Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2013 07:47 pm EST

It didn't take all that long but it sure felt like it - OS has now leaked in full for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30. We've already seen the same OS for the Q10/Q5 but the Z versions sadly had no radios or autoloaders. That all changes as now everyone can get in on the fun.

In case you haven't been paying attention, OS brings along a slew of new updates as well the ability to load APK files right on the device.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad (though you can always reload your OS). 

Download OS from the CrackBerry forums

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30



I Have downloded but now i cant Access Accounts ...

when i tried to open the Account folder its showing as opening but not getting opened at all

plz guide

hey i got it

after u install the leak connect ur Z10 to link n do factory reset n once done with factory reset disconnect check the software if its still then before u take the application back up from link do ur email accounts nad other accounts configuration and then take back up . it works absolutely fine.

this has worked for me i hope it will for u 2 but now this time i cant play media...but ok i can use othe apps to play it.

I'm referring to the video feature of instagram, whether it works or not now. Not the app itself.

No leak but official... no notification on Crackberry yet?

Blackberry Z10 STL100-2 + Q10 SQN100-3 + Apple IPad Mini 3G + Lenovo Ultrabook SSD (+ Playbook 32GB not in use). Carriers MVNO Netherlands and DTAC Thailand.

Go into settings in hub, go to text messages. In contacts and bbm swipe down to access settings, then change to dark background. I just did this, and works, except for contacts app...

Really like the system drop down whrr u can customize to whatever feature you use most like wifi or bluetooth setting!

Posted CB forums luvn SQN-100/3 leak

But yeah it works like a charm really easy to download and install. The only small hitch is after a settings restore, it seems now a bit sslow to pop up apps. Not sure if I should have omitted the restore!? But otherwise working like a charm!

Posted CB forums luvn SQN-100/3 leak

I have upgraded my z10 STL100-1 to 10.2.1 but I can't play the music whenever I try to play the music it says unexpected error I rebooted and again same error please help to fix this error

Posted via CB10

I am having an issue logging in to LinkedIn after the update . anybody faced the problem

Posted via my Awesome Z10

On a Verizon Z10 STL100-4...never installed a leak before but am pretty pumped about all of these new features and hoping to this weekend. Any one else with the same device already have it? What's your experience been?

Posted via CB10

I had sworn off leaks, but all this was too temping coming from T-mobile 10.1 in USA. Today I loaded this, and am impressed. Dark theme won't save for contacts, though. I exit the app to 'apply' supposedly, but it never loads the dark theme. Any thoughts? Are there toast notifications for this leak?
STL100-3. Z10

I too noticed the same thing with the contacts settings. Any changes do not apply as they should. A very minor bug to an otherwise spectacular leak!!

Posted via CB10

After finally loading this OS and playing with it, I've come to realize one simple fact.. This is the OS that BB10 should have launched with. This is the OS that could have been the game changer for BlackBerry.

The average person has no interest in side loading or any of the other nonsense that most of us diehards have no problem doing. The simple fact that the ability to run .apk's is present is huge!

I'm hoping that the official release is even better and somehow Google Play integration is figured out one way or another. But for now I really feel that this OS is a huge building block to bringing BlackBerry back to the forefront where they belong..

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Z10 on Rogers here. Installed the leak this afternoon and restored from a backup.

After a few resets, I must say this thing is running like factory. Kudos to everyone involved in putting it together.

Was my first bb10 leak install also.

Posted via CB10

If I install this, and then when Rogers comes out with their official update, will I be prompted to install that? Or will I need to install leaks from this point on?

Loving this leak! It looks and feels great! It was a quick process installing it. It's a keeper on my Z10 - STL100-3

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I just loaded 10.2.1. Afterwards I downloaded and successfully installed candy crush saga and Spotify. They both work. Prior to this neither would work no matter what I tried. I'm very happy. Thank you for finally making android apps truly work.

Posted via CB10

I have been using the latest OS and I really like it so far. There are a few nuances but overall very good build.

