Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Mar 2009 08:48 pm EDT

Here it is... the eagerly anticipated OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530

* Update: OS now available for the Storm 9500 too >> *

Please Note: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials and learn the ins and outs of beta releases. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while making a leap forward in another. If you're on the fence, you're best off waiting until the findings threads fills up with some data. Fingers are crossed that this is a good one! 

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


is sluggish. you cant use the WHERE app. and when u got a voice mail u can hear it cuz instead of dial pad to come up da keyboard comes up. whens the other update coming.

I uploaded it last night...not only sluggish, it wouldn't let me put in my password to access my voicemail!! I re-installed .109. So far, .109 is the ticket!

I was terrified to try .109, but everything turned out fine. With that said, I'll be waiting to see what people think about this version.

Go on have at it... its legit. Be advised though- there may be quirks. My advice? if you can still get .109, get it and go with that for now.


Rolled back to .109- My advice? stay put. If 109 is running clean then its worth holding on to.

i need someone to hold my hand and teach me how to install an OS..last time i tried it said fatal error occured

So lets start by opening Desktop Manager with the storm plugged into the usb port. Once Desktop Manager (note: DM will be used for the rest of this description) is open, select Backup and Restore. Select Backup(leave options alone) Save the Backup file into your documents folder. Once that is done, its time to install the new OS. Disconnect the storm from the computer and shut DM. if you have the new OS file on the desktop, double click it and install it on the PC. Once that is done, connect the storm to the computer again and launch DM. From the Main Menu in DM, select Application Loader.
Select Update Software. You will see both previous versions (.65, .75) as well as the new version click the selection box for the new OS. Click next and unless prompted to do anything, WALK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. This could take a while so make sure if your on a laptop that the power cord is plugged in. Skipping this will be deadly! If the PC loses power for any reason during installation, you will be SCREWED! Hope this helps, if you have any ?s, PM me.

On the DM after downloading the new OS the only updates that it comes up with are version 4.7 and 4.7.0
I do not see on there at all. Am I doing something wrong?
I really want this update!

Very important step in addition to the steps you were given... Once you install the update, DISCONNECT from the internet before you start the update. Otherwise it looks for the update over the internet and will tell you there there is no update found.

Seen a lot of folks asking what the issue is after installing the update and typically the issue is that they didnt disconnect. If nothing else pull the network cable to be sure.

ok- go for it and if you need help feel free. Ive been though all the leaks and had a issue here and there but got them all to load.

You know...again we get the pleasure of getting "FREE" updates for our BlackBerry phones.....the insight it takes... then supplying it to us....without getting way too mushy.... it goes without saying, way to often...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...and Happy B-Day TOOOOO!!

On OS .114, in landscape mode, the Storm will now s your d, but in portrait mode it'll let you f it's a and c on it's ts.

i have an unlocked storm (AT&T) I just installed it and i'm about to cream my pants . EDGE/edge issue looks to be resolved too

I'm still on .75 and will stay there until the official OTA update is rolled out. That is, if there ever will be an official update.

You don't know what you are missing. I'm on 103 and love it! I was ready to turn my BB in to go back to my Treo but the updates have assured me that there is hope! I can't wait to see what the changes are on this one. I haven't downloaded the 109 b/c no one seems that impressed. The difference btwn 85 and 103 is fabulous!

Enjoy your BB! And Happy St Patrick's day to be!

If I see one more leaked OS before the next OTA update I am taking my Storm back to the Verizon store. Still rockin' the .75 and I am expecting an OTA update soon. What is the point of having OTA updates if they don't release them.

Lovin' the leaked updates!! Kevin rox!! Still rocking .75 but like seeing all the features and cant wait to get them all in one package in the official OTA!!!

I get home at 10, ready for bed.

Oh, let me check CB before i sleep.

I see .114, so i guess i am updating before bed now, lol!

I have downloaded and installed .114. the update seemed to be quicker but had more blackberry core apps updated. I will beat it up for a few and then post what I find. Thanks for the update.

