Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

By Adam Zeis on 5 May 2014 09:09 am EDT

We've been in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to leaked OS' on BlackBerry 10, but a new one has dropped today to help start the week off right. Courtesy of lengend in the CrackBerry forums, OS is now available to download for the BlackBerry Z30, with other devices to follow in short order. This one is hot off the press so we don't know what's good, bad or ugly, so if you do fire it up be sure to swing by the forums and let us know what you find out.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad — though you can always reload your OS.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Z30
Download OS for the BlackBerry Q10/Q5
Download OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2/3/4 models
Download OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 model

Discuss more in the CrackBerry forums

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Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices


Odds are very little and no new features, the 10.2.1 branch is almost certainly just in bugfix mode and this leak is probably leading to a release intended to deal with carrier-reported issues from the previous 10.2.1 release.

HUGE change! According to the last sentence of the FIRST paragraph of the article, Adam says they changed the whole UI to give it a classic BBOS5 look and feel.

Haha! Good one.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

If Chen wants to crack down on the leaks and CrackBerry supports BlackBerry, why are you promoting them? Yes, I've installed leaks before...but will no longer do so, in support of Chen and the rebirth of BlackBerry.

Posted via Z10

My opinion, I feel people who load leaks are like beta testers. I see nothing wrong in beta testing, free of charge, for BlackBerry before the final release.

Posted Via CB10 for Z30

Robin hood actually stole.

This OS is on the production servers. If Chen doesn't want it in the hands of people, then it should not be published to a "production" server, available on the Internet.

Posted Via CB10 for Z30

I second this opinion of "beta testers".

If any of these problems we've found were to go out into the real world then the average users who have no loyalty to BlackBerry would drop it for the next phone in a second. Not only that but tell others curious about BlackBerry that it's terrible for years after.

People are still telling me their curve was slow and glitchy compared to iPhone so they'll never go back.

The problem with leaks is generally, competitors get to see what you are working before it is ready for prime time. Take a look at the HTC One M8 and you can see BB10 influence in gestures and information consolidation. The M8 is an entertainment device version of BB10, IMHO.

Posted via CB10

Beta testers have ways to report problems to the developer team directly from the phone. How do you report anything from a leaked OS, when you are not in the beta pool? You open a forum topic on the crackberry forums? Like that has ever worked...

I couldn't agree with you more. Chen should be posing out leaks like a screen door on a submarine! Let's get it right!

Sent from my Z30 (STA100-1)

Agreed. If they'd sought out the CB community actively, even b4 the initial release, imagine how much further we'd be along. It's not as if CB has a reputation for malicious activity. Some of the most informed, well intentioned dialogues are here. And I'm more of an observer than anything else, with enough years on me to remind people that expansion card bus started w the Apple IIe, and not the PC. I'd like to note, once again, that my Lenovo Carbon X1 has a battery w 33% more capacityl w/ CPU/memory/solid state drive specs that are similarly comparable to the Q10.....spend a moment ruminating on that....

SQN100-2 | / 2174 ......finally, an OTA issued by VZW

Crackberry supports the fans as well. Aren't we why it exists in the first place? You can't ignore your roots. I'm sure Chen respects that.

Posted via CB10

I think Chen is more concerned over leaks of prototype devices. OS leaks, particularly those that will imminently be released, aren't as harmful.

The 10.3 leak was probably premature as well, but I see no harm, and only good, coming from this leak. ;-)

Posted via CB10 from my Z30.

He was concerned about trade secrets. Hardware and software. An updated version of a released OS probably isn't a big deal unless it shows features that aren't released or announced yet.

They probably weren't too happy about the 10.3 leak.

CrackBerry should continue to post and comment on stuff like it always has as long as they honor take down requests or honor any requests that they receive from Blackberry about what they don't want leaked and would likely result in a specific take down request.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

After thinking about it for a while, I have to say that I do think the 10.3 leak was actually damaging for the company. For example:
- If you look at some of the responses to Michael Clewley's sneak peak at the upcoming SDK release of OS10.3, many people are upset that the accents won't be customisable. A feature that wasn't even on people's radar as a possibility a few months ago, is now causing disappointment when the actual release won't include the feature.

Posted via CB10

I would agree to not download leaks if BlackBerry agrees to timely official updates. Leaks are a solution, not the problem.

Posted via secure bb10.2.1.2179

About leaks and following Chen's wishes, I think he was referring to news leaks not OS leaks. He didn’t want unfulfilled expectations that come with those kinds of leaks. I'm too chicken when it comes to downloading OS leaks but I think it helps like others have said, like bets testing. So it's all good.