Posted via CB10

Awesome os... love the new options for email delete on server...or just hub. Also the new quick settings options. Installing apks directly to our handsets has its challenges such as wait time, but considering the time saved from having to plug in and open a browser and set development mode etc, it's a close race. Much simpler once you install 1Mobile App.

Trusted Member Genius

Anyone know if it's just the native music player not functioning. If I use another app (Neutron MP) I hope it works because I'm thinking about my first leak hopefully before the new year :)

Posted via Q10

I'm not having a problem with the music player, native or Neutron. I found that some things did not function right away, but did after a second restart. For example, installing apk's from the file manager didn't work at all until after a restart.

Nice Leak, apk direct install is FANTASTIC. Solved my huge issue with paypal & online bank applications, those was never working on BAR converts. Thanks for the leak, now its looks solved!

Issue1: I noticed there phone is restarting again... hope its gonna stop after the OS settled.
Issue2:Also, I have an issue to connect to the Blackberry World. Connection error occured, Blackberry World must close.

Anyone else with same/similar issue?
Z10 STL100-2/ O2 Ireland


Already successfully installed the OS, however I found that the instagram application is not really well working. Line is ok. Z10STL100-1/

Posted via CB10

For those having problems with loading APK's, just download 1Mobile Market and directly download your apps. (How cool?!) For me it worked like a charm. Some apps don't work and you'll know right off the bat! I wanted Instagram and PayPal and they both work great! As for any other system/hardware problems; all is fine on my device. This is the best leak I've downloaded!!! Z10 - STL100-3

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Yes. 1mobile market worked great for me. I had to restart the phone twice before I could get the 1market APK to install properly. I'm not into a lot of apps, but I specifcally wantted a music player that could shuffle by album. I found a couple that could, Rocket, and GoneMad, but although they both installed and seem to work, I can't get them to scan my SDcard music folder properly.

I am using a z10 -100/2. I just install the new os and my camera is not working, I can,t access my account ither??? Anybody have a solution??

Posted via CB10

I just installed it ND all the problems that u guys are having, I can seem to run into any of them. AWESOME! Thank you crackberry

Posted via CB10

I can't setup my yahoo mail account, but no problem with Gmail and Hotmail. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

STL 100-1

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Real talk will wait for official releases. Know will be forever and a day but less risk waiting.
Me being on a Mac I decided to borrow wife Pc for the night and download the leaks. Dang finally convinced me to go to the darkside. Most links her Pc virus protection rejected. After downloading chrome and trying again with the one it did accept I never could open Rar file. Decided to get Winrar out of forums and next thing I know had a Trojan. Took most of night to manually remove it. So for me it was too much of a hassle. For the rest of you enjoy.
I will wait it out of finally just get a damn phone that I can get what I want out the box. Getting too old for all this side loading and auto loading files that should be updated thru BlackBerry instead of the carriers, cause carriers have proved they don't wanna support the system.

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Some email accounts not working after update. Noticed it was the only one that was previously set to Priority Hub in

This leak is solid. I've been using it for a few days now and it is great. Skype doesn't work, but other than that I haven't had a problem. This is my first leaked OS and it was very easy. For us US users that get left behind, this is definitely the way to go. The ability to directly download apk files is awesome.

I been trying to install it on my device and haven't been able} :-( can somebody help me out with this please?? Hit me up throught the BBM 2ADB2B57 I don't know if it has some to do with the device, I claimed it the insurance company ad I noticed it came with a new software ...

Posted via CB10

Really like the new "Use pinch gesture to filter by" in the hub display and actions menu. Set mine to filter by unread.

Having issues with Facebook messages not opening but I'll read through the forums and see if there is a solution.

Posted via CB10

Nice. Its really really sleek. Still baffles me that they haven't fixed the the gaping contact issues on BB10. When will they figure out that noone wants to SMS and email address or a Facebook user when you hit compose and text in the HUB. Common guys, it's the little things.

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Anyone else having ActiveSync issues? I seem to be missing a large portion of my contacts. Email, notes and tasks seem to be fine.

Wow oh wow. I have 1mobile loaded. And yeah. Instagram. Netflix. My banking app. Starbucks mobile. Well everything everyone else has. 'Cept. Mine are on this freaking awesome Z10. Dear lord I need the Z30 now.

