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Leaked OS for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Kris Simundson on 8 Oct 2013 11:04 pm EDT

If you're wanting to go ahead and check out a new BlackBerry 10 build, the BerryLeaks team is at it again. This time around, we're looking at and it brings along some nice changes for those who might be interested in loading this one up. Thankfully, the team has outlined some of those changes so here's a look at what to expect.

  • Updated touch profile to improve battery life.
  • Sensor libraries updated.
  • Gyroscope support in camera (future support for panorama).
  • Updated translations.
  • Some extra code analyzers and debug scripts turned on which may slow things down.
  • Lots of work on PIM services and libraries.
  • Advanced WiFi is fixed.
  • Audio routing in music player now works.
  • BBM dark themes fixed.
  • Can display next/previous buttons instead of doing L gesture.
  • Contacts can be copied to different backends.
  • Email composer can switch between plain text and HTML.
  • Event recurrence is now set via a drop down without leaving the page.
  • FM Radio is enabled. [Not for the Z10]
  • IMAP setting to stop downloading emails while roaming.
  • Music player continues to play songs while camera app is active.
  • Pictures received in emails are now in-line.
  • DocsToGo working again.
  • Private browsing shows a 'blue' overlay on top of the URL bar to show that it is private.

Now, unfortunately this looks to be for the STL100-2/3/4, SQN/SQR and STA models only. Sorry, STL100-1 users. You'll also want to note that this one does indeed have the PIN watermarked, so if you're not into having that displayed, you'll want to skip this one.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad (though you can always reload your OS). 

Download/Discuss more here

Reader comments

Leaked OS for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones


So, FM radio. How does it work?

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I heard that you open the Music application and there's a radio option. FM only, unfortunately, so I can't listen to my favourite news station without using data...

Posted via CB10

WOOOO. Gonna try loading up just the music app!

Join the Surge Co. BBM Channel! C001213C9, follow @surgecoapps on Twitter for the latest news!

I'd also like to know this. Does Z10 have the necessary hardware to support FM? Not sure how much I would use it but I like the idea of radio without data.

Posted via CB10

Now I'm confused. Googled a bit and Z10 should have TI WL1273L which has FM. So maybe there is hope.

Z10 does have the correct hardware. It was revealed in the device tear down. Don't know why they haven't enabled it for the Z10.

Posted via Vader10

Looks pretty neat but the PIN watermark killed it for me.

Posted from my Z10 running on T-Mobile

Same. Didn't see it in the forum post but just noticed it in this post. Dunno why..but can't convince myself the watermark is worth it.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Yeah, it'll be your BlackBerry PIN displayed on the 4 corners of the screen. It's not restricting any functionality but, you know, it's just there.

Posted from my Z10 running

I can't see any purpose for the casual enthusiast trying out the leak. Maybe it serves some purpose as a quick device identifier for testers who are getting down and dirty with these leaks. Your guess is as good as mine.

Btw, there's a new leak in the forums, and commenters are saying it gets rid of the PIN.

Posted from my Z10 running

What L gesture is Chris referring to in the list. What gesture are the Next/prev buttons supposed to replace?

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When your reading an email, you can do a "L" gesture beginning on the left of the screen and going up to see next email or going down for previous email.

Nope. I'm grateful for leaks and would be tired of waiting for my carrier to release an official one.

If they had a leak out there and an official that are the same versions, I'll download the leak instead...
Called leakaholics...

Posted via CB10

Well given the term leak, and that it's way, way beyond what's available from the carriers... I say nope! keep em coming! Love being ahead of what's available to the public. Love seeing the future of this amazing OS!

Posted via CB10 Z10STL100-4/

Kris doesn't post much anymore, but when he does, they usually are posts that send me flying to my PC to download newness! Thanks!!

Indeed. Kris did an excellent job as part of the "official" leak team and now he's a fine addition to the editorial staff. I always read Kris's posts.

PIN watermark should be mentioned at the start of the article as it puts a lot of people off, burying at the end might hurt some users.

Also why always on mega? I wanna download using my phone while I'm out n about, bb10 browser + mega = nope. Lol

Posted via CB10

Just keeps getting better. Thnx BLT. Too bad for those bailing on BB. They're going to miss out on a great OS. Patience will be rewarded.

