Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 23 Dec 2013 05:49 pm EST

Alright, time to put down the eggnog and grab your USB cables if you're into loading up leaks. OS has arrived for the BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Z10 (1/2/3/4) in the CrackBerry Forums with notice that other devices such as the Q10 and Q5 will be supported shortly. At this point, there's no list of changes but I'm sure it won't take long before one appears.

As always, the usual disclaimer applies here. Be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad (though you can always reload your OS). You can discuss and grab the download via the link CrackBerry Forums link below.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Z10



Same here, only a couple of days old. Unless there are any noteworthy changes, I won't be upgrading as .1259 has been the smoothest OS I've installed on my Z10 since day one.

One thing that I've noticed about this new build, and that I haven't seen anyone mention yet ( not that I've searched that hard) is that the hub is ready to go after I do a battery swap. (I have an extra battery ready to go in certain situations)


Here are the updated BAR files on 1925
Updated BARs (Compared to .1259)


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hi, please may you post sys.camera- for me - i am having issues with mine Z10 STL100-1

my gf's sister just got an almost new green Cadillac ATS-V Sedan only from working part-time off a home computer... this page
> > > > > > >> c­a­s­h­4­6.co­m

I took the plunge. This was the first leak I have ever performed. I have been a BlackBerry loyal for nearly 6 years. I must say the experience and result will have me trying a leak again in the future. Thanks to all of the forum members and CrackBerry for providing the files and instructions, and also the provider of snap. In my opinion the app gap is gone. There were little things that I was missing before and felt left out (example Kodak kiosk connect) and many commercials show an app available for Google play and the App store but never BlackBerry World. Although that still presents a marketing challenge it doesn't have me worried as a BlackBerry user anymore. If I have the apps I need and my device does what the others do, plus you add in: flow, hub, security second to none (and NFC, removable battery, HDMI out -relative to the iPhone) then I think we are on a level playing field and maybe slightly better off from the enterprise side. Here is hoping BlackBerry can capitalize on the opportunity!

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" ... and many commercials show an app available for Google play and the App store but never BlackBerry World."

Ah, that is a problem for BB.
They must convince dev's that BB is a worthwhile platform. BUT, with limited sales of OS10 devices, how can the dev's make a profit?
If the goal of the new BB admin is to build the BES model, how are they to sell more consumer phones which will drive app dev?

Also, why is it that the BB marketing department does not do much, if anything, to promote OS upgrades? Certainly, I have never seen OS upgrades listed on BB press releases.

I cant take it. I just installed 10.2.1
1295. And I honestly thought that these leaks would be hard to get with the Berryleaks team retired. Boy was I wrong!! Anyway, will wait

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I think BlackBerry knew this would leak today. I won't say why other than there are plenty of people under NDA with BlackBerry that do not take their contractual obligations seriously.

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Typical post a rumour and remain silent thereafter. I call bologna on this claim.

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Of course not. I have a Z10 and a Q10 (for work) and my gf also got a Q10. We just met a guy in a bar typing off on his Q10.

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No, it is his sewing machine that he uses to stitch together his messages. ;-)

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The OP in the other thread said he'd post the Q10 & Q5 tomorrow, something about his power being out due to ice storms.

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He apparently is working in a Toronto pizza joint on WiFi. Lengend is a trooper, man... Even managed to get STL100-1 up.

So you know the geographic location of the software leaker but BlackBerry's corporate security hasn't been able to locate and terminate the person? Thunderbuck, you are impressive. Would you like a position with CSEC?

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Terminate as in kill? Jesus BlackBerry's gotten tough.

Posted via my Z10 on the Rogers Network.

I know! Oh well just hope there isn't another next week. At least a couple weeks between leaks is ideal. :P

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Days between these 10.2.1 leaks can be counted with all my hands and feet fingers...

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You had to wait 12 hours for the last one stop whining.

BlackBerry Z30 | | BBM Channel C0006E212

Downloading for sure, if not to install then definitely for the archive. It's over .1900? Definitely stability improvements of anything, and I'm hoping for significant battery life improvement compared to .1259.

Thanks for the heads up, Bla1ze!

