Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Apr 2009 11:46 pm EDT
OS for the Storm 9530

The drought is finally over Stormies. For all the hardcore 9530 users out there, we've got a new unofficial OS for you to download and play with. No, it's not in 5.0 stylings, but if you're itching for the latest and (hopefully) greatest you can can now grab OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. Let the fun and games begin. 

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. * 

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


YES SIRRRRRR!! I can't wait to see how much better this one is!
I heard the official one is coming out next week.

yea i work for vzw and i heard one of the data reps say that the update was cancelled. Let's hope that the reason was because it was the .113 upgrade and they wanted to release this one... FAT CHANCE. believe me, as frustrated as consumers are, its a lot worse to try to make a living off of selling one of these things, only to see it come back along with an unhappy customer. Especially cause i know how much a software upgrade can help... and we can't tell them it even exists...

I hear ya.. I work in TSS and I have to tell the customers all day long how great this phone is knowing they are on rev .75... I always tell them to keep an eye out for a announcement on cb.com cause they will be the first to know... Also, for all of you folks that see the posts or talk to a store rep, sales manager or anyone else that says the update will be out soon is lying! They do not know, VZW tech support reps do not know so please STOP ASKING... We as tech support reps find out the day it is released...

I work in VZW tech as well and yes. People are like...yeah I'll choose Suretype for portrait mode keyboard. It's funny cause I'm like, yeah, there is a 3rd choice too. But of course you can't say that the camera isn't laggy and the keyboard isn't useless in the later versions because there is "no such thing" as a later version in the companies eyes. I'm so about to load this onto my phone. I hope all goes well.

I'll let you guys know as soon as I'm done.

Wow, it's 2am. Shouldn't I be asleep by now?

(um, I guess I didn't log in...this is Crackberyn00b).

edit: yeah it got my login...just a caching problem...

The techs in our store TELL us to try the leaks and have asked me what I've found with which leak. In fact, I took my Storm back and traded it for a Curve and it had the leaked .113 on it, and they knew it....no questions asked. I told them how .113 was better than .75. They say try the leaks, we can always put it back to original, so it isn't every store that the techs won't tell you about leaks.

If a store rep tells you to d/l and install leaked s/w and it damages your phone to the point where you can not downgrade, kiss that phone good-bye... Also, when you install leaked s/w and then you dial *228 your s/w version registers in our billing system... Not every rep checks this and just asks the cust what version they are running. Don't think we don't know... I have had several people call in with issues and have had to tell them that they are on their own because of the leaked s/w.. They get pissed, I call them on their actions and I have to tell them to down grade of go back to the source of the s/w... I just happen to have "a spare" storm sitting in the box so I am not to concerned...

This person is giving us some insider information on how Verizon can spot a leaked OS on our phones and, your insulting them. Maybe, I interpreted their info differently but, either way I an greatful for that heads up.

i agree with u. he was trying to say be careful and how he hates to have to tell a customer he cant help them and charli is the one being an @$$

" Not every rep checks this and just asks the cust what version they are running. Don't think we don't know..." ?? -

that's such a dick move on your part - why would you even tell us (customers) that you check in the first place? your post had good info by giving us the heads up about *228 and that not all reps verify what build you're running - which is probably because those reps are cool?? unlike your narc self who comes to these sites, dl's the (illegal) firmware - i say illegal only from yours and big brother's perspectives, not mine (curious consumer) but you DID dl it anyway though right??? - after which, your attempt to install ends up bricking the phone??? LUCKILY though.... you work for them so of course you happened to have a spare!! why wouldn't you? so now because of all that pent up frustration, you take it out on us (curious consumers) who don't want to have to wait a year for "the official" release of an OS that basically makes our phones work the way they're supposed to?? (i.e. < dropped calls, < lockups/freezing, faster response times--- you get the idea) why do you think manufacturers release betas into the wild in the first place? if it wasn't for the people that use these types of sites and ARE willing to risk the untested we'd all still probably be rockin those Walkie-Talkie phones with the battery that looked like and was about the size of a car battery. my point with this harangue is... choose a friggin side. if you're going to police everyone by checking versions and penalizing them for being curious or interested because they want their phone to work better. Then don't come on here and whip your tits out to basically threaten us by telling everyone that if we do try to install an unofficial revision that you're surreptitiously watching and will 'bust' us for it - because that's just a dick move period. -Tell me i'm wrong

Thanks for listening... and my name's Brandon

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...I work at a call center. So those store reps can run off at the mouth all they want because those conversations are not recorded. My tongue is very much tied.

