Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 28 Jul 2013 05:48 pm EDT

If you simply must live on the bleeding edge of OS leaks then you can take some pleasure in knowing that OS has arrived for all the BlackBerry Z10 variations with the exception of the STL100-1 model. As with any leak we post, we always suggest a certain amount of caution be taken but with this release, extra consideration should given as to whether or not you want to give this one a go.

There is a great FAQ posted in the CrackBerry forums that covers a lot of questions and concerns and it's suggested that you give that a read before making any final decisions and of course, the standard disclaimer is in effect. Don't get mad at as if your device ends up damaged, eats your significant other or attacks you in your sleep. To put it plainly, you install this at your own risk and realistically you'll likely load it up, try it out and get rid of it shortly after.

With all that said and knowing no one will likely read the disclaimer anyway, some things you'll enjoy in this OS are the new Android app player, toast notifications, device monitor, Cascades settings menu, new copy and paste features and plenty more. If you're looking for the full details or some feedback from those who have already installed this build, then hit the link below to read the forum thread set up for this release.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


I am on VZW and just got 10.1 a few days ago.
Getting the RSA app to work every time is a pain so I think I will pass on this load for now.

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Gold 10.2 SDK comes next month. I would think Sept is a pretty good assumption but I would bet on between Sept and Nov when A10 comes out preloaded with it

I was thinking the A would have it pre-installed, but dang if that's not a long time to wait. In any case my Z is running just fine at the moment so I can wait; I may pick up the A if it's significantly better.

Got the z10 as well, will most likely be going to the A10 when it drops.. the extra screen real estate (and perhaps processing power) may get me to finally let go of my PlayBook. Which I will no doubt pass on to an iPhone or Android using colleague to perhaps segway into BlackBerry 10 lolol

Unofficially September or October '13. Officially, I don't think it will come out until after the A10 launch. It doesn't make since to IMO if they want to push and market the A10 as having the latest software before the Z10 and Q10. What would make people buy it.

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What would make people buy it??? It's a different device! You seem to be implying that most would buy it simply to get 10.2.

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It's not as crazy as you might think. This is Googles nexus brand strategy as well

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For the U.S., probably. For Canada, I wouldn't be surprised if the carriers push it to current devices within a couple of weeks of the new device launching with it, like what happened with 10.1 and the Q10.

It was announced 10.2 in August. Probably in Canada and the UK, then rest of the world, then the US. Sorry the US is last, but Apple wanted it that way!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

If you can put up with your PIN on the screen, and a few slow downs... I am really glad with the minor changes in 10.2. Gives the whole BB10 more of a distinct personality (while 10.0 and 10.1 were kinda of a ... "I'm not BB7 and Android... but I'm not quite sure who I am". Subtle changes, but nice.

Oh, and Jellybean+Hardware acceleeration really changes the rules for Android apps. Audible simply works now (although I didn't try loading it without the debug token, I have no bugs, freezes or slow downs).

Any your point?
I can type just as fast or faster on my "toy", as you can on your "tool". Additionally I have much more screen real estate for productivity.

You need to specify what exactly is not working. Did you read the write-up and the FAQs before installation? Which STL is your device?

No one. Just like no one reads the post which clearly says to read the forums as well. Hence the 40 comments asking "What's changed?" "Will this work with..." etc etc lol.

They are an led notification for the BlackBerry keep Moving"inator". toaster function. A single slice model the "BB Rad-ion". Quartz radiant element, Lithium-ion powered. Downsides are high power consumption . Two slices on a full charge, or 1 bagel half.
Nothin' better than a slice of toast to dip in your Tims first thing in the morning.
I fully recommend buying the battery and charger combo for obvious reasons. Make damn sure, that you have good air circulation for the phone because it gets a little too hot for my liking . Oh, don't be that guy that puts the hot peripheral in your pocket after making toast. The price is a little much, but overall quality seems good.

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It says on d faq NO stl-1. No point keep repeating it. If u want sell that and get a different version of z10

SQN 100-1 os

It means U can sideload newer (not necessarily mean the latest) android apps on your Z10.
Like instagram. But from what I heard you can play the video but NOT uploading it to IG.

