Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Mar 2009 04:40 pm EDT
OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530

I'm a little slow in getting this post up Storm owners... sorry about that.. but for the 9530 has already seen tons of action in the CrackBerry Storm forums since it leaked out last night. There's some real controversy around this one too. Could this be going official? Is it actually a hybrid? Push come to shove the feedback for the most part has been pretty positive on it so far (better than .114 though it's older?!). I'm going to give it an install right now finally - I actually just came back from a Telus store where I picked up a brand new 9530. I couldn't help but cringe when I saw that it's still shipping with COME ON... let's see some official updates for the masses here already!

* Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials and learn the ins and outs of beta releases. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while making a leap forward in another. If you're on the fence, there's lots of findings and feed back in the forums already on this one. Follow the links below. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm


The Journey > .65 > .75 > .85 >.86 > .99 > .103 > .109 > .113

This is definitely the best OS so far. Not a huge difference from .109. It is more stable, faster, snappier. Overall a very good piece of kit.

If the phone was released with this OS they would have hailed the Storm as the smartest smartphone.

I'm still sporting desperatly craving a new update. How are these .113 and .114 so far? I called Verizon asking if they knew anything about and the rep I was speaking too said they hadn't received anything from RIM yet, but he downloaded it from crackberry lawl.

Definitely seems like the best one so far, but what is up with the MMS? How is it that through all these updates they seem to have broken MMS forwarding with the first update, and still haven’t fixed it? I don’t see the point in them even messing with it to begin with when nothing was wrong with it.

is this better than the v4.7.0.114? the platform is higher in numbers but I am confused as to why this is being posted...

The higher platform is more important than the version number at this stage. They've modified the platform a bit, and its running much smoother (for me at least) than .114 on the old platform ever did.

i have this o.s on my 9500 and i found a weird aplication on advance option-aplications-blackberry aplication center.

somebody knows something about this blackberry aplication center because i cant find nothing on the menu or hide icon

i would recommend installing it. it is running just as good if not better then the .114 Hybrid i was previously using.

When does the madness stop!!!
Im still running that old ass version (.75)and jonesing for a legit update.

I guess my question is how reliable are the beta updates?

First post. Awesome site. I felt compelled to comment on this. I got the storm on launch date from BestBuy. Still running .75. I don't have the time to beta test all of RIM's BS's (I mean OS's). Glad y'all do, though. I will upgrade OS when it's official.

It's just because you are used to it. Move to one of the higher OSs and you will wonder how you even used 75. It's really that unusable. Like going from a cable modem to 44k modem.

the key word is stable. I am happy for what it is (.75). I have been following the BETA OS threads thoroughly and each user's feedback on a BETA OS seems a bit different. There's practically a new BETA or hybrid every other week?! You loose a function here and there for the benefit of it being a little quicker. All the Apps on my phone work perfectly for what I use it for; SMS, MMS, camera, video, facebook, browser, etc.

This is my only phone (no landline) so I count on it 100% and can't risk it being buggy and neither do I have the time to "play" with the BETAs.

I can wait until Verizon releases an official upgrade.

Ok you're not going to install a beta - so???.
WE COULD *NOT* CARE LESS WHAT YOU DO OR DON'T DO. Why would you waste everyone's time with a moronic post like that? This board if for feedback from people WHO HAVE installed the beta.

PS Dude or Dudette... you might be waiting forever so have fun struggling along with .75 . Word on the street is that Verizon is dropping the Storm and there isn't going to be an update. They're 3 months late and counting so I'm not discounting that rumor -it might be the case. That's how they operate.

Im running .114 hybrid V2. i dont know if it would be worth installing the .113 if my V2 is running awesome. Im looking for something better. Sombody please help...is it worth it? downgrade just to upgrade? i dont know! As of now there is NO bugs!

hey im still rockin the .75 version and ready to upgrade. i was just wondering what you thinks the best version so far?
also when upgrading will it earase all my contacts and pictures?
thanks a lot for the help

hey im still rockin the .75 version and ready to upgrade. i was just wondering what you thinks the best version so far?
also when upgrading will it earase all my contacts and pictures?
thanks a lot for the help

Newbie, just check out the .114 Hybrid V2. it is excellent. Or you can check out the newer .113. They both work well, with no bugs. As far as things being erased, back up your phone with the desktop software and you should be fine. When you install a new OS it dosent delete your contacts. I would go for it! best of luck

After all these betas and none of them seem to fix the EDGE/edge issue, I doubt we are going to see much change. But we can only hope!

