Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z3

By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2014 03:14 pm EDT

Yesterday we saw OS hit the streets for most BlackBerry 10 devices, and today we can add one more to the mix — the BlackBerry Z3. Even though the Z3 has yet to be made available officially, we're sure that some of you are sneaking around with them and keeping your lips sealed. To help enjoy those pre-release devices — or for those looking to break down the Z3 OS — it's here for the taking.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad — though you can always reload your OS.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z3


Sometimes you have the device but not the latest os and sometimes the opposite. It's hard to make everybody happy :-)

Wtf I just remembered I had a dream last night that I was looking at cb and they had this collage picture of all the BlackBerry 10 devices and then under a piece of paper with just the camera and top left (on back) corner sticking out, with that dotted back plate and square edges as a hint that they had the z3 already and were prepping a review. Huh.

Straight Talk Z10, .2179

The fact that you are dreaming about Crackberry says a lot about how much time you spend here. Lol.

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Just curious ; why is crackberry supporting leaks when bbry doesn't? Abandon this process and let the leaks die out. It matters to us shareholders.

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If you didn't notice after that statement the multiple leak posts crackberry made with a underlying but not-so-suble statement on their penchant and appreciation for leaks. Sorry. Fans like leaks. This is a BlackBerry fan site. We're nosy.

Straight Talk Z10, .2179

You said it perfectly! This is a BlackBerry FAN site, not a BlackBerry official site. Keep the leaks coming CrackBerry!!

I'm not a shareholder... so what do I care?

Without the LEAKS I think BlackBerry BB10 sales would have been less that it already were. Have not seen anything that in these Leaks so far that allowing BlackBerry to officially roll them out would have changed anything.

Leaks give BlackBerry signs of life unlike the PlayBook. BlackBerry isn't Apple they don't get the free press or rumors and they don't have the following.

BlackBerry needs all the exposure it can get.

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No leaks don't. They make BlackBerry look like they don't know wth they are doing, and as if they don't have control over what goes on with their operating systems. A perception further enhanced when you have the existence of certain carriers that refuse to release operating systems on a timely schedule. To a shareholder, this makes the company look somewhat shaky. Apple doesn't have this issue, and they sure as hell control what goes on with their operating systems. You all can start now with the, "It's because Apple has money," reasoning. But to shareholders, that's what it's all about. I think Chen knows this, which makes his move to crack down on leaks understandable. It's about money. Not fans. With money, comes a sustainable company. With a sustainable company, comes better devices. With better devices, come more fans, WITH their money, which leads us back to "with money." The circle of success. Leaks aren't the answer to BlackBerry's success. The majority of cell phone users in the world don't want to be beta testers. I get it, many of us here on the site love that sort of thing. But, that's not the masses. They want a product that's already been tested and does what it is supposed to do.

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That's what I look for when choosing a tech stock - leaks. They got leaks? I ain't buyin'.


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"... It's about money. Not fans. ..."

Short sighted much? No fans = no money. End of lesson. The leaks get current owners excited and they're excited to talk to their friends about the new features that will be available on the devices. That may or may not influence other people to buy one of the devices. How are you going to get new fans with money if the current fans are unhappy or generally bored with your product? Word of mouth is the best advertising. BlackBerry NEEDS owners to be talking about their products favorably.

I read your entire post. It was stupid and shortsighted just like that other drivel you responded with, Mr. Classy.

Furthermore, you mention "current fans." The fans you encounter on this site are only a fraction of BlackBerry users. Not everyone who owns a BlackBerry is a member of this site. Therefore, if BlackBerry is smart, they realize this and focus not only on the tech fan that resides here, but also the average user who could care less about certain technological intricacies, because they do exist, and their money is just as good. Thus, adding to the major fan base it already has. When you are a company living on a budget like BlackBerry is doing, you can't afford to be picky about where your money comes from. Try reading my entire post this time before responding. If you need help, there are several means online to help you get started with literacy.

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"Word of mouth." Yes, indeed! Talking about all of those leaks have really increased sales! People are tripping over their own feet in order to get inside of a carrier's establishment and buy one, only to discover they either can't, or the sales person is trying to persuade them to buy otherwise. Hell, within my own personal experiences providing "the word of mouth" ( After usually being greeted with, "Oh, you have a BB!"...The latest ending with, "You want to join the rest of us in 2014?!"), doesn't get the message across. Neither do OS leaks. Average consumers could care less about them. To them, they seem like an unnecessary hassle. Something they don't want when it comes to a cell phone. I love my BlackBerry devices as much as the next person here, but please get your head out of your asses and realize that for BlackBerry to truly survive, something bigger than techies playing with the newest leak has to take place. Leaks aren't the answer. At least, Chen knows that. Anybody with good sense would.

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He's Mobile Nations Kevin now. "CrackBerrry Kevin" is no more.
Carries different devices.

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Wait wait.... that means that Z3 is provided with a 10.2 build and has the same lower resolution?
That is utmost interesting... ;)

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The MEGA link in this post is broken. Don't just copy the link from the forums, CB's stupid URL truncator replaces most of it with an ellipsis.

When the update will be available in BlackBerry update? I want to get the real update.. anyone know when its available in the phone?

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What are you talking about ? You don't even have the phone
. And as far as official version for YOUR phone will be available, no one can ( will) answer that. I always see that question on leak posts but I've yet to see one answered with a due date : you will never get the answer to that question.

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I've Q10 but I want to know when is the update will be available in the phone setting ii dont want linked update am just askin..

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I was hoping the tweet left off the Zero and it meant Z30. Open up the app and no Z3 for real. What da fool.

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Isn't someone gonna have to endure the vengeance of Chen for leaking this...#GoingDark

Posted via CB10 & my killer BlackBerry Z30 is maintenence release 2 (MR2) of the 10.2.1 branch.

It has been released to all carriers during the last days, so it is going to be published when the carriers provide a TA to BlackBerry.

Days, weeks, months. Nobody knows...

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Really? This is rediculous, the device is just being released. You leak folks are something else!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I know April Fools Day is over, but this is really quite funny... and the funniest thing about it is, someone already downloading the OS leaks... :-)

Seriously, that is the hardest part of being a "Blogger"... you have to "blog" something... regardless of what...

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I thought the Z3 will ship with 10.3

That would give it new features which will further entice people to buy a BlackBerry!

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Leaks might be one reason that keeps BlackBerry floating, Keep peoples attention for the devices, and gives a oppertunity to see whats comming futher and that attracts new buyers.

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Without knowing about the features of 10.2.1 I probably never made the switch to BlackBerry ;-)

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