Not official but they're there

BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available

BlackBerry OS

Leaked: OS for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones

BlackBerry OS

Download the leaked BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS leaks out for the BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry OS

OS autoloaders for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for most BlackBerry 10 devices

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30

BlackBerry OS

More new features turn up in OS 10.2.1 including contact profiles, Q10 speed dial, new BBM icons and more

BlackBerry OS

You may soon be able to load an APK on BlackBerry 10, right from the File Manager or Browser

BlackBerry OS

Latest leak shows off customizable quick settings, white balance, battery percentage and more

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for the STL100-X, SQX100-X, and STA100-X

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10


Leaked OS for most BlackBerry 10 smartphones

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10 devices (yeah, except the STL100-1)

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

BlackBerry OS

Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones

BlackBerry OS

Why is this leak not for my device?

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Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10 devices

By Adam Zeis on 30 Sep 2013 07:23 am EDT

Another leaked OS turned up in the CrackBerry forums yesterday, again for all BlackBerry 10 devices. This version is OS so it's just a small step up from the last leak, but new is new, right?

Usual rules apply - be sure to read everything over before you dive in and of course do a full backup before you get started. Check out our full walkthrough of using an autoloader here for all the details. 

If you're ready to dive in, hit up the forums thread below for the goods. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know how it's working out for you.

Download OS for BlackBerry 10 devices




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I'm on .1725 with a few glitches. Trouble loading conversations on SMS. And connectivity issues. Anyone know if this is fixed?

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Also, the file is pretty small. Lol. At least compares to other leaks. Is there a reason for that? Is it a full OS?

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Is the Squircle back?

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Hmmm..any feedback about this new leak?

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Just how many leaks are they planing on launching jeez

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Arny cua

+1 , they should launch the official instead of leaks every now and then.


Bbry don't "launch" leaks. These leaks come from members of the internal beta team. I used to get them when my other half was in the beta team for certain devices at RIM. You cannot even imagine how many drops there are internally. What you see an an external user is but a drop in the ocean.

Posted from my RIM 850 wireless handheld

Arny cua

is it legal then? anyway thanks for correcting! :D


? What do you really mean by that?

There are no one "launching" any leaks at all... only some people who are in the chain of testing new builds - that makes them available for people like us.. these new builds are of course needed to test out features and to make sure it works flawless with software already in use on handsets already in the market. Most carrier networks also works in different ways, and BlackBerry needs to incorporate support for them all to make sure it works when officially released.

ALL platforms has constant development, and depending on what access you have you get new access to new builds.

The bigger question here is WHY "someone" choose to make these unofficial builds available to the general public - when obviously there are many here who should not touch such unfinished software.


Damn. This leaks are turning up too fast. I just loaded

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Easy solution - stop loading the leaks as soon as they come out. Unless of course you are addicted to the thrill of leak loading, in which case you just have to accept the consequences.


I can smell the official release coming

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2 more weeks till us on Telstra in Australia get official 10.2. Can't come soon enough.

BlackBerry user for 10 years.


I thought I was the only BB10 user in Aus! From the looks of it, BlackBerry was never born here.

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Skipping this leak...wats the difference of this one from the previous leak?

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Loaded and goin fine on my STL far good..!!


iam in a newbie in loading this new leak. iam on 10.1 and iam planing to load this 10.2 leak.
is there any official date when will the 10.2 will be live?


You can go ahead and install the leak. The official OS 10.2 will be arriving around mid October.

Kimberly de Cuba

How does it go with the battery life? Because my stl 100-1 goes down really fast and takes time to charge eversince I installed the 1743.. so just want to know how it will go with that one..

BBM Channel me C0012177E :-)


Yesterday I've downloaded it though that was the 1761!!! Hahahah

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Any idea about official 10.2 OS release?

BlackBerry Z10 Posted via CB 10


Not any yet.

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Thanks :-)

BlackBerry Z10 Posted via CB 10


Official coming soon hopefully still a virgin with leaks

Posted via my better half ZED


When 10.2 will be officially out,which version will be? Will it look like the newest leak version?!? Confused..

