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Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

By Adam Zeis on 25 Sep 2013 02:10 pm EDT

It's been a bit since we've seen a new OS leak for BlackBerry 10, but the BerryLeaks team is back in action today and have posted up the latest one. OS has leaked via the CrackBerry forums and is available for all BB10 devices. 

No word of what's new and improved in this version but it should be a step up from the last few. Be sure to check things over a bit before you start so you know what you're getting into. 

As always be sure to use caution when installing leaked software on your device. Check out our full tutorial for installing leaks here and perform a full backup first and if anything goes bad don't blame us. 

Download OS for BlackBerry 10 devices

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Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices


They're likely holding back on purpose so there is an easy answer / explanation / excuse for the next service disruption.

Worked last weekend and many of the Mobile Nation believed it.

Posted via CB10

Now Adam, I wouldn't exactly say there's no news of improvements or updates. There are a few notes about general notices and issues, nothing on the Kevin-level of mind-blowingness like the Return of the Squircle, but overall it'll have general functional improvements over .1725 lol.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Its return will represent BlackBerry giving the middle finger to that focus group that told them it was 'confusing'.

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Lol, I'd at least hope for them to give users the option to choose. That's what I liked about BBOS, so many options to choose from.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

To bad we couldn't choose to not always see the spinning hourglass on the old BBOS! :) I really do not miss to much from BBOS compared to BB10 (10.2) except maybe being able to change themes.

I'm quite happy with .1743 so I'm not upgrading unless there are some substantial changes with 1760. I am however tempted to try it out so I'll download it anyway :D

Z10 OS

Can anyone tell me if the new update is released will I be able to install it over my already installed leaked OS??
Cause I cant get my phone to the backed up one....thanks.

Posted via CB10

You should always be able to "update" to the official OS, even if your on a newer leaked one (as far as I know). You might have to plug it into a computer and use BlackBerry Link, however.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Thanks for the Reply!!
You mean if the official 10.2 is released I will be able to get a notification and update my device even if im running a leaked OS? or do I had to switch back to official 10.1??

Well for all the doubters and ppl waiting for the official os...for years I've been using leaks on all my BlackBerrys. Never had a problem. And now with 10, it's even easier to Dl a leak. They keep getting better.

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Another leak... great... hurrah...
Not blaming the OP at all, leakers are what actually ties me to this shitty phone, thanks for that.
But I must confess I'm sick about testing so many betas and no one final.
Sounding like a broken record but where are those amazing improvements? Every leak seems pretty similar to the others, no groundbreaking news in the horizon?

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Anxious to get off work and fire up the laptop for the new OS! Awesome, come on time God's let's hurry my time up!!!!

Can someone who has installed this let me know if there is now a setting for the swipe to take you directly to the Root Hub? That, and the need for toast to be visible until I dismiss them, are my only two "functional" beefs remaining.

Posted via CB10

Are white themes back for Q10? (I really hate black ones from

Posted via CB10 for iPhone®

No, I didn't. I found the switch for "Calendar" and "Contacts". "SMS" was white by default. "BBM" was already white, I suppose because of the beta.

But, do you have an idea where is the theme switch for "Settings" or "CB10"?

Posted via CB10 for iPhone®

You just go ahead with the installation of the new one I believe. It will automatically overwrite the installed OS leak in place. Don't take just my word for it though. I've only done the leak installation thingy one time with .1743, so hopefully someone else can shed some light on this as well.

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Do Apple have all this leaking of OS updates?

Why can't Blackberry just release stuff instead of all this pathetic messing around. I know you need to beta test stuff, but why not have organized beta testing rather this shambolic releasing of pre-release leaks.

BlackBerry is not leaking the software, Apple had many leaks of iOS7 before it was out, I know a lot of people who had iOS7 before it came out by downloading a leak.

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Awesome guys. But staying on 1743 for awhile good battery and all Andriod apps working fine. Happy with current build.

Posted via Q10 using CB10

Leaks are more trouble, my advice is be patient and wait, i wished I'd never downloaded any, my phones never been the same, may as well download a virus while you're at it

Posted via CB10

You can always go back to your original os. Sorry leaks didn't work for ya. I've loaded up the last 6. And so happy I did.

Posted via CB10

Most of the time you are correct not to upgrade Beta.
I have had several catastrophic problems.

The only time that I was happy with the leak was when 10.0 to 10.1 came out, with ability to use Skype.

these latest leaks are hardly like any virus.. they actually work better than 10.1 and below... i say that because regardless of any little glitches these leaks may have, at least my phone doesn't restart randomnly like it used to with 10.1 and below. Ever since the first leak I tried (.1371) I haven't had this problem. If there's a virus that actually makes the OS function better, then by all means lemme have it.

Does someone know when there will be a pro/con log? I would really like to also know if dark theme still working on all apps. If someone downloads please give feedback.


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So I downloaded the leak a few days ago. The leak seems to be working fine, however the autoloader is flashing up on my computer screen every 60 seconds. It seems to go away in less than a second. This is not my first time downloading leaks, but this has never happened before. My computer seems to still be functioning properly other than the annoying autoloader. If anyone knows how to get rid of this, please help.

Thanks in advance.

Hmm could be your download was corrupted. Happened to me once or twice just re-download and try again.

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Well that was lucky - I nearly installed the previous leak yesterday...
I guess I'll be downloading this one instead!

Does this one have the face focus camera?

Powered by Z10 on via DTAC 3G

They very often DO tell you what's different- even down to each new bar file.

This time around they didn't say what was new, but they did tell you what was wrong with it.

Give credit to these guys who are doing this for free, for you, and for everyone else who is interested in getting the latest updates.

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This version looks good on BB Z10 STL100-1 BUT I am having issue setting up BBM. The loading circle keeps turning around with the message "Associating BBM with your BlackBerry ID".

Does anyone facing the similar issue or only me? Please assist. Thanks.

Leaked?? The OS10.2 is already installed on the Z30 and it is out there and we still have to use the leaked version? What is wrong with BlackBerry?

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what is a leak when z30 is official out there with 10.2 does that sound logical? what are we still testing since z30 launched with 10.2. i didnt like the idea of having a buggy release when official one is out.

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Did not work out for me.

It updated my phone. But BlackBerry link refused to proceed further saying I need to complete phone set up.

Reverted to factory reset.

Typed on my Unique BlackBerry Q10

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I will away for the oficial release. But I am tem prédio tô get the Z10 despite all the russo about BlackBerry.

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Glad I did the update. Its running good. I love the added features. If I get time I will do this one too. :)

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10.2 Problem! You can't share a phone book contact! Even you in sms? It's closing automatically! Not sure why? Is any body here had the same problems? I'm using Q10!

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