Leaked OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 5 Sep 2013 10:43 am EDT

Well here's a fun one - a new leaked OS has popped up today for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It was certainly unexpected but still very welcome. Most PlayBook users didn't expect a new OS I'm sure so anyone that is looking to tinker around a bit will want to give this one a go. 

While this is a full OS there is nothing super new but it's said to have some speed improvements which is good to hear. The method for installing is the same of that for BB10 devices so you'll need to use a Windows PC to run the autoloader. Be sure to perform a full backup before you dive in and don't hold us responsible if anything breaks. 

Head to the forums for full details and instructions and be sure to leave a comment with any findings. 

Download OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Wow, a pleasant surprise for sure. Let's hope we see ONE more official release before they complete kill the PlayBook. I still use mine every day and love it.


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+1 Totally wasn't expecting an update to the PlayBook. Hopefully if another pops up certain features will get updated like the browser and keyboard. Speed is definitely a plus!!!

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Awesome. Nicely done. It would be nice if the bridge had full functionality

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I would use mine but the browser sucks ass too much so I rather use my Z10. I had high hopes for the tablet but now it's going down the drain.

I agree been using since it popped up. Much better option than any thing else right now.

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I finally got to play with a PlayBook for thé first time a few days ago and really liked the interface though it was a bit slow to run the Android app I had installed on it for the owner. Speed improvements in an upcoming update will be well received !

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Is it possible you have English and French set in your keyboard (you flicked "thé")...?


it happens happens to me all "thé" time too...

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Hahahahahaha is that the feeling of remorse from the company? Like dead man walking finally tell the authority where he hide the bodies?

I thought it was a typo, which would have been even more sweet. May have to give this one a go, my PlayBook could use some more speed.

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Sounds like a nice plan...Will do the same except don't have the sweet Q10 yet (will have once upgrade is available ), still running my trusty 9900 :)

That's awesome. Will have to try it later. I use mine everyday for reports and invoicing for my business. Miss the full bridge for sure. It made life so much easier having them working together. Maybe the future will bring us a new version that will fully integrate with the new phones also. Still love mine

Made possible by my BlackBerry Z10 Bad**s phone

My playbook has slowed down terribly. I was going to format it anyway so I might as well try this one.

Thanks for sharing

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Yeah, mine has slowed down a bit too. I still use it, but not quite as much as I used to. I'm waiting for the official update (fingers crossed). If one comes through that increases the PlayBook's speed, I'm sure that I'll be picking my PlayBook up more often than my other tablets.

what really pisses me off is I can't find my playbook, I know it's in my house somewhere but i've been looking for it for months and can't find it!! grrrrr

Check under your Dining Room table, I been using mine to stop the dam table from wobbling

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exactly my friend....I ve been tired of having useless devices. When I got my hands on the android, pb and bold 9900 where automatically obsolete...

Good for you, why would you bother to post on a bb Site is beyond me - I have "played" with some android stuff and they were nice toys but Not business tools.... Off you go now to the amazing android sites and I hope you stay happy :)

"Good for you, why would you bother to post on a bb Site is beyond me"

+1 I was wondering the same thing!!

Great.....i am sure there is a Nexus site somewhere. Move along now!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I wouldn't stress gents. Everyone is taking your advice and 'moving on' to other devices and their OS.

So much so that BBRY wants to resolve the sale of the company in about 60 days.

That must make you pretty happy huh?.

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Since I'm probably buying a nexus 7 tomorrow this just doesn't seem worth the trouble.

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I'll ask here, again. Can this upgrade be reversed or rolled back if there's any issue? Has someone packaged the CURRENT OFFICIAL PB OS in a similar Package-Loader?

Nice surprise, now market like hell and lets get this Awesome BlackBerry 10 OS moving into the world.

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Probably because I did too before it click in its a leak. I think my eyes were playing tricks on me.

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People still use and are interested in the PlayBook? Hmm, must check the date to see if it's April Fools.

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Awesome, hopefully some nice surprises in this release. I'll try it out on one of my PlayBooks when I get home.

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I heard this release has an updated bridge option = Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

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Is this available for the stl100-1?

Jk.jk., sorry just had to.

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A little too late...got rid of mine after they said that the PB was basically dead. I got a Kindle HD and absolutely love it.

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This is a pleasant surprise after the last couple weeks of negativity. Just blew the dust off my PlayBook last night to do a back-up and wipe. I'm gonna give this os a go and clean out all the crap I installed slowing it down.

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I'll reserve my efforts until I hear what's new/improved.

Browser crashing, sluggish, no bridge make my playbook a nice picture frame. Which sucks based on all the accessories I've spent on it. my Ipad works great tho, although i prefer my z10

Am I awake? I haven't been drinking or drugging, do I really see a new leak for PlayBook???

Wonder what's been changed?

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Super welcome, we still use both our playbooks daily in my house hold.

Mine even comes to work with me and my z10. Both my z10 and playbook are Balance activated for my company.

Any and all updates are welcome. I think BlackBerry should just start leaking everything they have ever made for the playbook, nothing to loose at this point.

