Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jan 2009 01:43 am EST
OS for the BlackBerry Bold

I know a lot of our hardcore beta OS junkies are already wanting to skip ahead to OS, but in the meantime OS has surfaced in the wild for the BlackBerry Bold. If you're in pursuit of BBOS perfection and want to take every step and stumble and step along the way, then this is it!

The usual drill: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you have never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while making a leap forward in another. If you're on the fence, you're best off waiting until the next "official release" arrives. with some data. Follow the links below for more info, help and to download. Enjoy!!

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold!


I just downloaded and installed and blackberry crashed.
Tried again and it crashed again, have to roll it back to 219..

I know everyone has already asked a million times but i just got my BB Bold a week ago and i really want to stay on top of things and get the latest OS for my baby (thats my Bold cause i love it!!!) so how do i do that on a Mac? Please help!!!

no voicemail notification icon bug and wallpaper reset bug after battery pull are both still present. Not sure what else, but these are the two things I noticed right away.

The voice mail thing isn't a bug, it's the product of Visual Voice Mail being on the phone, but not provisioned by the carrier.

Just a consequence of using beta software pretty much, it's not broken.

Anyone else notice that there are not as many posts for this beta version as compared to previous versions?
Is it that we have become beta ammune or is the slow-down in the economy had an effect on Blackberry Beta Testers too?

Had a minor issue on first attempt. I left Wi-Fi and Blutooth turned on and it caused an issue with the upgrade. Got a "Fatal Error" message... then DM asked me to try again later. The OS reset on the Bold.. so no harm/no foul. I then turned off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth... and gave it a second go. Perfect upgrade, no issues.

I had absolutely no problems with wallpapers or my Themes. And, I had the missed call notification, but no icon for voice mail. I understand this is because they are getting ready for visual voice mail, but AT&T hasn't provisioned it yet. No big deal.

I did notice my Memory going up to 57.1 MB from around 47 MB. So a major gain there. So far, so good.. everything is working fine.

I have Bluetooth in my car and on all other OS's the audio quality has been marginal.. ok, but nothing to write home about. On.228 the audio quality is vastly improved. Not sure why, but it is.

Also, memory is still running in the high 50 MBs. So a bit of memory drain (nothing new for the Bold), but a lot less then previous OS versions.