Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10

By Kris Simundson on 9 Oct 2013 09:47 am EDT

I was tipped off about this OS, and passing the files off to everyone on the forums. This bad boy comes with no change log, however it is for all devices. Version number wise this is only a small step up, so the usual performance increases can be seen.

If you do install it, be sure to hit up the forums or the comments here to let us know what you find out.

As always, be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad (though you can always reload your OS). 

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Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10


Just as I was finishing crying over the PIN watermark on the new 10.2.1 leak, this! Now I have something to try. Thanks for the hard work BerryLeaks team!

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Believe me. I used to think like you. I now find it way more fun to try the leaked OS as I get to try the new functionalities long before it hits the market. And if you face any issues, you can always go back to the earlier version that was working fine. You will however need to spare 2-3 hours of your time during which the phone may not be available for making calls. Always preferable to do it at night.

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I downloaded this leak and my phone still shows for the OS version in my phones settings. But the radio version shows I cannot make any calls from my phone because of this. Any solutions.

At this point I want them to plummet the price of an unlocked Z10 so I can have a second device just to test leaks, I can't afford to affect my daily driver

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MAJ009, that one's most likely the STL100-1 model (the worst to test leaks on). But I guess, that one works great as a daily driver, so your current phone can be used to try out leaks.

Posted from my Z10 running

Exactly my point. Why all these damn leaks? BlackBerry is sadly known for making its consumers wait for anything even when it's NOT necessary. Waiting for the proper 10. 2 version is no different. Sorry, i'll just wait until the official release. Those of you who are bold enough to load this leak at your own risk, more power to ya'll.

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It's been clearly emphasized time and time again the leaks present little to no risk to your device unless you are using some sort of corporate device and this would infringe upon your agreements for having one. I've ran the leak since the day I bought a Z10 and there has been no issue.

Many of the leaks are OS updates that are released to the carriers for testing. With the official 10.2 release expected to happen this month you're seeing a lot of leaks ahead of their official release. Some will end up being the same as an official release while others are rejected.

The 10.2.1 releases are a different ball of wax as that branch is still in development.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell via CB10

I am enjoying 10.2 on my Z30 but my company Q10 is crying for the update... :)

Posted via CB10 from BB Q10

Haven't tried it yet myself, but I am almost certain it doesn't.

The Squircle (in all its glory) is not to be confused with Elvis. This truly is dead.

"If squircle goes, then I go. So long BlackBerry"
That makes sense since Apple and Google use the squircle. Wait no they don't. Nevermind I take that back, it makes no sense at all.

What am I missing? I have installed most leaks and my squircle is still there. I have the stl100-4 on but have never installed a leak with the PIN on the corners, all the others I have.

What's so great about the squircle? How does it even impact the intrinsic functionality of the OS?

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@Kris please pardon my ignorance but isn't the leak a more updated version than this leak?

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Yes, but not necessarily as stable. If you want a solid build but better than what your carrier has, use 10.2.0. If you want bleeding edge with more possible issues, go 10.2.1.

The 10.2.1. etc software is a different item, it is in a lower state of completion and it will arrive much later than the 10.2.0. etc product.

Thanks got it. It is pretty amazing to see that BlackBerry is constantly working on making the OS an awesome experience for us.

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My friend drives a rare and expensive Panhard Car. The panhard motor company does not exist any more, but he is still a happy, healthy, wealthy Panhard driver :-)

Waiting for people to stop saying "don't want it" or "waiting"

as Russel Peters would say "just take it and go!"

Sorry i meant Can someone pls advise which is the updated leak. Tnx!

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I think the 10.2.1.xxx are more adventurous leaks which would eventually act as an update to the official 10.2 OS once it's available. It contains many new features instead of improvements which is what we see with the 10.2.0.xxx versions. Thus go with the latter as your daily driver, or give the former a try if you'd like to have a feel of what's to come

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Hey everyone. OS leak alert: DO NOT DOWNLOAD OS some users are reporting it's bricking phones. The fix is to install a different OS.

it is not bricking phones, BBError-004 is a radio issue. the links I were given weren't in the order I assumed. Links in thread go STL1-SQN/SQR-STL2/3/4-STA


Shouldn't say brick when it's not bricking phones.

