Leaked OS for the STL100-X, SQX100-X, and STA100-X

By Adam Zeis on 7 Nov 2013 10:37 am EST

It's been a bit now since we've seen a fresh leak for BlackBerry 10 devices, but one has just popped up in the forums and is ready to roll. This version is and is available for pretty much every BB10 device. 

You know the drill - head to the forums to get the full scoop and if you do give it a go, drop a comment below letting us know how it's working for you.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad (though you can always reload your OS). 

Check out more in the CrackBerry forums

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Leaked OS for the STL100-X, SQX100-X, and STA100-X


Amen! Took them long enough! :D Thanks guys! Lol

"If you can't soar with the eagles then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)

My app experienced a regression where action items were not getting placed on the action bar but are stuck in the overflow menu. 10.1 works where 10.2 doesnt. Doubt it's been fixed. But will check.

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Unlikely, for the Q5/Q10/Z10 devices; the pin watermarks seem to only be on the 10.2.1 OS builds, which are still under the .1000 version right now.

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It's little curious I've already the version...
Is it really useful for me ??

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It's appears to be an official update. In Holland Vodafone offers this 'leak' through software update on the device.


Hi guys, I'm downloading OS 10.2.0429 at this very moment on my Q10 ! The file is 429 MB and comes as a surprise to me. Any idea what kind of improvements this will bring ?

i also would like to know the number. lots of people saying that it's official from Vodafone, just need the number to type into Sachesi. lemme know if you find it.

This is Just installed it ota, after my Z10 informed me that there is a new update.

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Running this in Bell right now. Did an upgrade using Sachesi vs. autoloader. Runs perfectly well. I feel like something has changed slightly with fonts but I could just be imagining it.

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Aint got no time for leaks lol but i just got an update from Voda UK which is this version...happy days.

I got an official update request on my Z10 to .424 but i have installed leaked. 1743.. which is better?

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Got that request too (yesterday) and made the update on leaked 1743. Then today I got. 429 :)

But I wonder if the I now have an official build?! I mean I updated from a leaked version, so dunno where the update came from...

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Vodafone Germany just pushed this OS. Pretty with over 400mb despite I already have 10.2. But I won't complain :D

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I'm on o's and am very comfortable with it, there's no issues, should I update to this or a 10.2.1?

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Can I shut off the stupid TMobile wifi calling with this leak? Stupid since I don't use it 99% of the time and it ends up getting in the way.

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PTCRB site shows as certifies as of today. We should see it live in Canada in a few days in the previous pattern holds true this time.

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I am now for the first time running a leaked version of my BlackBerry z10 OS, and I must say I immediately noticed some new features. Just can't wait to see what it can really do when I get a real chance to sit down and play with it. I didn't however see any new features with BBM and BlackBerry World yet but who knows, like I said I didn't get a chance to really play with it yet. Oh by the way, the keyboard works great on the z10 with this OS.

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Had an issue logging into my BlackBerry ID:

Unable to connect to the blackberry ID server. Please make sure that you have the current date and time set and try again (50507)

And then after messing around with the date/time and then restarting:

Unable to connect to blackberry ID server (50500)

I don't think these messages having anything to do with the device. All the support forums I went through and the only solution that seems to work: just wait a few hours and try again.

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Why is it different carriers release OS updates at different times?

I thought it would be that everyone picks it up same time from the BlackBerry update servers or what ever it is...

Sorry sounds a dumb question but really curious.

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Here in the Caribbean and still waiting for an update from the last one. When will we get an update in the Caribbean? Are we link to USA to have it in December or Latin America to get it sometime this month? When will updates get sent to cell instead of network and region? Hope BlackBerry changes this very soon.

Question: If someone is doing an update using Sachesi, do they HAVE to remove their SIM card, or could they just put their phone in airplane mode and take it from there?