Been running .109 since it was leaked and have had no issues with it besides the MMS thing (which can be fixed, just haven't cared to do it). Very stable, though it does consume some memory. I may update to this version if time allows.

Definilty the best OS I've had yet. I've had the .113, .114 and BBCrackman's .114.v.1. If this is going to be official I'll stick with my .114.v.2

Think the latest .113 os is awesome. No memory leaks and very fast. I've had .109 since day one and thought that IT was an improvement. Some minor tweaks here and there by RIM; and there is no doubt this could be an official

I've been running .109 since it was leaked too and have had no problems whatsoever that's why I'm a bit hesitant to upgrade...

Downloaded from one of the sites, installed and this is the version it gave me: "v4.7.0.90" - what the hell? I thought this was supposed to be .113? Did I just get unlucky or is anyone else experiencing this?

ah how fast you forget you we're an idiot at one time in Blackberry 101. Sadly you never moved past Prick Asshole 101! You will always be bitter from the cool kids beating the shit out of you during phys ed class!

Pay this guy no attention there are plenty of people in here who know what it's like to be a newbie and willing to help. Oddly that is why this forum is here? LOL Geez

this new .113 os is amazing my storm is so fast now its smoking there is not one problem with it. best think i have doen for my storm is get this new os

i think is about time i try another leaked os..last one i try .83 was ok execpt i had batery promblems,it would drain quickly..has anybody had this problem with the .113? is it stable?

This is probably the best os I have used. Tons better than
the .114 and there are no problems with how the battery
lasts. Themes are so quick and the accelerometer is
lightning quick, there is no lag. Have not had to do any
battery pulls or anything, GREAT OS.

I have the .114 hybrid installed. Its been great. and from reading the post, it would appears that .113 is a great OS as well.
So should I uninstall the .114 hybrid version or should I install the .113?

I saw somewhere on the internet that there is a leaked OS with a qwerty keyboard in the portrait orientation... anyone know what OS it is?

I think the qwerty is normal in portrait for all the OS's but with the newer ones you can change it to full keyboard or sure tap...

I believe qwerty came in an earlier OS but i have .109 and it has it. I love .109 and am gonna give .113 a try cause of all the positive comments.

Well this OS is by far the best yet.... I went up from .99 to .113 and it is lightning fast in all areas from the camera, apps to the accelerometer... and best of all... finally the return of stereo BlueTooth for videos...

if download OS beta brings bugs, so it is not worth it and best thing is be patient till they have become official.

Both have worked great for me. Don't get caught up in all the hype ie "lightning fast" come on now. If you have ever used an Iphone you would not be saying that especially with the accelerometer. Both 109 and 113 seem to be pretty reliable and failry quick. One big plus, I gained 5mb of file memory from 40 to 45mb. No big memory drain today and batter seems just as stout as 109.

hey im still rockin the .75 version and ready to upgrade. i was just wondering what you thinks the best version so far?
also when upgrading will it earase all my contacts and pictures?
thanks a lot for the help

Well I am going to give this one a try. I did not have much luck with 114. I will have to see how 113 goes. I am downloading now. will let you know how it goes.

hey im still rockin the .75 version and ready to upgrade. i was just wondering what you thinks the best version so far?
also when upgrading will it earase all my contacts and pictures?
thanks a lot for the help

Can anyone shed some light on why the iphone accelerometer works so smooth and flawlessly(i think since inception) yet seems to be such a challenge for RIM. I know Steve Jobs is totally anal when it comes to design and performance, but surely the apple people are not that much smarter than RIM's techies, right?? I mean we are talking about the same technology right??? Help me understand!

The iphone/ipod touch had just as many problems as the storm. I had countless times that I had to play the mash potato to get the thing to turn.

The iphone does not run apps in the background. you can only run one app at a time. When apple tested the Iphone running background apps..The battery life lost about 80%.The Iphone would freeze..lag..crash..etc. Which is the one of the major reasons to the issues you're seeing with the storm.

We won't stop asking is it work downloading, some of the leaks have been worse than .75, so I think it's smart to ask. I have read all kind of comments on previous leaks that were bad, so pardon people if they are nervous is this will destroy their phone.

