Leaked OS for most BlackBerry 10 devices

By Bla1ze on 20 Dec 2013 02:38 am EST

Tired of the BlackBerry leak? If so, go ahead and grab your USB cables because you can now give a OS a go if you wish. One exception though will be you STL100-1 owners, you unfortunately can't play with this one. Before you get to downloading though a few things to keep in mind and note about this release.

  • The Z10 and Q10/Q5 autoloader contains OS and radio
  • The Z30 version uses radio as the updated radio file was not available
  • The option to install applications from sources other than BlackBerry World is still available
  • There’s a new close tab animation in the browser

The rest is noted to seemingly be under the hood improvements. Like every leak, the typical disclaimer does indeed apply here. Be sure to use caution when installing leaked software on your device. Check out our full tutorial for installing leaks here and perform a full backup first and if anything goes bad don't blame us. You dig? If you're biting the bullet then drop by the CrackBerry Forums and let us all know how it all works out for you. I'll be waiting for some feedback before I jump in.

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Leaked OS for most BlackBerry 10 devices



Yeah...but everybody else got it not long after. That doesn't usually happen with STL100-1. I'm not saying it won't, just that it doesn't usually.

It's a pity because I have quite a few bugs on mine that I want sorted.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

But still most of times STL100-1 always behind after the others. Only when 1055 released STL100-1 get it first. Before that, no love as usual.

At&t always got leaks way before other carriers, now with BB10 you gotta wait. Payback.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

The key question for me as well.

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If I was in the right "mind" to update I would be doing this right now..... stupid beers......lol

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Never too late to turn on my PC to get a leak! Just in time for my birthday on Monday. Yesss

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Wow, and I thought only a few select Adventists thought/knew that.

Huh...things that surprise you on CrackBerry.

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It's a free social service where you can follow your friends and vice versa to see status updates, share pictures and thoughts on life, or reconnect with folks you've lost touch with.


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You're kidding, right? It typically takes a good couple of days for the phone to settle down after installing the OS, so nobody is going to have useful information on this yet.

Party pooper!

Tell us the battery truth now! Or five minutes ago even!

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Will installing this leak erase all my settings and installed apps? How do I back them up? Help pleeease

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Yes installing the leak will erase all your settings and apps.

You can back up your apps and settings using BlackBerry Link

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That's an excellent question. If you've been running 1055, I think the odds are good that it will. I wish I could be more positive, but I had to roll back before I got around to testing backups/restores.

After two download and installation attempts, I found that my three Android apps did not re-appear after doing a full restore. Furthermore, after doing a full restore and re-installing Snap for loading Android apps, Snap would happily download the apps but stall during installation. Before doing the full restore the second time, I installed Snap and it worked as one would expect to install Instagram (the only app I tried). However, during that installation process, there was a message cautioning me that this was not a BB app and asking whether to proceed. After doing the full restore for the second time, that message never comes up. Setting "Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed" to "On" in the apps manager also does not help. There appears to have been a setting in the backup that is causing this problem but I have no idea what. I may have to start over again and only restore my contacts and other data and then reconfigure my apps from scratch . . . or go back to 155 and live with the bugs until the next stable leak comes along.

I might be out on a limb here, but I don't think that was really John Chen. Call me crazy, I know.

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thank you very much for sharing your valuable experience and insight with us. can you elaborate on the steps you took to do the back up and then the restore? it would be an interesting read :-)

but i believe that is the wrong way to do a back up... people please don't follow him/her, what works for him/her might not work for all...

Yay, hopefully this leak fixes the map glitch so I can use it again!

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

STL100-1 STL100-2 & STL100-3 & STL100-4

just one part of the name of a SKU. STL100-1 is a sku for a blackberry z10 that was released in certain countries like India. Unfortunately there are subtle hardware differences that will probably an effect on how this OS operates on STL100-1.

Ouch! Fixed a number of issues I had with the last 10.2.1 leak (facebook, accounts, memory card, camera) but loads of little problems with this one on the Z30 - for a start, the top power button is non-functional ... :-S ?!? and generally, all messaging, the hub, calls, pretty laggy ...

Some great features are the speedy start up, browser and contacts. I have over 5000 contacts and this used to take absolute ages to sync (almost a week with the first 10.0 on the z10!) and the updates / activity functions for Contacts are much quicker now. The webbrowser is fantastic - positively zippy!

Now when do we get an official version of 10.2.1 ? Look forward to it!!!

Although when I upgraded my Verizon Z10 to this leak I too experienced significant lags and slow opening apps for the first few hours, I did several restarts during the day and now it's working like butter. Never had any problem with the power button, but my guess is a battery pull might fix that one.

