Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Apr 2009 02:35 pm EDT
OS for the Storm 9500

Ohhhh boy. Look what just popped up in the CrackBerry Forums.  Sorry Verizon Storm owners, this one is not for you (I'm ticked too!), but version is now unofficially available for the BlackBerry Storm 9500.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. * 

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500


Yeah .131 is great working alsome on my vzw 9530. just remember OTA folks option 1 if it doesnt go through *22899

I would love an update too just to see how much it speeds things up, But I must say I love my Storm it works great never crashes aps load fast a little slow on rotation but thats ok, Oh yeah verizon has the best call quality out there!!! Why do you think AT&T wants to keep the IPHONE on there service only?

I was going to order a Storm tonight. I have ATT and tried their Air Card and there service isn't great for me in the areas I frequent. I wonder how much this new version is going to change every one's lives so much that Verizon should rush out the release and really screw things up. Do you really think Verizon wants to hold up the release, just because they want to be nasty? I don't think so!

Is this new release going to have WiFi? No. Is it going to make the processor as fast as the one in the Bold? No.

I actually wanted to wait for a new version of the Storm with WiFi and a faster processor but it's not coming soon and I've waited long enough.

Remember you can still use the java files to get the .131 version of the apps, just not the core/cdma/radio files.

Oh yeah...boo to you Verizon :p

As a Verizon Storm owner, all I can think at this point is lol. I mean, I know they don't have much to do with these leaks, but the fact that the last official OS version is still 0.75 and it's almost May is ridiculous.

Seriously WTF. Outrage is an understatement! VZWs release better be so friggin phenominal that it will make me wanna do backflips as my new style of walking! What could possibly be taking SO friggin long! And what is the problem with doing frequent upgrades. I just dont get it omg! Your a piece of crap verizon! Kill yourself! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

but if you believe everything you read online (and you should. the interwebs never lies!) then verizon will be releasing .113 to the masses.

did Verizon go a killing spree or something? A lot of anger towards them right now.

Oh, it's just about releasing a new OS for storm? That makes sense.

I'm just as frustrated as the next person (okay, maybe not) but it's just a friggin update. Unless your storm is utterly, and completely un-usable, people should relax.

Jon Ecko,
Thanks for your zen take on this subject. But what you seem to not understand is that the word "Frustration" is in the dictionary for a reason. That reason, being, that frustration is real, and frustrated is EXACTLY what many of us Storm users are. I've had the phone since November 27th, 2008, and I can assure you; you are not the first person to dole out the, "Just hang in there, everything will be fine" bs. Quite frankly, if you're happy with the way your device operates, then good for you; but many of us are not, and we are fed up with the apparent worst service from the "best" network.

This is the exact reason I:
1)Left Verizon and literally sold my Storm for $35 to my co-worker.

2)Switched to AT&T for the Bold

3) Realized that CDMA carriers will always drag their feet with releasing updates.

No apology is needed to us Verizon customer. Its ok, we are used to it. We are always last, Verizon is probably still testing .76 anyways.

Excerpts Quoted from a response email from Verizon wiresless rep (as the entire/long message was full of cookie cutter/scripted BS):

"We'd like to assure you that we are committed to providing the very latest in products and services. For that reason, we rigorously test our products prior to launching them in an effort ensure they meet our standards of excellence....."

"At this time, we are unable to state if/when a new software update will become available for the Blackberry Storm as no information has been given."


Verizon Wireless
Data Technical Support

(Insert Here-complaint from me; model Verizon Storm Owner)

(Insert Here-response from other crackberry member telling me to get over it and have some patience)

... cuz i'm frustrated too. But if you take a sec to look at the bigger picture, .122 had problems; if you peruse the forums enough, you'll find that it had its fair share of issues. (no offense, but if verizon released this version, then you would be complaining about the issues with .122 instead of the lack of an update.).