Posted via CB10

I bet he was also talking about OS leaks too, albeit he is probably more concerned with 10.3 leaks and not so much one like this.

Perhaps small update leaks are ok (i.e. Do not impact strategy) , but I really hope the BlackBerry community doesn't spoil his vision due to their impatience by leaking 10.3 and major updates. I think Chen meant everything that could be considered a leak though as his official standpoint. Really as supporters we should have some awareness of counter productivity.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

Sweet!!! I'm installing this as soon as I leave the hospital. That may or not be in 3 hours. Now I have something to look forward to. :D

Posted via CB10

I don't use leaks (don't want to take the time for a possible catastrophe) but I wouldn't mind an official bug fix, every two or three months.

Leaks are perfectly safe as long as you're okay with taking a minimal (if you make backups) risk of data loss. It's exceptionally rare to brick s phone to the point it can't be recovered.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Good to hear. I'll hold out for the official release though. I'm happy with what I'm running right now. Although if it updates our android runtime to 4.3, I would reconsider! I just bought the Jawbone UP24 bracelet and the app on Snap doesn't work. It says it needs OS to be updated to 4.3. It is the first app that I wanted and couldn't get.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Please please BlackBerry give option to remove preview tiles on picture menu and when i select a directory on picture menu give option of sorting order. Almost every other flaw since Feb 2013 has been fixed.

Posted via CB10

Just as about people where biting off Lengend's ass a few days ago, and then he drops this one. Good one bro! Let me fire it up!

And guys, stop asking what it's this version, Adam said they don't also know what's in it, let's all go and "explore" hahahaha

Posted via a sexy QTEN

The problem with leaks is that it gives the competition an edge on what's coming out on the next BlackBerry Os version. And it allows them to stay a step ahead. It also shows what BlackBerry is working on. The other important thing is people don't understand that a leak is not a fully working Os and they bash BlackBerry for releasing such a crappy Os update.

Posted via CB10

If your saying is not as complete as than I don't think you have any authority to talk about updates because you have no idea

Posted via CB10

Your points would be valid if this was a 10.3 leak, but this one is almost certainly just an incremental bugfix release with zero new features.

Honestly don't care about leaks anymore the hype kind of died for me just waiting on official version from now I believe only our us friends should get then since they always get the OS last

Run from this leak... brutal radio and BBM crashes plus battery killer. Just a warning.

Posted Via my  Z30 

The leak was just posted 2 hours ago...hardly seems enough time to state this, especially re: battery life.

Posted via CB10

Take it for what it's worth.....this release has been in testing for over a week. it's brutal.

Posted Via my  Z30 

Maybe all leaks from here on out are going to be brutal, that's one way to stop us from loading them up!

Posted via CB10

I'll give it a try with the 10.3 Browser.

Simply amazing design with those flashy red /black button sliders, if the whole OS 10.3 is like that. WOW

Looks SO awesome on a red Z10

RedBerry Z10 Limited Edition #00176

Ooh! Can't wait to check that out. I'll give this leak some time and see if it's worth the switch.

Posted via CB10

Thanks! Good work.
Have been wanting to fire up a new OS for a while.

Everyone being so critical and judgmental with their "holier than though" condescending comments can go sit on a rusty nail. Chen has to do his job and make sure his security is team is on top of it.
Realistically, just a cat and mouse game and we users are just picking up those little crumbs. It's not like the average users is going to install leaks. The biggest hit taken as a result are just what bloggers see in the leak and report about it. So don't act like we users are the root of all evil and damaging BlackBerry for installing leaks lol.

If you don't like leaks and think they are wrong & blah blah blah, that's fine, but don't have to sound like special officer Doofy just to make that point.
(rant over)

Posted via CB10

You meant 'holier than thou' and the auto correct caught you I think.

Having said that, I totally agree with you. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. Can't make everyone happy.

Posted via CB10

Actually, even worse than that. Double typed some words, used "is" in the wrong spot among other things. All that for just typing away and not realizing the typos in time. Just the fact that the CB10 app doesn't allow one to edit the posts here sucks big floppy donkey doo doo.

Posted via CB10

Nice!! I don't do leaks, and I have no moral issues with people who install them. I just got tired of the leak/tweak/reset cycle :) I like reading what they improve/remove and stuff to see where the direction of the OS is going.

Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

If it's not for a z10 don't say it's for all blackberry 10 devices. That's false advertising. You Idiots


Did you bother to read the forum posting?

The leak poster says he's working on getting the other versions up soon but the Mega site was having issues.