Holy smokes! I just updated to .99 tonight and I'm loving it. It was much better then .90

I am going to wait a few days and see if I get any problems or errors. If not, I will definitely keep it and give .114 a try though to see how it is.
Until then, I will stick with .99 because I'm loving it!

When I tried to activate and press 2 the keyboard did not come up. Just blank buttons............
Back to 109

What the heck. I need an OTA update ASAP!!! Sick and tired of these leaked updates...just get it done right, and give us the freaking update already! OFFICIAL!

seems the new app has a better text scrolling function (window pops up and allows you to scroll to the letter you want as opposed to trying to push your finger where you want it.. useful, but annoying to reset all my settings again...

had to reboot when trying to get weather bug to work.. we'll see how it goes from there?!?!?

So Far from what I've seen from .109 to .114 is that my camera is back to normal, no lag when tacking pictures. My free memory isn't leaking like it did with .109. With the new OS my screen seems dim at 100%

I can not wait...I was scared to download .99 but I loved it now I am waiting for .114 to finish downloading! Let you guys know what I think after its done

Can someone post up some stats on the improvements and drawbacks of the firmware?

Thank you in advance!

This update has the new highlighting feature we have recently seen video of.

It also seems to me that the full QWERTY in portrait mode has been removed. Maybe I am just not doing something correctly.

Last time i tried to use a leaked OS, it fried my phone... and i would say i am informed enough to know how to properly install it... after i loaded the .109 OS, my screen died... was just black, even though the backlight was on. i then tried to reload the original .75 but still the screen was dead...

i had my phone swapped out at verizon but needless to say, i am not going to try again until there is an official release... too nervous lol

Sounds great ! but what is involved change wise. also has anybody had trouble with the babylon ad trailer or any mp4 movie freezing up or slowing down. I currently use .99
Thanks for any info. !!

The trailer issue has been fixed in .109 and still remains working in 114.

Chnages? well there is a select function that seems pretty decent. The down side that might be a upside is the screen change seems to require a more defined angle but is slower at times then in .109. I dont regret the change but could have done without it to be honest.

Performance was very stable in .109. Never had a lockup to require a batterypull.

Check into .109. You might be ok to just hold there if you move to that one.

I have lock ups and the performance seems more sluggish. In addition the worst thing is when calling my voicemail the regular keyboard comes up and I can't enter my numeric password since it won't let me enter numbers.

This is the worst update I have installed.

Works okay, but you are unable to enter a numaric voicemail password. Somthing tells me that's going to be a problem.

I have to agree. This has made my phone extremely slow, I'm constantly getting the clock on everything I do. Plus they still haven’t fixed MMS, I can only send photos I've taken with the storms camera but can’t forward any of the MMS that have been sent to me. All that appears when I forward one is a black box, or blue, or whatever seemed to be the primary color of the photo in the MMS.

Full QWERTY in portrait is still there. The only thing new I see so far is the new highlight feature for text. It will take a few days to see if any deeper issues have been addressed.

the new scrolling select feature is way cool. it's so much easier to select text now.

just finished reconfiguring application settings, passwords, registration keys, etc. geez. wish the backup would actually back up all that stuff. would save some time.

all third party applications and themes still working.

two thumps up (so far)...

WOW!!! Right timing!!!
I was actually complaining todoay that the .109 was starting to act weird on me... i was thinking about going back to .75... THIS IS GREAT!!!

I used to have a windows mobile phone so when i got the stupid storm i figured, how bad could it be? Can't be worse right? Obviously, i was wrong. The software on this thing was so crappy i couldn't believe they released it... But i had hope. hope that a software update would fix most of the bugs and everything would be honky dory. They have yet to release an update since .75 which was months ago which means for months, i've been stuck with a junky POS phone that locks up and lags constantly that i can no longer return. They're telling me if i update it with leaked software i will void the warranty? F@%# that and F@%# them. The phone has been broken since i bought it with promises of "updates" that still have yet to come. I'm updating the stupid thing.