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Well this is indeed very good news. Any Playbook update is much appreciated. Thanks Blackberry and keep them coming!

I had to read the title about 3 times just to make sure I read it correctly, completely unexpected

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Pleased to hear this. BlackBerry is alive!!
I don't load leaks, however.
I want the official release, svp.

Its something like "well, since we've started it, might as well leak it out the unfinished project before we sell our business out"

Any word yet on what android runtime version this leak is based on?

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Why bother? Anything other than BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook Is a waste. My 64GB PlayBook has been gathering dust untouched for many many months.

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Yayyy! Hope for improved keyboard response as well as improved PIM app response -- contacts, calendar, email. BBW could get an upgrade as well since it is also written in Adobe AIR -- yeech! Maybe we'll also see the long promised BBM on a BlackBerry PlayBook -- what a concept!

Wow, now this is an improvement. I don't care if BBRY stops making PlayBooks, but as long as they keep it up to date to the best of there ability, I am super happy with just that. Good Job boys at Waterloo.

How long normally from a leaked release to the official release? Are we talking weeks, months or maybe never?

If not too long I probably wont bother with the leak.

At least 2 months if previous release schedules are any indicator of future performance. Just in time for the November 2013 final sale of BlackBerry Ltd. This release was proabablt sitting on a development server and someone thought "what the heck I may as well leak this shyte. It's not like they aren't going to terminate me anyway".

Hmmmm... now where did I leave that Playbook?

Oh yes, propping open the window in the back bedroom. I wonder if OS will help at all.

I hear BlackBerry Tablet OS replaced Bluto with Popeye the Sailor Man. You should see a signifant strength improvement, but keep the spinnach handy. LOL

After doing my security wipe, I'm left with only a browser and setup icon. NOTHING else. Doing my restore now. Hope this fixes it. Never had this issue with my z10 leaks.

Lol... I know that. How would the installer perform the update on my Z10 if its built for PB?

I never had this issue with my "Z10" Leaks. Obviously I've never had this issue with my playbook, seeing as I've not installed leaks on it. I'm reading online that this is somewhat common on BB10 devices.

For the people that may have the same issue as I did, I haven't fixed it yet. Instead, I ended up with error message saying I didn't have personal space. I've finally activated the restoration, but in the last 15 minutes, it is only completed 2%.

Misread your post actually. Read about your issue on the torrent and it says to just re-run the autoloader if that happens

Jumped to 25% now.

My conclusion: if your Playbook won't restore, don't bother reinstalling Link. Just change your network id to "Windows" instead of Automatic, and let'er go to town.

Would like to see more comments about the functionality of this leak and not 100 comments and/or jokes about how the PlayBook is still around. That is all.

Any chance it will be released officially? I don't relish the thought of reloading from backup, it's never worked before.

This is Great News. I have been waiting for some kind of update for FAR too long. Hopefully, the official will drop soon.

Great.... Lots of "too little too late" and "can't wait comments"..... But has anyone completed the upload and can post something concise about what has or has not changed? Battery, speed, browser, Android (yes, I already read its the same)?

Thanks so much and cheers from the Great White North (for all those who remember Bob and Doug Mackenzie).

They don't need much to bring the PlayBook back to life. Full bridge functionality for BB10 like on legacy devices, Update browser performance and fix bugs, implement the BB10 keyboard, and update the Android runtime to the latest and greatest. VÍola!

I still use my PlayBook as well and still enjoy it. The updates above alone would make it competitive with the most recent tablets to come out.

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Well so far everything seems good except Twitter has disappeared. I did a full back up and restore,but it's not even showing up in BlackBerry World so I can re-download it! :((

i said native twitter app. there was none, just an icon that was a link to the mobile site. i'm talking official app.

Admirable but pointless. No OS10, no dice. I love my PlayBook, but between BlackBerry putting themselves on the auction block and the fact that I use my Z10 about 95 percent of the time over the PlayBook, maybe it's time to show the PlayBook the eBay door.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Nice. Definitely wasn't expecting this. The PlayBook has been getting heavy usage for streaming this pass weekend with the hdmi hooked up. Hopefully it's a bit faster.

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Same right to freedom of speech you exercise is the same I right I exercise as well...

Bring BB10 OS to PlayBook, all these other updates are pointless. Sorry but not sorry

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Why is everybody hating on the PlayBook? It's still a great little tablet. I use mine every day. Video chat is great. Used it from the beach in Mexico over the crappy resort Wifi. I've purchased seven and have no regrets. Going to pop this leak on tonight. P.S. I loved my first Berry with the orange Alt button and side click track wheel... but tech moves on. How often do you used a desktop PC or even a laptop for your tech needs?

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I hope they can make a super light version of BB10 for the Playbook. Maybe as light as Windows phone 8

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i don't see why they can't just do something like that, i mean- judging from this leak it means they're still somehow working on the tired BB Tablet OS -if you're gonna invest time in it, why not make a pseudo-BB10 version just adding headlining features like active frames how they look in BB10, possible updated Android runtime, the Hub can be added I'm sure.. with limited features I guess but i'm just pulling at straws here. the point is, you have a point.