Posted via CB10

The post said it's leaked, which means someone outside of BlackBerry has it. It didn't say it was available for download now. Learn the difference between the two terms before making yourself sound like an ungrateful idiot.

Blackberry can use all the free help it can get, this is good press for them, why?

Because it makes it look like they are actively developing BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry isn't Apple they can't do the once a year OS release the sooner they fix bugs and introduce features the better.

Posted via my Q10

Hilarious! Lengend gave into the forums thread from the other day where members accused him/her of being afraid of Chen. It will be interesting to see how this plays out from all angles. Was Chen serious in putting his foot down in stomping out leaks? Is he a real bad a$$ when it comes to running things in the land of BlackBerry, or is he full of hot air as was the banished former king? Is Lengend a real bad a$$ who snickers at authority, or just someone who has a need to build self-esteem by proving him/her self to strangers on a fan site? Stay tuned! Same Crack time! Same Crack location!

*Laughs maniacally*
*Grabs popcorn*

Posted via CB10

Haven't you caused enough problems for BlackBerry with your leaks? BBM was screwed up because of it.
Competitors get an early look at new features.

Are competitors paying real close attention to BlackBerry ? Not sure. I think leaks provide a good service all things considered. A young OS has to keep a dynamic path of action in small steps not big ones. It's a great chance for BlackBerry to show that it is listening to its clients. I think beta zone should be used for some items. May the lengend continue...

Posted via CB10

Lots of rubbish been talked on this thread. Let's stay in topic. What is new in this leak?

Posted via CB10

Installing the leaks are a good thing. Somebody has to test these things out - and left in the hands of the boys in waterloo - it'll never get done In a timely fashion. These leaks are essentially beta testing and it will force BlackBerry to push the updates out faster.

Can't sit on our hands for months at a time.. that's what got BlackBerry into the position they are in! Too much talk, not enough action.

Posted via CB10

I wish people would stop arguing in posts. No one's interested in it. I'm gonna install the leak and let you know what's new. That's what we all want to know. X

Posted via CB10

Fully agree.
Have to scroll through three pages of nothing to find out if there's anything in the leak.

Posted via CB10

Its great to have leaks and lets have a positive look at why, I do testing of various roms be it Android and Blackberry.
I have gained much wisdom and been more accurate in my reporting on BB10 when I have loaded the leaks and done comparisons. However, indeed Chen does not want leaks out that could be detrimental to BB10 in house developers. I have never seen a leak here that has been reported in a negative way or an official complaint from Blackberry whom I am sure have access to Crackberry, I only have praise for all the contributors and positive and negative inputs. It only makes us stronger as a Crackberry community.

Sometimes leaks are the only way for me to get updates. Being in the US, carriers have seemed to have abandoned BlackBerry and updates are few and far between if at all.

I can't wait to move back to Canada, at the very least so I can get updates.

Posted via CB10

Ok I thank everyone on this thread for expressing his opinion over LEAKS. Now, I won't download the leak since I just did it once and it was for the 10.2.1 (yes because of the android apps but I missed the swiping up and down for phone calls which is better than the one they are using now) anyway, I do agree with Mr. Chen about the harm leaks will cause for the company's OS and strategy all in all, since it's not that nice to expose ur pre-matured product to competitors who can work on it faster than you can and you would end up being a follower of your own invention. All that said, can someone please tell me what does this new leak has?

Powered by Blackberry

Leaks have been around for years and discussions about still go on. Doesn't change the fact that they exist. Anyway, chenware is both funny and a good idea. Find out if anyone downloading this is employed by Apple or Google.
P.s.Artie is dumb.

Posted via CB10

Guys, I have seen the videos of this update, but I wanna know if u can take pics while shooting a video :D



Can u imagine how anyone in the company (slight reference to CEO John Chen ) will fell about these AFTER warning not to leak these under development OS's???
That degrading and demeaning.
Also once the leak is out. There isn't that excitement and spark left when it is officially launched.

Eg. People wouldn't have gone crazy if iOS 7 would have been available as a leak 1 month before it's launch right?
So please... #justsaying

Zeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^

Wow - some of you crybaby butt-hurt do-gooders just can't handle how things are in the real world.