Upgraded from .109
Upgrade went smooth as .109
First impressions were that is seems snapper. Brower seem to be quicker. Sent a text message and WOW.... Just rebooted !!!
We will see how it goes. Not that .109 didn't reboot once in awhile.

this update is even better smoother and faster the camera is really fast as soon as u hit the button it takes the picture no more lag the new keyboard is there and the highlight that helps out alot to go back and fix a problem awesome leak thanks crackberry

Enough is enough!!! I want an official release!!! Why Can't RIM put one out for the Storm!?! I love my Storm & I have faith it will be a great phone once all the kinks are worked out... why is it taking so long for them to fix all the problems? Come on RIM get things together for the people who beleive in you! COME ON!!!???!!!

Rim has nothing to do with official releases. That would be Verizon.Rim does have it together were do you think these leaks come from Mars.They have been working on this since day one .The iphones first os update leaked or official wasn't until four months later .Just chill out .

Chill?!? I invented Chill!?! Come on Man give me a break when you spend alot of money on a product you expect it to work. I am not with Verizon I'm with Telus. They have never let me down until this Storm! I know the leaks come out from somewhere other then Mars... But really if they want people to beta test just ask... Why not look for Beta testers instead of leaking something that voids our Storm Warranty? The OS comes from RIM to the Carriers then they approve them so yes its RIM cause if Telus got a good OS they would release it!!! Chill out yourself & STFU! NEXT!

Just installed the OS on my Storm and having the same problem with not being able to get the keypad to show up whenever in a call. Looks like I am going to be going back down to the 109 OS.

isnt it up to the carriers.. "verizon" to release the official upgrade... rim just hasnt released something stable enough.. seems when they fix problems they create new ones on each update... hybrid 109 was my best so far

Not off to a good start. Took almost a minute to view a photo. Then when I started a video it was fine and I pushed the menu button to see if BT support was still there and the screen went black. Had to do a battery pull! Gonna try again now!

Update: Seems to be fine now. Haven't had any BT in video problems like I did with .109.



NIAGARA 9630 - 50% ... LOL


109 is working great for me. Im waiting till tomorrow when the "problems" start arising.

If not then, count me in.

I'm sure tons of .114 problems will arise tomorrow. I just want the 9630 or whatever it's going to be called. Verizon reps are bugging the hell out of me, no OTA update (offial) of course.

All sorts of random findings thus far this early in the leak for .114 that are randomly applied to one storm and not apparent on another also running .114 shows that this software and hardware was just not ready for release. Wish Verizon & RIM were more transparent and honest about what's going on. Also wish Verizon would at least get smart and get the 9630 out ASAP or an 8900 CDMA version or something, their decision to go with the 9530 Storm without it being ready from RIM or Verizon was a terrible idea and hardly has competed with the iPhone sales which I'm sure was verizon's strategy. Talk about a #FAIL.

Cheers for the leak, i'll try it after we see if it's going to eat up my whole day trying to get back to .103 if .114 randomly bricks some integral functions to the device as being repoted (yet maybe i'll be lucky and just have one of the Storms that don't have these issues, probably not though.)


So in one breath you're complaining about the 9530 being released before it was ready and in another you're wishing the 9630 would be released "ASAP" (before it's ready?)

Where can I download a copy of .109 ? I am a little leary of loading .114 right now. Im still on .75 Can you send me a link where I can download .109 .



after just a short time the 114 update seems to be a little slow and i have had 2 restarts. for now i have gone back to 109. will wait for the next update. This is just my finding with the leak. as in the past updates can differ from user to user.

Having the same problem as reported above. Cannot use the numeric keypad during a phone call, meaning I can't enter in my password to access my voicemail.

Also, WHERE application freezes up the phone when trying to launch. Requires a hard reboot to fix. The camera is snappier and general UI seems more fluid. That first problem is a dealbreaker though.

its an install at your own risk download meaning its not the finalized one that blackberry wants to launch for verizon yet

its an install at your own risk download meaning its not the finalized one that blackberry wants to launch for verizon yet

I strongly recommend backing everything up before installing this update. I did not back up in any previous updates but this one decided to wipe everything.

is crazy how this blog has almost 80 posts... and the bold and the curve OS leak blog has only 5 posts...

gonna stick to .109. and for all you people waiting for an official release, give up already. i finally did last week and its the best move ive ever made. finally my phone works like a phone.

i just downloaded it and it works great so far im having no problems what so ever and my numeric keys are workng fine!!! which is the original complaint about this os...