I didn't say that customer service wouldn't know or couldn't find out, I was merely saying that the reps at our store TELL us to do the d/l of the leaked versions....because it was stated earlier that they don't. That's all...I was saying what I was told when I went into the store.

always tell customers about crackberry but always tell them that things are at their own risk. VZW or CB is not responsible for stupid peoples decisions. But you should always mention CB. Not only is it a key site in the BB world today but aides those stupid customers from going back to the store and complain when nothing is wrong with their phone. so feel free and mention CB and the awesome apps they provide. These guys work hard to get all this crazy info for us and people should know and learn to appreciate this site.

seriously, i refreshed this to find the new OS about 30 sec from initially opening the site and there were 3 comments. You guys are sick, haha. Kev you've got a cult following...

blueberry-storm here. I am downloading now and will let you know my findings. I am still using a first round release verizon storm.

just getting ready for bed but had to refresh one more time...there it was!! will probably wait till tomorrow to update. thanks!

New Storm OS...Its gonna be like the red sox won the world series...people are gonna be in the streets celebrating by tipping police cars over and setting fires!!

Okay, so I've let it sit here a while to give people a chance to try it out. What are some improvements?

I can't wait!!

Has anyone used qik yet on .132? Will it finally stream live?

Will be getting .132 tomorrow, when I get home from this conference. I love work, but not tonight, as I'd rather be home updating.

It's like a leaked OS comes out every other Wednesday! Can't wait to hear how it's working for everyone. If it's good, I'm sure I'm download it myself. :)

NEW TO THE STORM NEVER HAD AN UNLOCKED PHONE just got all functions working with att and i dont want to lose my browser but i want to update any one know if ill lose my browser and have to fix it all over again kind of a pain

the branding version is different from what mine is!! the screenshot says its says its does anybody know why that is??



Wow this is by far the best OS to date. Everything works they way it should camera, browser, screen orientation and everything in between.


i cant really tell any major differences from .113

the over all speed of the phone is much much faster...everything is just faster hahaha

seems pretty flawless to me.. but is anyone having issues with resizing the the image set on your home screen and i still have the memory leak issue with this OS...idk..

Well I got the os loaded last night. My storm is still the original from when they first came out. once loaded I did notice the quicker transition between portrait and landscape. The over all speed of the phone seems quicker too. I will say this is the first release I had to reset my radio before I was able to get any type of signal and it reset once but that may have been my fault. Now on the restore I noticed that my calender did not get reloaded so I am going to look and see why that is (kinda need that). other wise so far so good. my vlingo, twitter, facebook and other programs seem fine. I looked at my pictures and even created and moved pictures to a new folder and that was good. That is about all I have for now. will let you know later if anything else good of bad comes up.

Like the words of little Natalie Wood in 'A Miracle on 34th Street'... "I believe, I beleive, I know it's silly, but I believe."

I have tried multiple times to get a leakd OS and it never works. I will attempt to load this .132 and see. "I believe." *sighs*

Can someone explain who is making the OS's that are being leaked ? Is RIM developing them for testing purposes ?

I have done a few updates up until
I know there has been a few other os updates that have been unofficially released. Now I find there is the .132 update. Question is, Can I go striaght from .114 to the .132 or do I need to download each verison between.
Thanks in advance


You don't have to download the leaks in between. There are some CB users who have gone from .75 straight to .113 or .122.

I may just upgrade to this tomorrow (when I get to a PC and download Desktop Manager. Gosh darn RIM and their no MAC supported Desktop Manager)!

Why do we get 1000 messages of "I'm going to get it now and let you know how it is" and only about 3 of actually how it is?

Is there ever going to be an OFFICIAL release. I keep seeing all these leaked unofficial versions, which don't really do me any good since i don't care to bother with unofficials. What is RIM doing besides continuously leaking unofficials?

