Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2013 07:47 pm EST

It didn't take all that long but it sure felt like it - OS has now leaked in full for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30. We've already seen the same OS for the Q10/Q5 but the Z versions sadly had no radios or autoloaders. That all changes as now everyone can get in on the fun.

In case you haven't been paying attention, OS brings along a slew of new updates as well the ability to load APK files right on the device.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad (though you can always reload your OS). 

Download OS from the CrackBerry forums

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30



Do you guys think the US carriers will update our phones to 10.2.1 or will it be a lower version?

Posted via Z10, with 10.2 envy

I'm experiencing an issue with one of my POP email accounts where it doesn't show any of the messages as read. I've tried opening each email individually as well as a blanket sweep to mark all emails as read... nothing. I will probably delete the account and reload it and see if that fixes the problem. Before that, I will check the forums and see what else I can learn there. Today is my first day with the new leak and that is the only problem thus far.

Update... I did delete and reestablish the email account and that seemed to take care of the issue. It took awhile for the 30 day history to re-post. So, at first, when I would do a sweep-mark-all-messages read it would clear and then additional older messages would appear in my history which made it look like there was still a problem. Then I realized I just needed to wait for the 30 day period to fully populate, select to mark "all prior items read" and it then worked unlike before. However, as I am writing the aforementioned method has stopped working. I now have 94 of my oldest messages I am again unable to mark as read. Plus, I am unable to delete those 94 messages.

Glad I'm not the only one having that problem with .575. Battery dies before my spare is finished charging. Upgrading OS right now!

Posted via CB10

Working well on my Q10, Z10, and now Z30 :)
Really very much worth the wait.
So much to see and do and learn now.
Happy hacking, all!

Have you loaded the amazon app store apk? Works like a dream. Now have all the apps I need.

Posted via CB10

Damn your post. It was the final straw. Looks like this broken camel is gonna be up late.

Go Leafs! Go!

10+ years. Since Black and White.

So what are the differences from to .1055 Would guess would be the newest leaked OS

.1057 is the DEVELOER OS with usual Stuff missing - officially available on BlackBerry's Develoer Site.
.1055 is the FULL LEAKED OS. I compared the Version of the BARS with "Darcys BlackBerry Tool" -> There is nothing new in there.

To people who have installed the leak, is your music player working properly? I ask because it was one of the issues in mrfreeze's thread.

Also, could you please say if there is something that worked earlier but is broken in this leak.

Thanks. I would like to install it.

Verizon Q10 with 10.2 :-)

I can't play music, it gives my an error(1). You can still play music using the file manager though.

I have a stl 100-4. No music player issue at all. Took three minutes to read my sd card and I was up snd running

Posted via CB10

You sideload it just like you would any other app you sideload. If you're not familiar with sideloading, just have a quick look through the CrackBerry forums. It's quite easy to sideload.

After ~2 Days of use i can say its very stable so far. Got no Problems like the non-working Media Player and other Stuff like other People. But its a little more laggy than the older 10.2.1.xxx Leaks. Many new Features. And a fantastic Version at all :)

this is an autoloader... so probably not. i've sworn off leaks as I don't want to wipe anymore as well. only Sachesi for me, which means I'll wait until 10.2.1 becomes official.

Radio is only available for Q5,Q10 and the Z30. Z10 does not Support FM Radio because of slightly different Hardware. But who needs a Radio when YOU CAN MAKE CALLS ON ALL DEVICES... ;)

Just use the correct Autoloader and you are fine. Everything works. I am using a Z10-STL100-2 with Vodafone Germany. The whole OS is somewhat laggy and needs a lot of Performance Tweaking but yes SMS, MMS, WiFi, Data etc. works.

The only thing i saw People complaining about (not sure if someone find a Solution to it or other got it to work): No WiFi Calling on T-Mobile USA.

not in this lifetime. i'll wait until it reaches official turf and is available through the Sachesi method. unless the leaks really start pouring in and are spectacular... but, too many issues reported for me to jump again.

The leak is killer and weirdly everything works fine after 24hrs. Was laggy at first but now great!

Diggin the warm white, and adjustable settings is HUGE!