Also, think about how much you actually know about constructing and updating/maintaining an operating system. think about how much proprietary software verizon has to test the os with in order to determine that all of the new features and old features work properly on with respect to their end. If they release an os that isn't compatible w/ their software because of the rants in the forums and stuff on ur phone starts breaking, then they aren't really offering the quality service they boast about.. agreed?

also, if you're having trouble with your storm, close all applications, don't just back out of them. also, see how many of your application names are in BOLD font if you go to OPTIONS > ADVANCED OPTIONS > APPLICATIONS. The ones that are bold are the ones that (in my experience) are eating up your memory. if you don't need it, get rid of it because a lot of these apps are memory intensive. I did this and the speed was like day and night. also, consider spending the three dollars on a memory management app.

if you want to rant, by all means, rant. just know that ur ranting is wasting time that can be used to learn about how to fix the problems ur ranting on

that people would stop asking if we knew what goes into making an OS. No disrespect cstorm09, since you provided some helpful insight on your other paragraphs, but as a consumer, we don't care what that entails. That's their job, not ours. Ours is to work and play with that which they make available for us to "Purchase" with money and commitment. Not thank them for taking their time to develop a solid OS after screwing us in the first place.

Also, regarding your statement about "if they release an OS..." Well my friend, they already did. So they really can't use that BS line anymore about rigorous testing because closing the 4th qtr strong was all their concern.

I know i have to wait. Their really is no choice on that matter. But give us loyal (possible suckers???) who have held on to this device giving you Verizon/RIM the benefit of the doubt, something to hope for and not a bunch of assumption/guesses/etc... A simple (but honest) statement saying we will be launching the new OS in ___. That would calm down alot of these pissed off people. Myself included.

It may not be ourside as the cunsumer to know the ins and outs of how to make or ugrade an OS, but I do believe is whould be nice for others to understand what goes into it so questions about when do I get mine can be curbed... be honest people, there is no perfect software and anything released by VZW too quickly will be ment with the same disatified complaints we are hearing now...like I said, this is my opinion so it can be taken as gossple or fiction...

... you and izzyncade say about knowing everything about building an OS. Also, you're cool; no offense taken. It really isn't that serious for me to take offense.

Agreed, consumers shouldn't care HOW a product works, just as long as it does. On the flip, my comment was intended for people to either say "I didn't think about it that way..." or for the people (however rare they may be) who do care why something doesn't work or isn't coming out as fast as it should. I'm sure sometimes, people take advantage of how hard your job really is, but if they took a sec to understand the trials and tribulations of your day-to-day, they'd appreciate it more.

At the end of the day, most of us crackberry storm addicts who don't go the unofficial OS route are in the same boat... happy stormin'.

This was a book of fictitious words and their meanings. "Words that should be in the dictionary, but aren't". One of these words, and the actual word escapes me, meant; Owning something that's not as good as it was supposed to be, or having something that is downright lame, but CONVINCING yourself that, really, it's not that bad. Extremophiles actually talk themselves into believing that whatever this thing is, it's actually cool, and in no way could be bested.
I see this phenomenon en mass on the Storm forums.

I was in my local Verizon store last Friday and the rep. said he was under the impression that they "Verizon" were going to release an official version within the next month. He also said "you can always download the latest OS ver. from Blackberry and install it, but it will void your warranty, but then again you can always reload the old OS system, but you didn't here any of this from me" you gotta love these guys!

Yeah, they've been saying "next month" since December. It's like us Chicago Cubs fans saying "next year" it just won't happen no matter how much time passes by.

im giving up on an official update from vzw. im getting to frustrated to check the site everyday to see if theres any news about it. if only i could update to a beta with my mac

This is seriously getting annoying there's what over 10 updates now for both models of the phone, and how many officials? And still Verizon hasn't released ANYTHING. I get a discount with AT&T through Best Buy (yay for working there) I'm thinking it may be time to switch to the bold, even thou their service in my area sucks *sigh*


I'm not even really concerned about an official leak from Verizon anymore. After seeing what some of the minds on CB can do with versions leaked or released to other carriers, it's pretty obvious that some hybrid or altered version of the leaked OS will eventually be put together for the VZW 9530. I'm not saying it's cool that VZW has taken so long, but half of the fun is putting together these combined OS's and loading them on the phone to see what is best. I'm looking forward to the 9530 version of .131... :D

By other carriers I mean the ones that support the 9500 version of the Storm. Bell, Telus, and Vodafone (I believe they all support the 9500, could be mistaken) come to mind. The builds are specific to each carrier's specifications, eg. radio code for gsm vs. CDMA, etc. The are a few people who have altered these files to work on the 9530 on Verizon's network. I loaded a hybrid version of .122 by Lyricidal on my VZW Storm, and it was built from a Bell release. It works great.