I'm tired of my storm randomly rebooting and the slow and choppiness of the OS. I'm almost to the point of returning this big clunky piece of crap, breaking my contract with Verizon, and heading on over to AT&T for an iPhone.

Sorry for the rant, but this is just getting annoying.

I've avoided the leaked OS updates but did opt to install Bell's .122 "official" release on my VZW Storm after Voice Dialing crapped out over the weekend and so far have been very pleased. Any comments on .132 vs. .122?

i was runnin .122 for the past month n a half and im downloading .132 and from what ppl are sayin i cant wait to load it up and see the differences in everything. and whoever buys a Storm and returns it a week lateer is a turd ive been waiting for this fon for the longest time and to now be a Storm owner i feel like im on top of the world. i had a BB thru work for 4.5 years the they made the switch to the Symbol devices and it pissed me off so i got da pearl for my personal fon and now the Storm if i wasnt married to my wife i wud marry my Storm.......lmao

I just installed the new OS everything seems to be fine except for one thing.... All my Messenger contacts have been deleted. WHAT THE HECK!

I'm sick and tired of returning my phone... I just want an OS that works Telus & I know I'm not the only one so...

I was on .75 until a little over a week ago, when I jumped to .122. It is sooooooo much better. You don't know what you're missing!

I was on .75 and I have had the phone since the day it came out. I have been on .75 since Januaryand .75 sucks, I tried to wait and wait and wait but Verizon seems to be doing nothing.

SO I downloaded .113 a coupe days ago and man is it so much better than that crappy .75, I know you don't want to but you can always roll is back if you don't like it.

I really don't get all the people who post here that are afraid to update their Storm's OS to something BETTER!

As long as you don't unplug your phone while it updates and you can follow simple directions, the upgrade is easy!

When I see people who say "I'm still on .75 until an "OFFICIAL" update is released" I just shake my head. Those people would be soooo much happier with the latest OS if only they had the balls to do the update. Waiting for RIM/Telus to "OFFICIALLY" release an update is an act of futility...

Grow a pair and do the update!! You will love your Storm that much more!!!!

I don't agree with the "grow a pair" comment. :)

I've watched the posts for all of the leaked OS's and there are enough people, for whatever reason, citing problems that its just been easier to live with .75. As stated in an earlier post, I did install Bell's update on my VZW and have been very pleased. It's a whole new phone.

No offense but I'll keep mine shrunk and let manly men like you work through the kinks. (No offense meant)

Was nervous but was tired of the various issues with .75. This update went smoothly and I have to say, so far (15 minutes of use) this OS seems much better. Glad I didn't wait for an "official" update.

I completed the upgrade, this is my first time but I have to ask can anyone tell me how to get the browser back everything fine. Calender memo's and browser didn't come back. please help.

Get on the BIS and resend service books. My browser has disappeared after every OS update I've done (leaked .109 & .113 and the Bell "official" .122) and resending service books has fixed it each time.

I'm downloading the new OS, will install and update and will come back to post my two cents.

I agree with a post above, grow a pair and do it. Verizon just doesnt seem to want to release a new OS. I dont really see whats wrong with installing a leaked OS, as long as you do it right.

Everything is alot faster

- portrait to landscape is super fast now
- navigating thru the phone is super fast now
- ive had my phone runnuing on it for a day and no battery pulls had to be done and blackberry app world isnt freezing anymore (that might have been just an issue on my phone but it works now)
- internet is REALLY fast like home computer 20/20 fast.... wooohooo finally... if only i could stream porn :(
- crackberry.com loaded in 15 seconds instead of the minute it took prior

I love leaked updates

everything is soooo fast!

- i was on .122 and it was working well for me. i liked it. i always update to the latest OS..but this one just blew my mind! im sure many more OS will be coming out. just keep updating stormers!

overall, i like it A LOT.

I am running .122 and like you I am very pleased with it. I downloaded .132 and was just watching the posts for issues. Looks like all who have installed it have nothing but good news so I'm gonna jump on the wagon as I usually do!

In other news, I need all you Stormies out there runnin' the Meterberry app to Sound OFF! This app is just one of the best things to hit the Storm since its release! Updates are regular and the support is awsome! They even used one of MY suggestions for the app! Yeeeaaah me!