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I'd agree on the improvement towards the battery, or at least hoping that's the case

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significant battery life improvement compared to .1259??

Believe me when I say .1259 was one of the best if not the best regarding batterry life.

If. 1259 is the BEST OS version for battery life, we're screwed. My battery on my Z10 dies within 4 hrs of normal use.

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I was using a battery charger bundle for z10 up until .1259. Before, I had to charge my phone 3-4 times a day, so I know what I'm talking about. With .1259 it lasts almost all day. You probably have a problem with one of those #$%^& android apps. 99% sure.

with 1259 I'm charging my phone 3-4 times daily, and the phone switches off at around 80%, and charges to 100% in like 5-10 minutes. So I am using my charging bundle to charge my batteries because 1259 is screwed.

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Let the phone to charge until the charger it's cooling. You only see that the battery is fully charged, but it isn't. You only have a problem with the battery level indicator. Peace!

Nope, the battery indicator is one thing only, because I leave the phone all night on the charger, so the charger is as cool as ever, and the battery charger is on another socket in another room. The battery stays max for 3-4 hours, how long was my post? I just replaced the battery even though I kept my phone on the car charger and removed it at 8 to go to the office, it was 100% back then. Now it's 12:36 and did a battery change...

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It's been well-documented in the forums by members much more knowledgeable than me or you that the first two public leaks of 10.2.1 (.1055 and .1259) had issues with the radio causing massive battery drain when trying to connect to LTE networks.

So how about we stop assuming we know what's going on with another person's device? If .1259 is the best OS you've ever experienced then I'm genuinely happy for you. Sadly though, as with anything discussed on online forums, YMMV.

But I'm blessed with STL100-1 so no LTE on my phone, still facing the same issue.

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I had really bad battery life on and was amazed at how long my battery lasted on .1259...and at a really good timing too bc two days later, I lost electricity due to the Ice Storm (still happening!).

i installed .1259 at 6am yesterday and when i woke up at 1150a battery went from 100 to 77% while in standby no wifi or bluetooth on on my q10 without even restoring data so there is definitely a drain issue in my opinion

that's understandable, considering how the initial 48hrs of loading a new OS/update is crucial for indexing the system. within this time frame, the system is running in the bkgd trying to optimize and match your preferences (i.e. settings). this will in turn cause a large consumption of your battery. give it another day and you should start seeing better battery life compared to older versions of BB10. I cannot comment on though as i don't see the need to update (no new features only bug fixes).

Merry Christmas Zed owners. I won't be one of the Q owners to complain. I'm enjoying the leak; when this is available for the Q I'll give it a try. Until then, thanks for bringing us all the leaks.

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Can someone confirm if this is the update to have all the android software available to download on bb10?

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10

According to anecdotal reports, there are more apps that run better on this leak. I'm just in the midst of restoring so I can't vouch for that.

Update 2: Instagram is flawless. Finally lets you use the front cam without turning the image upside-down.

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I downloaded and installed from Amazon using the Appstore app and all I have downloaded worked very well except for the Appstore App which is a little buggy. The apps downloaded from the store work fine. Just download and select "install".

I am scared. Still om tmo 10.1 with no updates. I wish I could play with the big dogs.

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Oh (thur)man...you gotta make the leap. 10.2.1 is worth it! Huge compared to where you are now. All the steps, and tips, are in the forum(s). Just do it!

Turman you need help reach out to me I'll show you how to install the leak. Super easy. Pin:334C7224

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Dude, I'm with you. Was on ATT 10.1, scared crap less about going out into the wild and installing 10.2.
Pulled the trigger a week ago. Sooooo glad I did. The updated Android runtime alone turns my Z10 into a new device.
Take the plunge and go 10.2 you won't regret it.

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Mate I'm a new z10 owner unlocked for t-mobile it was originally a Verizon phone.

Always remember it's just a phone. Back it up and give it a load. It works flawlessly with t-mobile but you'll have to reside load android apps

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There's nothing to fear. I did my first leak about a week ago & i'm on T-Mobile . Trust me with the help of the forums and the nice ppl here in the community it was so easy a caveman can do it. I went from 10.1 to and now i'm on 1259. In less than a month. I admit I was afraid at first until i tasted the blood! Don't let tmo hold you back!

