Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10

By Bla1ze on 9 Jul 2013 10:54 am EDT

Alright, listen up carefully to this one. OS has leaked for the both the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 (check your specific device model in the forums) but this one comes with a few extra cautionary measures and install instructions. First step, you need to download the developer version of BlackBerry 10.2 for your respective device from the BlackBerry developer site, install it and set it up to the point where you're past all of the tutorials. This will wipe your device entirely. Second step, you'll need to download the OS only file loader for and install it and once again, complete the set up process. You'll then be on OS

Keep in mind, this is a very beta leak and it will superimpose your BlackBerry PIN on your device display. There is no way to remove this as long as this OS is installed. If you're not fine with that, move on. This isn't something you want to install or use. Also keep in mind, some things are not going to work properly at all times. If you're not fine with that, move on. Don't install this. In short, if you rely on your device and always need it working, you might want to pass on this and of course, you can't blame us if you break your device. You install this at your own risk.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10


Lol 10.2 is literally "available" before Verizon's 10.1 release. It's so funny I could cry... But, I've been on leaks for a while now anyway.

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Verizon has historically taken the longest with any BlackBerry OS updates. i worked with them for 5+ yrs in their Tech division. it was the most frustrating thing... at least you have an amazing network!! (bright side!?!)

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Is there a specific reason (to many queens not enough workers) why it is that way. Just curious, it's the only thing I don't like about vz

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I installed on my AT&T phone and when it went through the "regional and carrier" update check at setup, it found which leads me to believe that AT&T already has 10.2 in their banks and are just being extra d-bags towards BBRY

Just be thankful you have a BB10 device to upgrade to ANY update or leaked OS...some of us have Sprint and don't even have a handset to play with :(

Ditto. I'd rather a more "polished" and complete leak. There are too many warnings attached to this one.


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Are you?
That's an old build, the Android VM isn't really any better that what we have on 10.1.
Just be patient and wait for a better build if you really want a better OS.

Which means it runs more apps, but it doesn't run them any better if HW acceleration hasn't been implemented.

I have and that runtime is too unstable to be usable. I didn't see much in terms of speed improvements. Scrolling still uses a 100% CPU, not good.

Been stated that it has acceleration and I'm using it right now and it is very usable. Not sure what you're looking at.

Much much better and faster.

Stated by who? Proof? Maybe that's why graphics get corrupted, but it's not very efficient if the VM still eats CPU cycles like crazy.

Old GB ports from BB World work, but try some JB APK and you'll see how unstable that VM is.

Skype 4 runs much better on 10.1 MR, so does Firefox.

Which one is a "completed run time"? And what does that mean?

You mean the GB runtime is not a beta? That would prove my point.

Wait. Hasn't BlackBerry higher Builds internal since weeks? This is already old stuff isn't it??

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I've installed only Leaked OS, 10.2 will be my first official. So not often. With my 9900 it never bricked. My Z10 hasn't, knock on wood

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Really..???? Man we haven't received the 10.1 OS and you talking about 10.2. Unbelievable.

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As a developer, this is fine. Just, not sure why BlackBerry doesn't give me access to this... unless, of course, the api in 10.2 SDK aren't also reflecting the new things I have access to.

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Official 10.2!! Betas are great because the more they show means the official is close, but this install process is a lot of work unlike leaks for legacy devices... I'll pass but things are looking good

you are going to get idiots that do this, then complain that there are bugs and BB is dead because it doesn't work.

Great to see all these leaks, but I'll pass this time...BlackBerry let's keep it moving like this.....

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Cracks me up how you have to say move on twice...lol. Some people won't read the whole post, like you guys just throw in extra words for no reason.

Need a working z10. Can't try. Breaking my head over BlackBerry Link. Cannot connect to pc
Anyway does anyone know of the features? I am wishing for remote mail search. Could do it on 6. Saved me on a vacation.

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CellConnect is a advanced mobile repair centre in the island of Barbados this channel will be everything random! C00045DCF

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So since we are seeing beta versions roll out is there a likely chance that we will see a pretty stable leak of 10.2 in a month or so?

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Nooooo! Just as I was about to convince myself to install #4543 ;-). Now me hazza gotta read & wait and go through the same convincing-process again lololol. Z10STL100-2/

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The Hybrid with autoloader from Wigley (see Forums) works awesome! I am with Verizon and no problems. Faster wifi, good radio. I recommend it.

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As always, Blaize, you tell it straight. I am passing on this one because I do rely on my phone. It is intriguing what it portends, but I am happy with what does for now.

I will pass, very tempting but not enough to go through all of what I would have to do to have it.

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Oh dear, how many will ignore Bla1ze's warning and or instructions , install, screw up their device, come back here, post a rant at "Blackberry" for releasing non working updates or building a crappy phone?

Any guesses? In fact I will donate to a road trip fund to go to the first idiots house and bitch slap them... who's in?

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I done 3 leaks for the 10.1.............its time consuming and I have to re-install my apps. will pass.

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Thank you for your hard work Kris. Only the trees that bear fruits are the ones that are hit with sticks and rocks. I do not know much but the little I know has not been easy to learn. Keep us updated.