Ok thats all I got. Here I come .132.

man this REALLY is much much faster. I love this upgrade. Portrait to Landscape or vice verse. anyone on the older software needs to upgrade.

two thumbs up!!

I was patient beyond my usual level of patience, running on .75 since I got the Storm in Dec. I kept thinking "they've got to release an official update soon" but no. So last week my Storm started having an issue with the backlight dimming, then coming back on, dimming, then coming back on. Searched the forums and found the consensus to be that upgrading to a new OS would fix it. So I bit the bullet and carefully followed the OS tutorial on here, upgrading to .113 and it worked perfectly. It is like having a new phone. One that works.

But now, 2 days later, there's a new OS. Feh. I think I'll stick with .113 unless there's a very good reason to try this one. I am the king of bad timing.

If you upgraded it once, why the hesitation a second time? Just remember how impressed you were with the improved performance...then bite the bullet!

Going from .75 to .113 is enough to keep me happy for now. I have yet to do a battery pull whereas before I was doing one at least once a day. I am happy with this version unless there is something substantial about this most recent one. So I'll just stick with it for now.

Went from .113 to .132 with no problems. So far so good.. I haven't seen any earth shattering changes but I'm sure it's an improvment.

History: .75 --> .113 --> .132

*Browser faster
*Media upload faster
*Camera faster and quality better
*Transition smoother
*MMS has been FIXED!
*Reset upload quicker
*GPS faster
*No freezes or stalling when making calls

*Calendar alarms and notes wiped off

The last 3 or so updates have not worked after i downloaded them they wont load in my phone...what can i do so i can get the updates on my phone??

I am 3 month user of a blackberry and I updated just fine. Here the key reason......wait for it.........I read the great set of directions posted on the CB website.

I never updated my storm before.Do you lose pictures,ringtone and other things bought with updating?hate to ask dum question but i do not want to lose anything.

There is a backup process that takes place before the install of the OS, HOWEVER- it is recommended that you do a manual backup before starting the install. This includes ringtones, pictures, music, contacts, messages and video.

I have had a instance where the phone was restored but the restore from backup process did not complete. Would have happened the ONE time I did not back up the phone first as I depended on the install backup to do its part. It did - it just didnt restore it. All I had to do was find the file.

So bottom line- backup first then run the upgrade. Just as a precaution.


I have two questions and I know this has been addressed before so I'm sorry for asking again. After updating I can't find any of my contacts, how do I get them back. Also, I have two email addresses, how do I get both of them back up? Thanks

Log into your BIS either on your phone (email setup) or on the webpage. Send service books to get your email folders/settings back.

Re-sync your contacts to get them back.

Glad you have it up and running. I have tried a couple of times. First time was great EXCEPT my phone wouldn't stay contacted to Desktop Manager so I uninstalled the OS. A couple other times it crashed phone. I will try again tomorrow. When I did update I did was I posted above and have all my contacts and email working except my e-mail messages from days ago weren't there which is typical from what I imagine.

after playing with this update a little bit more it is AWESOME. I figured out how to get my calendar back. everything is faster!

Are there any other users out there connected through BES? The last 2 upgrades I have done, (although everything was backed up and restored properly) I lost my BES activation and had to get our Network Admin to send me another activiation password. This is something I would like to avoid if anyone has any insight...

Yeah, I am having the same problem. This is the first leaked update I've ever done. I did the OTA upgrade to .75 in December and have been using it ever since - worked fine except a little sluggish at times and camera s*cked.

This leaked version works much quicker, but I lost my BES mail. My BIS mail works fine. I tried Enerprise Activation in the Advanced Options menu, but I got an error message. Maybe I used the wrong password - I tried using the password from back in November, but maybe it doesn't work anymore???

Hey fellas, when you have BES, do the install while connected thru vpn and you will be fine. It will reactivate.

I have only had it on my Phone for a few hours, but i enjoy the difference already. We will see if it jams up at all. I can only be better that the original since the OS was slow and restarted on me all the time. how could it be worse????

Was on .113, now on .132. Am happy that there isn't anything broken, though I haven't noticed any major gains either.

If you're having download timeout issues, quickly skim through the download thread in the forums to find alternate download sites (I noticed at least two others).

