Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Feb 2009 06:53 pm EST
BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS

Just a few days after surfaced for the 9500 Storm, it has now arrived for 9530 Storm owners. SWEEEET! There's lots of mirror sites to download from already setup, so just click the image above to stay on top of the action.

Reminder: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while taking a step or two forward in another. If you're on the fence, you're best off waiting until the Discussion & Findings thread fills up with some data.

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


second? i guess this means we're another step closer to an official release right? still on .75, so that can't come soon enough.

ROFL nice! and I just upgraded to .103 this morning. Yeah... little late on that, but I'm sick in bed, figured I'd do it now lol.
Will def. get it and keep an eye on it lol

This may sound like a noob question even though I am not, but I missed the whole explanation of what a "Hybrid" OS is. Someone please explain.

A hybrid is taking the java files from an OS that is not supported by your carrier. For example using the java files from vodaphones .109 and putting them into verizons .103 to make a .109 for verizon

I am a fairly new user to the page, through my wife, who uses your site for lots of neat things for her phone. When I got tired of saying "where did that come from" I decided to log on and start looking for my own styles.

I just wanted to touch base, thank you, AND wish you another successful year.

WOOT !!!

agreed with Daves024...

also the mobile blog is rendering incorrectly on my BB for some reason...meh, anyways

great!!! :D im downloading it now

What can I say Crackberry is off the chain...I've been up for the last couple of nights checking out the site...looking for different OS Beta system so far No problems yet! Thanks CrackBerry for making my phone what it is today!

The pic posted for this article is wrong..some people might look at it and think they dont need to upgrade! This pic is of the .103/.109 hybrid! The platform version should read if it is the actual bb storm 9530 OS.

I would like to suggest all of the threads about hybrid builds in the Storm Beta OS Discussion forum be moved to a separate forum for hybrid OS discussion only. I have no problem with people building whatever form of OS they want on their own phone, but those hybrid builds are NOT Beta OS from RIM and discussion threads about them should be kept separate.

This update is HUGE... perhaps the closest thing to an "official quality" release that I've seen yet. While the keyboard speed is once again back up(it's been down since .75), and the accelerometer and camera are faster, the greatest improvement is in the available memory. While I was consistently in the low 30's, I am now at a steady 43 mb of available memory!

Here's to the end of the memory leak problem!

Hay all I have downloaded this OS and put it up on my sight for download I just love getting these updates and is great to get them and I like spreading the happiness so go head and download it. I like to make things easy that is how I think about things. Again Thanks for them updates


Can anyone running .109 comment on the color degradation since 0.99? Is it still there? Plus, what specific improvements are there from 0.103 to 0.109? Thanks.

WOW! so far so good. Loaded rather quickly. Was not the horror story I have been reading about. Seems to be very quick and it has affected the accelerometer, in a positive way. Very fast, I noticed a problem with v.103, couldn't pick up phone fast enough. V.103 wouldn't let me transistion from horizontal to vertical to answer the phone, I would get the spinning clock. I hope this won't happen with V.109. I will keep you advised as I learn more.

Hey guys, I've been updating my OS faithfully sine .99. I have both .99 and .103 installed on my laptop pc. should i uninstall those before i install this one or does it matter?

I am not sure it matters (and apparently it doesnt if you still have .99 installed when you updated to .103) but I do uninstall each os from my pc before updating. I do recommend keeping the install files incase you dont like the update. As a side note, i did have to unistall desktop manager, and reinstall, once because it wouldnt recognize the new OS.

Seems to be a lack of excitement on this release? Not many comments. Very unlike crackberry nation! Makes me wonder about the latest release when we don't hear from the likes of Crucial! :) I take his posts with respect!

Where the heck is VZW and the OTA release on this! OMG...I have been waiting and waiting and STILL sporting the .75! WTF

Same here... I've tried every leaked OS amd after a few hours had downgraded back to the functional.75 official OS! Just tired of the crashes with these leaked versions "really annoying"...

ive been clicking on the "download..." link since 10am then i click on the "try alternate mirror..." (only option on that page) and am STILL getting "Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: "Connection refused"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time "


Anyone having problems with this update and the last? I tend to get random reboots and the screen freezing up. I changed my theme back to the original theme. Had the AppleBerry recent new theme (which I really like). Maybe the theme change will help.