I just want to say thanks. For all you and your team has done. I have just one question for you about I am having an issue with the hub were all my messages go to. I have to constantly power off restart the Z10, STL 100-4. So I can get my emails,txt msges, or anything that is relates to the Hub oh and Facebook, Twitter. Have you seen this issue before. If so what is the fix.

Thanks, Artie

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Restart the hub by swiping from top right to bottom left this will make sure everything goes to the hub, and also go to the setup menu and check if everything is properly set up

BlackBerry’s Z10 via CB10

Sure like the red color, wish it was available to everyone on all their phones. Other colors too.

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Need some comments about the OS build.

I'm on 1743 and it's a bit Laggy. never had this prob in any other build.

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So far the most solid OS I downloaded so far no issues... so I say go for it.. im using Verizon z10

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It was the best thing to come out of the blackberry design department all year. Included in just one leak of the OS, it was taken out the next leak because.... ummm, wish I knew who made that decision.

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For me, sad to know that under one type phone different spec, so ROM upgrade like will ignore the specific spec.
Same for BlackBerry when they sell and advertise their products. Cheating strategy to take high profit and cheating with your customer.
Love your phone but hate your management.

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Wow. No words, really.

Still on 1761 w/ 1048 radio. Think I'll stay here unless there's something jaw-droppingly stupendous about 1791


SQN100-2 v10.2.0.1761/1048

I'm still on 1047!!!! Love it!!!!!!! MMS messages get quirky from time to time but I figured out a solution to that.

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10

Second leak I installed: did full backup restore from 10.1 to - restore broke facebook profile in hub (sort of a feature isn't it?). Did full backup / restore from 1761 to 1791. Facebook account can still not be accessed by the hub. Running android runtime from the 575 release (note: the hide bar function has some issues in one android game I've been running; but the game runs much better. Can't get obb files to work yet; maybe I'm doing something wrong... )

This release seems much faster than the 1761 release. The music player lists duplicates: this was also an issue in 1761 but I hoped it would be fixed with 1791. Anyone else run into this?

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Definitely very satisfied with all the new features are sweet specially being able to just tap any icon on the lock screen and you can see a preview of what it is. And definitely loving the quick reply from any screen feature

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After downloading a leaked os and compressing it in 7zip what's the next step? Any1?

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This bad boy runs on my stl100-4 with no lag issues
* battery consumption perfect
*all my apps are working
Only issue is camera not sharp(no face focus)
*just one more thing, to enjoy dis- Neva restore ur backup from bbm link(u just hav to start from scratch).
Thks d leak team

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I have successfully installed this update please how do I use it to get andriod apps on my phone

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After putting this leak on my something Q10, I lost Wi-Fi Calling.. It's useful but I never had it toggled on because mostly if I step outside for privacy, the call will disconnect.. (As expected) The battery life is the best I've ever had on any Blackberry, iPhone, Android after I put this leak on.. Before, it ran like a droid & would lose life each time I touched it & I've only had it a month now.. Worth the entire day it took to bring one of my old pcs back to life since the Autoloader process doesn't work for Apple & my main computer is a Macbook Pro on Mavericks but overall T-Mobile in California probably isn't going to have a 10.2 update till winter.. So, totally worth the unofficial upgrade for the lockscreen preview notifications & instant reply

I downloaded this leak and cannot call, send texts or emails. The OS version indicates, while the radio version indicates in my phones settings. The software release shows Dont understand what went wrong. Phone did not reboot once the autoloader finished downloading. Shouldnt the phone have taken me thru the steps of setting up the phone ?

pls i need a link other dan dat of file factory and mega. The file factory file for q10 is invalid and i cant download from Mega. HELP!!!