Nicely done BlackBerry. Keep the rapid fire.

Thanks for the screen shots Adam.

hey, BB version wechat only supports 10.1. You need to install 1moblie.com apk first, then download Wechat 5.0.3. it works as a charm! Well done BB developers. Ya, we have fully functioned Wecaht!!!

I installed this on my Z10 but received and error when trying to restore my data via bblink...so be careful...I've lost all my data... :(

Posted via CB10

Maybe need to used latest BB Link, released yesterday, to backup. I used latest BB Link to perform a full backup, installed this leak and restored...no problem at all.

Installed instagram: registered and explored, worked fine.
Installed pinterest: have no used yet.
Installed Amazon Appstore: tried to log in but doesn't recognize my account.
Installed netflix: have no used yet

Been waiting for this one all week.

My BlackBerry History: 6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

I literally just finished reloading a clean 1803 with debug token redownloaded apps, set up phone how I like it... think, well why not, waiting for the radio file anyway... then I see this. Damn it lol.

Posted via CB10

If I read correctly, the radios are available for q10, z10, and z30? I'm in class and more or less skimmed the article

Posted via CB10

Crap! I usually wait about a week before I install a leak just to see what others experience but I can't wait on this. There are to many cool features to explore. Wish me luck!

Posted via CB10

Can someone comment on the battery life? I know it takes a couple days for everything to get indexed but if you see any particularly good or particularly bad signs please comment!

Posted via CB10

Dumb question, APK is the Android format correct? Traditionally we would have to side load a "converted" APK to BAR correct? So does this method allow the device to download any APK to the device and install it without conversion? How do you get the APK?


Posted via CB10

Picture Lock feature is very hit and miss. After 5 attempts you have to enter "blackberry" and then ur standard password. Got annoying so I went back to a standard password till this gets refined.

FM Radio is a nice addition on my Q10 too.

Posted via CB10

Does anybody know if the T-Mobile (USA) Wi-Fi Calling applet works with this leak?

Wi-Fi Calling is important in my weak-signal location.

Out comes the leaks, the official release should be out very soon. I'll wait for the official release but I don't know how long i can wait. Hehehe

Posted via CB10

The official version is typically released within 4 to 8 weeks after the leaked version. At least this has been the pattern.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

In this leak does the popup box appear when the wallpaper is changed? I use Wallpaper Changer HD on and whenever the wallpaper is changed no popup box appears. However, with subsequent leaks the annoying popup appears.

Lol, and I just got things setup after the carrier update. Oh well, time to start over again, again. :)

Posted via CB10

It's the only thing I don't like so far. Not that it's a real problem, but it does look very much like the Android call screen.

Posted via CB10

I read somewhere that official 10.2.1 is supposed to drop sometime in November. Nevertheless, I will install this after my son's hockey game tonight.

Posted via CB10

I don't think the official SDK has shipped yet, so I doubt we will see the final 10.2.1 in 2 weeks.

This is the BEST leak ever! Thanks to developers!!!

The problem, it's take forever to sign-in at twitter (BlackBerry native app). So, I downloaded android twitter apps. LOL... I don't know why?

Thanks again!

Posted via CB10

I'll wait for the official. I'm not sure how to anyway without the sachesi. Hopefully it won't be long! Sounds like a good one!

Posted via CB10

No contact prediction direct from the dial pad? Come on guys IT IS A PHONE! Why we can't have this basic feature? Why I must go every time into search of everything in order to pick just a phone number? Please don't forget there is not a possibility to set the search just for contacts. Every time you go out it is resetting to "search for all"...its annoying!

Posted via CB10

Lol, patience my friend. They're pumpin' out massive improvements at light speed. Send them an email and I'm sure you'll have it in quickly

im guessing it wont have wifi calling with this... does anybody knows if it would work if i install the 810 radio?

Works great on my z10 STL-100 1

Download 1mobile store and the apk installs direct after that enjoy most apps work great a few do not. Instagram, PayPal, simple bank etc all work. In the last they did not work so that is a big deal. Waze also works. I did not have any of the glitches some people mentioned.