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Installed and drooling over it! Especially the pic password impossible for someone to know your unlock combination even if there sitting right next to you looking at your phone well you unlock it! GENIUS!

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!

This is one of the best I've updated my phone with by far. It's everything we have been looking for. Now to finally have all android apps too. BlackBerry is making a come back. I knew it was good to stick with them.

Posted via CB10

Had never loaded a 'leak before'but couldn't resist thisanymore. Wow I say mighty impressed and quite painless even for a non techie like me. Definitely enjoying my Z10 much much more with all these new apps courtesy of all the help here at CrackBerry

Just installed the leak (6 hours and counting), and wifi is not working. I have loaded the leak for radios (STL100-2/3/ RADIO) on top, still wifi is not up. Any suggestions? No other issues perceived so far!

Have been running on a Z30 (STA 100-2) for a day and a half. I love it. So far so good.
Love the apk install from file manager.

hey, BB version wechat only support 10.1. You need to install 1moblie.com apk first, then download Wechat 5.0.3. it works as a charm! Well done BB developers.

What's is the difference between the earlier, cos I have loaded that and it drains my battery very quick when I run installed apk files.

Posted via CB10

I have installed but the music app isn't working, anyone facing similar problems?

Posted via CB10

I installed it last night, however, I am unable to run any android ported apps. just to be clear, apps that I downloaded from App world such as skype, flipboard etc. Only bb10 native apps run properly. when I attempted to run any of the android based apps, it doesn't open, just brings up any existing native app that was already running. Is it an issue with the runtime? do i need to install anything else to run these apps?

any suggestions?

All apps native and apk's seem to take a long time to load apart from that it's all good :)

Posted via CB10

Phone is starting to lag a hair. No other issues that I have seen. No music player issues. Just lost some contacts. Still getting used to the new call slider. Never have seen a radio on here and I downloaded the one with. The first 10.2 ran smoother that I got off of the senchesi (sp?) but this one definitely has way cooler features. Hope it becomes official soon :)

Posted via CB10

I'm tired of waiting for the 10.2.1 version. I'm downloading this leak tonight.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

This leak is awesome. I am very pleased with its performance. My Instagram side load now work 1000 times better. It seems that when I reloaded it after the software upgrade it loaded the new version which allows you to view/load Instavideos.

Posted via CB10

I installed this OS then noticed my battery isn't charging it is stuck on 57% for the last 2 hours and the bar isn't moving either. I then re-installed the OS thinking the problem was solved but it wasn't. what should i do to fix this? any recommendations?

Can't get to load. When I run autoloader it keeps repeating "resetting device" over and over. Reset everything, battery pull, different USB port, even download file from another source. Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

Can some one help me update 10.2 to my z10 via a Mac book pro

I have 10.2 on my desktop but don't know how to transfer it to my phone

Posted via CB10

Not able to launch FB notifcations from HUB.

- Go to a notification, tap, screen greys to indicate the FB page will open, and page doesnt open and notification changes to "Read".

Device - Z30
Frequency of bug - 100% on first instance. 50% in second attempt. Severity 2 bug (must fix)

Work Aw some on my Z10 now i have power of Blackberry and Android app at one place , this leak works really great then any previous leak
I also install Amazon app store app and 1Mobile app store app both works fine and I can install any app direct from that app store app :)
Thanks for FULL OS good job Leak team thanks a Lot

It loaded at first great but started stalling my currently dl'd apps and no way around it. Tried for a day but had to revert back to previous os.

Luv the:
Side to side swipe for call pickup
Swipe up battery percentage
Grouping contacts
Customize utility dropdown
And the fm radio feature

Posted in CB forums using SQN100-3

I like this latest leak a lot. The settings dropdown is much more useful (airplane mode finally easy to access). The full settings screen is also organized in a much more efficient way. And the ability to directly load android apk's for apps that are not yet available is great. Only issue I have so far is when I get a Facebook notification in the hub, it won't actually open it. Nothing I can't live without, and the app itself works fine. Bravo BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

This was literally the post of the year I have updated all my devices at home and have to say it is the best thing that had happened to bb10 so far. Thank you so much for getting this out there and making it easy enough so you don't have to be a developer to figure it out. I have done the z10 for my daughter and the Q10 for my wife and I have the new Z30. All the phones work amazingly. Again can't thank you enough.