The player allows Android apps to run on BlackBerry 10. I believe the Android Player will be updated to Android version 4.2. Not to mention improvements to make the Android apps on BB10 look more native.

We won't really know what will work until it gets released =) Hopefully with the new leak we will see people confirming what does work! Unfortunately unless the developer submits the app to BlackBerry they won't be available on BBWorld. But, you could sideload them with relative ease. So they could become usable, you would just have to do a bit of extra work =)

Thank you, I will try to sideload the apps but just afraid I will have to do a wipe of the phone etc... will have to dig out on the site the side load procedures. Its just my Z10 with 10.1 is running so smooth its awesome .

Side loading isn't as bad as it may seem to be. They can work as well as ported apps. You just won't get updates. I don't have a lot side loaded, but what I really did want after a while is Netflix (along with an HDMI cable). Übersocial works well also.

It's nice not having to use my PS3 to watch movies. When I stay in hotels, Netflix, the HDMI and WiFi make a great combo). Then again we'll also see what happens when Google's Chromecast becomes available outside of the U.S.

Wonder what's included in "Cascades settings "? Anyone found out yet?
Also does it allow channels into hub and headless apps?

QNX is the future

Ohhhh come on guys you are the experts in this, why you didn't release a leak for the stl100-1? We also what to use our z10 with the latest os.

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First world problems. The authors have indicated why 100-1 isn't included. Were it not for them a lot of people wouldn't even have the option to upgrade their OS. Just remember that this is not an official release.

You could always sell your phone and upgrade.

Works on my vzw z10 so far. Only thing is voice control was better on earlier 10.2 builds. Did a lot like sir I, on this build voice control is more like 10.0 and 10.1 builds always asking to search the Internet. Other than that so far I'm like the direction BlackBerry is going a lot of new feature. Still playing with it.

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Can I ask you guys a question. Ok. When will the officially instagram application be available on BlackBerry World.

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LOL, just heard it was postponed to Friday 4pm... but VZW clients will have to wait 2 additional months....

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It said most of the apps that r lower 10.2 is not gonna work? What does it mean and also a I have a stupid question" can it make phone calls?". Pls let me know what it can't work. I read the post bit still don't get it.Thx guys

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Some ppl stated in the middle of sept. This is the first leak out so I suspect the official version will probably be out by the end of august at the very earliest to mid September like some mentioned

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Rumors say some shit about countries getting it don't have 4G so it's a waste of money for BBRY and a waste of a processor.

If it's true, someone didn't do their Homework since I get 4G but I'm stuck with the OMAP processor.

I don't really care though cuz it runs anything the snapdragon does with no lag and I'm happy with the carrier in my country cuz I get my OS updates as soon as BBRY releases them. That 10.1 update during thors speech was sweet!

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Can anyone confirm if the headless APIs are working?

well I suppose we need to wait until the apps are updated like bebuzz said they would offer a free update for theirs when BBRY made it available. nevermind. ::sigh::

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This is going to CRUSH the iPhone and Android when it's released. Absolutely CRUSH them.


So what's going on?? Any good news with 10.2???? Is it worth it???? Like to download it now as a leak?

Posted via the best phone ever. BlackBerry Z10

Off subject a little, but I installed 10.1 on my Z10 the day it came out. Then I installed SKYPE because I was really looking forward to it. Now I keep getting a "notification" every time I try to use it. Anyone know how to fix this?

What a bunch of bunk! We getting these postings about leaked versions but no info as to what this version encompasses. A little bit of information as to what the versions give BB consumers would really be appreciated instead all this garbage that has been posted so far. Get real people what's the scoop?

Digi.... do what everyone else does.... install it and find out! I f you don't like it, downgrade.

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Love it! Task manager included. Shows cpu memory processing in settings. Hub priority management. Total control of messages and emails. Toast notifications. Very very pleased with my z on Verizon now.


There's a forum called leaks, I'll bet all of your questions are answered there.

Search & Read.


Very impressive. The instant actions are very cool, although it needs to immediately bring up the keyboard when you click reply. Game changer.