Posted via CB10

Be advised that 1 Mobile tries to update all your current Android ports from side loading or BB World. You need to delete the old apps first before you can 'update'. Also, to get rid of annoying HUB notifications from 1 Mobile, you need to delete the freshly downloaded files in the downloading and update lists within the 1 Mobile app. Other than that, it works great! The latest version of Netflix is buttery smooth!

Posted via CB10

I've been running this leak for 3 days, few glitches like contact pictures missing but have been sorting itself out some pictures are back, yesterday my battery lasted 10 hours . New call screen, and now you can access messages from the lock screen by tapping on it, new feature in the hub you can now move from one message to the next by using the little icon on the bottom right of the screen, and to those who don't read the forums it does have a radio

BlackBerry Z10

Whoa...congrats! you picked a great first leak! Give it a day or so after you've added all of your accounts. It'll be busy at first syncing up all of the data.

Posted via CB10

This update should be called 10.3

It has so many great update that I wonder what's going to happen by the time we will hit 10.4

Help spread the word out on this GREAT OS

I think we might have a winner but we need to start coveting users over from other platforms.

We need BlackBerry bank account to hold up during this transition.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

Loads fine but doesn't install apk files, the Q10 version that split the OS worked better except for the no radio which was the only issue but at least the files installed, this version gives " installer has stalled, cancel installation?.

Posted via CB10

Holy Crow! Do you people realize how awesome this is?! I'm installing all these apps without even using my computer. I'm using 1mobilemarket and just downloading them and installing them like it's nothing. BB needs to push this out to every BlackBerry so people can take advantage of this. They should be shipping z30s with 1mobilemarket preinstalled.

This 'leaked' stuff is all very nice and perhaps it is good for a good number of folk to load, play and critique.

It is like one great Alpha / Beta process, and that is good.

I really wish BlackBerry would give us firmer target dates for release.
BlackBerry 10 is a work in progress and each update provides another level of good programming and features. ... and THAT is good.

I must give accolades to those who do the leak installs an express their comments on CB. I am certain both BlackBerry programmers and developers subscribe to these forums to listen and learn.
CB is to be applauded for providing this media!

Stephen Green on Z30 to CB10

amazing, but error launching wechat :(, instagram is going well and viber only instant messaging cuz viber shuts off after few seconds of answering

just updated z10 to this

BB version wechat only supports 10.1. You need to install 1moblie.com apk first, then download Wechat 5.0.3. it works as a charm! Well done BB developers.

Yes, me... I'm not able to chat at all, only via whatsapp is working. Also I don't have the little BlackBerry icon next to the wifi connection and some apps tells me that I'm not connected to the Internet....

Posted via CB10

I am having the same problem on my Q10, anyone know how to fix it? (gonna downgrade to get BBM back if not fixed by end of weekend)

Great news!

This update Worked great on my q10 sqn. I woukd like to try this on my z10 ( currently running leaked10.0.2.424) but I worry it won't restore my settings and data.

Besides my side loaded apps what else will I lose or be unable to restore? Anyone try a similar upgrade on the z?

These 10.2 leaks are really becoming worth the hassle!

Thanks in advance.

Posted via CB10

In response to your question, I just upgraded my Z10 to this leak and all my data was restored properly. The only thing you will have to do, like all the other leaks, is re-enter your passwords for your email, Facebook, etc. All my contacts and calednar stuff was saved.

I'm losing my saved game after i restored my phone.. game like Real racing 3 have to redownload the additional data.. why?


you have to do a full backup of your phone prior to installing the new os then restore the backup afterwards.

Hello, i have a Z10 STL-100/2 with firmware I have installed the official app "BlackBerry runtime for Android ". Before to install the leaked I have to cancel this app?


I have the OS installed now but was wondering if I can use the bars from the previous leak - - or if there are new ones? Please let me know! Thanks.

Is anyone facing any issue of android apps orientation issue? For me most of the android run upside down? And active sync loosing connectivity everytime the device restarts?

Posted via CB10

I saw that with the video camera view in Instagram on Q10. Also very warped. But the actual app was ok.