Posted via CB10

This latest OS is great. So many great new features. The one problem : they STILL haven't fixed the bug where Contacts won't stay on dark theme. C'mon BB! It was almost perfect....

Posted via CB10

Anyone having an issue where apk files not being able to read sd card images? For instance, apps like instagram or photo grid will see photos in internal memory and see the folder in the sd card, however, though it shows the number of photos (mine is 749), you can't see any of them, and therefore, cannot select them.

Also, no audio on Pandora.

I'm still in love with this update. Marrying superior hardware and efficient OS with the plethora of goody apps everyone wants!

Absolutely loving this leak. Have not run into any issues yet, other than apparently not receiving a pic message last night, but that seems to no longer be a problem. The instagram keyboard issue is vastly improved, only has some issues when I backspace. Not aware of any change in battery drainage.

Posted via CB10

I'm having issues getting into my account settings. I can't finish loading Facebook nor re input my email password. Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

I am having the same issues with Linkedin and Twitter, I can't even add my yahoo account. Any suggestions?

Is anyone having trouble with reading facebook notifications in the hub? Since I installed I've had trouble viewing it.

Is anyone else having glitches with the integrated Twitter app? Since updating to this version, hitting the reply button only works a fraction of the time. Most of the time, it pauses to have a think then just returns to the previous screen. Also, only other glitch I can find is that I can't load a picture into Instagram from my pictures folder. Anyone else?

Apologies if this is a stupid question, but is installing a leak the same as downloading the official release, i.e will all my settings, wallpaper, contacts etc stay the same. Been looking through the forums and couldn't see an answer. Thanks

The leaked OS ( works ok and the ability to load Android apps has been nice. However, I've experienced some new glitches on my Z10 that were not present with the previous OS (the leaked version previous to this one!): Some applications are now very sluggish to start
Battery life is less compared to the earlier leaked OS
Dark background for contacts is not functional - you can select it but the setting won't stick
Lock screen message notification shows more than just the unread e-mail, e.g., if you have one new e-mail it will list as many old e-mails as can fit on the screen
Receiving double notifications from at least one application
Native music player error with some external devices - error is returned saying that the music files are not a supported format

Anyone else having problems with bluetooth and the blackberry not being recognized on computer? using DDPB or Sachup?

After restoring data (using latest BB Link) everything is back, dark themes, apps with settings are all good (lost the sideloads though).
Love the swipe up from bottom center to see the battery %
Needed to authorize all email accounts (just input password)
Text messages are all back
Contacts look fine so far
Monitoring the battery with Battery Guru for few days to see usage
Skype works fine (didn't require login, all was restored fine)
this is it...for now...still checking the new features...

I haven't restored my backup via BB Link yet... should I restore from backup first then add the email accounts? or vice versa? or does it matter?

did the update on my Z10, everything works except blackberry world! still getting "there was a connection problem BB world must close"??? now trying a wipe, hope this works!

Has anyone figured out how to get verizon visual voicemail reinstalled. I installed this on a new z30 and do not have visual voicemail now

ok here is what happened for me.

The os autoloader worked smoothly - finished the install on the first try.

Once I got past the initial setup screens, language, wifi, BBID, swiping tutorial etc... I tried to set up my email accounts. My hotmail account was fine to set up, but my cable provider's email, Shaw, wouldn't connect. So I decided to go ahead with the full restore.

The BB Link restore process worked fine using the backup file I created just before running the os upgrade. Once it was done, I got 3 notices saying my accounts had invalid passwords. I reentered the passwords and boom we are good to go.

Next I used BB Link to copy my MS Outlook 2007 calendar & contact info onto my Z10.

As far as I can tell, all has now been restored. Old BBM contacts and chats are all there, all my old text messages are there, my 360 Panorama photos are all there... looks like everything made it thru so I am very happy about that.