So far so good on the .109 upgrade, it seems stable, quicker, faster. The camera works good, we shall see in the next few days what happens.

Has any one been experiencing substantial lag after sending a text, or opening a text? This is the second upgrade I've made and its so frustrating waiting on the phone

I got the same problem with the lag when I get a text message I can't open it right away and I can't stop the ringer. It also has been reboting alot lately its seems like ever since I updated to the .103 update. I hope the new update will fix that

I have also notice alot more random reboots with the appleberry theme... Much more often, being that I never had a problem before, this is really unusual... But I haven't upgrade to any beta updates, due to the BT video issues... I watch youtube on the subway so I would hate to lose that feature....

Help! I downloaded the update successfully. I see it in my
update software options in bberry connect. But when i check it to update phone, it says no updates available and i'm still stuck with version .94

i'm using an unlocked storm on att's network. i even deleted the verizon file indicated in the "how to update OS system" instructions.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!!!

you need to uninstall and reinstall BB desktop manager. Then reinstall the new firmware update and dont reboot. then launch bb manager and goto software upgrades and have your bb connected. that worked for me...

*not sure if that will work on the unlocked one though*

i like all the new os's coming out but verizon seriously needs to put out the official versions...... and thanks to all that have put thier storms up to the table and try out these leaks so it can at least give us the gist how long it will be b 4 an offcial update is sent out

can anyone help me i downloaded the update which is the best so far but i only have one problem, when i try to send a mms picture the image does not come out its blank so how do i fix it?

this is way faster and seems to be more stable all around. I was running .75 I tried the firmware release before 109 and it sucked bad (forgot which rev it was) downgraded to .75 and then to .109 .
This is a huge improvement in every way.
faster scrolling
faster program transitions
camera is about 4x faster (still could be better)
graphics seem okay on main icon page
and the landscape/portrait seems to be improved
thats all for now
good luck!

My Storm is the most responsive its ever been after installing the newest update. I've been a little pissed w/ the responsiveness so far but this update is awesome. Thx Thx to those who keep finding them.

I'm waiting on the Official release. Does anybody know when this will happen. I notice as I add the new apps that come out the more the Storm slows down. Hopefully the new OS will fix this.

Heard that an official release should be out sometime in march. I have the .75 OS wich I know is stable and hasn't froze on me once. Yeah the camera takes forever but atleast Its not given me any of the promblems that the leaked OS's are giving "constantly freezing up/lagging ect".

On each upgrade i have had some lag problems the first few days, never a need for excessive battery pulls, but i have had great luck with each of the leaked upgrades. Now for my .02 cents worth.... I think .103 was much faster on unlocking and locking the phone and on changing direction on the phone (acceelerometer). I think .109 is much faster for typing. I dont see any difference in browser speed but i was not complaining about browser speed on .103 I actually thought it was great. Much faster than my friends Palm or IPhone in a Google speed test. I do have the AppleBerry theme and as many apps almost as possible on the phone and have always had a memory leak somewhere that seems to get worse on each upgrade, this one as of today seems to have the biggest leak somewhere, i thought it was Weatherbug but its not (Cant figure this one out) it has pretty much always gone from around 32 to 18 during the course of the day but on .109 it seams to go from 32 to 12 within 3-4 hours. My next test will be to remove YouMail other than talk lock it's the only app that stays open other than the usual 5 and yes i check this.
On another note...I took my girlfriend to VZW to look for a new phone for her and played with the store's Storm with .75 I CANT BELIEVE ANYONE WHO READS ABOUT ALL THESE UPDATES IS STILL RUNNING ON .75 (and did i hear someone above state .75 is a stable os... it wasnt for me, locked up daily) and by the way as I was playing with the store's Storm with .075 it still sucks.
THANK YOU CRACKBERRY and Kevin for being here and to all the contributors.