Nope. No negativity from me. 10.2. 0.93 hybrid works awesome. Better reception, battery life, faster browser, quicker OS in general. Love it. Thanks

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1. It's not official;

2. It's not BlackBerry's fault if your carrier refuses to push out OS updates (I've been on 10.1 for over two months); and

3. Enjoy 10.1 and wait for the official release of 10.2. I get the feeling you'd be one of the ones to blame BlackBerry for causing issues with your phone as a result of you downloading this version of the OS.


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Um - link seems down ;-(

Maybe karma is telling me to give this one a miss??? Lol

Also, if anyone has tried this - does it support OPENVPN? Clewley tweeted that it was coming, on the roadmap (though no specific date...).

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Why cry about 10.1? In south africa the service providers dont even know its their responsibility to roll out the updates for bb10. They keep telling me to go online and read how to update. Stil on 10.0

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Have you connected your phone to BlackBerry Link? I'm on CellC and got my update to early June already.

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Seems I will pass on this..... will wait for a more stable leak Z10STL100-2/

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Man I'm scared now. Since I do all these updates I could transfer my data to another bb! What a piss off since I got over 4k notes (remember) might hold out for official which will b in 2014 knowing bb history.

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Does Instagram work better on it ? Or any side loaded apps for that matter. Also if u don't mind what's the MAIN new features

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10.2 should also include an equalizer for the native music app on bb10. I've been dying to have one and hopefully blackberry heard the 1000's of end consumers !!

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What I've noticed so far:

Dark theme in the settings.
Thick red lines under correctable words.
Different loading symbol (not during boot, in the OS).
Has separate "air settings" icon that launches original, white theme settings.
When using the cursor circle, while dragging it around, it turns to a dark and light blue circle, seems more intuitive.
Has an "app manager" in settings.
When selecting text, you can tap and select entire words at once, making it faster and easier to grab whole words.

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There doesn't seem to be enough for me to want to keep viewing my pin as a watermark - lol, so I probably will just switch back. I just wanted to play with the leak for a bit on my Q10. I think it will be sweet when it is official.

The improvements for selecting text is a big deal for some folks, so if you're one of those, then be aware they're fixing that feature, I didn't mind selecting text before, but 10.2 is an improvement nonetheless.

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I haven't missed a "swipe up to unlock" yet. LOL, might not be an OS improvement, just seems like I'm not missing them like I was before.

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How about telling us what you get with the update instead of scaring the heck out of you if you download it. And what did you get with 10.2 update I am still on 10.1 what the heck.

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I like it so far dont mind the watermark, if you are going from 228 there is some improvements. The toast notifications rock

Normally get the leaks but when I realised two downloads and you need to activate your BBM etc again and security wipe no ty security wipes takes like 4 hours sometimes haha the scare me

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Not sure who is responsible for this one, but thanks. Think I will wait for full OS, depend on my phone too much. But thanks anyway, love CB!!

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If you swipe across the screen from battery indicator to signal strength indicator, some real time information pops up in the bottom left corner of the screen. FPS, CPU info. FYI

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Is there any possible ways foe me to reach out to the 10.1 official updates, even if my phone service are either of these two operators.(AT&T and verizon) I still can't check the updates on my Z10. It just said that my phone has the latest updates. Can someone give a hand?

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if by email problems, you mean needing to redo the passwords? just delete the account, type user name and password, should be good to go..

I hav noticed tht my z10 doesnt show updates automatically, I always need to sideload a leaked version n keep it for few days n then reload the device through BlackBerry link. The link then shows a new os. ha ha.

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but this is the first fone which I hav been using since last 4 mnths. this fone is unbeleavably outstandig, waiting for 10.2 official.

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Make a mistake thread to post :v

Thank you everyone I'm sorry.
To say briefly
Is there value to use this OS that was leaked after all? ? ?

Fuck it!!!
The last software was shit, lots of things isn't working well! RIM needs to improve its shit or she'll go down again.

I mean, softwares are made to improve things up! Not bring them down to the worst!!!

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I'm on the latest 10.1 which came out recently. It works flawlessly. I'm waiting for a new 10.2 which is stable. This latest 10.1 release is my first leak load and it was simple beyond belief. Thanks for nothing Verizon. Why should I wait for an outdated 10.1 from you??? I'm extremely happy with download

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It would make much more sense to give us the option to merge contacts details into one final contact.

For example, for every contact source such as yahoo, gmail, outlook, or z10 you should be able to see a merge screen and be able to consolidate each contact detail into one single contact on z10. We should be able to select the data flow source and direction. So for example if I update a contact field on bb10 or on my outlook or for example gmail the field will propagate both directions.

But if a facebook contact updates details it could (through the link feature), let the data flow through to the bb10 contact but not the other direction because I do not have ownership of my facebook friend's data.

But in all cases what I want is a complete, updated, single bb10 contact. One contact per person.

The crazy linking system we have now NEEDS to be corrected!!!

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iam from Oman and excited to see you all upgrading to 10.2. Can the latest leak be downloaded and installed in Oman as well or it is specific to Canada or US. Please help.