Something needs to be updated with the browser. I used to be able to watch movies and shows directlyfrom the Web and also live nfl games but now I can't. Idk what it is but it's only been like this since I've installed leaks. Hopefully it'll work again with the official 10.2.

Posted via CB10

They probably require Adobe Flash. It was disabled by default since 10.2.
You need to enable it in the browser.

Tired of these stupid leaks. These should have been there in 10.1 What a bunch of inefficient team of people working on BB10 OS. But thank God finally these basic features are there now. Let the 10.2 come 1st for Z10, Q10 and Q5 which is taking forever. And as always lets blame that to the carriers. Also lets blame the BBM delay to the carriers. Blackberry a beautiful brand is killed by bunch of idiots managing the company!

It takes time to programme stuff, you know. BlackBerry has been flying actually. It's taken Apple years to get where they are, and BlackBerry has pretty much everything they do.

Posted via CB10

I give a shit if iOS took 20000 years to develop anything, this is not apple, nor 20000 years ago.
If you are not up to the challenge, just move on.

Posted via CB10

Agreed !!! All the 'new' features of iOS7 should have been there 2 years ago !!! What a bunch of inefficient incompetent people working on iOS.


Was almost considering it when in saw the better battery thing but the watermarked pin is a deal breaker

Posted via CB10

This ones a keeper, folks. At least archive it if you don't want to load it. The devs have been busy on this one, I can tell. Kudos! And, many thanks to the bbleaks team!!!

Posted via CB10

Sorry bud.. hate to break this to you.. but umm no.. the Squircle is gone. I understand if you need to be alone.

Posted via CB10

When is the official release of 10.2? Still on 10.1 and drools over these leaks but dunno how to install 'em. Lol

Posted via CB10

You're an Asian, figure it out yourself man! Search in the forum to know how, btw, nobody's using 10.1 now! It's worth trying 10.2 right away!

Posted via CB10

im still on this version has alot of bugs.. i been tempted to install other leaks but i dont want to take any chance on losing any data on my real racing 3 game..lol i guess im gonna have to wait until the official one.

Real racing 3, have option to save game to the cloud with fb login, next time you just login again.

You wellcome :)

Posted via CB10

Why can't they have the pin watermark optional or time based like it'll show for a few days then disappear or something like that????

Posted via CB10 on my Kopi dev device

My favorite additions:

* saving contacts to different backends (sure hope this means caldav)
* online images in emails (duh)
* FM radio (intriguing)

I think I'll leave 10.2.1.x alone though, at least until a few more leaks.

Posted via CB10

Anyone that loaded this leak mind taking a screen shot with the water mark please.

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I concur the pin watermark is a killer. I think it's best to wait and load the next or next after leak as we get approach the official release of 10.2. This is an amazing OS but I think BlackBerry needs a substantial OS release to keep up with the pack. We all know they can do it! In the meantime keep the leaks coming!

Posted via CB10

Asked in the forum,

Z10 does not have the FM radio but Q10 does. And it is reported to work great.

Sad to see Z10 again left out. Radio is great and I'm still hoping to see it on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Okay, can anyone explain to me why having the phone's PIN faintly, vertically, overlaid in the corners is a deal breaker? I love the new features, but I'm out of town this week and going to have to wait until I get home to pop this leak on my Z.

Posted via CB10

Very nice job... though Organising contacts in groups and
the ability when you want to reply to a missing call.. such as picking the contact and from a window to have the option to pick up a different number belonging to the contact (like OS6 or 7) without open "view details " could be awesome

Posted via CB10

This OS is getting better and better but it is way beyond a nove from 10.1. It should be 10.5 already! Why not stop here and release a new version for everyone that is clean and works good?

Posted via CB10

Has anyone asked why the PING feature in BBM has never worked from Day 1? Is this not one of the top wishes for updates??

Not fair ... its really not fair, i just get bad feeling about STL-1 official update - will be also different.
should i change my avatar back to "No Love To STL-1" and start posting : I bought Z10 more than USD.700 US in cash , but they gave me inferior device because we are from third countries? Or should i return back my Z10 together with my USD.400 Q5 to BlackBerry?

no ...no ... carrier has no choice if BlackBerry only make one device. Do you think BB discuss about specs with the carrier before they will make one product.