This was my third OS upgrade. I am a Verizon user. Most recently I was using 113 before this update. I had no issues downloading or installing the new OS, but this was the first time I received the message "Application data could not be restored to the device..." at the conclusion of installation. I followed the instructions to restore my app data from the back up file that was created during installation and all went well, except, like many others, my browser was missing. And not just the icon was missing -- when I tried to load a web page from my quick launch menu, my device could find no browser at all. I opened the setup folder and clicked on the email settings icon (so that I could request that service books be resent), but got an error message indicating that a connection to email settings could not be established. I then did a battery pull and again went into the setup folder, clicked on the email settings icon, and this time connected. I then hit the Blackberry button (menu key) and chose the service books option. I got a response quickly indicating that service books had been sent, exited the email settings, and *presto* my browser icon had reappeared on my desktop. All else seems to be working correctly so far, but I have additional testing to perform (you're welcome, Verizon). I will repost here if I find additional issues.

So I was holding on .75 until the VZW update, but I couldn't hold off anymore. Installed smoothly with no glitches and definitely makes this feel like a new phone. Definitely quicker overall, Camera is without a doubt way way faster and actually useable now. Still seem to have a memory leak, but I do have a decent amount of apps installed. If anyone is on the fence as I was, just do it!!!!! (of course follow the step by step instructions you can find on this site). Integrated with my BES with no problems. Thanks CB!!!!

Upgraded with leaked OS .132, first upgrade since getting the phone in February 2009. Used the instructions here on Crackberry. I Went from version .75 to .132.

Man! It's like having a new phone! Everything is faster, camera works right, the phone feels, for the first time, snappy and responsive. I now get the full keyboard in portrait mode and the new cut and paste option. Very cool, would recommend this upgrade.

Please take this comment as coming from an IT professional with experience, not a novice. Upgrade went very smoothly following download of in the thread provided here. Followed blackberry upgrade instructions provide with this blog. Installation was straightforward. Restore was NOT automatic but was available from the restore option on the Blackberry Desktop once the upgrade was completed. You will need to send service books from the Blackberry Internet Service on the Verizon system to restore email and internet service. The Storm is now much closer to the device it should have been 4 months ago, but still not an iPhone beater yet. Speed is definitely up. No crashes after installing on my wife's and my Storms. All the upgrades mentioned in this blog are available and this OS seems much more stable. No reason to NOT perform this upgrade. Works very well and is HIGHLY recommended.

All that agreed with that said... "Amen"
I went to.132 from .122- Didn't see ground breaking difference but those that listed the pros were right. Media perfomance up. Browser definatly has more punch. As an IT pro myself and 6 or 7 time updater, this one has been the one with the most hope of making the masses happier with their Storms.

For those that keep preachin the gospel about waiting and not upgrading, we love you too- but us adventurous IT people are gonna skydive into this knowing full well how to pull the chute if it all goes left. I could go back to .75 if I needed to go to the store and say "hey this thing is in need of replacement" Verizon would never be the wiser. Why? Because me and a number of us who dabble with the inner workins are just THAT GOOD! (not to toot the horn)

So to the end, please people- let those who know how to play, PLAY. If you like watchin the fun of us breakin our toys - have fun watchin, but don't shoot us down because we want better performance and someone threw us a useful bone to make that happen.

In my eyes your all blackberry abusers! Why can't you all wait for the "Offical Releace" and be happy? My Storm has been running just fine from the day I bought it! I'm happy and I can wait! You all make me laugh....I guess thats why I keep comming here!

i know im missing out on how nice these new os's are. im a mac user so i cant update if i wanted to. os .75 is fine for me, ive got 40mb of memory steady and the speed is ok with me. at one point, i was stressing like everybody else about verizon releasing this supposed "official os" that in my opinion is never gonna happen. dont get me wrong, if i had a pc i would update be updating right now, but to all u .75 people like myself, stop stressing over this official update.

Perhaps you meant "abusers", but I know that is long word for someone content to let their handheld computer run an inferior OS that will never allow the user to reach the full potential of the device. These OS experiences remind me of the nearly 20 month wait that I had to endure with Verizon and Palm to develop an updated OS for the 700p following release of the device to make that "smartphone" actually usable (reboots were very common...sound familar??). Two months later I switched to the Blackberry 8830. Palms lack of response to the 700p OS problems resulted in a sharply reduced market share for that company and it struggles to this day to regain its soiled image. I doubt that Palm will ever be the major player it once was. Consumers remember when they have been screwed. Blackberry will hopefully learn from those industry experiences.

