much a failure as the storm they would have never become the #1 phone ever. Man, give credit where credit is due You

You may be stupid enough to think the storm is an awsome phone just because "it works" but consumers demand more and the numbers just don't lie. FACE IT, THE BLACK BERRY STORM PLAIN SUCKS!

No amount of updating can make the storm not suck, its just a poorly designed phone in essence that was quickly put together to patch a financial gap that would have shown on verizon's books for it's 4th quarter in 08....it's got no hardware acceleration, it's never going to be smooth and silky and you will never have that iphone feeling that your finger rules the phone. The interface also stinks. it reminds me of the 80's when the Americans tried to make a small diesel engine for cars...instead of putting effort to design a quality product, they just took existing gasoline engines and attach "diesel components" to it...those engines hard a hard time running more than 40k mmiles and to this day Americans don't trust the diesel because of it.

I still see people posting their hate of the Storm. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly people hate about it. It does work and it does things the Jesus phone still can't. Not only that, it's on a network that works.

So stop the immature name calling and provide some facts, or better yet GO AWAY HATERS!

I have owned my VZW Storm since the day it was released, I actually got the last one in the store and no it's not my first BB. Personally I love the phone and stayed with .75 until last week when .132 came out. .132 made all the difference in the world but I was not unhappy with .75. For you haters, continue to hate, you are obviously jealous because you're stuck in a contract with a phone you're not happy with or with a carrier you're not happy with. Sorry.

I know some people have had issues with .132 as mentioned above. For me .132 has been flawless and I have had no issues with it. I thought .132 might actually be the VZW release until this .141 showed up. Having said that can anyone post any pros/cons on .141. Has anyone tried it on the 9530? Thanks

At what point does the storm actually work? Just because email, txt, and calls somewhat work does not mean the phone works, is everyone forgetting that the video recorder is virtually unusable because it freezes every two uses? Or that the music levels never stay at the same level? What about the accelerometer not changing the screen when it changes postitions? What about when you unlock the phone and the clock thing is on the screen for 2 minutes? Sorry the storm does NOT work, the point of it having all of these features is for them to function properly, otherwise why even put them in the phone? I love the storm... well the idea of it, if it actually functioned like its supposed to then i would really love it, its good hardware but horrible software, but hopefully we will get a good official update soon :)

Why does anyone give 2 s**ts about an official release ! Its the same f**king thing as the Rim leaked version (not the hybrid which I wouldn't touch with 10' pole) THE SAME F**KING THING .I normally don't swear like this but people are dumb A**es .As far as people who jumped ship instead of having patience you are also S**theads If you could see these new leaked OS's its like night and day from the release date OS .I absolutely love it and so does my son.My ONLY concern at this point is dust under the screen.By the way I agree this is about Storms NOT the Bold so get the F**k out of here A**wipe

I did try this version and for some reason it drains battery in few hours. Somewhere is huge memory leak...

Waiting for official version never than .122...