Keep ignorant statements to yourself..... In a blackberry environment, we should be promoting questions and answers, especially when it comes to leaks.

hey im still rockin the .75 version and ready to upgrade. i was just wondering what you thinks the best version so far?
also when upgrading will it earase all my contacts and pictures?
thanks a lot for the help

hey im still rockin the .75 version and ready to upgrade. i was just wondering what you thinks the best version so far?
also when upgrading will it earase all my contacts and pictures?
thanks a lot for the help

I started at .66 then .75 then .99 and now .113... my fav so far is .113... a lot of improvements and fixes...

I would like to tell you conclusive that you won't loose anything but it seems everyone has different results... not sure why but if you read these you will see many... I have upgraded both mine and my sons with no issues... so I would suggest you do a back up before you upgrade just to be safe...

upgrade and enjoy...

OS 4.8 is supposed be an official release within the next month. It is rumored to make the Storm "faster than the iPhone ever thought about being".....so I'm patiently waiting.

Okay i dont know why, but after downloading this. It deleted my Browser icon and now my brower internet service is switched to not connected and can't reconnect. Can somebody help me? I even tried restoring my backup but the icon still didn't appear. When I try to do something that leads to browser, it says "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entried. Please Contact your service provider to enable Browser on your device" can somebody please help with this issue?

Hey I saw that you had the same issue I'm having now...I was wondering did you ever figure it out? Let me know because I'm totally confused! Thanks

It took one thing to make me switch back to .109 before I could even test it out. The reduced keyboard is gone. That's a must have, especially when driving.

Just finished my first upgrade. is great! Accelerometer is much quicker, scrolling is smoother, better response time, less lag. Hope the official OS comes out soon though.

...the .113 OS is doing well. I hope it corrects the issues i have with my iBerry themes (oh how I love that theme.)I'm upgrading from .90 and the accelerometer didn't seem that much faster, but is very functional. Seems to be worth the time to upgrade if your current version has issues. No big deal for us who were doing fine as is, but it does seem to be pretty solid on day 1.

I was running .75 until last night, and frankly I had no complaints with it. Everything seemed to work great, but I saw everyone gushing about the .114v2 hybrid and this "new" .113 release.

So - I checked out the threads on backing up apps/settings/contacts, wiping with JL_Cmder, and installing a beta OS.

At first I wasn't sure I'd done it right, and today I had a small problem with the phone sticking in headset mode...but a battery pull and re-setting the headset jack by plugging one in/unplugging repeatedly got it working PERFECTLY.

I'm sold - .113 is a MUCH better experience than .75 ever was. Fast, stable, and totally worth the hassle of upgrading!

I had the same problem.
Simple Fix is to go to Options, then Advanced Options, then Host Routing Table, then press the BB Menu key, then hit "Register Now".
Your browser should now show up after registering.


i just installed this on my storm and for some reason there was an error and i guess all of the memory was wiped on my storm and i am left with a file that says "loaderbackup", its an "IPD" file, can someone help me out with this please!

1st pose from me on here. And this is my 1st BB. I love the storm. I was runnin .75 then I finally decided to upgrade and c what all the hype is. And truthfully its all smoorhr.. Mayb is just me. But I still love it the same. Its a couple of different perks but nurhin amazing. So to all those who wonderin to wait u won't miss out on nuthin. Sorry for da mis spelle words but I'm rushin at work. Lovin the site

i got the .113 (platform .144) from the official SI Mobile site from BB Slovenia, works perfectly for my 9500 Vodafone in Holland. The only difference is the version branding number, I have

Anyone happen to notice that the display looks similar to that of a Storm running Only differences on mine are the version and the branding version(mine reads v. and respectively)

.113 rocks! I know I know, I should have updated sooner to some other version. The *immediate* improvement I see is with the Camera! OMG! I had rendered the camera USELESS. However, with the new OS, my camera is clickin' along just find. No more 4 second delay while holding my breath and not blinking. Great improvement.

I had no issues with the install. Followed the directions in this thread (from link provided) and everything worked well. Thanks!

I just upgraded from 75 and would suggest this to OS to all. Im not sure how much better it is than 114 or any other but from 75 its way better. I do not have any MMS issues( forwarding works fine) all of my apps still work and everything is a little bit faster. Bigges improvements are in the camera and the browser. I can actually load the CB homepage in less than a minute now!!! And i can take a picture of something before my arms get tired of holding the phone up!! def worth the 45 mins of time to upgrade. only complaint is that it resizes any picture taken from the camera and used as the home screen background. My app mem did not increase it stayed the same but batt life is somewhat improved. IF YOUR ON THE FENCE DO IT!!

i love this awesome operating system the only thing i would change is the vertcal qwerty i would make it pop the letter above you finger to make it easier to use

I have had a little birdie tell me that this could be the one they are going prod with. The person is running this one on their device as of a while so I am pretty sure it will be this o.s. release from VZW.