I'm sure it has something to do with third world countries having inferior infrastructure which doesn't include 4G LTE support at the time of BB10 launch.
Malaysia carriers used to carry only stl1 until now when 4G LTE is available. But then again, we don't have 4G LTE coverage in 90% of rural area.

FM radio sounds sooooo awesome. Hope this comes out in the 10.2 release, don't want the watermarks and the official release is soon!

Posted via CB10

10.2.0 is completed. No more features are coming to this branch, only bug fixes.
10.2.1 has FM radio.

I hope that when the official 10.2 comes out, it will be smoother and chap free U.I and sliding gesture.."My Z10 less annoying lagg when sliding through apps with open frame app = best phone I ever had.."

Posted via CB10

Not much on leaks, only because I've had a bad experience once and bricked the device.

I'd love to try this, the battery life, fm radio and html composition intrigue me, until I saw the pin watermark comments. Pass. #waitingforofficialrelease

Posted via CB10

10.2 official on time can be a boost, all are losing now faith in bbm :(

All leaks every now & then don't know which to pop in my z10.

Spending a heck getting only leaks.

Posted via CB10

Happy for the leak but tired from the watermarks. Sad to skipping again the leak

Posted via CB10

Waiting for that leak but without watermark ;) A lot of new interesting features! Thx guys!

Posted via CB10

This is all well and good, but when is 10.2 for the Z10 going to be official??

Posted using CB10 on my Z10STL100- running

Damnit Blackberry! Why didn't you tell people that some of the BB10 phones had an FM chip in them? Didn't you think that it was a feature worth mentioning or marketing?

If I had known then I would have got a Q10 instead of a Z10.

Posted via CB10

You're forgetting there actually had to be some marketing...

Apparently the hardware supports it, but not sure why it isn't enabled.

Posted via CB10

Tempted by this, but the watermark is a big no-no for me. If that can be gone on subsequent leaks, then I'll go for it.

I have a leak installed now, but have passed on the last few 'cos of the watermark. I hear 10.2 official may be released mid Oct, but my carrier didn't put the official 10.1 out until 7 weeks after the 'release' for that, so won't hold my breath...

I would love to try this but I have a mac - I take it nobody has any method to load this using something like heimdall?

Mhh!....looking forward to the official version. Do not twitch, will soon be the official version.
Of course, this version adds the adrenaline and excitement.

Differences between and this one anyone? I want to see if there is any radical difference that could make worth it installing the new one.

Q10 -

Here you go bud:

Updated touch profile to improve battery life.
Sensor libraries updated.
Gyroscope support in camera (future support for panorama).
Updated translations.
Some extra code analyzers and debug scripts turned on which may slow things down.
Lots of work on PIM services and libraries.
Advanced WiFi is fixed.
Audio routing in music player now works.
BBM dark themes fixed.
Can display next/previous buttons instead of doing L gesture.
Contacts can be copied to different backends.
Email composer can switch between plain text and HTML.
Event recurrence is now set via a drop down without leaving the page.
FM Radio is enabled. [Not for the Z10]
IMAP setting to stop downloading emails while roaming.
Music player continues to play songs while camera app is active.
Pictures received in emails are now in-line.
DocsToGo working again.
Private browsing shows a 'blue' overlay on top of the URL bar to show that it is private.

That's differences between this and
There are hundreds more differences between this and May want to look at changelog from previous 10.2.1 releases.

Does this update have the pop-up notifications whenever Wallpaper Changer HD is used? This has been a problem for some of the more recent 10.2.1.xxx leaked updates. So far, only does not have this problem? Is Shaosoft able to do anything about this issue? Or will something need to be changed in the update?

I hope they have fixed the Wifi so that it does consistently drop or disable my home wifi network saved profile on the Q10. This is driving my crazy. I've tried the suggested fixes in the forums with no luck.

I think the panoramic picture taking (when implemented) will be great. I know in an earlier survey about features, this is something that I stressed that I really wanted. I know others have other wishes. I know it is not in this release, but it is good to know that it is being worked on.

This build sounds absolutely crazy!
But I'm guessing this one's more of a dev build with all the debug and extra processes on.

I've just put this on mine after using with no issues since it was released on here and unfortunately the ability to create groups still seems to be missing.

Enough with leaks!!! Let's get the official release already!!!!