The keyboard is even better. It makes different sounds based on what you do so you get auditory cues while typing. Delete key has a higher pitch. Shift key sounds like a tiny tick. Swiping prediction words produces a double click sound. Best of all, the swipe backwards to delete words creates a virtual backspace animation that flies through the keyboard to delete words where your finger leaves off. It's really impressive. I love it.

More to come as I try to load some Jelly Bean apps.

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BBM is working just fine - but then again I'm using the latest build from beta zone...

The actionable notification feature is pretty cool too - was able to respond to BBM msgs while viewing the forums.

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this may be a stupid question.. but ive been running leaks for a while now (currently using on my Z10 STL-2 Vodafone). To those wiser than i .. does this mean i wont be able to get official updates? or how does that whole scenario play out?

Ive sideloaded temple run and it works but freezes so when the official 10.2 comes out temple run will definately work. Candy crush works subway surfer also. Most of the apps work

BlackBerry Z10 CB10

Thanks...awesome review...they should hire this person as he really knows the product. This is what they need more of...get the unique features out to the public.

I just said to hell with it and updated. The notifications are awesome, works great from any app i'm in. The loading spindle is cool looking, it updates my album artwork better, the weather app is updated and in simpler looking and neat. The multiple alarm function is GREAT!!!, the Evernote app is included and is the full app, The recent pictures in the photo album is now by date and not recent, the Crackberry app loads quicker for some reason, HAHA!!, the stock apps load a bit quicker, so far the stock apps all landscape except for BB World and the calculator, although i don't remember if they all did before or not, HA!, so far so good. The battery gets a little warm but its charging now and I've done and will do another battery pull when its done. This seemed to help on the last 10.1 update that I did and it got warm. I'll post for more updates on changes.

Joey Sandoval, i'm happy for you getting the update! I'm with at&t and it took forever until we launched the update OTA as well. I ended up loading leaks and shortly after i did a few leaks, we launched the official OTA. Aggravating! lol. But i'm so happy that you and other Verizon customers finally got it!!! Congrats!

Really ? Smh. Get back to an official os asap. Your comment show why the leakers will probably stop leaking new os soon......

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Yes and it is working but a little laggy but the new features are awesome and all my apps and side loads all seem to be working fine. One of the more notable features is the native navigation now has landscape view. All my side loads look more natural. Definitely keeping this OS until the next 10.2 leak is available. Had a little trouble with restoring my apps but not a big deal, just had to redownload about half of them.

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Just an update it does seem to be getting smoother the more I use it but the battery drain is going to be a problem.

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Working well and was able to restore without issue.. battery drain and heating up but maybe it will settle in a day or two.

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while e-mail account setup :

my Hotmail account password ends with ';' it throws a error 'unterminated string at column at 111/xxx'

tried to setup manually through active sync showed same error. then tried just by placing ';' in Description showed 'end out of bounds' error

in programming language line of code ends with ';' - guessing it as software error - logged on to my computer changed my Hotmail passed
and doesn't contain ;

ophhhh it worked!

funny glitch!

Hi everyone, I install it and it ran smoothly at the first couple hours, then the screen started to loose reaction and I can't click any button on my device. Any ideas what is happening to my device? thx

Well this is the first beta OS leak I've installed and it's actually not too bad!

The android runtime is WAY better than on 10.1 (Deezer and eBay amongst the two biggest improvements) so android ports shouldn't be much of a problem or an eye sore... don't get me wrong nothing beats native apps but it's a half decent compromise I'm willing to live with!

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Hi, could anyone help me please? I just installed the 10.2 os now I can't edit the APN. It shows grey in the edit field. In this case I won't be able to use cellular data.

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wow i was just about to buy a roammobility card and upgrade to 10.2 for my vegas trip. guess i wont be doing upgrading t 10.2 just yet.

its running perfectly well,except the phone doesn't go on vibration or silent mode,when you change notification settings the phone doesnt seem to save it...help?

Hey I just installed and huge difference is speed especially in the settings menu it use to be laggy but now truly smooth and amazing. The toast notifications work perfectly :). Blackberry just needs to build anticipation and have the PROPER marketing and show the features and even bash the competition in the commercials. BB10!!!!!!!!

