Leaked: OS for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2014 02:51 am EDT

If you've been gone digging through the CrackBerry Forums then you know the rumored, next official release noted is and it's supposedly in the hands of carriers for testing right now. Rather than waiting for carriers to push it out though, you can grab the autoloaders right now for most BlackBerry 10 devices. So, what devices are the list working list?

The BlackBerry Q5, Q10 along with the BlackBerry Z30 and Z3. The only exception here is the BlackBerry Z10. Unlike a lot of other leaks where the STL100-1 is excluded, this release sees STL100-1 as the only Z10 version supported. Someone can likely build an autoloader for all other Z10 versions but for now, STL100-1 only.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad — though you can always reload your OS. If you want to know what has changed, what's new then head on into the CrackBerry Forums and discuss it some more.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Z30
Download OS for the BlackBerry Q10/Q5
Download OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 model
Download OS for the BlackBerry Z3

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Leaked: OS for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones


Talk about change of fates?! This is really completely unexpected given a Leak Winter and for Z10 users =))

Agreed on this. I have a hybrid 10.3 installed on a Z10, but it is NOT my daily driver as it just has too many bugs and when you use your BB for work...well, it just has to work. That said, I am very much looking forward to 10.3's official release.

Well, this might be your last one before 10.3 finally drops in a few months.

Frosty White Q10/ CB10'n

Yes, follow Blaize's advice, and I say ask as many questions as you need in the forums. Don't feel embarrassed. Yes, it's all been asked before, but it's better you be sure of what you're doing before you do it... :-)

Oh well I'll be waiting as my daily driver is a Z10 STL100-2 and my dev device is already running the latest 10.3 release!

Z10 STL100-2 EE UK

Meant Z30 os leak with Z10 radio, I want to load the new leak, but have a STL100-2 and am not sure how to get it to work on mine. Or will there be one for STL100-2?

Posted via CB10

After the last upgrade my battery life was poor but since installing the 10.3.296 leak everything including wifi have been great and it's hardly ever dropping a call. I think I'll stick with this OS :)

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In the last OS my whatsapp didn't have any notifications, no instant replies I'd only know that and the battery life was horrible only 6 hours.

The OS was just horrible

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If it's true that it's in the carrier's hands now, then might as well wait for it. No point in wiping the phone if it's coming soon

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Well dang it. T-mobile USA hasn't even pushed out the last update and now another one is about to be pushed out. This is going to be a long ass summer

Waiting on the Z50 with 32gb of internal memory

That's strange. I was waiting for Fido to push the most recent update. I was travelling in the US, popped in a T-Mobile card in and T-Mobile pushed 2156 on me.

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I have the stl100-3. Are the carriers going to release it for the z10 at all? Or is the leak excluding it for now?

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Probably wouldn't wait on T-Mobile because the last 4 blackberry devices they released only received 2 official updates so they did that already and have now been cut off from blackberry so you'll be waiting.....FOR-EV-ER

Pin:2B957637 Q10 SQN 100-5

Hey I've just checked out maps on previous os
And its not showing location in india
Thanks bb i need maps for a very long time..
And what are bug fixes in this leak?

Posted via BlackBerry z10

I will D/L,...but install when I have little to nothing to do,...as I just installed *.3175 about 2-3 weeks ago.

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I have a stl 3z10, so if the stl 1 folks get an exclusive good for them. They've been getting jerked on the leaks for the longest

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Just when I'm having fun with I can always go back. :) I will try this out. When I miss the awesomeness that is (design tweaks, tightness of the homescreen icons spacing, the new sleek Call screen, Signature actions, and so much more) I'm digging the colorful Homescreen icons because I'm in advertising / Creatives... so it works for me.

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I also love the 10.3 look and feel, but this morning on my Z10 I found an issue that made me have to shelf the 10.3 z10 in favour of my Z30 on 10.2.1... when I switch to the "work profile" (Balance) almost nothing works on the (w .296 bars). Very disappointing, but until I figure that out, I cannot use the 10.3 OS for my work device. :(

Which android runtime is it using? I have installed the 10.3. OS on my Z30 cause it runs a lot more android apps than the 10.2.1 OS ran. If I loaded this leaked OS would I be downgrading my android runtime?

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I was about to download it when the official update came out. They still haven't fixed the issue of unwanted highlighting of text when you are trying to position your cursor within a text. Anyone else getting annoyed by this?

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I'm already done updating my phone, I did some backup using the blackberry link but when I restored my files some of them or most of files are gone, it seems that the blackberry link didn't run a full back up on my phone

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Installed and re-stored quite smoothly. I never got the .2179 update OTA (on Koodo in Canada) so I decided to take matters into my own hands with this one. One question, when I go to my Software Updates settings page it says I am running Is this what the rest of you see as well? I've never really understood how the numbering system works.

I don't know.... Usually I wait out on the carrier. Once it's released, pushed out, i'll know when I get that notification.

Please somebody explain me what's the problem with the STL-100 I don't really get it, why they are not developing purely for that model because (if I'm not wrong) the Z3 its even less powerful than the Z10 even the number its higher, so what the heck its happening there, I happen to just recently got my phone and I want support for God's Sake!

Joel, The STL-100 is a Bastard phone. One of the very first Z10's to be made and not many were released. Remember back in the days of 386 and 486 computer? In between those two models was the 386SX, or what was commonly referred to as the 386 Bastard computer. Think of your STL-100 as the BlackBerry Bastard equivalent.

Poster via CB10 Bitch!

The notification of it appeared in my Hub about an hour ago. Have downloaded and installed it now and no problems. Q10 on Telus

Poster via CB10 Bitch!

Same wifi issues after installing this leak so back to stock OS because at least the signal strength was stronger with that. Smh!!

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I have updated this Version officially, but the battery back up is very low with less use, it's last for 8 hours with normal use, but before update my phone lasts 20 hours nearly

Hi blackberry z30 main purpose is battery backup, so blackberry need to fix this ASAP, in this update the phone is working faster, I think it's consuming more processing n power.