Great to see another leak. Enjoying the .1055 leak and will consider if anything major in this new leak. Thanks to everyone involved!

I only did for first time with when I got my Z30, and it was much easier than I thought it would be.

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The STL100-1 uses significantly different hardware. All other BB10 phones use the Snapdragon processors, but the STL100-1 uses the same TI OMAP architecture that the PlayBook and the Dev Alpha used.

No..i mean..why stl100-1 is excluded every time there is new leak!! I feel excluded :(

Posted via CB10 with lovely Z10...

He knows what you meant.

It's not so much excluded, it's just that the leaks come from someone who was given early access for testing. Since such a person almost certainly has a device with the Snapdragon processor, they might just simply not have the STL100-1 version to leak.

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The download link? You would DL the compressed OS file to your device or media card.
But you can't install it from there. It's an autoloader file that has to be run from your computer.

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Downloading before it it the front page :D I've been feigning for a leak haha D:

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Might have to skip this one 1055 works just fine in the debugger - I bet this one doesn't have runtime symbols...

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

I know we can restore the backup, but I normally don't.

So I would like to know if you if we loose the 25 days of Gifts when we do the leak installation.... once it clear up our system memory.


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No they will be in your Available tab from My World in BB World just as if you paid for them.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Thanks Bla1ze !

Not sure where to install it though ... My Z30 is set and runs like a charm with 1055 ... may bring some love back to my Z10 !


Your apps/music/whatever from BlackBerry World are tied to your BlackBerry ID. You will not lose access to any apps acquired there.

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The z10 link is not an autoloader. How do I download it? I can't figure it out. Thanks.

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Ohhhhh noooo! The Calendar bug is back. Changed settings won't stick again. Bane of my existence...

Whoops, meant Contacts bug...meh both begin with "C".

The one where I change to dark background, sort by last name and display last, first. Change them together or one at a time and restart Contacts app. Everything reverts back to light background, sort by first name and display first, last.

i am really upset
why blackberry is not giving us much attention for Z10 STL-1
why u keep us late !!!
this is ridiculous
we are not provided with 4G
also u r depriving us from updates !!!
please give us an attention like others because we are big group of people using Z10

i know its a leaked OS, but they never give out any leaked for our devices at the same time like all the other devices, also big lack of APPS

BlackBerry isn't the one giving the leaks to us.
Misguided sentiment.

And blame your carrier for either not having 4G and/or deciding to carry the STL100-1 variant.
Again, not BlackBerry's "fault" here.

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my dear i am upset because they always delay STL-100
i know it's leaked but where are their developers !
they suppose to provide us like all the rest devices
every time our device left behind 2 to 3 weeks
regarding 4G
it's not the company that doesn't provide
it's Z10 STL-100
because my friends who bought their devices from London STL-2 or 3 i don't really remember
it works perfectly with 4G

1055 sounded really buggy. If this is better, then I WANT IT!!!

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!

1055 has been completely solid on my Z30. It's been buggy on my wife's Z10 though, although not so for most other Z10 users I know who were running it.

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I really liked 1055, and it broke my heart to have to revert, but some stuff had become seriously flaky. That may not have been the OS' fault so much as the dozens of APKs that I tried installing, but it came out to the same thing.

My Z30 is a Balance device and I couldn't afford for it to be that unstable. However, I AM backing up and downloading as we speak :-)

Can the disclaimer about stl-1 leaks from the BlackBerry leak team posts please me added to the original post?
The comments should be about the OS.
-a stl100-1 owner

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Hey guys, does anyone know if the 'accounts ' bug is fixed? Can't access accounts on 1055. Thanks.

Posted with my AWESOME BlackBerry Z10;)

Saw threads on how to fix it. Followed a tip that said delete some andoid apps. I did, as well as bar apps, and viola, the accounts thing works/loads again

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Please be cautious.... the lock button on the phone has no effect. The phone does not respond to the physical lock button on the phone. i am using the bb z30. it does not even have a battery pack so restarting the phone is not really possible.

Yes you do a device reset by holding down both Volume Up & Down keys. I usually hold them down until I see the blue startup icon, just in case.

No battery pulls with BB10!!!

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Okay, potentially dumb question but here goes: is10.2.1.1259 a later release than the I have installed on my Z30?

Posted via CB10

To clarify, is the Software Release version. The corresponding OS Version for that is

The leaks are always listed with their OS Version... doesn't have an associated Software Release version listed on the BB server so once it is installed, it shouldn't show a Software Release version until it is listed on their servers.