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Installed it yesterday. Runs fine so far. Nothing new from previous leak

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I think the builds are getting closer together because 10.2 is nearing the final build for mainstream. Now it's just enhancements and fixes.

Just my opinion. Loving the leaks!

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Not enhancements only fixes


All these leaks are so tempting, still holding out for an official :) lol

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I think this is gonna be the official OS. Waiting eagerly on this. Get this live Vodafone :)


I always say I'm going to skip this next leak. I hold out for about an hour...

CB10 on my Z10

Simon Beddows

When is the official update coming out, for BlackBerry 10.2????

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Ya gotta be kidding. I cannot face another leak install barely 36 hrs after the last one. I'm barely settled into 1761, and was just about to post a quick review.

Sigh......bleeding edge is such fun.

SQN100-2 v10.2.0.1761

Darren Clark1

Can't wait for the official release here in the UK

Posted with my Z10 via CB


This is the MR I guess, worth loading.

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varun wasan

Will wait for the official version



Whats the matter with you BlackBerry!! You said that the 10.2 update would come with the new Z30. The Z30 is released where the ***k is the official update. I'm fed up with this


Please show me where Blackberry said they will release 10.2 when the Z30 is out???. They HAVENT, in fact they said the official 10.2 OS will be out sometime in mid oct depending on your carrier.

Now before you make yourself look completely silly, try and do some research before having a pop at Blackberry.

I loaded this leak onto my Z10 and its pretty good but not getting the dark theme in my contacts and also ive noticed it doesnt play very nice with one of my apps ie wallpaper changer HD. Keeps popping up with a message saying 'wallpaper has been set'. Even though i have set my wallpaper lol.

Going to downgrade back to the official 10.1 OS and just hold out for the official 10.2 OS. Hopefully i wont have these bugs when the official 10.2 is out.


oh SNAP!

That's right, i'm bringing it back!



Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


Well the Z30 did come with 10.2 installed so they didn't exactly lie..

BlackBerry weapon of choice.

Huey Newton

What's the new features?

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This is killing me, someone tell them to release 10.2 and be done with it

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No point to wait for an official release cause a leak will come out in a week after official release lol

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Touché lol

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.


Just download, and enjoy!! Smooth OS

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What about an official update

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Do other OS's have so many leaks? I honestly don't know.

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I stopped this leak stuff. Can't wait for the official release this October!

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Oh bloody hell, just did .1761 on Saturday lol I can't keep up

Posted via my AzzazzinBerry (STL100-3/


Tired of installing leaks...backups always lose something

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Get the GA version out the door! Or will that wait till the Fairfax deal is done too!

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Anyone know what's in the cards for 10.3, I know it may sound stupid to ask but thinking of the future you know :)

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Jimmy Fong1

I heard the dark theme only comes with the official 10.2

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Does anyone know if feaures that were promised were actually being released with these builds, such as additional usb attachment support?


As I understand it, usb hosting will only be supported on the Z30 as it's a hardware feature the Z10 and Q10 / 5 don't have.

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DON'T INSTALL LEAKS. You saw what happened with BBM4ALL. The blood will be on your hands. The leak-installers are the cause of all evil, the downfall for BlackBerry. When all QNX powered cars in the world stop driving and all QNX powered nuclear power plants stop working and the rotors of windmills will stand still, then the last of you will realise that you can't drink petrol and you can't eat nuclear fuel rods.
Then, when no wind goes through your hair because the windmills are not generating any wind any longer, then..... there will be no more battery left for the final release 10.2 update. Or BBM4ALL. Or anything.

oh, wtf, let's just enjoy it as long as it lasts, might be over soon, so we can rather have some fun.


Windmills don't generate air.... they generate electricity... just sayin... lol

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No way, what will you tell me next? Santa Claus isn't real? LOL, I was wondering how there was wind before we had windmills...

(I should have put a smiley on the end) :-) I was just joking.