Now to start checking out these new features... especially the Android apps like Netflix & Instagram.

I also had a notice that a game had an uodate, so I went into BBW and tapped "Check for updates"... it showed I needed an update to BBW. I ran the updates and I can confirm it is working fine.

Does anyone else have the problem where you restore your contacts and stuff on bblink after the leak update that BBM and other services won't work?

Posted via CB10

(1) Power consumption higher than my original, now I switch to 2G model for testing.
(2) Come with more features such as flashlight, customer quick settings.
(3) APK file can be installed directly, it works fine on Googlemap, Wechat.
(4) Wechat build for blackberry revision doesn't work.
(5)Someone said there is a music play function issue, my Q10 works fine.
Best leak BB10 OS so far!!

Please help... I installed on my Z10 STL100-3 with at&t in the US & now get "NO BlackBerry Data" when I try to BBM. All else works with the exception of the apps that need to link to BBM. Please advise..

Hi there... I have a z10 bought from a Redington Dealer in Mumbai.

i am unable to restore a previous back up on my z10 STL 100-2. i was on OS and i took a back up. Then i upgraded to the new It worked and i was able to restore my back up. But in this OS wifi was not working at all. So i decided to reload this version. Ever since the second reload, my phone is unable to restore the backup. This is happening ever since i upgraded to and reloaded the second time. So i decided to go back to OS and now it is still unable to restore my previous backup. I also tried restoring the precious backup version of, still its giving the following error :


"There could have been a problem with the device or connection during the restore. Verify that the device is turned on and connected"

FYI i had upgraded my BB Link software before upgrading my OS. Now i am stuck and unable to restore. Please help. I am completely handicapped and have no clue what to do.

coolcut5 days ago

Z10 on Rogers here. Installed the leak this last night and restored from a backup.

After a few resets, I must say this thing is running like factory forthe o/s and apps .
main problem ares
1- did a actavation wih BES server ( workspace etc are working fine ) the email is not working and can`t get back in to accounts seeting for any of my 3 emails accounts
Was my first bb10 leak install also.

Awesome! I followed CB instructions for installing 10.2.1 and all went without a hitch. The first thing I noticed was the expanded (and customizable) list of 'swipe down' settings including "Airplane Mode" and "Flashlight". Super convenient! Then followed another CB suggestion about using 1Mobile Market to install Android apps; specifically Netflix and Instagram - flawless and easy. Along with native BB apps already installed, I'm a happy camper!

Well I finally broke down and installed it a few days ago. Love the changes and seems to be working fine. But one thing they have not fixed is the voice mail P/W. The earlier version I was running would let you enter it on the set up page, but would not remember it. This new version doesn't even let you enter the P/W any more. I hope the final version will fix this problem.

with go-launcher i get access to the contact from the workspace.
but my policy is: Personal Apps Access to Work Contacts None

the original blackberry app for sms didnt get access to the contact, but with the android go launcher i get it!!

thats a big security problem!


I installed the using the autoloader but after that my z10 is updated to version and also i cant install the apk file directly using my device including instagram..help me please..

Posted via CB10

Seriously wanted to try this upgrade. I usually am the "wait on the official update" type,but the new features made me drool. So, I tried it-and totally thoroughly completely bricked my phone. Wouldn't turn on, would give me one red LED flash followed by 4 or 5 LED flashes and then one more. Reloading factory OS now (verizon, boo) and waiting for the official release.(Which, with my luck will be sometime between now and the 23rd century..)
I followed the instructions to the letter; guess this OS isn't for me just yet.

Installed yesterday on my q10 and absolutely flawless!!!!!!!. I have not had ANY ISSUES whatsoever - no lag, no facebook issues, no music player issues.

I did a security wipe, started the phone (no account setups), installed the leak, setup my accounts, and I DID NOT do any kind of restore.

IMO....Blackberry OS = GREAT, Blackberry Link = CRAP, so don't do restores because that is a feature of Link and not the OS.

