Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 11 Sep 2013 10:49 pm EDT

It has been a bit since we saw the last BlackBerry 10 OS leak but if you're a BlackBerry Z10 owner, it's time once again to grab those USB cables and get things going. OS has now arrived in the CrackBerry Forums courtesy of the Berry Leaks team.

The last few leaks of BlackBerry 10.2 have been pretty stellar so if you're feeling adventurous or have been loading leaks all along, you might as well give this one a go as well. You'll want to head on into the CrackBerry Forums to check out what's new, what's old and what may still be broken on this release.

A quick note about support, only STL100-2, 3 and 4 devices are supported STL100-1 users will have to once again wait it out. As always, standard disclaimer applies as well. Use caution when installing any leaked OS on your device. Be sure to backup first using BlackBerry Link and follow our full tutorial on using an autoloader here

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


As per the Forum's original post, your PIN will be watermarked on the screen. Install only if you're OK with that. Letting people know here in case they don't read the forums.

Need to know if it has an optional dark theme and the beloved squircle thingie before I dive in.

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Yea I'm not part of the squircle cult but I have to admit. That thing was awesome....sucks that BlackBerry backed away from it.

I don't get the squircle thing. Looks odd to me. I have to wonder what would have prompted them to even deploy development resources to that.

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Your not the only one. BlackBerry has said that the reason they removed it was because the people in their focus groups were confused by it......I think they must have been mostly iPhone users :P

Once again BlackBerry fails to cater to their old-time supporters, instead favouring the candy-coated dimwits of society. The boot-up status indicator was handy especially after a system software update ti check whether the smartphone had stalled or was progressing. If Thorsten wants an "Apple Experience" he should have applied to be Apple's Chief Executive Officer.

I'm a BlackBerry fan and when I first saw the squircle, I thought 'Oh, cool' but after a few minutes, I started finding it mildly annoying. I have no idea why. I really wanted to like it. I'm okay with just a circle or a two-way circle.

Yes, I 'll use words instead of symbols and digits. Where is the 'official' OS10.2? For those of us who aren't comfortable with loading leaks, it is a valid question.

ooohhh ...i just got 1443 going good ...well since my battery needs charging anywho :) LOL ...come on I am not the only one who thought that :) ...anyone .....anyone ....

I just loaded 1521 , so yeah was thinking the same thing :-)

the leak seems stable, although having issues with email and launching of hub



I'm waiting for the real thing.... BlackBerry if you see this, for the love of Thor, hurry up... so many people underwhelmed by the competition...tour missing a golden opportunity here

My last leak just got settled, well it time to burn my battery again

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Impatient? This is better than official release. BerryLeaks keep them coming while BlackBerry updates once every few months.

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So true!:-( im not very good at doing this leaks os thing...when are they going to release an official update? BBZ10

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There is no time line officially available for an official release. I expect between one month to three for most carriers, and up to three or six months for the US carriers judging by their previous 'carrier testing' practices..

Download the leak, they are fine. I've been one one for months now.

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

You know what's worse than a leak? Not having the option to install one.

I get that BlackBerry misses the boat on a lot of opportunities but being able to install leaks is infinitely better than not being able to.


Lol I don't do leaks but I still feel bad for you.

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All these leak releases are so tempting but I'm going to wait it out for the official release. Let's hope I don't have to wait too much longer.

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As always -1 users out but it's not that bad cuz we had a recent actualization, btw tomorrow should be something good there were some rumors.

Rumors like :

@crackberrykevin: The 12th?!

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I will be jumping on this one. I have been running the leak for 3-4 weeks and all is good. Don't be concerned because it is a leak, it is all good.

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So we know official 10.2 isnt tomorrow... must be cross platform tomorrow

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Did the last 19 leaks mean that?

Really depends on how you mean "very" & "soon".

This is how you CB10, son!

Thank you for the laugh on this one. Hell. We're the BB faithful (even if such devotion is oft so abused). "Waiting" at this point almost means "on time."

So possibly a dumb question but I'm learning. What made it qualify to become a 10.2.1 leak as opposed to a leak?

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They have probably switched to 10.2.1 internally for new devices after the z30, but also build that new branch for existing hardware too.

Personally, I would stick with leaks of 10.2.0 rather than jumping onto this one which is liable to be buggier for negligible benefits of the latest 10.2.0 leak.

When will the official 10.2 come out!! I'm getting tired of waiting :(!

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The point 1 is likely their development branch for features voted on in the recent beta zone survey. I'll be throwing this on my extra z10 later to poke around.
10.2 has likely been at various carriers for release testing for awhile already. Been running 1443 since it leaked and it's been more stable than my wife's

Finally decided to update to the 1443 leak tonight and we have another already...Awesome!!!

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I have 10.2.01521 on my STL100-1. Very happy with my leaked version. Keep them coming. Thanks for all your work and giving us this, it will be forever for all carriers to release any 10.2 version.

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Just got done installing the 1443 leak oh well •Grabs Usb Cable*. :D

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!!

I am so fekkin bored sick, and disappointed, hearing about all of these fekkin leaks... bring us a real fekkin 10.2 upgrade already. Jeesus! It's been forever, already!

