Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Feb 2009 04:19 am EST
BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS

OK Vodafone BlackBerry Storm owners, you're in luck! Last night in the CrackBerry forums a link got dropped to the latest leaked OS for the Vodafone Storm 9500, version VERIZON Storm owners... while you're waiting for your next OS to appear in the wild, you can tune into the 9530 Hybrid thread (screencap of .109 on a 9530 after the jump!).

Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while taking a step or two forward in another. If you're on the fence, you're best off waiting until the Discussion & Findings thread fills up with some data. on the 9530 Hybrid on the 9530 - thx pkcable!

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500!


When is RIM going to release an office update? You'd think after all these unofficial ones someone in the company would have told them to release a real update. I don't get it. I have a Telus Storm 9530 running OS v4.7.103 and it works great and I have no complaints, I just don't understand why there isn't more happening from RIM.

RIM is "just coding" the firmware. The carriers do the testing on their network and release it if it passes their test criterias. Else they go back to RIM and ask for bug fixes.

Do you honestly blame the carriers for not having a real official build?

Many of these builds are buggy one way or the other...i can see verizon having to refund people every month because their MMS doesn't work.

The only one I could see being released is .103

Correct me if i am wrong, but didnt the 9500 have an official update of now theres a and Second where is Verizon god dammit, Verizon is really starting to piss me off. Sure they are number 1 but idk how long i can play the waiting game. Verizon get moving u jerks

Why Doesnt MMS work on Verizon? for some strange odd reason my MMS pics, etc does not go thru. Why is that?

Yea I made the big time and got mentioned on the blog!!! lol

Anyways, yes I got the .109 9500 OS (partially) working on my 9530, following the instructions in the Forums. HOWEVER if you are not comfortable with the risk of bricking your phone (I have bricked at least 3 times doing updates), do NOT try this! Also you might want to consider a straight .103 install, it's a VERY good version too. Worstcase .75 ain't THAT bad, and eventually VZW (Telus, Bell etc) will release a "certified" update. I have a feeling they are close as the leaks now are pretty damn good (althought NOT bug free).

Ok I can NOT stress this enough you MUST, MUST do a full backup AND a 3rd Party Apps backup before you even attempt a leak or hybrid. Also regular backups no matter WHAT are essential.

I have this running on my 9530. Here's what i did

First we need to download the java files from .109 because that's all we really need. Here's the link to the zip file http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EX6WECHM

Then I did this

1 .Go to C:\program files\common files\research in motion\shared\loader files

2. Go into the 103 directory and then go into Java

3. Select all of these files and COPY them

4. Go back one directory (so your into the 103 directory) and create a new folder called Java103.

5. Paste these files into this directory. It serves as your backup 103

6. Now go back into the extracted .109 java folder from the download(Java109.zip) and copy everything

7. Go back into 103/Java and paste. Confirm that you should overwrite everything. Some of the old CDMA files will remain there.

8. Now use the AppLoader located at "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe"
It will be loading .109 files. It should say update.

9. Wait, drink a beer or two and you will be done.

Hope that brings u back up buddy!

Please please please no cares that new software is leaked all everyone cares is when we can all install it officially from the Verizon website so when someone knows that info then post a new article on crackberry!

Of course people care, large numbers of people apply these upgrades, its very easy and only a numpty could get it wrong.

Its a common software development practice to build on a regular schedule (ie weekly). Someone is leaking all of these builds, they are likely NOT intended for release. That said at this point there shouldn't be too many changes from build to build so they should all be stable.

While I do not know exactly when the release will come out for Verizon but I can assume that they will wait till the Blackberry Store front comes out for them to come out with an official update. At this point in time it only makes sense. Why push another update out just so we have to download another update when the store front comes out.

One issue I can not stand is that my Storm screen is very loose and it has a slight creeking sound when I press on the bottom left of the screen. This is the second one that has done this. When I took it to the verizon store the one the guy had there are tight and did not wiggle around. Maybe I will take it to them and tell them it's all screwy. I bought it from Best Buy and deeply regret not getting the protection plan from them.

I know that if they wait another month to come out with the storefront I might as well switch to AT&T and get the iPhone.

Hope that helps. Thats what I think will happen but who knows.