Abusers ?! Or "wait train" jumpers ! It's obvious that curiosity brought you to the thread to see what you "might" be missing out on. You think your phone is running fine, but then again you have nothing to compare it to. Trust me, there are a lot more people laughing at you ;)

This was the easiest thing ever! I don't know why I waited so long. It all went very smooth. No problems at all. Just down load the new os. Double click to open it and follow the instructions. I went from .75 to .132 because I wasn't sure. I feel like a whimp. All those on the fence, let's go.

i have upgraded my storm 9530 many times. i tried to install the official Bell one and deleted the vendor.exe file from my computer. the install ended up not working so i just let it be. now im trying to install the .132 leaked os and i was wondering if deleting the vendor file affects future uploads from my carrier? Also when i uploaded the .132 my calendar did not sync. and i cant get it to resync with the missing sync program on my computer (i have a mac but use a pc for os upgrades). i feel so lost =( i have no idea what to do!!!

I tried everything, but can't get the new sofware to load/be recognized with my desktop manager. Please help a brotha out.....

Help is on the way- what's NOT happening. Does it not say you have the upgrade available? Any errors? Whats the situation?

10 minutes after I loaded , Im at 21.9MB of App Memory. My phone was always draining fast on version .75. Anybody else have this issue and know of anything I should do in regards to the upgrade? Thanks in advance.

Battery drain can be contained by doing a few things. Start with a full battery discharge. Wait till the battery turns red and then give it a full charge overnight. Now, the thing with charging is that even when the bolt goes out- there is a trickle process that runs to bring the battery to 100% complete. Do that a few times and you should notice better performance on from the battery.

Leaky memory is a common plague for pretty much the entire blackberry line. I have the Storm and the curve and seems like day to day use of certain functions will reduce the memory by a meg or more over the course of the day. Get a hold of Meterberry and make use of the reboot function or even one of the rebooters. This can help recover slippery megabytes with the click of a icon. I recommend Meterberry because not only does it allow you to reboot the Storm at will - it gives very detailed and useful infor about your Storms' health. Battery, temp, memory- all this at a glance without haveing to go to the phones properties to see whats going on.

Still going solid. have not seen any problems. I am currently seeing if there is a way to either stop of minimize the memory leak. I have changed a few setting which seem to help but have to see what happens with this update. I have evaluate the upgrades pretty well because I pass what I find onto one of my pastors at at church since he also has a storm.

This was the first time I've updated since getting it in January. Wanted to wait for the official release from Verizon but I can't stand it anymore. I'm blown away by how fast the browser is now, the improved phone functions, and most important the typing. On the .75 the hardest thing to do was to make a call. Everything would lag, even punching in the numbers was a pain in the butt. This new OS is definitely a huge upgrade to the stock OS. It's not flawless but it sure as hell beat what I was using. The phone functions is almost perfect, just a tad quicker and we'll all be happy. The transition between landscape and portrait is still not fast enough for my liking. But other than that, I'm really happy with the results.

I am not an I.T. professional, but feel I know my way around a computer well enough. I followed the directions for the .113 and the .132 upgrade and have had no problems. Everthing is WAAAY faster. Did the .132 yesterday, still no problems and the new storm I have is fanatastic. Anyone CAN do this and you don't have to be a super Wiz. Give it a try. You will love your new Storm. Thanks to all of the CB/BB users and abusers for the info on this site. I have only had my Storm for a couple months and it is my first BB.

Is anyone experiencing a connection error when they try to run the youtube client on their Storm after the upgrade?

I get this "Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: sxpecting small float" error.

I have tried to uninstall and install that app, but it didn't work.

Is it possibly not compatible, or is something with this os version?

let me know.. thanks

I found 3 things that I have not seen mentioned.

1. When using a custom theme the folder is not blacked out it shows that background right through.

2. When the screen off the only way to bring it back is to click the red phone button. I used to be able to just hit the screen or any button.