Features I love the most are :

White balance - I always felt like my screen was not as bright as it should be, now I'm convinced that it must have had a calibration error and was on the warmer white setting because now it is like a new screen altogether. I'm like "aaaaah";

Picture Password - On a Q10, it was never easy to do a one handed unlock and I never had the simple password option even on 10.2.0 - NOW, I can easily unlock with one hand while on the go. I'm like "bam!"

Q10 - Speed dial - as much as I'd like to say "yaaaay", I'm more like "what took you so long?"

Customizable drop down - I travel a lot and it is really awesome to be able to airplane mode without having to do 3 steps anymore.I'm like "wooop"

Pinch in Hub - This just made my life soo much easier. I usually flag emails for responding to later and now I can just pinch the hub and see all my flagged emails. I'm like "ooooooh".

Overall, I'm using most of the new features, a lot of which I would not know to ask for, so it is a testament to the product that they are working on the RIGHT features.

Keep Going Blackberry!

hi I have a z10 STL 100-1 and when I start camera I get an error ''camera can not be satarted''. How can I solve the problem please help me

Well done 10.2.1. I can install most of android application. However, there are some issues with Cisco Anyconnect, Rooted anyconnect, installation was OK. however, it must run rooted OS. failed. Anyone know how to install Apk directly on BES work environment? once I download 1mobile.apk, it says unable to open the apk file. any way to unlock BES policy to allow this? I would like to make Cisco Jabber work with BB10 Z. STL 4 Verzion.

Morning. Have been running the leak since it arrived and find it a major upgrade. One issue I've run into: wifi and LTE radio don't seem to play well together. If the LTE/4G radio is on, the device won't connect to Wifi. If the radio is turned off wifi connects immediately. If the radio is then turned off, the wifi is knocked off. Anyone having this issue and, if so, what, if any work around is being used?

Said this in another thread, but the next update/leak I would love to see the dark theme expanded to the settings screen and main text screen. If we want the option for dark theme, it should be applicable to all screens :)

Posted via my Z10

Hi All;
I have a Z10 (STL100-3) and tried to load this leaked update. I get a bootloader error;
"Failed to read Trailer"
"Failed to read QCFM header:
"Error; Failed to load images."
"Error; Out of Windows memory"

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Out of Windows memory. Have you tried to reboot your PC and download the file one more time. About 1.8 GB.

Ive had os for about 1week or 2 working great but I notice today it wouldnt allow me to share what im listening to on BBM and also I add people on BBM abd the number of contacts dont chane for example I had 82 contacts and I added 2 more and I still says I have 82 I closed the app and sane thing HELP!

Model: STl100-3
Provider: Bell

Issue: Customized ringtones for contacts. It works for when the contact sends email, and BBM, but for text messages it stays the same.

Tried to even change the tone to something different for texts but still says the same as the default profile.

Any thoughts?

Besides that, this is the best leak to date, everything works like a charm, quicker, more responsive, no lags or delays in old text threads, everything else is perfect on this leak!

Has anyone on AT&T been using this leak? I gave up waiting for them to make an announcement about the Z30, and got a Q10 yesterday.

I hv installed the leak os on z10 stl 100-1 device.

I even installed the fixes that were present with the download file on the page.

I m now facing problem with the network connections, I m unable to connect to wifi or create a hotspot or start internet tethering n even bluetooth is also facing problems.
Pls help
Vishal sanklecha

Posted via CB10

The only problem with this update is it laggy and battery drains fast and also had the gallery issue but that's fixed and still testing great OS update...

Posted via Z10, with 10.2, stl100-1

Z30 problem with upgrade. I installed on my Z10 (STL100-4) with no issues so decided the day after I got my Z30 (STA100-3 Verizon) to also install it on it. Works fine on Z10, however I keep getting the Yellow Triangle with "!" mark and the error message "Error BB10-0004 (The device will not start up because incompatible device radio software has been loaded on the device.). I had to install in order to get my Z30 working again. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I thought was for all devices. CB Community I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

Guys I'm unable to download.....OS 1055 for my Z10 Stl-1 can you guys please tell me where should I download from plzzzzzzzzzzz

Hi Dev's .....it is a really great job wht you did .....its really amazing features with OS 1055 ..i loved it like crazy the pinch zoom, dropdown menu, and mostly the battery life but .apk files are not running on my Z10-STL-1 can you please help me i've installed Viber, whenevr i'm attemting it to open its just disconnecting in a moment after its connectd please help me with this and the major problem is that i cannot add accounts in my Z-10

I get the following pop-up when I try to unzip the downloaded file to my Mac:

You can’t open the application “ (1).exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on OS X.