No update for STL100-1 again? Go hell to die RIM/BlackBerry, I'll selling my Z10 soon if not be better quickly !!!

(Note: RIM/BlackBerry too much promote tour world, not focus for update OS official BB10)


Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-1

I've tried it, and liked it,i was playing street fighter 2 on it. Toast pop up message is brilliant on it,But I couldn't use it, because the pin water mark in the screen, I couldn't stand it, so that means I'll wait for it.....Mmmmm,but I love it! What should I do with it? 10.2

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This OS is AWESOME!! I love the new features, including the new message preview. Everyone should have this. AT&T and Verizon should have it by the summer of 2020...

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Loving it so far, notifications for email and SMS popping up at the top of the screen is nice. Overall looking forward to its final release.

Now to find the time to play with the Android side of things and side load me some apps.

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Will this version able to retrieve my previous backup? If yes I will installed :)

* stucked with

Can someone tell me I downloaded the leak on z10 and works great love the drop down notice when u get a text but one thing I have these numbers on all four corners will they disappear when 10.2 official released??

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Does anyone know if OS 10.2 fixes the problems with missing cover art when you download music to your z10 from BlackBerry Link?

Please check the forums for all your fabulous questions. They will and can be answered there. There is an amazing FAQ section that will answer 99.99998% of your questions. The pin can't be removed from these versions going forward. This is just a small nibblet....please enjoy the Flow

I have installed this leak about 6 hours ago and at this point in time it is working as expected except for a few kink.
Initially the SMS notification seem to indicate incoming message once any email comes in to the hub. it was resolved by doing hard reset and batt pull on my device.
I have tested most apps briefly and it seem to be working except for Waze that do no go pass the agreement notice. Also, stand alone evernote is not working on my device. after try to update it in the apps world, the message stated that it is not available for my device.I will update later if any other apps is not working.
I love the PIN watermark at the side as it is YOU. No other phone have that PIN alphanumeric except you.
The email can be personalise with colour tag if you have more than one email account.
the battery initially is hot but after that it is back to 32 C on average.
so far so good with this leak.
will post if any issues crops up.
My thank to the team responsible for this......... I am loving it :)

WHAT DID I DO WRONG ? (I have a Z10 (AT&T)
After reading so many posts about things going wrong while trying to install and update to the latest OS... It really put me off and I was just gonna wait for my carrier to release it officially.
But, then I had a moment of clarity!
I was a former Administrator on BBTweaks and was privileged to have been surrounded by the guys who practically invented the Hybrid! I also did a very Off The Wall version of News,Reviews and Personal Comments. Plus, I volunteered helping in the "Beta" Forums way back when.
The CrackBerry Team couldn't have made the installation any clearer if they had created a popup version of the instructions, so I couldn't see the problem except that in most ever case, it appeared that questions were being asked that were clearly explained in the FAQ. Although, I would have felt more comfortable if they had included a popup version.
So,anyway, I went for it.
After a full back up, the installation started (red light.. green light..paisley's ..) and in less than just a few minutes the installation was complete. After a few more minutes, I re installed my backup with no problem but then ALL my third party apps also reloaded, plus I didn't have to re-sign in to anything, my WiFi reconnected as did my BlueTooth Devices.and my Z10 was running perfect.
The only problem I had was the extra time I spent "LOOKING" for problems because of all the problems posts.

Now.. this is just my opinion and it's not intentionally directed to anyone in particular so, please, no hate mail, but I have found in most every case, going back to the Beta Forums, that problems came from NOT reading the instructions, carefully and fully! (I said, Not anyone, in particular!)

After several days, My Z10 is running like a fine tuned BlackBerry!
So, the question still stands.


I have but I need the facebook files from .810 - all of the download and mirror sites seem to be down. Can someone send me .810 please?

David - david.jeffrey at shaw.ca

It is depressing here in Chile, the BB10 has just arrive and STL 100-1 is the model that telecoms are offering and now I can see that I can not upgrade to OS I just feel raped.

I had a question? Can i use the updates for the stl000-2 for stl000-1 what disadvantages will i encounter