If you can't two hand hold a mug of hot cocoa while wearing your pajamas in the basement of your parents' house, pretending the world is full of soft kitties and fellow vegans looking to shame the world into your whimpering, cowering, fearful desire to allow others to make all your decisions and point at anyone who dares to stand up and take matters into their own hands when necessary (kicking arse, taking names, and LEAKING LEAKS!!) YOU WOULD"NT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Keep on wetting yourselves when those of us with confidence and take charge attitudes overlook your sniveling whimpers of " . . . but you shouldn't . . . it's not nice . . . it's not fair . . . . Chen said . . . . "


Didn't I tell you to keep off Crack Cocaine!!!!
Look at what it does to you, you get all mad and stuff.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Do you know!! I'm started to hate my country coz there's only z10 STL-1, and that's sux I hate blackberry why they just didn't make one version of the brand that's boring.

Posted via CB10

And why you put that's leak for the z10 stl-2/3/4 they already can load the 10.3 version that's poor.

Posted via CB10

waiting for the sachesi ready version. I miss the old autoloaders that restored your contacts, texts, etc. on the legacy devices.

I updated mine this morning and see no changes at all. Nothing looks different. A few of my once working Android apps still do not work. I did see in my contacts that my father in law works for Starbucks. Not sure where it drew that info from as he is a security guard...Looking further, it seems to populate random locations in the "company" field when I am scrolling through my contacts. Is this a new feature telling me where that contact currently is??

I have to give up on leaks because I am with Tmobile, I fear I will loose crucial services possibly for good seeing that tmo and bbry don't play nice anymore. I don't even see myself updating to 10.3 not like it will be available in the states within a year of release date anyway smh


The autoloader will do it for you automatically. You'll need to extract the file with an extracting program but then the autoloader takes it from there.

Cheers. :)

Don't support leaks now? Seriously cb!?!? Because everyone knows that the entire mobile world is just itching to copy what BlackBerry is up to.
Meanwhile, Google is also building it's next chromebook modeled directly after the playbook...

Not even Microsoft is making money with tablets. It's a big loss on every sold Surface. How can BlackBerry then be profitable with tablets .because some freaks buy them? How much money they made with the playbook? Maybe when they make something unique pharmacy sector who pay big bucks.or.something like that I dunno
RedBerry Z10 Limited Edition #00167

I appreciate the effort made in keeping the community up to date with the leaks. My question is why leak or install if there are no major changes. Why load just to load and say I got it. Still waiting to hear what has really changed. I have read at least three pages of posts and nothing notable or clear about the current information released.

My Z10 has a Flow

Cause of battery life. Hope improvements and... optimization (french style..)

Posted via CB10

I'll be loading this tonight but .....

I have only one question...

Is mark prior read and delete prior for sub folders working?...

Every since the first few builds of 10.1 this has been broken.

I have emailed, tweeted, called, and posted on the forum about this and still does not work...

Believe it or not this feature is why I stayed with BB and did not switch to android or iphone (their email apps sucks for my needs, yes that includes touchdown). Mail i receive is mostly server notices and support BS and I use sub folders in my inbox to organize it.. read what i need them mark all read... Because this is broken I have pretty much stopped allowing anything but the inbox from syncing with my phone. Yes i know i can tap the top and go to folders and mark read there.. but it takes too long to do this for each damn folder.

I updated yesterday and checked and if I press and hold the date line in my hub I get the "mark previous open" or "delete previous".

There has been a couple things i have noticed that is in this leak...one is already already known by now that whatever "page" you were on before you went to hub, you will go back to that page when you leave the Hub, so if you are on the fifth "page" of apps and you do the hub gesture then leave the hub, you'll go back to the fifth "page" instead of "page" one or active frames.

The one I noticed is, when it comes to Android apps, you don't have to delete app - reboot - delete - reboot, etc.....you can delete as many apps as you want and once you reboot, they are no longer there.....I am sure more changes will come along as more people play around with it or as I use it more

Just downloaded and installed on my Z30 Z30STA100-5/ this OS rocks!
Fast and snappier than. 2947
I can't comment on battery life as I just installed it, so give me a day or two.
I highly recommend this leak for your #BB10 device(s).

Posted via CB10

Really? That good huh?

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

c'mon !!! leak or no leak, minor or major, it's an update isn't it?! another step forward is always great, not into leaks as my Z30 is my main device but i can't wait to hear about the changes from the brave ones.

I'm just happy with my Z30. Gonna ride the happy train for a while before I start installing leaks and stuff.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

loaded on my stl100-2, find it snappier than 2947. for battery have to wait, will post results for battery later.

Just loaded. Had to re link half my contacts again. I keep getting a bar that tells me my recent apps are to the left. Tried re booting, but it's still there. Very annoying. No major changes stand out. Not sure about battery life.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10 [T-Mo] STL100-3/Software Release Version

Had anyone else had trouble with BlackBerry Link not wanting to restore after installing this leak?