First observations (one day wit the new OS):
- accounts bug fixed
- contacts bug haven't shown yet (hope it stays so...)
- slightly faster browsing (may be just my imagination)
- way faster start-up
- App World bookmarks got lost in update (Can they be backed up somehow?)
- pinch filter gesture in Hub works
- after OS update it took the phone just about 10 minutes (instead of previous hour or so...) to load all my contacts (I have near 3.000 contacts there)

...all for now.

Pinch gesture in Hub worked for me just fine in 1055.

Even on 1055, you lose the Bookmarks in My World if you "Refresh BlackBerry World" in BB World's Settings.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

They've also fixed an issue that had to do with music playback trough bluetooth (ex. BlackBerry music gateway)

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FINALLY!! I've been on FOREVER!...you know...for weeks!!

I hope Blue tooth is fixed with this leak.

Keith H. via CB10 on Z10

The STL100-1 uses an entirely different SoCs(System on Chip) from the STL100-2,3 and 4.

The former uses the TI OMAP 4470 SoC with the PowerVR SGX 544 graphics card whereas the other three use the Snapdragon S4 SoC with the Adreno 225 graphics card.

Operating systems need to be compatible with each chipset...sometimes, whichever BB employee has the leak; isn't using the STL100-1 version so cannot leak it. However, this one HAS been leaked:


1055 was my first leak. Works great except Facebook doesn't launch from clicking a message in the HUB. Might try this one, but want to see what others think. So, please post pros and cons of this one. Thanks

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could someone kindly explain whats the deal with the slt-1 whats the difference ? why does it require such special treatment especially around leak time its always last whyyy???.. frustrated

I have been looking at my CrackBerry app everyday to see if a new leak would appear! Yay! Finally! The only issue I noticed on the last leak was after you reboot the phone for the 1st time, it wouldn't let me add anymore accounts. It would always just say loading accounts and would never appear. Hopefully this is fixed in the new leak.

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Radio files means your phone will connect to the GMS/3G/LTE network... not the FM (which I kind of remember that will not be available on Z10 ever because of hwd)

I recommend that you do not touch or tamper with your phone unless you are aware of what your doing.

- you don't get a radio, every mobile device is implemented with a radio to communicate with the network

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what do you mean?
if you are looking for the FM "radio"... that doesn't seem to be happening for Z10s... unfortunately
if you are looking for the radio files to enable normal voice/data/sms functionality on your phone... those come automatically with the installers ... and you can even split them with Sachesi tool into OS/radio

Is it safe to assume that I can't just restore all data; rather, I'd have to manually input everything back if I want everything to work, right?

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Anybody else having trouble with BBM not wanting to set up? Keep getting a temporary server error!!!!

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This leak rocks!!! App loading is way faster and there is some subtle change to overall look and feel that I like!!!

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OK to answer my own question, I went to BlackBerry World and downloaded the BBM update, that took care if my problem. So if anyone else has this problem, get the update!!! So far this leak is way faster and smoother,nice job guys!!!!!!!:))

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If you mean the new Beta BBM, seriously doubt it.
It was made based on the latest official release of BB10 (not for the leaks).

Great I love the fact that this leak is out. I love the 10.2.1055 and the only problem I am having is with BBM and my wifi won't let me chat on BBM. I'll wait a couple more days and see what else comes out about the update. Excited to get the new leak. I like this direction cause we don't have to wait 2yrs for updates and new devices now.

One of the best things about BlackBerry are the leaks. I love em. It gives BlackBerry users a nice surprise now and then.

Btw, this latest leak is pretty solid. Apps seem to load a tad faster. Using a Z30 if that makes a difference to anyone.

Where Simple and Surprise Meet: http://jasoncomely.com

I'm just updated to new leak, anyone else find that the dark theme does not work in contacts, also in contacts always defaults to yes to show accounts in contacs.

Anyone have a fix?

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Contacts dark theme not working and only sorts by first name - this is the only issue I've had with this leak so far. It's way faster loading apps than

Posted via CB10

If you swipe down while on settings, click on sort then by last name, close then open contacts again and it should be sorted by last name. Black theme does not work on mine either.

Posted via CB10

Yes thanks get that far swipe toggle to on,close and should be black theme however defaults to off

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I LIKEEEE this leak very much!!! Fast, less bugs, apk app load wayy faster than last leak 1055!! We'll see about battery life..will report back tomorrow :)

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I have the stl100-1 on 1055. I was hoping I'd see a leak but alas.

Can anyone tell me if the official build is slightly laggy like 1055? It feels like it slows down and the responsiveness isn't what I was hoping it would be. I know the z10 is an older device so maybe it's just hardware limitations.