Anybody know what I can do to sort this? Ideally, "Wait for the official version" is an answer I'd prefer not to receive. lol

exe files can only be read on a Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (whatever) I too own a Macbook Pro running Mavericks & tried every way possible to apply a leak on my Q10 including Sachesi but no dice Therefore, forced to bring back to life my old computers & run the autoloader w/ ease for that particular reason just & it's worth it because 1055 is the best leak I've had thus far Waiting for 10.2 to hit T-Mobile still isn't ideal since it hasn't yet.. I applied that leak months ago & love 10.2.1 that I've had for about a month & a half ago Be careful & sure to have the full os autoloader download w/ radio in tact which you can find later in this thread rather than in the beginning where as the initial poster presented this os leak first hand drafted & not FULL

Install a nice VM (VirtualBox, Paralells etc)... and get one of the free Windows releases: http://www.modern.ie/en-us/virtualization-tools

You need to be a little carefull when you use a VM for updating your phone's OS 'cause the phone changes the USB id 2-3 times and you need to always catch it in the right moment so that the installer runs smooth.

This is tested and works... in the last 10 years I've only used Linux... and I'm having a small Windows VM just for these nice leaks... and another smaller VM for some stupid .gov sites that think that the only browser out there is IE with ActiveX enabled...

I haven't seen this bug reported yet... but if you install an app from an Android store (amazon let's say)... and later you want to install the same app from BB World you get a messy error that doesn't make it obvious why it failed...

The opposite (install some app from BB World and then try to get the same app from Andoid stores) gives an nice warning that the app can not be upgraded...

try using Waze (1st from Amazon store, then from BB World)

How many hours can I get with a z30 with just 1charge with,cos am thinking of changing from z10 to z30 today.

I switched to the Z10 back in august. Love the phone and finally got the nerve to download 10.2.1. IT WORKS GREAT. Got my son a Z10 and will help him do the same. Thanks to all for the posts they were a great help.
Using 1mobile for apps and got the bank apps I needed.

Love my Z30, simply Works like it should! Very happy with it. Regarding side-loading and ultimately an app from BB direct (Like the seal of approval garnished by that) how vulnerable does having Android Apps on my SECURE Z30, make it via the android apps? Will having the Android (Open source software) on my Z30 allow the issues like hacking, spying, and general breaching the SECURITY provided w/BB10 systems? SECURITY IMO will be an increasing priority as this trend to mobility continues around the globe. Appreciate replies, THX. received PTCRB certification on Dec 17th. Any clue when this will leak? I really need the upgrade as I can't access my account settings any longer.

Please Backup to BB Link, cause after you do this your current apps, settings, media will be missing.. then go to your BBLink and do Restore of the Backup you made just prior to Upgrade to .1055 / If not, you will be shocked that your missing above mentioned..
Other than increase mixed matched contacts, contacts missing, truncated, which was happening a little prior to this .1055 OS, I was using Os same happening still just more of it.. with .1055

was a wonderful ride until today my z10 100-3.phone went bye-bye. everything was there but nothing would open. could not even make a call. 4hrs later forced onto at&t. still waiting for email to be reactivated. but happy to have the speed back, the leak really slowed everything down. going to miss all the apps I never used. and those I did... just a bit of a rant...how long before at&t releases an update.


I downloaded the 1.88 GB file form available link. When I tried to install, it seems to have crashed my phone. I now get 3 red LEDs , it keeps blinking periodically. There is nothing else that I am able to do. Also BB Link is also not able to reload.
Can anyone suggest what I can do?

Also is there any genuine autoloader official source from where I can download 10.1 or 10.2.0?