The majority of software works well but the phone portion of the device is absolutely useless. You cant access the key pad to dial into different keypads.

I can't believe that there isn't a dial pad after calling somebody. I tried to check my voicemail, but I couldn't key in my password...cause there aren't any #'s available.

I upgraded from .103 so .114 better be worth it. If it's anything like .109, then it sucks. I'll give it 48hrs. to see what it's really made of.

Yes the dial pad is a problem dully noted in the thread here but come on who really likes checking voicemails. I rather get a txt ahhhhh a work around visual voicemail think I will stick with it until something else is "LEAKED" wink wink.




I will never leave Verizon...however, if RIM keeps up with this bulll sh*t than WHEN Verizon get their hands on an iPhone...I most likely will switch BECAUSE I do have an APPLE Computer...don't get me wrong...I love BlackBerry, but come on!!! Are you serious about this???

Ok, to the comment above this, RIM is NOT putting out updates every 2 weeks, if yo have read anything, you'll see that these are BETA versions, aka leaked software, aka NOT OFFICIAL UPDATES.

I've got the same keyboard problem as most of you, kind of frustrating, I think i'll see how long I can last without the keyboard .... but a simple solution to get into your voicemail is to setup your password - go to the call screen, hit blackberry button, go to options, then voicemail, then type in your password. It'll go in automatically and you can at least call in to check your voicemail.

The better option is to switch to youmail.com - very easy, very free. If you've installed the update, you can install youmail - then download, install and configure vymail to use as the client for the visual voicemail. Aside from the keyboard during calls, I've noticed some apps aren't functioning. I had to put vymail into compatibility mode, setup my options in it, then I could take it out of compatibility mode to use it - when going into the options of vymail with the new update the software would just crash. I had it happen in another app as well, but I can't remember which one. Regardless, setup youmail & vymail and then you dont' need to call in for your voicemail. ENJOY!

ummm everything on the phone is nice and snappy. Internet is faster opening apps is faster new cut and paste. but what up with the accelerometer in this build. i don't like how it is working. its slower than 109 and it seems you have to have the phone completely upwards for the orientation to change. its very very annoying but everything else is great.has anyone else noticed this?

I desperately need a new OS for this brick I currently call my phone. Is their another way to download this OS or .109. Would it be possible for someone to send me the .exe?

Anybody notice if the communication arrows at the upper right are missing in .114?

Mine are gone so while data is working the indication of communication has gone MIA.

Check it out for those that moved up... its easy to miss.

Some of you guys really dont know how to read....this is for comments not findings of the OS...go look at the forum for that...as suggested by the OP(original poster).

To have your keypad come up...simply go to options, keyboard, select multitap, and then when your keypad comes up it will have numbers, boom.

If you want to go back to suretype/full keyboard while typing an email simply choose options, enable "suretype" or "full keyboard" in the sms/email and then simply change it back to multitap when you're done.

Some people on here are such newbs it's obnoxious.

I installed .109 a while back and went back to .75 because i couldn't send MMS. Now its the same for .114. I have verizon as a carrier. Any way I can fix this issue? Please help!

Hey BigPants - leave your attitude at the leave comment link before you click it. This comment area is perfect place for findings of the OS as people will look here before the forums to see about the new OS.

Don't call people idiots - the update is broken, we shouldn't have to set the default keyboard to multitap to get numbers while in a phone call, never had to with the other OS' - its a bug, drop it.

Thank you for the work around ... it does work ... but like I said, we shouldn't have to do it, so chill!

The problem is... and perhaps i should have been more clear is that there are only people posting complaints and not positives on the "comments" section and as a result, you'd think that this update is a disaster when for many people it's still a solid update....

In addition, the comments section isnt really the correct forum for finding out how to solve issues.