3. When I try to set up a sync I get a fatal connection error when the phone is docked in the Seidio cradle. Hooking it straight up to the wire no such issue.

Now when I did the upgrade it almost felt that it would work so I went back to .75 or so I thought. Should I down grade and start over? And where can I find. .75 on the Blackberry website it seems when I look for it I get caught in a circle on the site and can never find it.


I thinks this os is wonderful is works like a charm, and i had to do like 2 battery pulls but now its fine and very smooth... Can sometimes get a litle lsggy but nobody's perfect!

Never did the leaked version.. will this jack my phone considering that it is unlocked. Im comfy with upgrading and downgrading been a BB freak for a long time but this is my first unlocked BB. (Sorry just couldnt leave T-Mo)
Someone please help. I hate not being able to tinker with my phone, thats one of the many reasons I have a BB, to get new stuff lol

I have been stuck on the VZW .75 since I got the phone. I was reluctant like I see a few others still are. I did the upgrade this morning which went perfect and the phone is freaking hella fast, at least where it should have been when originally released. Going from .75 to .132 is amazing. For those who are still reluctant, Just do it. For those who say they will wait for the official and they can tolerate their phone, well your not using it like you should be. If you are a true Storm user you need this upgrade. Do it.

Well this is the first update for me, from .75 straight to .132 and I can tell everyone that's worried don't be. Everything worked well but one thing which was my browser that didn't come back, but the good people at CB helped out. Now the good stuff the 9530 is much faster. The OS, internet, typing, camera. Sometime when people call in, it doesn't show the called ID, and one of the most important thing that isn't fixed is the memory problem. I'm still having major leaking from my memory. Once they fix that then I believe Verizon can call it official, but until then enjoy the Beta OS there nice you'll enjoy dont wait.

I just updated but my contacts haven't come back. Any ideas on how to retrieve them? I could really use them about now.


Where do you go to delete the Vendor File? I dont have Apploader folder..all I see is Apploader.dll, which I cannot open. Also, I have done the manual backup, should I be good to go as far as contacts and my calender? Thanks, I'm just sick of .75!!

i just dl the new OS and just like what everyone's been saying it is so much FASTTTTTTTTTTTTERRRRRR!

other than that no problems yet will keep u posted!

ps remember to back up everything on ur blackberry desktop before you update!

Okay fellow crackberry heads, my report on upgrade. This is my 3rd, went from .75, .109,.113, now .132. First MMS works now, had not since first upgrade leak and did not bother with stop gap fix. Camera fast, browser faster, screen movements faster, less clock time outs. All together great up-grade, perfect no, but not expecting that. Issues with application memory still around 25mb, I have never had 40 as some have reported, I have my share of 3rd party apps. During this upgrade auto back up did not kick-in, had to do manual to get everything restored. Lost browser, but followed a couple tricks mentioned and used before, no biggie. Running for 24 hours, all good, best yet, don't wait on vzw.

I just updated to version .132 and overall everything seems to be working? MMS is back, the camera is faster, and at least for one day my memory did not drop below 16mb.

But I am getting the same error message as Jai Manny when I attempt to use You Tube, "Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: sxpecting small float" error.

Does anyone know how to get around this error.

Check my last post. This OS leaked from a BES admin in the UK. Your phone thinks you have specific BES restrictions that are not allowing some apps to work. Try backing up your data and master reset/restore.

Hello everyone.. Anyone know if all my third party apps will be deleted if i upgrade to .132? Can I back them up in BBDM? Thanks!

So I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in this whole discussion...

First off I have only owned the storm for about 2 weeks, and I already an abuser...haha...secondly I have never owned a blackberry before.

I looove having cutting edge technology, along with always having something "different". With that in mind I decided to jump right into this upgrade, even though I had no idea what I was doing.

The upgrade when FLAWLESS. I followed every instruction from the "upgrading your OS 101 class" forum. And now for my review..

The screens are extraordinarly faster. The turn from landscape to portrait is flawless. Also, texting is much easier. I have also done some internet browsing and that also works seamlessly. I also must add that during the upgrade I did not lose ANY of my applications or themes.

So my final thought is if you're reading this just do it...stop crying about your warrenty or that your not "savy" enough to figure it out. My 2yr old neice could figure this out...