Vodaphone has the 9500, which is GSM. Bell and Telus both have the 9530 and are both CDMA carriers.

WTH IS GOING ON IN THE WILD WILD WORLD OF MOBILE.....when us vzw owners cant get no love from verizon or rim for that matter? Holy Hannah! If you need some help hire me jeez!

I can no longer do this... Verizon, we are breaking up after a marvelous 6 years. I just can't take it when you become unresponsive to me, I mean it is a give and take relationship but right now I feel like I'm doing all the giving. It just can't work anymore. I hope you can still be happy without me.

P.S. I am taking the kids with me. It is for the best.

Just update when the leaks come out. Enjoy the benefits and then there is no wait. I don't get why this is a make or break deal with the carrier or the phone. They are waiting for something stable to come out of RIM. So far I haven't seen that at all...but .113 was as close as I've gotten.

But yeah, if you want to sell your storm cheap post it in the forums lol.

Fantastic name BTW dixie...hahahaha

The only way verizon cusotmers are going to get an updated OS, is when they purchase the next generation Storm!

I'm sure this is total crap, but...

I talked to a rep the other day and he said he heard a rumor that the next update might unlock wifi and will be available within a few weeks. I'm sure this is wrong b/c I was under the impression that the verizon storm does not have wifi built into it. Btw, I'm not trying to start any rumors, that is honestly what the guy said.

On another note, wtf is up with copyright 2008? Is that how old this update is?

This is not possible. In order to have WiFi you need a WiFi reciever in the hardware which the current Storm does not have. They would need to release a completely new device such as the Storm 2. Whoever you talked to knows nothing about wireless phones and should be fired.

Maybe nobody told Verizon that they are suppose to release updates?

Maybe we could start a petition from crackberry.com and users who are expecting an update for their Storm can sign it and maybe somebody can push it up through Verizon and see if crackberry nation can get some answers!

Trying to download version .131

it says Version (platform

on the desktop software but my device still says: V4.7.0.75

i have a verizon 9530...

getting pissed...........

Just want to say that this OS is just AWSOME.

Scrolling is faster, selection is better with the shape and switching from portait to landscape mode is just perfect.

Thank you guys for all the stuff u do ;)

Ok, though I'm as upset as the next guy, this is just a leaked OS. No one has made this an official update (yet). So why are some of you passing kidney stones over it's appearance?

Whether or not this leaked OS showed up VZW still did not released an official update. A leaked update appearing doesn't exacerbate that fact. When it is released and it is well behind .122(an official release) in build number, THEN there would be something to be upset about, but a leak is a leak...NO ONE has approved it yet.

The fact that people get all butt-hurt about this reminds me of the time when me and my little brother as kids were wrestling and I knocked him down and he skinned his knee. He goes "time out"...looks down, sees blood, and THEN starts crying. He was just looking for a reason to justify his crying. Just like others here are looking for a reason to b!tch and moan.

My phone runs fine now...I'm willing to wait for a stellar update. I am actually thinking of going back to .113 from .122 because it seems a smidge slower now, but I'm not biting VZW's head off over it. If they don't deliver at all then there is a problem. Until then, I will enjoy the leaks and give them more time to get RIM to build something more like what they show in the freakin commercials.

I think the people that are getting so excited need to put things into perspective. it's a phone. IMO, probably the best phone ever made, but that's just me.

I love it, and I own two (one for me, on for my wife). Minor tweaks are coming in future OS (official and leaks), but no major overhaul is nessesary. If you hate the phone (or the provider), DON'T BUY IT! You don't buy a BMW, then whine and complain because it's not a mercedes.

Enjoy the BMW that is your Storm!

The Storm a BMW, I think "NOT". It functions, it by no means right now is something to brag about. One day i'm going to log on here and see a surprising Official update. It will be interesting to see if the update was worth the wait. I think alot of people are going to be disappointed they didn't get a miracle.

This is the kind of reaction I don't understand - why would you even buy a phone if you think it needs a miracle to make it function right?

Hello users.. Im from Brazil and my carrie (TIM) is working with the Storm 9500, but as the price here is f** absurd, i bought my storm in US. But i made a mistake and bought the 930 from verizon whose works with 2100MHz and my brazilian carrier workswith 850MHz GSM. Anyway, i wondering if I make this OS update, my storm will start work with 850GHZ. Does anybody knows??

Very thanks