Sorry, but the COMMENTS section is for whatever people are coming up with "good or bad". If the negative are outweighing the positive for these people then that's the way it is. What you're seeing is precisely why Verizon will still not make official any of these leaked betas. Just too many lingering issues. I too have to agree with the other poster that your really negative name calling tone doesn't help either! You might want to take your OWN advice and try and keep things positive when trying to help others instead of calling them noobs or idiots or whatever.

So the Big Pants man's workaround isn't that good ... but I have a tip. His work around says to set the default keyboard to multitap from the options, then when you make a call you have numbers. This works. When you do an email and you change to suretype in messages, then go to make phone call, its still on suretype - so the system remembers the last keyboard version you used from a different area of the phone.

The easier thing is to go to messages, compose or reply, switch to multitap and then make you phone call - you'll have multitap. You will need to do this again if you've switched to SureType since last using multitap.

We wouldn't have these problems if RIMM would just get one done to Verizon (Operational) standards. They can't see these problems when they are working on them?

Waiting for an official release

They do see these problems, there's no evidence that any of these leaked OS builds made it out of testing... (as far as i know)

The vast majority of us don't know where they come from and hence, neither RIM nor Verizon may ever have believed any of the leaked OS's were ready for mass-consumption

At first I thought this release was horrible..dialpad issues..apps not working (quicklaunch, pdstart, etc)..but after I used the keyboard cod files from 109..The release is the best OS as of yet.
It's just too bad most members parents are brother and sister and don't understand the search function on this board.

works excellent except the accelerometer is a bit more buggy than usual, but a few battery pulls should help a little bit..Runs very smoothly and a lot faster now! The browser is super speedy in loading web pages and they have a new keyboard option!! Cant wait till the next update!!

Hey. Enough with the leaks already.... when the heck are we gonna get a true release.... I mean, how long does the Storm crew have to be beta testers for goodness sake.... this is getting old. By the time we get a real release I'll have a new Storm.
What gives RIM/Verizon!!!!!! cant you guys get it together!!!!!

Well I said I was going to waiting to load it on my storm, but I'm off this week so WTH!, sofar its been stable, no issues at all, like others have reported, transitions are smoother and quicker, browser is a little faster, have not messed with copy any paste yet so we'll see in a few days...

had one briefly...unlocked ...beautiful phone physically...but the bold I find much, much better, Faster, Wi/Fi, better camera even though Storm is 3.2meg, take really fuzzy pics. Also it takes quite a bit to get used to for texting or typing on..lots of mispushes. Men with bigger hand and fingers may get frustrated easily.

and all the members had your mom at least once..What does this have to do with .114 release? Put down the blackberry finish eating yor apple sauce with the straw go back to playing the banjo ya mook.

i know there's the new "select text" feature, but are you guys seeing anything different about moving the cursor? i HATE trying to go back to fix typos because it's so hard to click my thumb in the right spot.

twitterberry is awesome - you just move your finger on the screen and the cursor follows. i want the OS to do a similar thing. as is (on 109, as with all previous iterations), it's such a pain to get the cursor right where i want it.

i just saw this .114 on my boys Storm and ITS OFFICIAL. this just may cause me to give up my curve for the Storm... the .109 is nice but this new copy and paste feature is LIKE THAT..


It seems to be faster and the copy and paste feature is nice. The Where application hangs my device and I have to reboot. Anyone else having this issue?

rim sucks really there have been so many os leaks but rim has not put out an official one. i am getting so fed up with it im running the second os and it sucks and i dont have the time to learn how to upload something that is not official R.I.M GET IT TOGETHER GEE ALREADY

Yup... 114 seemed a bit sluggish. Accel. switching not as responsive. And if you have'nt noticed you may or may not have communication indication at the upper right had corner.

(The arrows that indicate that there's internet activity)

There is also a keyboard issue (with a fix posted) I had the problem as well. decided to roll it bacl to .109.

Honestly .109 was rather stable. No hanging or battery pulls to speak of. I use the Quickpull utiliy and so far its worked well as a batter pull alternative.

Feel it out though. I felt it slow me down.