A speed up for the keyboard would be great. I am a hunt and peck typist, but after a year and a half of playbook typing even I can get ahead of the keyboard from time to time. My playbook still goes to work with me everyday and makes my productivity far more convenient.

after installing this leak OS on my PlayBook, it's stuck at the "BlackBerry Playbook" screen and nothing happens >_<. It won't even recognize the charger or the USB so I can't even run the bootroom again.

Never mind I let the battery get drained from the frozen screen overnight and when it automatically turned off after running out of juice, I then proceeded to hook it up to the computer and ran the autoloader to reload the leak OS again and it worked. Something must have happened during the first installation but patience is the key! =)

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—At this point does it even really matter? It sounds like such an iterative update, I mean is the android runtime updated? No? What ever happened to that Dingleberry guy?

Installed it this morning. works like a charm. hangs after you enter your BBID for like 15 minutes but after that its smooth. No major "updates" to GUI or anything but keyboard seems to react faster in the webbrowser which was probably my biggest pet peeve.

Just installed the origami browser and I love it! I still use my playbook every day so glad I found this.

Just installed mine, keyboard works much better, haven't noticed much else. Will keep exploring. Easy enough to accomplish on my 1st go!!!

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Pleasant surprise, don't know if BlackBerry will definitely release it but it tells me that someone at BlackBerry has been listening. Speed is good. Now if we can only get un updated browser and keyboard, say more BlackBerry 10 ish... that would be nice.

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Flash is higher version now but java same. Keyboard is more responsive, and browser quicker too.
Well pleased, hope we get more to come.

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Playbook video chat from USA to Rome for hours for free! Wow, can't complain about that! Beats international call charges all to h***.

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Yeah yes we know it's unexpected 300 times

But what's actually new?
Can it be installed from linux
Are there any real benefits?

This is kind of cool after all the uproar about everything. Kinda like there is still some support, albeit it is probably the lunatic fringe like me. :) Downloading the Oragami browser now to check it out. Still loving my PB with bridge support to my OS7 Torch. This PB leak makes me think on some level there will always be a BB niche. I hope so. I will wait for more feedback on the leaked OS. I can't afford to be down right now if there is an issue.

I was a super Playbook fan for a long time. But BlackBerry drug there feet to long! It's for sale. I'm asking $200 for the 64 GB PB, Otterbox Defender case, Bluetooth keyboard. Contact me at kstead01@yahoo.com if you're interested.

I've had the Playbook since it dropped in price severely. $99 for the 16GB was an "I can't not buy it" moment (especially since I'd been able to play around with it, at work, bridged to my 9700).. The only thing I'd complain about was the browser and the Facebook app. Docs to Go and using my local news app were my primary uses. Since 3_M4N's post, I installed Origami Browser... I'm now using the Playbook to surf more and more. I'm leaning away from installing this leak, as the returns seem to not benefit my usage-style but I'm LOVING Origami. So glad I clicked into this thread. Thanks, CB Nation!

This leak is all well and good for PlayBook users that live on the edge however I wouldn't recommend it for those who want a trouble-free upgrade.

Im with nullshark. I picked up a 16GB PB for a cheeky fifty quid, paired it up with my 9790 a couple of weeks ago never looked back.
I'll try Origami for sure but will leave the leak for time being (as im still buzzing off this sideload malarkey).
Maybe if i ever get bored (or it goes out on full-release)

Thanks for all the tips. This was my first time loading a leak and I also added the .bar files for video chat, twitter, bing maps and podcasts. Within this thread there is a link to a MEGA download site with tons of bar files. Use Sachesi to load them. I used desktop manager to make my backup, then I ran the autoloader. After that I used BlackBerry Link to fully restore my backup which did not revert me to my previous OS version which I was glad to see. BB Link gives you 2 restore options and when you use your backup file it doesn't load the OS you did the backup with in case you're worried. If you need to revert use the other restore option in Link. Then I used Sachesi to load the bar files.

I loaded the leaked Os on my playbook and Sim security failed to unlock my data connection, my playbook is playbook3G+

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Was the playbook leaked Os meant for WIFI playbook or even for wifi+ cellular playbooks i.e 3G+ and 4G LTE.
My 3G+ playbook Sim card locked. Can anyone help

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Dropped into my UK Playbook 2 hours ago via the official channel, no new apps to note but having read this thread fully am expecting some speed and smoothness

Can ANYONE help with obtaining a genuine Blackberry Playbook USB keyboard in the UK that isn't a rip off price? Love TheSource at Christmas time but they wouldn't ship to UK

I'm glad there is an update. It's annoying when the playbook browser just kills itself. This happens even with a newly wiped playbook. I'm also looking for improvements in battery performance. The last update made the browser consume the charge at a faster rate whereas when it was still new the charge would not diminish when it was on standby.

I've just installed the update and it is very stable. No issues. Thank you, BB.

Showed up this morning 9-11-13 as an auto update OTA. Takes about 10 minutes and a restart. Have not really noticed any major difference yet. Just happy to see the book has not been forgotten!