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Perfect. Right on the day I'm having difficulties restoring data from Z10 to new Z30 because of the version differences. This leak actually fixed the issue for anybody having also experiencing it.

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Damn...took me more dan a day to get my Z30 on the same OS (1791) as my Q10...

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Mine too. I got an update notice of about 430mb, immediately after download and installed, it automatically changed to "downloading 0mbof 1003mb". Please I need explanation too.

Last leak installed 1791. Earlier posts indicate 1803 similar to 1791. Will simmer w/1791 for now...which is running tasty!!

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When is it going to be official in the US... I'm super ready but scared to download the leak....

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This winter...I used the sachesi method and installed the official Z10STL100-3/ from a Canadian carrier.

AT&T Z10

This winter...use sachesi to install an official! It's easy and most of all u loose nothing.

AT&T Z10

Guys if anyone can clarify this for me. I loaded a leaked version a couple of month ago on my Q10. The version is Q10SQN100-3/ But now from my operator I have got an update for Isn't 1725 supposed to be the higher version? Then why does my phone says there's an update to my OS and offers me 424?

I live in Dubai and my carrier is Du.

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Okay, leaks aside, anyone have a more accurate ETA on the *official* release?

Not ashamed of the 'Berry I carry. BlackBerry by choice!

How do you guys respect blackberry? I did until the last few days. (q10 user on Canadian official 10.2.424? OS) since updating to this release.. I can no longer use texting in my phone for business, everytime I start my phone in the morning and read my unread texts they ether don't show up, or B, lags out so I cannot even send a text message to this phone number.. or read previous texts.or respond in rapid text communication before not being to respond. If no official update in few weeks, im trading in my and 49 other work Q10 phones in for an i5S phone...this is BS.

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I'm on Z10STL100-3/ and had a text lag issue but it seems to be resolved after I deleted the longest thread convo which is twitter. No more lags since. Even had an issue of dark theme not working at times.

AT&T Z10

I'm on a Z10 and whether on leaks or official I've never had an issue. Hmmm.

BB10 IS the best!

Under certain circumstances when I do a full backup, install a leak, then restore, all my "Links" in my contacts are disconnected and I have to manually re-Link them.

I'm not one to add fuel to the fire of "BB10 SUCKS!" and I'm sure I shouldn't be installing leaks if I'm not willing to bear some inconvenience... but... I think I've only ever done a "legit" firmware upgrade via notification on the device once, and I'm not sure whether the contact record links were broken then or not... so... is there a way to install a leak and NOT shatter the contact links? It's for that reason that I've given up on installing leaks (as well as the fact that the restore takes multiple hours, it seems).

Yayy! Way to go BerryLeaks :)
Installed and loving it on T-Mobile (USA)
No problems till now...also the phone cooled down in minutes after installing the leak :)

Rocking Z10

Loaded the leaked OS after reading the posts and no problems at all. Easy reloading my app configuration too. This OS update rocks with all the app updates for 10.2!!

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Hi, may I know with this version we still need to install android runtime? If still need to install unlocked android runtime can I know for what version of android runtime suitable with Please help. Because after I installed with this version Line (3.9.1 & 3.9.3) and instagram (4.2.1 & 4.2.2) cannot be use. For Line always mentioned with "connect error, Please make sure that you have network connectivity and try again". Please help if anybody know the roots of the problem. Thanks a lot.

Had an interesting experience with this leak.

I had previously loaded and was irritated that it would not allow custom ringtones, just offering 5 or so standard ones. I dig through the filesystem looking for where those 5 are located so that maybe I could add my favorite one in there - no luck.

Then 1803 got leaked - Loaded it and was pleased to see that I could add my ringtone...

Did so and was a happy camper - went ahead and restored apps, etc. from backup....

...suddenly no custom ringtones again ! ??

I had an idea and re-loaded 1803 and there it is again under settings/notifications/phone/tone/Browse Music...

So it looks like the ringtone feature is not part of the OS but is buried in one of the apps.