Sporting a White Z10

Not big on loading leaks but whenever it is released I hope the volume level has been fixed. Not sure about others but unless I have headphones on I have to turn it up 75% to hear anything. Of course the ringer is loud and clear but not music.

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Aaaaand I just loaded the 1443!
But I've never heard of or seen PIN watermarks..Can someone post a screen shot please? --I'd like to see how annoying that would be lol

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It superimposes your device pin on each corner of the screen in a vertical fashion, on any and every screen you use as long as the device is booted up. There are pics floating around in the sideloading sub-forum, this hasn't been an issue for a while (since much earlier 10.2 builds) and has to do with the OS being marked for use on the Z30 vs. the Z10/Q10/Q5.

Hi guys.. i need your help, this isn't related to os leaks, I can't seem to change my lock screen wallpaper, I followed the instructions on how to change it but it didn't work.. hope you could share your thoughts on this... many thanks guys!

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I'm hoping this one erases all my text messages and disables my phone. Wait, that was the maintenance release. Maybe this one will erase more. So excited.

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When will the official 10.2, for the Q10, be released?? This is pretty frustrating!! Any idea??


Thank you for the leak!

I can't seem to load the recently updated mobile forums on CB... (I don't use the CB app) It loads, I see the content loading, and then it goes white/blank when it's done loading and I can't see anything. Please fix this!

Yawn... another "leak".

I suppose BlackBerry at least have to do something after making those 250 product beta testers redundant a couple months back and it's get you to do the beta tesing for free.

great, as stl-001 user, I always want to hear / read other stl-234 user more about this new leak, when leak for stl-001 comes up I'll be readying my usb cable right away

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So much for going to sleep. =0)

I have been busy all day and just got around to catch up with CB and channels and discovered this. AWESOME!

Now I'm gonna ask the inevitable question that arises after each leak.... *Drum Roll please* . . "Does Instagram work better on this leak?" #everydamntime

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I guess I'm lucky because I am on a STL100-1 and wouldn't resist to install those buggy leaks..
They test it on yours stl100-2,3 and 4 and then release it to us.. :D
It's not that bad to have an STL100-1
I'll wait for the official 10.2 or 10.2.1 cause I'm running a and I'm happy with it..

I almost cum while flowing and peeking.. :)

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The watermark thing is a HUGE turn off.not installing this leak...i'd been waiting for a leak but now,this!.sigh. :(

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I downgraded from 10.2 back to 10.1. If future upgrades don't include the original dark theme that came with my Q10, then I'll be team 10.1 forever! #myblackberrymychoicemary !

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This is getting tedious. Any chance of an official 10.2 before the end of the year or the first anniversary of BB10 or is the future progress of BB10 going to be in "leaks" on Crackberry

Well there maybe another way but I downloaded Jzip which once you have downloaded leaked os will store the file in it's archive. Open jzip go to the archive , locate file and double click to open. The files will be extracted . Once they are extracted the autoloader should begin with a minute or so and load the os to your device. Make sure your device is plugged in to your computer. Hope this helps.

Thanks Earl.... I can "sideload" the crap out of an Android App on my Z10 - but this seems a bit over my "Technology Pay Grade"... thanks very much anyway...

Frank Boulben Must Go...

Hey I think like any leaked update the improvements are under the hood. Ei better app management, more cpu and kernel stabilization, improvements on the android runtime. You will rarely see any ui improvements aside from a snappier os or better battery life, faster everything etc. It probably won't be till 10.3 or higher that we will see a major ui change. As it stands now this one is ready for a gold release or has already been released as such. Just my input though.
Thanks Crackberry you guys rock.

My only grief is backing up is OS dependent. I.e. You cant restore a back up from a different OS. So its a complete wipe and start again every time you use a leak.

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I think I'm actually restoring from previous versions to the updated leak. It's down grading that I can't seem to do with a restore. So sad.

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hey Berry Addicts, just installed it's been 3 days after i installed it. my battery keeps heating up almost every second my phone's on.
please help guys!!

Posted from my Sexy HOT Z10

It may take a few days before the indexing all your files is complete. This forces the CPU to work harder and ergo the battery.

I love the leaks. However. Every time I install I have to have my company send me password and server info for the work exchange stuff. Biggest hurdle however is that my r mobile hot spot will not work on the leaks. This is something I need. So I downgraded back. Unless there is a fix for the leak with the hot spot I will have to stay with the official.

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If you go contacts under the phone tab( not contacts on home screen), then u choose a contact it will jump to a weird screen which freeze everything. Is it a bug or it is sth new?

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Tried to upload leaked OS, but when unzipped it would not open and error was "File compression unknown"

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This leak did not work for me... Z10 STL100-4... looked great and then after about 30 minutes I could no longer make phone calls! Everything else worked beautifully though, hahaha...

After careful consideration of all relevant facts and opinions on this matter, I have come to the conclusion that it is time (for me) to upgrade to OS 6.0 though OS 5.0 has all the specifications that mankind would ever need for high culture and commerce.

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How to uninstall this leak and be able to reload back up without the dreadful error "The software is incompatible" There has been 3 new leakes since was out, but because the os number is higher than recent, it doesn't allow you to reload software on or .1761. any fixes?