Bought my Storm last Saturday and have been running the latest VZW OS version that is out obviously and was fairly happy. Just upped to this .109 build and have to say I am thoroughly impressed. Overall responsiveness increased dramatically. Will take more casual usage to feel it out but so far so good. Thanks for the post ^^

best upgrade by far, no more lags, quickpulls, or batt pulls. It keeps gettin' better, and better...go upgrade fellow crackaholics

Yes I have the the official .75 as stated and haven't had any of the issues you are dealing with gate... Some of us don't have the time to waist trying to figure out why our BB storms keep crashing ect with leaked beta versions. Honestly I have tried each OS and ran into far more worse issues as I said earlier. Some of us are willing to deal with these issues but as a productivity tool I can't afford to have my BB crash randomly through out the day! Oh BTW most VZ BB Storm owners are running the official update lol.

Man the new Os systems really rocks. But be careful it did get finicky when downloading and froze for a bit. It also erased all my presets I had to reload all that from my desktop manager. Otherwise wow what a difference in response from the storm now.!!

Just updated to .109 from .75. Had to uninstall BB Desktop, then reinstalled the update and BB Desktop. The update prompted me to run Application Loader, which I did and it worked flawlessly. Only problem I found was it kicked me off my corporate enterprise server- which was fixed with a quick call to my company, who provided me a password and I'm now back up.

As for the update: much faster performance, full keyboard in portrait view, faster key rate, faster camera, google maps actually works (full screen, GPS)... Cons: Slow initial load time when opening an app. Screen flickers sometimes. Still figuring out what else.

I've never updated to beta's before but found it so easy, I'll be sure to do it again.

Thanks to all posters for the tips and instructions, not to mention the link. I'm very happy

Does anyone have problem with there new themes. I buy a new theme, and use it but i slows down the phone and when i have to reboot the homescreen wont come back until I put the default theme back then it works fine all my theme do the same except for the default theme that comes on the phone. Am I the only one. What the hell?

I just upgraded from .75 to .109 today on my girlfriends pc. I use mac so apparently i cant do anything with my storm unless i run boot camp (or something like it)
First off, i notice nothing different with my colors... at all... i dont know what that fuss is all about.
second, the full qwerty during portrait mode is sick (and extremely accurate) but ill never use it... just too used to the condensed. I may have missed any word on this, but i feel like RIM re calibrated the touch & click because EVERYTHING is more accurate.
.75 was crazy slow compared to this. It's been only 12+ hrs since i installed and i can honestly say this erases about 75% of the terrible things i had to say about the storm.

I highly recommend updating from .75 if you have it. It was simple enough for me (without ever having done anything like it) and the benefit is having a storm that is functional. (previously, my 2 year old Pearl ran faster than the storm)

The camera actually takes pictures quick. there is a bit of a glitch but i'll deal considering the enormous lag there was in .75

the internet is faster and TYPING while on facebook/ myspace/ any internet page has gotten a ton faster for me. It's great.

When viewing pictures, they load fast enough to where you'll still actually want to look at the pic once it is loaded.

It seems to have helped my battery life as well!
A few days ago I actually had to charge my phone at like 6pm. (I pulled it of the charger at 7am that morning after the phone had been off all night)

I'm looking at the battery right now, and it's been off the charger for about 12 hours (so longer than that one day) and it says 70%

My only issue is that there's still a lag when locking. not as much as before but hell, nobody's perfect.
Also, my visual voice mail app still hasn't authorized... don't know what that's all about.
It's received messages but when i click to listen it says "initializing inbox, please wait..."
it's been "initializing" for 12 + hours... you'd think it'd be done by now... oh well. another battery pull should do it (i hope)

On that note, startup is HALF the time it took while running .75
I think i waited 11 minutes once with that garbage OS.
Im waiting only about 4 now, which still sucks in my mind but VS .75, ill take it.

Also, regarding everyone who said they lost their contacts, pics, media, etc....
I thought i did do, but later realized that the update hadn't finished COMPLETELY... Wait it out. It takes a total of like 30 min. Everything was gone when the phone first updated, including my browser app, but then the desktop mgr connected with the phone after restart and loaded all of my previous content including my old mms, sms and email (both sent and received)

I hope people like me find this helpful.
I know these forums can get clouded with comments that are completely off topic.

(and the reason i replied to this comment:)
Who the hell pays for themes?