Anyone else notice big time battery drainage?
I updated last night and my battery was @ 100% and by 4A.M. it was down to 20%...
That's 6 hours while being in bedside mode with the radio off.

I did a battery pull, for just in case. I charged it to 100% again before leaving and the battery died (0%) in just 6 hours...

While in bedside mode, I'll lose about %5 charge and I've never had it die on me unless I've used it heavily...

Also, its felt very warm to the touch, just like when I'm watching Youtube or using heavy applications.

I like the features it brings, but it seems more sluggish than .09 and the battery is an issue.

I'll try it out for one more day and if it acts the same way, I'm going back to .09 and wait for an update.

Try making sure you have Weatherbug GPS either on a particular area or to search when you open the app. If you have it. Mine was dying after an update in like 5-6hrs, I thought it was the phone, but it's the app looking for a signal if it isn't changed after a firmware upgrade.

Ah, good call, Shrives!

I just recently installed Weatherbug, so it would explain why I haven't had this issue with previous updates.

Will set up as I had before and hopefully will be ok.


loaded the new OS...very good...but having numeric KB issue. KB is only in Alpa and if you touch the #Key icon...it still show Apha KB.. Anyone can help out there?

Wow I just updated to .114 and I love the new COPY tool... and so far its working great... Will see how it is a couple days *crossing fingers*

HELP!!! just installed .114 on storm. took care of mms problem. i have quicklaunch on my storm. the problem i have is when i try to open quicklaunch it says uncaught exception: java.lang.null point erException. does anybody else have this problem and if so, how do you fix.

Please help! i tried to update my software and it failed (my luck). i turn it on and it says - Reload Software: 507 - WTF!? can someone please help me. ive pulled the battery (still did it) i plugged it in (still did it) PLEASE HELPP

Not counting the accelerometer, everything else seem to be perfect. The browser speed shocked me (Its VERY fast).
The transition, going through the menu is very smooth for me. The new copy/select option is better than before, but It can be better. Overall a good update. I think its almost time for an official one. be patient everyone. :D

Hey everyone. I'm new to blackberry. just bought my 1st one 1 week ago (storm 9530). What is the OS? Whats with the .114 and .109? What does it do or for? Can anyone help me out?

The OS is the Operating System your BB uses, kind of like a Computer will use Windows, Linux...etc.

The ".114 and .109" are the veriations of a certain Firmware (OS) version, in this case 4.7

So versions and are said to be .109 and .113 since its easier to just type and its assumed you are already talking about version 4.7, so there's no reason to type it all out again.

You would do this for all other version up until you hit a new version, i.e. in which case from then on, its assumed you are talking about V 4.8 when talking about new veriations of it. i. e version would be said as .07

New OS's are released to improve and fix errors and bugs from a previous release; which would theoreticly make a newer version, better.

Since these are Beta or Leaked version and not offical, they are expected to solve some previous issues, but by fixing something here, it ends up changing something else where and thus have a new bug to work out.

Until a firmware is said to be stable enough for everyday use, it won't become and official release.

Until then, we can update with these leaked version, but aren't guaranteed anything.

After reading through the posts, I went ahead and downloaded the leak, and like usual eveything appeared to go as planned. That is until I turned my phone on and all my contacts, calendar events, and message logs are gone! I did not do a backup prior to this download, but I have in months past when I've upgraded. Looking a those backup files, I can't see where any of this important information is kept? Any help would be nice, at least to get my phone numbers back! THanks,

Oh dude that sucks...I haven't forgotten to do a backup yet but at the rate these new leaks and hybrids come out, it's bound to happen some time. So for future reference, were you able to restore using old backup data? If so where did you find it and how did you invoke it?

I don't know if you have GoogleSync installed but it is absolutely an essential app. It copies your address book and calendar data to the cloud, so all your contacts are available through your GMail account wherever you have Internet access. And if your handset should *gulp* [i]misplace[/i] your contacts, a simple sync restores them for you in twenty seconds. Actually used that instead of my backup the one-and-only time my app data failed to restore (I think that was during the .101 install), so I'd like to know how you solved the problem.