Thanks to everyone on this site that put in all the hard work. You guys are truely amazing!!

Downloaded OS thursday. Friday I installed it.Had no problem with install. Everything is working so much better. Thanks to everyone at CB. The site is a tremendous. Also to everyone who posted a comment on the install thanks. May the force be with you all.

Guys for once could we have only the finding being posted!

1. accelerometer works faster!
2. keyboards are much easier to use !
3. a lot more accurate with selections
4. FASTER!!!!
5.Boot time Improved somewhat!

hadn't enough time to test battery life and things like that, but its a GREEN LIGHT!

This was apparently leaked by a BES admin in the UK. I noticed after installing it some apps are blocked from data. Checking the firewall settings shows BES is in there now as well. I'm going to master reset it and the BES settings should be gone. Interestingly enough the first time I went to www.google.com it thought I was in the UK and that has never happened.

Just FYI earlier I had to go to the verizon site, and it said that updates were availible for my phone, so I downloaded updates which were official OS

I just wanted to clarify if anybody was cofused:
I wasn't able to download my BB desktop manager from the cd that came with the phone, so I took the advice that I recieved on crackberry THE BEST WEB SITE EVER, and went to a BB site that had me click on the service provider which was verizon from there I downloaded the most recent version of BB desktop manager, which after I connected my phone it said that there was updates for my phone so I followed the teachings from class: how to update o.s.101 that I learned from crackberry THE BEST WEB SITE EVER and now my phone is saying that it is running at v4.7.0.132.
So I'm sorry if I confused anybody.

should have upgrades sooner. I upgrades from .75 VZ. thanks for the easy instructions too.

Has anyone had a problem with certain app not working? I have an icon for total fitness,but when i click it nothing happens. Other than that been running the new os since it came out and LOVE it.

I heard this causes your battery to die 10 times faster...and i heard it can just flat out mess up your phone...has anyone downloaded it yet???


ii want to download the new OS onto my storm9530..im working with the stock version now..my issue is that im afraid my phone will get all flucked up because i will be connecting the storm to my Mac. i thought i read somewhere that this would cause an issue. Does anyone know more about it that can help me?

yep, I was also in your boat for a while... I as well have a mac, and was able to successfully upgrade using VMWare on my Macbook. I just installed VMWare onto my mac (using the 30-day free trial), then from VMWare installed Windows XP, then installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager (from the install disc that was included with my Storm) onto the virtual Windows XP. From there, I used the 'crackberry install instructions', and perfectly upgraded two storms. Make sure to backup your phone as I had to restore one of the storms using my backup.

It was pretty easy and is quite a difference from the .75 OS. I'm very satisfied!

I installed the new os but I noticed now that I have no application memory. Has anyone else had this problem?

So I finally did it couldn't take my phone locking up when I take it out of the holster anymore so I upgraded from .75 to .132 and let me say this, omg the difference is amazing. Only problem is the Where app freezes my phone so I'm uninstalling it because you cant even make an account with that application on the storm. But the install was easy thanks to the guide provided from crackberry, and everything went flawlessly. So for those weary trust me there's no problem I was paranoid beyond words, and now I have the phone I thought I was gonna get when I bought it.

just just went from .122 to .132 and my branding version does not match the one shown...mine is and the one it should be acc to the top of the page is idea what i did wrong? ive upgraded the os ab 4 times so far and no problems, this is the 1st issue

I downloaded this leak and installed with no problems, but my phone is very hot and my battery life died out so fast. Never happened before, also i noticed that the branding number i have on my phone is different from the one that is listed. Mine is and the one that comes with this leak is Just wanted to know if that means anything?

I tried to download the new leak and I believe it went through because I looked and it says the new verision on my phone. Problem is I am not sure if I recieved the full version because I thought it was not working and I may had bricked my storm. So I had to go through a series of getting my phone back on and working. AFter I got it back working all my icons and everything are super tiny and diffrent format. Like its not even a theme and I have tried to download a diffrent theme and it wont let me even change it. So I believe I have it working but may have messed it up during this long process. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am thinking maybe I should just try and do it all over again or is that a bad idea as well?! Any suggestions would be great. Thanks guys!