Z10 *

I was in the same boat till I upgrades to 10.2.1 its def worth it! Just back up and if it screws up reload. no big deal

Is there anyway to know when at&t are going to make the 10.2 update available??

The year is almost over and this is getting ridiculous!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Honestly, if you're waiting for a carrier just take it into your own hands and use an autoloader. Pick a 10.2 you like and load it.. heck it can be a leaked one that's already official on pretty much every other carrier except for U.S. ones. No point in waiting for AT&T and T-Mobile any longer, if there ever really was a point.

WOW,,, they bitch when they get' em, don't get 'em, too far apart, too close together,,, just get an appfone & be done w/ it...

Yes, definitely a Dev OS, but doesn't mean it cannot become a RC. However I doubt it now that I have looked into this OS build a little more.

Whoops, NOT a dev OS, but full OS, sorry it had been a really long day for me. Release Candidate (RC) maybe, but probably not, although this was apparently a Beta Release for BES and should have all features.

I had to decide to load the leak last night lol FML.

BlackBerry Z30 | | BBM Channel C0006E212

F***k just updated mine yesterday. No big bug yet to make me do this one

Posted With My ZL1 OS:Unknown Via CB10

Just upgraded yesterday and was enjoying the stability. A few bugs but am not sorry it is not ready for the Q10. I know if it was, I would be frenzy to get it on my device.

Haven't try anyone yet but i'll try with the new 1925 and hope it doesn't use to suck battery unlike the 1055.?

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I tried asking cust svc that yesterday and got a response along the lines of "what's a Z10?" I downloaded in response to BBLink's "update available" message, and am kicking myself: it disabled T-Mobile's previously functioning Wifi calling, so if that's important to you, don't do it. I'm hoping a later version is on the way.

Well let's just say 2014 sometime i'm on T-Mobile and I got tired of waiting.

Z10 *

Arrggg!! I'm Soooo tempted to load this on my Q asap. But I'm about to go back to work and can't afford to have it glinchy. Uhhhgg!! Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! (lol)

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This is also the version rolled out to BETA users under the BES BETA program.

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Hopefully this leak will fix the problem with picture gallery view in 1295 leak.

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Is there any confirmation whether the BBM beta works with new OS?

CrackBerry...where Stupid People fight about Smart Phones

You guys are talking about wallpapers in this leak and the last. What do you guys mean my wallpapers? Live wallpapers? Like how the Samsung phones have?

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This leak fixed the dark theme problem for the 'contacts' app from the previous leak - 2 days ago!!!!! Amazing response from the BB10 developers!!!!

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There shouldn't be anyone asking about battery life. It takes a few days for the OS to settle. Cmon now

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So who is leaking this software? I was under the impression Chen had cracked down on such unofficial releases and he even laid down the law with employees.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

So in my country I know the BES admin and he got this version as an official GC to test from BlackBerry today and I was telling him about some new features etc and he's testing it so I assume an official release is due soon...

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I don't get why BlackBerry after waiting so long to finally give everybody what they wanted on BB10 with the APK files and Android apps etc. would put the success/ work of it into the carriers hands to deliver it to the customer? Com'on!! Why let the carrier decide when 10.2/10.2.1 and possibility 21

.2.1 by the time they get us 10.2.1 (laughs), comes out?

"BlackBerry!!, please read this. I love you BlackBerry, we've been together now for what? 6/7 years? But this is something you need to change!!"

"Not going to lie, earlier this year you had me looking at the younger I phone. She was lacking substance, but she did have it where it counts (apps). And after you finally get your **** together you fail on delivery?"

"You had me at 'Curve!'. But I'm afraid those found memories of yester year are over, OVER!!! ...(sob, sob)."

"But maybe not...? Maybe you.....you can win me back over? Yeah! YOU CAN!! I'm rooting for you. You can change, we can rebuild you, and backwards thinking, make it stronger."