Now, if only Mozilla or Opera would allow a similar server-side storage of bookmarks, I could practically skip the data-restore step. All my mail is already stored server-side anyway!

I know I must sound like I work for Google but I forgot the best part about GoogleSync--you can manage your contacts on your computer. There's even an option that allows you to merge duplicate entries (same contact, different numbers) and sync back to your handset. Way easier than doing it in the BlackBerry address book, I assure you.

This is work in progress, the copy and paste feature is a strong potential of the change in what the new os will bring. The battery is definitely draining more rapid and the accelerometer is slow when switching from landscape to portrait or vice versa. Accelerometer is also lagging when waking the phone up, sometimes it wakes up in landscape mode when holding in a complete upright position. During a call, when the you click on the dialpad, you actually get a keyboard unless you change the setting by default to multitap which has worked for other including myself. Browser is working faster actually a lot faster. Hang in there peeps!

I updated..... now when dialing, there's NO keypad for punching in numbers during a call (like extensions) and the flipping seems to be locking up...if you know how to correct this leave me a message....chris

I have updated every Os leak, even .114. .109 is by far the best i have seen yet.I went from .109 to .114, and then back to .109 so fast.

At first i thought it was my TalkLock conflicting with the keypad, but after reading all these posts I see that its the patch. I reluctantly surrender and go back to good ol .109.

.109 is much more stable! We're back to slower transitions with tilting the device between standard & widescreen modes & when dialing into voicemail the numpad won't come up! Hitting the numpad key brings up the normal keyboard & upon pulling the battery & rebooting the next result was a keyboard with no letters on it! I'm going back to .109 for now as I have not encountered any major problems with that beta release. Just a heads up to anyone installing .114!

Hey, I noticed that you were referring to going back to .109 version of storm OS...i can't seem to figure out how to do that. i have deleted .114 from my cpu and DM...but .109 won't load with .114 still on phone. How can i reload older version?

thanks in advance

You can't use the keypad when on a call. If you press "Add Participant" it comes up but if you enter in your password to check your voicemail it will not register. I am attempting to downgrade to .109 but when I wipe my phone and connect it back to the computer it keeps putting .114 back on even though I deleted it. Now I probably have to get rid of my phone.

I have taken and gutted the code in .114 and put the radio code and keyboard files from .109 into it but didnt stop there. I also went through and gutted out all of the files pertaining to language translations and simplified alot of the basic file code and this thing screams. I have the delay in the accelerometer fixed to my liking which means about a half second delay so that its not always flipping when you move half an inche. i have loaded and unloaded different programs and run into no problems thus far with Vcast VVM Yahoo Messanger Googletalk MSN live messanger. Under radio diagnostics I am getting -83db when testing and I am able to switch between the Global and 1XEV wihout any issues. I am happy with the code thus far but I am still doing minor tweaks to clear up the code to remove any of the lingering files and such that are not needed to make my device perfect. Kickin it Hybrid and lovin it.

after upgrading to .114 I noticed that after placing a call, when you need to bring up the dial pad to enter a password for voicemail or to enter an ext. the keyboard comes up and won't let you use the dial pad...any ideas?

I have been installing the leaked OS for the storm and for some reaonson if i am checking my voice mail and need to enter my password i say show keypad but instead it show the QWERTY and i cant get the numpad to show. at one point it showed the buttons but they were all blank.

i had the same problem with the no dialpad. so i went back to the bb desktop manager and downgraded to a previous os for the storm. after the installing i checked the device info on the phone and it still had the .114 os software on it. Here the good part. when i went to check on voicemail, boom there it was a dialpad. now everything is perfect on my storm. i don't if i just got lucky or some devine intervention, but i got a dialpad after pressing the voicemail key on a.114 phone!

I upgraded from .99 to .114 last night. Let me tell ya, its a big improvement! everything seems to be faster. I fixed the keyboard issue with just switching to multitap and that solved that issue. other then that. battery life is ok. not that much different from .99. switching from portrait to landscape is kinda weird and could get annoying because you almost have to hold the phone straight up for it to switch, but if that's the only problem I can find, I'm a happy customer. Internet is faster, barely any lag, I would recommend doing it. its pretty easy and well worth the time.

does anyone know how to go back to .109? i am on .114 and i dont like i dont get a key pad when i call voice mail and i tried to go back to .75 but destop manager wont prompt me 2 change the OS.