I can tell you that this will be the official S/W that Verizon Wireless will launch sometime around the first week of April.

This os is the best YET!!! But now that the software is good i'm having hardware problems does anyone else have a loose screen or clicking problem??? Help!

So does Verizon release the update or Blackberry? Also when there's an offical release is there an ota release?

Verizon releases the approved software update. It will be available on their website first, then OTA a few days/weeks later.

I have been running the 113 now for almost a full day and it has been solid. I have not had any reboots or freezing. seems fast with switching. i had 109 before this and it was pretty quick to. the install went pretty quick and despite 2 groups i had created in my groups everything is there. now i had to redo the restore after the install because it failed the first time it tried to restore. camera and video work fine as i used them today and they had no problems. email is going like it did before. texting , bb messenger , facebook , and twitter all good. so for me this upgrade has been very nice. hope others have the same result.

...this is the first OS i've installed since .75....seems stable so far...camera is good...all the same blah everybody else is saying. i'd recommend it

I just downgraded from 114 to the new 113. So far I like it. There were too many memory leaks in 114 and if the full keyboard was enabled for portrait mode you could not get back to the dial pad if you were on the phone.

i dont know if anyone else has noticed the same issue with making calls but I have suffered from the following. When a call is made, for example to a store, or to voicemail, you often need to bring the keyboard up to choose an extension or put in a pin. Since I have put this OS on my device, the keyboard that comes up while on a call is the suretype one. This just shows a lettered keyboard and no numbers. you can press letters and hope to get the right number but it is very difficult and annoying. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or not. This is now the second OS that has done this, and it has been on multiple devices for me.

I just upgraded to 113 from 75 and every seems to be improved except for the picture and video quality. The pictures now look like 1 megapixel instead of 3 MP. Has anyone else experience this issue?

I went from .109 to 113. Very nice, extremely quick. I was getting a lot of random reboots on .109 towards the end. I hope this doesn't have the same problem.

The numbers look like this or only difference between the 2

.114 Platform Branding Version

.113 Platform Branding Version

It seems like it'll make a good Hybrid.

hi, i downloaded this os when it leaked a couple days ago, before it was updated on the site. the version i got looks the same, except under branding version it says instead of .47 as displayed at the begining of this thread. ive also noticed that my memory starts at 33mb, but after about an hour of use im down to 15. so im wondering if i dont have the version everyone else has, although i dont really know what "branding version" means. anyway, as a side question, is there a way to turn off the fading transitions, just seems slow to me.


I am a senior sales rep for Telus...

You would not believe how much time we loose and quantity of pissed off customers we see in a whole day because 4.7.076 really sucks...The storm has a very bad reputation and the sales are not as high as expected.... Telus does not autorize to upgrade the OS either... Makes me very sad because once it is updated, it does rule... but people rather choose a cheap LG dare or samsung instinct cause they feel much faster.... What a very bad marketing move.... I personnaly use the platform and just love it... but there is no way id go to every customer's place at night to update their phone unless I get paid to do it...!

mayb i jumped the gun earlier. i been messin wit my Storm all day and it iz alot quicker but then again im comin from .75 so I dnt no how the other os upgrades were. but to anybody wit .75 I wood go head and make da transition to this. it was my 1st time doin a leaked os and it was so easy. i felt like i was a pro. the step by step tutorial on here is great so u can wait 4 an official update if u want. (who no's how long that will b) but good stuff, im enjoyin my storm even more

can someone help to make my phone go faster like I have seen guys on youtube and their blackberrys go faster when they flip their phones anyone has any idea ?

I love how fast this build is, and very stable. My only problems were that I had to reinstall Where, and I seem to have a memory leak somewhere...not running too many apps (I have Berry Converter, Where, Stormlight, and Google Maps...other than that it's all stock)...though it's currently holding at just under 30, I was under the impression that people w/o problems had high 30's and sometimes 40's.

All in all this is making my storm experience very pleasurable.

I currently have the storm 9530 craked to make it work with at&t, it seems that this OS is very unstable because when I set-up my -emails, my internet data plan gets lost and I will have to remove my e-mails in orders to make the data plan work again, thats one of the major bugs in the OS, I dont think Verizon will release a software with this issues. I guess i will have to downgrade to my previous OS software until verizon releases the official one.