Posted via CB10

I can't get BB Link to sync period so I was hoping this release fixed the errors of being unable to process or commit to memory on sync.. To restore you have to uninstall BB Link, reinstall and then restore

for z10 stl 100-1 its smooth and faster,..no lags,.app store is fast with more apps in india,battery issue on check(for uneven calibration error,takes at least 3 discharges to report) ...now its perfect...sms in hub are not visible unless you select the sender(previous msgs)....if contact is selected then previous sent msg van be seen....its a bug..

My first full day of this leaked OS update....unplugged at 7:30am and now 4:30pm and still 72% battery life left. Lots of calls and emails today too. Nice!!

Alarm clock is digital now, was analog before (prefer analog). The bar with the "recent apps are to the left' has finally disappeared. It was very annoying. Battery seems good so far.

Installed it on my Z30. Icons seem to have better render and hub text looks better. Or maybe just my eyes. Generally feels snappier. Thanks for the leak!

Posted via CB10

Well my battery has improved with this leak, things seem smoother and faster, no really major thing found, some android apps are back from the restore, my previous build used to hang at 100% upon restart, hub ++ seem to be working, haven't tested the camera and music player yet.

App open and function quickly, ram usage low, no hot battery what what even upon playing Candy Rush saga, haven't spent much time with the contacts app so can't comment there, I had multiple e mail accounts, dome couldn't be configured. Hmm what else, the dialing pad seem flatter, thus nicer

Posted via CB10

An update to my battery life from yesterday at 4:30pm. At 11:30pm I still had 42% battery life left. As noted by others, the OS seems to be much faster and smoother as well.

100% FAKE! I downloaded it for my Z10 and everything seemed to be perfect.. then I discovered that it just formatted my device :)

Posted via CB10

I opened the autoloader and shutdown my z10 and the Green light went on when I typed the password... is what I did wrong to have that result? can somebody send
Me a correct method or tell me how to get that update???! 2ACCC40C

Posted via CB10

It's highly recommended that any and all device security passwords is completely disabled (temporary) prior to upgrading any official or leaked OS10.

Always back up settings via Link (latest version)

Trust me on this, I know what I'm talking about.

Posted via CB10 Z30STA100-5/

24 hours later and so far so good. Phone seems to be running smoother and battery life is much improved. I haven't had any issues with random reboots or the battery heating up as I did runing the official Verizon release. Not sure if it is OS related or not, but even my Facebook app is running smoother and displaying all updates compared to the previous version only showing posts from months ago.

Just installed it but now bb link will not recognize my z30. So i am unable to restore from the backup file. Is anybody else noticing this too? Are does your Link still recognize your phone? im going to try and restart my computer and see if that fixes it.

Greetings to all BlackBerry fans. Downloaded mine last night. Used the MEGA Cloud, it sure took a while but so far seems to work flawlessly. Must reenter "Remember " data, bookmarks and reorganize my contact groups. Not a big deal. The OS. 3175 seems better...smother. Awaiting 10.3.

Cheers, John

Posted via CB10

I haven't been brave enough to put it on my Z30 but have on my Z10 and battery isn't far off my Z30 (still not gargantuan but decent improvement). Side by side apps open faster and smoother particularly when closing apps.

Camera wise it's been optimised to focus quicker. I really hope this transfers over to the Z30 cause the focus time is far too long. Now just have to wait although I'm tempted to load it on my Z30.

I think leaks of OS are good for those who wish to test it out. End of the day it's your own risk and you don't have to load it or know what the company is planning. I love knowing what direction something is going. Gives you an idea but not always is the whole picture... kinda like British weather.

Posted via CB10

I've installed OS10.2.1.3175 for a few days now, overall a great leak, even my #Z30 battery has been great, lasts me a full day considering I'm a very heavy user.

Virtual keyboard has excellent response, & BlackBerry apps work flawlessly.

BBM video/audio call quality is super clear let alone the performance improvements on my #Z30.

Some users will hesitate installing this leak since it may likely be their primary device.

As a reminder to all, always backup via BlackBerry Link

Have a great day, and don't forget to give your beautiful #BB10 device a nice wipe down.

Ciao :)

Posted via CB10 Z30STA100-5/

after installing this leak, I had a lot trouble with the radio. after security wipe radio worked for a couple of then again started loosing signal. I'm now using this leak with radio 2274 and working really well so far.

Hello I dont know much about cellphones, but I have a q10 sprint, and Im trying to use it with another company, its cdma system but also have the option for gsm, if I install this software will unlock my cellphone?