I've went through all the updated besides .109 and .114

I have the download file on my computer for .109, I've installed and uninstalled at least 12 times now but can't seem to get DM to let me install .108

I can still install .107, but it never shows either .114 or .109 and I have both installed.

I've disconnected from the internet, and even been connected to the internet, but to no avail.

Can someone please help me out???

Its very sluggish, when you try to pull up the keyboard when in a voice call (i.e. to change your password) a keyboard comes up instead. So you have to use multi-tap to type nunbers. Very dissapointing.

I was just wondering how i can reinstall my .109 version to replace the .114...it lags tooooo much and some of my applications do not work. I have removed .114 from my computer and DM but .109 won't load because it is a lower version than what is on my phone...how do i restore phone back to original OS?

I purchased my Storm on 1/15/2009. It came w/ OS .75. It took some getting used to, but I enjoy it overall. Of course, there were things that I didn't like about it (list to follow), which seem to be resolved with the upgrade to .114. So...the bad list:

- The accelerometer often got stuck (typically in landscape) and wouldn't respond when I'd tilt the phone upright. I would often have to flip it completely around to the opposite side to get it to start responding again. Tha was a minor annoyance from time to time.
- The shutter speed on the camera was GLACIALLY slow. I found that to be a major annoyance!
- Slow web browsing. I couldn't tell the difference between the speed of my "3G" connection on Verizon vs. my Curve's T-Mobile super slow connection. When I tether the Storm and use it as a modem for my laptop, it's apparent that I'm on a 3G network. But using the BB browser, it seemed like 1G.
- Slow responses to commands and slow to load microSD card data.
- SLow response (hour glass) or non response occassionally.
- Occasional unexpected reboot

So far, the new OS seems to be a big improvement over .75. I'd say that it's twice as fast/responsive as before. The accelerometer is much more responsive and (for now at least) works when I rotate the phone. The camera actually takes a pictue when you press the button vs. thinking about it for 10 or 15 seconds. I don't see the on-screen controls that were in the previous version, but that's a minor issue when compared to a slow shutter. The browser is noticably faster, but the speed gain isn't quite as impressive as the other apps. When browsing photos on my microSD card, the thumbnails now load right away (smile). When the installation was complete, I got the hour glass quite a bit, but I haven't seen it since I was prompted to reboot. There were probably some initial setup processes running. It's only been a couple of hours, but I haven't had an unexpected reboot yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't find any major issues.

As reported earlier, the lack of a numeric pad while using the phone was a bone headed error that someone made in this version. It makes absolutely no sense. I know that work arounds have been posted, but they shouldn't be required. That's one of those things that they broke in this version. I'm sure it'll be fixed...soon.

Hi. I have found that if I start in landscape mode to access the phone then when the phone display goes to portrait mode, when I press the keyboard icon, the keyboard that is presented will be the phone keypad and not the qwerty keypad. I don't know why this is but it could be a work-around for those, who like me, were frustrated with this problem... TSW

I updated yesterday around noon and was very impressed. The only issue I had was the keypad during calls that others had experienced. Not a big deal for me but it could be in some cases. Nevertheless, I kept the update on it. The phone runs a lot better and boot time doesn't take 24 hours anymore. It's pretty quick (in BlackBerry terms). Today I went to show my boss the keypad during calls issue as he had done the update also.

I had received a call to demonstrate the problem and the problem was gone. The number pad had showed up overnight apparently. He said to pull the battery after the update finished to give it a full reboot. This made sense, as my phone is set to turn off every day from 4-5am. My phone rebooted this morning at 4am and the dial pad came back.

I would definitly do this update. I have had no problems. No freezing, no unexpected reboots, or anything. AccuWeather Push works. Slacker Mobile works. Email works. Everything works 100%.