Good Luck

Not that bad for beta version. I do find that the battery gets drained, especially in a call. Still install at own risk..

After downloading to phone I noticed IMMEDIATE improvements. No lag between portrait and landscape....browser exceedingly faster, although I still think BOLT's browser may edge it out. Typing is alot smoother, but I did'nt get full qwerty in portrait. Reboot takes almost no time now! Well worth the download!

I know for a fact that the official release is I work for VZW and got it from an IT tech that was testing it for our official release on April 2nd.

So before now and them will Verizon touch this release at all? Or is this leaked one likely to be the final one that Verizon releases?

This is defenetly the best one so far I had 114 and so far 113 is better I do recommend trying this one but since there is a rumor that verizon is coming out with the official release with in a week idk if ppl should wait but this is way better than any other release....

There seems to be some noticeable improvements with 113 and for the most part it seems to run well for me; however, my phone gets "stuck" in headset mode when making or receiving calls. I can not change this to bluetooth, speakerphone, or handset and thus I can not hear or be heard unless I use a wired headset. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Hi. I just installed this and it works well. Like everyone said, its much quicker. The only problem is I can't send pictures anymore.. not from my cam app, or even when i just start an email. I guess this is the MMS prob people are talking about? How to fix this. its annoying.

The first thing that I noticed was when I went to move my cursor, a little box showed up around the cursor and it was mos def more accurate for me to place my cursor. I'm loving that! Also I just did a reboot and it took almost no time for the phone to restart! Man going from .75 to .109 only 3 days ago and now, .113! This is some good stuff. Idk if I can stand all this excitement! Ahhhhh!

After I flashed the update everything works but the browser. It says that my device does not currently have any Broswer Configuration Service Book Entries and to contact my service provider. Any ideas short of going back to 109?

Just go to:

Options -> Advanced Options -> Host Routing Table -> Push the BB Button to bring up the menu -> Click Register Now.

After about no more than 5 minutes, you should be GTG!

Ok guys this is what you all have been waiting for. This from what i have heard from a very reliable source is going to be the official release to storm for a such said american company. It will be released on April 1st but was given a possible 2 week delay. It has been running in tests with very minimal glitchs just normal stuff that happens with phones. SO expect this to be released by VZW soon.

I'm running .114..and its 200 times better than the pre installed (.75) Os. Granted i have no dial pad for my phone app once i'm already engaged in a call. Example: I cant press 1 for more options. For some reason the regular keyboard comes up, But luckily I dont use this phone for actual phone calls. Either way the leaked OS's operate much better then the original.

They run faster...I dont have to battery pull twice a day anymore, and I've noticed increased battery life. I highly recommend upgrading the OS to a newer version regardless of the fact they are "unofficial".

Do your homework, upgrade is quite simple if you can follow instructions and your patient.

My .02 for free. Hope this helps
Email :fwalka@vzw.blackberry.net if you have any questions. I'm always glad to help when i Can

I have uploaded this update and now I can not send pix messages from the phone. Can someone please help resolve this problem

This is a very nice OS. It's much faster than the that is was running out of the box from Telus. I appreciate all the informative posts.

I have to say i have greatly improved from .103 to .113. This one has the least flaws(probably even none) compared to the others. Typing is better speed is snappy and is an easy download. Highly recommend to people who don't want to get off .75.

I was running .75 until last night and ran across this. I figured what the hell so i downloaded it. I owned a curve before the storm and I was ready to go back to it. So far I like the stability of this OS. There are a few other minor changes that are useful as well. Im sure theres more changes I havnt gotten around to yet. I was very skeptical about upgrading to a leaked OS but I thought I would try it and it seems to be just fine. The speed is quicker but still not like they advertise on tv but that was to be expected when I purchased it. Overall..... Good upgrade. Im happy for now. I havnt experienced any of the problems that Ive been reading about on here. Also crackberry.com rocks!! I love this site. Thanks and keep up the good work guys and girls!

I keep trying to upgrade my OS to .113 (beta)....I downloaded the desktop manager for the storm but when i plug my phone in nothin happens...can any 1 help??? ]= i really wanna see how 113 is for myself.

What other ways are there to update my storm ?

walkthroughs pleaseee ...!

I'm a noob. i have my storm on verizon service. I went to the link, downloaded the file, installed it and followed the steps. went through the installation, launched the desktop manager, plugged my storm in, and it didn't automatically search for updates. i manually went to app loader and searched for updates and a message said there was none available. WTF!? i'm still running ! please someone help me!