Jesus man, calm the f**k down Mr.doomsday. Wow, I don't remember the last time I saw someone panic so much like koolpep. Koolpep??? Should me hotmess!!! Windmills, really? Come on!!! Pop a xanax and calm down. Listen chicken little, the world will be fine with blackberry leaks. Don't worry.

Loved the reply that windmills create electricity now



Guys I was joking man. Install all the leaks you like, like I do. Doggy? Really? Seriously? I am more chilled than you ever will ;-)

Now all chillax and install your leak.


Damn!! I just loaded BB OS I think so that....skipping this seems that the official version is coming soon I'll wait


10.2 is released on the z30 just not for other devices yet....relaxe. cat

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Adam, disbanned me on the forums. I promise no more trollings.


Since the official version is around the corner I'm gonna skip this one.

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Havent updated the latest leaks. I still have the 10.1 OS. Any idea on when 10.2 will be rolled out?

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C'mon man give it a try!

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You guys must be having lots of free time to play with the Leaks! I'm sick of backing up my Z10 for installing leaks. Its taking too much effort and time! Please make it easier for end users to get updates without having to reset/restore backups.


Yeah.. +1 to that..
We seriously need something like an integrated cloud backup like icloud so that we can restore via air after the leak and the backups happen from time to time.. any suggestions guys for something like that?

Posted via CB10 in Z10 :* ;)


At least you can back up, I can't get BlackBerry Link to install for the life of me... ongoing since Feb... sigh

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Downloaded rather quickly - result!
The last leak ( seemed to have a problem with backup and restore - will see if this build is any better shortly...

CB10 with Z10 on DTAC


Man where the heck us official release BlackBerry like come on.

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Question, how are these leaks getting out?

If BlackBerry is blaming a leaked version of BBM for causing the huge delay in launching for iOS and Android, should they be taking a closer look at stopping these leaks?


Hey Crackberry, I wanted to know when is blackberry

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Lucas D

Lol What

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How do I download these leaks guys?

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Dale Lindley

Please don't come on here moaning about leaks when it's a thread about leaks. And imagine the moaning if there wasn't any leaks. Just be happy that there's still things going on in the background with the Os. Thanks guys for all that you do.

BlackBerry z10 out of 10


Why are we still dealing with leaks.

"Oh BlackBerry, you've done it again "

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Zedi Master


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Waiting for the official release for UK still on 10.1

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Huh? Which network are you on? 10.1 was released ages ago on all UK networks I'm aware of.

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Jonathan Lebeuf

There's a bug with the notification sound preview in the setting panel. When u want to change the notification sound its not showing u a sound preview.

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Spencer Nguyen

Hi all, After installed this version my camera now can't be started and i've also don't know why. I wonder what i need to do ,downgrade back to 10.1 or not hix, really upset with it.


Z10STL100-3/ is fine

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vote for returning back the original notification of PING!!!
On BlackBerry Beta Zone website
For help join C001206DB and ask :)

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Amit Chauhan1

What good is there. This leak

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Huh another one? Pass...official 10.2 for me. Tired from my android days of loading os again and again..10.1 works grand for me, will only upgrade if there's a problem

From my smokin' Barbeque10


I love leaks, never had a problem!

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good one got it ,loved it too


i thank team for quality leaks


Battery life with is awesome in my Z10 STL100-1.!!! 9HRS with extreme use....

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russell hunte

Yes battery life is fantastic so far.

Posted from my Z10STL100-1/ on CB10

russell hunte

Z10STL100-1/ is working fine.

Only ting I saw was that when I was setting up email accounts and rotated from landscape to portrait the ui went all squished up.

Posted from my Z10STL100-1/ on CB10


Whay is this leak stuff I already have my updated os from Rogers in canada. They rolled it out today

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What version. 10.2?

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I'm with Rogers, my latest is Z10STL100-3/ so what is the version Rogers supposedly rolled out today!?!

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I'm too but mine is 4181 for a few months and os is is "the latest"

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iam in a newbie in loading this new leak. iam on 10.1 STL100-1 vodafone qatar and iam planing to load this 10.2 leak.
is there any official date when will the 10.2 will be live?