Soon I hope, I believe BlackBerry is monitoring feedback and perhaps will make some changes before the official is launched.

Updated my new Z30 which I bought just in anticipation of this. Not at all disappointed. Got my Internet Banking apps working.

Posted via CB10

Just installed but very laggy on start up. The quick settings are very good but the main reason for installing this was to be able to load my APK files,and it stalls and gives me an error message every time. Have tried install via SD card,Dropbox with no success. Gonna try directly from browser and see if that works. If all is lost then I'm just gonna wait for official OTA.

Posted via CB10

Dear All,
I have installed on My STL100-1. Nice leak with lot of new feature like quick setting, battery percentage, APK installer , etc. I'm sharing few things I have noticed.

-Music player was not working. But can be fix it
-After few hours of use my camera stopped working.

-After 100%, battery is directly going down to 97%. I don't know any solution.

-Wechat is not working. Its directly exiting without showing any window.

-Able to install .APK directly from FileManager. Tried with few .APKs , Working fine. Great!!!.

Apart from this, I think this leak is most stable.

Done everything to install apks!!! They don't work. Tried a sideload .. got them to the device but when I start the app all I get is a blue loading bar at the bottom but then after it fills there is nothing but a black screen but not frozen device.. what the...!!? I think I did everything but no apk apps!!!

Posted via CB10

Sorry but what means FULL for Z10? I have installed. 1055 last week on my Z10 STL100-1working good, is this a better one?

Posted via CB10

Already loaded and loving it, omg I have Subway Surfers, it is sooo cool to be able to install any app I want...
Amazing BB10. rocks...
The Quick Settings is also wonderful, loving the fact that a 'flashlight' is integrated with the os. Great job BlackBerry, keep up the wonderful job.

Posted via ZCB10

I have been using this leak for more than 24 hours. the best so far. I can also install apk files directly. and even lots of previous non working apps just working the way I want. there are lots of improvements. performance is nice. no battery issues so far.

Posted via CB10

Loaded it last night. Things are good, but I was hoping that I can use the picture password. If you have a work account with IT policy to have a password, the picture password will not work.

Posted via CB10

I have a Z10 STL 100-3 everything works fine except for the APK installation, it gives an ERROR every time..

I had downloaded the Q10 version before this release, Split the OS and that version worked fine with APK installation, only down side was No Radio but everything else was smooth...

Dunno what to do about this Version tho.... any thoughts??

Posted via CB10

I couldn't install any .apk's without the 'stalled' error and constant 'processing' either until a good hard restart then everything worked fine.

I guess I am not getting how to ad the new apps. Got the leak running fairly smoothly on the Z10, but cannot get the android apps to work thru my chrome sideloader.

the best leak ever, probably...

And with the £179 price from Amazon/carphonewarehouse, Z10 is the best phone on the market. Hands down.

Nexus 5 with £299 price - is smoking in the shadow.

Is anyone having issues when downloading the new OS Z10 to your pc...i did it last night and after waiting 2 and some hours, the download was complete it said file failed. Is there a work around for this?

Posted via CB10

Pic password option is there but after setting it up, it turns off automatically. My quick settings option from the settings list also disappeared.

Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

Great leak... love it and works perfect... make sure to update your BlackBerry Link to have the full benefits when restoring

Posted via CB10

I saw the log of new features but I'm on a Z10 treasure hunt with this leak! Awesome discoveries in this os! Better each time!

Proudly posted via CB 10

I got the notification at my hub that the official is available. You didn't get this?

Blackberry Z10 STL100-2 + Q10 SQN100-3 + Apple IPad Mini 3G + Lenovo Ultrabook SSD (+ Playbook 32GB not in use). Carriers MVNO Netherlands and DTAC Thailand.

This is great! Just downloaded amazon app store from my browser and installed.

Man if they only had the z30 and this OS at launch in Feb....

Posted via CB10

Not that my love for BB was fading but this leak is so %&#@*! awesome that i love my Z10 even more now!

Anyone having issues with landscape and portrait mode. Resolutions and locking in one mode. Have to open app in landscape to get it to work. Especially apps that are loaded. Help

Posted via CB10