"LETS DO THIS!! And not that your new look (Z10) isn't sexy. But keep up the sexy look. The neighbors are starting to notice......I'm digging it!! ;)"


Your Z10 Lover,

Zed Boy

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Carriers must do whatever it takes to prevent an OS update from causing issues with the network. Remember when the iPhone came out and att was losing customers because of how slow the network was? Until the carrier has tested and approved the update they will hold it back. Keep in mind that they have little incentive to release updates since they mostly care about monthly and new subscribers and not updating existing phones.

I installed the leaked OS but my Z30 shows (I live in Germany).
Installing Android-Apps is so convenient now, I love this feature!
I just received my Jolla Mobilephone with Sailfish OS. It is more sophisticated than BB10 but far from being that mature and usable. So I will send back the Jolla phone and use my Z30 instead.
I would be so glad if there would be tablet with BB10, it is such a great OS for mobile devices, just the best you can get these times. How nice it would be if DELL could offer the new Venue 8 Pro with BB10 instead of this awesome Win 8.1.

I just installed yesterday and it is working great but I am downloading right now,I love leaks it is like fine tuning a your Brand new shiny Mustang , 'Porsche "wink wink" ' just getting more juice out of a fine running machine.

Too soon for me gonna wait as I've been good this year and thinking there is another leak due to hit real soon or so I'm told. Perhaps. But then again you just never know who is really listening. Ha ha

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Anyone else having contacts active sync issues? Specifically the majority of them not showing up?

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Pls who knows when the official version will be out am afraid of installing leaks

Z10 in Nigeria

The official version will most likely come out in January 2014. That's speculative though. I understand your fear of leaks but I bit the bullet and installed the previous two. Absolutely no regrets ever since...

Another Z10 user in Nigeria

I haven't tried downloading any leaked OS even if I'm tempted to. I'm too disturbed with the disclaimer I guess. But my biggest question is when will this/these OS be official to BlackBerry World? I'm dying of waiting.

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Well I had a leaked OS on my Z10 when the power button decided to stop working. When I took it in to store they still sent it off and it was repaired free of charge.

I was still in the year warranty so maybe that's why, but they didn't ask any questions.

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My Verizon Z30 is still on 1055. It takes a lot of work setting this device up after a destructive leak (custom pages, etc)

I refused to move to the latest leak since it wasn't compatible with the new BBM (beta).

I'd love to show off the new features to the fellas (glimpse).

Do we have any confirmation that today's leak works with the new BBM beta?

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I loaded my first leak ever with my Z10 (and my first Blackberry was the AT&T 8700C. Remember the one with the scrolling wheel on the side?). I started with the .1055 leak and liked the user interface and the start up screen (it was just like the Playbook start up screen) but there were issues. I immediately downloaded the .1259 and this is what the Z10 should have been on release. It was good but this OS is 10x's better. Now there's the .1925? Too many leaks too fast. I'm going to play around with the .1259 OS for a while before I jump on top of this .1925. Unless there's some major feature that I don't have now? but according to the article, there's really no change. I just hope that when the US carriers decide to release updates to our Z10's, they don't release older OS versions.

My dark theme for my address book and text/mms screen isn't working. Other than that; everything else is excellent

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I'm happy stl100-1, but why do I loose my Bbm conversations when I have the app set to save???

Posted via CB10

I can't find anything new in this leak except I lost bbm channels and mokit in beta Zone !! By the way the face focus was disappear too! And still live wallpaper from android apps still won't work, waiting for any advantage :S

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Can I be sure that the next official OS has a higher build number, so I can load it via OTA from my carrier?

Posted via CB10

I, a non-participating observer of the leak community up to this point, might be tempted to throw off the mantle of neutrality and join in this BlackBerry software misappropriation fad, because of these positive leak reports.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I am so so so impressed with is 10.2.1 for my STL100-1...I downloaded & installed the latest Instagram and temple run 2! Working smooth! Thanks crackberry! BlackBerry for life!

Posted via CB10 rocks, My Z30 is working like a charm. BlackBerry rocks...

Forever BlackBerry fan..

Thanks crackberry..