Posted from my Z10 using CB10

Is the Android runtime unlocked? Can anyone confirm also if the bar can be removed? If anyone can confirm... Cheers!

+10 GMT where I live....

Can I have the bar file for this unlocked run-time. only if it's newer than the previous, unlocked android run time.

Posted via CB10

Just waiting for the stl100-1 version of this and I'll download. Love the leaks, puts me way ahead of my carrier (Vodacom).

Posted via CB10

It's a leak. dont download it. It may disrupt BlackBerry's whole network a la BBM on Android

Wow, these are all great features... it's great to see these updates rolling out regularly with so many enhancements. Fingers crossed this trend will continue indefinitely

Loaded this bad boy at midday today and while I did not see a radio option as reported, this leak is the best yet, thus far it is silky smooth.

Q10, SQN100-3, 2B01E544, Just finished installing,
First impression: I don't know what's the issue with my email accounts, because I have to delete them all, and add them again, as if it was from beginning, (without the aid of the button on the bottom) to be able to sync my contacts and calendar. Accounts are hotmail and gmail.
And Secondly, it seems to work better than the last leak (, because I had some issues with video browsing, from the video app native, and it seemed (no confirmation) that the battery drained faster. Hopefully this is adjusted now.
Just a nice note: now we can have FM radio stations...... :) THANKS guys!
Keep on sending these nice leaks. BB4ever !

More findings about this leak:
1. PHOTOS: When taking a photo, or saving one (e.g. from facebook), and then going through the 'pictures' native app, there's no way to find the photos taken or stored. The only way is going through the 'file manager' native app and then to the folder where it is supposed to be. There it is, but still no thumbnails available. It's kind of awkward (?).
2. SPEED DIAL: I just discovered (sorry if this was already available on previous leaks or even in the original 10thOS) that you can actually assign a speed dial to a key. Not as it worked on BB OS 7 and previous ones, but doing this: touch the phone icon on the bottom bar (left), and then press any key (with the same exception for voice mail and such) the 10th asks you if you want to assign a speed dial to that key. Neat, I really missed this one from OS7.

About something I also miss from OS7 and previous: the way photos were named when stored, i.e. place, date, number- this was really really helpful. I really (hate is too strong) don't like numbering from 0 upwards...

lol since owning blackberry phones, I have never had an official os on them because leaks seem to have better features, so when people ask in "leaked forums" "whens official coming" your in the wrong place, you are on crackberry.com not blackberry.com. clearly your tempted to run leaks why your at these forums in the first place. I would rather, as much the same as most on these "leaked" forum, hear new options and benefits of leaks. instead there is at least 5 pages of "whens official coming?" go to your carrier site. and "watermarks" your installing betas, why is it even a issue? its not very legible. Like I said, I would rather hear benefits of the leaks rather then some asking questions on the wrong website. great job on the leaks guys. look forward to more.

PLEASE dont change APP WEATHER in OS 10.1. New default app Weather is to small, and not good. Old is better, only change from Q10 like Z10.

I have noticed that new pictures I take don't show thumbnails. Taking several pictures I can only see the most recent and sometimes when I look for music it says my memory card must be indexed.

Anyone seen this?

Posted via CB10

ANYONE... Is WiFi calling WORKING in this leak??? Can someone please test and confirm this?

Don't have time to keep upgrading to each leak and re-setting everything up, only to find out it doesn't work. Would joyfully make the upgrade if I KNEW it worked...

Downloaded the leak twice already. Not successful in extracting the file. Pls help

Posted via CB10

Happened the same with me, then downloaded the 7Z extractor and it worked fine. (Don't know if you have it already, but it happened to me this way.)

> IMAP setting to stop downloading emails while roaming.
now this explained how my credit disappeared - i was sure that i turned off roaming.

it happened something awkward about google talk. I had to download it again from 'my apps' at BB World, and then it worked fine.

When can we get the 10.2 os and possible instagram?? Ayyaa i saw my BlackBerry friend already go to S4..shaishh

Posted via CB10

Aside from the visible pin, the update is working great! Everything I've loaded/used works. Awesomesauce!

Posted via CB10

Loaded on my Z and the main problem I have is in the HUB, there is a "enable pinch gesture". When toggled on you can pinch very little and makes my HUB lock up. Anyone see this yet? If someone knows how to use the pinch gesture other than a normal hand movement let me know.