Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10 devices (yeah, except the STL100-1)

By Adam Zeis on 3 Oct 2013 10:29 am EDT

Another hot BlackBerry 10 leak this morning courtesy of the BerryLeaks team. This time around it's version and it's available for the STL100-2/3/4, SQN100-X, SQR100-X and STA100-X. Sorry STL100-1 users.

This one is action-packed and has a load of changes/updates both good and bad, so be sure to check out the full forums thread before you dive in.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out ou full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad (though you can always reload your OS). 

If you do install drop a comment and let us know how it works out for you.

Download OS from the CrackBerry forums



Gonna hijack this thread to say that YOU PIN WILL BE VISIBLE IN ALL 4 CORNERS IN THIS BUILD



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Just want the official 10.2



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Z10, (P/CB 10)



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Z10STL100-1/ NG



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I think we've got it already, 1767 is probably the gold release.

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Marco Mecelli


On my Z10 somewhere in the GTA.



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Z10STL100-1/ NG


I'm tempted to load this leak even though I've only been using the previous one from last week for only a couple of days, I love the notes you've provided Berry leaks team.

Z10 with OS


That's okay...we Dash 1 owners got three releases recently. I'm happy. :) Hopefully I will get the Z30 anyway. :-P

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Gimme official!

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When I click the forum link on my Z10 it displays the thread for a second, then the screen goes white.

Arny cua

Not a fan of leaks, gimme official!


how all of blackberry 10 devices have silver side bar? sells anywhere?

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Why STL 100-1 is always excepted!!
Is it that bad :(

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Because of 4G /LTE

...forever BlackBerry...


F*#!k 4G/LTE And BlackBerry itself ... Why do they make it in the first place

Z10STL100-1/ NG


This one has the PIN showing in the display. No thanks. I think I'll wait for the official 10.2.


Tired of leaks.... want the official one!!!

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Z10STL100-1/ NG


My 1323 is running solid, but still looking forward to the official release.

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Waiting on offical now ***taps fingers***

Thanks anywayz.


Worth upgrading from Z10STL100-3/

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Read the OP in the forum, and decide for yourself, as only you can decide that.


Others can decide for me.

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that sounds like a big L.....


I'll make your decision simple, take your Z10 now put it into the microwave for 10 seconds on high, and then apply the update. It will speed up the phone and with this simple trick you can lose 5 lbs off your huge lazy ass, and u will read the OP from now on! ;)

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I'm interested in the "action-packed and loads of changes" part, if anyone is willing to provide that info.

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Stephen Cooper


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The linked forum does all that.

Veeraganesh Reddy Thondapu

What are the changes? Any good soul.

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Is the Squirkle back? Come on bring me the Squirkle!

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So what's new???

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Wow... I just loaded 1767 two days ago


Going to wait a while. I only just upgraded to 0.1767 and that's working well so far. Some good performance improvements and generally more slick.

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I ran the install and the next morning my phone told me it had to restart after a software upgrade. Damn thing put me back on my original OS. I didn't even run the update - apparently it ran it on it's own. Has anyone else had this happen? I was happy with the leaked version becaise it fixed my camera issues of not being able to turn on the flash... now i'm back to square one... very frustrating


Ah yes. A reminder to refrain from installing leaks.



Will download this one only for archive purpose.

Only fair to assume there'll be another leak in a few days which doesn't have the pin # stuck to screen, so I'll wait till then.

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My sentiments exactly :-)

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Another leak what about an official one

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I'm happy with .1767. Figure I'll wait for the next one. That should be a lil more polished.

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Dinidu Sanjeer1

Common somebody tell us about that Action packed part..

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'Technically a hybrid'. Nice effort for sure, but just loaded, and stabilized .1767. Will hold there for now. Some of the added features sound good, but I can wait for the bugs to be worked out.


Has anyone noticed customised bezel on Q10 on the image illustrating this article? :)

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Jonathan Lebeuf

Il pass this one

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Yeah, except the STL100-1 again! I'm sorely disappointed and sad but hopeful, though, that the next leak will be for my device as well. Those leaks are surely causing an addiction that's exciting every time they appear but it's also very disappointing when they're not available for the STL100-1. I hope the next one will be for us, the lonely ones.