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It won't open when I download it...says I need to download a file from.the Internet to.open grrrrrrr

Posted via CB10

More leaks? BlackBerry should polish one for an official 10.2.1 update. But they should maintain the current call screen on the 10.2.0. We're waiting.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Very significant, QQ from 1mobile is now working with the international and Chinese versions on this build.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and installed no problems. On Telus. Did full backup before and then full restore with settings after. Only thing had to reinstall android apps. Files still on phone just had to run them.

Looking forward to show off the z30 Christmas day to apple fan boy family!

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Loaded leak for first time and it was so easy even a 5 year old could do it. One easy question......how do I edit how long that cool message pop up stays up. it's like up for 1 second. I love how I can answer a message while not having to leave any app or even swipe out. Awesome!

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EhRoberts: dont know how to extract the bar file. What I did was install 1295 leak without doing a security wipe and then installed the beta BBM from the Beta zone app..

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Just loaded plus 8 gbytes of backed up apps. Needed to reset mail passwords. Have lost most converted android apk apps. OS much faster to open apps. The file manager will not recognise the 30 gbyte SD card. No time yet to investigate this yet. Advise caution in case this proves to be an OS bug. Anybody else with same problem?

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Why the issues with 30gb card...I'm using 64gb SanDisk micro SD card on a Z10 without any issues.

Posted via CB10

I should have removed my 30 Gbyte SD card before upgrading. Had to reformat in situ to get z10 to recognise it in File Manager. Upgrading to the newest leaked OS is well worth the effort.

Posted via CB10

Your SD card might have been encrypted before the new OS install. If so, the new OS cannot see it. You had to reformat.

I have an unencrypted 64GB SD card, and the new OS read it fine.

Z10STL100-3/, CB10

Cool, this leak fixed my fb Hub issue.

Also, I've noticed that it is very responsive.

Me likey!

Z19 Rules!

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Working fine for now on my Z10 STL100-3. BB World seems to work better than in 1055 where it was very slow to load and use. They seem to have fixed a bug where swiping up from bezel when composing BBM / SMS wouldn't bring up the home screen. It was a real pain.

So far, so good for me and 1925 on my z10. Glad to see the Facebook/Hub issue fixed. Haven't spotted any negatives yet... except the apparent loss of the Porsche clock. :-(

In the new leak can you put the android and iPhone emoji that will work in the blackberry because every time my friend send me android emoji I will not show in my z10

Posted via CB10

I lost the Porsche Design Style Clock when I installed this build and no longer get the 'backdoor' to reload it. Lost the CrackBerry Dongle too.

just upgraded, now i have something to do when i'm full of turkey this afternoon, restore all my apks again:D
Merry Christmas 2YOU ALL:D

For some reason I can't seem to video chat on this leak any ideas anyone would really appreciate it

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Updated my OS to version on my Z10 STL-100...I see same problem again (before using 1055). Battery percentage is wrong. Charging till 97 %.

Hi. My version is. 1055 on stl 100-2. My battery life is so good that I am afraid to update because of that....

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This is the first time that I downloaded a leaked version and so far it works great. I do have one issue that I need help. For some reason when I did the restore it did not import my passwords into the password keeper and for the life of me I can't figure out how to import them back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted via CB10

Just restore Settings from the backup using BB Link, under Custom (not full backup). You should get back your passwords. Use the same password on Password Keeper when you restore settings.

Z10STL100-3/, CB10

The new OS seems to be more stable and faster than 1055. All accounts working well, including 9 different email (whole family) , LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp. Black theme in BBM, contacts, calendar.

Battery lasting longer than 1055. And I was on 1055 for about a month.

Android app download using Snap is really a "snap". Thanks.

Got back Porsche design clock by loading bar file of 1295 clock. Same for face recognition of new camera. Search the forums. Thanks again for proving the bar files.

Z10STL100-3/, CB10

Search the CB forums for directions. It's quite easy. You switch on Development Mode on the phone, connect to your PC, then side load (basically drag and drop) using Google Chrome and an add-on to Chrome.

Also search for the bar files posted in the forums.

Z10STL100-3/, CB10

My BB cuts off @ 50% battery life. 1925 is faster with Apps than 1055. Android apps runs smoothly


I have the some problems with email html attachment on Exchange Kerio. Bug : Text messages can not be downloaded! Please help me.. Thank you.

Posted via CB10