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WELL! I just got this Q10 days ago and loaded 1055 and now I get load a new OS! Merry Christmas to me! :D I hope this fixes that BBM Beta issue because I need my BBM'ers
Anyone know that yet?

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For those that have the Q10/SQN-1 devices, how is the radio working for you? I found the radio on the prior 1055 release to be weak and dropped connections to the mobile network frequently.

Posted via CB10

On noticed another bug, every time an app is closed the filling message appears." for messages swipe right "
Small bugs but need addressing in the near future.

Posted via CB10

This usually happens at the beginning of every new install and once it thinks you've "learned" the system, it no longer appears.

Posted via CB10

Anyone else had issues with adding contacts?.

I'm definitely happy they fixed the "music over bluetooth" problem

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I just recently got the 1055 leak for my Q10, haven't been able to receive MMS or connect to bluetooth. Does this leak fix those issues or am I the only one having these problems?

So I have updated to All seems ok. Not quite as fast and smooth as 492, but that's OK for me cos I just installed a Droid app using 1mobile, so I'm well pleased :)

I can't seem to download the latest update of Twitter. I've tried deleting and reinstalling, and restarting my Q10. Help

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Q10SQN100-1/ can't read any of it's display background images (as restored from

Posted via CB10

I also get an error that the format is not the right size. I had to choose one of my pictures and crop it before it could set it as the background.

Posted via CB10

Anyone having issues with the browser on this new leaks. My browser won't open just starts and stops in a frozen state

Posted via CB10

How do you get Password Keeper working again? I had the new version, .30 on my z10 before the backup. Did export my passwords, but cannot get. 30 back on my phone. Help.

Posted via CB10

Best leak/OS update yet!!! Been using it since it came out! No bugs and my Q10 seems to be working much faster. Apps run faster. Android installs install faster

Posted via CB10 on Q10 SQN100-3

Hello! Sorry if I bother! Having a Q10 SQN100-3 like you running now leaked .1055 and was thinking about upgrading to this one.. Should I? Is the link regarding the autoloader version?
Also, did you restore from your previous back up once you installed this new leak? Or did you install everything again? Thanks!

Updated to the leaked 1799 and my compass has stopped working. Keep getting an error message about not having the sensors, which I guess it means is the compass it's self.

Copy and paste is much better, but on the whole it seems slower and less responsive than 492. I'm going to try 1.1055.

Posted via CB10

Has anyone ever wondered if these leaks are unofficial releases by BB to get us to test their software for free?

I am having an issue with getting my contacts to convert to the black background ALSO I am only able to get 38% of my back up to upload on the new OS ANY HELPFUL IDEAS?

Strange... I downloaded the os loader, start it up, connect my device, and after 2 minutes I get an "error. file not found"' message. I have sachesi, but it seems more complicated than last time I used it.

Posted via CB10

I just recently switched back to BlackBerry after being on an iPhone for a couple of years and I have to say that I have never seen the serious problems I'm seeing with the BB10 OS leaks.

I never had a problem with any leaks going as far back as BlackBerry 5 and in fact, the leaks always added positive performance stability and a better experience overall.

Bitch at me all you want for installing the 1055 leak, but BBM beta flatlining on a lot of us is a serious problem that never should have occured.

We shouldn't be losing functuality with leaks, only gaining and that's what I always got prior to BB10.

It's disheartening when I think about the whole situation.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and installed on z10. Did a back up from 1055 before and restored after. Smooth sailing so far.

Posted via CB10

Argh. Spoke too soon. I installed BBM beta and it won't work on this OS. Any tricks to removing it? Or am I wiping my phone?

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hi gyus! updated leasked os

Its Awesome, But i have a doubt?
When they release as an official OS , do i have to update or its an automatic process

Hi every message I get weather e mail bbm or text I can't delete I have to keep re boot I g the hub Has anyone else come across this problem I would be grateful for any help

Hi I have the same issue, do post the same this morning. Also have an issue with black theme for contacts will not work, if the slider is switched to on, close and reopen defaults to off. Same for choosing accounts in contact list.

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Hi! have just Leaked and suddenly had 2 issues, the first, not so important, that default wallpapers (that ones come with the OS) seem not to be in a supported format (so FUNNY), and a second,really important issue, GPS seems not working with both android and native Apps, even if the small icon appears on lefttop of the screen.... now i'll try to restore original OS and install the Leaked OS again...
after that, how can i acces to Radio? i haven't seen anything about radio....
Any Idea how can i solve GPS issue?