Musheer Ahmed1

I ll wait for d official release

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I'm not going to twitch .... looking forward to the official version...


This leak is packed of very tempting features!! I can't wait to get 10.2.1.x for my Z10STL100-1

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no stl-001 again T-T

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Tyrone Whiston

I'm gonna skip this version too. Mine works perfectly fine.

Bring on the official version!

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See which Blackberry devices and SW versions have been certified for use in N.A. Gives you insight into firmware releases that are imminent.

Tyrone Whiston

Anyone know where I can get the individual links for the extra BAR files, like the android ones, etc. The latest ones?

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I'm very satisfied with 1767 on my 100-1

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Stl 100-1 -_-

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Oh great "bad changes". Official version should be in couple weeks. No thanks.

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Thrace Ist

So anyone will summarise what is new or shall we have to read a thousand aimless messages ?


It's in the first post. There's a section of general notices/fixes and a section of issues

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Can't wait to get the official release.

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I extremely hesitant to download leaks as some apps don't work with leaks. I will wait for the official and hopefully 10.2 will be released soon.

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Hey dipshits.... where is my 10.2 official upgrade....stop sinking the company with incompetence

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After our carriers stop selling Zs as Rogers intends, who will send out official OSs to us consumers...? In my case I can't see why at&t would care if I got an upgrade or not once they back away from selling BBs.

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Not liking this leak yet, very buggy for me right now, but I am maybe a couple hours in so , going to give it some time


When is the real Os gonna come out?

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I'm going to have to skip this one.

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So far so good! Squircle is still there though!

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When the hell are these leaks going to turn into an actual update!?

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Staying out of this.. am sure a new leak will be out before the end of next week

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any news when the exact update date and if slt100-1 can be use?

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This leak have real issues. It doesn't work multimedia sounds. An can't ear music. It's very slow. I wait for a new leak

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Great job guys! Running this OS and so far it is running really smooth. I did a security wipe first, installed leak, and running all settings from scratch. I'll probably end up restoring my settings due to password keeper. I wish I could just downloaded that app with my backed up settings only but I can't seem to do it.

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Almost 24 hours with this leak and I like it a lot. The one and only bug that I've encountered has to do with my contacts, but it's minor at best.

My media works fine and channels functions as it should. I even went against the recommendation and restored from my backup and it worked flawlessly.

Pin in the corners? Who cares? Not that big of a deal and you hardly notice it. I've heard a lot of complaints about that, but it's really of no consequence.

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i can not ple any video in any format. I installed this versión in a Q10 and a Z10 and in both cases do not play any video format


music player and video player don't work

Tunde Adewale

Pls guys what's the best 10.2 version for d Z10 stl 100-1 tho

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Please, make STL 100-1 be available :(

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James Blight

I tried this one twice and contacts wouldn't sync. Back to 1767.

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Is this worth installing over

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I'm running this leak for two days as I was on 1767 for 3 days, but missed black theme absent from it. Very solid and responsive, no accidental reboot. I really enjoy this one. If you can stand the subtle Pin on the four corners, is the one.

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Hello, and thanks for this leak. I have a Q10, SQN 100-3, Model RFN81UW, 2B01E544.
I installed it, made all the steps as referred in the foruns, plus some extra that I made already comments to. (like you should unclick (uncheck) the auto open in BB Link when a device is plugged).
After restoring from a functional version
First: didn't sync the contacts from gmail. I had to delete all mail accounts, and then restoring them as if it was a first time operation, and without taking the (suggestion) button on the bottom. Then it restored everything. (note: if taking the suggestion button on the bottom, it would not sync the contacts or calendar)
Second: no movies available, i.e. when trying to see a movie made, or inside the sd card, it gives an error: «the file can't be played due to an unexpected error. (10)» I already made several reboots to no result.
Third: It seems (i have no way of conformation, that the battery goes away quicker than the previous version (
Forth: When searching for photos recently made, I can't find them... (?)
I will try to install the latest version (sent by you on 9.Oct.2013) tonight at home and let you know the result.
Thanks for everything!