Just install the new OS Z10STL100-1/

It works smooth ;)

Thanks guys!!

Posted through Z10STL100-1/ Yea,leak OS and I Love it !!


anybody had install this leak?
please share pls...
and don't wait for the official, it won't come out

via CB10 w/ Z10. I drink HiOz.


Enough with the leaks already. Give me the finished product.

Posted via CB10


If by "finished product" you mean the official update, yes I'm impatient waiting for it to drop as well. However, the OS never really finished. It's always (I hope noting BlackBerry's state of affairs) a work in progress.

Gotta say that I do enjoy flicking words from the keyboard with my thumb alone.


So far it's running like butter, you know the usual :)

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81


I recently installed os leak on z10 stl-2. How is os leak a "newer" version?

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Arghhhh!!, just updated two hours ago.. that 900mb is to much time spend on it.. wait for another leaks

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Auto text is not working with this leak. Anybody notice that?

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It is working but you have to edit the auto text a little bit.

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not anymore... :'(

Posted via CB10


Yes autotext is not working

Posted via CB10


Listen people the official release is coming soon. They them whoever they are said around mid October. So please stop asking when you are wasting space on the forum. Thank you and have a BBRY DAY



Very nice leak. Ring tone preview does not work.

Posted via CB10


On a related note, backing up & restoring is working better than ever. Even side loaded apps remember the settings.

Posted via CB10


I do wish though light & dark themes worked (changing) after restoration.. minor things..

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Installed leak. On t-mobile, but no wifi calling was installed. Waiting.

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Tyrone Whiston

Working great as always!

Posted via CB10


download, install n enjoyed...

Posted via DHL


Apparently, being leaked tomorrow... ;)

Posted via CB10 with my Z10


What!? unbelievable!!! not again.....probably this is joke

Bi Da Kul

I downloaded and tried, It's so fluent :)

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timmy t

Did you learn nothing about linking to leaked applications? Seriously Adam.

timmy t

You have no idea what kind of information that unreleased OS is sending back to BlackBerry. There are no guarantees about personal privacy or protection of your banking information or whatever.

Lucas D

I've just sat back and read so many comments, I can't get over how dumb some people are. I've been on Crackberrry a short time and in these forums I see more and more retarded people. What's wrong with people?

Posted via CB10


Fuck this update :

1. Music Lag.

2.Every Reboot you have to add your Second Language.

3.if you install unlock android Runtime you will not be able to hide android Bar at the bottom.

Posted via CB10

Rafal Abramowski

first ever comment

I went from the 10.1 MR to this version last night. Just over two hours for backup, load, restore, and side loading of some apps. Everything works. Battery life is amazing. Only glitch is my blue tooth device connections are gone. I can live with that.


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Cool! Installed the 1767 on my SQN-3 yesterday. Holiday in Hong Kong, works Great!

Still waiting for the Chang Jie (Chinese Input Method).


Hi I have a blackberry goodnight STL100-1 model Z10 and actulice but I aparace having software please plis help someone else the same thing happened?


yes, software version is and OS Version should be




please excuse goodnight as changing the theme of blackberry messenger to dark I have to do


Updated with this os.great and so smooth...

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I Fri kin love 10.2!! Ppl download it you don't know what's yose missin! The best features are the new cutnpaste and the instant action notifications! Serious, do android Ppl get so much love from an os? I never really tried android so i dont know, but I don't care either, I was bbos for a long time, and I wasn't sure before if bb10 was up to par in functionality , but now with 10.2 I know bb10 rocks! Lovin in

Posted via CB10


But this OS is not syncing Gmail contacts options....while loading gmail.account

Posted via CB10


Has the slow text message after you hit send been fixed in this release? Running 10.1

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I am the beneficiary of all the new software out on this site. I have Q10 with and I think this is the worst software that came out so far. Please send us a new version since this is useless. BB resets several times a day, the contacts are not synchronized with Outlook ...
It is not possible to set a different language as the primary? I tried to go back to version which was great, but I could not. I keep showing me the error!
Please helps!

Posted via CB10